Counselors` Connection-2nd Quarter


Counselors` Connection-2nd Quarter
Counselors' Connection
Issue 22 Number 2
Second Quarter '11
Amy Muchnick Shilo, Director
To graduate students who experience a rigorous academic program and emerge as confident critical thinkers who embrace
challenges, demonstrate resiliency, and are empowered to pursue personal goals and contribute positively to their communities
As we enter the busy holiday season, the Department
of Counseling Services would like to wish you and
your family a wonderful break.
We are beginning to hear about our seniors’ college acceptances
and of several students who have already been awarded merit
scholarships! Please encourage your senior to complete their
college applications during their break and to apply to every
scholarship that they qualify for. The scholarships are listed
through NAVIANCE (ask your student for their log in and
password or attend one of our parent NAVIANCE workshops for
your own log-in and password) .
Our juniors will all attend a College Application Process workshop
through their US/VA History classes this week. At the same time,
they will receive their PSAT scores. For 10th grade students, we are
mailing home their score reports and they will receive their test
booklets through their English classes. We have scheduled two
times for parents/guardians to come by if you have questions about
your son/daughter’s PSAT:
Wednesday January 4th at 3:00 p.m. and Thursday January 5th at
8:30 a.m. Both meetings will be held in room 110.
Our Project Upstander is continuing to evolve and make a
difference in our school community. The amazing Wakefield
Upstanders are very committed and have been attending bi-weekly
small group meetings to continue their training and further develop
their skills.
all parents there is at least one special place for your student to get
involved. Our Interact Club (formerly Service Club) has many longterm and short- term projects happening all the time and every student
is welcome. Our Best Buddies Club provides not only enjoyable
activities but a true service to fellow students. Interested in animation?
Our Anime Club is up and running. There is the Model UN, Red Cross
Club, Latinas Leading Tomorrow, the list is long and diverse. And
finally, we have a Quidditch Club organized by one of our seniors! If
your student needs contact information, have them stop by the Student
Activity Office in Room 154, our Wakefield Home Page or have them
stop by the counseling office for the information. If your student is too
shy, call their counselor. Their counselor can offer support,
encouragement, and better yet a fellow student who they can go to
meetings with. Happy Holidays and best wishes for a Healthy and Safe
New Year.
Ready or not, scheduling for the 2012-2013 begins after winter break.
Counselors meet with their students to help select courses for the next
academic year. As I mentioned in the October Counselors’
Connection, course selection is dependent on several factors: diploma
type, student interests, willingness to challenge themselves, etc. with
their 4 year plan guiding their choices. The yellow Course Request
Forms (CRF) should be making their way home during January and
February. The forms require a parent’s signature.
Our freshmen counselors have met with the 9th grade students
offering a workshop on Orientation to High School and are in the
process of presenting workshops on bullying and harassment.
Proudly our Upstanders are leading our presentations on bullying.
Wakefield’s Cohort Program has reached another
milestone. After the first quarter grades were reviewed,
fifty minority male boys had qualified to join the
program. Black and Latino boys in the 9th grade and the
first half of 10th grade qualify if they earn no grade
below a “C” in regular, intensified or AP level classes.
“This is the largest group we have ever welcomed in my 12 years with
the program” said Delores Bushong, Resource teacher for the Gifted
and Cohort Co-sponsor. With the addition of their new group of
freshmen, the Cohort now has 150 minority male boys in grades 9-12
who are committed to taking increasingly more rigorous classes every
year in order to prepare for college and graduate school. This is about
30% of the minority male population at Wakefield.
Congratulations to John Clisham, Wakefield’s College/Scholarship
Counselor, the recipient of this year’s Equality Award presented by
the Arlington Gay and Lesbian Association. John was recognized
at a lovely reception for his outstanding dedication in creating safe
and supportive environments for GLBTQ youth in Arlington
Seniors, don’t miss deadlines for “Merit Scholarships” at the colleges
you seek to attend. Each school will have their own “Merit
Scholarship” deadline. Some may be even as soon as this week!
The counselors have begun meeting our sophomores, through their
English classes, to present a series of workshops on career
development and career choice. We will be inviting exciting
speakers throughout the winter and spring to meet with our
students. The speakers will offer our students the “insider’s view”
of a variety of careers.
Finally, whenever I walk around our campus I am amazed at all the
activities I see going on around me. Our students are involved with
so many extraordinary clubs and organizations that Wakefield feels
like a bustling hive of constant energy. If your student is not
involved with any of our clubs, organizations, or athletic teams,
strongly encourage your child to find at least one activity. I assure
New scholarships are coming into Mr. Clisham’s office all the time.
Check Naviance under “Scholarships” for any new information and to
check deadlines. Also, register with: or both are good sources of information.
Remember; never pay anyone for scholarship information, there are
many scams out there looking to cash in on you! If you have any
questions about mail you might receive or an offer of fame and
fortune, see your counselor or Mr. Clisham.
Parents, please ask you employer for your W2 forms, ASAP! You
need them to fill out your taxes; this information goes directly on
the FAFSA, (FREE Application for Federal Student Aid). You can
register for a pin number/electronic signature now. One parent and
the student must apply for a pin number: or As always, see your counselor or Mr. Clisham
with any questions or help you may need. It is very important to get
this done correctly and as soon after January 1, 2012 as possible.
Naviance for Parents is off to a great start! We were able to train
about 20 parents on utilizing the system and the feedback has been
extremely positive. Parents enjoy the fact that they can use many of
the features to help their student research about colleges and a
career. We are in the process of establishing more Naviance for
Parents trainings and will include daytime trainings. You are also
welcome to contact your student’s counselor to obtain access. All
we need is an email address and we can also send you our training
Next “Naviance for Parents” training will occur during the PTA
meeting on Monday January 9th at 7:00 p.m.
La Oficina de Recursos Bilingües, para las familias funciona como
enlace bilingüe y bicultural entre las familias y la escuela, y cuenta
con experiencia y conocimientos necesarios acerca de los temas
que afectan a los alumnos que están aprendiendo ingles y sus
familias, les extiende la invitación a todos los padres de habla
hispana a nuestras reuniones mensuales que se llevaran a cabo
todos los jueves en las siguientes fechas:
Enero:12 Ayuda Financiera - para la universidad
Febrero :16 El peligro del alcohol y de la drogas en los
sick? If you have questions or concerns about your child’s attendance,
please do not hesitate to contact Wakefield’s Attendance Office at 703228-6730 for details of your child’s attendance report. For parents that
are having problems getting their children to school (oversleeping,
missing the bus, etc.,) contact the Attendance Specialist Shaheed
Patterson at 703-228-2388.
¿Está recibiendo la llamada?
¿Está usted recibiendo llamadas en la noche desde una grabadora
informándole que su hijo ha estado ausente de la escuela? Muchos de
nuestros padres reciben llamadas de la Oficina de Asistencia por las
noches porque sus hijos faltan a clases o porque llegan tarde a la
escuela sin una justificación. Tal vez su hijo olvidó de informar de un
día cuando él/ella estuvo enfermo/a. Si usted tiene preguntas o
inquietudes sobre las asistencias de sus hijos por favor no dude en
ponerse en contacto con la Oficina de Asistencia de Wakefield al
teléfono 703-228-6730 para recibir informe detallado de las
asistencias. Para los padres que están teniendo problemas en enviar a
sus hijos a la escuela (porque se quedan dormido, pierden el autobús,
etc.) por favor pónganse en contacto con el Especialista de Asistencia
Sr. Shaheed Patterson al teléfono 703-228-2388.
 Wednesday, January 25th - Room.110 @ 7:00 p.m.
Junior Parent Night
 Thursday, February 9th - Room.110 @ 7:00 p.m.
8th Grade Parent Night – Rising 9th Grade Parents
 Monday, April 16th – Room 110 @ 7:00 p.m.
 Saturday, January 28th - 7:30 a.m. – SAT
 Saturday, February 11th - 7:30 a.m. - ACT
 Saturday, March 10th - 7:30 a.m. – SAT
Marzo:15 El Acoso ( Bullying en Inglés) y la
intimidación en la escuela
 Saturday, April 14th – 7:30 a.m. – ACT
Abril:12 Cómo motivar a nuestros hijos para que vayan a
la Universidad
 Saturday, May 5th – 7:30 a.m. – SAT
Mayo: 12 clausura de las reunions
Para más información llamen al personal Bilingüe de la Escuela
Secundaria Wakefield
Patricia Huachillo (703)228-6748
Juana Manzano (703)228-6703
Walter Valdez (703)228-6729
Are you receiving calls in the evening with a recording stating your
child has been absent from school? Many of our parents receive
attendance calls in the evening due to their children missing classes
without justification or arriving to school late without an excuse.
Maybe your child forgot to turn in their note for a day they were
 Saturday, June 2nd – 7:30 a.m. – SAT
 Saturday, June 9th – 7:30 a.m. - ACT
In the event of snow or bad weather:
1. Listen to the radio or television: usually there will be an
announcement by 6:00 a.m. The choices are either school will be
closed, open one or two hours late or open on time. If there is no
announcement, we will open on time.
2. Do NOT call school – no one will be free to answer your call.
3. For inclement weather information please call the Toll-Free
Hotline 1-866-322-4277.

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