Fernanda (payasito) Zoey ( payasito) Ariadna (león) Camila


Fernanda (payasito) Zoey ( payasito) Ariadna (león) Camila
Fernanda (payasito)
Zoey ( payasito)
Ariadna (león)
Camila (payasita)
Constanza (bastonera)
Valeria (payasito)
David (león)
Raymundo (billi)
Jorge (domador)
Oscar (acompañante del hombre fuerte)
Alejandro (strongest men)
Jesus ( acopañante del hombre fuerte)
Emiliano ( magician)
Leonardo (león)
Oswaldo (presentador)
Valeria 2° (mother)
Renata (bastonera)
Ariel (magicia)
( Narrador) There was a little boy named Billi who had much time on his hands, so he
was very good on doing different tricks, all the time he showed his mom new things)
Billi: Look mother what I can do.
Mother: Oh Billi you can sure make excellent tricks, I think is a great idea to visit the circus
and see if you can form part of the circus.
Billi : Oh yes mother, lets go to the circus.
( Narrador) And so on they went to the circus.
Oswaldo: Welcome everyone to the most amazing, incredible, extraordinary, funniest
We are all happy to have you here and hope you enjoy the show….I am Happy to present
the following actors that form part of the circus …….
(Entran todos bailando con la canción tradicional del circo)
Oswaldo : The first act is presented by the strongest men in the Word.
(Entran bailando y cantando )
Jesus y Oscar: He is the strongest men !!
Alejandro: I am the strongest men!!
Jesus y Oscar: He is strongest men!!
Alejandro: I like to exercise and eat healthy
Jesus y Oscar: But you like to eat hamburgers!!
Alejandro: Yes, but I also eat vegetables and fruits.
Jesus y Oscar: I will eat vegetables and fruits to be strong!!
Alejandro: I have big muscles too!!
Jesus y Oscar: He has a lot of girls
Alejandro : I am to sexy for my shirt!!
Mother: Billi what if you exercise a lot to become strong men
Billi : but strong men can`t do tricks.
Narrador ( So Billi and his mother continue watching the show)
Oswaldo: the next act is presented by men that like the danger taming dangerous lions.
Jorge: Hello everyone my lions are very intelligent they can even speak.
Lion 1: Hello my name is timon
Lion 2: Hello my name is pumbaa
Lion 1 and 2: We are very fierce (grrrrr)
Jorge: sitt
Jorge: walk and turn
Jorge: jump ( leones brincan por un aro)
Jorge : they can even dance .. Hit it Dj
( bailan la canciòn I like to move it o the lion sleeps tonight)
Mother : What if you show your tricks to the lions?
Billi : I like to do the tricks mother.
Narrador: But bill did not want to show his tricks he wanted to do them.
Oswaldo: Very interesting lions that can talk and dance. Now we have the funniest jokes.
( entran bailando y hacienda trucos con unas pelotitas)
Fernanda: hello!! We are pinky
Valeria: and dinky
Fernanda: Hey dinky do you know what frogs eat with their hamburgers?
Valeria: mmmmmmm have no idea, tell me pinky
Fernanda: Well French flies …. Ahhhh
Valeria : pinky do you know why spider like internet?
Fernanda: Noooo tell me why why ?
Valeria : Because of all the websites.
Camila: stoooooooop!!!! do you here that ?
Camila: hahahahaha got you!! I say we dance.
Mother: What if you tell jokes?
Billi: I don’t think Im funny mother ( muy triste).
(Narrador) billi was beginning to think he was never going to be part of the circus.
Oswaldo: very funny. Our next act is form by a great magician.
Entran bailando las bastoneras que presentaran al mago.
Narda: He wears a black suit.
Constanza: he can disappear things.
Narda: he is very mysterious.
Contanza: he is the incredible pouges pouges magician.
Ariel: you see the coin.. Nothing is here ….. Nothing is there ( Aparece la moneda detras
del oido)´
Emiliano: Now we need an assistant
Emiliano y Ariel : Help us count .. One , two … three
Emiliano: ( intent hacer un truco desapareciendo una asistente( no le sale).
Ariel: Now the great act …. ( hace el truco the conejito)
Thank you very much; our secrets will continue a mystery for everyone.
Billi: I know mother I want to be a great magician one day, but for the moment I just want
to visit the circus, let’s go home mommy.
( narradora) And billi and his mother go to their home very happy.
Oswaldo: let’s give a big applause for the circus goofy dufy uffy. Like always we have to
go, but we hope you come back soon have an excellent day.

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