Replacing damaged and missing teeth are very essential to improve the
appearance of your smile. There are mainly two options available for tooth
replacement dentures and dental implants. By considering the advantages and
disadvantages of both the options, you can easily decide which option is the best
choice for you.
Dentures give an unnatural look and do not fit correctly. These cause extreme
uncomfortability to the patients. The patient starts feeling older than his/her
usual age and needs a lot of maintenance. Most of the people use cream or paste
to keep the dentures in place. It is quite messy and gives an awkward feeling. If
lost they can be replaced, but it is too costly. With dentures, you are not allowed
to eat hard and sticky foods. To know more about dentures search for teeth
replacement in Houston.
Sometimes, to place the denture the dentist needs to extract your leftover teeth.
Your dentist will advise you to have teeth extracted before he/she can proceed
with braces. It seems to be scary for some people because it involves the
removal of a permanent tooth. However, teeth extraction in Houston is
sometimes very necessary for improving your dental health.
Many times root canals in Houston, TX, are also essential for improving oral
hygiene. Root canal treatment is used to repair the badly decayed and infected
tooth. During the procedure of the root canal, inside of the tooth is cleaned and
sealed. Additionally, the pulp is being removed. This pulp is also known as
pulpal tissue. This pulpal tissue contains blood vessels and nerve networks.
The pulpal tissue is present in the space inside the center of the tooth root. This
space is referred to as the canal. It’s like a central incisor for a single-rooted
tooth, whereas molar for the multi-rooted tooth. Most of the canals have a
minimum of three canals, however; some may have more than four canals.
The pulpal tissues get damaged because of prolonged dental caries activities or
any traumatic injury. This damaged pulpal tissues cause severe infection. The
severity of this infection depends upon the circumstances which caused this
damage initially.
The most common and major cause of the damage of tooth nerve is trauma.
Initially, the damaged tooth nerve becomes loose and painful but later on leads
to discoloration of tooth. More commonly the tooth involved in this situation is
the lower jaw or the front tooth. The lower jaw is involved in very rare cases.
The traumatized tooth can be left untreated for several years if it is not causing
any kind of pain or discomfort. However, if it causes any kind of pain or in
acute situations, then you need root canal therapy as early as possible.
Refer to a root canal dentist near me to know your situation. He/she will
diagnose the problem and find out the severity. And suggest you with some of
the required alternatives which are suitable for your problem.
We at Restoration Smiles provide the best treatment for the root canal, tooth
extraction and tooth replacement in Houston, TX. To know more about our
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