dear cookie gram readers top sellers of 2010 how the cookie crumbles


dear cookie gram readers top sellers of 2010 how the cookie crumbles
dear cookie gram readers
Welcome to Cookies 2011 and the year of the Super Six! Whether your girl
is a brand new Girl Scout or a veteran, cookies are always an exciting part
of the Girl Scout journey. I have just completed my first year as Sahuaro
Girl Scout Council CEO and I have had the opportunity to speak to many
women about the Girl Scout movement and cookies regularly come up in
the conversation. I am proud to share with you that many of our corporate,
business and community leaders all attribute being a Girl Scout as a key
to their success. Selling Girl Scout cookies has given literally thousands of
women the skills and confidence to succeed.
The cookie program should be a wonderful experience for you and your girl.
Please encourage her to lead the way as she determines how she is going
to run her business. You are a vital part of her cookie team and I appreciate
your willingness to support her efforts. I know that you will be very proud of
your daughter’s accomplishments and you will see her grow and blossom
as a leader and manager of her cookie program.
Through participation in the Cookie program girls will be learning 5 key Skills
to help them become leaders and managers of their own cookie program.
These are the same 5 skills that business women across our community
use daily to manage their organizations. Girls will set goals, make decisions,
manage money, learn people skills and develop business ethics. These 5
Skills are going to help our Girl Scouts throughout their lives.
Yours in Girl Scouting,
top sellers of 2010
Let’s recognize our top three 2010 cookie sellers for
our Council:
Elizabeth M. sold 3,372 boxes (left)
Mary R. sold 3,354 boxes (right)
Stephanie U. sold 3,121 boxes (center)
Together we are building girls of courage, character and confidence who
make a difference in the world.
Debbie Rich
Chief Executive Officer, Sahuaro Girl Scout Council
how the cookie crumbles
Council proceeds are used to: provide activities such as summer
camp and community programs; recruit girls and adults; train
volunteers; maintain and expand council program
and resource centers; and provide staff support to
and opportunity funding
cost of cookies
These young ladies did an amazing job!
potential troop
and service unit
Figures are based on an average from sales over a three year period.
All proceeds remain in Southern Arizona.
Sahuaro Girl Scout Council
My personal
goal is to sell
2011 Cookie Program Recognitions
Girl Recognitions
(Reconocimientos para niñas)
Cookie Dough
Participation Patch
(Parche del Tema)
Drawstring Backpack
(Mochila de cordon)
1+ Box
25+ Boxes
65+ Boxes
Bangle Watch
400+ Boxes
500+ Club Event
May 7, 2011
(Invitación al Evento
de Club de Galletas)
Beach Towel & Sunglasses
(Toalla de playa y gafas de sol)
650+ Boxes
500+ Boxes
Troop Recognition
Bar Patches
(Parche con número de
galletas vendidas)
Earned at highest level sold
2011 Girls Rock! Camp credit
Troops averaging 200 boxes per girl
(Reconocimiento de Tropas) will
earn credit towards the 2011
Pewter Figurine
Troop Camp. (crédito de campamento
Troops averaging 200 boxes on
para las tropas que
average per selling girl earn this
venden más de
200 cajas.)
pewter figurine.
(Figurita de peltre para las tropas que
$5 Earned for every 50 boxes, starting at 200
(Botella de agua)
115+ Boxes
165+ Boxes
Free week at Camp
(Hacienda Day Camp or
Pines Resident Camp)
Disney Turn-Around Trip* or
(Semana gratis en el campamento
(Color not as shown)
Daisy/Brownie Alternative**
(Viaje a Disneyland de un día o (Color no como se muestra) Hacienda o Whispering Pines)
alternative para Daises y Brownies)
1000+ Boxes
1500+ Boxes
June 3-5, 2011
800+ Boxes
venden más de 200 cajas.)
Kiley Kangaroo
(”Masa para galletas” Dinero que se puede usar
& Baby Katie
para registraciónes, la tienda, y programas de
(Canguro de Peluche)
Girl Scouts. $5 ganados por cada 50 cajas
250+ Boxes
vendidas, empezando después de 200)
Nintendo Wii - OR Flip Video Camera
(Nintendo Wii o
camara de video)
2000+ Boxes
Girls Rock T-Shirt
300+ Boxes
Laptop Computer
-OR- 32” Flatscreen TV
(Computadora portátil o
3000+ Boxes
*In accordance with Safety-Wise standards, Daisy and Brownie program partcipants must select one parent/guardian each to accompany them on the turn-around trip. The parent or guardian will be
provided with transportation but will be responsible for Disney entrance fee and meals. Turn-Around Trip date is firm, no substitutions.
(De conformidad con las normas del libro de Seguridad de las Girl Scouts, todas las Daisys y Brownies que participan debe seleccionar un padre o guardian para acompañarlas en el viaje a Disneland.
Girl Scouts va a pagar el transporte para cada padre o guardián, pero tendrá que pagar su propia comida y entrada a Disneyland. La fecha del viaje es firme, no sustituciónes)
** Daisy/Brownie Alternative: In the event that a parent/guardian cannot attend the Disney Turn-Around Trip, Daisy or Brownie Girl Scouts will recieve a Disney gift card of comparable value. Disney Gift
Card may be used at Disney parks, stores, and online.
(En el caso de que un padre o guardián no puede asistir a el viaje a Disney , las niñas recibirán una tarjeta de regalo Disney de valor comparable. La tarjeta de regalo de Disney puede ser usada en los
parques de Disney, en las tiendas de Disney, y en la red)
All recognitions/awards are cumulative except for Cookie Dough
safety is of top priority
The Girl Scout Cookie Sale is lots of fun! Just be sure to
stay safe when you’re selling cookies. Please use these
simple rules for a safe and successful cookie activity:
Cookie Club will allow girls to ...
Your girls now can “ask” customers online!
Supercharge her cookie sales by taking orders
online with the Cookie Club™!
Wear the Girl Scout membership pin and/or Girl
Scout clothing to be identified as a Girl Scout.
ALWAYS use the buddy system.
Be familiar with the areas and neighborhoods
where you will be selling Girl Scout cookies.
Adults must accompany Daisies, Brownies and Juniors
when they are taking orders, selling or delivering cookies.
Send e-mails to friends and family asking for
cookie “promises”
Girls 11-17 must be accompanied by an adult when
selling door to door.
Watch online orders stack up using her Goal
Deliver cookies and accept payment in person
Girls should NEVER enter the home of a person they are
selling or delivering cookies to unless accompanied by an
ALWAYS have a plan for safeguarding money (and checks)
as collected. Avoid walking around with cookie money.
Give proceeds to supervising adults as soon as possible.
Sell ONLY during daylight hours.
NEVER sell cookies on the Internet.
ALWAYS have adults present at a cookie booth in any public place.
NEVER give customers girls’ names, home addresses or e-mail addresses.
INSTEAD, give the troop number and a contact phone number, e-mail or
adult volunteer’s phone or e-mail address for information, reorders or complaints.
ALWAYS use safe pedestrian practices, especially when crossing at intersections or walking along roadways.
ALWAYS unload cookies and passengers from vehicles safely.
Joining the Cookie Club™ begins with girls’
adult volunteers, who must set up her account. It’s fun! It’s safe! And it works!
connect with us! | girlscoutssouthernarizona | girlscoutssoaz | girlscoutssoaz | girlscoutssoaz
get her cookie t-shirt at the
girl scout shop!
5 skills for girls
From Daisies to Ambassadors, girls will learn important skills
during the cookie program. These include
goal setting, deci­sion making, money
man­agement, people skills, and
business ethics.
shop info
520.795.3318 fax
1.800.331.6782 x 3145
Why are these 5 skills
• When she learns
these skills, she is
setting herself up for a
successful future, no
matter what she wants
to do!
• Not only are these skills
important to her, but
they are important to
her cus­tomers as well.
They might know that when
they buy cookies they are helping her
troop and community, but do they know how they
are helping her?
to Troop
t Troops
Girl Scou
Support Your Girl Scout
Offer to be a supervising adult—there are lots of opportunities to lend a hand.
Share your business expertise and help link the Girl Scout
Cookie Program with the wider business world.
Follow your Girl Scout Council and group guidelines on how to
handle cookie proceeds.
Never do things for your Girl Scout she can do for herself!
Listen to her practice her sales pitch. Do role-playing.
Review cookie materials together and visit Girl Scout Cookie
and cookie company Web sites with her to help her learn more
about her product.
Guide her to set practical and useful goals about what she
wants to learn and earn.
Have fun with her!
g Military
Troop to Troop
is our councilwide Gift of
Caring project
where Girl
Scouts help
support our
military troops
overseas. In
partnership with Little Brownie Baker and Operation
Gratitude, we have created this virtual process in which
girls collect the monies for the box of cookies; there
will then be an order placed in which the cookies will
go directly to troops overseas. Girls can encourage
customers to write cards to soldiers which will be
delivered with the boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. Our
goal is to send 11,000 boxes of girl scout cookies to
troops overseas in 2011.
Sahuaro Girl Scout Council will be participating in an exciting pilot cookie program
in 2011. This year, girls will only offer customers the Super Six, a premium selection
of the best-selling Girl Scout Cookies ever! These varieties include:
• Thin Mints
• Trefoils • Samoas®
• Do-si-dos®
• Tagalongs®
• Lemon Chalet Cremes™
Nonprofit Org.
U.S. Postage
Tucson, AZ
Permit No. 663
4300 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85711-3506
520.327.2288 | 1.800.331.6782
Postmaster: Dated Materials
every cookie has a mission: to help girls do great things
for more info
Megan Black
Product Program Coordinator
520.319.3171 | c 520.262.9109
[email protected]
cookie contests!
Cookie Mobile Contest
Decorate your cookie mobile, send us a picture and win awesome prizes! What is a
cookie mobile? Anything that can hold cookies! Each girl may submit one photo of
herself and her cookie mobile. Deadline for entries is January 15th. Cookie Mobile
starter kits with color copies of cookies and characters are available in the Council
Retail Shop for $1.
Video Contest
Troops and individual girls can
send us their best cookie pitch!
Prizes will be awarded for Best
Use of the Super Six Theme,
Motivation and Inspiration, and
Overall Impact. Video cameras
will be available for check out at
the Council Resource Center.
Please call ahead to reserve a
camera. Deadline for entries is
January 1st .
COUPON $5.00
your purchase of
00 or more of selec
items from the
t cookie
cookie marketin
g corner at the
retail shop (exc
ludes non-cook
ie items). Coup
be presented at
on must
the time of pu
rchase; one co
customer or tra
uon per
Expires 2/28/2
Find all of the details at:

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