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A promotional supplement to the Times Union
Thursday, May 8, 2008
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Thursday, May 8, 2008
The Capital Area School
Development Association is delighted
to serve as one of the sponsors for the
2008 Scholars’ Recognition Program.
For 22 years, this unique businesseducation partnership has recognized outstanding scholars
and the teachers who have had a significant influence in their
academic lives.
This program is very timely due to the major efforts of
the Commissioner of Education and the Board of Regents
to raise educational standards for all students throughout
New York state. Academic achievement is in the forefront
with the No Child Left Behind initiative at the federal level.
The demands of the 21st century require individuals who
are creative and knowledgeable. Scholastic achievement,
leadership, and service are essential characteristics that are
worthy of recognition and emulation.
On behalf of the CASDA Executive Committee, my
congratulations are extended to the exemplary group of
students and teachers who are honored this year! You have
reason to be proud of your accomplishments and your status
as “role models“ to which others may aspire.
Best wishes for continued success as you face future
challenges and opportunities.
The New York Lottery congratulates the senior scholars and teachers honored
by the 2008 Scholars’ Recognition Program.
We’re proud to sponsor this effort as an extension of our core mission to raise
funds for education. Since 1967, the New York Lottery has raised some $34 billion for education in New York State, including a record $2.5 billion last year.
Every year, we award thousands of Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships and
recognize some of the State’s best teachers with our Educator of the Week program. We support excellence in teaching and learning through the Ed Video
Online and Regents Review Live programs. And we help build important
values like character and teamwork with our support of the Hugh L. Carey
Empire State Games.
Now, we’re joining the Capital Area School Development Association to salute
some of New York State’s finest students and teachers. We’re doing all of this
to build New York’s future scientists, business people, teachers, and builders
— our future leaders.
Hey, you never know.
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Mark Villanti, Chair
CASDA Executive Committee
The Time Union is proud to be a part of the 2008
Scholars’ Recognition Program. You are among the
brightest and most dedicated students and teachers in
the Capital Region, and have set an example for us all.
Supporting education across the region is a top
priority for the Times Union. We are pleased to be part of the educational experience, both in the classroom through our Classroom Enrichment Program, and
on our campus with our New Visions program.
Through our Classroom Enrichment Program, the Times Union collaborates with educators to develop curriculum used in the classroom involving the
daily newspaper. More than 500 classrooms ranging from kindergarten through
college participate in this program benefiting more than 40,000 students across
the capital region.
More than 140 high school students have participated in our New Visions
program at the Times Union over the past 13 years. This hands-on experience
places high school seniors into the workplace, providing on-the-job training for
part of each school day during their entire senior year.
We are delighted to continue to do our small part to support excellence in
education through these programs, but it is the dedication and passion of this
year’s winning students and teachers that continue to allow the Capital Region
to thrive.
On behalf of all the employees of the Times Union, I congratulate and
applaud each of you for your exceptional achievements.
Mark Aldam,
Publisher & CEO
Times Union
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Gordon Medenica
New York Lottery
It is very encouraging that business is playing a much more active role in
enhancing private sector participation in higher education.
This program has as its goal a joint public and private sector effort to
stimulate academic achievement. It is a joy for us to publicly recognize our top
students and each of the educators they have selected who have been instrumental in their achievement.
This event brings together student, teacher and parent in an environment
which says congratulations to all of you…you should all feel very proud.
A special compliment to the School of Education at the State University
of New York for their foresight in making this event a symbol of excellence.
Neil M. Golub
President & CEO
Golub Corporation/
Price Chopper Supermarkets
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Norma G. Meacham
David M. Rubin
Sano-Rubin Construction Co., Inc.
Much success to all of you!
Randolph J. Collins AIA
It is with great honor that we, at the Freihofer’s Baking
Company, can once again support the Scholars’ Recognition
Program, which represents the very best in education.
I wish to express my heartfelt congratulations to both the students, who have achieved excellence in academia through their abilities and diligence, and to the teachers, who have inspired these young
scholars with their knowledge and enthusiasm.
Congratulations, to each and every one of you who are being
recognized tonight! It is through your efforts and dedication that we
may continue to succeed with “Excellence in Education.”
A. Michael Loscalzo
Vice President
Freihofer Baking Company
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
To the students, teachers and school administrators being honored by the 2008 Scholars’
Recognition Program — Congratulations!
For over four generations, Sano-Rubin and
our families have been involved with our Capital Region schools not only as
building contractors and construction managers but as students, parents and
grandparents. We believe being invested in the districts we live, learn and work
in builds a strong community.
All of us at Sano-Rubin are proud and privileged to be associated with the
fine educators being honored as they continue to encourage, inspire and form
the solid foundation our future leaders’ need for success.
We recognize and appreciate the outstanding achievements of these students and commend their commitment to excellence. Our gratitude extends
to the parents, families and friends who support and guide them along their
academic journey.
Remember, you can “go home again” and give back to the communities
that taught you so well.
Best of luck in all your endeavors!
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Congratulations to the students and teachers chosen for the 2008
Scholars’ Recognition Program. Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP is proud
to sponsor this event, honoring the very best in education.
As school law attorneys, we understand the importance of recognizing
excellence in education. The educational process is central to our success as a
society and contributes valuable building blocks for the future. We salute the
academic achievement of these students and the teachers who have encouraged and inspired them. We also offer congratulations to the parents who
have supported their efforts and made these achievements possible.
On behalf of Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP, I wish the students
and teachers continued success in their life endeavors.
Kudos, Students and Teachers! We salute your
hard work.
As school architects, we have had the unique
opportunity to observe the interaction between
students and teachers in a variety of school settings
throughout the Capital Region. It is an honor each
year to support the Scholars’ Recognition Dinner, an
event that recognizes the efforts of our top students
and the teachers they chose as most influential to their
academic success.
We congratulate this exemplary group of students who represent “the best
of the best.” This event honors not only your dedication to high academic
achievements, but your commitment to excellence and your persistence and
ability to navigate in an ever changing world. You have met the challenges
placed before you and excelled.
We also congratulate the educators, who through their commitment and
enthusiasm inspired these students to be the best they could be. You are role
models not only for these students but for all those whose lives you touch. You
should feel proud of the academic achievements of these students, but, more
importantly, you should feel proud of the lasting lesson you are teaching about
believing in what can be accomplished if you really try.
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Skidmore president
to speak at this
year’s awards
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Thursday, May 8, 2008
hilip A. Glotzbach—a philosopher, professor, academic administrator, and spokesperson on issues of higher education—became
the seventh president of Skidmore College on July 1, 2003. He
came to Skidmore following eleven years at the University of Redlands
in Redlands, California, where he served as vice president for academic
affairs and earlier was dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.
From 1977 to 1992 Glotzbach was a faculty member at Denison
University, where he was an associate professor of philosophy, chair of
the Philosophy Department for six
years, and chair of the faculty senate.
He helped to develop and then codirected the Denison Greek Studies
Program, an interdisciplinary summer
seminar involving travel and study in
Greece, and led the creation of a new
interdisciplinary major in philosophy,
politics and economics.
His areas of specialization
include the philosophy of psychology and the philosophy of language;
among other topics, his recent
research has dealt with philosophical issues in perception and artificial
Philip A. Glotzbach
Dr. Glotzbach has written and
presented widely on issues in higher education, often drawing on his
background in philosophy to shed light on contemporary issues. His
topics have ranged from the shaping of institutional mission and the
importance of science in the liberal arts to faculty workloads, collaborative leadership, and the complex role of an academic dean. As a
member and chair of the executive board of the American Conference
of Academic Deans, he collaborated with the American Association of
University Professors on joint national conferences dealing with issues of
shared governance on college and university campuses.
Dr. Glotzbach earned a B.A. degree from the University of Notre
Dame in 1972 (summa cum laude) and a Ph.D. from Yale University in
1979. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.
Jim Schultz
Randy A. Ehrenberg
May 2008
The Scholars’ Recognition Program honors outstanding scholastic
achievement by members of the graduating classes of the public, private,
parochial and BOCES secondary schools in Albany, Columbia, Fulton,
Greene, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Warren
and Washington Counties. The high schools selected these students to recognize scholarship, leadership and service to their schools and communities.
After the student scholars are chosen, they are asked to nominate a
teacher who has influenced their lives in a significant way. Each student writes
a statement explaining how that teacher has made a difference to him or her.
Each year the Capital Area School Development Association organizes
the Seminars on Excellence in Education. These seminars are an opportunity
for local educators to share ideas about improving education.
The Capital Area School Development Association, Golub Corporation,
Freihofer’s, the Times Union, Whiteman Osterman and Hanna LLP, CSArch
Architecture/Construction Management, New York Lottery and Sano-Rubin
Construction sponsor the Seminar on Excellence in Education and the
Scholars’ Recognition Dinner for the Capital Region’s outstanding students
and teachers.
Mrs. Randy A. Ehrenberg
Co-Chairperson Scholars’ Recognition Program
Mr. Jim Schultz
Co-Chairperson Scholars’ Recognition Program
About the Business and Education Partnership
he Business and Education Partnership
was established in 1987 by the Golub
Corporation and the University at Albany,
State University of New York. The Partnership
has two components: the Annual Scholars’
Recognition Program and the Annual Select
Seminar on Excellence in Education.
Since the first year of the Partnership, other
sponsors have been involved. This year the
sponsors are the Times Union; Price Chopper
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Supermarkets; Freihofer’s Baking Company,
Whiteman Osterman and Hanna, LLP; CSArch;
New York Lottery; Sano-Rubin Construction;
and the Capital Area School Development
Every fall, the Program Committee asks
the public, private, parochial and BOCES high
schools within an 11-county radius to identify
their outstanding graduating seniors. Selection
is based upon achievements in scholarship,
leadership, citizenship and service. Each of
these students then identifies the teacher who
has had the most significant influence on him
or her. Teachers chosen several times over the
years of the program are individually recognized
at the dinner.
The Scholars’ Recognition Program Dinner
celebrates academic excellence. The chosen
scholars and their parents, as well as the
selected teachers and their guests, are honored.
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Academy of the Holy Names
Maureen Parker Gokey
Emily is a member of the National Honor Society who
approaches her rigorous coursework with enthusiasm and
diligence. Last year, she was accepted to the prestigious
New England Young Writers Conference. As a student,
athlete and leader, Emily embodies the qualities of intelligence and compassion which have made her an integral
part of the school.
Mrs. Gokey is a teacher who has the gift of inspiration. Her love of
literature cultivates a desire in students to learn. She is a teacher,
mentor and, most importantly, a friend.
Deja Smith
Albany High School
Albany City School District
Rachel Gorman
Albany High School
Albany City School District
Rachel is a member of the second IB class, National Honor
Society and is an AP scholar. She is a caring, giving young
woman who interacts positively with every segment of our
diverse student population and whose excellence reflects
well on public education.
Mr. Pape is incredibly knowledgeable about history. He optimistically encourages me to work hard to become successful in whatever I choose to do.
Wan Chen
Deja has consistently chosen rigorous academic courses
and will graduate in the top 10% of the Class of 2008. She
remains focused while taking on many commitments
including senior class vice-president, Key Club, Biennial
Debutante Cotillion participant and Science and Technology
Entry Program. She also volunteers in many community
By constantly challenging me, Ms. Wan Chen has brought my
writing skills to a new level. She has been very beneficial to my
academic career.
Amsterdam High School
Greater Amsterdam School District
Daniel Peter
Alexandra is the valedictorian of the senior class. Alix has
been the captain of the varsity women’s soccer team for the
last two years and was instrumental in winning the Big 10
Championship. She will be pursuing engineering in college.
Mr. Peter has had a significant influence on me by teaching that
education does not only involve lessons in math but also life.
Grace McGeoch
Argyle Central School
Argyle Central School District
Aminah McGill
Greg Baker
Albany High School
Albany City School District
Aminah has excelled in a rigorous program and will
graduate with a 91 average. She is an integral member of
the school community, leading the drill team to success and
helping it grow from a club to a competitive sport. She is a
young woman who can balance a busy schedule with
tremendous success.
Before being in G Bake’s class (as we call him) I hated anything to
do with history. He has taught me that history is a major part of
our future and that it isn’t as bad as I thought it was!
Megan Gaugler
Amsterdam High School
Greater Amsterdam School District
John Battisti
Megan currently maintains a 97.7 academic average and
is ranked second in the class. She, along with teammates,
earned the Big 10 Championship for two consecutive years
in girls’ basketball. Megan will be attending Skidmore to
study biology and genetics.
Mr. Battisti is the kind of teacher who challenges you on a daily
basis. Although his curriculum can be considered hard, his teaching ensure students learn and understand the material. Mr.
Battisti is also supportive of his students outside of the classroom.
Maria Lathrop
Grace’s work ethic in the classroom and outside activities
has led to a variety of honors and awards. She has been
involved in band and chorus, is a three year participant
in All-County Chorus and participated in the Adirondack
Children’s Theater. As a senior, Grace is enrolled in The New
Visions Theatre Arts Program.
Mrs. Lathrop always made classroom lessons exciting and entertaining. She participates in assignments and activities that she
asks us to do, therefore, experiences the work that she hands out
from the students’ point of view. She has inspired me to pursue a
career in the Performing Arts.
Nicholas J. Gentile
Averill Park High School
Averill Park Central School District
Dr. Beth Perry
Nicholas ranks number two in the class. He is an Honor Roll
student and captain of the varsity soccer team. An Eagle
Scout, Nick was chosen for the RPI Medal as well as the
USAA National Honor Roll Award. He also was selected
to participate in a CPES Energy and Environment Program
at RPI. Nick shares his academic abilities by tutoring other
students in the district.
Dr. Perry’s love for chemistry goes beyond teaching. She uses her
experiences to entice students’ minds and provides them with
hands-on opportunities in the lab.
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Alexandra Petitti
Ralph Pape
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Emily DiMura
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Sarah Stangl
Averill Park High School
Averill Park Central School District
Jeffrey Brown
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Sarah is ranked number one in the class. She is a member
of the National Honor Society, Drama Club, Girl Scouts and
has earned Silver Award during freshmen year. Sarah is
being considered for the Scholarship for Academic Excellence and the Robert C. Byrd Scholarship Competition.
Mr. Brown has taught me how to embrace learning and how to
think outside of the textbook. His passion for language and culture
is inspiring.
Teresa Berschwinger
Berlin Jr. Sr. High School
Berlin Central School District
Katrina Krebs
Ballston Spa High School
Ballston Spa Central School District
James Poirier
Jennifer Williams
Georgiann Henderson
Ballston Spa High School
Ballston Spa Central School District
Katrina is the Class of 2008 salutatorian. She has excelled
in the most challenging, accelerated academic program
offered. She also completed five Schenectady Community
College courses. Katrina is a Mock Trial member and editorin-chief for the school newspaper. This summer she went on
a 1,000 mile bike trip that inspired a passion to protect the
environment and pursue a degree in environmental science.
Jennifer is this year’s valedictorian. She has taken the most
demanding course load offered and will receive a Regents
with Advanced Designation with Honors diploma. She is
an AP scholar, Scholar Athlete and National Honor Society
member. Jennifer has been a class officer for three years, editor of the school newspaper and participant in Odyssey of
the Mind since 1998. She plans to study biology in college.
Mr. Poirier made me realize that science isn’t just numbers and
equations. He encouraged my love of the environment and took
interest in my life.
Through her passion for teaching and knowledge of science, Mrs.
Henderson influences students to explore the world around them
even beyond the classroom.
Fleda Berschwinger
Teresa is a focused, hardworking, committed student who
excels both academically and athletically.
Mrs. Berschwinger is my mother, teacher, coach and a great mentor. She has always supported me academically and taught me
about life.
Anna Kusler
Tom Galvin
Berne-Knox-Westerlo High School
Berne-Knox-Westerlo Central School District
Anna is a talented and dedicated student who is caring and
committed to school and community. A natural leader, Anna
has been president of the class and Girl Scout Troop and
captain of the soccer and basketball teams. She is at home
in the classroom, athletic field, rainforests of Costa Rica or
beaches of Galapagos Islands.
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Mr. Galvin exemplifies teaching excellence. By making education engaging, he has been an inspiration, demonstrating the
importance of determination and dedication both in and out of the
Allison Greenberg
Bethlehem Central High School
Bethlehem Central School District
Durray Mahmood
Donna Jin
Bethlehem Central High School
Bethlehem Central School District
Durray Mahmood
Emma Loy-Santelli
Bethlehem Central High School
Bethlehem Central School District
Jody Rosenberg
Allison has a 98 unweighted GPA. She is a National Merit
Commended Student, scholar, athlete, humanitarian and
exceptionally talented leader. In addition to her academic
achievements, Allison has a passion for tennis. As the varsity tennis team captain and number one singles player, she
is a strong role model. She is an active member of Mentor
Club and Bethlehem Concerned Citizens.
Donna is an accomplished pianist, studies the Chinese
language and dance and volunteers at the Chinese
Community Center. She is an AP scholar and Commended
National Merit recipient. Donna is captain of the varsity
indoor and outdoor track teams, vice-president of the Key
Club, member of the Yearbook Club, Art Club, Latin Club
and cross-country team.
Emma is a member of the innovative Lab School, is an
accomplished cellist and ranked nationally in archery. She
is editor of the school’s literary magazine, participates in
Concert Singers, Mythology and Fantasy Club, Film Club,
French Club and Vincent J. Crummel’s Acting Troupe. She
volunteers as a student naturalist at Five Rivers Environmental Center.
Mrs. Mahmood is a dedicated teacher who can explain the most
complex math concepts and genuinely cares for the well-being of
each of her students.
Mrs. Mahmood’s selflessness and genuine care for students’ learning have had a tremendous influence on me both in and out of the
realm of mathematics.
Mrs. Rosenberger’s enthusiasm for literature instilled in me a love
of writing that has never wavered. Her encouragement continued
long after I was her student.
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Thomas Traver
Joseph Zaccardo
Thomas has been awarded the prestigious Baush & Lomb
Science Award, received the top student award in math for
the past two years, has been nominated to receive the Scholarship for Academic Excellence, is a member of the National
Honor Society and ranks third in the class. He will receive
an Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors.
Mr. Zaccardo makes challenging curriculum seem very simple.
His teaching style helps make complex ideas much easier to
Matthew Wolf
Alexandria Kuhl
Maura Hibbitts
Broadalbin-Perth High School
Broadalbin-Perth Central School District
Alex is the valedictorian of the class and has been awarded
the Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award. She has completed a research study through SUNY-Albany and is coauthor of a New York State Department of Environmental
Conservation publication. Alex has earned college credit at
FMCC and SUNY-Albany. She is on the Board of Directors
for Habitat for Humanity and has participated in seven
NYS track and cross country meets.
Mrs. Hibbitts has positively impacted my education by constantly
helping me realize my potential. She has always encouraged and
challenged me especially during my three years in her science
research class.
Allison Burda
Allison is an extremely motivated student and has distinguished herself as a young woman of integrity and merit.
Her willingness to explore and eagerness to learn have
made her a valuable influence in school. She is currently the
top student in the senior class and will be attending Russell
Sage College this fall majoring in elementary education.
Mrs. Roberts-Pekar makes learning fascinating and fun. I’ve
learned so much from her that I’ve decided to have a concentration
in psychology in college.
Angela Beltrone
Regina Reals
Cairo-Durham High School
Cairo-Durham Central School District
Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School
Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School District
Matthew is a young man with a thirst for knowledge. His
passion for learning and interest in science have allowed
Matt to participate in various competitions. He has been
recognized as a semi-finalist in the National Intel Science
Competition and has received the RPI Medal, the USAA
National History and Government Award and the Scholar
Athlete Award. Matthew plans to study chemistry in college
and pursue research.
Marta Roberts-Pekar
Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School
Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School District
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Bishop Maginn High School
Albany Catholic Diocese
Alison Manoli
Angela will embark in her college career at Hudson Valley
Community College. She is leaning toward a career in the
fine arts. Outside of the classroom Angela can be found
drawing or painting.
Mrs. Manoli has had a significant impact on my education
because of her comfortable learning environment and humor
which has helped me become less shy.
Mrs. Reals’ dedication to the Research Program has allowed me
to pursue my interests in science. She has taught me how to think
Cambridge Central School
Cambridge Central School District
John Mooney
Isabelle is a senior who also attends Skidmore College. She
actively participates in soccer, crew and track and field.
She enjoys studying languages and hopes to study abroad
in college. Isabelle has applied to Middlebury College,
Amherst College, Brown University and Wesleyan.
I would like to thank Mr. Mooney for showing me how to look at
words from a new perspective.
Laura C. Gaydusek
Patricia Countryman
Canajoharie High School
Canajoharie Central School District
Laura is the 2008 valedictorian. In addition to her excellent
academic record, she is an all-star outside the classroom
serving as Student Council president and Prom Committee
chairperson. On the athletic field, Laura has been an integral
member of the varsity softball, volleyball, basketball and
swimming and diving teams.
Mrs. Countryman has greatly impacted my learning experience in
high school and has inspired me to challenge myself to reach new
ShaQuayah Graham
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Isabelle Van Hook
Stephanie Ferlazzo
Capital Region Career & Technical School
Capital Region BOCES
ShaQuayah is currently in the International Virtual
Business Program, serving as the Chief Financial Officer.
In her senior year she chose to take a challenging program
and also college-level courses at Hudson Valley Community
College. Quay also serves as student president of SkillsUSA.
She participates actively in the National Coalition Building
Institute, Student and Teachers Against Racism Programs
and the church.
Mrs. Ferlazzo has influenced me tremendously by forcing me to
step outside of my comfort zone and try something new and I thank
her for that. She encouraged me to take every opportunity to enjoy
new experiences including a trip to a New York City trade fair.
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Emily DiNovo
Catholic Central High School
Albany Catholic Diocese
Michael Dickerson
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Emily is a highly motivated and intelligent student who has
excelled in a challenging academic program. She is an active
member in both Key Club and FBLA Club. Emily is going to
major in business in college.
Mr. Dickerson made me eager to learn about subjects that hadn’t
interested me in the past. He taught me how to approach things
from a new perspective.
Marc K. Meybaum
Christian Brothers Academy
Ivi Demi
Catskill High School
Catskill Central School District
Through her unique and enjoyable style of teaching, I not only
learned how to analyze the many works we’ve read but also how to
develop viewpoints and interpretations of my own which I was able
to back up with textual evidence. What Ms. Ferrara has taught me
will extend far beyond high school and for that I thank her.
An excellent orator and educator, Mr. Pearson has compelled me
to do as well as I can in everything I attempt throughout my life.
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Major Erickson has assisted me with developing confidence and
leadership skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life.
Brian Swanhall
Meagan Mnich
Cohoes High School
Cohoes City School District
Kevin Klembczyk
Clayton A. Bouton High School
Voorheesville Central School District
April Levy
Kevin has earned a 97 average in the most demanding
curriculum offered. Natural intelligence and dedication
along with a genuine, respectful and tolerant character
defines this young man. Captain of the varsity soccer,
basketball and baseball teams, he is also president of Honor
Society and vice-president of Student Government. Kevin
has the intellectual ability, natural empathy and integrity to
make tremendous contributions.
Mrs. Levy has made a lasting impact of me as a motivating
teacher as well as a sincere and caring mentor, both in and outside
of the classroom.
Dr. Cheryl Isles
Hannah serves on the editorial board of the school literary
magazine and has attended the New England Young
Writers’, St. Lawrence Young Writers’ and the Pen in Hand
Writers’ Conferences. She is involved in Music, Drama and
Science Clubs. She is a member of the volleyball, indoor
track, outdoor track field team, as well as National Honor
Society and Academic Challenge Team. Hannah is the
valedictorian of the Class of 2008.
Meagan is the valedictorian of the Class of 2008. She is a
member of the National Honor Society and president of both
the Student Council and Science Club and a member of the
French Club. As a junior, Meagan was the recipient of the
RPI Medal. This year Meagan received third place/honors
at the University at Albany’s Eastern Section Junior Sciences
and Humanities Symposium in the category of general
biology and environmental science.
Mr. Swanhall has always challenged and pushed me to do my
best. His constant encouragement and enthusiasm has helped me
to excel as a musician and student.
Dr. Isles’ passion for knowledge and research is infectious.
Her dedication to science and success has sparked my interest in
pursuing a science related career.
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Mark Pearson
Chatham Central High School
Chatham Central School District
Andre was born in Germany, skipped eighth grade and is
graduating among the top of the class. He challenges himself with the most rigorous curriculum and is a member of
the National Honor Society. Andre plays tennis, volleyball
and runs cross country. He is fascinated with world history,
loves to write on philosophical subjects and relishes discussion on any topic.
Major David Erickson
Cobleskill-Richmondville High School
Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School District
Andre Kiesel
Ivi’s scholastic record is superlative and his extracurricular
involvements are varied and eclectic. Ivi is one of the highest
ranking scholars and has Cornell or Yale in his academic future.
He is president of the senior class, co-president of Interact,
an Odyssey of the Mind Gold medalist, Rotary Youth Leader
Fellow, Bausch & Lomb Award winner, RPI Medal recipient
and Capital Region Champion of Character Honoree.
Marc attended Boys’ State, is a member of the National
Honor Society, a published poet, team captain and league
all-star in ice hockey and lacrosse and participates in campus ministry. To attain his goal of becoming Cadel Colonel,
he improved every aspect of his life through sustained
perseverance, becoming a well-rounded individual who is
athletic, excels academically, is a good leader and morally
and emotionally strong.
Hannah Trees
Lorraine Ferrara
Kevin Ho
Colonie Central High School
South Colonie Central School District
Barry Witte
Kevin is an enthusiastic student who is truly a visionary. He
is always one step ahead. He is ahead of you in conversation, working on a robotic project and his peers in the classroom. He is looking forward to college where he can cultivate his creativity, passion and curiosity in an atmosphere
where those things are precious and valued.
In Mr. Witte’s class I never failed to find challenges. I strongly
believe that my experience in class will help me for years to come.
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Alexander Lee
Thomas Kachadurian
Craig Rovito
Colonie Central High School
South Colonie Central School District
Jill Durant
Alex is a thoughtful, independent, honest and an exceptionally dedicated young man. His positive attitude and work
ethic has set him apart from others. He is a hard working
student who is always striving to improve his intellectual
capabilities. Alex is a scholar athlete, member of the
National Honor Society, Key Club and treasurer of the
Student Senate. Alex has been an asset to the school.
Craig is a gifted person who contributes time and energy
to school organizations such as Natural Helpers and Honor
Society. In addition to being an outstanding student, he was
vice-president of the class for four years. Craig influences
everyone around him and now has the opportunity to
contribute more to his community as he was accepted to
the Siena/Albany Med Program.
Mr. Kachadurian taught me that to be successful I must not only
work hard but take risks, be confident and enjoy every moment
in life.
Mrs. Durant’s dedication and encouragement caused me to strive
for excellence. As a counselor, she didn’t give me formulas but
rather the tools for life.
Lauren Hannmann
Samantha Lillpopp
Columbia High School
East Greenbush Central School District
Cindy Taylor
Lauren has taken a challenging course load including AP
classes in biology, physics, American history, world history,
English and two foreign languages. She participated in
science research where she carried out an array of projects
including studying sleep disorders, creating a LED shoe
logo prototype and experimenting with ceramic products.
Lauren received the Clarkson Leadership Award, is a
National Honor Society inductee and was selected as alternate to Empire Girls’ State.
My science research teacher influenced my academic focus tremendously. Her rigorous advisement throughout the course propelled me
to learn about sleep apnea, LED’s and ceramic engineering topics.
Charles Herwick
Coxsackie-Athens High School
Coxsackie-Athens Central School District
Tyler is a talented singer, musician and actor who has been
involved in all facets of our performing arts program. He
has also demonstrated leadership and dedication as a
member of the varsity tennis team, Foreign Language Club,
Masterminds, Interact Club, National Honor Society and
Student Council. Tyler plans on majoring in communications this fall.
Both inside and outside of school, my father has educated,
cultured and shaped me into the student and person that I am
Marcy Mullen
Samantha possesses all of the qualities of which teachers
aspire in their students: academic excellence, desire to be
challenged and an overwhelming positive attitude. In addition to her outstanding performance in the New Visions
Medicine and Allied Health Program, she is also carrying a
4.0 average in all five college courses she is taking.
Mrs. Mullen’s New Visions class has confirmed and inspired my
desire to become a physician capable of handling a very heavy and
challenging workload.
Carly Levett
Doane Stuart School
Robin Kay
Carly was voted Student Government president because
she is organized, smart, thoughtful, caring and determined.
Students knew that she would take her job seriously and do
everything in her power to act fairly and get things accomplished. As an exemplary student, artist and person, Carly
puts her heart into everything she does.
Mr. Kay has challenged me to think critically about each
question he poses. This method works because he knows what
questions to ask.
Wendy McAlonie
Columbia High School
East Greenbush Central School District
James plans on studying history in college. His top choices
are either Holy Cross, St. Michael’s or SUNY Binghamton.
As both history teacher and Mock Trial coach, Mrs. McAlonie has
been wonderful. Her exuberant personality and energy is always
Joan Combs
Bruce Bruno
Corinth Central School
Corinth Central School District
Joan currently ranks first in the senior class with an overall
average of 93.69. She has been a member of the National
Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society and Math/
Science Honor Society. Joan has also participated on the
varsity volleyball team. Additionally Joan was the recipient of the Clarkson University Achieve Award and the RIT
Computing Medal.
Mr. Bruno is a teacher that I will remember my entire life. He is
fun, energetic and believes in every one of his students.
John David Ganther
Thomas Reiter
Duanesburg Central Jr. Sr. High School
Duanesburg Central School District
John David is very active in both school and local theater
productions, as well as a valuable volunteer in many
organizations. He is a member of Student Council, Masterminds team, choir and band. He is enrolled in the New
Visions Honors Program in Communications. John David is
planning to attend Emerson College with a major in musical
With Mr. Reiter’s guidance, I became a grammar and literary
element fiend, analyzing and enjoying everything I read. Now I
write fluidly and have a high appreciation for literature.
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Tyler Herwick
Columbia-Greene Educational Center
Questar III
James Curtin
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Colonie Central High School
South Colonie Central School District
Page 10
Kevin Lewis
Austin Hogan
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Fonda-Fultonville High School
Fonda-Fultonville Central School District
Kevin is a scholar, winning the Susan B. Anthony Award
for outstanding achievement in social sciences, having the
highest grades on both the US history and global history
exams and highest average in chemistry award. He is an
athlete, an avider soccer player as well as a coach and
referee for the Youth Soccer Program. He is a musician,
playing first chair saxophone and winning a best soloist
award in the jazz band.
Mr. Hogan challenges me not only to grasp concepts taught in
the classroom but also to further explore the applications of those
Erik C. Kuntzsch
Fort Plain Jr. Sr. High School
Fort Plain Central School District
Jay D. Jarabek
Erik, the valedictorian of the class, is planning on pursuing
a major in biological sciences. He is not only an extremely
gifted student but is also a three sport athlete who was
named New York State Sportsman of the Year at the Class C
Baseball Championship game. Recognized for his positive
and optimistic attitude about life, he has effectively served
the class as president since the seventh grade.
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Mr. Jarabek was my instructor in Living Environment and
AP biology. He has the ability to make the most complex topic
Anna Caffry
Glens Falls High School
Glens Falls City School District
Annmarie Cipollo
Anna is involved in a variety of activities including Georgia
Adams Hi-Y, AFS and the Girls’ Day Leadership Program.
She was a freshmen orientation leader and participates in
varsity soccer. Anna spent the fall semester of junior year as
an exchange student in France. She hopes to attend medical
school following college graduation.
My French teacher, Ms. Cipollo, sparked a love of foreign
languages and traveling and supported me when I studied abroad.
goes here
Jack Woodward
Fort Ann Central School
Fort Ann Central School District
Laurene McKenna
Jack has maintained a 91 average while pursuing a very
rigorous curriculum and ranks fourth in the class. He is also
an excellent athlete and played on sectional championship
teams in soccer and baseball. Additionally, Jack has been
an integral part of the school and local communities being
involved in National Honor Society, Adopt-a-Highway, Boy
Scouts, Veterans’ Breakfast and church.
Mikayla Consalvo
Candace Schaperjahn
Fort Edward High School
Fort Edward Union Free School District
Mikayla is the valedictorian of the class. She is in the
National Honor Society, Student Council, Math League,
SADD, Youth Court, varsity bowling, varsity track, varsity
cheerleading for basketball and football. She placed second
in the American League Oratorical Contest. Mikayla will
attend the College of St. Rose with a major in education.
I never really thought myself a good math student. But Ms.
McKenna’s encouragement helped me realize my potential.
Mrs. Schaperjahn possesses all of the traits I hope to one day have
as an educator. She is kind, demands the best from students and
brings a genuine enthusiasm for English to the classroom every
Elizabeth DeLuca
Brittany Renee Peters
Galway High School
Galway Central School District
Kristin Ostrander
Elizabeth is an active member of 4-H, the school’s literary
magazine and the National Honor Society. She is also president of SADD and editor of the school newspaper. Elizabeth
is the youth representative for the Eastern Regional Draft
Horse Association and she also shows horses on the local
hunter/jumper circuit.
Mrs. Ostrander has been a role model to me, encouraging my
interest in journalism and selflessly giving up her time to make
the most of mine.
Guy Sawyer
Glens Falls High School
Glens Falls City School District
Maureen Sara
Guy’s consistent academic achievement is reflected in his
designation as an AP scholar, National Merit Commended
Student and Scholar Athlete. Of particular interest to Guy
are topics of environmental protection, foreign cultures,
health and fitness. Following graduation, Guy plans to tour
the country on his bicycle before enrolling in college where
he will likely study linguistics and/or anthropology.
Mrs. Sara helped me mature as a writer and individual thinker.
Her guidance and structure have given me a new outlook on life.
Germantown Central School
Germantown Central School District
Karen Katz
Brittany is the class valedictorian. She has held offices in
SADD, National Honor Society and been class president in
tenth and eleventh grades. Brittany has been an active
participant in the school’s Friends Program assisting elementary students over the past four years.
Over the past two years Ms. Katz has inspired me to pursue a
career in education through her unique teaching methods.
Sarah Albanese
Steve VanArnum
Gloversville High School
Gloversville Enlarged School District
Sarah is highly involved in the National Honor Society.
She has been involved in Girl Scouts, performing numerous
community service projects and has also been a candy
striper at the hospital. She plans to study psychology at
Mr. VanArnum’s passion for the subject he taught made me realize how important it is to do what you love.
Page 11
Emily A. Savlov
Leonard Martin
Emily is currently ranked first in the class. She is planning
on attending college majoring in biology. While in high
school, Emily was involved in soccer, indoor/outdoor track,
Key Club and Student Government.
Mr. Martin has seen my potential in and out of class and that
has translated into my academic and personal success throughout
high school.
Alison Clark
Granville Central School
Granville Central School District
David Cosey
Throughout her high school career, Alison has challenged
herself with an intense and difficult curriculum. She has
continued to challenge herself in senior year by enrolling
in two AP courses, an Honors course and an additional
college level course. Alison has maintained an impressive
grade point average of over 96 and has been inducted in the
National Honor Society. She is also currently ranked second
in the class.
Mr. Cosey is dedicated and enthusiastic about the subjects he
teaches. His energetic attitude inspired and motivated me to work
hard and achieve my goals.
Alix Broomfield
Greenwich Central High School
Greenwich Central School District
Mike Sgambelluri
Alix has challenged herself with the most rigorous
curriculum. She has earned the New York State Award for
Academic Excellence, NYS Byrd Scholarship, RPI Medal,
Kodak Young Leaders Award and several scholar athlete
awards. She plays ice hockey, throws shot put and teaches
martial arts.
Mr. Sgambelluri has influenced me as an attentive instructor and
mentor. He has aided me in the exploration and pursuit of my
intended major.
Guilderland High School
Guilderland Central School District
Michael Pipa
Kathryn is an outstanding student who consistently
challenges herself. As president of the symphony orchestra,
she has demonstrated superior leadership and organization
skills. She helped develop the district’s bullying
awareness policy and is involved in several outreach
programs through the church. Humanistic and caring by
nature, she has a strong desire to teach math and give back
to the community.
Mr. Pipa taught me to find deeper meaning in novels, movies
and other media. He has helped me along the path to discovering
Guilderland High School
Guilderland Central School District
Noreen Benton
Because of his stellar academic achievement, Karl has been
chosen as a National Merit semi-finalist. In addition to his
demanding academic schedule, he devotes a significant
amount of time as a talented musician, president of
National Honor Society and student representative for
Building Cabinet. Karl would like to pursue an engineering
career working on alternative energies.
Dr. Benton allowed me to find my voice in writing and helped me
to grow both as a student and person.
Bethany Liebig
Hartford Central School
Hartford Central School District
Sue Friday
Greenville Central School
Greenville Central School District
Tadhg Russell
Elizabeth is a dedicated member of Student Council, SADD,
National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, Interact
and is the student representative on the high school shared
decision making team. She is also president of National
Honor Society and Student Council.
Mr. Russell has provided me with all of the resources that I’ve
needed to do well in high school. His classroom is always full of
laughter, allowing all of the students to learn and enjoy class.
Yifan Chen
Guilderland High School
Guilderland Central School District
Richard Arnold
Yifan is an outstanding student who has been recognized
for his achievements as a National Merit finalist and Dartmouth Book Award recipient. As president of Key Club,
he is a strong advocate for assisting others in need. He is a
person of character and integrity and believes one person
can make a difference in the world.
Mr. Arnold’s enthusiasm and energy, not to mention worldly
knowledge, make his class incredibly enjoyable and educational.
He is an astounding teacher.
Erin Madigan
Hoosic Valley Jr. Sr. High School
Hoosic Valley Central School District
Eric O’Brien
Celebrating a skill, bumping a screen, snagging a fly ball are
all activities that encompassed some of Bethany’s time
during her varsity volleyball, basketball and softball
seasons. She is intelligent, multi-talented, thoughtful and
community oriented. Participating in the New Visions
Health Careers Program has reaffirmed her desire to attend
Cornell University to become a veterinarian.
Erin has completed her senior year requirements by
attending a local college full-time. In addition she has been
very involved in school activities including musicals,
athletics and service organizations. She served in
leadership positions in SADD and Foreign Language Club.
Erin’s community involvement includes extensive work
in church youth groups. She plans to prepare for a career
in education as an English teacher.
Mrs. Friday is the crucible that drives me to clearly express
myself with words.
Mr. O’Brien taught me to never give up. With his help, I learned
how dedication and hard work can lead to success.
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Kathryn Matthews
Karl Barber
Elizabeth M. Snyder
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Gloversville High School
Gloversville Enlarged School District
Page 12
Erin McGuire
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Hoosick Falls Central School
Hoosick Falls Central School District
Jay O’Brien
Hudson Falls High School
Hudson Falls Central School District
Thomas Sliva
Erin is ranked in the top of the class with a GPA of 96.
She will graduate with an Advanced Regents Diploma
with Honors designation. She has taken AP chemistry,
AP physics and AP calculus. She has been a member of the
National Honor Society and Student Council since 2005 and
is currently treasurer. She won the RPI Medal and several
scholarship awards.
Ryan is ranked number one in the Class of 2008. His
involvements include National Honor Society, Teens
Against Tobacco Use, captain of the varsity basketball team
and numerous community volunteer efforts. Ryan has
been accepted under the Early Decision Program at Albany
College of Pharmacy where he plans to pursue a Doctor of
Pharmacy degree.
Mr. O’Brien has the ability to relate lessons to easily understandable topics.
Mr. Sliva is an extraordinary teacher because he wants to educate
students on the curriculum and on how to be prepared for life
after high school.
Rishi Khullar
Travis Bevington
Ichabod Crane High School
Ichabod Crane Central School District
James Beattie
Rishi is truly an accelerated student. He was promoted from
grade 7 to 9, and the absence of grade 8 had no adverse
effects since he will be the valedictorian of the Class of 2008.
He is extremely active in National Honor Society, band,
chorale, Boy Scouts, John Hopkins Center for Talented
Youth, karate and many volunteer community service
When I first met Mr. Beattie, I could not form intelligible words
out of fear. However, by constantly challenging me, he transformed that shyness into courage.
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Ryan Armstrong
Matthew Madden
Lansingburgh High School
Lansingburgh Central School District
James Wager
Matthew is valedictorian of the Class of 2008. He has
excelled in the most rigorous academic AP and college
courses. Matt has made invaluable contributions to the
school community through his participation in Student
Government, ‘Better Burgh Club, GSA, athletic teams
and peer tutoring program. He has also made notable
contributions to the community through Habitat for
Humanity and Literary Volunteers of Rensselaer County.
Johnstown High School
Greater Johnstown School District
Meredith Fagan
Travis is ranked first in the class and has a cumulative GPA
of 98.2. He is a two sport varsity athlete competing for the
boys’ soccer and track teams. In addition to his academic
and athletic success, Travis serves as president of the
National Honor Society and secretary of the Class of 2008.
Although Mrs. Fagan, a passionate English teacher, and I, an avid
math/science student, have very different perspectives, what I’ve
learned from her can be applied not only to English studies but
also to life in general. Her ideas allowed me to broaden my own.
Matthew Castellana
LaSalle Institute
Virginia Maffia-Tobler
Matthew is a National Merit finalist as well as valedictorian
of the class. Outside of school, Matthew participates in
many activities. He is captain of the Masterminds team as
well as co-captain of the Mock Trial team. He is currently
working on his Eagle Scout project.
Mrs. Maffia-Tobler has helped me become more receptive to the
world of literature, drama and arts.
Candace Lucke
Regina Libruk
Hudson High School
Hudson City School District
Candace has an obvious love of learning and is respected
by peers and teachers. She is valedictorian, president of
National Honor Society, secretary of the class, yearbook
editor and captain of the athletic team. She is an accomplished runner and soccer standout. She is an asset because
she is a team player who encourages her peers. Besides her
intelligence and talents in academics and sports, Candace is
a talented artist who has won many awards.
Mrs. Libruk has made a major difference in my education by challenging me to always do my absolute best. She has pushed and
helped me to achieve my goals.
Monika LaPlante
Greg Luckenbaugh
Lake George Central School
Lake George Central School District
Monika is an energetic leader. A member of the 2008 Lake
George Honor Group, Monika maintains a 96 GPA. She
has served as an officer in Effective Schools and Student
Council and is currently National Honor Society president.
She is a member of Yearbook Committee, AV Club,
Knowledge Masters and Astronomy Club. As a flutiest, she
has performed in All-County Band and the Northeast Music
Festival. Monika has also earned varsity letters in field
hockey and tennis.
As class advisor and teacher, Mr. Luckenbaugh has been a large part
of my school career and has helped me get to where I am today.
Emily Engish
Loudonville Christian School
Sandra Johnson
Emily is a National Honor Society student and valedictorian. Her SAT score is a 2230 and has a perfect 100 average.
She has won the RPI Medal for outstanding achievement in
math and science and the Certificate of Merit from the
Society of Women Engineers. Emily’s school activities
include band, Mock Trial, Drama Club and soccer. Emily
plans on attending either Grove City College or Wheaton
College majoring in physics.
Mrs. Johnson is an excellent teacher inspiring diligence and love
of learning in all students. She is an incredible leader in faith and
character and has influenced me deeply.
Mr. Wager has provided a perspective on political science which
encourages me to constantly research for the true movers of
Page 13
Lauren Strainge
Carole Lovelett
Lauren is the top ranked student whose academic honors
include achieving National Merit Commended Student
status, induction into National Honor Society, recipient of the
Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award, Clarkson Leadership Award and New York State Academic Excellence Award.
She is a long time member of Girl Scouts and has earned the
Gold Award. She is active in Student Council, Math League,
jazz band, International Club and Science Olympiad and
editor of the school newspaper as well as for Key Club.
Mrs. Lovelett’s classroom was always buzzing with activity and
laughter. Her encouragement helped me to overcome my shyness
and instilled in me a great love of learning.
Cassandra Lloyd
Walter Mark Truesdell
Middleburgh Central School
Middleburgh Central School District
Cassie is a model citizen and an integral part of the school
community. Not only is she involved in varsity sports,
but she also takes part in school plays and clubs including
National Honor Society. Everyday Cassie arrives at school
with a smile, strong work ethic and determination to
succeed. It is these qualities that make her admired by
students and faculty alike. She plans to major in business
Samantha Amell
Suzanne Schermerhorn
Mayfield Jr. Sr. High School
Mayfield Central School District
Lisa Hart
Brittany exudes confidence, competence and enthusiasm.
She is well grounded, works well with others, takes a
leadership role in class and is a pleasure to have in class.
Brittany relates comfortably and compassionately with
patients in the New Visions Program. She has the academic
ability and drive to be successful in any path that she will
choose for her future.
What Mrs. Hart has done for me: encouraged, inspired, uplifted,
built my confidence, humored me, cared, excited and pushed me to
become a better student.
Michael Daley
Sean has maintained a 90 or above average while taking a
number of AP and Honors courses. He will graduate as the
valedictorian of the Class of 2008. Sean has also developed
his leadership skills through several youth conferences and
soccer and bowling teams. Sean plans to attend RPI and
eventually become a marine biologist.
Mrs. Schermerhorn always provides the atmosphere and tools that
students need to pursue their interest in foreign language and is
always available for questions and extra help.
I feel that I have really opened up in Mr. Daley’s class. My
vocabulary, writing and overall ability to speak has improved. I
am more capable now than ever before to become a leader.
Krystle Gallo
Jacqueline Gunn
George Reluzco
Mohonasen High School
Rotterdam-Mohonasen Central School District
As the valedictorian of the class, Krystle puts 100% into
each and every task set before her. She is pursuing a career
in engineering and displays the motivation, skill and
leadership required to excel in this field. In the fall she
hopes to attend RPI.
Jessica Westervelt
Mohonasen High School
Rotterdam-Mohonasen Central School District
Jackie is an energetic student with a great sense of humor.
She is an intelligent student to whom good grades come
naturally. She is very involved at church, enjoys music and
attending concerts. Jackie will be attending SUNY IT this
fall to pursue a career in nursing.
Mr. Reluzco is an exceptional educator who not only taught me
information but also motivated me to explore and pursue a career
in engineering.
Constantly smiling, Ms. Westervelt inspires everyone she meets.
Her optimism and encouragement have taught me to love learning
and have had a profound impact on my education.
Kristyn Arrighi
Holly Dykstra
Glenn Giumarra
New Lebanon Jr. Sr. High School
New Lebanon Central School District
Kristyn’s reputation as a motivated, ambitious student is
well documented and highly deserved. She has excelled
in every course offered at our school. Although Kristyn’s
academic prowess is prominent, her unselfish volunteerism
and community service better reflect her personality and
character. While many students are able to fill a transcript
with scores and activities, few can match Kristyn’s steadfast
and amiable personality. She exemplifies character, poise,
loyalty and leadership.
Mr. Giumarra is a great teacher whose high expectations push
students to succeed. His sense of humor makes his classes
enjoyable and keeps students interested.
Niskayuna High School
Niskayuna Central School District
Joseph Carosella
A top student in the class, Holly was elected to leadership
positions in German Club (president) and Drama Club
(vice-president). Selected to be a Natural Helper, she exemplifies someone who gives back to the school and community while maintaining a remarkable GPA. Talented in the
area of musical theatre as well, Holly has given of her time
and talents there also. She will study foreign languages or
science in college.
Although Mr. Carosella is a truly gifted teacher of German, he has
influenced me most in aspects reaching beyond this subject. He
has made me a better person and I want to thank him for that.
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Myers Education Center
Mechanicville High School
Mechanicville Public School District
Sam is a unique individual who is very gifted academically
and extremely self-motivated. She is a talented writer and
poet. She has pursued both Spanish and French languages
as well as American sign language. As an early admit
student at FMCC this year, she will be earning her
Associates degree as well as her school diploma.
Over the past three years Mr. Truesdell has always pushed me to
strive for excellence and to never settle for being just good enough.
Brittany Enekes
Sean O’Brien
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Maple Hill High School
Schodack Central School District
Page 14
Thomas Kolman
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Niskayuna High School
Niskayuna Central School District
Angela Netoskie
Thomas has been vice-president of the Class of 2008 for
four years. He was nominated to serve as a Natural Helper.
Through this program he assists students who may be
having difficulties. His interests include running track,
playing cello and participating in community service
activities. Thomas plans to attend college to study business.
Mrs. Netoskie is passionate about what she teaches and strives to
be the best she can be. She excels at communicating her knowledge
to students.
Alexandra Chico
Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons High School
Albany Catholic Diocese
Linda Neidl
Academically Alexandra has successfully taken and
excelled in Honors courses and AP curriculum. She has
contributed her time and efforts through numerous service
activities, athletic teams and social clubs. Alexandra is the
valedictorian of the class and is the recipient of the
following accolades: Harvard Book Award, Principal’s List,
Science Award, Social Studies Award and merit awards.
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
My eleventh grade English teacher, Mrs. Neidl, has had a great
impact on my life. She not only helped me grow intellectually
but also as a person. I admire her dedication to teaching and am
thankful to have been in her class.
Jacob Hyer
Matthew Miller
Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk High School
Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District
Jacob is truly excited about learning and passionate about
science in particular. Jake excelled in the science program
and expanded his horizons by participating in a summer
internship program in nanotechnology. He was accepted
into the New Visions Program in Scientific Research and
World Health. Jake rounds out his academic talents by
participating in football, wrestling, track and soccer.
Noah Dingman
Bernard McCann
North Warren Jr. Sr. High School
North Warren Central School District
Noah is a versatile, hardworking National Honor Society
student who is well-rounded in his pursuits. He has focus
and drive to establish significant goals and accomplishes
them with distinction. Noah has been a key component
for the cross country running, cross country ski and tennis
teams having earned recognition in each. He has served
as both vice-president and president of the class and is a
SADD member.
Mr. McCann has been one of the most influential people in my
life. He has been more than a teacher, he has been a friend.
Andrew J. Kaier
Susan Beadle
Queensbury High School
Queensbury Union Free School District
Heather Nelson
Northville Central School
Northville Central School District
Warren Hoffman
Heather is an accomplished athlete and excels academically. She is president of the Girls’ Athletic Association
and National Honor Society. Her extracurricular activities
include yearbook editor, playing trombone in the band and
she attended the All-County Music Festival for three years.
She plans to major in biochemistry.
Mr. Hoffman has made my learning more interactive and
interesting. Through his teaching I have been able to learn
much more than just the text.
E. Katherine Nenninger
Queensbury High School
Queensbury Union Free School District
Kathleen Fisch
Andy is a member of both varsity baseball and football
teams and school orchestra. He sets a positive example for
the entire student body through his commitment to teamwork. He has a great love of math and science and strives to
understand their complexities. With perfect scores on both
of his New York State math regents exams, it is clear that
Andy has an affinity for critical thinking that will certainly
take him far.
Katherine is ranked first in the class. She has challenged
herself with nearly every Honors and AP course available.
She has been acting treasurer of the National Honor Society,
recipient of the prestigious Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership
Award and a four-time NYSPHSAA Scholar Athlete. As a
three-sport varsity athlete and multi-dimensional school/
community service activist, Katherine has displayed
maturity and commitment well beyond her age.
Beyond being a highly talented and intelligent educator,
Ms. Beadle takes a genuine care and interest in my life and has
challenged me to reach my potential.
Mrs. Fisch has always been available to offer information, support
and encouragement. Her guidance has helped me grow personally
and academically.
Robert N. McDonald
Hilary A. Campione
Rensselaer High School
Rensselaer City School District
Linda Kennedy
Robbie is the type of student who attends regularly,
completes all assignments to the best of his ability and adds
insightful comments during classroom discussions. He is
a hard worker and participates in several extracurricular
Ms. Kennedy has had a positive impact on my passion for math
because of her profound expertise and dedication to teaching.
Mr. Miller has been very influential to my education. He was one
of the first teachers to get me excited about science in high school.
Zale Benton
St. Johnsville Jr. Sr. High School
St. Johnsville Central School District
Hilary is an amazing young woman with endless potential.
She has achieved many of the personal and academic goals
she has set for herself. She goes above and beyond what is
expected of her in academics, extracurricular events and
volunteer work. She will be attending Elmira College where
she plans to major in criminal justice.
Mrs. Benton has been an inspiration to me because of her
encouraging advice and unfailing belief in my abilities.
Thank you so much for everything!
Page 15
Daniel Rosmus
Chris Fronhofer
Daniel is ranked number one in the class. He maintains a
94 GPA while taking four AP courses. Daniel is a member
of the National Honor Society and is the recipient of the
Bausch & Lomb Science Award as well as the Rensselaer
Medal. Daniel has the highest individual score on the
school’s math team and is a member of the Post Star Bowl
team. He also participates in soccer and jazz band.
Mr. Fron’s willingness to go out of his way and his creative
teaching techniques have helped me to excel in an area I once considered a weakness.
Jeffrey Pawlick
Stephen Cotts
Saratoga Springs High School
Saratoga Springs City School District
Duncan Boehle
Christopher Shanks
Saratoga Springs High School
Saratoga Springs City School District
Duncan is a very inquisitive and outgoing student whose
diverse interests and activities come from a passion to be
challenged and experience new things. He is a dedicated
member of Drama Club, multiple music groups,
Inventeams and Science Bowl. He plans to study
computational physics, math, music, theater and writing
in order to design and develop video games as a career.
Mr. Shanks has influenced me to never stop inquiring, to never
settle for just what is expected of me and that the constant struggle for greater knowledge always pays off.
Angela Ferrari
Schalmont High School
Schalmont Central School District
Lorinda Gandrow
Angela is ranked first in the class. She has been involved
in many extracurricular activities in leadership roles as a
mentor and chairperson through Key Pals Mentoring,
assistant teacher for Science Day, Key Club, Fusion Gay
Straight Alliance and International Club. She is a member
of both National Honor Society and English Honor Society
and has held a position as an officer in both.
Mr. Cotts not only passionately teaches students, but also makes
them want to learn. I have been incredibly fortunate to have him
as a role model.
Mrs. Gandrow has inspired me to work hard and always exude
confidence. Her determination and passion motivated me to
dedicate myself to my studies and helping others.
Emily F. Carbone
Marie Phillips
Schenectady High School
Schenectady City School District
Colleen Wygal
Emily will be graduating as an IB diploma candidate.
Matching her thirst for knowledge in her studies is her love
of music. Emily has played flute for six years and participated in the Saratoga Youth Orchestra for the last three. She
has also participated in the National Honor Society, French
Club, Litmag and the Tri-M Music Honor Society.
Ms. Wygal is the most motivating teacher I’ve had. She has been
an amazing mentor. All of her students appreciate her support,
enthusiasm and love of language.
William Ziskin
Schenectady High School
Schenectady City School District
Saratoga Springs High School
Saratoga Springs City School District
Eugene Lees
The winner of the Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science
Award, Kenneth recently finished a research project
exploring the possibility of deriving ethanol from an
invasive species of algae. He plays trombone in the school
jazz ensemble and runs on the varsity track and cross
country teams.
With a genuine enthusiasm for US history, Mr. Lees has taught
me to think critically about the people and events of the past and
to use this approach to reflect upon today’s society.
Sarah Elizabeth Child
Schenectady Christian School
Evelyn Rybaltowski
Sarah will graduate as the valedictorian of the Class of 2008.
Participating in varsity basketball for four years, Sarah won
this year’s top scholar athlete award for the Western Athletic Conference (WAC). She also was named the WAC South
MVP and the Dunkin Donuts player of the week. Sarah
has also been active in Student Government and National
Honor Society.
Mrs. Rybaltowski has been a source of constant encouragement
and has challenged me to reach a higher level in my writing and
critical analysis.
Dylan Simms
Schenectady High School
Schenectady City School District
Noura Badawi
Marie is ranked first in the class and is an IB diploma
candidate. She has shown great talent both on and off stage
as a valued member of Schenectady’s John Sayles School
of Fine Arts Blue Roses Theatre Company. She is a member
of National Honor Society, Amnesty International and
volunteers extensively for numerous causes. Marie received
the Harvard Book Award.
Dylan will graduate with an IB diploma and is currently
ranked as number two in the class. He has had work
published in the Daily Gazette and writes for the school
newspaper. Dylan has been actively involved as a member
of the National Honor Society, vice-president of Best
Buddies, lawyer on the Mock Trial team, varsity soccer,
tennis and cross country.
In the five years I’ve known Mr. Ziskin, he’s been a constant
source of wisdom and humor. He always pushes me to do it better.
Ms. Badawi eased my transition to high school while providing a
curriculum that was challenging and interesting. Without her my
high school experience would have been much different.
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Jeffrey is an aspiring intellectual whose interests run
through and beyond his high school community. He plays
varsity football and baseball and is captain of the Science
Bowl team. He is also treasurer of Honor Society and plays
viola and keyboards in a rock band. Jeffrey enjoys participating in the Inventeam. He received a grant project from
MIT to develop a soil testing and analyzing device.
Kenneth Hammond
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Salem Central School
Salem Central School District
Page 16
Lindsay Stolzenburg
Tom Clayton
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Schoharie Central School
Schoharie Central School District
Schuylerville Jr. Sr. High School
Schuylerville Central School District
David Zielnicki
Lindsay has participated in a variety of activities including
junior varsity and varsity volleyball, the annual high school
musicals, Ski Club, Journalism Club, Philosophy Club, choir
and band, where she is the clarinet section leader. Lindsay
also enjoys tutoring younger students. She plans to pursue
a major in biology.
Matthew is an exceptional student and a person of great
character who has made a lasting impression upon students
and staff. He is a focused, goal-oriented student who has
chosen to maximize his impressive academic ability.
Matthew has also been a great role model who leads by
excellent example.
Mr. Clayton’s teaching methods have helped me to become a better
writer, while his compassion and enthusiasm have inspired me to
reach for my goals.
Mr. Z encourages different perspectives and is always willing
to go the extra mile for students in need. This makes me feel
respected as a student.
Ben Wegener
Meghan Brady
Cheryl Ferraro
Scotia-Glenville High School
Scotia-Glenville Central School District
Ben has been a member of the High Honor Roll throughout
high school, the recipient of the President’s Volunteer
Service Award, a very active member of the Governor’s
Initiative for Voluntary Excellence and a member of the
National Honor Society as well as Business and Marketing
Honor Society. Ben is also active in the Temple and youth
group serving many roles.
Mrs. Ferraro has not only been an outstanding teacher but a
source of musical inspiration and great friend over the past six
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Matthew Malin
Marissa Kewley
Weldon Culp
Shaker High School
North Colonie Central School District
Marissa won the Smith College Book Award, Scholar Athlete Award and is a member of the National Honor Society
for outstanding scholarship, leadership, service and character. Beyond academics, Marissa is a talented musician, athlete and also a champion synchronized swimmer. Marissa
volunteers for worthwhile causes like the Ronald McDonald
House, Red Cross and Hurricane Katrina Relief.
I credit Mr. Culp with the enhancement of my analytical skills.
My future career will benefit from the expanded problem solving
methods I was taught in his physics class.
Hope Dils
Meghan has been recognized as an AP scholar and National
Merit Commended Student. She has a 97 unweighted grade
point average which places her in the top 5% of the class.
Meghan is a four-year member of the tennis team and an
assistant editor of the yearbook. She also volunteers at the
Ronald McDonald House serving on the teen board.
Mrs. Dils has improved my writing, increased my appreciation
for English and has made me more confident in expressing myself.
Sharon Springs Central School
Sharon Springs Central School District
James Giammattei
Scotia-Glenville High School
Scotia-Glenville Central School District
Jillian is attending New Visions Health Program. A dedicated student, she is number one in the class. A New York State
champion in cross country, she has participated in indoor/
outdoor track, cardiac classic, Freihofer Run for Women
and volunteers at other track venues. As a volunteer,
Jillian has been involved in National Honor Society,
French Club, band, GIVE, Baptist Retirement Center,
Regional Food Bank, City Mission and at the church.
Mr. Giammattei has had a lasting impact on my life. His classes
consist of much more than just math. He prepared us for the
Shaker High School
North Colonie Central School District
Stephanie Goodwin
Jillian King
Carrie Cary
Ryan Gardner
Shaker High School
North Colonie Central School District
Pamela Rosi
Ryan has earned a grade point average of 97 which places
him within the top 5% of the class. He is a member of the
National Honor Society and recipient of the Williams College Book Award. Ryan is a member of the varsity basketball team. He is one of the students responsible for organizing the chemistry peer-tutoring program. He consistently
provides outstanding leadership.
Mrs. Rosi teaches students how to think about physics and the
world in a different way. She connects with students as an educator and friend and is passionate about teaching.
Emily Cusick
Catherine Curvin
Shenendehowa High School
Shenendehowa Central School District
Stephanie is both a good student academically and very
involved in extracurricular activities. She is a member of
National Honor Society, select chorus, All-County Choir,
musical productions, varsity soccer, Notebook editor,
church canter and International Irish dancer.
Mrs. Cary makes learning mathematics fun and entertaining. She
always recognizes students’ full potential and is willing to help
them achieve their best work.
Emily is a natural leader and kindhearted member of the
school community. Beyond holding an unweighted GPA of
97.326, Emily served as a Student Senate representative for
four years, Class of 2008 vice-president for three years and
captain of varsity volleyball team. Emily is a National Merit
Scholarship Commended Student and has been chosen
as New York’s Delegate to the United States Senate Youth
Mrs. Curvin has helped me appreciate literature and become a
confident writer. She is my supporter and mentor both inside and
outside of the classroom.
Page 17
Sarah Durocher
Gabriela August
Sarah has consistently taken Honors and AP level courses
and has maintained a 97.7 GPA. She is currently treasurer
of the Teen Activity Board and representative for the Board
of Directors for Captain. Sarah has attended the National
Young Leaders Conference and the Leader Spark Program.
She has been involved with Class Council and is a member
of the National Honor Society. Sarah hopes to pursue a
career in occupational or physical therapy.
Jamie Hartle
Bridget Ciulla
Shenendehowa High School
Shenendehowa Central School District
A member of the National Honor Society, Jamie maintains a
97.2 average taking numerous Honors level courses. Extracurricular activities include Yearbook Club editor, French
Club secretary, Class Council, Teen Activity Board volunteer, Youth Ballet Company School of the Arts and church
volunteer. Jamie works summers at dance camps passing
her passions of dance onto young children.
Mrs. August sparked my interest in biology. She taught me many
important lessons and helped me decide to pursue my education
in occupational therapy.
Mrs. Ciulla is very encouraging and motivating toward all of her
students. She is a wonderful teacher and provides a welcoming
classroom environment. She has inspired me to pursue a degree in
Benjamin Davison
Thomas Riggi
Mary Mann
South Glens Falls Sr. High School
South Glens Falls Central School District
Fred Fronhofer
South Glens Falls Sr. High School
South Glens Falls Central School District
Highlights of Thomas’ accomplishments include
receiving the RPI Medal, US Marine Corps Scholastic
Excellence Award and Air Force Mathematics and Science
Award. He is an AP scholar, member of the Spanish and
National Honor Societies and vice-president of Varsity
Club. Tom serves as team captain of varsity soccer,
participates on the lacrosse and track and field teams and
volunteers in community events including the Marathon
Dance and Red Cross Blood Drive.
Mrs. Mann has made a lasting impact on my education. She has
enthusiastically provided a phenomenal learning experience that
has fueled my love of the sciences.
For the past two years, Mr. Fronhofer has fostered my interest in
mathematics by encouraging open-mindedness when approaching
problems in the classroom.
Mark J. Minick
Kristen Davenport
Shawn McClements
Stillwater Central School
Stillwater Central School District
Mark has been enrolled in the Honors program throughout
high school. He is a member of the National Honor
Society as well as the local academic honor societies of
Alpha, Omega and Aristoi. Mark has been a member of
track, golf and bowling teams each of his four years. His
college major will be chemical engineering.
Mr. McClements is the reason I love chemistry. His love of teaching and unique style make him the best teacher.
Alan Eggleston
Taconic Hills High School
Taconic Hills Central School District
Shenendehowa High School
Shenendehowa Central School District
Cindy Carey
Holli is an outstanding student who has maintained an
unweighted 97 average in an almost entirely Honors/AP
program. She was editor-in-chief of the school newspaper,
member of the winning GE Science Bowl team and selected
to participate in four college summer programs in science
and technology. Holli earned the Girl Scouts’ Gold Award
with a project in alternative energy. Through Scouts and
Key Club, she is a regular volunteer for food banks,
women’s shelter, Ronald McDonald House and numerous
other worthy causes.
Mrs. Carey fostered in me an interest in journalism that I did not
know I possessed. She encouraged me to explore my untapped talents.
Alexandra Sonnabend
Mike Sgambelluri
Southern Adirondack Education Center
Although all students who enter the New Visions
Engineering Program are academically strong, few
possess the intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge
that Alexandra has. For Alex it is not enough to get the
correct answer to a particular AP calculus or AP physics
question but she must completely understand the
underlying concepts and all related to it. She will pursue
a career in engineering and the sciences.
Mr. Sgambelluri has shown me the exciting world of engineering.
By teaching me physics and calculus simultaneously, I’ve garnered a unique understanding of the subjects.
Brandy Oswald
Tamarac High School
Brunswick Central School District
Eric Olson
Kristen is president of the senior class, has organized many
productive food drives, volunteers with Student Council,
is a member of the school band and Model United Nations,
is a student delegate for Dollars for Scholars and is a
member of the National Honor Society. Recently Kristen
was selected as the New York State Dairy Princess.
She will pursue science as her major in the fall.
As a scholar and leader, Brandy excels academically
earning a GPA of 96. She will graduate with a Regents
Diploma with Advanced Designation with Honors.
Highlights of her academic excellence include AP physics,
AP US history, calculus and French 5. Brandy is president of
National Honor Society, Class Council, Choralaires,
cheerleading captain, yearbook member and Elmira College
Key winner. Brandy will attend college majoring in French.
Mr. Eggleston, as my coach, teacher, mentor and friend, has
helped me to make high school experience successful, enlightening
and enjoyable.
Mr. Olson has helped me develop a love of learning and realize
that knowledge leads to personal growth and success.
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Benjamin’s accomplishments, in addition to academic
excellence, include being chosen to participate in People to
People Student Ambassador Program in Japan. He is Student
Government president, Drama Club treasurer, National
Thespian Society treasurer, member of the National Honor
Society (event coordinator), school newspaper, chamber choir
and the Marathon Dance Committee. Ben also volunteers at
the elementary school to help with the annual craft fair and
serves as Drama Club photographer.
Holli Monroe
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Shenendehowa High School
Shenendehowa Central School District
Page 18
Nicola Schmied
Thursday, May 8, 2008
The Albany Academies-East Campus
Britt Haas
Benjamin Alston
The Albany Academies-West Campus
James Poole
Nicola possesses a thirst for learning and appreciation of
education which is commendable. Our faculty rave of her
aptitude and love of learning; at every level she seeks to
grow, question and analyze. Obtaining high honor throughout high school, she plans to attend RPI in the fall where
she was awarded the Rensselaer Medal for outstanding
Ben has a passion for learning, especially when it comes to
all things math and science related. He has a tremendous
work ethic, his motivation coming from within and never
with the goal of attaining a certain grade or public accolade.
He is a respected member of our community, admired by
both faculty and students. Ben will make a great engineer
but more importantly he is a great person.
Ms. Haas is an extraordinary history teacher. Her high expectations have pushed me to strive for excellence and have prepared
me for my future.
Mr. Poole has been my teacher coach and advisor. He has had a
profound impact on my development as a student and person,
always encouraging me to seek my highest potential.
Taylor Farnam
Troy High School
Enlarged City School District of Troy
Amy Audino
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union
Carol Donnelly
Savanna is a very talented artist. She ranks second in the
class with an overall average of 95.6. She has maintained
this average while taking a rigorous course schedule.
Savanna has received many awards including the
Presidential Achievement Award, High Honor Roll and
awards for French, history, math and science. She plans
to attend RPI and major in computer programming.
Mrs. Donnelly gave me the most creative encouragement and
motivated me to finish the things I needed to do for college.
Troy High School
Enlarged City School District of Troy
Stas is enrolled in the Capital Region Scholars’ Program and
a member of the Masterminds team. Beyond his academic
accomplishments, he serves on the YMCA Board of Managers and participated in New York State Youth and Government, the African American and Latino Achievers Program
and attended the YMCA Conference on National Affairs.
Stas will attend Cornell University.
Mrs. Smith provided me with opportunities and advice both in
and out of the classroom which were essential to my success in
Io Bruce
Warrensburg Central School
Warrensburg Central School District
Emma is an A student in a competitive college preparation
program. She is interested in the field of communications
and has been accepted at Elmira College. She has a hand
in most clubs and organizations at school in addition to
playing varsity golf and softball. She also is on the
Gore Mountain ski team and an active member in drama
and music.
Miss Audio is inspirational and a great role model to everyone.
She genuinely cares about all of her students and never ceases to
encourage them to be all they can be.
Waterford-Halfmoon High School
Waterford-Halfmoon Union Free School District
Nancy Smith
Emma Prendeville
Taylor will graduate with an Advanced Regents with
Honors diploma. She is involved with community both in
and out of school. She is the president of the Student
Council as well as a volunteer for Equinox and the
Muscular Dystrophy Association. Taylor is a member of the
National Honor Society, a scholar athlete and recipient of
the Clarkson University Academic Achievement Award.
Savanna Evans
Stanislav (Stas) Dorokhov
Mrs. Bruce has given me courage and intellectual confidence to
think beyond ordinary ideal goals, boldly imagine and challenge
my potential to achieve greater knowledge.
Jamie Roden
Steven Leggiero
Watervliet High School
Watervliet City School District
Jamie is a multi-talented student who has excelled academically,
held leadership positions (class president-11, class secretary-10),
participated in sports (cheerleading-captain-12, basketballcaptain-12, softball-captain-12), participated in school activities
(Russian Club, SADD-treasurer-11, 12, Character Education,
chorus, Delta Force and yearbook staff), volunteered in the community (pop warner cheerleading junior coach, Russian tutor)
and has won awards (Gold Medal New York State Russian
Olympiad of Spoken Language and the National Russian Essay
Competition, scholar athlete in softball and cheerleading).
Mr. Leggiero always challenged me to do my best work. His passion for teaching has led me to pursue a Russian minor in college.
Mark Carswell
Whitehall Senior High School
Whitehall Central School District
Susan Mulholland
Mark’s many achievements include the Elks Teenager of
the Month Award, Teacher’s Association Highest Scholastic
Achievement Award, RPI Medal, MVP for varsity golf,
Math League, treasurer of National Honor Society, National
English Honor Society, National Honor Roll, Who’s Who
Among American High School Students, Junior Mister
Scholastic Achievement Award, varsity tennis and first chair
trumpet. He was in All-County Chorus and All-County
Band and volunteers in the community.
Mrs. Mulholland is a great teacher who can make difficult math
concepts easier to understand. Her teaching is one of the reasons
that I have the confidence to pursue a career in medicine.
Page 19
Thursday, May 8, 2008
A Public Service Supplement to the Times Union

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