Why go for Treatment of varicose veins by laser


Why go for Treatment of varicose veins by laser
Why go for Treatment of varicose
veins by laser
This vascular laser allows to sclerose the vessels of the legs (but also
the face) without injection, through the skin. It can treat small red
vessels as well as venules up to 3 mm in diameter. It is possible to
treat large areas or even the whole leg in one session (usually 2
sessions at 4 or 5 months apart). The skin must be cooled during
treatment and the doctor well experienced. Indeed, there is always a
risk of burning the skin if the device is misused. It is necessary, before
any treatment, to check that there are no large varicose veins at the
origin of the smaller ones and to treat them if necessary in the first
place by the other methods.
Mesotherapy and meso-sclerosis
Mesotherapy is useful and effective for treating the heaviness and
pain of veno-lymphatic legs. Three sessions are usually sufficient to
provide some relief.
Mesotherapy with a Best Solution for Varicose Veins causing a
constriction of the small vessels can be associated with the microsclerosis of the varicosities to increase the effectiveness. It is mesosclerosis.
How To Get Rid Of Varicose Veins
Manual lymphatic drainage performed by a physiotherapist trained in
this discipline helps fight against lymphatic edema that is sometimes
associated with venous insufficiency. This technique cannot be
replaced by other means of physical medicine.
Varicose veins treatment, duration of care
Go to the pages of detailed presentation of techniques to learn more
about each act, you can know the price of a varicose operation.
Indeed, the price can vary according to the aesthetic technique used,
same thing for the duration of care that can vary from one treatment to
Contact a varicose vein practitioner near you
The good performance of sclerotherapy to the foam
In the Best Way To Remove Varicose Veins of small and,
especially, long saphenous veins (which is generally referred to for
clinical work), foam sclerotherapy results in recurrence rates and
recurrent reflux a little higher than the 2 ablation treatments today
used thermal, radiofrequency and endogenous laser, and which tend to
dethrone surgery. “At 5 years, anatomical and ultrasound results are
good in 60 to 70% of cases with foam sclerotherapy and surgery, and
in 90 to 95% of cases with heat treatments.
Needle phlebectomy
 What is this: treatment identical to sclerotherapy, but performed
under ultrasound guidance.
 How it works: The doctor uses an ultrasound machine to guide
his injections. Pain level: low to medium We take painkillers
(Motrin type) one hour before the session.
 Results: disappearance of symptoms and appearance of varicose
 Side effects: risk of bruising and, rarely, pigmentation.
 Contraindicated for: people with bleeding disorders.
 Number of sessions: 3 to 4.
 Cost: $ 120 to $ 150 per session.
Endovenous laser
What is it: a non-invasive technique that uses laser technology
to treat varicose veins from 2 to 30 mm in diameter?
How it works: Using a needle, the doctor inserts into the vein a
tiny fiber emitting a laser beam that dries out the vein.

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