China Injection mold


China Injection mold
China plastic mold
Sincere Tech, is China Injection mold Company, located in Dongguan city, China, specialized in
custom injection mold and molding service, Whether your molds requirements are automotive,
non-automotive, prototype or production we are your one-stop solution. Our mission to
manufacture defect-free plastic molds is achieved through a devotion to servicing customer
requirements, enhanced through the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System.
Established in 2005, Dongguan Sincere Tech Co.,Ltd currently employs 65 personnel, occupying
a 16,000 square foot facility located in the Chang pin Town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province,
Recognizing the need for technological diversity results in our machinery ranging from
high-speed vertical machining centers to 4-axis CNC EDM with in house machining capabilities up
to 30,000 pounds. This ensures mold making China there is a machine capable of performing all
operations mold manufacturing without an delay, Having CAD/CAM capabilities, Moldflow service
to do all of mold design and manufacturing service.
Sincere Tech is a team of skilled mold designers, mold makers, CNC operators, EDM operators
and polishers. Our group of tradesmen recognizes the pathway to satisfaction begins with a
customer’s confidence in the mold builder’s abilities. Strong dedication and communication, from
conception to finished product, ensures your injection mold expectations will be met.
Why choice Dongguan Sincere Tech as your mold making
Our new 16,000-sq meters facility China mold company is home to some of the finest equipment
in the industry. However, a company is only as efficient as its people. Having a staff of qualified
toolmakers, with proven experiences in their respective areas, ensures an awareness of the
responsibilities before them. Each employee has been handpicked not only for their particular
skills but also for their reputation and attitude. Having open communication within SINCERE
TECH ensures our products meet and exceed customer expectations. We strive for our customers
to continue receiving a quality product, on time, at a competitive price.
Innovative Design & Engineering
Having a competent internal design operation run by expert mold designers makes our
engineering department stand apart from others. Whether working from customer supplied
prints, solid models, or pure conceptual designs, a design will be made on our CAD system. Our
designers are proficient in Pro/e, Unigraphics, AUTOCAD, and Solidworks. As an added
convenience to our customers we are set up to receive data electronically, bringing files, prints
and other correspondence into Sincere Tech via the Internet.
The Highest Quality Standards
Devotion to superior quality and on-going investment in new technology accounts for much of
the rapid growth within Sincere Tech China injection mold company. One of many examples is a
C.N.C. CMM machine. Not only used for final mold verification our CMM department continuously
checks various stages within the plastic mold build process, ensuring a defect-free final product.
The many qualified moldmakers in our facility compliment the machinery with personal skills, in
regards to inspecting every detail before any mold is released for shipment. In fact all jobs are
inspected continuously in our CMM room. Anything that does not meet quality standards never
leaves our building.
A Team That Works for You
Management works closely with the shop-floor on every single project because we understand
that a team atmosphere improves morale and ultimately improves product quality. At Sincere
Tech everyone, regardless of job title, recognizes they contribute a vital element to the finished
A common goal at Sincere Tech is commitment to complete customer satisfaction. We
communicate with customers to ensure the most rigid product demands are met. At the same
time we look for recommendations in ways of improving customer concepts in an effort to save
them time and money. We stand behind our work 100%.

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