February 1st, 2015


February 1st, 2015
St. Stephen Protomartyr Church
Des Plaines, IL
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Rev. Noel Reyes - Pastor
Rev. John Era, C.M. - Asst. Pastor
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time ~ February 1, 2015
...sin distracciones en presencia
de Señor, tal como conviene.
...adherence to the Lord
without distraction.”
Parish Council Nomination Meeting
Wednesday, Feb 4th at 6:30pm
Mezydlo Room
Parish Council Election
Monday, Feb 9th at 6:30pm
Mezydlo Room
Reunión de Nominación al Consejo
Miércoles, 4 de febrero a las
6:30 pm Salón Mezydlo.
Elección del Consejo Parroquial
Lunes, 9 de febrero a las 6:30pm
Salón Mezydlo.
Cuarto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario ~ 1 de Febrero del 2015
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Hi, Deacon Bill here! With Father Noel out of town
and Father John busy with the parish and his studies
I’m your guest columnist this weekend. It was difficult to settle on what I should write about with all
that’s going on in our country and our world today.
Should I write about the “super bowl,” or terrorism, or
the latest things the pope has spoken on, the stock
market and the economy, our upcoming parish council
election? There are just so many things happening it
is just difficult to focus on any one item.
So I did what I do every week; I turned to this weekend’s readings for an idea. Strangely enough I was
drawn to the last line of Paul’s First letter to the Corinthians. The reading itself is a rather sticky one to
discuss since it compares the single life to the married
in what appears to be a less than flattering way but
that’s a topic for another time. I would like to talk a
little about this line, “… adherence to the Lord without distraction.”
As I said earlier, there are many things in our
world that compete for our attention. Some of those
things are trivial and contain more entertainment than
substance (super bowl, latest celebrity news, etc.);
while other things cause much concern and worry in
the world (the economy, immigration, terrorism).
Couple these things with our ordinary concerns (work,
family, health) and we have a full plate.
It is true that we must deal with those concerns
and problems that spring up in our lives but I think
that we all, at times, become so engrossed in the issue
that we forget God. We forget that God is there for us.
We forget that Jesus told us that his father the creator
of the lilies of the field and the birds of the air loves us
very much.
As we enter the month of February with Ash
Wednesday just a couple weeks away let’s begin our
Lenten preparation early by setting aside some time
each day to be with the Lord without distraction. Let
us share our concerns and problems with Jesus and
ask for his guidance and assistance. I’m sure if we truly adhere to the Lord without distraction we will be
like the people of the Gospel – Astonished and
Amazed at what he can do for us.
Peace and blessings to you and yours.
Deacon Bill
Hola, Diácono Bill aquí! Con el Padre Noel
fuera de la ciudad y el Padre John ocupado con la parroquia y sus estudios Soy tu columnista invitado este
fin de semana. Era difícil de resolver en lo que debo
escribir sobre con todo lo que está pasando en nuestro
país y nuestro mundo de hoy. ¿Debo escribir sobre el
"Super Bowl", o terrorismo, o las últimas cosas que el
Papa ha hablado sobre el mercado de valores y la
economía, nuestra próxima elección consejo parroquial? Hay simplemente tantas cosas sucediendo es sólo
difícil de enfocar un solo artículo.
Así que hice lo que hago cada semana; Me
volví a las lecturas de este fin de semana por una idea.
Curiosamente me atrajo a la última línea de la primera
carta de Pablo a los Corintios. La lectura en sí es una
bastante pegajosa para discutir, ya que compara la
vida de soltera al casarse en lo que parece ser un
menor de manera halagadora pero eso es un tema para
otro momento. Me gustaría hablar un poco sobre esta
línea, "... la adhesión al Señor sin distracción."
Como he dicho antes, hay muchas cosas en
nuestro mundo que compiten por nuestra atención.
Algunas de esas cosas son triviales y contienen más
entretenimiento que sustancia (Super Bowl, últimas
noticias de celebridades, etc.); mientras que otras cosas causan mucha preocupación y la preocupación en
el mundo (la economía, la inmigración, el terrorismo).
La combinación de estas cosas con nuestras preocupaciones ordinarias (trabajo, familia, salud) y que
tienen un plato lleno.
Es cierto que hay que hacer frente a esas preocupaciones y los problemas que surgen en nuestra
vida, pero creo que todos nosotros, a veces, a ser tan
absorto en el tema que nos olvidamos de Dios. Nos
olvidamos de que Dios está ahí para nosotros. Nos
olvidamos de que Jesús nos dijo que su padre el creador de los lirios del campo y las aves del cielo nos
ama mucho.
Al entrar en el mes de febrero con Miércoles
de Ceniza sólo un par de semanas vamos a comenzar
nuestra preparación cuaresmal temprano, dejando de
lado algún tiempo cada día para estar con el Señor sin
distracción. Vamos a compartir nuestras preocupaciones y problemas con Jesús y le pedimos su
orientación y asistencia. Estoy seguro de que si de
verdad adherimos al Señor sin distracción seremos
como la gente del Evangelio - asombrado y sorprendido por lo que él puede hacer por nosotros.
Paz y bendiciones para usted y los suyos.
Diácono Bill
Pray for the Sick and the Homebound
Masses, Intentions & Liturgies
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2 ~ Presentation of the Lord
Lorraine Forbes Helen Lasak
8:00am Sandy & Ron Hope, Thanksgiving Mass
Laverne Reilly Joe Palermo Claro Dulay
8:00am Marge Kopec, Thanksgiving Mass
Michael Winandy Pat Steinbach
Carmela & Roy Anderson Judy Waring
8:00am John Kraus
Dennis Krystyn
Deacon Don Telposky Marty Vece
Quintin Jurado
Aida Jurado
Cardinal Francis George Alice Cepuran
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5 ~ St. Agatha, Virgin & Martyr
8:00am Cesar & Giannina Delgado, Thanksgiving Mass
Mark Gelinas Gerri Amaggio
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6 ~ St. Paul Miki & Companions, Martyrs
Virginia Davis Lillian Danzi
8:00am Harriet Frischmann
Catherine Ranallo
3:00pm First Friday Adoration
8:00am William Besenhofer, Thanksgiving Mass
5:00pm Ruth Pelinski
Joe & Susan Enzenbacher
Dorothy Scieszka
Stancato Family
Chester Jay
Rita Jay
Dolores Hughes
Johnson Family Please pray for our brothers in Christ who were
born to eternal life:
8:30am Eleanore VandeVusse
Altar Rosary Sodality
Tess Zychowski
Zychowski Family
10:00am Kathy S. Farrar, healing
Carmela & Vincenzo Faraone
Ron Farrar
Carmela & Vincenzo Faraone
Marion Vana
Dick Vana
Grant eternal rest unto them O Lord, and may per12:00pm For Priestly & Religious Vocations.
Ralph Davis
Que Le
petual light shine upon them, and through the
mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen
Liturgical Ministries Schedule
February 7
5:00 PM
R Morales
Sr F Rolfes, SLW
C Ahanihu
B Stancato
S Dalka
R Thomas
February 8
8:30 AM
L Giovanni
C Cooper
D Stance
L Ryan
G Raupp
T Schrautemyer
February 8
10:00 AM
J Burke
A Zagorski
Folk Choir
J Gallichio
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J Bilodeau
M Ungaro
February 8
12:00 PM
R Hernandez
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St. Stephen
Spanish Choir
M Niemiec
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STEWARDSHIP for Fiscal Year July 2014—June 2015
1/25/15 (252 envelopes received)
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Any parishioner who is ill and unable
to come to Mass, may request
Holy Communion.
Please contact the Parish
Center to schedule a visit from
a Minister of Care
Weekly Parish Events
Eventos Parroquiales Semanales
Monday, February 2, 2015
6:00pm OLD Sports
7:30pm Circulo de Oracion
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
Culinaires Meeting
OLD Sports
Charismatic Choir Practice
Bible Study
Liturgy Committee Meeting
7:30pm Folk Choir Practice
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
6:00pm Traditional Choir Rehearsal
OLD Sports
6:30pm Grupo de Oracion
Parish Council Nomination Mtg
7:00pm Spanish Class
Thursday, February 5, 2015
1:00pm HandMades
6:00pm OLD Sports
7:00pm Sol Azteca Dance Group
Friday, February 6, 2015
1:00pm Golden Hearts
3:00pm First Friday Adoration
6:00pm Hispanic Choir
OLD Sports
Saturday, February 7, 2015
8:00am OLD Hockey Minicamp
9:00am Polish School
9:30am Parish Transformation
10:00am OLD Sports
6:00pm Culilnaires Oriental Dinner
Sunday, February 8, 2015
10:00am RCIA
Religious Education
12:00pm Youth Ministry Core Group Mtg
2:00pm Show de Payasos
6:30pm OLD Sports
Guadalupe Room
Music Room
Guadalupe Room
Music Room
Mezydlo Room
Santa Maria Room
Mezydlo Room
Mezydlo Room
Music Room
Mezydlo Room
Mezydlo Room
Bella’s Breast Cancer Bake Sale
Thank you to everyone who came to my bake
sale. A special thank you to all who baked
and bought and for all the donations. Together we raised $853.25 for the fight against
Breast Cancer.
Thanks again, Bella Meincke
St. Stephen HandMades have had a
busy and productive year. We have
completed and donated the following:
34 Afghans
4 Baby sweater and hat sets
100 Dresses for needy women in Haiti
73 Hats, scarves and mittens
Linus blankets and toys for children
Our donations went to many organizations: Des Plaines
Pantry, Haiti, Heather House, Infant of Prague, Library
Mitten Tree, Misericordia, PADS, Veterans and the Women’s Center.
These contributions have made us aware of the need some
people have for basic items. We are looking for additional
women to join us in our endeavors. We meet on Thursdays
from 1 to 3pm in the Parish Center. If you are interested
but unable to come to a meeting,
you can make items at home.
For information phone
Avila at 847-296-1206 or
Betty at 847-824-9693.
Did you forget to bring your
soups to church today? The
collection boxes will be in
church through next weekend. Help us meet our goal
of 1,000 soups!
Exploring the Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching,
St. Stephen’s parish has a tradition of coming to the aid of
people in need. We lovingly offer money, deeds, and prayers
for people we’ve never met. When we respond to the needs
of others we live the call of The Seven Principles of Catholic
Social Teaching. These guidelines ask us to:
1. Respect human dignity and protect life from all threats
2. Support family unity, the Church’s mission, and Christian
values in the community
3. Stand up for rights of others and accept responsibility for
4. Be aware of the poor and vulnerable; and be prepared to
assist them
5. Respect the dignity of work; and support industries that
respect their workers
6. Promote solidarity with humans far away and close to
7. Take care of God’s earthly creation and non-human creatures.
During Lent watch for more information about finding peace
through social justice.
Sally Fortier, Peace and Justice Committee
tickets for 4 Culinaire Dinner tickets are on sale
and a winner will be pulled at the Oriental Dinner"
During the March for Life, the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death, a consoling gentle whisper of hope somewhat overshadowed sorrow. Coincidently, while being a voice for
the cries of the unheard and weak; back home, my daughter participated in an enlightening discussion where the voice of Pope Paul
VI message’s, Humanea Vitae, was heard. May our Almighty
God's Absolute Truth be found, known and practiced and may the
need to March for Life come to an end.
Sylvia Ponce
It was a wonderful experience for me to be a part of the March for
Life Pilgrimage. Tons of people, young and old, wheel chairs,
crippled or not, were so energetic to march. I felt blessed attending the Holy Mass at the Patriot Center where so many Seminarians and Priests participated. I prayed for them. We need them to Prayer Marchers: Karmen Azadeh, Sylvia Ponce,
Cris Mendoza, Fr. John, Zeny Sandicho, Conrad &
help us in our spiritual life so LIFE WILL BE VERY GOOD!
Cris Mendoza Marilou LaFue, Evelyn & Nestor Francia.
Coming from a big family, I consider myself lucky that I was given the chance to live with my parents. March for Life is not only
for young and religious groups; it is for everyone who believes
that life is the most precious gift for mankind. During the march, I
was praying for all those people who volunteered to participate,
that they will keep the meaning of what we are marching for in
their hearts - especially when the time comes that they need to
make a decision. It was indeed a wonderful experience to be in the
March For Life and at the same time celebrate my birthday!
Life is very Good!
Marilou LaFue
The March for Life experience in DC area was a joyous victory
for me. I felt the great number of people who walked with me
including the St. Stephen group in Des Plaines. It is an affirmation of our faith in Christ Jesus and our catholic mission to go
out and show our unity. To demonstrate that life is sacred and
valuable to God.
Zeny Sandicho
When I was marching with the group I had a chance to thank my
mom for not aborting me, but instead gave me a life because life
is very good. Thank you mom (rip).
Conrad LaFue
I learned an important truth about life and freedom from the question asked by the cardinal in
DC area, during his sermon in the mass held in
the Patriot Center. Am I valuable? There is direction and purpose in our lives as Christians, this
makes intentional abortion totally wrong. The
March for Life was participated by the St.Stephen
group and large numbers of religious and nonreligious organizations, also school children. It is a
walk of unity and integrity to send the message
that human freedom is always connected to the
absolute teaching of God.
Nestor Francia
March for Life participation is offering ourselves
to walk with Jesus to preserve the absolute truth
that life begins from conception to natural death.
The walk we do in great numbers shows our passion to resist the modern lies of our modern culture and preserve the foundation of family life,
which is in Christ Jesus.
Evelyn Francia
Church News & Events // Eventos y Noticias Iglesia
Thank you for your generous donations to the Collection for the
Church in Latin America. Your support helps ensure the availability of adequate catechesis, marriage and family life programs,
and religious and seminarian formation. Thank you for taking
this opportunity to share your faith. To learn more about how
your donations are making a difference, please visit
www.usccb.org (search “Collection for the Church in Latin
Muchas gracias por sus generosas contribuciones a la Colecta
para la Iglesia en América Latina. Su apoyo asegurará la disponibilidad de una catequesis apropiada, de programas para el
matrimonio y la vida familiar y la formación de religiosos y
seminaristas. Muchas gracias por aprovechar de esta oportunidad para compartir su fe. Para informarse más sobre la manera
en que sus donativos hacen la diferencia, por favor, visiten
www.usccb.org (busquen “Collection for the Church in Latin
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
abuse of power and oppressive experiences.
Whatever emotional situation we may be at would be a
Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Stephen,
good reference to extract the meaning of the word. Then maybe
we could ask ourselves how our definition is related to the GosPeace and blessings from the Lord!
pel this weekend.
As Deacon Bill mentioned, I am out of town this
Finally, I would like to invite everyone to support the
weekend. However, my heart remains to be with you as I
effort of our Cullinaires for the upcoming dinner next Saturday.
am writing you my weekly message.
We will have an Oriental Dinner. I invite especially our parishOur readings last weekend ushered us to reflect on ioners who have not experienced yet any of their events. I heard
the call of the first disciples of Jesus. We reflected on the
that Deacon Bill will sing a Chinese song, Fr. John will cook
things that often prevent us from responding fully to God’s some Chinese noodles and Deacon Tony will provide some
call to discipleship. It is a challenge to take our vocation
Chinese entertainment. I will provide for you Oriental music
very seriously and to make the best of our effort to be the
and hospitality. I would have to verify if Deacon Don would be
epitome of God’s call. We heard how the first disciples re- able to come since he is still in rehab. I thank in advance, our
sponded without asking further question about the kind of
Cullinaires for their dedication and love to their ministry.
job Jesus prepared for them. They just followed Jesus! As I I wish you all a blessed week.
Your Pastor,
continue to reflect on this encounter, I thought that the voice
Fr. Noel
of Jesus must be compelling. His voice must be with authority and yet gentle. His voice must be inviting as well as reANNOUNCEMENTS
assuring. I wonder if we hear a similar voice whenever we
** If you’d like your 2014 Contribution Statement please
are invited to a parish ministry.
call the office to request one.
We heard again a similar yet a subtle theme in the
Gospel reading this weekend. The Gospel of Mark said,
** The Liturgy Meeting is on Tuesday, February 3rd at 7pm
“All were amazed and asked one another, “What is this? A
in the Guadalupe Room.
new teaching with authority. He commands even the unclean spirits and they obey him (Mk. 1:28).” Similar to what ** Please sign up for First Friday Adoration of the Blessed
I mentioned a while ago, there is an imbedded authority that Sacrament from 3-7pm on February 6th. The sign up sheet
is available by the parking lot entrance.
comes from Jesus. It is not so much about His political influence or about His famous connection that comes from
** Altar Server Pancake Breakfast will be on Sunday, Feb
His own social involvement. Neither has it come from His
15th from 9am—11am in the gym to raise money for server
“divine power,” because he even wanted to make his divini- albs.
ty a secret. Rather, His authority comes from a heart that
loves. As the Gospel tells us, the teachings of Jesus sounded ** Annual Catholic Appeal Pledge Weekend will be on Feb.
7th & 8th.
new to His listeners. But I bet that it was an old thought
however, renewed by Jesus because he added the most important piece of His teaching by showing them love and
** Nuestros sobres de oferta están aqui. Por favor, tome el
compassion which was not similar to the Scribes and Phari- suyo en la parte posterior de la iglesia.
sees of His day.
**Por favor regístrense para nuestra devoción del Primer
In other words, “you” have power over me when
you love me. I only have an “authority” over you when you Viernes, Adoración del Santísimo Sacramento. La hoja está
disponible en la entrada del estacionamiento.
feel that I love you. Jesus was very wise upon using the
power of love during His public ministry that made fisher** Campaña Católica Anual, la Promesa será el fin de semamen, tax collectors, public sinners, and successful individu- na del 7 y 8 de febrero.
als accept His invitation to be His disciples. In the long run,
** Los Monaguillos tendran desayuno de pancake
this concept of biblical authority is not limited to pastoral
ministry or religious life. This is also true within the context el Domingo, 15 de febrero de 9am-11am en el gimnasio
para recaudar dinero para sus albas.
of family life and corporate world as well as the daily circumstance of our social interaction. Our response to figures
Please call the Parish Center to sign up and to
of authority is compelled by the power of love that we sense
from them. Therefore, parents, teachers, administrators,
reserve your spot on the bus.
pastoral leaders, supervisors and anyone who is vested with
the power to govern and lead are made successful in their
Marist High School
endeavor if they choose to use their authority by following
4200 W. 115th St.
the example of Jesus.
Chicago, IL 60655
Perhaps we could reflect together about our personal definition of authority. I am sure that there is a wide variPor favor llame al Centro Parety of definition that would generate from the word. Perhaps
roquial para inscribirse y para
some may not even want to think of the word “authority”
because it may bring them painful memories,
reservar su lugar en el autobús.
St. Stephen #512123
1253 Everett
Des Plaines, IL 60016
Noreen Johnson—(847) 824-2026
[email protected]
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