June 5, 2016 - St. Vincent Martyr



June 5, 2016 - St. Vincent Martyr
8:30 am
12:00 pm
Rose Hundt, Anna Ardolino,
Mary Guerriero
For the people of the parish
12:00 pm
Bianca Colantone, Sr. Sheila Holleran,
Helen Regazzi
Mary Artigliere, James Mc Laughlin, Jr.
8:30 am
12:00 pm
Stella Castillo
For the people of the parish
8:30 am
12:00 pm
Peter Razzo, Jr.
For the people of the parish
8:30 am
12:00 pm
Anne Elias, Robert Kennedy
For the people of the parish
8:30 am
8:30 am
5:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:15 am
9:00 am
10:30 am
12:00 pm
Jeanine Hundt, Aniello Nigro
Patricia Waldron, Wava Stickle,
Anthony & Palmina Giordano,
Peter McLaughlin, Anthony D. Allocca,
Nancy & Michael Simonelli
Mariela Delatorre
The Antonietta Mongiello Family,
Natalie Siciliano, Janis Kelly, Helen Leone,
Maximino & Concepcion Vargas,
James McLaughlin, Jr.
Mary M. Polo, Marie Hamilton,
Kathy Tracy, Edward Robert Fairhurst,
Daniel Fitzgibbons
Jeanine Hundt, Thomas J. Caulfield,
Kelly Esposito, James Corlett, Vicky Martell
Vincent & Catherine Vecchiarelli,
Joseph De Marzo, Tina Lo Sapio,
Sam & Margaret Passarella, Mary Artiglere
The Altar Bread & Wine
For the Week of June 12 - 18, 2016
are in memory of:
William and Mary Guerriero
“Is anyone among you suffering? They should pray .… is
anyone among you sick? They should summon the
presbyters of the church, and they should pray over them
and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.”
(James 5:13,14)
Joan Burke, Fr. Ron Sordillo, Jack Vander Meulen, Benjamin
Ohlweiler, Jacob Shaw, Mikey Nichols, Charlotte McVeigh,
Annette McVeigh, Noah Stanzione, Kevin Kirk, Judy
Artiglere, Hollis Doherty, Michael Lo Bosco, Joe Gero, Nick
Sapio, Andrea Picillo, Helen Prentiss, Denis Schreiber
“Lord for your faithful people life is changed not ended.
When the body of our earthly dwelling lies in death we
gain an everlasting dwelling place in heaven.”
Roman Missal, Preface of Christian Death)
Joseph Stanzione
The weekend collection for Saturday/Sunday, May
28/29 amounted to $20,120.00. Your generosity to our
Church is gratefully appreciated.
Our children’s collection for Catholic Extension for the
weekend of May 28/29 amounted to $32.00. Thank you
girls and boys for helping.
To date, we have been blessed with $2,011,114.00 from
257 families, plus the HSA and our Diocese. We thank
you for helping us reach our goal for Phase One of our
project, the addition of six new classrooms. We are still
accepting gifts to help fund Phase Two which involves
improving existing space.
JUNE 5, 2016
We congratulate Father Darwin on his first anniversary as a priest
and on his appointment to the position of Chaplain to the Paterson
Diocesan Hispanic Ministry while continuing to serve as parochial vicar at Saint Vincent Martyr Parish. Father Darwin's
responsibilities as chaplain will be to encourage, support, cooperate and work with the Hispanic Evangelization Team
(Equipo Evangelizacion Hispano) in the planning management and conducting of diocesan programs and initiatives in
ministry for our Spanish speaking communities. This appointment is a concrete sign of our bishop's confidence in Fr.
Darwin and his abilities to organize and to collaborate with others.
I certainly concur with our bishop in affirming the gifts that Fr. Darwin brings to his ministry as a priest. Our parish has
been incredibly blessed by his sacred ministry over the past year. I personally consider him to be an answer to my
prayers - a true friend in the Lord and a faithful co-worker in the vineyard. Whether it be singing his way through the
Mass or organizing the Hispanic Ministry here in the parish or being present to our community in our ministries and
organizations his warmth and sincerity shines through! For a man only one year ordained he is incredibly at home both
on and off the altar - it shows me that priesthood suits him well - he is quite the natural!
With Father's work with the diocese which requires an availability of at least 10 hours a month, our good bishop wanted
to make sure that we had enough coverage at this great and busy parish. So several weeks ago he called me and told me
he was sending us an additional priest - a newly ordained. I am happy to announce that Reverend Przemyslaw K. Gawlik
has been appointed the second Parochial Vicar here at the parish effective June 29, 2016, the Solemnity of Saints Peter
and Paul. Father was born on November 4, 1985 in Limanowa, Poland. He studied with the Franciscans before pursuing
ministry with our diocese. His diaconal ministry was at the Church of the Assumption in Morristown with my classmate,
Monsignor John Hart, who assures me we are getting a truly fine man. We look forward to welcoming the newly
ordained Fr. Przemyslaw (we will call him Fr. Shemick) and embracing his priestly ministry to our parish.
We had a wonderful celebration with the newly ordained Father Martin last weekend - thanks to all who made that
happen. Father Martin celebrated his Mass of Thanksgiving with such reverence and devotion and moved us all with his
prayerfulness. A most touching moment was when he presented his dear mother with what is called the maniturgium the cloth that is used to wipe the sacred chrism from the hands of the newly ordained after they have been anointed by
the bishop at the ordination. It is a sign of the special graces received by the mother of a priest. We are proud of this
son of the parish and wish him well as he begins his first priestly assignment at Our Lady of the Lake in Sparta - a very
active parish with a big school - sound familiar? Father surprised me at his first Mass with a rather unique gift - a wood
carving of me dressed up as a bishop! Never saw anything like it - probably never will! So if you are ever in our parish
offices take a peek in my office and treat yourself to a smile.
I want to congratulate the boys and girls from our parish who received honors at Madison's Memorial Day Service this
past Monday for their artwork, poetry and essays honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives for
our country. You made us very proud!
Finally I want to thank the four outgoing members of our Parish Pastoral Council whose terms are ended and who will
now go on to embrace still other ways of serving our parish. My gratitude to Patty Della Torre whose knowledge of all
things legal was a huge help in formulating our council by laws and who always made sure we had every i dotted and t
crossed. Patty did so much to encourage the building up of our community. To Michael Newman who kept us grounded
in our work as council with a true sense of realism and a knowledge of our history as a parish - thanks! Michael was the
great taker of minutes, the organizer who was always ready to present the facts. A ton of gratitude to Joanne Novack
who knew that a council cannot do good work on an empty stomach - so she always made sure we were fed with a
spread that only Joanne could provide! She also nourished us with so many good ideas. And to Jean Fuchs we are so very
grateful. Jean was the constant reminder to us that all that we did was to foster the mission of evangelization. She kept
us focused on the message with her bold and articulate witness to her faith - truly inspiring. These good men and
women have been good and faithful stewards of the gifts that God has given them, putting them in service of His church.
I thank you all for the example you have given us through your service. I trust that the new members of the Council who
will be installed on Sunday at the 12 Noon Mass - Gerry Barber, John Formica, Terrence Gilligan and Gene Picone - will
build well on the foundations left by their fellow parishioners.
Congratulations to all our graduates on this momentous day. You worked hard to achieve your goals and
you’re on your way to see new vistas and to dream new dreams. Graduation marks a remarkable day in this
chapter of your life. Let all that you have achieved be a solid foundation upon which you can build a bright
future. The journey of life brings both challenges and chances. Carry your spirit to embrace the chances and
beat the challenges. God has a plan and purpose for you and more for you to do in a world that needs you and
your faithful witness more than ever. So get on the right bus, head in the right direction, with all the right
people. I know you can do it. All of us at St. Vincent Martyr have been blessed with your presence in our
parish and youth ministry. I am so grateful for all you have shared with your peers and to all of us by the
witnessing of your faith. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from you and to grow in my own
faith by ministering with you. Always know St. Vincent Martyr is your home and we looking forward to seeing
you during your breaks. Enhance your life with passion and keep reaching for the stars….“Go Make a
Anne Marie Gisoldi
Youth Minister
Prayer for Graduates
Heavenly Father, surround those who are graduating with your grace.
Bless them with the hope so that they may move into the future with eager and open hearts.
Help them to put knowledge, skills, and insights gained through their education to use for the good of all
Inspire them to believe in the goodness of life even when faced with challenges and difficulties.
As they commence with their lives, may they grow ever more grateful and wise.
All of this we ask in the name of Jesus, your beloved Son.
The driveway between the Church and the Rectory will
be closed to vehicular traffic.
7:00 - 4:00 p.m.
on all school days.
A safety fence has been erected around the church to
protect our parishioners and visitors during the time of
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Daily Mass Schedule
The 12:10 Mass which is being celebrated at St.
Paul Inside the Walls is changed to 12:00 Noon for
the entire time of Renovation.
The child of the mistress of the house where Elijah
sojourned became ill and died. The woman pleaded
with Elijah who took the son and prayed over him.
When the child revived Elijah returned him to his
mother who recognized Elijah as "a man of God."
Paul proclaims the gospel, not as human, but coming
from the revelation of Jesus Christ. Paul continues to
acknowledge his own sinfulness and call to grace.
The gospel continues to recount the miracles and
healing powers of Jesus. As Jesus neared the gates to
the city of Nain, they came upon a deceased young man
who was being carried out of the city. His mother, a
widow, and a large crowd accompanying the body, met
Jesus on the way. Compassionately, Jesus comforts the
weeping mother and restores life to the dead man.
1 Kgs 17:17-24; Gal 1:11-19; Lk 7:11-17
1 Kgs 17:1-6; Mt 5:1-12
1 Kgs 17:7-16; Mt 5:13-16
1 Kgs 18:20-39; Mt 5:17-19
1 Kgs 18:41-46; Mt 5:20-26
1 Kgs 19:9a, 11-16; Mt 5:27-32
Acts 11:21b-26, 13:1-3; Mt 5:33-37
Vacation Bible School Needs Volunteers!
Please consider joining our team!
Cave Quest - Following Jesus
Camp: July 11-15 from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
For more information, please contact: Denise
Stefanelli, Faith Formation Director at 973-3774000 x251 [email protected] or email
[email protected]
1.) Registration for academic year of 2016-2017 for
religious education will follow in the coming weeks.
Please see parish website for programming options.
2.) Catechists needed for the fall. All instructional
materials and training provided. Please contact the
Christian Formation office for further info.
1.) Registrations have been mailed for the 2016-17
school year to all those who have completed the
requirements for this year. Please return your
registration form with the registration fee and any
other requested information to the Youth Office as
soon as possible.
Saint Vincent Martyr Social Justice Committee
In previous summers, the SVM Social Justice
Committee has arranged opportunities for SVM
parishioners to volunteer, chaperone and host
recreation events for veterans in residence at the VA
facility in Lyons. We plan similar events this year as
well. The two dates that have been confirmed for us
are June 21 and August 24. The events would start at
6 - 7 p.m. and run for 90 minutes; normally volunteer
bands perform live music. Our group will be
responsible for escorting residents to the concert
area, serving refreshments, snacks, and/or for
sponsoring a cookout.
Interested volunteers or parishioners with questions
may contact Bill Heskett [email protected] or
917-714-0081. Please come and support our vets!
We are living the Jubilee Year of Mercy at St.
Vincent’s where we will shelter homeless families in
the Community Room during the Host Week
beginning June 19. Volunteer sign-up sheets are in
the school gym. St. Vincent is responsible for several
nights and volunteers are urgently needed to sleep
overnight. Please consider volunteering for this easy
and rewarding shift – bring a friend! Orientation will
be provided. Volunteers are also needed for set-up,
clean-up, meals, and laundry of linens at the end of
the week. For more information about the program
or volunteer opportunities, please call Nancy Romain,
973-605-5970 or 973-865-8346 (cell), or e-mail
[email protected]
Announcement from the Diocese of Paterson
Complaints of Sexual Abuse
“If any person may have been abused by any priest,
they should immediately contact their local County
Prosecutor’s Office and the Diocese’s Victims
Assistance Coordinator: Peggy Zanello at 973-8791489. You may also be in touch with either of the
Diocesan Response Officers: Rev. Msgr. James T.
Mahoney, Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia,
973-777-8818, ext 205 or Sister Joan Daniel Healy,
S.C.C., Chancellor/Delegate for Religious, 973-7778818, ext. 248.
The entire text of the Policy of the Diocese of
Paterson in Response to Complaints of Sexual Abuse
10 Signs of a Safe Program for
Children & Youth
 Screening of staff/volunteers.
 Adults trained in safe environment
strategies and signs of abuse.
 Code of conduct enforced.
 Open communication between parents and
staff/staff and children/children and parents.
 Parents always Welcome.
 Children educated in right relationships
and what to do if a relationship isn’t right.
 All children treated with Dignity and
Clear rules and expectations.
Consistent reinforcement/ consequences.
Adequate supervision of youth. Team
approach – accountability – no 1:1 isolation.
All abuse is reported.
We are still in need of assistance on the following
weekends this summer. Please note that a volunteer
slot covers TWO weekends and both days of the
weekends for a total of about 8 hours. Set up on
Saturday is at 2 PM and Take Down on Sundays is at
2:30 PM after the Baptisms.
All weekends in August; Labor Day Weekend.
To sign up, please visit sign up Genius at
[email protected] with your dates, phone
and email.
A Family Perspective
The widow in today's gospel was in deep trouble, Her
husband and her only son were dead. In that male
dominated society women owned nothing and were
totally dependent on men for their livelihood. She
would be reduced to begging. Restoring her son to
life, Jesus also restored the woman to life.
Sunday, June 12th - Tickets are available for
$50/each. Arrive at 11:00 am for the Old Timers
Ceremony; the Yankees Greats Game; Yogi Berra
memorial, then watch the New York Yankees vs
Detroit Tigers - what a day to experience! Great seats
- Section 233B, Rows 2-8. Please contact Mary Beth
Flanagan 973-845-9320 or [email protected]
In the Community
Fr. Jhon Madrid will be visiting the Philippines and
Mexico as part of a mission trip from June 25-July 1 and
is collecting soccer balls to give the children. This will
be his 3rd campaign in collecting soccer balls for areas
of great poverty. Fr. Jhon has invited us to share our
blessings and donate some soccer balls for his cause. If
you would like to donate a soccer ball or make a
monetary donation (checks payable to STA Soccer Balls
for Joy) please bring your donation to Mass from June
Vocations Discernment, for young men 15 - 25. "Quo
Vadis - Where are you going?. Where is the Lord
encouraging you to go? Quo Vadis Days is a time of
recreation, fellowship and prayer to help you explore
the Lord's call in your life. Activities include prayer,
Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Liturgy of
the Hours, Discussions, etc. Quo Vadis days will be held
June 29 - July 1 at the Sacred Heart Retreat Center,
Newton. There is no cost. Information/registration
contact the coordinators Fr. Jarede Brogan and Fr.
Edgar Rivera in the Vocations Office at 973-777-8818,
ext. 711. You may also email
[email protected] or
[email protected]
Fall Semester Position Available at Assumption College
for Sisters, Denville:
Instructor possessing a Master’s degree in history for
the following course:
Hi 101 - World Civilization I - 3 credits
This course surveys the history of humankind from the
earliest records to the 14th/15th Centuries. It includes
the major ancient civilizations of the world through the
end of the Middle Ages in Europe. This study should
deepen within students the concept of events taking
place in time and space and heighten their awareness
that civilizations include all aspects of humanity (art,
architecture, literature, lifestyle, education, religion).
Interested applicants should send resume to Sister
Joseph Spring, SCC, [email protected] by July 1.
Tri-Town 55+ Coalition's Community Forum, for
residents 55 and older and partners from Madison,
Chatham (Boro or Township) to discuss needs
assessment findings from the survey and focus group
data. The date is June 7 from 6:00 8:00 p.m. at the
Madison Community House, Cook Ave. Please RSVP by
calling 973-593-3079, ext 6. Transportation available
upon request, dinner provided, this is a free event.
Madison Volunteer Ambulance, On Friday, June 10th,
the Madison Volunteer Corp will be holding
Pocketbook Bingo! Enjoy an evening of fun and a
chance to win brand new designer pocketbooks like
Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Coach and Betsey Johnson.
For an entrance fee of $40 ($50 after June 1) you will
receive 30 bingo cards, 2 per game for a total of 15
games. Coffee, tea, water and dessert will be provided.
You can bring your own food/drinks. For more
information contact Sam Rafter 973-593-9232 or
[email protected]
Florham Park Gazebo Concerts, will begin their Summer
Sunday Concert Series on June 12 and thru July 31 at
7:00 p.m. They are held at the Borough Hall Complex,
Ridgedale Ave. This year there will be food trucks
starting at 6:30 p.m. prior to the concerts. A wide
variety of music from tributes to Frankie Valli, Elvis, Bon
Jovi and more.
Auxiliary of the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps
Tuesday, June 14, 2016, is our bus trip to Harrah Resorts
Casino, Atlantic City. The bus will depart at 8:30 AM and
return at 8:30 PM from the North Star Club, North
Street, Madison, New Jersey, 07940. The cost is $35.00
per person. We will have a great time. Bingo and prizes
will be on the bus. You may send your check to
Rosemary Ward, 14 Buckingham Drive, Madison, New
Jersey 07940. Her telephone number is (973) 822-2446.
You may make your check payable to the AMVAC.
Under Construction
To stay in touch and up to the
minute with our Parish, register for
Flocknote or visit our website at
Thank you to all our Parishioners who have played a role in our transition this past month.
Your cooperation and assistance in making "church" happen for St. Vincent Martyr Parish has
been remarkable.
Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest, if we do not give up.
Gal. 6:9
This Chair Is Hard Lord!
A Prayer for times of Church Renovation
O God, who through time-sacrificing stewards,
wonderfully transform gyms into sacred spaces of spiritual exercise,
look kindly upon your people, gathered to worship in this, our lower church.
Accept our offering of discomfort lifted up to you from these metal chairs,
our small share in your great sacrifice of love shown forth to us on the wood of the cross.
May the inconveniences we must endure in these days of transition
make us one with all who suffer discomfort as a way of life those confined to the steel of a wheelchair,
those sitting bedside on a hospital chair keeping vigil with a loved one who is sick,
those who sit in refugee camps displaced from church and home forever.
Lord, thank you for this chair and for the opportunity to sit in your Holy presence,
waiting for the nourishment you give us in Word and Sacrament.
Continue to cushion us with your love and make our hearts soft to receive your grace.
San Vincente mártir
“Experiencia hispana”
Rev. Msgr. George F. Hundt,
[email protected]
Rev. Darwin Lastra,
[email protected]
Deacon Robert Morton,
Diácono permanente
[email protected]
X Domingo del Tiempo
“El relato evangélico de este
Domingo X del Tiempo Ordinario
nos narra como Jesús resucita,
en pleno entierro, al hijo único
de una viuda de la ciudad de
Naín. Dos cortejos, el de Jesús y
sus discípulos, y el sepelio del
muchacho fallecido se
encuentran a las afueras de
Naín. Jesús aprecia el
desconsuelo de la mujer y
resucita a su hijo. Los dos
cortejos se unieron en un gran
abrazo de alegría. Y es la alegría
lo que Jesús busca para sus
amigos, para sus discípulos. Para
nosotros también”.
Deacon Martin
Diácono transitorio
[email protected]
Mrs. Jan Figenshu,
Asociada Pastoral
[email protected]
Mrs. Denise Stefanelli,
Dir. Ed. Religiosa
[email protected]
Ms. Anne Marie Gisoldi,
Dir. Jóvenes
[email protected]
Mrs. Kathy Simonelli,
[email protected]
Mrs. Diane Wallace,
[email protected]
Mrs. Patricia Caccavale,
[email protected]
Mrs. Liz Vacchiano,
Sec. Ed. Cristiana
[email protected]
Mrs. Jody Costello,
Sec. Jovenes
[email protected]
La colecta del Pasado 28 de Mayo
fue de --- dólares.
Dios multiplique su generosidad.
Jesús, alegría de la vida
X Domingo del Tiempo
Primera Lectura: 1Reyes
17, 17-24
Segunda Lectura: Gal, 1,
Evangelio San Lucas 7, 1117
Los Sacramentos
Reconciliación (Confesiones): Todos los Sábados
a las 4:00pm o haciendo una cita con uno de los
sacerdotes, ya sea llamando a la oficina o
hablando con ellos directamente o antes de la
Misa en Español.
Unción de los Enfermos:
Para las personas que están gravemente enfermas,
hospitalizadas o preparándose para una cirugía, al
igual que las personas de edad avanzada un asilo
para la tercera edad. Para administrar este
Sacramento; Favor de llamar a la oficina de la
parroquia para que uno de los sacerdotes
administre la Unción de los enfermos.
Cursillo Pre-Bautismal en español: Llamando a
la oficina y planear una cita con el sacerdote.
Amoris Laetitia
El pasado 8 de Abril el Papa Francisco ha publicado una
nueva exhortación apostólica llama: “Amoris Laetitia”
en español “la alegría del amor”. Cada semana estaré
publicando un poco acerca de esta exhortación
Capítulo Sexto: Algunas perspectivas pastorales
En el sexto capítulo el Papa afronta algunas vías
pastorales que orientan para construir familias sólidas y
fecundas según el plan de Dios. En esta parte la
Exhortación hace un largo recurso a las Relaciones
conclusivas de los dos Sínodos y a las catequesis del Papa
Francisco y de Juan Pablo II. Se confirma que las familias
son sujeto y no solamente objeto de evangelización. El
Papa señala que “a los ministros ordenados les suele
faltar formación adecuada para tratar los complejos
problemas actuales de las familias” (AL 202). Si por una
parte es necesario mejorar la formación psico-afectiva
de los seminaristas e involucrar más a las familias en la
formación al ministerio (cfr. AL 203), por otra “puede ser
útil (…) también la experiencia de la larga tradición
oriental de los sacerdotes casados” (cfr. AL 239).
Después el Papa afronta el tema de guiar a los novios en
el camino de la preparación al matrimonio, de
acompañar a los esposos en los primeros años de vida
matrimonial (incluido el tema de la paternidad
responsable), pero también en algunas situaciones
complejas y en particular en las crisis, sabiendo que
“cada crisis esconde una buena noticia que hay que
saber escuchar afinando el oído del corazón” (AL 232).
Se analizan algunas causas de crisis, entre las cuales una
maduración afectiva retrasada (cfr. AL 239). Entre otras
cosas se habla también del acompañamiento de las
personas abandonadas, separadas y divorciadas y se
subraya la importancia de la reciente reforma de los
procedimientos para el reconocimiento de los casos de
nulidad matrimonial. Se pone de relieve el sufrimiento
de los hijos en las situaciones de conflicto y se concluye:
“El divorcio es un mal, y es muy preocupante el
crecimiento del número de divorcios. Por eso, sin duda,
nuestra tarea pastoral más importante con respecto a las
familias, es fortalecer el amor y ayudar a sanar las
heridas, de manera que podamos prevenir el avance de
este drama de nuestra época” (AL 246). Se tocan
después las situaciones de matrimonios mixtos y de
aquellos con disparidad de culto, y las situaciones de las
familias que tienen en su interior personas con
tendencia homosexual, confirmando el respeto en
relación a ellos y el rechazo de toda injusta
discriminación y de toda forma de agresión o violencia.
Pastoralmente preciosa es la parte final del capítulo;
“Cuando la muerte planta su aguijón”, sobre el tema de
la perdida de las personas queridas y la viudez.

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