The home for Hispanic families living the American dream.
The place where they connect with their culture.
Porque el Amor Manda
Because Love Rules
No test is too tough for the power of love. This is the story of
Jesus, a self-driven man who always sees the glass as half-full.
However, his positive attitude and determination will
constantly be put to the test as he must find ways to reinvent
himself and earn the love of his daughter and the women of
his dreams.
 Stars Fernando Colunga (Protagonist in 4 out of the Top 5
Univision novelas of all time) and Blanca Soto (Eva Luna)
 From one of Mexico’s most successful and prolific producers,
Juan Osorio
 Set between Chicago and Monterrey, Mexico.
 March 11, 2013 – September 27, 2013
Corazón Indomable
Untamed Heart
Maricruz is a humble, unsophisticated girl of modest means. Octavio
Naravez is an out of work pilot looking to cash-in on the familyranch,
but when his plan fails, he marries the socially inept Maricruz to get
backat his family. Maricruz is humiliated and disrespected, and in spite
of her love for Octavio, their sham of a marriage ends. Maricruz runs
away, but comes into an unexpected inheritance. She then transforms
herself into a sophisticated business woman, and returns to the ranch
with a new identity, seeking revenge on those who mistreated her…and
the one person she thought she could trust.
Aremake of the extremely popular Marimar
 Starring Ana Brenda Contreras (La Que No Podía Amar) and Daniela
Arenas (Teresa)
 May 13, 2013; Mon-Fri at 7PM
Qué Bonito Amor
What A Beautiful Love
In this classic novela, Santos Martínez is forced to leave his
wealthy and carefree lifestyle and take on a false identity as
a Mariachi. In his new life, music is his best ally and will help
him get his life back and win the love of Maria. But then his
true identity is revealed and their “beautiful” love song
takes on a decidedly ominous tone.
Starring Jorge Salinas (La Que No Podía Amar), Mexican
Ranchero singer Pablo Montero and novela icon Angelica
 April 15, 2013 – October 25, 2013
Free to Love
The ride of life hasn’t been an easy one for our heroine
Aurora. Not only is she responsible for caring for her
niece but is also the financial backbone of her entire
family, including her boyfriend. She runs Los Cocodrilos,
(The Crocodiles), a famous taxi stand in Mexico City,
since her father was forced to retire his wheels. Her life
however, spins out of control when the man of her
dreams gets into her taxi cab, but timing is everything in
life, and theirs isn't ideal.
Four additional plot lines featuring the hysterical lives
of the taxi drivers Aurora works with.
 Features cameo appearances by Latin American
celebrities playing the role of passengers
 Stars Gloria Trevi (named Supreme Diva of Mexican
Pop) and Gabriel Soto (Un Refugio Para el Amor)
 Premieres Q3 2013
La Tempestad
The story of a beautiful young girl who’s revelations of
indiscretions by her vengeful former boss force her to
find work in a small fishing village. There she meets the
owner of the fishing boat La Tempestad, and they fall
in love. But the dark clouds gather quickly as jealous
and ambitious rivals emerge bent on destroying any
hopes they may have had for happiness. Damián and
Marina finally weather the storms of life and find calm
waters once again.
Highly-anticipated return of today’s hottest novela
heartthrob and cross-over sensation, William Levy.
Miss Universe 2009 Ximena Navarrete
From rating juggernaut Executive Producer
Salvador Mejía (Triunfo del Amor and Corazón
July 15, 2013 – December 6, 2013
Mentir para Vivir
Lying to Live
A single moment in time can change everything
This intricate tale takes off when a unexpected
murder forces our heroine, Oriana, to flee and take
on someone else’s identity in order to protect her
daughter. Through her journey to untangle the lies
and plots that have tied her life into knots, she
discovers what she’s really made of.
Features the classic love triangle with a twist of
modern-action TV-series drama
 Produced by Rosy Ocampo (La Fuerza del
Destino-Top 10 Univision novela)
 Writen by Maria Zarattini author of Amor Real,
and Sortilegio
 Premieres October 28, 2013
David Zepeda
Mayrín Villanueva
Arranque de Pasión
Passionate Start
An action-packed woman’s empowerment tale
that takes off when Ela, our heroine, is forced to
step up and compete as a race car driver. Her
natural talent will give her fame and glory, but it
will also lead her to a cross roads between her love
and professional life.
Co-produced by Univision Studios and Kate del
Castillo Productions
 Total of 15, 5-minute webisodes. New webisodes
premier M/W/F of each week
 Premieres on UVideos on April 1st
 Will air on Univision as a 1-hour special on 05/05
Kate del Castillo
Carlos Ponce
Little Bit of Heaven
“Cachito” is a charming, generous youngman
with a promisingfuture and a loving girlfriend, but
when he dies unexpectedly and is sent back to
earth in the body of a priest, he must do his best
to win back the woman he loves.
Starring Maite Perroni (Rebelde) and recording
artist/actor Pedro Fernandez
Airs Mon-Friat 2PM
La Mujer del Vendaval
The Woman from Vendaval
In La Mujer del Vendaval a classic novela triangle meets a
who-done-it series with added comedic elements. An
expensive piece of jewelry gone missing plays a center role in a
story where Alessandro marries Marcela as he thinks it will
help him gain an inheritance and discover who stole the
precious piece. But once he thinks he’s getting closer to finding
the truth, he realizes he’s fallen in love, complicating matters
for everyone around , including the real burglar.
Young castappeals to all ages
 Premieres August 19, 2013
Televisa produced reality show where teams of
performers compete to be named Mexico’s greatest
impersonator. Weekly challenges poke fun at the Latin
American community’s biggest stars.
 First season drove Univision’s significant Sunday night
February Sweep year-over-year audience growth
across all key demos
 Premieres June, 2013
Source: The Nielsen Company. NPM (02/02/2012-02/29/2012 vs. 02/03/2011-03/02/2011) Sun 7pm-11pm, Live+SD.
¡Mira Quién Baila!
Look Who’s Dancing
¡Mira Quién Baila! has been one of the highest rated
reality-competition since its debut on Univision. The
program pairs ten celebrities with professional dancers
and follows their every move, from workouts and
rehearsals to all-out dance performances before a panel
of judges and a studio audience. Winners are
determined through a strict elimination process, and the
cash prize is donated to the winner’s charity of choice.
 The Hispanic version of Dancing with the Stars
 Premieres September, 2013
Pequeños Gigantes
Pequeños Gigantes
Televisa’s family-friendly reality show where kids ages 4
to 12 compete in a talent search with hopes of being
recognized as the most gifted little entertainer.
Hosted by one of Mexico’s favorite hosts, Galilea
Nuestra Belleza Latina
Our Latin Beauty
Nuestra Belleza Latina brings some of Hispanic America’s
mostbeautiful and talented women to face-off in a
competition that goes way beyond their appearance.
Contestants compete in weekly challenges designed to
test their character and willpower for the ultimate prize:
a Univision contract. The perfect mixture of reality
drama, talent contest and beauty pageant all rolled into
one. And the ultimate pay off– viewers vote to decide
who stays and who goes.
 6th season’s premiere showed 21% increase in A18-49
over season 5
 On average, 4 million people tuned in to watch the
premier of the 6th season of Nuestra Belleza Latina
Source: The Nielsen Company, NPM, Sunday (03/04/2012) 7:00pm-11:00pm, Univision’s Nuestra Belleza Latina”
premiere aired from 8:00pm-10:00pm.
All For You
For the first time ever, Univision is working with
Televisa to produce an original show entirely for
the U.S. market. In this new musical reality
competition, 12 of Latin music’s biggest stars each
choose and coach an aspiring singer for a chance to
win $250,000 and become the newest Latin singing
sensation. Each week, viewers vote to save their
Al Punto
To The Point
Univision’s Sunday morning public affairs program
where Latinos can hear about the political and news
issues of the day that are of particular interest to their
community and the nation.
Hosted by award-winning journalist and Noticiero
Univision’s anchor JorgeRamos
Airs Sundays at 10AM
Aquí y Ahora
Here and Now
Aquí y Ahora uncovers stories that are of special
interest to Hispanics with topics ranging from
immigration, national and international politics, to
education, crime and healthcare.
Hosted by renowned journalists María Elena
Salinas and Teresa Rodríguez
The show encourages an interactive and social
media platform
Primer Impacto
First Impact
Hispanic America’s number one daily news
magazine, Primer Impacto covers breaking news and
emotionally gripping stories. Bárbara Bermudo and
Pamela Silva Conde, along with a team of seasoned
journalist, bring viewers the most fascinating reports
from across the country and around the world.
 New! Dr. Juan José Rivera now joins as host of two
weekly health
Noticiero Univision
Univision News
The most trusted newscast on Spanish-language
television in the United States, covering stories and
issues of special interest to the Hispanic community
for over 25 years. Anchors Jorge Ramos and María
Elena Salinas lead the award-winning Noticiero
Univision team with journalists Lourdes Ramos and
Félix de Bedout joining on weekends.
 The only Spanish-language newscast honored with
the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award
 In 2012, María Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos
received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the
National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences
 Airs Mon-Fri, 6:30-7:00PM
Local Lifelines
Prevention Campaigns
Weather: Tornado, Hurricane and Floodin
 Health: Flu, Disease outbreaks
Disaster Special Coverage
Extended programming
 On-the-ground correspondents
 Communication between families
República Deportiva
Sports Republic
Hispanic sports fans get a full serving of the latest news
about their favorite stars—many of whom drop by in
person—in addition to a good dose of humor and
surprises. República Deportiva also keeps viewers up-tospeed on all the latest sports developments with
multiple nightly breaks throughout the week and regular
segments on Univision’s Primer Impacto, and the
weekend edition of Noticiero Univision.
 Hosted by popular commentators Fernando Fiore
and Felix “El Gato” Fernández
Premios Juventud
Hispanic Youth Awards
The only show of its kind on Spanish-language television,
celebrating the preferences of Hispanic youth in 24
categories that cover everything from music, film, and
sports, to fashion, novelas and pop culture.
In 2012, Premios Juventud reached over 9 million Total
Viewers 2+
 Univision was the #1 network in both Adults 18 to 34,
fiveyearsin a row
 #1 most social program and network
 Generated 11.2 million digital page views in one week
 Airs July 18, 2013
Sources: The Nielsen Company, NPM Thursday, “Premios Juventud” (07/19/2012) 8:00pm-11:00pm. Reach based on Persons 2+,
6+ minute qualifier, Live+SD. Reach based on NPM Fastcurne , persons 2+,6+ minute qualified audience (visitors included);
Univision’s Premios Juventud 2012; SocialGuide and Trendrr. Online traffic source: US/PR traffic analytics
The Latin GRAMMY® Awards
The Latin Recording Academy® and its members honor
Latin music from all over the world in a glitter-filled, starstudded evening celebrating musical excellence.
The 2012 broadcast reached 9.5 million viewers
More Hispanic viewers 2+ than the combined
audience of the 2012’s Primetime Emmy Awards, MTV
Video Music Awards, American Music Awards and
Billboard MusicAwards
The show also attracted more Adults 18-34 than ABC,
CBS and NBC from 8-11PM
More social media activity making Univision the #1
Network in Social TV that night
Airs November 7, 2013
Sources: The Nielsen Company, NPM, Thursday (11/15/2012) 8:00pm -11:00pm. Reached based on NPM. Persons 2+,6+ minute qualified
audience. English language award shows based on: “American Music Awards (11/20/2011). “Billboard Music Awards” (06/20/2012),
“Prime timeEmmy Awards” (09/23/2012) and “MTV Video Music Awards” (09/06/2012.
Lo Nuestro Latin Music Awards
Premio Lo Nuestro is the longest-running Spanish-language
Latin music awards show in TV history. Nominations are
based on Nielsen airplay tracking data and the winners are
determined by popular vote. It features 35 categories,
representing all the most popular music genres.
The 25th Anniversary of Premio Lo Nuestro reached 11.1
million viewers
 #1 most social program and broadcast network on social
TV that day with more engagement than the latest
editions of People’s Choice Awards and the Golden Globes
 Noche de Estrellas red carpet coverage had more social
activity then the Oscars red carpet on ABC and E!
 Air date: February, 2014
Source: The Nielsen Company, NSI Ratings (2/16/2012), “Premio Lo Nuestro” aired Thursday 8:00pm-11:00pm E/PT (7:00pm-10:00pm CT). Primetime
is defined as ABC/CBS/NBC/IND/SLTV Thursday 8:00-11:00pm E/PT (7:00-10:00pm CT) and FOX/CW Thursday 8:00-10:00pm E/PT (7:00-9:00pm
CT). Live+SD. Intranet tracking and analytics, Google Analytics, Lithium, MegaPhone Labs for live carpet voting.
Premios TVyNovelas
TVyNovelas Awards
International entertainment magazine TVyNovelas and
media power house Televisa host this yearly awards
show widely considered the Latin American Emmys. The
event’s spotlight is on novela productions but it also
salutes Mexican TV icons and introduces the stars of the
Established since 1983, it is the most important
awards ceremony in the world of novelas
Premios oyE!
Hear! Awards
Premios oyE! are presented annually by the Academia
Nacional de la Música en México (Mexican National
Music Academy) for outstanding achievements in the
Mexican record industry.
The awards ceremony features performances by the
important national and international artists like Robbie
Williams, Shakira, Paul McCartney and Alejandro
Fernández among others
Vicente Fernández
Lo Nuestro Specials
Our Specials
In service to the 70% of all Hispanics in the U.S. who
areof Mexican heritage, Univision invests in the
exclusive coverage of annual specials and
celebrations, keeping with tradition and building a
loyal TV following
These highly-rated specials are key in providing our
Hispanic-American viewers with the opportunity to
stayconnected to their country’s most popular
events and share their cultural connections with their
Lo Nuestro Specials
El Grito. Celebrating Mexican
Independence Day
Las Mañanitas a la Virgen de
Guadalupe. A Celebration to kick off
Christmas festivities
¡Feliz 2014! New Years Eve – Live Coast
to Coast
Desfile de las Rosas. The Rose Parade
Lo Nuestro Specials:
Las Mañanitas a la Virgen de Guadalupe
A Concert Celebration to the Patron Saint of the Americas.
Live from Mexico
Latinos gather in every corner of the country to
honor Nuestra Señora de Guadalupeon the eve
before her “day”(December 12)
 Celebrities gather to sing and present their
 Our special covers the pilgrimage and arrival at
the Basílica of Guadalupe in Mexico City and
celebrations across the country, including Los
Angeles, with top stars singing in honor of our
Ladyof Guadalupe
 This is a celebration that kicks off the holiday
festivities through January 6th (Three Kings Day)
Lo Nuestro Specials: ¡Feliz 2014!
Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2014!
Univision welcomes 2014 with an unforgettable
New Year’s Eve special ¡Feliz 2014!
 Hosted by Univision personalities, featuring a
simultaneous LIVE, coast-to-coast broadcast from
Times Square in New York City, Disneyland Resort in
California and Acapulco, Mexico
 Broadcast kicks off at 9:55 PM ET
 Lineup includes A-list celebrities and larger-than-life
performances from Latin music’s biggest names
Desfile de las Rosas
Rose Parade
More than broadcasting the world’s most-watched
Firstlive coast to coast special on Univision
The broadcast features coverage along the parade
route and the Rose House lawn, offering viewers the
beauty of the parade’s floral extravaganza
Parade festivities begin with a live pre-show
Airs January 1, 2014
Durmiendo con mi Jefe
Sleeping with My Boss
A modern Mexican twist on the old classic
sitcom “The Odd Couple.” When the
womanizing boss, Gael, gets a divorce, his
perpetually late, but loyal employee Carlos,
takes him into his home. The one catch, he
still lives with his mommy and sister.
Stars veteran comedian and producer
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo and former Hoy
host Raúl Araiza
Premieres Q4, 2013. Saturdays at 7PM
Todo Incluído
A sitcom built to showcase the incredibly
popular alter egos of comedian Adrián Uribe.
Set in a hotel in Mexico, Adrián’s already
known and loved characters play several of
the hospitality staff members and guests.
The show exploits the comedic situations
bound to take place in a busy boutique hotel.
Other well-known Mexican comedians,
sports figures, actors, and singers play
cameo roles each week
Premieres Q4, 2013. Saturdays at 7PM
Cásate Conmigo
Marry Me
Valeria, a spirited and attractive event planner has a
trail of heart-broken fiancés in her past and several
moresuitors lining up at her door. Her inability to
say“I do”, has her business partner, family and
closestfriends fixated on finding out the source of
her fear. This new romantic sitcom fromTelivisa is a
hilarious mash-up of “Runaway Bride” and “The
Wedding Planner.”
 Starring Galilea Montijo (Pequeños Gigantes)
and Arath de la Torre (Una Familia con Suerte)
 Premieres Q2, 2014.Saturdays at 7PM
Despierta América
Wake Up America
Wake up to Hispanic America’s #1 morning show for almost
15 years in a row! Tune in for fashion and parenting advice,
healthy eating tips, the latest headlines, the biggest celebrity
sightings and more.
Up +37% season-to-date among Adults 18-49
Outshines ABC’s Good Morning America (-1%),
CBS’ This Morning (-5%), and NBC’s Today Show (-22%)
+56% YOY growth in Women 18-49 viewers
Viewers are on average nearly 14 years younger that the
audiences of GMA, Today and CBS This Morning
More than 70% of viewers don't watch any of the EL
BroadcastMorning Shows
Source: The Nielsen Company. NPM (09/24/2012-12/30/2012 vs. comparable dates for previous seasons) Mon-Fri 7am-11am.
Unduplicated Audience based on a qualified audience of 6+ minutes and on Adults/Women 18 -49.
Asurprisingly-fun mixture of laughter, advice, celebrity and
emotional support . Hoy is the daytime show for Latinas who
careabout the physical, mental and emotional well being of
familyand self. A perfect environment for U.S. marketers.
Airing continuously for more than 14 years in Mexico
 Steady rating growth since Univision premiere September
 Reimaged for 2013
 Mon-Fri, 12pm-2pm immediately following Despierta América
Sábado Gigante
Giant Saturday
The longest running variety show in television history
according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Three
fun-filled hours of comedy skits, amateur talent contests,
emotional familyreunions and performances by the
biggestLatin music stars.
#1 program on Saturday nights among Hispanics
Rated as more of co-viewing event for moms and kids
2-11 than American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and
The Voice
El Gordo y La Flaca
The Scoop and the Skinny
From celebrity news and interviews to the latest
novela and reality scoop, El Gordo y La Flaca is the
highest-rated entertainment news show on Spanish
language TV.
 Hosted by established personalities Raúl de
Molina and Lili Estefan
 Broadcastlive from Univision’s Miami Studios
 Mon-Fri at 4PM
Sal y Pimienta
Salt and Pepper
The ultimate behind-the-scenes look at our most
popular shows, red carpet specials and reality hits. Cohosts Lourdes Stephen and Rodner Figueroa dish out
the scoop Hispanic America craves.
Young Hispanics love the trend setting co-hosts
Includes live weekly interactive components
La Rosa de Guadalupe
Guadalupe’s Rose
Aunique series that offers viewers reconstructed
dramatizations of real-life miracles, dreams, and spiritual
moments presented in a positive, family-oriented manner.
Each episode tells a story of hope and inspiration, proving that
in a world filled with mysteries and unanswerable questions,
anyone can be blessed with a miracle.
 The stories are filled with positive and inspirational characters
and fulfill people’s belief in miracles, dreams and love stories
 Mon- Fri at 11 AM
Como Dice el Dicho
As The Saying Goes
Spanish-language sayings or proverbs are often used in Latin
American culture as analogies to everyday situations. Como
Dice El Dicho is a drama series where one of these is selected
and applied to real life situations.
ATelevisa production mainly filmed in Mexico City
 Stories provide a strong cultural connection as they
prompt the audience to reflect on the meaning of
proverbs they’ve heard and used all of their lives
 Mexican legend Sergio Corona plays the narrator’s role
La Familia P.Luche
The Plush Family
Asitcom that takes place in a fictional city called “Ciudad P.
Luche” where clothes and other objects are wrapped in
plush. The show is similar in style to Married… With
Children in that it depicts a comically dysfunctional family.
Created and starred by Mexican comedian Eugenio
The name P. Luche is a pun on the word “plush” in
Spanish: peluche
La Hora Pico
The Peak Hour
Aseries of comical sketches, featuring different
celebrity guests, woven together to showcase
another side of their favorite stars.
Starring comedian geniuses Consuelo Duval,
Miguel Galván and Adrián Uribe
Produced by Televisa
La Escuelita VIP
The VIP Scool
Joined by best buddies, bitter rivals and sexy female
classmates, troublemaker Jorgito returns for another
laugh-out-loud season of this hit Mexican comedy
series that features the outrageous antics of adults
dressing and acting like schoolchildren. Constantly
struggling to keep the rowdy pupils in line, the
classroom's two agitated teachers are often forced to
use their paddles to maintain order.
 Cast includes Mexico’s leading comedians and
popular actresses
 Created and starred by comedian Jorge Ortiz de
Oncemore, Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez
demonstrates his genius by producing this comedy
that is filled with wholesome humor and apt for the
whole family. The stories evolve from the everyday
situations lived out by the inhabitants of an
apartment building and how these neighbors
interact with each other.
The stories are filled with positive and
inspirational characters and fulfill people’s belief
in miracles, dreams and love stories
¿YAhora Qué Hago?
Now What Do I Do?
¿ Y Ahora Qué Hago? is a half-hour comedy series that
portrays the hilarious daily life of TV host and comedian Adal
Ramones, along with his wife, his daughter, his best friend
and his psychologist. With countless comic situations, this
series presents the life behind the scenes of a TV star and
shows that fame is not just about having luxuries and
enjoying them, but knowing how to survive every day with a
good attitude.
Airs Saturdays at 1:30 AM
Super Saturday
Think part game show, part talk show and part SNL, and this
is Sabadazo.This high energy, three-hour show features
sketches with the main host’s famous characters, audience
contests, top 10 music countdowns and celebrity guest
 Co-hosted by Mexican comedian and impersonator
Omar Chaparro and model and actress Cecilia Galliano
 Airs Saturday mornings from 9AM to 12PM
Acelebration of Hispanic traditions with a new take
on cooking, recipes and entertaining. With her
culinarycreativity, engaging personality, and crosscultural appeal, Chef Ingrid lends her experience to all
cooking enthusiasts in Hispanic America to help
them create the perfect meal.
Featured in Despierta América, Univision Radio
stations across the country and major cable
providers via Univision on Demand vignettes.
Dora la Exploradora
Dora The Explorer
Cartoon phenomenon Dora La Exploradora follows
the adventures of an inquisitive and curious eight-year
old girl. The show has an interactive format that allows
children to learn how to solve problems, improve their
vocabulary (English and Spanish), math skills, music
appreciation and physical coordination.
Targets children ages 2-4
 Runs as part of the Saturday morning kids’
block, Planeta U
El Chavo Animado
El Chavo Animated Series
Afamily-friendly animated series based on one of the
mostwatched sitcoms in Mexican television history. It
centers around the adventures and tribulations of El
Chavo — a young orphan played by the show's creator,
Roberto Gómez Bolaños, and other children and adults
that live within the same apartment.
 El Chavo was the most watched show in Mexican
television, which later became an animated series.
 The original show from the 1970’s still to this day, has a
cult-like following and reruns airing in the U.S.
Los Backyardigans
The Backyardigans
Five friends – Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha and Austin –
with a vivid imagination that allows them to transform
their backyards into fantasyfilled worlds.
 Targets children ages 2-6
 Inspires children to sing, dance and stretch their
 Runs as part of the Saturday morning kid’s block,
Planeta U
Maya y Miguel
Maya and Miguel
The show chronicles the adventures of 10-year-old
twins Maya and Miguel Santos and features their
family, friends and diverse neighborhood. Maya y
Miguel places strong emphasis on family values and
 Targets children ages 5-7
 Presents a positive, culturally-rich portrayal of
Latino families, language and culture
 Runs as part of the Saturday morning kids’
block, Planeta U
Award-winning educational children’s series about a
young boy’s discovery of the world around him. Set in
a 3D space, the stunning graphics support the simple
storytelling at the heart of each episode.
 Targets children ages 2-6
 Promotes a philosophy of curiously, openness,
interest, understanding, tolerance, respect and love
 Runs as part of the Saturday morning kids’ block,
Planeta U
Vamos Diego!
Go Diego, Go!
Aspin-off of the wildly popular Dora La Exploradora,
Go Diego Go is about a boy named Diego Márquez
who along with this baby jaguar companion, rescue
animals around the world. Diego was firstintroduced
in an episode of Dora the Explorer titled Meet Diego!
Targets children ages 2-4
 Teaches children about each animal’s
characteristics such as sound, movement,
habitat, diet and family
 Runs as part of the Saturday morning kids’ block,
Planeta U
Zigby La Zebra
Zigby The Zebra
Set on a tropical island, Zigby la Cebra and his two best
friends McMeer (a meerkat) and Bertie (a guinea fowl)
always “trot into trouble.” Kids love tuning in to follow
their latest adventures.
 Targets children ages 2-6
 Encourages curiosity, perseverance and
teamwork as building blocks for problemsolving
 Runs as part of the Saturday morning kids’
block, Planeta U
Developed especially for Hispanic millennials. Unimás brings a
surprising and fresh perspective to Spanish-language television.
With content geared to a younger bicultural audience, it
complements the Univision network.
Los Héroes del Norte
The Heroes from the North
Hispanic America’s most popular music genre becomes
the subject of a spoof in this dramady where five ordinary
guys meet under the worstcircumstances to form a
norteño band and search for fame, fortune and fans.
The comedy hit boasts feature film production values and
an A-list ensemble castlead by one of today’s hottest
stars, Miguel Rodarte.
 Produced by Televisa and a proven success in Mexico
and on Galavisión
 Seasons 1 and 2 which previously aired successfully
on Galavisión in will re-air on UniMás April, 2013
 Season 3 premieres Q4, 2013
Miguel Rodarte
Without These There is No Paradise
The story of a young girl, Catalina, who
becomes obsessed with getting breast
implants in order to overcome poverty. She
decides to become a prepago (call girl) for
drug traffickers unaware that this will lead
her into the deepest pockets of a powerful
One of the most famous Colombian TV
series based on the best-selling novel
 The initiator of the narco-novela sub-genre
 Premieres Fall 2013
La Selección
The Selection
A drama series about the hardship,
passions and hidden agenda behind one of
the most famous and successful fútbol
(soccer) teams in the history of Colombia.
It is the story of a team that gave back
hope to a nation but had a dark story
behind its glory, including money
laundering, extortion and prostitution.
Presented through the lens of four of
Colombia’s all -time leading fútbol
 Premieres August 5, 2013 at 9PM
Top left to right: Carlos Valderrama, Freddy Rincón
Bottom left to right: René Higuita, Faustino Asprilla
No punches are pulled in this
groundbreaking series set in an inner city
boxing gym. The story is of five fighters from
very different backgrounds and the
struggles they face both in and out of the
ring as they claw their way to the top of a
profession that’s glory days are far behind it.
 This knock-out series is guaranteed to go
the distance with viewers.
 Special appearances by Mike Tyson,
Sugar Ray Leonard and Julio César
 Premieres August 6, 2013 at 10PM
Starring Osvaldo Benavides (La Que No Podía
La Madame
The Madam
Inspired by the scandalous life of Madame
Rochy, La Madame tells the story of a woman
who single handedly created a network of
more than 5,000 models, beauty queens and
actresses all involved in offering sexual services
to large and renowned personalities from the
public life in Colombia, including some of the
heavy hitters in the drug world , politicians and
military generals .
Starring former Miss Universe , Venezuelan
singer and actress Alicia Machado
 Based on the book Las Prepagos (The Prepaid)
 Produced by RTI Productions and RCN TV
 Premieres September 10, 2013 at 10PM
Gossip Girl Acapulco
Gossip Girl Acapulco
The weekly hit U.S. series goes tropical. In
this adapted version, co-produced by
Warner Brothers International Television
Production, switch Blake Lively for Sofía
Sisniega and the Big Apple for the glitz and
old-school glamour of Mexican resort
Produced by creative juggernaut Pedro
 U.S. version won 18 Teen Choice Awards
during its 6th season
 Premieres September 20, 2013
 Will air simultaneously to Mexico
La Viuda Negra
Black Widow
Based on the best-selling book La
Patrona de Pablo Escobar (Pablo
Escobar’s Patroness), this Narcodrama tells the story of Griselda
Blanco, Colombia’s Cocaine
Godmother and the drug cartels of
the ’70s and ‘80s.
• Premieres Q4, 2013
Diablo Guardián
Guardian Devil
A15 year-old girl , at odds with her parents, steals
over ahundred thousand dollars and crosses the
Mexican border into the US.
She settles in New York City to fulfill her dream of
living ‘the good life’ in the big apple. But money has
a way of running out and she finds out the hard way
that survivalfor a young, unskilled, immigrant girl
comes at a price.
The best-selling novelcomes to television
Adapted by Gustavo Bolívar, writer of El Capo
and Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso
Astory of lost innocence, dangerous addictions
and dreams that become nightmares
Premieres Q1, 2014
La Bruja
The Witch
The story of two unique characters living in in
the coffee region of Colombia in the late
1970’s. Amanda an expert in the dark arts of
sorcery, and Jaime, the first drug lord to
smuggle cocaine into the U.S.
Together they manage, over time, to acquire
enough power to influence the political
fortunes of the country, and unknowingly, set
into motion the state of affairs in Colombia
Based on the famed book by Colombian
writer Germán Castro Caycedo
 Premieres Fall, 2013
 Produced by Caracol
Flora Martinez, won the 2012
TVyNovelas Best Lead Actress in a
Series for her portrayal of Amanda
Niño Santo
Boy Saint
A compelling story of science vs. faith.
A plague has infected all of Southern
Mexico except for one mysteriously
unaffected town.
When doctors arrive, they are met with
resistance from a population uninterested
in cures and vaccinations. Despite
opposition, the doctors stay only to
encountera spiritual boy who might just
be the secret to the town’s immunity.
Movies on UniMás
Hispanic America loves movies and UniMás features
blockbuster Hollywood entertainment at its best.
From action films, to crime dramas, to comedies –
expect a new title every night.
Cineplex: Action/Adventure, Mon-Fri (except
Thursdays) at 7PM ,
 CineMás: Deluxe feature presentation,
Thursdays twice a month at 7PM
 Cine de las Estrellas: Double feature Sundays at
7 and 9PM
Cine en Familia
Family Movie Time
Family blockbusters for Hispanic America to enjoy. These
featured films will be ones the whole familywill want to sit
down and watch.
Sample Titles
The Pink Panther
■ Night at the Museum
■ Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black
■ Beverly Hills Chihuahua
*Movie titles are subject to change
Fiesta de Película
Movie Party
Join hosts and friends in a trendy city loft for
a monthly movie night.
Between breaks the cast engages in a lively
discussion on everything from movies and
food, to fashion and gossip, offering partners
unprecedented organic integration
opportunities with Hispanic millenials.
Sample Titles
■ Fabulous Journey to the Center of the Earth
■ The Fast and the Furious
■ Dante’s Peak
■ The Forbidden Kingdom
■ Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
*Movie titles are subject to change
Contacto Deportivo
Sports Contact
UniMás’ nightly sports highlights and recap
program, providing coverage of NBA, MLB, NFL
and everything soccer related--from LigaMX, to
the English Premier League, to all the rest of the
international football leagues and competitions.
 Resembles ESPN’s SportsCenter in that it delivers all the
currentsports news in quick-and-easy updates for the
passionate sports fan
 Feeds our sports-hungry fans with highlights, scores and
inside stories about teams and leagues they care most
Sólo Boxeo Tecate
Just Tecate Boxing
In a partnership with Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy
Promotions – and the country’s top promoters –Sólo Boxeo
Tecate presents the raw talent of the best up-and-coming
Hispanic and Latin American boxers.
 40+original fights inclusive in 52 weeks of boxing action
 Broadcastfrom the top boxing venues in the U.S.-Fantasy Springs Casino (Indio, CA), Tropicana Resort (Las
Vegas, NV), Casino del Sol (Tucson, AZ) and the Paradise
Theater (Bronx, NY)
El Chavo
The Boy
This classic beloved sitcom centers around the
adventures of El Chavo--a young orphan played by the
show's creator, Mexican comedian and TV producer
Roberto Gomez Bolaños-- and other children and adults
that live within the same apartment complex. Its
humor style relies heavily on physical comedy, and
dealing with improbable and exaggerated situations.
 It is the most popular sitcom in the history of
Mexican television reaching 350 million viewers
 Many current Mexican and Latin American
colloquialisms originated from the series
Plaza Sésamo
Sesame Street
Preschooler favorite Sesame Street comes to life in Spanish
depicting a colorful neighborhood (the Plaza) as the home to
families, children and three Muppets: Abelardo, Lola and
Pancho Contreras. The show follows the same format as the
English version but with an influence of Latin American
 Co-produced by Televisa and Sesame Workshop
 Airs Saturday mornings
In a new stage of her career as a journalist, Laura Bozzo
offers empowering solutions to her guests’ problems in
a talk show that promotes familyunion as a base for
 On Televisa, Laura beats TV Azteca with 4+ rating
 Atask force of psychologists and lawyers is assigned
to follow up on the featured cases
 Problem-Solution focused
 Mon-Fri 3-5pm
Mujer, Casos De La Vida Real
Woman, Real Life Stories
Oneof the most successful series of Mexican
television, this 60- minute show portrays real-life
women living and overcoming traumatic experiences.
 Hosted by legendary actress Silvia Pinal
Airs Mon-Fri at 1PM
Veredicto Final
Final Verdict
As a former assistant Public Defender, Cristina
Pereyra, calls upon her vast legal experience as
well as her own rich Hispanic heritage. Judge
Pereyra weighs the evidence and renders a just –
and final – verdict.
THE Spanish-language cable destination, connecting U.S.
Hispanics of Mexican descent to their culture and roots.
Místico e Inexplicable
Mystical & Inexplicable
A 30-minute host-and-segment show
exploring the paranormal. From UFOs
and crop circles to the Mayan calendar
and stigmata, this show offers viewers
a window into the Mystic.
Hosted by Victoria Moreno
 Made in cooperation with Jaime
Maussan, famous Mexican
paranormal journalist
Hoy Soy Nadie
Today I’m No One
This suspenseful mini-series follows Mateo Blanco, a
charismatic and skilled program designer who leads a
secret life as an identity thief. However, when Mateo
finds himself blackmailed and caught in the middle of
a missing person’s case, he must use the skills he’s
acquired committing fraud to earn his freedom. This
original production is bold and innovative with social
TV features that drive storytelling to the next level.
Edgy and contemporary series set in both the real
world and the often murky and deceitful world of
Stars young Mexican actor Emmanuel Orenday as
Los Héroes del Norte 3
The Heroes from the North 3
This comedic adventure from Televisa returns for a
third season for the continuing story of five clueless
desperados who meet under the worst of
circumstances and form a band in their search for
stardom within the world of norteño music. Despite
adversity, Zacarías, played by renowned Mexican
actor Miguel Rodarte, and his pals find the key to
success within the challenging world of grupero
Mexican regional music, proving to their fans, and
the world, that even the most common of men can
become heroes.
 Produced by Televisa and a proven success in
Mexico and on Galavisión
 Seasons 1 and 2 which previously aired
successfully on Galavisión will re-air on UniMás
April, 2013
 Season 3 premieres Q4, 2013
Miguel Rodarte
Primero Noticias
News First
Young, driven and outspoken describe
Mexican anchorman Carlos Loret de Mola
and the personality behind Primero
Noticias, the number one Spanishlanguage cable morning show. The
newscast covers world wide affairs but
also takes deeper dives into the most
relevant Mexican news.
 Carlos Loret de Mola
has 2.2 million
twitter followers
Noticiero con Paola Rojas
News with Paola Rojas
A newscast committed to informing, from a
fresh and dynamic point of view, everything
that’s happening in Mexico. Featuring
interviews and special assignments on
current affairs , Noticiero con Paola Rojas
captivates audiences with compelling daily
news reports from the heartbeat of Latin
America, Mexico City.
 Airs Monday to Friday at 4:00 PM
Las Noticias Por Adela
The News by Adela
Hosted by Mexican journalist Adela
Micha, Las Noticias Por Adela is more of
a news talk show that features
exclusive interviews with key players of
Mexican breaking news. With on-site
special reports, in depth commentaries
and complete news chronicles, this
newscast allows viewers to form their
own opinion.
 Airs Monday to Friday at 12:30 AM
Noticiero Con Joaquín López-Dóriga
The News with Joaquín López-Dóriga
The main newscast in Mexico is also on
Galavisión. Presented by Joaquín LópezDóriga, one of Mexico’s leading journalists,
it covers Mexican and international
breaking news.
Airs Monday to Friday live from Mexico
City at 11:30 PM ET
The go-to late night newscast for
Mexicans in and out of the country
A sketch comedy show featuring many aspects of
the Mexican culture in a fun and quirky way. The
show’s best known characters--El Chavo and El
Chapulín Colorado--became independent shows,
but other very popular characters that are part of
the roster include Dr. Chapatín, Los Caquitos and
Los Chifladitos.
Created by Mexican comedian and TV producer
Roberto Gomez Bolaños and produced by
 The show’s production started in 1971 and
finished in 1995
 Its name comes from the author’s stage name:
Shakespiercito (Little Shakespeare)
El Chapulín Colorado
The Red Grasshopper
One of the most popular television shows in Latin
America, El Chapulín Colorado is a parody of super
hero shows. The main character, El Chapulín, was
conceived as the opposite of the traditional
American superhero: a weak, fearful, clumsy and
foolish man, who is always able to overcome his
fears and defeat his enemies.
It was also created by Roberto Gomez Bolaños
 The show's success was largely due to the
embodiment of many aspects of the Mexican
and Latin American culture including slangs and
El Chavo
The Boy
This sitcom centers around the adventures of
El Chavo--a young orphan played by the
show's creator, Mexican comedian and TV
producer Roberto Gómez Bolaños-- and other
children and adults that live within the same
–typical Mexican--apartment complex. Its
humor style relies heavily on physical
comedy, and dealing with improbable and
exaggerated situations.
It is the most popular sitcom in the history
of Mexican television reaching 350 million
viewers worldwide
 The influence of this show is such, that
Mexican and Latin American colloquialisms
originated from the series
Once more, Mexican comedian Eugenio
Derbez demonstrates his genius by
producing this comedy that is filled with
wholesome humor and apt for the whole
family. The stories evolve from the
everyday situations lived out by the
inhabitants of an apartment building and
how these neighbors interact with each
The stories are filled with positive and
inspirational characters and fulfill
people’s belief in miracles, dreams and
love stories
La Familia P. Luche
The Plush Family
La Familia P. Luche is a half-hour sitcom that
takes place in a fictional city called “Ciudad P.
Luche” where clothes and other objects are
wrapped in plush (just like a stuffed animal.)
The show is similar in style to Married… With
Children in that it depicts a comically
dysfunctional family.
Created and starred by Mexican comedian
Eugenio Derbez
 The name P.Luche is a pun on the word
“plush” in Spanish: peluche
La Rosa de Guadalupe
Guadalupe’s Rose
A unique series that offers viewers reconstructed
dramatizations of real-life miracles, dreams, and
spiritual moments presented in a positive, familyoriented manner. Each episode tells a story of
hope and inspiration, proving that in a world filled
with mysteries and unanswerable questions,
anyone can be blessed with a miracle.
The stories are filled with positive and
inspirational characters and fulfill people’s belief
in miracles, dreams and love stories
Como Dice el Dicho
As The Saying Goes
Spanish-language sayings are often used in
Latin American cultures as analogies to
everyday situations. In this one-hour drama
series, Don Tomás is a kind 60 year old coffee
shop owner who applies well-known sayings to
real life stories.
The stories provide a strong cultural
connection as they prompt the audience to
reflect on the meaning of proverbs they’ve
heard and used all of their lives
 Mexican actor Sergio Corona plays the
narrator’s role
Stand Parados
Stand Standing
Censorship is kicked to the curb in this onehour comedy show featuring five up and
coming stand-up comedians performing their
funniest routines.
Produced and hosted by Mexican comedian
Adal Ramones
 Host of hit comedy show Otro Rollo
 Ramones was nominated for a Mexican
MTV Movie Award, Favorite Actor (for role in
Puños Rosas)
La Fea Más Bella
The Most Beautiful Ugly Girl
In this comedic novela, Lety is a smart and
hard-working girl, but as the title suggest,
she is not particularly good looking. After
receiving a job in a notorious modeling and
advertising company, Lety learns more
about the business and makes it her mission
to climb the corporate ladder using brains
instead of beauty.
Stars popular actress/singer/comedian
Angélica Vale and actor/singer Jaime Camil
(Por Ella Soy Eva)
 Based off of the hit Colombian novela
Betty la Fea –one of the most successful
novelas of all time
Esta Cañon con Yordi Rosario
It’s a bang with Yordi Rosado
Yordi Rosado brings his special brand of
humor and fun to late-night TV with his
always entertaining topics of special
interest to youth. Through skits, bits, and
monologues this one-hour show allows
the public to ask questions and interact
on all the hot topics.
Led by Yordi Rosado, a famous Mexican
entertainer, and three co-hosts.
La Cantina del Tunco Maclovich
Tunco Machlovich’s Canteen
This one-hour comedy features a one-handed
bar owner and his sidekick who are both
armed and dangerous – with jokes!
 Led by Mexico’s intellectual comedic genius
Israel Jaitovich, the duo plunges into the bar
scene with the flair of the wild west and
spices it up with a Mexican twist.
 Hot girls, hilarious sketches and irreverent
banter are the norm -- and they pull it off!
 Set in a peculiar canteen where the most
unusual situations occur
 Starring Israel Jaitovich—
PremiosTVyNovelas award-winning Mexican
actor, producer, writer and race car driver
Pa’ la Banda Night Show
For the Band Night Show
A late-night one-hour show covering all news
and trends related to the grupero and banda
lifestyles. It also features celebrity drop-ins,
interviews and musical performances.
Hosted by Cynthia Urías, one of México’s
most charming and recognized presenters
Mojoe is a talk show with the most relevant
topics for a sassy female audience. Actresses
and socialites Yolanda Andrade and
Montserrat Oliver welcome Latin America’s
favorite celebrities to their one hour show as
they present information, photos, videos,
notes, commentaries, latest news, gossip,
entertainment, news and more.
 Hosts are very well known
and respected
Mexican women from the entertainment
Netas Divinas
Divine Nets
Neta Divinas is a gathering of friends, in which
people from their homes will feel as if they were
sitting at the table with them. Topics range from
the most mundane things, fashion tips,
entertainment to unusual news, politics, sex,
health, environment, sports, etc. All subjects are
dealt on a conversational and spontaneous way,
but with solid arguments on each topic.
Hosts: Consuelo Duval, Gloria Calzada, Isabel
Lascurain, Luz María Zetina and Yolanda
Miss XV
Miss XV follows the story of two teenage best friends,
Valentina and Natalia, (who were born on the same
day, at the same hour), who dream of the perfect
quinceañera birthday party, and long to become the
girlfriends of their respective crushes, Nico and Eddy.
Starring: Paulina Goto, Natasha Dupeyrón, Macarena
Achaga, Jack Duarte, Yago Muñoz, Eleazar Gómez
Mujer Casos de la Vida Real
Woman: Real Life Stories
Actress and producer Silvia Pinal presents
real-life cases that expose common
societal problems that serve as examples
to motivate women to confront their own
similar situations. Whether problems with
family, physical abuse or abandonment,
these dramatizations feature helpful
lessons and support to help women move
forward and past any personal or
emotional crisis.
Mon-Fri at 5 and 6 PM
Mujeres Asesinas 2
Assasin Women 2
Apsycho-thriller series that shows the dark side of
women who have been mistreated or abused and
become cruel murderers. In these occurrences,
women are motivated by some kind of deceit and
decide to take action into their own hands.
Based on real life events and starring the most
recognizablefemale actresses in today’s Spanish
speaking screens
Produced by widely recognized Mexican, Pedro
Spend every Saturday and Sunday afternoon
among the stars, watching classics of
Mexican cinema. The most recognizable
and captivating names in the Spanish
speaking world of film and the timeless
stories that have fascinated audiences will
now find their way into Galavision’s screens.
Includes all-time classics, exciting thrillers,
hilarious comedies—for movie aficionados
of all kinds
La Jugada
The Play
“La Jugada” features a live panel of some of
Mexico’s most highly respected sports
commentators including Toño de Valdés,
Enrique Burack, Ricardo Peláez and Javier
Rojas as they discuss and analyze the
biggest, most controversial and most
important sports plays of the week.
Airs Sundays at 12:00 AM
Mexican Regional Specials
A more intimate connection to home– never before offered in the U.S.
During Mexico’s most important national
celebrations Univision communications will
offer two perspectives.
Perspective 1:
Univision network will continue to be the
home of the official state celebrations. For
example: El Grito, Mexico’s Independence Day
in Mexico City
Perspective 2:
Galavisión will offer the same celebration
through a different lens, one that is more
local. Featuring celebration footage from
towns like Puebla, Guadalajara or Monterrey.
 1 Per Quarter

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