Hispanic Studies - Academic Studies Abroad


Hispanic Studies - Academic Studies Abroad
City Name: Granada
Program: Hispanic Studies
Course Name: Spanish Art History (Comparative Studies of Literature and Visual Art)
Level: Advanced
Poetry and Expression. The problem of the parallelism between the visual arts and
Modern Baroque Period:
1. Mysticism and Plastic in Golden Age Spanish art.
2. Theater and theatricality in art of the XVII century.
3. Baroque and visual image literature. Sight and symbols in Golden Age painting.
4.Velázquez and the spirit of modernity in thought, literature, and XVII century art.
5. Ephemeral art and literature. Sermons,
successes, commemorations, and processional art.
6. Late Baroque in XVIII century culture.
XVIII Century:
1. Artistic and literary Rococo.
2. Characteristics of Spanish Enlightenment.
3. Enlightenment and renovation in the arts and literature.
4. Neo-classicism and its merit in artistic creation.
5. Goya and Enlightened mind.
6. Ideological, literary, and poetic afterlife of Goya’s work.
7. Goya as engraver, the first modern artist.
XIX Century:
1.The Romantic revolution: exiles and liberal Spain.
2. The Romantic image of Spain in travelers.
3.The discovery of the Orient: literary and artistic exoticism.
4.Novel and historical painting.
5.Costumbrismo as a national bourgeois expression of Romantic particularity
6.Political, social, and artistic revolutions between 1848 y 1868: Realism y late
Romanticism in literature and art.
7.The poetics of Symbolism and Modernism.
8. The Generation of 98 in art and literature.
XX Century:
1. Modernity and Vanguard in art and literature (1923-1936).
2. The Vanguard and the Exposición de Artísticas Ibéricos of 1925.
3. The Generation of 27 and the plastic arts.
4. Surrealism in Art and Literature.
5. The Civil War: artistic and literary compromise.
6. Exiled artists.
7. Post-war art and literature between tradition and modernity.
8. Abstract and vanguard art at the end of the 50s. The abstract American
expressionist model and Spanish artistic movements.
9. The realist compromise in art and literature.
10. The return to figurative imagination in art and literary renovation.
Class participation will be taken into consideration. There will also be a midterm and
final exam.
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