CCHI honors 15 for cultural heritage



CCHI honors 15 for cultural heritage
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MAY 30, 2012
Vice Gov. Teves tells FICELCO BOD:
Capitol to seek termination of ESA if CPGI fails to operate tomorrow...
“Bong” Teves, Jr. has
asked the members of the
Board of Directors of the
First Catanduanes Electric
Cooperative to resign for
their failure to resolve the
acute lack of power and
rotating brownouts now
plaguing 35,000 memberconsumers.
In an interview with the
Tribune last week, the vice
governor said the directors
should take the blame for
the current state of the grid,
with six to 12-hour brownouts hitting all 11 towns.
“It was the BOD which
approved the one-sided
Electricity Supply Agree-
ment (ESA) with the
Catanduanes Power Generation, Inc. (CPGI),” he
stressed, noting that the
cooperative, through its
officials at the board, should
have diligently evaluated
CPGI’s capability and explored other options before
going through with the deal.
He disclosed that the
Sangguniang Panlalawigan
has already authorized him
to create a fact-finding body
tasked with investigating
the ESA primarily to find
solutions to the current
power shortage and to determine the liability of both
parties with regards to the
losses suffered by the peo-
ple and the business community since May 4 when
the power interruptions began.
“We can’t just allow CPGI
to claim that they have no
liability as far as their decision to cease operations
due to lack of funds for fuel
is concerned,” Vice Gov.
Teves said, adding that he
has lost confidence in the
capability of the current
board to resolve the situation. “Ginigisa lang nila tayo
sa sariling mantika,” he
He likewise pushed for
the junking of the power
supply contract between the
cooperative and CPGI, to
ON THEIR FIRST VISIT to Catanduanes since getting married early this year, Congressman Roman Romulo and Valenzuela City Councilor Shalani Soledad-Romulo are welcomed at the Virac airport lounge by the latter’s uncle, Vice Governor Jose “Bong” Teves
Jr. The couple, together with Mrs. Evelyn San Ramon, went to Gigmoto May 23 but stayed
in Virac for the night before leaving for home the following day.
SIV deepwell, tanker to
help solve VIWAD woes
552 benefit from
Yonkers Lions’
medical mission
The Virac Water District
is set to implement in the
soonest possible time the
construction of a deep well
in barangay San Isidro Village and the acquisition of a
water tanker to help address a worsening lack of
potable water within a large
part of its service area.
Interim General Manager
Mercy Mendez told the Tribune that the deep well,
which would include an elevated water tank, will be
drilled in a lot to be donated
by the Our Lady’s Foundation, Inc. The P2-million
estimated cost of the deep
well, which would serve as
an alternate source for residents of the barangay as
well as three subdivisions
located therein, would be
shouldered by the water
The first Philippine medical
-ophthalmologic mission of
the Yonkers Millennium
Lions Club (YMLC) of New
Yors USA proved to be a
success, with 532 visuallyimpaired patients from Viga,
Payo and Bagamanoc as
well as 20 indigent, nonPhilHealth
patients being helped from
January to April 2012.
The club, headed by
Dumalag, PMJF, had as
Catanduanes Eye Center
(CEC). Through Past President Lion Melanio Aquino
Jr,, his wife Lion Cathy, and
Mrs. Lina Villaluna, the club
and CEC joined hands in
making the activity a qualified success.
The mission was able to
provide free consultation to
On the other hand, the
bidding process is underway for the acquisition of a
water tanker that the district
would use in distributing
potable water to areas
where lack of supply has
been reported. At present,
VIWAD has been relying on
the fire truck of the Virac
fire station to deliver water
to underserved areas such
as San Isidro Village, Cavinitan, Valencia and Bigaa.
The water firm is also procuring a genset that would
be used in the operation of
the deep well at the
Catanduanes State Colleges, which has not been operating fully as brownouts
have knocked out its electrically-powered pump.
Mendez informed that
production from the three
SIV deepwell/page 2
552 benefit/page 3
allow other power suppliers
to come in and provide reliable energy to the people.
He bared that the president
of Sunwest Water & Electric
Co., Silvestre Natividad, is
willing to take over the 3.6megawatt bunker-fuel genset being rented by CPGI
from FICELCO and NPC,
aside from setting up their
own base-load power plant
using an idle genset at Misibis Bay Resort.
On the other hand, Governor Joseph Cua has firmly stated that he would urge
the termination of the ESA
between FICELCO and
CPGI if the latter ceases
operation of its power plant
beginning tomorrow, May
This is aside from the
possibility that the provincial
government, acting on the
recommendation of a crisis
committee, could take over
the CPGI facility in the latter’s failure to deliver on the
aired the veiled threat to a
CPGI official the other Friday in the presence of other
power industry representatives.
Last May 22, Cua formally requested FICELCO officer-in-charge
Mendoza to furnish the capitol with a copy of the ESA
in furtherance of the provincial government’s responsibility to carefully scrutinize
the agreement in the wake
of rotating brownouts that
he said now affects not only
the entire constituency but
also threatens critically the
local economy.
“We would like to be
guided in our future course
of actions in looking at the
obligations of both parties,”
the governor stated, citing
Resign/page 2
PNP Chief approves funding for
new Bagamanoc police station
Within a few months,
members of the Philippine
National Police (PNP) in
Bagamanoc town will be
moving into a new, standard police station building
some distance away from
the municipal compound
where they have been staying for years.
Catanduanes PNP provincial director Senior Superintendent Lito Pitallano
bared the good news to the
Tribune last week. He said
that funding for the P5.1million two-storey police
station building was personally approved by PNP Director General Nicanor Bartolome, charged to the PNP
Trust Fund.
The structure will be
erected on a vacant lot near
the town’s public cemetery
just outside the poblacion
but a short distance away
from the Rural Health Unit.
Pitallano also informed
that bidding for the P4.6-
million new Bato police station building, to be built
near the municipal building,
was scheduled May 29 at
the Bicol PNP headquarters
at Camp Simeon Ola. On
the other hand, the contract
for the construction of a
similar building in San Miguel town, to be sited on a
levelled mountainside just
across the national road
from the RHU, is up for
awarding anytime soon.
Together with the San
Andres police station inaugurated last February, the
number of new police stations on the island by the
end of the year would come
to four, all built during the
term of PD Pitallano. However, he gave credit to Congressman Cesar Sarmiento
Catanduanes PNP’s pending requests for new police
stations with higher headquarters.
PNP Chief/page 2
2nd Gawad Kultura
CCHI honors 15 for
cultural heritage
Fifteen individuals from
all walks of life, including a
91-year old saxophonist
who still makes music, received the Gawad Kultura
last week as the Center for
Catandungan Heritage, Inc.
paid tribute to people who
have endeavoured to preserve the community’s cultural heritage through the
The current crop of
awardees, given their trophies and moment of pride
last May 19 during the conclusion of the CCHI’s 8th
(Panunundon) at the capitol
dome, include a farmer, a
“parapoon” (prayer leader)
and saxophonist who are
now in their 90’s but are still
active in their fields.
They are:
Godofredo “Tang Godo”
Abundo, Sr., 96, a farmer
who nurtured his family,
including Viga Mayor Abelardo Abundo Sr., to success from their hard work
on the rice fields, considers
prayer as the secret to a
good life;
Fredesuelo “Tang Fred”
Arcilla, 79, a musician who
has made good use of his
talent in playing his thrombone or trumpet for the past
55 years in Virac, now has
only memories of his days
after health problems sidelined him in 2002, with his
children also playing music;
Celestino “Tang Tinoy”
Bernal, 87, a banjo player
who played his own composition to woo his wife is also
active in religious activities
and is currently vice post
commander of Bato veterans, having served in World
War II as secret liaison officer;
CCHI honors/page 9
FAR-FLUNG COMMUNITIES in Catanduanes are benefiting from numerous infrastructure
projects being implemented by Cong. Cesar Sarmiento, such as this ongoing concreting of
a path walk in Brgy. Osmeña, Viga which was funded through the solon’s 2011 PDAF. .
MAY 30, 2012
Bad Predictions
"The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in
order to earn better than a 'C', the idea must be
feasible." -- A Yale University management professor in
response to Fred Smith's paper proposing reliable
overnight delivery service. (Smith went on to found
Federal Express Corp.)
"Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?" -- H. M.
Warner, Warner Brothers, 1927.
"A cookie store is a bad idea. Besides, the market
research reports say America likes crispy cookies, not
soft and chewy cookies like you make." -- Response to
Debbi Fields' idea of starting Mrs. Fields' Cookies.
"We don't like their sound, and guitar music is on the
way out." -- Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles,
"Radio has no future. Heavier-than-air flying machines
are impossible. X-rays will prove to be a hoax." --
William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, British scientist, 1899.
"If I had thought about it, I wouldn't have done the
experiment. The literature was full of examples that said
you can't do this." -- Spencer Silver on the work that led
to the unique adhesives for 3-M "Post-It" Notepads.
"It will be years -- not in my time -- before a woman will
become Prime Minister." -- Margaret Thatcher, 1974.
"I see no good reasons why the views given in this
volume should shock the religious sensibilities of
anyone." -- Charles Darwin, The Origin Of Species, 1869.
"Ours has been the first, and doubtless to be the last, to
visit this profitless locality." -- Lt. Joseph Ives, after
visiting the Grand Canyon in 1861.
"Drill for oil? You mean drill into the ground to try and
find oil? You're crazy." -- Workers whom Edwin L.
Drake tried to enlist to his project to drill for oil in 1859.
"There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy
will ever be obtainable. It would mean that the atom
would have to be shattered at will." -- Albert Einstein,
"The bomb will never go off. I speak as an expert in
explosives." -- Admiral William Leahy, U.S. Atomic
Bomb Project.
"Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value."
-- Marechal Ferdinand Foch, Professor of Strategy,
Ecole Superieure de Guerre. ‘
"There will never be a bigger plane built." -- A Boeing
engineer, after the first flight of the 247, a twin engine
plane that holds ten people.
"Everything that can be invented has been invented." -Attributed to Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S.
Office of Patents, 1899, but known to be an urban
"Louis Pasteur's theory of germs is ridiculous fiction." -Pierre Pachet, Professor of Physiology at Toulouse,
"The abdomen, the chest, and the brain will forever be
shut from the intrusion of the wise and humane
surgeon." -- Sir John Eric Ericksen, British surgeon,
appointed Surgeon-Extraordinary to Queen Victoria
Philippine Red Cross
Catanduanes Chapter
Emergency Response Unit
Emergency Hotline
Please Contact:
Always First, Always Ready, Always There
from page 1
CPGI’s claim of a no-fault
provision by which it cannot
be sued for not complying
with the power supply
The cooperative sent
over what it claimed were
copies of the ESA that instead turned out to be copies of the initial application
filed before the Energy
Regulatory Commission as
well as the order of provisional approval. This subterfuge
FICELCO management to a
much higher level.
During the weekend, coop officials reportedly told
the capitol that CPGI’s operation has been resolved
but that the problem now
rests with NPC’s Monark
rented gensets.
Citing the latest load and
demand curve for the
showed an excess of power
supply from 11 A.M. to 11
P.M. during which the
Monark gensets operate,
FICELCO requested NPC
President Froilan Tampinco
to operate its gensets on a
staggered scheme in order
to minimize, if not negate,
the occurrence of power
interruptions from 1 A.M. to
9 A.M.
Cavinitan, Virac
PNP Chief….
from page 1
Among the 11 towns,
only the policemen in Caramoran and Viga are said to
be “squatting” inside municipal compounds. Mayor
Agnes Popa of Caramoran
has reportedly assured PD
Pitallano that she would
look for a suitable site outside the LGU lot while
Mayor Abelardo Abundo Sr.
has already found a location for the Viga police station along the national road
just past the NPC power
In Virac, the Our Lady’s
Foundation has reportedly
offered a site within the proposed Ecology Village but
Mayor Jose Alberto II reportedly prefers that a site
along the road near the
cockpit. A senior police official told the Tribune that an
ideal site for the Virac police would be near the Girl
Scouts headquarters but
this would require a deed of
donation from the Department of Education, which
could prove to be difficult.
CHECKING PRICES AND WEIGHTS. DTI Director Panti personally conducted an inspection on May 24 of the quality and prices of school supplies and likewise checked LPG tanks
to make sure consumers are getting the correct volume content for the price they pay.
SIV deepwell….
from page 1
water sources of Cauayan,
Sibanhan and Padurog has
fallen by 30 percent due to
lack of rainfall, although
complaints regarding lack of
water flowing from concessionaires’ faucets are mostly confined to barangays in
the elevated part of the VIWAD service area.
The drop in water production is being amplified
by the continued existence
of illegal connections, reported to be numbering
over a thousand, that
through the years has accounted for a large portion
of the so-called NonRevenue
NRW percentage has fallen
in recent months, VIWAD
has yet to reduce it to below
30 percent. A massive project to replace dilapidated
distribution lines in the
poblacion is being planned
along with a renewed campaign to root out illegal connections in one barangay
after the other.
Last week, a resident of
West Garden Subdivision
Phase 3 in Bigaa published
an open letter on Facebook
complaining of insufficient
water supply for years now
that has worsened since
Addressing the letter to
Congressman Cesar Sarmiento, Governor Joseph
Cua and other officials,
Jinky Lou Tabor said that
while in the past, water
flowed from the faucet during the wee hours of the
morning, they have experienced zero water supply for
the past weeks.
She expressed disappointment with the lack of
explanation from VIWAD
“Instead, we get answers
like “paputlon nyo na sana
ang connection nyo…,” Tabor bared. She suggested
that VIWAD coordinate with
the fire station to schedule
a regular delivery of water
to areas where it is needed.
The RH Bill…./from page 10
difficult to find a wife and they die old without a family to support them.
Countries with low TFRs will find it difficult, if not impossible
to recover from this condition. They employ drastic measures
that add more stress to the economy. One strategy is to encourage migration. Another is to give cash gifts, livelihood subsidies and educational benefits for every baby born. This requires, without doubt, a big financial resource. If this condition
happens to the Philippines can it afford it?
Another factor that would make the task of recovering from
low TFR extremely difficult is the effect when use of contraception as a method of population control becomes rooted in the
culture of the people. This is called “contraceptive mentality” –
a mentality that considers children as bane rather than as
boon; an obstruction to the freedom of parents, rather than as
a source of joy and inspiration.
One of the main tools of population control is to promote the
use of contraception. Contraception comes in different forms:
oral, injectables, implants, IUD, condoms, hesterectomy, vasectomy, spermicides and others. In order to gain acceptance
and support for contraception use, its proponents make beneficial claims and deceptive tactics.
Deceptive Tactic # 1: Use of contraception will lower abortion.
In the United States from 1970 to 1986 (a span of 16 years)
the number of abortions jumped from 5% of live births to
42.7% of live births. (Dr. & Mrs. J.C. Wilke, “Abortion” p.
In Great Britain, in 1949, a report for the Royal Commission
on Population found that the incidence of induced abortion as a percentage of all pregnancies was nine times
higher for women using contraceptives than for women
not using birth control. (James W. Sedlak/ Theresa Bell,
Vernon Kirby & Magaly Llaguno, “Deadly Deception” p.
Why is this so? The same article says: “Because contraception
use gives a false “security” that no conception will occur
but all birth control devises have a failure rate from 5% to
Deceptive Tactic # 2: Contraceptive pills, the IUD, Norplant, Depoprovera, are not abortifacients.
Most of the devises distributed in family planning programs
and called contraceptives do not really prevent conception. Most act a percentage of the time by allowing conception to take place and then killing the already conceived human being during its first week of life. (Ibid, p.
In the United States, where abortifacient action has been
known, and research has been done, it is estimated that
the following deaths of preborn children occur each year:
Birth control pills kill between 834,00 to 1,800,000
IUDs kill 3,825,000
Injectables (Depo-Provera) kill 1,200,000 to 1,800,000
Implants (Norplant) kill 2,250,000 to 2,925,000
Surgical abortion kill 1,500,000
Overall it is estimated that the 19,450,000 women who
use one or more of these devices in the US kill between 9,609,000 to 14,220,000 babies each year.
(Ibid. pp. 25-26)
These deaths of pre-born babies in the US alone due to contraception are more than the number of Jews killed by Hitler in
the whole duration of World War II. Should the Philippines now
contribute to this gruesome crime by passing the RH Bill?
Notice is hereby given that an Extra-Judicial Settlement of Real
Estate with Sale has been executed by the heirs of the late Juan Arcilla Valenzuela, namely: Corazon Aguilar Valenzuela, Carmen V.
Tadoy, Amelita V. Garon, Leonor V. Rodulfo, Flor A. Valenzuela,
Rudy A. Valenzuela, Teresita V. Tesorero and Lolita V. Tañote, all of
legal age and residents of Agban, Baras, Catanduanes, over a parcel
of residential land at Agban, Baras, Catanduanes, designated as Lot
No. 3109-pt and containing an area of 120 sq. meters, declared under
ARP No. 2009-02-003-0192, adjudicating said property among themselves equally and thence selling and transferring the same in favor of
ROGELIO A. VALENZUELA, per deed executed before Notary Public
Fredeswindo A. Gianan Jr., per Doc. No. 28; Book No. 17; Page No.
26; Series of 2011.
The Catanduanes Tribune
May 30, June 6 and 13, 2012
Notice is hereby given that an Extra-Judicial Settlement with Sale
has been executed by the heirs of the late Candida Tanael, namely:
Gregorio Lizaso, Jose Lizaso, Salome L. Tapia and Manuela L. Bodota, all of legal age and residents of Baras, Catanduanes, over a parcel
of rice land at Nagbarorong, Baras, Catanduanes, designated as Lot
No. 672 and containing an area of 3,184 sq. meters, covered by OCT
No. 1704, adjudicating said property unto themselves share and share
alike and thence selling and transferring the same in favor of ABUNDIO IDANAN, per deed executed before Notary Public Jose T.
Tablizo, per Doc. No. 269; Page No. 53; Book No. 10; Series of 2085.
Please contact: 09228406442 and 09291386950
The Catanduanes Tribune
May 30, June 6 and 13, 2012
HOW TO PLAY: Complete the grid so each row, column and 3
-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit from 1 to 9.
Solution on page 5.
MAY 30, 2012
1. Avoid riding in automobiles because they are responsible for 20% of
all fatal accidents.
2. Do not stay home because 17% of all accidents occur in the home.
3. Avoid walking on streets or sidewalks because 14% of all accidents
occur to pedestrians.
4. Avoid traveling by air, rail, or water because 16% of all accidents
involve these forms of transportation.
5. Of the remaining 33%, 32% of all deaths occur in Hospitals. So, ...
above all else, avoid hospitals.
BUT, …
You will be pleased to learn that only 001% of all deaths occur in
worship services in church, and these are usually related to previous
physical disorders. Therefore, logic tells us that the safest place for you
to be at any given point in time is at church!
And ... Bible study is safe too.
The percentage of deaths during Bible study is even less.
So, ... for SAFETY'S sake Attend church, and read your Bible.
TIngnan natin
ni Jex F. Lucero
Mabuhay CJ Corona!!!!
Sabi ni Chief Justice Corona sa kanyang opening statement sa Senate Impeachment Court si Ombudsman
Conchita Carpio Morales ay
isa raw certified liar.
Nasabi ito ng hepe ng
hudikatura dahil sa panenestigo ni Morales sa Impeachment Court na may 10 to 12
million US dollar account daw
ito. Sinabi pa rin ni Morales
na may 82 bank accounts
daw ito si Chief Justice Corona.
Sa panenestigo ni Morales
ay di pa-power-power point
pa ito. At ang nasabing power point ay siya ring ginamit
ng hepe ng hudikatura at ang
lumabas ay ang kabaligtaran.
Walang 12 million si Chief
Justice at wala rin siyang 82
bank accounts. Akalain mo
82 bank accounts? Lahat ng
banko sa Pilipinas inubos?
Pati Rural Bank dito sa
Catanduanes may bank account siguro si CJ?
Sobra naman talagang
cabinubuwaon. Mag-resign
ka na raw Ombudsman Morales, sabi ni CJ. Mabuhay
CJ Corona!
Sinabi pa rin ni CJ Corona
na si Ombudsman Morales
Malacanang sa pagsisiwalat
ng mga kasinungalingan.
Katunayan sabi ni CJ na
bago lumabas ang mga pagsisiwalat ng 12 million dollar
account at 82 bank account
ni CJ sinulatan pa raw siya
nito at may nakalagay pa raw
na ito ay confidential. Confidential pero lumabas na sa
Maliwanag na lahat ay
ginagawa daw ng Malakanyang ang lahat ng paninira sa kanya at ng kanyang
pamilya sa paggamit ng lahat
ng puwersa ng administrasyon pati na ng mga diyaryo
(hindi ang CT).
Hindi lang halata kundi
tahasan na lahat ay ginagawa ng kasalukuyang pamahalaan na wasakin ang
buong pagkatao ng Chief
Justice para mailuklok ang
gusto nilang Chief Justice na
puwede nilang tuhugin ang
ilong at paikot-ikutin hanggang gusto nila.
Sabi ng isang Obispo, ang
ay may sayad!
Sa umpisa pa lang ay lutong Makaw (Raffy) ang Impeachment kay CJ Corona.
Sabi nga ng mga congressman na hindi pumirma sa
Impeachment na ito raw ay
railroaded. Pirmahan lang ng
pirmahan ang mga kongresista na walang alam
kung ano ang laman.
Sa tanong nga ni Chief
justice sa kanyang opening
statement sa prosecution , ito
lamang po ang tanong ko sa
inyo,kung talagang malakas
ang kasong isinampa laban
sa akin, bakit kailangan pang
ebidensiya laban sa akin?
Sagutin po ninyo iyan sa taong bayan.
Noong una small lady
Cong. “Giant” Umali, sumunod sa gate ni Cong.
“Gate” Banal at ngayon naman iyong kay anonymous.Tqwelve million dollar
account deposit at 82 bank
Mag-iimbento rin lang ng
mga ebidensiya iyon pang
halatang-halatang –halatanghalata. Sa lagay pala iyong
mga ebidensiyang iyon na
mga small lady na kahit anino
ay wala at kay gate ni Cong
Banal at iyong anonymous ay
paniniwalaan ng senado?
Grabeng gobyerno ini!!!
Punta naman tayo sa
waiver ni Chief Justice Renato Corona. Ang sabi ng
prosecution sa pangunguna
ng malaking ilong na si
Cong,. Tupas hindi raw
makakapirma si CJ na walang pre-condition.
Nang mapirmahan na ang
waiver ni isa sa mga taga
prosecution lalo na si Sen.
Dagul Drilon na sobrang
pakitang gilas kay Pnoy dahil
ipangtatapat kay Small But
Terrible, Vice President Jojo
Binay ay walang masabi sa
Ang takot lang nilang halukayin ang mga milyones
talagang matatapang sila
(mga congressmen lalo na
iyong mga tahudan na) at
mayayabang di sana ay
tinanggap nila ang hamon at
maglabasan lahat ng mga
tago nilang dolyares.
Bakit hindi nila gayahin si
CJ nilabas ang lahat-lahat at
ipinaliwanag kung bakit wala
ito sa SALN.
Sa ngayon ay lumalabas
na ang may diperensiya ay
ang batas at sabi nga ni Sen
Chiz Escudero sa kay CJ
Corona sa isinagawa niyang
pagkatapos ay sinabi niya
na naghahanda na raw sila
ng panukalang batas na siyang
maraming butas.
Magkakatalo ang mga
senator-judges sa interpretation nila sa R.A. 6713 or the
Code of Conduct and Ethical
Standards for Public Officials
and Employees, requires
government officials, including justices of the Supreme
Court, file an annual SALN
plus a financial disclosures of
among other things, real
property, its improvement,
acquisition cost, assessed
value and current fair market
value, na ipinasa noong Pebrero 1989, ang sabi , the
public has the right to know”
these assets and liabilities.
The law requires the declara-
tion of “all other assets such
as investments, cash on
stocks,bonds, and the like. R.
A. 6713 has no distinction
between peso and foreign
currency bank deposits.
Iyon po ang isinasaad sa
R.A. 6713.
Samantala ang batas naman noong Martial law era ay
iba naman ang isinasaad,
R.A. 6426 or the Foreign
Currency Deposit Act of the
Philippines guarantees the
absolute confidential nature
of foreign currency deposits,
which can be examined by
another person or entity only
upon the written permission
of the depositor.
isinasaad ng R.A. 6426 na
still in effect dahil hindi pa
amendmento pagbabago sa
nasabing batas.
Magulo at hindi mo
masisisi ang kahit sino kung
ang sinunod ay ang isa sa
dalawang batas dahil iyon ay
mga batas na umiiral!
nagkakalukohan? Magtitakeover daw ang local na pamahalaan laban sa CPGI kung
hindi nito tutuparin ang magsupply ng 24 oras na
kuryente ng naaayon sa
Electricty Supply Agreement
na pinirmahan sa
Kailangan pa pala magtakutan. Pero kahit nagkakatakutan wala rin namang
nangyayari. Brownout pa rin
ng brownout.
Dapat wala ng ganyang
mga kaartehan. Kung ano
ang makakabuti para magkaroon ng 24 oras na kuryente
ay gawin na.
Sabi ng CPGI hindi raw
sila puwedeng kasuhan kung
hindi nila nagagawang magsupply ng sapat na kuryente.
Bakit? Ano ba kayo diyan sa
CPGI mga diyos? Baka juice
ang ibig ninyong sabihin?
Kung si dating pangulong
Arroyo nakakulong dahil sa
kaso kayo pa kaya? Aba’y
sobrang gagaling ninyo?
Pasalamat kayo at takeover lang balak sa inyo ni
Gob. Cua. Kung ako ang
gobernador ngayon hindi
lang take-over ang gagawin
SUWECO na may tubig lang
pag umuulan pag wala naghihintay umulan.
Sinabi ko na na ang mga
hydro-hydrong ‘yan noon pa
na dadaloy lang ang tubig
diyan sa umpisa pag nayari
na, tuyo na at hindi na iikot
ang turbine.
Mga buwisit!!!
Some Random Thoughts
Atty. Romulo P. Atencia
A.B., LlB., Bar Topnotcher
Former Executive Judge, RTC, Virac
Scarborough Shoal is a
group of islands and reefs
kilometers around with an of
area 150 square kilometers.
It has a lagoon with area of
130 km² and depth of about
15 meters. The shoal is a
protrusion from a 3,500 m.
deep abyssal plain. To the
east, the 5,000 - 6,000 meter
separates the shoal from the
Philippine archipelago. It is
about 198 km west of Subic
Bay. The nearest landmass is
Luzon, 220 km away.
surrounding area are rich
fishing grounds which we
claim to belong to the
Philippines. As early as the
Spanish colonization of the
fishermen were already using
the area as a traditional
fishing ground and shelter
during bad weather. Several
published by Spain and
United States in 18th and
Philippine territory. The 18thcentury
chorographica de las Islas
Filipinas" (1734) shows the
Scarborough Shoal then was
named as Panacot Shoal.
The map also shows the
shape of the shoal as
consistent with the current
maps available as of today.
During the 1900s Mapa
Observatorio de Manila and
US Coast and Geodetic
Survey Map includes the
Scarborough Shoal named
as "Baju De Masinloc". In
1792, another map drawn by
the Malaspina expedition and
published in 1808 in Madrid,
Spain also showed Bajo de
Masinloc as part of Philippine
territory. The map showed
the route of the Malaspina
expedition to and around the
shoal. It was reproduced in
the Atlas of the 1939
Philippine Census, which was
published in Manila a year
later and predates the
controversial 1947 Chinese
South China Sea Claim Map
that shows no Chinese name
on it. Another topographic
map drawn in 1820 shows
the shoal, named there as
constituent part of Sambalez
(Zambales province).
Like the Spratlys about
which I also wrote a few
weeks back, the People's
Republic of China and the
Republic of China (Taiwan)
claim that the shoal was first
discovered and drawn in a
map in the Yuan Dynasty as
early as 1279 and was
historically used by Chinese
fishermen. In 1279, Guo
surveying of the South China
Sea, and the surveying point
was reported to be the
Scarborough Shoal. In 1935,
China regarded the shoal as
part of the Zhongsha Islands.
In 1947, the shoal was given
the name Minzhu Jiao. In
1983, it was renamed
Huangyan Island with Minzhu
Jiao reserved as a second
The trouble with the
Chinese is that they are
laying claim on the basis of
proximity, and conveniently
forgetting the more recent
events that have happened
since the Yuans (a.k.a the
Mongols) conquered China.
The world order was different
then. By the 13th century,
China was an empire that
ruled much of this side of the
world. It forced surrounding
kingdoms (such as those of
Cambodia, and more) to pay
tribute to the empire, making
it a Sinocentric world order.
Things changed when the
Europeans came to Asia. The
Spanish arrived in the
colonial rule while the
Portuguese, the Dutch, the
British all had their share of
Southeast Asia. Even China
invasion. In fact, it suffered
the worst humiliation any
proud empire could ever
have experienced in the
hands of pre-20th century
European invaders. It was at
this time that the world order
shifted from Sinocentric to
The Philippines’ claim is
backed by more recent maps
drawn by our Spanish and
American colonizers. These
maps are still in existence
and show the disputed atoll,
without a doubt, as being part
of the Philippines. It was
known by different names at
different times in Philippine
history – Baja de Masinloc,
Panacot Shoal – but the land
mass is clearly what we now
know as Scarborough Shoal.
The point is, Chinese claims
on dynastic territories were
supplanted the moment the
Europeans claimed it as their
own. The Spaniards laid
claim to Scarborough Shoal
when they included it as a
part of their maps on the
Philippines. The Americans,
as well, included it in their
maps when they took over
from Spain.
But China has sternly
warned the Philippines to
take its government vessels
off Scarborough Shoal. How
pathetic is it that other
countries can do whatever
Philippines? Logically, the
Philippines has a firmer claim
to Scarborough Shoal as it is
just 220 km away from
China’s nearest coast is 840
km away from the disputed
So why does China insist
that Scarborough Shoal is
theirs? The answer is simple:
China thinks that it can bully
something that isn’t theirs. It
is, perhaps, with this same
mindset that North Korea has
ignored appeals by the
Philippine government to
reroute its missile launch a
few weeks ago, away from
Philippine airspace. Unlike
Japan and South Korea who
were prepared to shoot the
missile down once it intruded
into their airspaces, the
Philippines can only meekly
ask the North Koreans to
please, please have their
missile pass some other way.
And of course, the puny
request coming from a
weakling like the Philippines,
Philippines shoot down any
missile when it can not even
feed its hungry citizens?
I remember an ad many
years ago about a weakling
on the beach who cannot
complain when muscular
men kicked sand into his
face. Our beloved country is
like that weakling. It can only
tremble in front of a Goliath
like China. The Philippines
has been squeezed dry and
mismanaged not only by its
past colonizers but, more so,
by its own sons and
daughters. Truly, it has a
government “run like hell by
552 benefit….
Among the Lions who
arrived in Virac last April 25
were: President Lion Emma
Dumalag, PMJF; Lando
partner-inservice; Immediate Past
President Lion Melanio V.
Aquino, MJF, Lion Cathy
Aquino, MJF; Lion Rene
Punzalan, PMJF; Lion Jun
Mallari, MJF, Lion Annie
Mallari, MJF; Lion Teresita
Angos, PMJF, Lion Jocelyn
volunteers Almira Mae Dumalag,
Dominique Cruz, Romeo
Nuguid and Raquel Cabiles;
and, Antipolo Hosts Lions
Club Lion Beng Leyble,
Lion Rolly Leyble, Lion Mr.
Kim An, Lion Mrs. Kim An,
Lion Aida Mortell and Danny
From Virac airport, the
team was graciously welcomed for a breakfast at the
residence of former Vice
Governor Vincent Villaluna
and his mother Lina Villaluna. Opening formalities followed at the Lanai Area of
Catanduanes Eye Center
which formally introduced
the twenty (20) recipients of
the Free Cataract Surgery.
Recipients gave their testimonials
touched the Lions. Certificates of appreciation were
also presented to the Team
as well as the cooperating
Cataract surgeries were
which was witnessed by the
YMLC group. Patients underwent the latest state-ofthe-art cataract procedure
described as sutureless,
bloodless and under eye
drop anaesthesia. Distribution of free prescription eyeglasses to the pre-screened
patients immediately followed after lunch starting
from Viga, then to Panganiban and lastly to Bagamanoc. The team was accompanied by no less than
Mayor Abelardo Abundo of
Viga, Mayor Robert Fernandez of Panganiban and
from page 1
2,850 patients from remote
barangays of the three
towns, with some receiving
gifts from the visiting Lions.
The recipients of the free
cataract surgery were operated at the CEC by its medical director and ophthalmologist Dr. Joselito Urgel,
with the surgical and support team composed of
Christine Aguilar, RN, Maribel Olino, RN, Maristela
Ubalde, OA, Lourdes Eusebio-Barro, RPh, Mary
Joan Urgel, RMT, Jacky
Lou Gianan, Realyn Masagca and Merlita Tablizo.
Funds for the medicines,
supplies, intraocular lenses,
operating room fee and
other incidental expenses
were shouldered by the
YMLC while the professional fees were waived by Dr.
Urgel as part of the CEC’s
15th year anniversary of
service to Catanduanes and
its advocacy to give more to
those who have less.
Atty. Romulo P. Atencia
[email protected]
552 benefit/page 9
MAY 30, 2012
What secrets does the ESA hold?
What is there in the original Electricity Supply Agreement (ESA)
executed between the First Catanduanes Electric Cooperative, Inc.
(FICELCO) and the parent company of Catanduanes Power
Generation, Inc. (CPGI), Power One Corporation, that to this day,
not a soul outside the two companies as well as the Energy
Regulatory Commission has read it in full?
It is the ESA which CPGI President Joselito Abrogar quotes as
having a no-fault provision that he uses to claim that CPGI cannot
be sued to failing to deliver in full the contracted 22.6 million
kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.
Clause 13.2 of the unseen ESA reportedly provides that “no
failure or omission by a party to carry out or observe any of its
material obligations shall give rise to any claim by the other party,
or be deemed to be a breach of the agreement if the same shall be
cause or arise out of any circumstance beyond the reasonable
control of the part which effectively prevents it from performing its
obligations, including any other event, matter or thing.”
With the clause, CPGI in effect claims it had no control over the
ERC’s decision to approve a lower fuel heat rate, although the ERC
order provisionally approving the joint application of CPGI and
FICELCO squarely blames CPGI for not presenting actual data
covering the operation of the 3.6-megawatt bunker-fuel genset.
Now that Governor Joseph Cua, in the exercise of his
responsibility to safeguard the interests of his constituents, has
decided to take a closer look at the ESA and determine whether
either or both companies could be held liable for the power
interruptions that has made life on this paradise island a preview of
hell, the FICELCO management is taking pains to keep the contract
from public view.
According to a capitol source, when the governor formally asked
for a copy of the ESA, a cooperative official sent over two
documents. The papers, however, were not the real thing. Instead,
what the co-op factotum presented were a copy of the original
application with ERC and a separate copy of the ERC order
approving the application provisionally.
Why the bright boys at the co-op tried to put one over the
governor is beyond comprehension but they just pushed Cua’s
patience beyond its limits.
A primary reason could be this: the original ESA, signed on Nov.
15, 2003 between FICELCO’s then board president Bienvenido
Berjuega and Power One president Fernando Gonzaga, allegedly
has a confidentiality provision which prohibits both parties from
bringing it out to public view. This was indicated then to the
Tribune by one of Power One’s top officials the same day after the
deal was signed at Marinawa.
CPGI was formed by Power One as its project company and took
over Power One’s obligation of setting up generation facilities in an
Assignment and Assumption Agreement on Jan. 15, 2008, in a joint
venture with FLG Management and Development Corp. and Theta
Petroleum Corporation.
FLG is headed by GMA-7 majority stockholder , board chair and
CEO Felipe L. Gozon while Theta Petroleum is owned by his son-inlaw Joselito Abrogar, whose wife is president of GMA Films. This
bit of information explains why some lucky FICELCO directors are
able to recommend Catandunganons for jobs at the TV network.
The capitol should endeavour to secure copies of the original
ESA as well as the assignment agreement not from FICELCO,
which is apparently protecting its “staunch partner”, but from the
ERC where copies were supposedly submitted in January 2011.
If indeed the ESA carried a confidentiality provision, responsible
FICELCO officials who approved the same should face
administrative charges before the NEA for keeping the memberconsumers in the dark in violation of existing rules on
transparency of transactions in public utilities.
The Newspaper for Every Catandunganon
Publishes Every Wednesday
Editorial and Business Office at
Rawis, Virac, Catanduanes * Tel. No. 811-1267
Fax No. 811-1267
Legal Counsel
Web Master
Inside Page
Fernan A. Gianan
BFP official did not tell the truth
Abella was furious that
Marshall Rico Brizuela did
not tell the truth with the
regards to the fire truck that
was damaged during the
response to the fire that hit a
residential building in Rawis
last May 10.
During the Sangguniang
Bayan’s inquiry held the other
questioned the performance
of local firefighters, its
untimely response to the
incident just 100 meters
away, and, of course, the illfated fire truck. He said these
concerns should be properly
addressed as people’s lives
are at stake, recalling that it
took the firemen almost 30
minutes to respond to a fire in
In response, Insp. Brizuela
said no one reported to their
office, that when someone
did at 8:55 P.M. the BFP’s
two trucks were at the scene
in 10 minutes. His men
secured the occupants of the
house while he called for
assistance from Bato and
San Andres fire stations. He
claimed that the 32-year old
big fire truck was not able to
pump water as it overheated
while the fallen electrical wire
caused it to malfunction.
He added that his office
had already requested the
DILG for a new fire truck but
the latter replied that it had
limited funds to provide fire
trucks for every town.
The municipal council had
already agreed to pass a
resolution requesting DILG
for a new fire truck and
accessory equipment and
had already adjourned the
Councilor Abella with a
photograph of the fire scene
showing the BFP truck
already on fire while the
power line was still in place,
belying Brizuela’s claim.
A new company, Quovadis
Training Center, has set up
shot at the third floor of the
Constantino, Virac, aiming to
Catandunganons who wish to
work in the Business Process
Outsourcing (BPO) industry.
Managed by Genalyne
Piesewen and backed by a
board composed of people
with decades of actual
experience in the industry,
Quovadis had its soft opening
two weeks ago and intends to
provide two-week, 100-hour
training to an initial 15
students per class (morning
and afternoon) up to a
maximum of 50. Piesewen
said that at the end of each
batch, their partner BPOs in
representatives to Virac to
evaluate the graduates if they
are eligible to be hired as call
center agents.
Among the guests were
TESDACSCHI administrator Elpidio
Tuboro. It was at the
congressman’s office at the
Batasang Pambansa that
broached the idea of setting
up a BPO training school in
What is happening at the
Virac Water District, where a
known LWUA trouble shooter
in the person of interim GM
implementing reforms and
orienting personnel on how to
should have been done at
Isip-isipon ta
implementing a campaign to
root out more than a
thousand illegal connections
alongside plans to install a
deep well at San Isidro
Village to address lack of
subdivisions therein, and the
purchase of a genset to run
the deep well at CSC
brownouts as well as a tanker
within in the service area.
MOTHER. A young man was
supermarket to pick up a few
things when he noticed an
old lady following him around.
Thinking nothing of it, he
ignored her and continued
on. Finally he went to the
checkout line, but she got in
front of him.
"Pardon me," she said,
"I'm sorry if my staring at you
uncomfortable. It's just that
you look just like my son,
who just died recently."
"I'm very sorry," replied the
anything I can do for you?"
"Yes," she said, "As I'm
leaving, can you say 'Good
bye, Mother!' ? It would make
me feel so much better."
young man.
As the old woman was
leaving, he called out,
"Goodbye, Mother!"
As he stepped up to the
checkout counter, he saw
that his total was $127.50.
"How can that be?" he
asked, "I only purchased a
few things!"
"Your mother said that you
would pay for her," said the
Tang Tacio
Sadayon an pamadpad
Dacul na palan daa an mga
lisensyadong lumber dealer
dindi sa islang paraiso.
Segun sa mga chismoso
sa CENRO, inaprobaran daa
kan mga amo an lisensya
paratienda nin sinerotsong
kahoy na naubusan nin
stock, caya daa siyam na
naman sinda.
Ang nacamurong daa kung
pano an mga bag-ong luma
na ini nacacoa nin bag-ong
stock, na sa irarom kan
administrasyon ni Presidente
PNoy, bawal an Private Land
Timber Permit (PLTP).
Puedeng igua man nin
magayon na pariwanag si
CENRO sa bagay na ini.
Posibleng nacanagbo man
an mga dealer na ini nin
kabukidan o nanggana sa
bidding kan mga dinakupan
na kahoy, he! he! he!
nagsabi na baging sala man
na an saendang mga aqui
karuyon pa man na magenrol sa privadong review
macapasar sa entrance exam
nin sarong prestigiosong
escuelahan sa Virac.
namatidan kan mga aqui sa
dati nindang escuelahan,
pirmi nang pasar an mga ini
sa eksamin. Saro pa daa,
ngata daa ta an minatao pa
kan review class sarong
dating gakapot kan eksamin
sa nasabing escuelahan?
Dae na daa magmurongmurong an mga magurang, ta
siguradong pasado na an
saendang mga aqui huli ta an
gamit na test question sa
review, iyo man sana an
itatao sa aldaw kan eksamin,
he! he! he! Marinas man ini,
nacatabang na kamo sa
pagbuhay-buhay kan mga
nasa review school, dae na
kamo mahagas na tibaad
maglakpak si nonoy y nene,
he! he! he!
Sabi kan sarong retiradong
bumbero (bacong taga-Calle
Mabole), caipuhan man daa
an diit na harampangan sa
estasyon kung kinakaipuhan
iribahan kan mga personajes.
Segun sa saiya, dae
coordinasyon ngonian an
mga tawo sa Virac Fire
Station dahel sa sobrang
higpit kana mo. Dae niya
sinabi kung ngata grabe
magdisiplina mantang an
cadaclan kan mga joven
pang fireman ngonian sa
oficina, an guibo magtucawtucaw sa laog, mahayahay sa
electric fan habang gaheling
nin palabas sa libreng cable
An nangyari sa Rawis na
bumbero, senyal na kulang
an hengoha kan bag-ong
fireman na manteniron an
saendang equipaje y gamiton
an utak sa pagresponde. Iyo,
parainom daa sinda caidto
pero pag iguang sulo, toltol
Mag-ingat an mga tawo
ngonian sa mga aksidenteng
Dae pa sana naawat,
sarong nakipyesta sa San
Isidro Village an nahudonan
nin hinumhom na humba.
Sobra sigurong silam an
pacaluto caya dae na sinapa,
he! he! he! Harani na daa
makaabot sa emergency
room kan EBMC, mayad
nganing nakusit man diretso
an nacaolang na carne sa
harunan, he! he! he!
paraluto sa pyesta na sadaysadayan an pamadpad kan
humba y iba pang putahe,
dae pag-arogon an pidaso
kan caidtong Leon na kung
iitaas mo an tinuhog na
carne, dae mo na maheling
an kahampang mo. Kung
makunit na an laman,
magkahang nin cuchillo sa
lamesa tanganing dae man
masakitan an namyesta.
nagkabararian na babaye por
dahel sana sa kurtina. Nakahigh heels daa si madam y
gaapura magbaba sa tricycle
kan an halabang takong
makasabit sa gakod kan
kurtina nin tricycle. Dapat na
reparohon ini kan municipio,
ipagbawal an pagkahang nin
kurtina sa mga tricycle, total
baco man ining mga cuarto.
Sa duwang insidenteng ini,
iguang sarong bagay na
dapat tawan nin atensyon: an
sana an habungal nin
pagcaon, sa harong man o
sa funcion. Sabi ngani kan
mga dentist y nutritionist,
sapaon daa nin marinas an
gabos na kakaonon, afuera
na sana kung ini rinanot o
Dae man mahagas an mga
gaoficina kung sinda ma-leyt
sa time-in. Kasal-an ninda ta
dae nagmata nin amay. Dae
aksidente sa pilang minutong
leyt sa time card.
Sa gabos na lugar sa isla
nin brownout, an mga
masuwerte iyo an mga harani
sa Jollibee ta kung igua man
nin palsoc sa ilaw, pirang
minuto sana.
Dae na baleng magwalong
oras an brownout na tioson
kan iba, basta iguang ilaw sa
Jollibee ta herac man kan
mga parakaon nin burger
lalo na itong hale pa sa norte.
MAY 30, 2012
From the Office of
Provincial Board Member
Interes sa pautang ng VisionBank, bababa!
Sa nalalapit na mga buwan ay bababaan ang interes ng pautang sa VisionBank. Tiyak na
ito kung kaya nakikita itong isang napakalaking ginhawa para sa mga loyal na miyembro at
kliyente ng bangko.
Paano ito mangyayari?
Sa pinaka-payak na eksplinasyon, ang kasalukuyang pag-compute ng interes ay sa pamamagitan ng pagkuha ng flat rate.
Ang flat rate system ay kinukuha ang kabuuhan ng principal amount at interes na kadalasan
ay per annum. Kapag nakuha ang lahat ng perang kailangang bayaran, hinahati ito sa bilang
ng buwang repayment schedule ayon sa napagkasunduan, at doon hinahango ang karampatang bayaran kada buwan o kada linggo.
Kung kaya halimbawa ay P10,000 ang utang at ito'y may interes na 20% per annum, ang
kabuuang bayaran ay P12,000 (P10,000 principal + P2,000 interes). Kung ang repayment
schedule ay isang taon, ang babayaran kada buwan ay P1,000 (dahil P1,000 x 12 = P12,000).
Simple at praktikal.
Samantala, ang pagbaba ng interes ay sa pamamagitan ng pag-compute base sa diminishing balance.
Base na rin sa halimbawang ipinakita natin kanina, heto ang malaking diperensya:
Ang diminishing balance ay pumapataw ng interes hindi sa kabuuang bayaran kundi batay
sa balanse ng pagkakautang habang patuloy itong binabayaran.
Kung halimbawa sa P12,000 na bayaran, ang unang repayment ay P2,000, ang babasehan
ng interest rate sa susunod na buwan ay hindi na P12,000 kundi ang balanse nang P10,000.
Samakatuwid, sa susunod na bayaran, halimbawa P2,000 na naman, ang interest rate na
babasehan ay hindi na P10,000 kundi P8,000 na siyang balanse pagkaraan ng dalawang buwan.
Kaya habang lumiliit ang balanse sa utang, mas lumiliit din ang interes na binabayaran.
Sa pangkalahatan ay tinatayang mas makakatipid ang mga miyembro at kliyente ng higit
40% sa kanilang bayaran base sa kasalukuyang sistema.
"Di ba napakalaking regalo ito para sa mga tumatangkilik sa VisionBank?
Ipapaalam ng bangko ang umpisa ng bagong sistema sa mga susunod na buwan.
Mga foreclosed properties ng VisionBank, ibinibenta na
Maaaring sumangguni sa VisionBank sa Bato o 'di kaya'y sa Other Banking Office (OBO)
nito sa Virac kung nais niyong tumingin ng mga real estate properties na magaganda ang presyo.
May mga ilang properties ang VisionBank galing sa mga foreclosed accounts nito, at ito'y
bukas na para sa mga gustong mag-shopping ng lupain.
Medical at Dental Mission ng ARDCI sa Bulan/Matnog Sorsogon, kasado na
Tiyak na ang planong medical at dental mission ng ARDCI na gaganapin sa Bulan/Matnog,
Sorsogon sa darating na ika-30 ng Hunyo 2012.
Halos isang libong pamilya ang planong maabot ng mission na ito, kung saan libreng ibibigay ang medical check-up, pabunot ng ngipin, at mga kailangang gamot.
Pagkatapos sa Sorsogon ay ikakasa rin ang parehas na mission sa Albay at Camarines
Ang medical at Dental Mission ay siguradong magiging tatak ng 'katuwang sa kabuhayan"
sa mga darating na panahon.
Catanduanes Chapter
says “THANK YOU!!!” to the volunteer blood donors who
helped save lives of their fellow men over the years…
2011 Blood Donors
Paul Laurence A. Deuda
Alvin V. Francisco
Harmon Joe. D. Medrana
Jhun August F. Abejero
Jeffrey T. Sumulat
Lito I. De Quiroz
Jay Ar B. Laurenciana
John Carlo T. Tejada
Angie A. Villanueva
Manuel V. Asuncion Jr.
Giovanni O. Arcilla
Akim R. Padayao
Jessica A. De Vera
Joseph B. Saldua
Ryan S. Santelices
Romeo A. Villegas
John Rolandp M. Vergara
Mark T. Delos Reyes
Marl John Pancho
Jose Rex A. Quintal
Desiree A. Aguilar
Andreo C. Sorra
Rodel L. Canada
Dandy T. Evangelista
Jerry Mikko T. Sidlacan
Jonathan C. Lopez
Alexander T. Grienzo
Jose A. Cruz Jr.
Jesus C. Masagca
Marl Anthony M. Socao
Jeffrey M. Elnar
Lhoriel D. Tebelin
Raquel P. Bernal
Zosimo D.R. Bien Jr.
Kevin T. Padua
Rosalyn O. Nepomuceno
Cristian Nikko Q. Tanael
Ivan M. Estillore
Tessalonica S. Liggay
Juvelyn C. Gallora
Leslie S. Delos Reyes
Mark Anthony C. Camacho
Julius L. Bermejo
Emma V. Tabirara
Arnel T. Alcantara
Robert D. Teodones
Mark T. Maloque
Daniel E. Cabrera
Lauro C. Consuelo
Terumi S. Terumasa
Baldemino A. Tugano
Jennifer D. Tabilog
Roel S. Manlangit
Harold Kim P. Faner
John Carlo V. Segismundo
Genesis Mary T. Fernandez
Al John A. Somido
Katrina A. Cabrera
Marvin B. De Vera
Edwin D. Soriao
Aimee G. Teope
Jerry T. Matienzo
Rolvin C. Romero
Bea T. Cruz
Emmanuel Antonio Raquid
Michael Vargas
Edessa Aira D.M. Sarmiento
Donna B. Panti
Amie Monica P. Correo
Pedro C. Ibayan Jr.
Martin Philip T. Alcantara
Diogenes D. L. Camacho
Randy P. Fernandez
Judel M. Bonavente
Mark Colin S. Olet
Darwin S. Solo
Rhey Vincent Namay
Jayson B. Gianan
Rowel A. Havana
Melvin B. Conche
Julius Z. Abundo
Michael Adrian C. Soriao
Leah T. Aquilar
Ronnie D.R. Dalipe
Renato T. Rodriquez
Leroy B. Marino
Mark Ronald Suaiso
Michael M. Arcilla
Joemarie Y. Concepcion
Jairo T. Molina
Fredilino R. Olfindo Jr.
Jonathan A. Tolentino
Jordan Sorreda
Rana Ly. I Arcilla
Joan M.Rubia
Jonathan S. Publico
Rogelio R. Publico
Katheen R. Panti
Rex T. Quintal
Edgar Emerson A. Galapcio
Edgar P. Vengado
Gensen S. Mahilum
Sandy T. Tuplano
Ryan Jay A. Pantila
Alip Anthony A. Abundo
Janice A. Sarmiento
Maricis B. Portades
Jansen S. Vargas
Albert T. Ogalinola
Ma. Wenlilyn V. Molina
Ryan F. Presentation
(to be continued)
Roa A. Regina
Jessica D. Molina
Arvin C. Escarda
Joel S. Manlangit
Aldrin T. Rodriquez
Ray Bryan V. Tesorero
Felmar B. Sapico
Grace T. Valeza
Loreto S. Sales
Emerson B. IIlagas
Christian B. Botabara
Dan T. Joson
Raymund G. Cerventes
Donald J. Matienzo
Christine Joy C. Gonzales
Joewi Ariate
Exequiel Juvenal Mariano V
Christian S. Claudio
Francis Cleo B. Benavidez
Joseph M. Magdaraog
Abdullah T. Nietes
Leonardo V. Rioja
Joven A. Cantes
Rommelyn M. Bonec
Christine U. Valeza
Mark Rainer L. Tabo
Perfecto T. Tapayanan
Kenneth A. Rodulfo
Ma. Annelie R. Tabilin
Jessica C. Sanchez
Ramon Chris J. Bernal
Honesto T. Leonardo Jr.
Lester Chris T. Vistal
Vincent Gray S. Rodriquez
Jhemar T. Dimalanta
Jennifer D. Panique
Rachelle Mae V. Sy
Maria Luvly S. Sumalde
Harold Bennedick Camacho
Mark Anthony S. Folres
John Mark T. Tesorero
Johnson M. Turado
Joemark T. Tria
Andrew V. Tarrago
Jefmoore B. Ogalesco
Mark T. Delos Reyes
John Patrick A. Tulay
Manolo D. Bruzula
Rochelle T. Tabo
John Asther B. Tablizo
Mathew T. Rodriquez
Amado D. Adonis
Lester T. Traquena
Rowena Torcuator
Lea T. Torrecampo
Noelito D. Bernardino
Kapwa ko Catandunganon:
Panahon na para ihayag an simbolo nin satong tunay asin lipotok na
pagka-Catandunganon. Nin huli kaini, hagad ko an saindong suwestyon asin
partisipasyon sa paagi nin pag-tsek ( ) asin pagtao nin linaw o rason sa mga
simbolo na nakasurat sa ibaba. An Konsultasyon na ini, katakod sa Kodigo
Administratibo “Provincial Administrative Code of 2012” na sakong sinosolong
sa Junta Provincia.
( ) An Samuyang Isla ( ) Catanduanes Beloved ( ) Islang Catandungan
( ) Inang Catandungan ( ) Isles of the Eastern Seas
( ) Catanduanes Inang Bayan ( ) Catandungan ang Aming Bayan
( ) Catandungan ( ) Iba pa ________________
Rason: ________________________________________________
( ) Catandungan Inang Bayan ( ) Catandungan Inang Mahal ( ) Islang
Catandungan ( ) Catandungan Aming Bayan ( ) Iba pa
Rason: ________________________________________________
( ) Perfecto Francisco ( ) Iba pa ___________________
Rason: ________________________________________________
( ) Juan Alberto ( ) Jose Alberto ( ) Salvador Rodulfo ( ) Leon Reyes
( ) Jose Vera ( ) Iba pa ___________________
Rason: ________________________________________________
( ) Salvador Rodulfo ( ) Iba pa ___________________
Rason: ________________________________________________
( ) Pantomina ( ) Iba pa ___________________
Rason: ________________________________________________
( ) Pili ( ) Molave ( ) Narra ( ) Ipil-ipil ( ) Acacia
( ) Coconut ( ) Tanguid ( ) Iba pa ___________________
Rason: ________________________________________________
( ) Abaca ( ) Sugbo ( ) Iba pa ___________________
Rason: ________________________________________________
( ) Ilang-ilang (Tangid) ( ) Rosal ( ) Santal ( ) Gumamela (Kayanga)
( ) Camia ( ) Orchids ( ) Torch Ginger ( ) Iba pa ________________
Rason: ___________________________________________________________
( ) Tikling ( ) Swift (Sarimbaba) ( ) Kuro-kuro ( ) Parrot ( ) Kulasisi
( ) Duck ( ) Didit ( ) Orioles ( ) Alinsyaw ( ) Iba pa
Rason: ________________________________________________
( ) Guava (Bayawas) ( ) Langka ( ) Igot ( ) Banana ( ) Pili Nut
( ) Indian Mango ( ) Aratiles ( ) Iba pa ___________________
Rason: ___________________________________________________________
( ) Lemon Grass (Tanglad)
( ) Sili
( ) Lazona
( ) Iba pa
Rason: __________________________________________________________
( ) Luyang Cave ( ) Mt. Cagmasoso ( ) Taguntong Point ( ) Bato
Church ( ) Batalay Shrine ( ) Twin Rock ( ) Cabatuan ( ) Ilihan
( ) Juan M. Alberto Monument ( ) Boto ni Kurakog ( ) Iba pa _________
Rason: ___________________________________________________________
( ) Siatong ( ) Bingkay ( ) Patintero ( ) Iba pa ________________
( ) Turay ( ) Cabunbon ( ) Iba pa ________________
Rason: __________________________________________________________
( ) Bagyo
( ) Baha
( ) Tilis
( ) Iba pa ________________
Rason: __________________________________________________________
( ) Tilmok
( ) Latik (sweetened)
( ) Kuyog (salty)
( ) Kaluko
( ) Iba pa ________________
Rason: __________________________________________________________
( ) Tuba
( ) Paog
( ) Iba pa ________________
Rason: ___________________________________________________________
( ) Jose “Peping” Tablizo
( ) Iba pa ________________
Rason: ___________________________________________________________
( ) Teatro Banhi
( ) Iba pa ________________
Rason: ___________________________________________________________
Para sa saindong suwestyon, komentaryo, asin partisipasyon mag- apod sa
CP No. 09123178235 o direktang mag email sa [email protected]
Provincial Board Member
Proponent, Provincial Administrative
Code of 2012
MAY 16, 2012
MAY 30, 2012
CCHI honors….
from page 1
Frisco “Pay” Borja, 72,
music man and comedian
who finished high school at
30 and delivered singing
telegrams for PT&T, sustained his family’s needs as
member of the famed band
of Maestro Teodulo Publico,
with a son now following in
Fortunato “Tang Tatoy”
Brizo, 86,
tiger grass
(sugbo/lasa) farmer and
incumbent barangay captain of Hitoma, Caramoran,
saw six of eight children
through college through his
earnings from soft brooms
and believes the industry
needs marketing assistance
from the government;
Gonzales, 91, alto saxophonist and flute player for the
past 77 years who began
learning at the feet of the
great Publico at age 15, is
still active playing in novenarios;
Floro “Tang Poling” Padayao, 77, abaca stripper
(para-hagot) for the past 62
years, had to work at the
same time as carpenter at
first during the years before
World War II as abaca was
sold for only three centavos
a kilo;
Noel “Noli” Rodrigueza,
68, stage and fashion designer, was caught by his
Grade IV teacher sketching
clothes instead of writing
lesson notes and parlayed
his talent for fashion into
fame in Manila and Virac;
Concesa “Ma’am Connie”
Molina-Rojas, 68, arts and
music teacher who became
a director/composer at 23,
producing works such as
Himno Ning Municipio ning
Bato, Mutya ng Bato,
among others;
Adelaida Tablada-Samar,
87, nipa shingle maker
{para ticlad) who has been
engaged in the trade since
1939 when she was 14 in
Palnab, Virac, and together
with her husband provided
for their family of 12 children, seven of whom
earned a college degree;
Gregorio “Tang Goyeto”
Sarmiento, 81, Virac musician-teacher
passed on a tradition of
singing and playing music
to his eight children with
wife Mencita, also learned
to master the violin under
the baton of Maestro Teodulo Publico;
Maria “Nang Angge” Rodriguez-Teleb, 84, hammock weaver (para gibong
duyan) from Cabugao, Bato
whose sense of pride in her
heritage continues to keep
it alive for 71 years now;
Romualdo “Tang Naldo”
Trinidad, 72, fisherman
(para sira) earned his keep
for 47 years before poor
health stopped him from
going to sea and now finds
contentment in selling fish
caught by his two sons;
Zoila “Nang Zoila” Vargas-Valeza,
Gogon, Virac who has been
leading novenarios and
padasal for 54 years now,
hopes praying together will
live on in the next generations; and,
Nelia “Tia Nelia” MolinaVargas, 79, a singer who
before she turned 29 began
“veladas,” and the “toki”, a
folk theatre interpretation of
the search for the Holy
Cross by St. Helena, is also
called upon to administer
the last rites for a dying
A non-stock, non-profit
and non-government organization founded by Prof.
SarmientoPlacides, CCHI aims to
build confidence, develop
talents and build up Catandungan Heritage awareness to develop the people’s appreciation and re-
Aluminum/Glass Supply, Aluminum
Screen Door and Window,
Ornamental Live Fish
Rizal Avenue, San Juan, Virac
552 benefit….
Man sued….
Mayor Odilon Pascua of
activities were finally held at
one of the finest beaches in
The success of this medical-ophthalmic mission motivated the YMLC group to
signify their pledge to continue the program on a
yearly basis to address the
indigent sector of the community targeting the towns
of Panganiban and Bagamanoc from where Lions
organizers hail.
haemorrhaging on the head
but managed to survive due
to early medical intervention.
In his counter-affidavit,
Eric denied the allegations
and claimed that it was
Trinidad who hit him with a
piece of bamboo. His father
Jerry also claimed that he
was told that somebody had
hit his son and that he only
hit Trinidad in the hope of
saving his son from further
injuries or certain death.
Abion cited Jerry’s admission that he indeed hit
Trinidad in finding probable
cause against him, but the
charge against Eric and
Masagca was dismissed as
there was no direct evidence showing that the duo
participated in inflicting injuries on Trinidad.
from page 1
200 J. Luna St., Calatagan, Virac
Official Receipts
Office Forms
Raffle Tickets
Souvenir Programs
Prescription Pads
ID cards
Call or Text:
spect for themselves as a
person and uphold their
sense of dignity and national pride.
The CCHI Board of Trustees is composed of Dr.
Gloria Tabuzo, chairperson,
Dr. Estrella Placides, CEO,
Ma. Belma Escueta, secretary, Anelyn Gianan, treasurer, and, Atty. Susan
Panti-Olarte, Carmel Bonifacio-Garcia, Ma. Inviolata
AvilaBagadiong, and Rosemarie
Zafe, members.
Aside from Placides and
Gianan, the other founding
members are Ma. Nelita
Masagca-Panti and David
(052) 811-1208
Notice is hereby given that an Extra-Judicial Settlement of Real
Estate with Sale has been executed by the heirs of the late Paula
Tanael Lizaso, namely: Lydia Lizaso Roldan of Dasmariñas, Cavite;
Arceli Lizaso Bautista of Aurora Bldv., Pasay City; Tolanda Lizaso
Villanueva of Capilihan, Virac, Catanduanes, and Juan Lizaso of Baras, Catanduanesm all of legal age, over a parcel of rice land at
Nagbarorong, Baras, Catanduanes, designated as Lot No. 769 and
containing an area of 3,094 sq. meters, covered by ARP No. 2009-02011-0174, adjudicating said property among themselves equally and
thence selling and transferring the same in favor of MARIA J. TEVES,
per deed executed before Notary Public Bruno S. Cabrera, per Doc.
No. 23; Book No. 46; Page No. 80; Series of 2010.
The Catanduanes Tribune
May 30, June 6 and 13, 2012
Notice is hereby given that an Extra-Judicial Settlement of Real
Estate Among Heirs with Waiver has been executed by the heirs of
the late Leandro I. Crispino, namely: Ma. Kristine Rhem T. Crispino,
Ma. Sionne May T. Crispino, Maria April T. Crispino, Ma. Kathleen
Sandy T. Crispino, all of legal age, and Leandro T. Crispino Jr., 17
years old, all of Moonwalk, Calatagan, Virac, Catanduanes, over a
parcel of land with a house erected thereon at Moonwalk, Calatagan,
Virac, Catanduanes, designated as Lot No. 10724-D and containing
an area of 170 sq. meters, covered by TCT No. 5251, adjudicating
said property among themselves share and share alike, and thence
waiving their shares and rights therein in favor of co-heir REMEDIOS
T. CRISPINO, per deed executed before Notary Public Alfred M. Aquino, per Doc. No. 376; Page No. 77; Book No. 310; Series of 2012.
The Catanduanes Tribune
May 16, 23 and 30, 2012
from page 10
concesa molina rojas
An paglingkod sa banwaan
Sarong banal na pangapodan
Na an tugon nin Kagurangnan
Dapat sundon, igalang.
An orgollong mga tradisyon,
An nobleng kasaysayan
Kayamanang giya
Sa paglingkod nin marhay.
Catanduanes Serbihan
Nin serbisyong masasarigan
Maka-Dios, maka-tawo,
Otobon marhay na kamawotan,
Papangyarihon an katanosan,
Maglakaw sa tamang dalan,
Pauswagon Inang Catandungan.
24 hours service
with car wash and
battery charging
Madya! Maglingkod na tunay
An sadiri idusay,
Katunayan kan sa kapwa
Pagmalasakit, asin pagkamoot.
An pamanang katubigan,
Daga, langit, kabukidan
Boronyog na atamanon,
Maogmang bantayan.
Catanduanes Serbihan!
San Isidro Village, Virac
Banas Building,San Miguel
Notice is hereby given that an Extra-Judicial Settlement of the Intestate Estate of Aurora A. Tablizo with Waiver has been executed by
the heirs of the late Aurora A. Tablizo, namely: Heirs of Romeo A.
Tablizo represented by Sylvia S. Tablizo, Mildred T. Borromeo, and
Heirs of Ferdinand A. Tablizo represented by Angelina San Andres
Tablizo, all of legal age and residents of Naga City, over a parcel of
agricultural land land at Palawig, San Andres, Catanduanes, designated as Lot No. 194 and containing an area of 26,531 sq. meters, covered by OCT No. 4983, adjudicating said property in equal shares,
with the co-heirs waiving and renouncing their rights therein in favor of
MILDRED T. BORROMEO, per deed executed before Notary Public
Maico Julia Jr., per Doc. No. 465; Page No. 73; Book No. 268; Series
of 2012.
Notice is hereby given that an Extra-Judicial Settlement Among
Heirs with Special Power of Attorney has been executed by the heirs
of the late Abelardo T. Tablo, namely: Ma. Luisa P. Tablo, Ma. Linda
P. Tablo, Abelardo P. Tablo Jr. and Ma. Jenebel P. Tablo, all of legal
age and residents of Sta. Elena, Virac, Catanduanes, over property
and savings accounts as follows: one (1) parcel of land and house at
Sta. Elena, Virac, Catanduanes, designated as Lot No. 1417 and
containing an area of 109 sq. meters; Savings Account deposit with
the Land Bank of the Philippines, Virac Branch, under Savings Account No. 0891-1111-93; Savings Account deposit with the Philippine
National Bank, Virac Branch, under Savings Account No.
351950200014; and, Savings Account deposit with Banco de Oro
Universal Bank, Virac Branch, under Savings Account No.
6030002774, adjudicating said property and bank deposits among
themselves share and share alike, with Ma. Luisa P. Tablo and Ma,
Linda P. Tablo appointing co-heirs Abelardo P. Tablo Jr. and Ma.
Jenebel P. Tablo as attorneys-in-fact in the withdrawal of said bank
deposits, per deed executed before Notary Public Alfred M. Aquino,
per Doc. No. 55; Page No. 12; Book No. 312; Series of 2012.
The Catanduanes Tribune
May 30, June 6 and 13, 2012
Calatagan, Virac,
“All the best shows
are on cable TV”
Remegio Villaluna
Pls. Contact
Notice is hereby given that an Extra-Judicial Settlement of Real
Estate has been executed by the heirs of the late Asuncion S. Lumbao, namely: Hrs. of Honesto S. Lumbao represented by Remedios
M. Lumbao of Makati City; Avenido S. Lumbao of Makati City; Josefina L. Soleybar of Muntinlupa City; Mida L. Tabuzo of San Pablo,
Virac, Catanduanes; Corazon L. Aricaya of Pandacan, Metro Manila;
and. Rene S. Lumbao of San Isidro Village, Virac, Catanduanes, all of
legal age, over a parcel of land at San Juan (San Pablo Block), Virac,
Catanduanes, designated as Lot No. 198 and with an area of 95 sq.
meters, under ARP No. 031-0076, adjudicating said property in favor
of MIDA L. TABUZO, per deed executed before Alfred M. Aquino, per
Doc. No. 8; Page No. 3; Book No. 306; Series of 2012.
The Catanduanes Tribune
May 23, 30 and June 6, 2012
Native Delicacies
Notice is hereby given that an Extra-Judicial Settlement of Real
Estate Among Heirs with Sale has been executed by the heirs of the
late Teofila de Marquez, namely: Roque U. Marquez, Marita M. Gianan, Jaime U. Marquez, Conrado U. Marquez, and Fortunato U.
Marquez, all of legal age and residents of Calatagan Tibang, Virac,
Catanduanes, over a parcel of land at Calatagan, Virac, Catanduanes,
designated as Lot No. 4261 and containing an area of 1,192 sq. meters, covered by OCT No. 2633, adjudicating said property in equal
shares and thence selling and transferring a portion of 146 sq. meters
representing the share of Jaime U. Marquez in favor of ELSA T.
OLORES, per deed executed before Notary Public Fredeswindo A.
Gianan, Jr., per Doc. No. 396; Page No. 81; Book No. 48; Series of
Notice is hereby given that an Extra-Judicial Settlement of Real
Estate Among Heirs with Sale has been executed by the heirs of the
late Linda G. Molod, namely: Juan G. Molod Jr. of Gogon Tiad, Virac,
Catanduanes, and Romeo G. Molod Sr. of Sta. Elena, Virac,
Catanduanes, both of legal age, over a parcel of land at Sta. Elena,
Virac, Catanduanes, designated as Lot No. 3220 and containing an
area of 113 sq. meters, declared under ARP No. 037-0910, adjudicating said property among themselves share and share alike and thence
selling and transferring the same in favor of Sps. LUIS ABUNDO, JR.
and MILA NABOR-ABUNDO, per deed executed before Notary Public Alfred M. Aquino, per Doc. No. 152; Page No. 32; Book No. 311;
Series of 2012.
The Catanduanes Tribune
May 16, 23 and 30, 2012
The Catanduanes Tribune
May 16, 23 and 30, 2012
SPEC. PROC. NO. 1436
-versus -
The Catanduanes Tribune
May 30, June 6 and 13, 2012
Republic of the Philippines
Judicial Region 5
Virac, Catanduanes
This is a verified petition filed
by petitioner, LOYALITA O.
MONJARDIN, through counsel,
praying that after due notice,
publication and hearing, the
Honorable Court orders the
correction in the entry of the
record of birth of petitioner in the
Office of Municipal Civil Registrar
Catanduanes, and in the Office
of the Civil Registrar-General to
the effect that her birthdate be
corrected from December 7,
1949 to December 7, 1945.
Finding the petition to be
sufficient in form and substance,
this Court hereby sets for initial
hearing the aforementioned
petition on JUNE 18, 2012 at
8:30 o’clock in the morning,
before this Court sitting at the
Catanduanes and directs that a
copy of this Order be published
at the expense of the petitioner
in a newspaper of general circulation in the province, once a
week for three (3) consecutive
weeks. All persons opposed to
the petition may file their opposition on or before the date of
hearing before this Court, to
show cause, if any, why the
aforesaid petition shall not be
Let a copy of this Order together with the petition be furnished the Office of the Local
Civil Registrar, San Andres,
Catanduanes and the Office of
the Civil Registrar-General,
Virac, Catanduanes, May 8,
Presiding Judge
The Catanduanes Tribune
MAY 30, 2012
Man sued for mauling tanod Virac farmer
during X’mas party in Tokio stabbed dead
A criminal charge for
frustrated homicide has
been filed against a resident of barangay Tokio in
Pandan town for allegedly
hitting a “tanod” during a
Christmas party last December 2011.
Eugenio Abion recommended a bail of P24,000.00 for
the temporary liberty of Jerry Ternida of barangay
Wagdas, after he found
probable cause to charge
the latter for the assault on
barangay kagawad Carmelo Trinidad at the Tokio
plaza on Dec, 23, 2011.
Records filed at the Regional Trial Court state that
at 11 P.M. of said day, Trinidad and his wife were attending the Christmas party
when Jerry’s son Eric creat-
ed trouble outside the plaza. Being a barangay official, Trinidad tried to pacify
Eric but his father Jerry appeared armed with a steel
pipe and a bolo, saying,
“Kung sino yo ma-aksyon,
iso yo kalaban ninyo akong
Jerry then went to Trinidad and hit his head with
the steel pipe, causing the
official to fall to the ground
unconscious. Jerry continued to batter Trinidad while
Eric and companion Zandro
Masagca were watching.
Afterwards, Jerry and his
son boarded a motorcycle
driven by Masagca and
went towards Wagdas. The
victim sustained contusions,
hematoma and
Man sued/page 7
By Florencio A. Garcia
(Third of a Series)
Total Fertility Rate: (TFR)
Total Fertility Rate is the number of babies each
woman of child-bearing age will bear in her lifetime. The
minimum TFR that a country must have in order that it is
able to replace its population is 2.1. A country that has less
than 2.1 TFR means that its population will be growing older and older. This situation will result in a great stress to the
economy of the country and its eventual collapse if no drastic remedial measure is applied.
In 2009 the average TFR of the entire world is
2.52. The highest TFR is that of Niger at 7.07 The Philippines is ranked 65 from the highest at 3.03. The four states
with the lowest TFRs are South Korea at 1.28, Singapore at
1.22, Hong Kong at 1.04 and Macau at 0.97. Out of 197
countries listed, 81 are below TFR 2.1. (Source: United Nations World Population Prospects)
Interesting to note is the case of China which is
ranked 150 in the above list with a TFR of 1.77. China
which implemented its one-child policy is now experiencing
an imbalance of male-female population. There are more
males than females because the Chinese prefer male children and because they are allowed only one child per family, this population imbalance resulted. Many men find it
The RH Bill…./page 7
A 48-year old farmer was
declared dead on arrival at
the provincial hospital the
other Sunday after he was
stabbed in the street in
Buyo, Virac.
The police said that a
certain Pedro Panti, 74,
also a farmer, was armed
“supnit” (knife used in stripping abaca fiber) when he
attacked the victim, Mariano
Tabuzo, 48, at 3 P.M. of
May 20 while the latter was
sitting on a chair just outside his residence. Prior to
the assault, a heated argument had erupted between
the two men due to an old
grudge. Tabuzo sustained
multiple stab and hack
Panti was turned over by
the barangay captain to the
detachment commander of
the Civilian Active Auxiliary
(CAA), which in turn handed him over to the Virac
In barangay Panay, Panganiban town, policemen
led by PO3 Ronnie Agawin
arrested Ramon Castro, 56,
in connection with a warrant
issued by MCTC Panganiban-Viga-Bagamanoc
Judge Ave Zurbito Alba for
the crime of two counts of
attempted homicide.
Meanwhile, the police
confiscated 36 pieces of
illegally-cut lumber in Baras
and Bagamanoc last week.
Inspector Rogelio Hernandez Jr. and his men
recovered 16 pieces of
sawn “lanitga” lumber with
an estimated volume of 212
board feet reportedly abandoned at barangay Batolinao May 21.
In Bagamanoc, lawmen
led by Inspector Ignacio
Bona came upon 20 pieces
of “apnit” sawn lumber allegedly abandoned at the
seashore of sitio Kuriwanan, barangay San Rafael on the same day.
OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) led by PARO
Alex Teves turn out for a photo op with Cong. Roman Romulo and Councilor Shalani Soledad-Romulo, whom they welcomed with a hearty snack Thursday morning.
PUNTA DEL MAR Beach Resort
Agojo, San Andres, Catanduanes
From the magnificent view of Mayon volcano and amazing sunsets to
refreshing swims in clean waters, relax and enjoy the atmosphere at
Agojo point, just 10 minutes away from San Andres poblacion.
Take advantage of the free entrance promo this summer and frolic at
the beach using inflatable water sports gear and rental boats.
For reservations, text or call 09172483809 (Monching) or
Printed by: Tri-Star Press, Calatagan, Virac, Catanduanes
A BOOST FOR LAWN TENNIS. A sports development project supported by Cong. CS, the
2nd Lawn Tennis Summer Clinic held at DPWH tennis court May 8-25, had 52 participants
this year, nearly double the 30 who joined the previous edition. This shows a growing enthusiasm among parents and youths in the sporting event, which instills the importance of
healthy lifestyle and discipline.
2 flee rape,
Two persons have apparently gone to undisclosed
locations after being separately charged with seduction and rape before the
Provincial Prosecution Office, which filed the cases
before the Regional Trial
Court recently.
Deputy Provincial Prosecutor Rizalina Tanon recommended the filing of the
information for rape against
Desuyo, who was a resident of Capilihan, Virac
before he went on the lam.
Bail for his provisional liberty was recommended at
According to the resolution, the four-year old victim
was watching her two brother catch fish when Desuyo,
whom she called “Gurang”,
sat beside her. He then
placed her arm on her
shoulders, touched and
inserted his finger into her
private part, an incident
witnessed by her two playmates. He stopped only
when her two brothers finished catching fish. The
victim said she felt pain and
her private part bled.
Her parents learned of
the incident from her brother as well as her two playmates, who confirmed what
the victim said. The police
arrested Desuyo, who was
positively identified by the
girl at the police station.
Meanwhile, an 18-year
old resident of Mayngaway,
San Andres is facing a
criminal charge for seduction of minor after a 15-year
old girl admitted having sexual intercourse with him last
January. The duo had become sweethearts on Dec.
8, 2011, three days after
exchanging text messages.
The complaint stated that
on Jan. 24, 2012, Mary Ann
(not her real name) asked
permission from her mother
to go to her classmate. The
girl instead met her boyfriend, Arjay Bereso, near
the church. They went to
Yocti, where they attended
the wake for his dead relative. At 10 P.M., he asked
her to go out to buy softdrinks but the store was
already closed. He brought
her to an abandoned house
where they had sexual congress. The girl came home
in the afternoon of the following day.
During investigation by
the police, Mary Ann said
she was not forced to have
sexual intercourse with Arjay because she trusted him
and that he told her he
would be liable for whatever
Based on the evidence,
efren ETASOR sorra
atang piga silingútan kang pinangudtuhan
cosidong lapu-lapung garatap sa katabâan;
sinabuyakan ning grabing kalunggay –
lataw su alsum ning limun: dangan
pinilsîan ning magkapilang siling sil-it.
biglang nag brown-out!
kung mauyam lalong iinitan;
kaya, nagpaiwas sa luwas.
tindihón ko baga su duyan
sa rimpoy ning marambong na kahoy,
hayahay ang buhay.
nakisawsaw lugod su mga kiyaw;
átong huruni sagcod paragô, kuru-kuru,
maski su mga sisakit-iliyong-panit.
sa paturutabyun kang duyan
pagmate ko ako si juan
ga harat na matakdag ang aldaw
sa kimot ning paháng dagâ.
*N.B. Ang L o R na igwang underline sabihon tabi sa dilang Viracnon.
2.7 kg, 5 kg. 11 kg, 22 kg at 50 kg.
Rizal Avenue, San Jose, Virac
Bereso cannot be indicted
for rape. However, she
said, there is probable
cause against the respondent for the crime of seduction, which refers to enticing
a minor of good reputation
and over 12 and under 18
years of age to unlawful
sexual intercourse by promise of marriage or other
means of persuasion without use of force.

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