August 28, 2016 - St. Luke the Evangelist


August 28, 2016 - St. Luke the Evangelist
St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church
Rev. Fr. Paul Kochu
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Rev. Fr. Matteo Rizzo
Rev. Fr. Charles Leke
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Rev. Mr. Dennis Cronk
Rev. Mr. Joe Reid
Rev. Mr. Mike Waldron
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Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 28, 2016!
Page 2 ! Pastoral Message
August 28, 2016 ! Twenty!second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Greengs and prayers dear brothers
and sisters in Christ. Welcome to our
celebraon of the Twenty Second
Sunday in Ordinary Time.
"I want to ask you to walk together, and take care of one another … !
We need to see the light of hope and to be men and women who bring hope to others."!
! Pope Francis
Join me in welcoming to our parish today our 2016 Missionary Cooperaon Plan guest
speaker, Reverend Luke William C. Ong, A.M., of the Disciples of Mary (Alagad ni Maria) of
the Prelature of Infanta, Philippines. The “A.M.” a6er Father Ong’s name represents the
inials of the Religious Order of the priests of the Alagad ni Maria, “A.M.”. !
Father Ong will share with us his day!to!day real!life experiences and first!hand accounts of the work his
congregaon does in the Philippines where life is difficult for so many. As we welcome the message of the
Alagad ni Maria in this Jubilee Year of Mercy, let us pray that we will grow ever deeper in our faith and our
bapsmal call to be missionary.
The Mission Director for the Disciples of Mary, Reverend Bacatan, sent us the following message:
“Our situation is critical, lending itself to the exploitation and abuse of children spelled out in
factory!child horrors, alarming poverty and street children open to drug enticement. In the
Philippines, 60% of the 80 million populations are under 25 years; of whom 10 million at this
writing fall into ‘the endangered category.’ These children are in need of our special ministry of
offering the love and compassion of our Lord. … We envision a world redeemed especially for
youth… to bring youth to stand with Mary at the foot of the cross. These words have been
perpetually inscribed in the Constitution of the Alagad ni Maria (Disciples of Mary) and
enshrine the value we place on the life of the young. They are the reasons for our choice to
consecrate our lives to God following the example of Mary.”
In my role as Director of the Propagaon of the Faith, helping ‘missions in need’ is all the more meaningful
for me and, as well to our parish of St. Luke the Evangelist. As today’s Psalmist instructs, God in His goodness
provides for the needy and poor. Let our parish family of St. Luke be a part of that help. Let us take this
opportunity to accept God’s ways as we follow in His footsteps and help be the light of Christ for others.
“God has caressed us with his mercy. !
Let us bring God’s tender caress to others, to those who are in need.”!
! Pope Francis
In case you have not heard, next Sunday, September 4, Mother Teresa will be canonized a
Saint. Check your favorite media staons and e!sites for coverage.
Early reminder for next Monday, September 5 (Labor Day) the parish office will be closed.
Wishing you a week filled with God, His Love and Mercy. Please be generous in today’s
second collecon for the missionary work of the Disciples of Mary and keep their work and the peoples they
serve in your prayers. God bless you.
! Father Paul
In the Liturgy ! Page 3
Missionary Cooperative Plan August 27 & 28 Disciples of Mary!
This Sunday at all the Masses, Father Luke William C. Ong of the Disciples of Mary will be
sharing his missionary experience. His mission apostolate is to the young people in the
Philippines who are confronted with serious challenges of addiction, materialism, violence
and abuse.!
We are invited to take part in the worldwide mission of our Church through our prayers and
donations, and to receive the full graces of the Eucharist offered for us by this missionary
priest. Catholics have traditionally extended their love and generosity to the missions of
the world through the Propagation of Faith Appeal, which we will be responding this week.
Please support our missionary cooperative plan through the 2nd collection this weekend.!
Scripture Readings for the Week!
Join us this First Friday,!
September 2nd for the 11am Mass!
& Anointing of the Sick!
Prepare and Pray the Word of God!
Mark your calendars for the next First
Fridays: October 7 ! November 4!
! December 2!
Mary’s Role in Salvation History!
(Part 7)
When Mary visited Elizabeth in the hill country
of Judea for three months, it says that the infant in
Elizabeth’s womb leapt for joy and Elizabeth said,
“Who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to
me?” And everyone in the house was blessed.!
In 2nd Samuel, chapter 6, the ark of the covenant was
stolen. David retrieved the ark and brought it to the hill
country of Judea. It says that he, “girt with a linen
apron, came dancing before the Lord with abandon, as
he and all the Israelites were bringing up the ark of the
Lord with shouts of joy and the sound of the horn.” As
the ark of the Lord was entering the City of David,
Saul’s daughter Michal looked down through the
window and saw King David leaping and dancing
before the Lord, and she despised him in her heart.”
The ark stayed there for three months and everyone in
his house was blessed.!
In the Old Testament the ark of the covenant was the
most venerated, untouchable vessel and it was not to be
touched. Did the Jews worship the box? No, they
worshiped the contents. Mary is the new ark, and of
course, was not touched. Do we worship her? No, we
worship the glory of God in her arms. In Revelation,
where John says that he saw the tabernacle opened, he
says that there was the ark of the covenant, behold I
saw the woman clothed with the sun. The ark and the
woman are the same thing.!
Theresa Capricci ([email protected])!
Today’s Readings:!
August 28, 2016 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time!
Sir 3:1718,20,2829; Ps 68;!
Hb 12:1819,2224a; Lk 14:1,714!
Monday, August 29 The Passion of St. John the
! 1 Cor 2:15; Ps 119:97102; Mk 6:1729!
Tuesday, August 30!
! 1 Cor 2:10b16; Ps 145:814; Lk 4:3137!
Wednesday, August 31!
! 1 Cor 3:19; Ps 33:1215, 2021; Lk 4:3844!
Thursday, September 1!
! 1 Cor 3:1823; Ps 24:1bc4ab, 56; Lk 5:111!
Friday, September 2!
! 1 Cor 4:15; Ps 37:36, 2728, 3940; Lk 5:3339!
Saturday, September 3!
! 1 Cor 4:6b15; Ps 145:1721; Lk 6:15!
Next Sunday’s Readings:!
September 4, 2016 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time!
Wis 9:1318b; Ps 90; Phlm 910,1217; Lk 14:2533!
First Reading ! Who can ever know God’s counsel
unless God gives wisdom and sends the Holy Spirit from
on high? (Wisdom 9:1318b).
Psalm ! In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge
(Psalm 90). !
Second Reading ! Paul asks Philemon to accept back
his slave Onesimus, not as a slave but as a brother
(Philemon 910, 1217).
Gospel ! To be a disciple of Jesus one must carry one’s
own cross and renounce all possessions (Luke 14:25
33). !
Page 4 ! In the Parish
Baby Addy!
Baby Deacon!
Azria Bilello (5 yr. old)!
Baby Collon Lovertich!
Maria (Child)!
Baby Veronica!
Marie Rowles !
Azaria Adipietro!
(15 yr. old)!
La Nina Bella!
Yazmin (Brain Surgery)!
Dayna Romanelli & her
newborn baby!
Gail Baldwin!
Jaclyn Baldwin!
Anne Barry!
John Benes!
Kaela Bernal!
Terry Bondi!
Marie Bonomo!
Doris Burns!
Michael Burns!
Lillia Maria
Claire Cambell!
Dominick Cardone &
Marie Cardone!
Rosalie Cartassi!
Anna Catalano!
Darek Ciochanowski!
Daisy Colon!
Richard Colon!
Beverly Correll!
Jaci Dage!
Helene Damico!
Audrey Danilowski!
Caroline Dara O’Connor!
Elaine Dara O’Connor!
Eugene Dara & Family!
Hans Dara!
Rita Dara!
Larry Daroczi!
Helen Dasko!
Nicholas J. DeCarlo!
Rosa DeCarlo!
Daisy Duran!
Tony Dysler!
Jim Ellis!
Irene Ersek!
Jessie F.!
Taylor Ferguson!
Donna Finnegan!
Pat Finn!
Elaine Ficocelli!
Donna Finnegan!
Anthony Fiorello 2nd!
Sarinal Franhoffer!
Marie Franks!
Kate Frey!
August 28, 2016 ! Twenty!second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Pete Genna!
Marsha Goldstein !
Jean Griffin!
Robert Guidone!
Clara & Windsor Hall!
Norman Hanney, Sr.!
Juliana Heller!
Phyllis Hearns!
Peter Higgins!
Kathleen Hillman!
Tom & Suzann Hirsch!
Paula Holcombe!
Bonnie Hollander!
Joey Harper Hopkins!
Larry Hunt!
Jeane Jones!
Maryann Kempeneer!
Rosemary Kirkwood!
Tony & Janice Kritikos!
Carol Kwaak!
Teresa Landi!
Marilyn Laney!
Nancy Lay!
Alex LaFrenze!
James Lemon!
Virginia Leon!
George Leopold!
Lynda Lewis!
Kim M.!
Brian MacDonald!
David MacDonald!
Lawrence Marentette!
Belkis Marquez!
Christine Marschant!
Lorraine McCutchan!
Kathrine McElroy!
Timothy McGrath!
Mary Eileen McInerney!
Joan McKelvey!
Luz Meyer!
Donna Moffo!
Mike Mondell!
Julie Morin!
Martin Morin!
Brendan Moynihan!
Joseph & Lillian
Jack Muratore!
Noelle Muratore!
Albert Palancia!
Gloria Palancia!
Debbie Patterson!
Kathleen Paukner!
Maria Peluso!
Pearl Petika!
Diane Pruner!
Rita Purdy!
Greta Pyle!
Helen Randazzo!
Michael Rice!
Edna Robinson!
Hannah Robinson!
Dennis Rohrs!
Carrie Roper!
It is RMD Time!
•! Many of us who are over 70 ½ must take a computed
distribution from our IRA’s this year. !
• With the market at all time highs it may be the time to
take this distribution and avoid it being considered
taxable income by donating it to APA or St. Lukes.!
! Here is how:!
•! To complete a QCD from an IRA to a charity, the IRA
owner must:!
1)!Already be age 70 ½ on the date of distribution!
2)!Submit a distribution form to the IRA custodian,
requesting that the check be made payable directly to
the charity!
3)!Ensure that no tax withholding is being done from the
QCD to the charity (as the money must actually go to
the charity to qualify, and as a nontaxable distribution
no withholding should be necessary)!
4)!Send the check directly to the charity, or have it come
to you and you can then forward it along to the charity!
The next meeting of the Single's Adult Ministry is Tuesday,
September 6 at 2pm in St. Clare Room. If you are single,
widowed, widowered or divorced, consider joining our socially
active group. We look forward to seeing you September 6!!
School of Faith Religious Education Registration is
now in progress. Classes begin September 11 & 12.!
Registration Forms are available outside the church office
and in the SOF office, and have been emailed to families
that were registered last year.!
First Child $65; Second Child $35; Third Child $30!
1st Holy Communion $65 plus $65 Registration Fee!
Total: $ 130 (2nd grade)!
Confirmation $85 (No Registration Fee)!
8th Grade 12th Grade!
Dee Roy!
Mohamad Sabbah!
Bo & Jim Sager!
Jane C. Schneider!
Henry J. Schum!
Terri A. Schum!
Nina Senkiw!
Arlene Senko!
Aldona Serrani!
Becky Sgueo!
Betty Sheridan!
Cindy A. Smith!
Joann Smith!
Margaret Smith!
Nancy Smith!
Terry Smith!
Rick Stemboroski!
Barbara Sweede!
Jonathan Szafir!
Ellen Tantillo!
Steve Taylor!
Phil Vorva!
Luisa Wallace!
Francis Weiss!
David Whitney!
Edwin Whitney!
John Whitney!
Joseph Williams!
Josephine Zarke!
Especially for Pope Francis, !
All Seminarians &!
Military Service Members !
If you wish to keep a name
on the list or to add a new
name, please call the Parish
Office at 7277863648.!
Agosto 2016
Hora de la Misa: 1:30pm!
Querido Dios,!
Padre Santo, en el Nombre de
Jesucristo y con la intercesión de la
Sansima Virgen María y de los santos
ángeles, te presentamos a los enfermos
de nuestra comunidad. Te pedimos
para todos ellos y también para los que
no conocemos, que les concedes la
salud del alma y la del cuerpo.!
Ada Hernández!
Adrián Pana!
Ana Torres!
Ana Trujillo!
Antonia Cruz!
Bernia de Cas+llo!
Blanca Londoño!
Carlos Hernández Ruiz!
Carlos HernandezGarcia!
Carlos Herrick Garcia!
Carlos Hidalgo (Padre)!
César Guerrero!
Cesar Or+z!
Corey Manno!
Deyonery Salcedo!
Dora Caballero!
Edward Márquez!
Eliezer Rodriguez!
Emérita Muñoz!
Esteban Figueroa!
Ezequiel Muñoz!
Fernando Cardona!
Floren+na Cruz Palma!
Franklin Lasso!
Gabriela Agudelo!
Gloria Gomez!
Herminia Rodriguez!
Isabella Denisulk!
Jaime Zapata!
Jason Scarini!
Joe Buscia!
Jorge Zapata!
José Gustavo Torres!
Juanita Pagani!
Juli Carreras!
Juliana Benitez!
Karen Soto!
Keyla Hernaández!
Leonardo Canal!
Lily Rolon!
Lisandra Fernández!
Luis Melo!
Maria Calle!
Maria Gonzalez!
Maria Manno!
Mercedes San+ago!
Modesto Fernández!
Olivia Borras!
Raúl Jimenez (Padre)!
Rosa Ruiz!
Rosita Devia!
Sonia Johnson!
Verónica Mugria!
William Rolón!
Zoraida Caballero!
Todo lo pedimos de acuerdo a tu Santa
Voluntad. Padre Santo, creemos en tu
poder y te pedimos, oh buen Jesús que
todos sean curados. Ayuda a cada una
de estas personas a acceptar su cruz y
sobretodo a creer y a confiar en +.!
Misa Hispana ! Page 5
Misa de los Niños!
domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2016!
Oración por un nuevo
Obispo !
Dios todopoderoso y eterno,
Traigan a sus hijos, nietos, sobrinos y /o
Pastor que guías a tu puebamiguitos a participar en esta linda Misa. Los
lo. Te damos gracias por
que deseen participar en la colecta y entregar los
habernos concedido a
libros , favor llegar a la 1pm y contactar a la Sra.
monseñor Lynch como
Arlene Dones!
obispo nuestro durante los
últimos veinte años. ConfiaSobres para las Ofrendas!
dos en tu amor durante este
tiempo de transición,
Para obtener los sobres de las
creemos que, una vez más,
ofrendas tienes que llenar la hoja
darás a la Diócesis de St.
verde para registrarte en la
Petersburg un pastor que
parroquia. Una vez registrado recibirás los
nos inspire a ser el corazón
sobres por correo. Oficialmente serás parte de la misericordioso de Cristo, su
familia de la Parroquia San Lucas.!
voz de esperanza y sus
manos de justicia. Fortalece
a nuestro nuevo
Coro de Campanas!
obispo,para que guíe nuesPadres y Niños!
tros pensamientos e ilumine
nuestro corazón con la
Necesitamos niños que deseen
del Evangelio, el
participar en este divertido coro. Requisito:Todos
sacramentos, y
los niños deben poder seguir instrucciones. Para
el deseo de servirte en
más información puede comunicarse con la Dra.
todas las cosas. Te lo pediClara Jimenez (Directora del Coro) después de la
mos por Jesucristo, nuestro
Misa o al email:!
Señor. Amén !
[email protected].!
Te Necesitamos!
Ven y únete al Ministerio
Necesitamos Sacristanes (Mujeres)!
Contacta al Dr. Randy Jimenez después de
Misa o envia un correoa:!
Apps Católicos que no
deben faltar en tu
App del mes!
Laudate !
[email protected]!
indicando en que area te gustaria contribuir!
Cadena de Oración por los Enfermos!
En la entrada tenemos un libro
donde puede anotar el nombre
de la persona enferma que usted desea se incluya en la cadena de oración, no olvide incluir su email. Tambien puede
enviar el nombre a:!
[email protected]!
Laudate es una
aplicación que pone en
nuestras manos varias
oraciones de la tradición
de la Iglesia. Dentro de su
contenido incluye el Santo
Rosario y el Vía Crucis con
imágenes e incluso
podcast para rezar al paso. !
La familia que reza
unida, permanece unida !
Page 6 ! Mass Intentions
Saturday, August 27
! 4:00 pm! † Millie Tobin!
! !
† Josephine Piscopiello!
! !
† Scott Pacheco!
Sunday, August 28
! 7:30 am! For St. Luke Parish Family!
! 9:15 am! † Joseph & Katherine Dyngos
!11:30 am! † Patrick McDonald!
! !
† Nancy Mortimer !
! 1:30 pm! !
! 5:30 pm! † John & Antoinette Vinciguerra!
Monday, August 29
! 8:00 am! † Emma E. Gerbert!
Tuesday, August 30
! 8:00 am! † Edward & Marrielorrine
! !
† Paul LaPatra!
Wednesday, August 31
! 8:00 am! !† Raymond O’Connor!
! !
† Angela Aparicio!
Thursday, September 1
! 8:00 am! † June Kreuter!
! !
!† Ronald Michaels !
Friday, September 2
! 8:00 am! † Josephine Statz!
! !
† Calista O’Donnell!
!11:00 am! † Thomas L. Rochford !
Saturday, September 3
! 4:00 pm! † Adonia & Florida Morrissette!
! !
† William King !
! !
† Calista O’ Donnell!
Sunday, September 4
! 7:30 am! For St. Luke Parish Family!
! 9:15 am! † David Ross!
! !
† Anthony Capua!
!11:30 am! † Patrick McDonald !
! !
† Alice Schilling !
! 1:30 pm! † Maria Sepulveda!
! 5:30 pm! Margo & Pat Currey (Living)
17th Year Anniversary!
! !
† Charles Burns !
This Week at St. Luke’s
August 28 Sunday
! 7:30am!
Morning Mass!
! 9:15am!
Choir Mass!
Children’s Mass!
Spanish Mass!
Evening Mass!
August 29 Monday
Parish Office Hours 8:30am!4pm
! 7:15am6:00pm! ECC Preschool w/before & after care!
Daily Mass
! 8:00am!
! 9:15am12:00pm! ECC KMO Program!
St. Clare Bresee Room!
!10:00am12:00pm! Rosary Makers!
St. Clare Room1!
! 7:00pm9:00pm! RCIA!
St. Clare Room1!
August 30 Tuesday
Parish Office Hours 8:30am!4pm
! 7:15am6:00pm! ECC Preschool w/before & after care!
Daily Mass
! 8:00am!
! 9:15am12noon! ECC KMO Program!
St. Clare Bresee Room!
Parish Office Hours 8:30am!4pm
August 31 Wednesday
! 7:15am6:00pm! ECC Preschool w/before & after care!
! 8:00am!
Daily Mass
Novena / Adoration / Benediction!
! !
! 9:15am12noon! ECC KMO Program!
St. Clare Bresee Room!
! 6:00pm7:30pm! Choir Practice!
Music Room!
! 7:00pm8:30pm! Knights of Columbus 4th Deg Mtg! St. Clare Room1!
Parish Office Hours 8:30am!4pm
September 1 Thursday
! 7:15am6:00pm! ECC Preschool w/before & after care!
Daily Mass
! 8:00am!
! 9:15am12noon! ECC KMO Program!
St. Clare Bresee Room!
! 7:00pm9:00pm! AA Meeting!
St. Clare Room1!
! 7:00pm9:00pm! Band Practice!
September 2 Friday
Parish Office Hours 8:30am!1pm!
! 7:15am6:00pm! ECC Preschool w/before & after care!
Daily Mass!
! 8:00am!
! 9:15am12noon! ECC KMO Program!
St. Clare Bresee Room!
Healing Mass with Anointing of the Sick! Church!
September 3 Saturday!
3:00pm!3:45pm Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions)Church!
Vigil Mass
! 4:00pm
September 4 Sunday
! 7:30am!
Morning Mass!
! 9:15am!
Choir Mass!
Children’s Mass!
Spanish Mass!
Evening Mass!
On Wednesday mornings aer the
8am Mass and Novena our Parish
has Exposion of the Blessed
Sacrament ending with Benedicon
(Blessing with the Eucharist) 9:30am.!
It is a me for Jesus to speak to us in the silence of our hearts about
our hopes and desires for ourselves and those we love. Come and join
us each Wednesday for a quiet hour with Jesus who wants us all to
have a closer relaonship with His Divine Presence.!
Please remember next week’s!
Special Collection:!
Please use your gold APA envelopes
next week. If you do not have a gold
APA envelope, just use a plain envelope
and write APA on the outside of it and
include your full address, or simply drop
your check in the collection basket.
Make checks payable to “APA St.
Luke’s”. Thank you for your support!!!
Offertory ! Page 7
Your Parish Support
August 21, 2016!
! Offering!$! 8,430.10!
! Outreach!!$! 519.10!
! Assumption!!$!
Total Offertory!!$!10,652.20!
Thank you for your generous
stewardship to our parish!!
Can you help?!
Do you have a golf cart sitting
idle at home? Would you be
interested in giving it away or
selling it? If so, please contact
the parish office. A golf cart
would certainly benefit the Parish. !
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(734) 934-0844 400 E. Tarpon Ave., Tarpon Spgs., FL
Licensed Realtor
Residential Specialist
Each Keller Williams Realty
Office is independently Owned
and Operated
826 Broadway
Phone (727) 736-1411
Dunedin, FL 34698
Cell: 727-365-8335 • Email: [email protected]
Serving the Dunedin Area Since 1926
Susan S. Roper, M.D. & Stuart A. Walek, M.D.
Countryside Dermatology & Laser Center
Skin Disease & Acne, Skin Cancer, Skin Surgery,
Skin Rejuvenation, Laser, Ulthera Ultrasound Lift, Thermage®,
Active FxTM, Botox®, Restylane®, Mohs Micrographic Surgery,
PelleveTM , Coolsculpting Body Shaping, Laser Tattoo Removal Dr. Walek - Mohs Surgeon
*Parishioner at Our Lady of Lourdes for 13 Years
Dr. Roper*
Free Residential Roof Inspection With This Ad
Attorney At Law
Ingram Injury Law, P.A.
[email protected] • 727.723.9800 •
2201 N.E. Coachman Road, Suite 102 • Clearwater, FL 33765
1750 Curlew Road • Palm Harbor • 727.789.2000
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Family Dentistry
Kevin D. Kiley, D.D.S., P.A.

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