What exactly is CoolSculpting and in what areas does it apply



What exactly is CoolSculpting and in what areas does it apply
What exactly is CoolSculpting and in
what areas does it apply?
CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, clinically proven reliable treatment based on the
Cryolipolysis method. Especially it is designed to selectively reduce persistent
accumulated fat that is not reduced by controlling diet or exercise. Cool Sculpting
Boston is mainly for the areas such as the abdomen, around the waist, arm, inner
thighs, knees, jaw (braids), buttocks (buns).
CoolSculpting is not a slimming method or program for overweight people. The most
suitable candidates for treatment are men or women who want to reduce fats without
undergoing any type of surgery.
Cool Sculpting Cost:
The cost of Cool Sculpting depends upon different factor like from which part you
want to remove extra fats, in which clinic you are going for Cool Sculpting and lots of
other factors.
How does it work;
Using a special Cool Sculpt Fat Freezing Treatment in a selected area of the body,
the adiposities in the deeper layers of the skin crystallize and are destroyed.
As the cooling begins, in the first few minutes, it causes a feeling of pressure and cold,
like a cold "puff" that subsides as the skin becomes moist. This procedure takes one
hour (per region) and some bruising may occur, but recede in the following days.
Frequent questions related to Cool Sculpt Fat Freezing Treatment
Are all the devices the same?
No. No other cryolipolysis device is of American origin and is not recognized by the
FDA for permanent reduction of local thickness.
Does the treatment hurt? What does the patient feel during treatment?
The procedure is almost painless and performed without anesthesia. A head is placed
over the targeted area and as cooling begins; it causes a feeling of pressure and cold
(like a cold "suck"). The session lasts for 1 hour (per area) and may show mild edema
or irritation, which recedes over the next few days.
How many treatments do they need?
The results are evident from the first session, with a permanent fat reduction of about
20 - 30%. According to the Cool Sculpting Reviews, the improvement can reach 50%
by implementing a second session after a month. The results vary from person to
person; this translates to a reduction of some centimetres and possibly a number in
clothes, but not a weight loss.
Are the results permanent?
Yes. When the fat is gone, it leaves forever. Fat cells crystallize and are eliminated
from the body in a completely normal way, forever.
When are the results visible?
On average, the effects of CoolSculpting are 20% fat reduction in the areas applied
and are visible only three weeks after treatment, with fat loss ending within two to
four months in most patients. The fat loss achieved is permanent.
Are there any side effects?
Local redness (redness), slight edema and some bruising and possibly some bruising
may occur in the treated area. Also, you may rarely feel numbness in the area, itching
and some superficial stinging, which can last 2 - 3 weeks.

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