Dental care is a necessity for lots of people worldwide. There are lots of
improvements, and advancements are done but still, huge numbers of people
are suffering from gum diseases and tooth decay problems. A few years back,
bridges and fixing dentures were the only two solutions for treating people
suffering from missing or broken teeth. And these have to be done surgically.
But nowadays, dental implants are launched for teeth replacement. A dental
implant Houston can replace one or more teeth with artificial teeth. It is
basically a kind of screw made of titanium which is fixed within the jawbone in
place of the tooth root. These implants provide a strong base on which
artificial teeth can be fixed that matches the existing natural teeth.
Advantages of Dental Implants
There are various advantages of dental implants in Houston, TX. Some of
these are:
 Better Comfort- Dental implants helps in reducing the discomfort
caused due to fixing and removing dentures.
 Ease of Chewing and Eating Food- Dentures do not fit 100%; they get
loose and sometimes slip out while chewing food. But with dental
implants, it’s very safe. They fix accurately and don’t get loose. Hence,
this problem is eliminated.
 Better Oral Health- Dental implants do not need the modification or
adjustment of the other natural teeth. Hence, it ensures that the natural
teeth are left unharmed delivering better oral hygiene and dental health
for the long-term.
 Improvement in Appearance- Since dental implants are designed in
such a way that they fit completely with the jawbone, it delivers a
natural look.
 Speech Improvement- Dentures cause slurring or mumbling sometimes.
But with implants, it does not happen. It does not slip giving better
speech and communication.
 Improve Confidence and Self Esteem- It delivers a great beautiful smile
that brings back the self-confidence and a spring in the step.
 Convenience- Dentures need to be removed and cleaned every day, but
with a dental implant, it does not require removing every day.
 Durability- Dental implants are more strong, sturdy and durable as
compared to dentures. They can even last for a lifetime if taken proper
Implant Procedure
Most of the time dental implants are done easily in the dentist’s office under
local anesthesia. If there is any complication then the patient may require
hospitalization and intravenous sedation. However, the dental implant
procedure is different for every patient depending upon the patient’s
preference, condition and also the experience of the dental surgeon. Consult
your family dentist Houston before going for this procedure.
Many dentists also provide the service of teeth whitening Houston to their
patients. This will help you to whiten your teeth to their original color and
delivers an attractive and beautiful smile.
Restoration Smiles is a leading dental clinic providing dental implants with
teeth whitening in Houston, TX. We have dental specialists from around the
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institutes and hospitals. Our motive is to deliver a beautiful smile to our
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