Ella _____________________________ triste.
Los chicos _________________________________ guapos.
Tú ________________________________ listo.
¿ _________________________________ cansada yo?
Luis y yo no __________________________________ bienes.
In the following sentences…
Circle the subject. This is how you will conjugate parecer!
Underline the I.O and cross it out. Above it write your IOP (seems to who?) look for the
1.You seem busy to me.
Tú __________ ____________________ ocupado.
2.They seem mad to us.
Ellos _______ ______________________ enfadados.
3.The song seems fun to her.
La canción ___________ ____________________ divertida ______________________.
¿Why did we use emphasis in number 3?
Parecer que- it seems that…
It seems that the store is closed.
Parece que la tienda está cerrada.
1. It seems that the book is big.
___________________ ___________ el libro es grande.
2. It seems that one must study.
_____________________ __________ hay que estudiar.
Parecer que + IOP
*remember to put your IOP before the conjugation of Parecer
1. Underline the I.O and cross it out. Above it write your IOP (seems to who?)
Ex: It seems to us that you should do your homework.
________________ ________________ _________ debes hacer la tarea.
*read it back… to us it seems that you should study.
Now you try…
1. You seem sick.
2. I seem bored.
3. The boys seem tired.
4. Maria seems ready for the test.
5. Why don’t we seem pretty?
1. It seems that I need to ask questions.
2. It seems that we should go.
3. Does it seem that we are short or tall?
1. You seem bored to me.
2. Pablo seems nice to us.
3. The dogs seem small for German Sheperds to you.
4. The books seem interesting to the teachers.
1. It seems to me that Juan is funny.
2. It seems to her that I am very smart.
3. Does it seem to you guys that we are studying a lot.
Re-phrase using parecer or parecer que + an IOP
1. I think Marcos is cute.
2. In our opinion Spanish is easy.

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