modelo carta confirm..


modelo carta confirm..
( Papel con membrete del cliente)
Dear Sirs:
In connection with an examination of our ( financial statements) as of (fecha de balance) and for the
period then ended, please furnish to our independent auditors, NOMBRE DEL AUDITOR, the
following information with respect to matters as to which you have been engaged and to which you
have devoted substantive attention on behalf of the company and/or any of its subsidiaries in the form
of legal consultation or representation.
Please furnish to NOMBRE DEL AUDITOR a description and evaluation of all pending and
threatened litigation, claims, and assessments. Your response should include the following: (1) the
nature of the matter, (2) the progress of the matter to date, (3) how we are responding or intend to
respond (for example, to contest the case vigorously or to seek an out -of-court settlement), and (4) an
evaluation of the evaluation of the likehood oa an unfavorable outcome and an estimate, if one can be
made, of the amount or range of potential loss.
Your response should include matters that existed as of (fecha de balance) and during the period from
that date to the effective date of your response.
Please specifically identify the nature of and reasons for any limitation on your response.
We expect to have our audit completed about ( fecha prevista de finalización) so we would appreciate
receiving your reply approximately (una semana antes de dicha fecha) with a specified effective date
no earlier than (dos semanas antes de la fecha de finalización prevista).
Your response will not be quoted or referred to in our financial statements without prior consultation
with you.
Please send your response directly to NOMBRE DEL AUDITOR (Dirección) with a copy to me.
Very truly yours,
( Firma del cliente)

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