September 20, 2015 - St. Therese Catholic Church



September 20, 2015 - St. Therese Catholic Church
Welcome to St. Therese Catholic
217 Brawley School Road, Mooresville, NC 28117-9103
An Ignatian parish staffed by priests of the Maryland
Province of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits) since 1970.
Rev. Vincent C. Curtin, S.J.
Mass Times
Saturday Vigil
5:30 pm
Sunday Mass Times
7:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:30 am
(Sunday Nursery at 9:00 am and
10:30 am Masses) 12:00 noon,
2:30 pm (Misa en Espanol),
5:30 pm
Daily Mass
9:00 am Monday through Friday
and First Saturdays (Day Chapel)
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm on Saturdays
or by appointment
Eucharistic Exposition and
First Friday of each month
9:45 am - 4:45 pm with
Benediction at 4:45 pm
7:00 pm Mondays (Day Chapel)
6:30 pm Tuesdays (Day Chapel)
Bulletin Deadline
4:30 pm Thursday for the next
weekend bulletin. All items
subject to approval and editing.
Submit to Lisa Cash,
[email protected]
Parish Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 12:00
pm & 12:30 pm - 4:30pm
704-664-3992 Fax: 704-660-6321
E-mail: [email protected]
Faith Formation Office Hours
Sunday 8:30 am-5:30 pm and
6:30 pm-9:00 pm
Monday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am - 6:30 pm
Thursday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Friday & Saturday Closed
Welcome to St. Therese Catholic Church!
Thank you for being here with us!
The parishioners of St. Therese welcome our visitors.
Please introduce yourselves to your neighbors. Your
presence is very important to us, as is your support.
Every household is invited to register. Forms are
available in the Parish Office or on our website.
According to Diocesan policy, parish registration is
required for Faith Formation, all Sacraments,
ministries, and school vouchers. MOVING? Please
notify the Parish Office!
Communion of the Sick
Please notify the Parish Office if you want
communion brought to the home, hospital or nursing
home. Hospitals do not notify the church that you are
there except at your direct request.
Anointing of the Sick
Please notify the Parish Office of
those who are homebound or in
hospitals, or nursing homes,
especially when seriously ill.
According to Diocesan policy,
registered couples must begin
marriage preparation at least SIX
MONTHS pr ior to the desir ed
wedding date. Please call the Parish
Office for an appointment.
Baptism of Infants and Children through Grade 1
At least SIX WEEKS before the
anticipated date of Baptism,
parents must contact the Parish
Office to arrange for required
baptismal preparation. Contact:
Christine Leal at 704-664-3992.
Baptism for Children Grades 3 through 7
All children in the above grades are prepared for the
first Sacraments of Initiation through the Rite of
Christian Initiation of Children. Contact: Dave
Conklin in the Faith Formation Office 704-664-7762.
Adult Sacraments of Initiation
All adults (age 17 and older) who wish to
be baptized, confirmed and/or receive
First Eucharist are prepared through the
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.
This is also the process for non-Catholics
to come into full communion with the Catholic
Church. Contact: Deacon John Sims 704-662-0714.
Parish Office 704-664-3992
Rev. Vincent C. Curtin, S.J., ext. 102
[email protected]
Parochial Vicars/Vicarios
Rev. Dominic Totaro, S.J., ext. 225
[email protected]
Rev. Donald M. Ward, S.J., ext. 107
[email protected]
In Residence
Rev. Francis X. Reese, S.J., ext 205
[email protected]
Rev. Mr. John Sims
[email protected]
Rev. Mr. Myles Decker
Rev. Mr. Robert Kratchman (retired)
Rev. Mr. Joe Santen (retired)
Parish Manager
Melinda Drury, ext. 101
[email protected]
Latino Coordinator
Leyda Carrillo, ext. 114
[email protected]
Lisa Cash, ext. 105
[email protected]
Music Ministry
Phil Haigler, ext. 106
[email protected]
Liturgy Coordinator
Rosemary Hyman, ext. 315
[email protected]
Office Assistant/Facilities
Christine Leal, ext. 100
[email protected]
Pastoral Council
Bill Streiff, President
[email protected]
Bob Linden, Vice President
Tina Force, Secretary
Maria Boaze
David Deselem
Administrative Assistant
Elaine Runski, ext. 301
[email protected]
Maintenance Manager
Wesley Weaver, ext. 104
[email protected]
Faith Formation/
Formación de Fe:
Carmen San Juan, ext. 109
Assistant Director
Dave Conklin, ext. 108
Office Assistant
Darlene McClure, ext. 110
Little Way Preschool:
Preschool Director
Dayna Auten, ext. 318
Amy Michelone
Tracy Neumann
Karen Neyland
Ron Toney
Judy Wagner
Rick Wagner
Finance Council Chair
Rick Fabrize, [email protected]
SEPTEMBER 20, 2015
In Your Prayers
Peggy Bachand,
Jan Balmat,
Michelle Bischoff,
Barbara Cahill,
Steve Coyne,
Dutch Detchemendy, Teresa Geraci,
JD Gibbs, Beverly Hedrick,
Marilynn Houck, Beatrice Hynson,
Dolores Licari, Bill Michalak, Nick
Politis, Cindy Powell, Ron Regula,
Rose Regula, Maureen Rossi, Helen
Russo, Angela Schelter, John
Vorlicek, Robyn Wolf, Johnnie Ziats.
If you have any changes to the
Prayer Request list, please contact
Christine Leal at 704-664-3992,
ext. 100 or [email protected]
Please remember our homebound
in your prayers: At home: William
Cote, Rosalind Doehm, Patsy Freeze,
Julianne & Scott Jarvis, Angela Leuci,
Mark Marchese, Jeanne McDonnell,
Charles Memrick, Dean Nash,
Claradilla Pineda, Rita Sabella, Mary
Strup, Stach Wisniewski. Autumn
Care: Betty Mar kovich Brian
Center: Cynthia Fer r er , Oliver
Mann, Gregory Ramirez, Hattie
Walker, Joan Waltman. Carillon:
Betty Bunyan, Marie Fields, Jim
Harnett, Mila Maldjain, Vartavar
Maldjain, Mitzi Moody, Patrick Naso.
Churchill: Cecilia Blouin, Connie
Caron, Corinne Cordillo, MaryJane
Farrell, Helen Holmes, Trudy Keller,
Regina Kilcarr, Joan Koch, Jean
Loeshen, Louise Logono, Ruth
Martins, Helen Mastrianni, Robert
Matsey, Johanna McCloskey, Jean
Mueller, Lillian Pingel, Elly Schenne,
Evaline Seyk, Inga Shealy, Sherry
Thompson, Diane Visek, Jean
Woodall. Crown Colony: Rosemary
Leonetta, Linda Turner. Genesis: Joan
Brennan, Lorraine Cardillo, Leona
Dreiling, Barbara Jedrey, Lelia Leon,
Margaret Lovine, Francis Mariea, Dee
Murray, Terry Nagel, Jim Strup,
Patricia Vance. Huntersville Oaks:
Carol Osmer. Statesville Place: Irene
Nemeth. Summit Place: Pat
Aikenhead, Bill Bonsignore, Attilo
Ceraldi, Nickie Ceraldi, Connie
Ferraro, Lee Floyd, Mary Kozar,
Elaine Panuski, Paul Poisson, Beverly
Wisbon, Yvette Wynn. The Pines:
Florence Chandler, Charlotte Ferrero,
Lee Kuras, Ann Rudolph, Kathleen
If you have any changes to the
Homebound List, please contact
Rosemary Hyman at 704-664-3992,
ext. 315 or
[email protected]
Please remember our military personnel in your prayers:
READINGS FOR Sunday, September 27, 2015
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
1st Reading - Numbers 11:25-29
Responsorial - Psalm 19
2nd Reading - James 5:1-6
Gospel - Mark 9:38-43, 45, 47-48
In September, the Holy Father
asks us to pray that opportunities
for education and employment
may increase for all young people
and that catechists may give
witness by living in a way
consistent with the faith they
Madison Ahlers, Dave
Berczek, Jaryl Burjoss, Janine
Campbell (USS Pickney),
Crista Campos, Garrett
Carnes, Douglas Cestari
(Afghan), John Cevasco, Alan
S. Colvin (Iraq), Steven
Fotiadis, Kody Garrison,
Matthew Geremia, Jeffrey
Guild (Afghan), Courtney
Hanna, Gregory Hanna,
Richard Hedges, Nicholas
Hemm (Japan), Mary
Katherine Hesler, Ryan
Howard (Afghan),
Christopher Kolakowski
(Okinawa), Jeremy Lacey,
Matthew Laxton, Rachel
Laxton, Adam Livingston,
Andres Molestina, Carlos
Molestina, John
Nickolopakos, Stephen
Nilsson, Eduardo J. Sanchez
(Afghan), Ryan Smith
(Okinowa), Daniel Spaulding
(Iraq), Erik Tarnacki,
Dominic Wagner, Donovan
Wagner, John White, Kyle
Wishlinski (USS Louisiana),
Billy Wyatt (Quantico).
Please help us keep our
prayer list up to date. Let
us know if someone in your
family is deployed overseas,
injured, or returns home.
The Ignatian Corner!
Hope Sings, So Beautiful: Graced Encounters Across The Color Line
(Note: Larry Paffrath corrected me. Dr.
Christopher Pramuk is an associate professor of theology
at Xavier University in Cincinnati. Larry writes this
Fr. Dominic)
Dr. Pramuk’s theme differed from the other
keynote speakers in that he spoke of listening through the
creative or imaginative heart. This theme is best expressed
in his own words found in the prospectus for the
“I take my inspiration in the presentation from Fr.
General Adolfo Nicolas’s (Superior General of the Society
of Jesus) evocative statements likening religious
sensitivity to the appreciation of music. What can Fr.
Nicolas mean by suggesting that Jesuit education and
mission in the world today must seek to form ‘a new kind
of humanity that is musical’, a humanity that retains a
‘sensitivity to beauty, to goodness, to the suffering of
others, to compassion’? How does this musical sensitivity
relate to what Fr. Nicolas calls ‘a deep taste for silence’,
sensitivities that are ‘threatened today by a purely
economic or materialistic mindset which deadens this
sensitivity to the deeper dimension of reality’? Beginning
from a shared meditation together, I want to explore the
Ignatian disposition of the ‘listening heart’ and then offer a
mosaic of examples of such spirituality in concrete
I would like to focus on the last sentence from Dr.
Pramuk’s words and share what was in my heart after
listening to his presentation. I was moved by how he
expressed the intersection of theology, spirituality, the arts,
race relations, and social justice in his life. I wondered if
he had written more on the subject. Fortunately, while
shopping at the book store that accompanied the
conference, I found a book titled Hope Sings, So
Beautiful: Graced Encounters Across The Color Line
(Nora and I donated the book to our St. Therese Library, if
you are interested in reading it.)
In this book Pramuk writes elegant and
penetrating prose about his personal, spiritual, and
scholarly encounter with the extremely timely topics of
racial discord, gender bias, ethnic and religious conflict,
and other social problems. This is not just “another” book
about the ills of our society and church, but Pramuk’s
“passion is nothing less than overcoming every
discrimination, but especially racism, to gaze on Christ
from ten thousand places”. (Drew Christiansen, SJ former
editor of A merica). “Pramuk creatively interweaves
music, scholarship, art, the natural world, theology,
personal experience, spiritual writings, and much more to
examine discipleship in a racist and fractured world. But
above all he unveils the everyday mystery of divine love
that beckons us to new life and a new way
forward.” (Timothy Matovina, University of Notre Dame,
Author of Latino Catholicism: Transformation in
America’s Largest Church).
In the early chapters Pramuk explains the tension
and discord that grows from ambiguity in race discourse,
and indeed, he uses straight forward language early on in
the book. The first time it struck me directly was when he
called me a PWM. That happened when he referred to
himself as a PWM (Privileged White Male). I worked
through my discomfort and continued to read Pramuk’s
advice on how to encounter others as Jesus would expect
us to do. “It is God’s world – not two worlds.”
“Everybody is traumatized.” “The human family is turned
against itself.” “Jesus gave us gifts we cannot steal away
from each other.” “Live, be present to each other.”
These are expressions from the next few chapters that we
can all learn from. Building on these concepts Pramuk
encourages Christians especially to spend significant,
“quality” time encountering one another. Like Fr.
Nicholas, Pramuk encourages us to use wisdom language
in our encounters. Wisdom language involves the use of
positive, encouraging, engaging, non- threatening, and
liberating words and expressions when we encounter
others; not exclusively, but especially when in relationship
with people different from ourselves and even our
Drawing from his musical training, Pramuk helps
us see the importance of a graced encounter by taking the
reader on a pilgrimage with some of the greatest creative
performing and prose artists. He quotes and provides
examples from the endeavors of Thomas Merton, Stevie
Wonder, Billie Holiday, Steve Ochs, Sting, Fr. Nicholas
SJ, Ysae Barnwell, Jonathan Kozol, Saint Augustine,
Pedro Arrupe SJ, several popes, Etty Hillesum, James
Baldwin, Georgia O’Keefe, Malcolm X, Rev. Martin
Luther King, Sr. Thea Bowman, Gerald Manley Hopkins
SJ, the gospel writers, and others.
In conclusion, I want to share a recent “encounter”
I experienced. Nora and I attended a performance of
Berry Gordy’s musical, Motown, recently at the Belk
Theater. Gordy wrote this musical to celebrate the great
works of the black musicians who started their careers
under contract with him at Motown. I sat at the end of an
aisle and could see lots of toe tapping with feet and legs
stretched into the aisle. We were physically connecting
with the words and rhythms of their “concert”. My
“encounter” happened when the character Diana Ross
descended from the stage at her break-out performance as
a solo artist in Las Vegas to engage the audience in
singing the famous lyric from her hit “Reach Out And
Touch”. At her encouragement, the capacity audience
joined hands above our heads and swayed back and forth
with the rhythm as we sang “Reach out and touch
somebody’s hand, make this world a better place, if you
can.” During this hope filled encounter I was experiencing
what a PWM can truly become. I was one of over two
thousand of God’s “children”.
STEWARDSHIP...Sharing Time, Talent & Treasure
Mass Attendance
Christian Stewardship trains us
to become aware that God is
the ultimate giver of the gifts
we have. To give to God
should be “from the top” – not
what may be left over.
September 6, 2015
5:30 Sat
RCIA Needs More
Adult Babysitters
RCIA provides adult
babysitters in our Church
nursery for those preparing to come into the
Catholic Church. Class is on Thursday nights
from 7 to 8:30PM from September through
March. The babysitter commitment will be at
MOST once every month during that period.
They also must attend the “Protecting God’s
Children” class if they have not already done
so. Adult RCIA babysitters are officially
members of our RCIA team. Please contact
Nancy Toney at [email protected] or Deacon
John at 704-662-0714.
Music Ministry Opportunities
$21,214 $23,400 ($2,186)
$22,607 $24,000 ($1,393)
$245,877 $247,000 ($1,123)
Active Families 3,759 as of 9/15/15
Thank You for Your Generosity
Adult Choir - sings every Sunday at 9
and 10:30 am Masses. We rehearse
together on Wednesday evenings at 7pm
in Room 101. We’re not looking for solo
voices, just committed choir members.
Sanctuary Praise Band - provides contemporary music
for the Sunday 5:30 pm Mass. Instruments are piano,
guitars and drums, although other instruments might
serve this Mass also. Practices are on Sunday at 4 pm.
Bars of Soap
Children’s Choir - joins the Adult Choir at 10:30 pm
Mass at least once a month. Open to children age 4 and
older. Weekly Wednesday rehearsals are at 4 pm in
Room 101.
(Food can be dropped off on the black rolling
carts in the Narthex of the Church or you may
continue to drop donations off in the carts in
the hallway of the Administration building)
Handbell Choir - Handbell experience is greatly
desired, but not required. Instruction for novices are
generously offered. Weekly Tuesday rehearsals are at 7
pm on in Room 101.
Please Remember:
No opened or fresh food
Check expiration dates - expired food
must be thrown away
Celebration Choir - sings only at funerals. We usually
have only one rehearsal per month.
Please consider what your strengths might be and feel
free to join us! Call Phil Haigler, Director of Music
Ministry at 704-664-3992, ext. 106 or email
[email protected]
Food Pantry is open Mondays
from 10:00am to 11:30am
The pantry is closed on church Holy Days
& all Federal holidays.
UPDATE: Morning Mass on
Thursday, September 24th will remain
at 9:00 AM.
The Church and Faith Formation Offices will be
closed from 10:00 AM-11:00 AM while we watch
Pope Francis address a joint session of the U.S.
Congress in rooms 202-203 of the PLC. All are
welcome to join us. To view online, go to:
RCIA Inquiry
Thursday, September 24th at 7:00 PM
Presented by Amy Michelone
We Would like to invite you to:
Friday Night Live—Peru Night
Friday Sept 25th
Dinner at 6:30pm
Presentation at 7pm
Come join us for an evening of food and fellowship
as we share our experiences in Peru with you!
Prayer Service - Friday, September
25th at 6:30 PM
Join us on Friday, September 25th
for our monthly Prayer Service in
the Day Chapel at 6:30pm. All are
welcome to come and pray with us
for anyone dealing with illness and
for their caregivers.
Morning Offering – Apostleship of Prayer
Turn your entire day into a prayer of
offering for others. Join the millions
worldwide who pray each day for the
world, the Church, each other, and the
Pope’s monthly prayer
intentions. Each morning offer your
day to God with the suggested Morning
O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer
You my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings of this day
in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout
the world. I offer them for all the intentions of Your
Sacred Heart: the salvation of souls, reparation for sin,
and the reunion of all Christians. I offer them for the
intentions of our bishops and of all Apostles of Prayer,
and in particular for those recommended by our Holy
Father this month.
A Day of Reflection
with Paula D’Arcy
Saint Therese Catholic Church
Saturday, October 3, 2015
9:30am to 3pm
$35 per person (Lunch included)
During this Day of Reflection we will explore
guideposts that summon us to live in the present
moment and open our eyes to the perfection of Divine
love moving in our lives.
The day will include time for reflection. Please bring a
Visit our website at for additional information and to get a
registration form. For questions, call Carmen San Juan
at 704-664-7762
Faith Sharing
Sat 9/19
5:30 AM Tom Cronin+
Barbara & Brian Kentler
Sun 9/20
7:30 AM Raymond Guilfoyle+
Frank Ulishney+
9:00 AM Ben Oates+
Betty Ann Kincaid+
10:30 AM Parishioners
Requested By
Requested By
Ron & Mary Ulishney
Tom & Cindy Kincaid
12:00 PM Joseph & Loretta Falzone
Frank & Ingrid Schaffer
5:30 PM Marion Cataldo+
Helen Odomirok+
Mon 9/21
9:00 AM Elizabeth Fournier+
Thomas Wedlock+
Tues 9/22
9:00 AM Mary Saia+
Irene Yurish+
Wed 9/23
9:00 AM Charles Russell+
Anthony Christopher Doll+
Thurs 9/24
9:00 AM Pope Francis
Faith Formation
Friends of Ivy Hollow
Requested By
Carol & Ron Cortopassi
Hardiman Family
Requested By
Son & Family
Steve Yurish
Requested By
William Neil
Requested By
Fri 9/25
9:00 AM Gabriel Molestina+
Mark Perillo+
Sat 9/26
5:30 AM Edward St. John+
Lucille Barslow+
Sun 9/27
7:30 AM Kaye Churchill+
Carleen Pugliese (Healing)
9:00 AM J.J. Anderson+
Floyd Hill+
10:30 AM Lucille Barslow+
Joseph Nottoli+
12:00 PM Parishioners
Requested By
Nanna Family
Requested By
John & Donna Park
Requested By
Jean & Tom Franzone
Nanny Family
Betty Shepard
Donna & Bob Mosback
5:30 PM David Collins+
Michael Jaderaia+
Faith Formation
Kuhlman & Jadevaia
Attention current or prospective Eucharistic
Ministers & Ushers
Join us for a review and new volunteer training! We
will also answer questions on the new scheduling
program. New ministry instructional booklets with
photos will be available.
Monday, September 21st at 7pm
Beginning Thursday, October
1st we will be offering a faith
sharing group using the book:
Love: A Guide to Prayer by
Jacqueline Bergan and Sr.
Marie Schwan. Facilitated by
Pat Davies.
Dates: 10/1, 10/8, 10/15,
10/22, 10/29, 11/5, and 11/12
Thursday mornings from 10AM– 12 noon in room
Cost: $15.00 (to cover the cost of book and
For more information and to register, please contact
Carmen San Juan at 704-664-7762 or
[email protected]
Come Celebrate!
Mass and Reception
for the
Feast of St. Therese
Thursday, October 1st
Mass at 9:00 AM with
Reception immediately
following Mass
Deepest Sympathy
To Carrie Rathbun and
family on the death of her
husband, Thomas Rathbun.
To the family of Juan
Alvarez on his death.
To the family of Arthur
Takes on his death.
Parish Picnic 2015
Date: Saturday September 26, 2015 (rain or shine)
Time: 11am-3pm
Place: Parish Life Center (outside if weather permits)
Grilling by Knights of Columbus
Desserts by S.W.A.T.
M.O.S.T. beer tent
St. Therese Alumni Choir
Heritage Festival Music and Dancing
Heritage tables
Epic Moments – photo booth
Magic Show & Face Painting by
Magical Events by Dana
Every family is asked to
bring a favorite picnic
side dish in a disposable
container to share.
Please bring your side
dish in by noon.
Peace and Justice Corner
The Peace and Justice Committee is working with the Parish Life Commission on the Heritage
Festival portion of the picnic on Saturday, September 26th. We would love for each ethnic group to
share their heritage with us by setting up a table at the picnic. Our parish has several groups
represented. Share your pride with the parish. Please call Anne Cerutti at 704-664-7455 to let me
know if you are participating and if you have any questions.
Coffee and Donuts- hosted by
M.O.S.T. (Men of St.
The Men of St. Therese,
(M.O.S.T.), would like to
invite all parishioners to
Coffee and Donuts after the 7:30 AM, 9:00
AM and 10:30 AM Masses today. Please
join us TODAY, September 20th and on
the third Sunday of each month. It's a great
way to build a sense of community, so why
not stop by, enjoy some coffee, juice, and
donuts and get to meet someone new.
There are a lot of new families moving in to
our parish… what better way to welcome
them? Keep in mind that children are
welcome, too.
We will have Coffee and Donuts in the
Family Room.
Parish Dinner / Theater Trip
MOST is planning a one day excursion to the Wohlfarht Dinner
Theater in Wytheville,VA on December 13th, 2015!
We will travel in a Luxury
motor coach leaving the church
parking lot at 10:15 AM sharp.
After making a short necessary
stop we will arrive for a
“holiday feast” about 12:15
PM. Dinner starts at 1:00 PM and the “ Holiday Spectacular”
show starts at 3:00 PM. The show is packed with the Christmas
songs you know and love and there is a marvelous Nativity scene.
The coach will arrive back at St. Therese about 7:00 PM. The all
inclusive cost is $58 per person - a real bargain! Several tour
companies charge $119 per person for this same tour.
This event is open to all parishioners, however we are limited to
54 people so the first 54 people to PAY will be guaranteed a seat.
Uncertain??? Pay now. Get your seat. Full refunds will be
available until November 11th.
Make your check payable to St. Therese and mail to Jack Madey,
121 Brawley Point Circle, Mooresville, NC 28117, or drop it in
the MOST mailbox at Church. For more information, call Vince
Greco at 704-662-3930 or Jack Madey at 704-662-0220.
Sunday, Sept 20
8:00 AM MOST Coffee & Donuts
9:00 AM Faith Formation Classes
10:30 AM Faith Formation Classes
1:00 PM ESL-Citizenship Class
1:15 PM Baptisms
3:30 PM Together in Faith
4:00 PM Faith Formation Classes
4:00 PM Sanctuary Praise Band
6:30 PM Confirmation Meal
7:00 PM Confirmation Classes
7:00 PM Youth Ministry
Monday, Sept 21
9:00 AM Little Way Preschool
10:00 AM ESL
7:00 PM Ignatian Book Club
7:00 PM Pastoral Council
7:00 PM Rosary for the Unborn
Tuesday, Sept 22
9:00 AM Little Way Preschool
11:00 AM Social Butterflies
3:00 PM Bereavement
6:00 PM Faith Formation Classes
6:30 PM Marian Prayer Group
7:00 PM Handbell Choir
7:00 PM Ignatian Latino Prayer
Wednesday, Sept 23
9:00 AM Little Way Preschool
10:00 AM CLC-Preparation Days
10:00 AM Just Moved
12:30 PM LWP-Lunch Bunch
12:30 PM LWP-Lunch Bunch
4:00 PM Children's Choir
5:00 PM ESL
5:00 PM Faith Formation Classes
7:00 PM Adult Bible Study
7:00 PM Adult Choir
7:00 PM CLC-Preparation Days
8:00 PM New Beginnings
Family Room
PLC Classrooms
PLC Classrooms
Room 14
PLC Classrooms
PLC Classrooms
Family Room
Preschool Rooms
Room 14
Room 202-203
Room 15
Day Chapel
Preschool Rooms
Room 204
Room 15
PLC Classrooms
Day Chapel
Choir Room-101
Room 16
Preschool Rooms
Room 204
Room 202-203
LWP Rms 103,106
LWP Room 104
Choir Room-101
Room 14 & 16
PLC Classrooms
Room 16
Choir Room 101
Room 204
Family Room
From the Respect Life Committee
National Life Chain
Sign up this weekend and next
weekend for Life Chain 2015
after all Masses. The Life Chain
is a pro-life, family event Sunday, October 4 from
2:00 to 3:30 p.m. on sidewalks along Hwy 150 in
Mooresville. Families will stand silently and pray
while holding pre-made signs as a pro-life witness to
our community. Be a part of this ministry that hopes
to save lives and change hearts and minds.
Thursday, Sept 24
9:00 AM Little Way Preschool
9:30 AM Luminous Rosary
10:00 AM CLOSED 10-11
10:00 AM Women's Bible Study
12:30 PM LWP-Lunch Bunch
5:00 PM Latino Music Ministry
7:00 PM Finance Council
7:00 PM Peace & Justice Comm
7:00 PM RCIA Meetings
Friday, Sept 25
9:00 AM Little Way Preschool
1:00 PM Bridge Club
6:30 PM Friday Night Live
Saturday, Sept 26
10:00 AM Sat Morning Bible Study
11:00 AM Parish Picnic
Sunday, Sept 27
9:00 AM Faith Formation Classes
10:30 AM Faith Formation Classes
1:00 PM ESL-Citizenship Class
1:00 PM FF Span 1st Com Prep
1:15 PM Latino Baptisms
4:00 PM Faith Formation Classes
4:00 PM K of C Squires
4:00 PM Latino Pot Luck
4:00 PM Sanctuary Praise Band
6:30 PM Confirmation Meal
7:00 PM Confirmation Classes
7:00 PM Youth Ministry
Preschool Rooms
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To view the complete Event Schedule, visit our
website at and click on “View Events Calendar.” If
you have any questions about the schedule, please
contact Christine Leal at 704-664-3992, ext. 100 or
[email protected]
Revised schedule for ESL classes
Monday: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM ( room 14 )
Wednesday: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM( room 14 )
Thursday: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (rooms 107 and 110 in
the PLC )
Faith Formation is excited to announce our new theme and
logo for the 2015-2016 year:
"Fed Together at Eucharist…Sent on Mission as One!"
Especially with the building of the new church, the Eucharist becomes even
more important than ever before. Being fed together emphasizes the many
peoples, the many cultures, the many differences of those who come to
receive our nourishment at the Sunday meal and that we all receive
according to our wonderful differences what we each need. For that there is
great gratitude as an important result of the gift given at Eucharist. But, that
is only half of the wonder which we celebrate. The other is the mission, so
dear to Francis our shepherd, the bishop of Rome. And that mission is
always the same. That He whom we have received together at the liturgy be better known, loved and served in our
world, especially among the poor and abandoned with whom we live. The various colors of the logo are
expressions of our hope that what we profess by the reception of the Sacrament is entirely possible to live with the
help of the Lord whom we receive.
Join us in celebrating our new theme! Our beautiful banner is hanging in the hallway of the PLC just outside the
Faith Formation office. Why not stop by and check it out?
Catholic Charities invites you to attend “From
Stewardship of Our Local Catawba River to a Justice
Vision of Global Fresh Water Usage" taking place
at St. Peter Catholic Church on Monday evening,
October 5, in Biss Hall from 7:00 to 9:00
PM. Event speakers are Matthew Burkhart of
Catholic Relief Services, and Sam Perkins of Catawba
Riverkeeper Foundation. Find more information
about this presentation at While this
event is free, notification of your plan to attend is
requested. Please call 704-370-3225 or email
[email protected]
Retrouvaille is a pr ogr am for mar r ied couples who
are struggling with problems in their marriage. For
confidential information or to apply for the next
program beginning with a weekend September 25,
2015, call 800-470-2230 or 434-793-0242, e-mail us at
[email protected], or visit the web site at
Jesus is waiting for you to visit him in Adoration!
Did you know that Perpetual Adoration of the Most
Blessed Sacrament is available to you 24 hours a day, 7
days a week? St. Mark Catholic Church in Huntersville
(off of Exit 25) invites the parish family of St. Therese
to sign up for a weekly holy hour with Our Lord.
Those interested in signing up for a weekly
holy hour of Adoration can go to the St. Mark
Perpetual Adoration website at http://
Anyone with questions can contact Mary Fink,
Coordinator of the St. Mark Perpetual Adoration
Ministry, at [email protected] or 704-905-6686.
Upcoming Days of Reflection in October - Reserve
Your Seat Today!
Thursday, October 8, 2015
Location: St. Eugene Catholic Church, Asheville
Presenter: Fr. Ed Sheridan
Cost: $10 per person includes lunch
Checks Payable to: St. Eugene’s Women’s Guild
Deadline for Registration: Thursday, October 1st
To Register: Registration information and fee can be
put into weekly collection at St. Eugene’s or mailed to
Catholic Charities.
For Additional Information: Contact Sandra
Breakfield at 704-370-3220 or email
[email protected]
Tuesday, October 15, 2015
Location: St. Gabriel Catholic Church, Charlotte
Presenter: Fr. Frank O’Rourke
Topic: “Keeping the Flame of Faith Alive in Our
Hearts…Stories that Inspire”
Cost: $12 per person includes lunch
Deadline for Registration: Friday, October 9th
Checks Payable to: Catholic Charities Diocese of
To Register: Contact Sandra Breakfield at 704-3703220 or email [email protected]
Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Location: Catholic Conference Center, Hickory
Presenter: Msgr. Mo West
Cost: $15 per person includes lunch
Checks Payable to: Catholic Charities Diocese of
Deadline for Registration: Monday, October 12th
To Register: Contact Sandra Breakfield at 704-3703220 or email [email protected]
FAITH FORMATION 704-664-7762
Week of:
Faith Formation Redefined – Part I
Classes as scheduled (Catechetical Sunday)
Youth Ministry Begins Sun 7pm
9/20 Together in Faith - 3:30pm
9/25 Friday Night Live
Classes as scheduled
9/27 SPANISH - Special 1st Comm Pr ep
9/27 Special 1st Comm Pr ep 3:30pm
9/30 Adult Ed - 7pm
10/3 Day of Reflection with Paula D'Arcy
Classes as scheduled
10/4 Together in Faith - 3:30pm
10/5 First Communion Parent Meeting 6:30pm
10/7 First Communion Parent Meeting 6:30pm
10/10 Confirmation Retreat
For most of us, when we think about faith formation,
classes for children come to mind. This year over
1000 children will walk down the halls of the Parish
Life Center heading to classes to form their faith.
This next generation of Catholics will be running the
church before too long. So yes, the religious
education of our children is important, but we do need
to realize that as adults our religious education is
never complete. The faith formation of adults is an
essential component of a faith formation program
because we are all on a constant journey to get closer
to God.
10/11 Classes as scheduled
10/11 SPANISH - Special 1st Comm Pr ep
10/11 Special 1st Comm Pr ep 3:30pm
10/11 NO Confirmation Classes
10/14 Adult Ed – 7pm
10/18 Classes as Scheduled (Last 15 min. all in MPR)
10/18 Together in Faith – 3:30pm
10/18 Conf Parent Meeting (A,B,C & D)
10/25 Classes as scheduled
10/25 SPANISH - Special 1st Comm Pr ep
10/25 Special 1st Comm Pr ep 3:30pm
10/25 Confirmation Parent Meeting (E,F,G&H)
Classes as scheduled
11/1 Together in Faith - 3:30pm
11/4 Adult Ed – 7pm
11/7 7th Grade Retreat (1-6pm)
Classes as scheduled
11/8 SPANISH - Special 1st Comm Pr ep
11/8 Special 1st Comm Pr ep 3:30pm
11/13 Friday Night Live
11/15 Classes as scheduled
11/15 Together in Faith – 3:30pm
11/18 Adult Ed – 7pm
11/22 SPANISH - Special 1st Comm Pr ep
11/22 Special 1st Comm Pr ep 3:30pm
11/24 – 11/29 NO CLASSES (Thanksgiving)
A good percentage of the faith formation children
receive is in the form of information. Over the years
they learn about the 10 commandments, the 7
sacraments, the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit, the 12
apostles, the 4 pillars of the Catholic Church, the 14
Stations of the Cross, and so on. These are all
important parts of being a Catholic. If you learned
the Baltimore Catechism I bet you can rattle off many
other lists.
Being a Catholic adult is much more than knowing
the information. Our continuing faith formation must
be centered on transformation. All of the information
shows us that God loves us. If we paid any attention
to the stories about Jesus we know he expects us to
return His love as well as show the love to others.
While we are all created in the image of God, we are
all in a constant struggle to be more like him. By
allowing our faith to continue to grow, we grow
closer to Him. Because He loves us, he gave us each
other. We are a church – a community of believers
that worships and serves alongside each other.
Knights of Columbus Brothers and
Youth Volunteers Needed
LAMB Program
WalMart Tootsie Roll Giveaway
Call Larry
Saturday, October 3rd and
Sunday, October 4th
9:00am - 5:00pm
*Earn Service
Saturday, October 10th and
Sunday, October 11th
9:00am - 5:00pm
Misas en Español
Todos los Domingos a las 2:30 p.m.
Adoración al Santísimo Sacramento.
El viernes 2 de Octubre del 2015.
Todos los primeros viernes del mes,
de 9:30 am—4:45 pm tendremos adoración eucarística.
Confesiones: Todos los domingos a
las 2:00 p.m. Usted puede llamar para hacer una
Clases de Bautismos:
Todos los tercer fines de semanas tendremos clases
de bautismo. La duración de la clase es de 2 horas,
la asistencia es requerida padres y padrinos. La
próxima clase será el sábado 17 de Octubre de
2:00 - 4:00 pm y el domingo 18 de Octubre de 4:00 a
6:00 pm. Por favor llamar a la Iglesia para registrarse en la clase.
Atención Padres: No niños en las clase.
Quinceañeras: Las personas que quieran
organizar 15 años tienen que ser miembros de la iglesia, por un periodo de 6
meses luego llamar a la iglesia, para hacer una cita con el coordinador del misa.
Clases pre matrimoniales, favor avisar
con seis meses de anticipación.
Primeras Comuniones y Confirmaciones: Llamar a
Carmen San Juan al 704-664-7762.
Grupo Ignaciano: El grupo de oración Ignaciana
abres sus puerta nuevamente el día martes 22 de
Septiembre a las 7:00 pm. Los esperamos !!!
20 de Septiembre 2015
25avo. Del Tiempo Ordinario
La segunda lectura de hoy nos advierte que un corazón consumido por la avaricia y la envidia conduce
a los celos, a la discordia, los conflictos y las disputas. Un corazón generoso, en contraste, puede cantar con el salmista, “Libremente te ofreceré el sacrificio; alabaré Tu nombre, O Señor, por su bondad”.
English as a Second Language :
Si usted esta interesado en aprender
ingles, por favor escriba un correo electrónico a la Profesora Deanna Hagan al
[email protected]
Los horarios de clases son:
Lunes (10:00 –11:00 am) en el salón 14
Miércoles (5:00 pm—6:00 pm) en el salón 14 y 15
Jueves (7:00 pm—8:00 pm) en el salón 107-110
Domingo (1:15 pm– 2:15 pm) Citizenship salón 14 .
Colecta para los sacerdotes
jubilados del 2015:
Por favor tome el tiempo necesario
para leerlos e informarse sobre las
necesidades de nuestros sacerdotes
durante sus años de jubilación. Por
favor medite en como puede demostrar su agradecimiento a los muchos sacerdotes que sirven a los feligreses de nuestra diócesis con tanta fidelidad.
El Obispo Jugis ha escrito una carta a todos los feligreses sobre la colecta para la jubilación y los beneficios de los sacerdotes. En esta carta el Obispo nos
recuerda la labor de los sacerdotes que nos han servido en el pasado y que ahora merecen vivir años
de jubilación con dignidad. Esta es poco menos del
doble de la cantidad de una colecta dominical. Por
favor sea generoso el próximo fin de semana en la
segunda colecta. Gracias por su generosidad.
Congreso Eucarístico: Un día lleno de bendiciones,
con toda la familia de la Iglesia de Santa Teresa.
Día de la Hispanidad y Picnic Parroquial : Reserve
el sábado 26 de Septiembre, celebremos el Día de la
Raza, y un rico Picnic familiar. Los esperamos habrán actividades para los niños, bailes, música en
vivo y mucho más. Donde?: Centro Parroquial de
11:00 am– 3:00 pm . Los esperamos !
Para más información, llamar a Leyda Carrillo a 704-664-3992 Extensión 114, fax 704-660-6321
“La Esquina Ignaciana”
La semana que entramos hoy es una que está distinguida por muchos
acontecimientos importantes en la vida de la iglesia y en la vida de
muchos de sus miembros en todo el mundo. La fiesta de San Mateo el
lunes enfatiza la misericordia gratuita que fue regalado a aquel pecador
y que es un tema constante en la predica de nuestro querido Francisco,
el obispo de Roma. El miércoles es el día más santo en el calendario
litúrgico judío, un día cuando el pueblo entero pida la misericordia de
Dios por sus pecados tanto personales como comunales. También el
mismo día inicia la estación del otoño en el hemisferio norteño, un
momento cuando personas de fe reconozcan en la cosecha la abundancia
de la misma misericordia con la cual Dios les ha colmado. El jueves,
en los países de Argentina, Ecuador, Perú y la República Dominicana, se celebra con una
intensidad especial la fiesta de nuestra Señora de Merced. Toda la semana nos urge que
recordemos la gran misericordia de Dios, su regalo más precioso que hemos recibido de sus
manos generosas.
Pero este año tiene otra ocasión para celebrar a nuestro Dios misericordioso. El martes
empieza el encuentro mundial de las familias en la ciudad de Filadelfia. Durante todo el año la
iglesia ha ido pensando en la importancia de la familia y en los muchos problemas que existen
en vivir el ideal de una familia cristiana y rumiando en la maneras que la iglesia pudiera ser un
agente más misericordioso en ayudarlas que logren aquellos ideales. Como todos sabemos, el
momento central de la celebración de Filadelfia será la presencia de Francisco y el apoyo que
ofrecerá a todos los participantes del encuentro. Tal vez sus discursos al Congreso de
Washington y a la asamblea de las Naciones Unidos en Nueva York van a recibir más atención
de los medios de comunicación, pero es seguro predecir que en todas partes su mensaje será lo
mismo: Nuestro Dios de la misericordia nos exhorta que en nuestro trato con los demás,
imitemos a Jesús en edificar el Reino de Dios en la familia, en este país y en todo el mundo.
Lo que aquel mensaje significa es promover el respeto de la dignidad de cada persona, luchar
por la justicia en todas las relaciones en que participamos, tanto en las entre la familia, en las
diversas clases económicas y culturales, entre las naciones poderosos y las más débiles y
asegurar de que todas las personas de buena voluntad trabajen juntos por la paz y para
construir un mundo más humano. Nos llamará a ser la alegría del Evangelio.
Verdaderamente, la expectación de la visita del Papa nos llena de una esperanza nueva, que, a
pesar de las dificultades mundiales, aparentemente insuperables, la misericordia que hemos
recibido desbordadamente de nuestro Dios fiel, pueda liberarnos para compartirla
generosamente. La presencia del Santo Padre es otro signo de la compasión de Jesús para que
nuestras familias, nuestros conciudadanos, y todos los hombres y mujeres en todas partes del
mundo que el Señor ama tanto, puedan vivir en paz y harmonía. ¡Recemos durante la semana
que el plan de Dios se cumpla en este conocimiento histórico!
P. Donald Ward,SJ