Varicose veins are the type of vein disease that occurs mostly in the legs just beneath the
skin’s surface. These are clearly visible from the eyes giving an unpleasant and embarrassing
look. These are blue, red or purple in color. These are swollen veins hence bulge above the
surface of the skin. These veins are not dangerous to health, but it affects your selfconfidence and looks so ugly. Varicose veins are the sign of dysfunction of valves. The
insufficient flow of blood causes this disease. If this inefficient circulatory system is treated
on time then it may lead to some severe complications.
Inside the veins, various valves are present which closes and opens to circulate the
deoxygenated blood from the body to the heart. When these valves get damaged the blood
gets pooled causing varicose veins.
Compression Therapy
Most of the vein specialists suggest compression stockings, socks and compression hose for
varicose veins. The compression hose is designed in such a way that these balance the flow
of fluid in and out of the limbs which increases the flow of blood. The use of compression
therapy improves varicose veins disease.
Laser Ablation Treatment
Endovenous laser ablation treatment is one of the most effective treatments for varicose
veins disease. It is an in-office treatment that can be performed under local anesthesia guided
by ultrasound. The laser light seals the affected vein and the vein gets reabsorbed by the body
with time.
But most people have a question in mind that is “laser ablation safe?” Well, the answer is
“Yes”. It is one of the safest treatment procedures for the treatment of vein disease. There is
no risk of skin discoloration, and you can resume your daily activities soon after the
completion of treatment. It does not leave any unsightly marks or scars.
Sclerotherapy Treatment
It is another effective treatment for treating varicose veins diseases. The treatment procedure
involves a sclerosant liquid injected in the affected veins causing swelling in the vein which
blocks the vein. After a few days of the successful completion of the treatment, the veins fade
RF Ablation
RF ablation uses a thin catheter that passes thermal energy in the affected vein to seal the
vein and damage it. This procedure is very safe and causes minimal pain and discomfort. It is
performed under local anesthesia.
Clarivein is the most advanced and latest endovascular technique for the treatment of
varicose veins. In this procedure, a very tiny rotating catheter is inserted in the affected vein
with the help of the injection of sclerosant liquid.
But is Clarivein painful? Well, the answer is “No”. Clarivein needs a single injection. It is a
painless and very effective treatment procedure. It gives faster and long-lasting results with
minimal discomfort.
Vein Treatment Clinic provides all kinds of vein treatments to our patients using advanced
and latest techniques. We have a team of experts to treat all kinds of vein disease. For more
information about our clinic and treatment procedures, reach us directly through our official

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