August 7, 2016 - St. James Catholic Cathedral


August 7, 2016 - St. James Catholic Cathedral
215 N. Orange Avenue, Orlando FL 3280 Phone: 407-422-2005
August 7, 2016
Bishop of Orlando
Most Reverend John Noonan
David Gray , Carlos Sola &
Patrick McAvoy
School Principal:
Dawn Helwig
Reverend John McCormick
Parochial Vicars:
Rev. Serge Pardo
Rev. Martin Nguyen
Major TV markets would generally include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Miami. This
fact alone makes it more difficult in some facets of sports for smaller cities such as Pittsburgh,
Green Bay or Jacksonville to compete in categories such as Cable revenue, Public Relations or
investments in their farm teams of AA ball. When Roberto Clemente died lending aid to
victims of the earthquake in Nicaragua, my memory is that it solidified my support of the
Pittsburgh Pirates. Of course it did not hurt that they surprisingly won the World Series once
over the Yankees and the other time over the Baltimore Orioles. So, a recent article in the July
edition of Columbia, a magazine for the Knights of Columbus caught my eye, because it
featured Danny Murtaugh who had managed the Pirates for some years. He never missed
Sunday Mass, would often attend during the week and invite other coaches to come along. I
must say, I had the same experience when I was stationed at Holy Redeemer in Kissimmee with
the coaches of the Houston Astros during spring training. They were often at the vigil Mass,
depending on the game schedule, but always made a point of remaining in the background. The
nuns where Danny Murtaugh’s children attended elementary school often remarked to the
students, “Watch Danny Murtaugh when he goes to receive the Eucharist. If he can be devout
so can you.” Now, years after Murtaugh died at the age of 59, following the 1976 season, I
wonder if some of us would do well to remember the likes of Danny Murtaugh. Some seem to
miss the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because of a volleyball tournament, a trip north on I-95 or a
weekend at the beach. As Catholics, we can at times seem very casual in our beliefs. If Christ
did not die on the Cross or rise from the dead, our
Salvation would be a question mark and the Eucharist
would be little more than a mirage. Sanctifying the Sabbath
is, of course, one of the Ten Commandments. If folks in
the public eye make time, our explanations seem feeble at
best. On another note, after winning the World Series, on
a quiet evening at home while reading the sports section,
Danny asked his wife, “Kate, how many great managers do
you think there are in baseball?” Without looking up from
her knitting, Kate replied, ‘”I THINK THERE IS ONE
God Bless,
Fr. John
One month a year, St. James parish hosts the monthly
IDignity event. The past few years, we have hosted in
December, this year our assigned month is August.
Please consider volunteering at the event on Thursday
August 18 at Orlando Union Rescue Mission, 410 West
Central Blvd. Orlando FL 32801. Volunteers are
supplied an IDignity t-shirt, light breakfast and a full lunch. Register online at In
order to place you in the best volunteer position, the volunteer registration form provides an overview of
positions and allows you to indicate preferences for service. If you have volunteered previously, you need only
enter your name, email, phone, event date and shift. If you are unable to volunteer but would like to learn
more about this ministry, please email [email protected] to request a tour. After you complete the form, you
will receive an automated confirmation email. The week of your selected event a reminder email will be sent
along with information about the day of the event, including parking information. New volunteers must
attend the orientation and station training which is held in that morning at 7AM. If you have any questions,
call Glenda at 407-375-4929. She is a parishioner who has been volunteering for many years. She can tell you
what a wonderful experience it is to help the disadvantaged in Central Florida overcome the difficulties of
obtaining the personal identification that is crucial to enabling them to become self-sufficient.
August 7 & 14 SOAR Youth Ministry
Registration following the 9 and 10:30 AM
Masses. Forms can be found on the website.
Cost is $25. If you have any questions, email
[email protected]
Saturday September 10 ROCK THE UNIVERSE!
A night of soul-stirring songs from Christian music’s
hottest stars, alongside awesome rides and attractions.
Tickets are $90 and include admission and a fast pass.
Annual passes are blacked out. RSVP to
[email protected] by August 26.
Sunday, September 26 SOAR KICK-OFF!
Save the date!
Follow us on Instagram at sjcsoar
All children not in
Catholic school should be
registered for religious
education classes.
Registration will be held in
the Atrium following all
morning Masses on
August 7 & 14. A copy of a baptismal record
will be needed for new students.
St. James Cathedral is a
Catholic grade school
(accredited by the Florida
Catholic Conference) across
from beautiful Lake Eola.
They have a dedicated staff
and offer a challenging
curriculum in a Christian
environment. We are proud
of the small class sizes with a maximum of 27
students per class in grades kindergarten through
8th. We believe that each child has the unlimited
potential to live in the fullness of the human spirit
and we are dedicated to assisting each child in
realizing that potential.
Learn more about our Cathedral School at
505 East Ridgewood Street, Orlando. FL 32803
Journey Into Faith
Are you feeling called to
Christ? Are you in need of
Baptism? The RCIA program
begins Sunday, September
18. Registration is required.
For more information, call
Steve at 407-422-2005 ext.
123 or e-mail
[email protected]
Carmelite Corner
The Solemnity of
the Assumption of
the Blessed Virgin
Mary, Monday,
August 15 is NOT a
holy day of
obligation this
year. We will
follow our normal
Mass schedules
that day.
Do you desire a deeper prayer intimate
friendship with God? Would you like
to share the contemplative journey
within a small community of like
minded Catholics? The Carmelite
Order has fulfilled these desires for
more than 850 years. The secular
branch of the order, Lay Carmelites or Third Order
Carmelites, has 5 communities in the central Florida
area. St. James "Pure Lilies" Lay Carmelites meets
the third Saturday of each month after the 8am mass.
Come join us any time for prayer and study of
Carmelite saints. For more information call Kathleen
407-421-7769 or email at [email protected]
Please remember in your prayers
our parishioners who are ill,
Tom Connors, James A. Garrett,
Josephine Perfito
A Way Of Life For A Grateful Disciple
“For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.”
Luke 12:34
Jesus encourages us to build up our treasure in
heaven. The world encourages us to build up our
treasure in real estate, investments, and material goods.
How much time are you investing in building up a
worldly treasure? How much time are you investing in
building up a heavenly treasure? To invest more time
in the things of heaven, you must let go of some of the
things of this world.
Stewardship July 30 & 31 $27,193.44
Latin America/Catholic University $1,274
For your convenience, electronic funds transfer and credit
card giving is available at
Thank you for placing God first!
7:00 AM
12:10 PM
7:00 AM
12:10 PM
7:00 AM
12:10 PM
7:00 AM
12:10 PM
7:00 AM
12:10 PM
8:00 AM
4:00 PM
7:30 AM
9:00 AM
10:30 AM
12:15 PM
5:00 PM
Monday, August 8
Rose Orbaugh
Stephen Brisco
Tuesday, August 9
Jackie Gregory
Bob Serros
Wednesday, August 10
Catherine Walsh †
Marie Nguyen †
Thursday, August 11
Byrnes & Mongellozzo Family
Otto Giessuebel †
Friday, August 12
Erica & Robert Weaver
Abeba Teklemariam †
Saturday, August 13
Thomas McCrea †
Mary Bowman †
Sunday, August 14
Charlotte Corteggiano †
Joseph Engel, Sr. †
Mary Nasrallah †
Maria Begona Cid †
Sal Assal †
Vigil (Saturday) 4 PM, Sunday: 7:30 AM, 9 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:15 PM (Spanish),
5 PM, 6:30 PM (Kreyole)
Weekdays: 7 AM, 12:10 PM Saturdays: 8 AM
Confessions: Monday-Friday: 11:30 AM Saturdays: 3 PM, Spanish: Sunday, 11:45 AM
Adoration and Exposition: Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM-noon Pro-life Holy Hour Wednesday 6 PM
Love, Commitment, and Family
By Fr. Martin Nguyen
All young adults (ages 21-40) are welcome.
Wednesday, August 10 in the Social Hall
Refreshments begin @ 7 PM
St. James Cathedral is
now accepting
registrations for boys
and girls entering
grades 1st – 4th for the
Children’s Choir, and
those entering grades
5th and up for Jubilate
Youth Choir. The Choirs sing approximately once
per month and lead the singing at Mass. In addition
to preparing the music for Mass at their weekly
rehearsals, the Children and Youth Choirs use the
curriculum of the world-renowned Royal School of
Church Music, whose purpose is to foster good
choral and individual singing. The students have the
option to earn achievement medals as they follow
RSCM’s Curriculum. You can find the registration in
the Parish Office or online.
We have strived to
have an actual human
answer the phone
during the hours we
are open here at the
Cathedral to assist
both parishioners and
guests. In the evening
and on weekends we
rely on the generosity of volunteers. We are
currently looking for coverage for:
Wednesday and Thursday evenings as backup
only when regular volunteers are on vacation.
Saturdays 8:30 AM– 12PM and 12 PM to 4 PM
Sundays 8:30 AM – 12 PM
If you would interested is assisting in this worthy
ministry, please call Coleen at 407-422-2005.
Married Couples, would you like
a special weekend at San Pedro
where you will find a peaceful
and God-Centered atmosphere
for you and your spouse. The
next Worldwide Marriage
Encounter weekend will be August 19 - 21.
For further information and to register call Bob
& Sheila at 407-647-4289 or You
will be glad you did!
Engaged? Now What?
If you are planning to celebrate the
Sacrament of Marriage in the near
future, please remember that at least
six months preparation time is needed.
Information is available on our website
or email [email protected]
Check the Parish
Office: We have car
keys and fobs, glasses,
prayer books and
much more! If you
have misplaced it, we
may have it!
Un mensaje desde el pequeño Mercado
Mercados de televisión grandes generalmente incluyen New York, Los Angeles, Chicago o
Miami. Este hecho en sí hace más difícil la competencia para las pequeñas ciudades como
Pittsburg, Green Bay o Jacksonville en categorías como ingresos, relaciones públicas o
inversiones en sus equipos AA. Cuando Roberto Clemente murió llevándoles ayuda a las
víctimas del terremoto en Nicaragua, recuerdo que mi apreciación por los Piratas de Pittsburg
se solidificó. Por supuesto que el ganar la Serie Mundial sorpresivamente ante los Yankees y
luego ante los Orioles de Baltimore también ayudó. Así que un reciente artículo en la edición de
julio de Columbia, una revista de los Caballeros de Colón, me llamó la atención porque
presentó a Danny Murtaugh quien fue manager de los Piratas por algunos años. Él nunca se
perdió la Misa Dominical, frecuentemente asistía a misa durante la semana e invitaba a otros
entrenadores a que lo acompañaran. Debo decir que tuve la misma experiencia cuando estuve
en Holy Redeemer en Kissimmee con los entrenadores de los Astros de Houston durante el
entrenamiento de primavera. Estaban frecuentemente en la Misa de vigilia dependiendo del
horario, pero siempre permanecían en la parte de atrás. Las hermanas en la escuela donde
asistieron los hijos de Danny Murtaugh señalaban frecuentemente “observen cómo Murtaugh
recibe la Eucaristía, ya que puede ser tan devoto como tú”. Ahora, años después de que
Murtaugh muriera a la edad de 59, luego de la temporada de 1976, me pregunto si nos haría
bien a algunos de nosotros recordar lo que Danny hacía. Algunos parecen perderse del Santo
Sacrificio de la Misa por un torneo de Volleyball, un viaje al norte por la I-95 o un fin de
semana en la playa. Parecemos muy casuales a veces como católicos en nuestra creencia de que
si Cristo no hubiese muerto en la cruz o resucitado de entre los muertos, nuestra Salvación
estaría sin responder y la Eucaristía no sería más que un espejismo. Santificar el domingo es por
supuesto uno de los Diez Mandamientos, y si personas en la esfera pública sacan tiempo,
nuestras explicaciones parecen por lo menos, débiles. En otra nota, luego de ganar la Serie
Mundial, en una noche tranquila en su casa mientras leía la sección de deportes Danny le
preguntó a su esposa, “Kate, ¿cuántos grandes managers crees que hay en la pelota? Sin dejar
de mirar lo que estaba tejiendo, Kate le contestó, “Yo creo que hay uno menos de lo que tú
Dios los bendiga,
Corresponsabilidad una forma de vida para un
discípulo agradecido
Colecta: 31 de julio……$1,825.50
¡Gracias por colocar a Dios primero!
Todo niño que no atienda una
escuela católica o que desee
prepararse para recibir la Primera
Comunión o la Confirmación
debe registrarse en clases de
Educación Religiosa. Tendremos
información y formas de registro
después de las Misas domingo 7 y 14 de agosto.
Proveemos clases desde los 3 años hasta el grado
12vo. Para más información favor de llamar a
René al 407-422-2005. Todos los estudiantes
nuevos necesitan traer una copia de su Certificado
de Bautismo.

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