Ángel Domínguez Translator, DTP expert


Ángel Domínguez Translator, DTP expert
Ángel Domínguez ❧ Translator, DTP expert
English > Spanish
+34 655 382 981 · [email protected]
General info
Mother tongue: European Spanish (Castilian)
Main language combination: English to Spanish
Profiles & endorsements: Proz, LinkedIn
Special skills
Good writing skills.
Web design; HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Flash.
• Knowledge of both Mac OS X and Windows, DTP &
design software. Experience composing and
recording music.
Certification & Education
Areas of expertise
Pro audio, musical instruments, DJing.
Advertising, marketing, transcreation.
• Software, IT, audio/video, technology, astronomy.
• Graphic design, web design, graphic arts, fine arts.
• Journalism, politics, essay.
Available software
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, (Apple) Pages, Numbers, Keynote.
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Professional, etc.
• Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, SampleTank 3, etc.
* Other software packages or specific file formats—
please inquire. •
DipTrans English > Spanish, Chartered Institute of Linguistics.
2009: Diploma in Subtitling, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.
2006–2007: Degree in English, Escuela Oficial de Idiomas.
1999–2002: Degree in Graphic Design, Almería School of Art.
1995–1998: up to 2nd year of Computer Systems Engineering, University of Almería.
Project highlights
Software Localization
iOS, OS X, Android & Windows apps Over 100 apps translated: Pocket / Dots /
Instapaper / Things / digg /Camera+ / etc…
Pro Audio / Musical Instruments / DJing
Fender / Native Instruments
Marketing materials, website localization,
newsletters, video subtitling.
Advertising: TV, print, online
Google, Nintendo, Mattel, EA, Ford, IBM
• TV commercials with transcreation of lyrics.
• Subtitling, translation of voiceovers.
• Transcription of slogans & taglines.
Last updated: November 2014
Design / corporate identity / advertising
Editorial Gustavo Gili
Translation of books on design & advertising:
• Art Directing Projects for Print
• Symbol
Marketing & Advertising
Relevant Experience
Pro Audio, Musical Instruments, DJing
Fender. Translation of articles and product sheets for issue
#1 of Fender Magazine.
Native Instruments. Translation & transcreation: website
content, newsletters, video subtitling, software update
Estudio Albanta (Lorca, Spain). Technological consulting,
translation of audio gear manuals.
Music Composition. Jingles for local TV stations, amateur
video games. Music samples – soundcloud.com/ahe
Software Localization & IT
iOS, OS X, Windows & Android apps & games. 100+ apps
translated so far: Pocket, Instapaper, Things, digg, Dots,
MindNode, Carbon Copy Cloner, Chronosync, BusyCal, etc.
KAL Software / Matiz. Liaison interpretation with the lead
software engineer. Translation of technical documents.
Microsoft / IMS Institut. Translation of sales manuals.
IBM / MSS. Brochures of IBM products and services.
UNIAGRO S.A. English translation of the corporate website
of the company – uniagro.es
Javier Huecas, sculptor and painter. Programming and
English translation of his website – javierhuecas.com
Skype. Translation of the Skype UI, up to Mattel. Transcreation of lyrics for TV commercials – Watch examples on YouTube
Google. Translation of the voiceover of a promo video for their AdMob service – Watch on YouTube
McAfee. Voiceover & graphics translation of a promo video for their LiveSafe product – Watch on YouTube
EA. Translation of newsletters and videos for their games: Fifa, The Sims, etc – Battlefield 4 subtitling on YouTube
Nintendo Spain. Voice-over for the Wii Sports Resort TV commercial ❧ Magazine ad for Metroid Prime Trilogy.
Translator, DTP expert
English > Spanish
Ángel Domínguez
+34 655 382 981 · [email protected]
Design & Art
MONSA Publications. Books on illustration & design: Kodomo Manga Paso a Paso (Spanish > US English) ❧ We Are Paper Toys (Spanish > US English) ❧ Shojo Manga Paso a Paso (Spanish > US English).
DDB Yellow Papers. Papers on advertising and marketing: Building Brand Value & Influence in the Airline Industry ❧
Introducing the Chief Community Officer ❧ Swarm Marketing ❧ Health is the New Wealth.
Editorial Gustavo Gili. Book: Symbol ❧ Book: Art Directing Projects for Print ❧ Book: Business Cards 3, Designs on
Saying Hello ❧ Book: Art Directing. Projects for Print ❧ Article for the magazine étapes: Europe, You Are Here—
interviews with European designers.
Editorial Experimenta. Articles for the magazine Experimenta: Collaborative Services. Social innovation and design
for sustainability, Clip/Stamp/Fold: the radical architecture of little magazines, 196x-197x ❧ Kacper Hamilton short
bio and description of his Deadly Glasses project.
European Union / Blue Lines. Script for a radio commercial promoting the Enterprise Europe Network.
LEGO Group. Voice-over text for two BIONICLE Glatorian Legends TV commercials.
Journalism & Politics
Democracy Now! (TV & radio news show). 2006–2011, daily translation of the summary of the show. Sporadic
translation of interviews with prominent figures (Noam Chomsky, Evo Morales, etc).
Weekly column by Amy Goodman (until late 2008). Weekly opinion column by author and Democracy Now! host,
adapted to American Spanish by the crew of the show, then published as a weblog at democracynow.org/spanish
Technology / Science
TED. Subtitle translation of various talks on technology and science: ❧ Peter Diamandis on our next giant leap (astronomy, space exploration) – Watch online at TED.com ❧ Brian Cox: Why we need the explorers (astronomy, space exploration, science) – Watch online at TED.com
❧ Sergey Brin and Larry Page on Google (IT, search engines, online services) – Watch online at TED.com
Additional experience & relevant information
DTP / Layout / Design
Eurostat (European Commission) / Pangeanic. Recreation of the document layout from PDF documents,
measurement adjustments, recreation of charts and tables, and typesetting of 100+ pages.
Veritas Language Solutions / Sweet Counter. Reconstruction of original designs from PDF files, text layout and
substitution in 14 languages. The project also involved the addition of custom glyphs with diacritics to the typeface
used by the end client to have it properly display texts written in Polish.
Lingotek. Replication and layout of the Spanish version of a brochure by AmeriSciences; the project was completed
with InDesign ❧ Intensive graphic and photo editing for a product manual for Miox.
Globulart Diseño (co-founder, 2004–2011). Translation of websites and advertising material. Graphic & web
design, communication with English-speaking providers and clients. Teaching for local advertising agencies on
graphic design and Internet. Photography, 2D animation, etc.
Awards, etc
Enredox Music Awards 2004. Best New Age composer & best New Age song.
La Rosa de los Vientos (radio show). Short science-fiction story Luz Roja selected for dramatization and aired circa
May 2005 – Luz Roja @ SoundCloud

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