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St. Louis Catholic Church and Covenant School
St. Louis Catholic Church and Covenant School
7270 SW 120th Street • Pinecrest, FL 33156 • Church/School: 305-238-7562 • FAX: 305-238-6844
Web site: • [email protected][email protected]
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time / B
August 19, 2012
November, 2012 – November, 2013
Beginning on ALL SOULS DAY, November 2nd
The Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration of our parish
will extend over a year from November, 2012, to November
2013. In a variety of different events and observances we will
celebrate God’s goodness to us over the years and the many
special parishioners who have made our parish the wonderful
community that it is.
We will start the year long program on All Souls Day,
November 2. We want to remember and thank God for all of
our deceased relatives and friends who were members of St.
Louis Parish. They built the parish before us and have already
gone ahead of us to meet the Lord.
If you have any pictures that you would like to have
displayed on a banner you may drop off a copy at the
WELCOME TABLE on Sunday or the PARISH OFFICE during
the week by September 15th.
Please give us a non-returnable copy and put deceased
name and date on the photo. Need more info? Call Peggy at
I Am
Bread of
John 6:48
Celebrating Fr. Kish
Father Michael Kish officially began his well deserved retirement on July 1. However, he
continues to live close by and helps with Masses and other ministries at St. Louis.
Our Parish thanks him for all his work here in the parish for thirty-nine years. In addition
he has served as chaplain for City of Miami Police and chaplain for the Miami Dade College
Campus Ministry program. In all these assignments he has touched thousands of souls as he
shares with them his priestly ministry. We wish him happiness in his retirement. He will always
be welcome to share in the life and ministries of St. Louis Parish.
Join in the celebration of his life and ministry next Saturday, August 25, at the 5:30 PM
Mass. A Reception will follow in the Family Center.
Living Stewardship – Sharing God’s Gifts
Book and Gift Center
Pray for the Sick
Monty Abraham
Pablo Arevalo
Isabel Avila
Alejandro Baldelomar
Reinaldo Benitez
Verónica Bermudez
Jeannette Bernard
Daisy Bernardo
Rosa Maria Bestard
Jerry Byrne
Fr. Pedro Cartaya,SJ
Angelita Castillo
Ruby Chen
Dolly Chirino
James Clark
Rosemary Clark
Miriam Columbro
Michael Connor
Cici Culverhouse
Olga Del Valle
Luis DeVarona
Alba Díaz
Danilo Dominguez
Vincent Evans
Felipe Fernández
Henry Fernández
Mary Alice Fleming
Doris Green
Marjorie Gross
Daisy Guerrero
Dorothy Haiduven
Alyse Hernandez
Salvador Hernandez
Andrés Hidalgo
Tilman Hill
Kate Y. Houghton
Carole Howard
Gabriela Imbimbo
Saturday:3:30 - 4:30 PM
7:30 - 8:30 PM
Anytime by appointment
Please contact the parish office at least
six months prior to the proposed date.
BAPTISMS (Infants - 5 yrs. old)
Every Sunday (English). Please call the
Office TWO months in advance.
Mayra Villa Jaime
Irene Johnson
Gerry Knowlan
Helen Labime
Josh Lane
Esperanza Lara
Genaro Llave
Evelyn López
Lázaro López
Manolito López
John Mangialetto
Jane McKeon
Sam McKeon
Wendy McLendon
Angela Mitchell
Michael Mulsford
Vicki Owoc
Greg Page
Michael Pavloff
Jim Petee
Koamy Perez
Peter Pick
Rose Porcelli
David Pritchard
Nydia Ramírez
Shawn Rice
Clara Romero
Josephine Sánchez
Ida Sansone
Al Schwitalla
Reggie Sermersheim
Stephanie Shaw
John Shubeck
Berny Soto
Jeffrey Thompson
Isah Marie Tomas
Teresa Urtiaga
Aurora Van de Waters
We are in the process of updating the prayer list for ill members of the parish.
Names will remain on the list for 2 months unless you notify us to remove a name
sooner. If a name is removed in error please notify the office to have it reinstated.
To provide the Eucharist at home for ill parish members or family,
call Pedro Valentin at 305- 251-7335 or main office at 305-238-7562.
Si estas enfermo o impedido de asistir a la Misa y deseas recibir la
Comunión en tu casa, puedes comunicarte con Adriana Morales, 305-969-0960.
Ministry to
the Sick
Hora Santa -Tercer jueves de cada
mes en la Capilla a las 7:30pm.
f St.Loui
s, K
ly o
Music Director
Mr. Juan Salazar
Saturday: 8:30 AM
Matrimonio - Favor de llamar a la
Oficina con SEIS meses de anticipación.
of F
Youth Minister
Mr. Mark Witkowski
Weekday: 6:30 and 8:30 AM
Wednesdays only 7:00 PM
Misa en Español
Los domingos - 8:15 AM, 7:15 PM
Los Miercoles - 7:00 PM
Bautismos - En Español 1er y 3er
sábado de mes. Favor de llamar a la
oficina con DOS meses de anticipación.
Religious Education
Mrs. María Teresa López
5:30 PM (Sat. Vigil)
7:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM
12:30, 5:30 PM
8:15 AM, 7:15 PM
School Principal
Mrs. Christine Mathisen
The Pa
Rev. Paul Vuturo
Rev. Armando Tolosa
Rev. Biju Vells
Rev. Michael Kish (vicar emeritus)
Deacon Vincent McInerney
Deacon John Peremenis
Deacon John Green
Deacon Thomas Hanlon
Deacon Alex Lam
Deacon Bob Yglesias
Deacon Jeff Reyes
Deacon George Labelle
Deacon José Villena
rest, Flori
son of Luis & Cristina Castro
son of Lionel & Christine Jean
Remember the Departed
Lourdes Martinez
Sunday, August 19, 2012 and Sunday August 26, 2012
after the 9:30, 11:00 and the 12:30 masses.
Baptism Certificate Required for All New Students
Office of Religious Education
305-238-7562, ext 7017
[email protected]
“U N I T Y”
We are one UNIVERSAL Catholic Church as
St. Paul says so beautifully in I Cor. 12:1-31.
No one lay person makes a church community, regardless of how good one person is, he/she
does not make parish.... Nor does one core group of
parishioners. We must have, and must create a community of Christians who believe “THEY ARE THE
CHURCH”...not a building, regardless of how beautiful
it can be. We are truly blessed having our Shepherd,
Father Paul Vuturo, as another of God’s Special Gifts
to us.
There is no “I” in teamwork... Everyone is
needed, everyone is important to our community. The
young, seniors, married, single, separated and/or divorced.... no one is not needed.... No one. We must
be a “WE CHURCH”.... a total
single minded, Jesus oriented, faith filled,
Evangelizing, Stewardship community.
To make this happen, we must evaluate all
our perceptions, and pray for the Holy Spirit to open
our minds and hearts
to God’s way, not our way. He must lead us.
Not the material things of this world, but the spiritual
things are the most important graces in our lives.
You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood; you are the people of God. Only in Jesus can
our soul be at rest, and only with the support of our
parishioners at St. Louis Parish, can we grow and do
more good for the Lord. We flourish as an instrument
of God’s goodness and kindness.
Our Time, Our Talent, Our Treasure
Somos una Iglesia Católica UNIVERSAL…como dice San
Pablo tan bellamente en 1 Corintios 12:1-31.
Una comunidad parroquial no se compone de una sola
persona. No importa cuan buena pueda ser esta persona, él/ella no
es la parroquia…así como tampoco lo son un grupo central de feligreses por si solos. Debemos de tener, y tenemos que formar una
comunidad de cristianos que crean que “NOSOTROS SOMOS LA
IGLESIA”… La iglesia no es un edificio, no importa lo bello que
sea. Es una bendición tener un pastor como el Padre Paul Vuturo,
un verdadero regalo de Dios para nuestra Parroquia.
Es IMPORTANTE formar un equipo de trabajo…todos son
necesarios, todos son IMPORTANTES para nuestra comunidad.
Los jóvenes, los ancianos, los solteros, los casados, los separados
y/o divorciados…todos son necesarios…todos. Todos tenemos
que formar IGLESIA…una Comunidad dedicada a Stewardship,
enfocada y concentrada en Jesús, llena de fe, evangelizadora.
Para que esto sea posible DEBEMOS evaluar todas
nuestras percepciones, y orar para pedirle al Espíritu Santo que
abra nuestras mentes y nuestros corazones al camino de Dios, no
al nuestro. Él nos debe guiar. La gracia de Dios y los dones más
importantes en nuestras vidas son los espirituales, no las cosas materiales de este mundo.
Ustedes son los escogidos, ARISTÓCRATAS DEL SERVICIO, ustedes son el pueblo de Dios. Nuestra alma sólo puede
descansar en Jesús, y sólo con el apoyo de nuestros feligreses de
la Parroquia Saint Louis podemos crecer, hacer el bien por Nuestro
Señor, y florecer como instrumentos de las bondades de Dios.
DIOS da amor y a cambio nos pide que demos amor a
nuestros semejantes. Stewardship es el medio perfecto para DAR
amor, crecer y servir.
Nuestro Tiempo, Nuestro Talento, Nuestro Tesoro
Classes in the Faith for Adultos
Classes en la Fe para Adultos
Who Is it For?
¿Para Quien Es?
Adults who have not been baptized
Adults baptized in another faith
Adults Catholics who have not received
the Sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation
New Program begins Monday, September 10, 7:30 PM
in the Religious Education Conference Room
For more information, please call
Fr. Paul, 305-238-7562 Ext. 7010
Adultos que no han sido bautizados
Adultos Bautizados en otra religión
Adultos Católicos que no han recibido los
Sacramentos de la Eucaristia y la Confirmación
El programa empieza Miércoles, Septiembre 12,
7:30 PM en el Conference Room
Para más información puede comunicarse con
Olivia Baca, 786-399-0279
Next Week’s Schedule
5:30 pm
7:00 am
8:15 am
9:30 am
11:00 am
12:30 pm
5:30 pm
7:15 pm
-- Jiménez/Carrillo
Stephen Porter (786-837-4117)
Lourdes Manning (305-245-4423)
Zoraida Torres (305-270-7936)
Bob & Pat Desbiens (305-251-8988)
Lauren Chue-Sang (305-233-9494)
Milagros Marrou (305-234-2729)
Miriam Columbro (786-430-0302)
Oriele Joya-Lobaton (786-488-4298)
The Nursery is
OPEN every
Sunday for the
9:30 and 11:00
am Masses.
*These are the persons in charge of the scheduling of the Vocation Chalice for the respective Mass. Please call them.
St. Louis Parish Pilgrimage: The Way of St. James
From Lourdes to Santiago de Compostela along
The Way of St. James ending in Fatima
Join a St. Louis Jubilee pilgrimage with our invited chaplain Fr. Armando
Tolosa. Enjoy historic sites in a spiritual renewal pilgrimage. Dates: March 4
- 16, 2013. For more information, call Ernie or Marta Vidal at Odyssey Travel
Agency, 305-233-7723 or email [email protected]
Peregrinaje de Lourdes a Santiago de Compostela por
El Camino de Santiago terminando en Fátima
Acompáñenos en un peregrinaje por el Jubileo de St. Louis con nuestro
capellán invitado el P. Armando Tolosa. Disfrute de sitios históricos y de
una renovación espiritual. Fecha: del 4 al 16 de marzo de 2013. Para más
información llame a Ernie o Marta Vidal - Odyssey Travel Agency, 305-2337723 o por correo electrónico a [email protected]
The Humanities
Ministry would like to thank
all the parishioners that made
it possible for the Backpack
project to be an outstanding
success. The Humanities
Ministry was able to prepare and
delivered around 150 backpacks
with school supplies!
Seminario de Vida en el Espíritu.
15 y 16 de Septiembre
Paz, Perdón, Sanación, Libertad... Son algunos de los regalos que el Señor nos tiene preparados
siempre que se lo pidamos. Toma esta oportunidad de abrir tu corazón al Espíritu Santo a quien
el Señor nos dejó para que nos diera vida en abundancia.
Te invitamos a recibir estas y muchas más bendiciones en el Seminario de Vida en el Espíiritu
que será los días 15 y 16 de Septiembre. Para más información puedes llamar a Orielle Joya
786-488-4298, Maria Elena Chacon 305-510-8077 y Frank Maguiña 786-597-2358.
Youth Minister
Mark Witkowski
Office: 305-238-7562 ext 4
E-mail: [email protected]
Orlando Night of Joy/Rock the Universe Trip (9th-12th grade)
Join us for three days of music, theme parks and the Basilica in Orlando, FL on September
7th-9th. Friday night we will be attending Night of Joy in the Magic Kingdom, Saturday
is Rock the Universe at Universal Studio followed by Sunday Mass at the Mary Queen of
the Universe Basilica. We will be leaving St. Louis Friday at 1pm SHARP and returning
Sunday at 6pm. Cost is $225 not including food (many of the meals we will cook at our
hotel). RSVP to Mark at 305-238-7562 ext. 3 or [email protected]
Confirmation Year 2 (9th grade)
We are now offering Confirmation year 2 classes on Wednesday and Sunday. You can
choose which day is better for your family. Wednesday’s class is from 7pm-7:30pm followed
by attendance to New Life, our high school youth group, which runs from 7:45pm-9:30pm.
Sunday’s class is 4:30pm-5:15pm followed by attending the 5:30pm mass as a group. Sunday
classes begin September 23 and Wednesday classes begin on September 26.
Catholic Bible
egins the Study of
A Personal Encounter with the Living Word of God
Mondays - beginning September 17 – 7:30 p.m.
Lectio Divina is a Latin term for “divine reading.” A practice
strongly recommended by Pope John Paul II, Archbishop Wenski,
and Fr. Paul Vuturo.
Pope Benedict XVI recently said “I would like in particular to recall
and recommend the ancient tradition of Lectio Divina. The diligent
reading of Sacred Scripture accompanied by prayer brings about
that intimate dialogue in which the person reading hears God who
is speaking and in praying, responds to him with trusting openness
of heart (cf. Dei Verbum, n.25). If it is effectively promoted, this
practice will bring to the Church – I am convinced of it.”
In the 12th century, a Carthusian monk called Guigo, described the
four stages essential to the practice of Lectio Divina:
• LECTIO: The first step is lectio (reading) where we read the Word
of God, slowly and reflectively so that it sinks into us. Listening
attentively with the “ear of one’s heart.”
• MEDITATIO:The second step is meditatio (reflection) where we
think about the text we have chosen and ruminate upon it so that
we take from it what God wants to give us.
• ORATIO: The third step is oratio (prayer) where we leave our
thinking aside and simply let our hearts respond to God in prayer.
•CONTEMPLATIO:The final stage of Lectio Divina is contemplatio
(rest) where we simply rest in the Word of God. We listen at the
deepest level of our being to God who speaks within us with a
still small voice. As we listen, we are gradually transformed from
within. Signup after Mass on September 8 and 9
or contact Bohn and Jennifer Phillips
at [email protected] (305) 606-1891
Bookstore Hours:
Book and Gift Center
Tienda de Libros
y Regalos
Monday - Friday
9:00 - 11:00 am
Monday Evenings
5:30 - 7:30 pm
Wednesday Evening 5:00 - 8:00 pm
after 5:30 pm Mass
10:30 am - 2:00 pm
Come and see us!
od’s final Word was His Son
In times past God spoke in partial and various
ways…In the last days He spoke to us through His
son. Heb 1:1-2
Hebrews is written to Jewish Christians, weary with
demands of Christian life and indifference to their
• 16 week study followed by the Letter of James
(faith in action) for 12 weeks..
• Commentaries and workbooks written by Scott
Hahn and Mark Shea.
• Video lectures by priests. Hebrew’s lectures presented by Fr. Mitch Pacwa,
• Cost of materials $49.95;
Begin: Wednesday evening, Sept 19th, 7:30 pm
Thursday morning Sept 20th, 9:30 am*
*Child Care Provided*
Signups after all Masses weekends of
Aug 18/19 and 25/26
Wed night Study, Marie Rhugnanan
[email protected] 305-255-7593
Thurs morning Study, Joan McCaffery
[email protected] 305-595-3351
Come, join us and be strengthened in your faith and
renewed in your Christian calling.
Friday, September 7, 7:00 - 9:30 PM
St. Louis Family Center
Donation $15.00
includes refreshments and prizes
Contact Betty Quinn at 305-281-3014
or [email protected]
Altar-servers assist the priest at the Mass on Sunday
and holidays. Any Boy or Girl, 10 years old or older, who would like to become an altar-server, please
come to the two (2) training sessions in the Main
Saturday, Sept. 15th - 9:00 am to 12:00 noon
Saturday, Sept. 22nd - 9:00 am to 12:00 noon
Any questions? Please contact:
Bill Barrow, 305-519-4203 or
Alice Hacker, 305-665-0250.
Several parishes are hosting
listening sessions throughout the
months of August and September.
These listening sessions are open
to everyone, and the feedback
collected will be included in the
body of work studied by the Synod
For the most current
locations and dates, please visit and click on
the “Participate” tab.
Varias parroquias están realizando sesiones de opinión a lo
largo de los meses de agosto y septiembre. Estas sesiones
están abiertas a todos los feligreses y las opiniones
registradas se incluirán en el estudio que realizará el equipo
del Sínodo. Por favor, vea el calendario que se encuentra
en para conocer las fechas y los
lugares donde tendrán lugar estas sesiones.
Mass Intentions, Saints and Readings for the Week
Intenciones de la Misa, Santos y Lecturas para la Semana
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Aug. 19th Prv 9: 1-6; Eph 5: 15-20; Jn 6: 51-58
7:00 am
+ Recently Deceased/Bereavement Min.
8:15 am
+ Pedro, Juliana & Lily Vergaray/Loving Family
Belen Baca - In Thanksgiving
9:30 am
Fr. Beju Vells - Happy Birthday
11:00 am
St. Louis Parish Family/Parish Priests
+ Nikolai Alexei & Sergie Hagley/Loving
12:30 pm
+ Bernard Paxton/Loving Family
+ Nilda & Miguel Benitez/Loving Family
5:30 pm
Paul & Carole Deengelig - In Thanksgiving
7:15 pm
+ Mariana Nuñez/Clara Ferreira
Monday/lunes St. Bernanrd, abbot-doctor
Aug. 20th Ez 24: 15-24; Mt 19: 15-22
6:30 am
Peggy Rodriguez - Happy Birthday
8:30 am
Gonzalo Perez - Happy Birthday
St. Rose of Lima, virgin
Aug. 23rd Ez 36: 23-28; Mt 22: 1-14
6:30 am
+ Souls in Purgatory
8:30 am
Ileana Hernandez - Happy Birthday
St. Bartholomew, apostle
Aug. 24th Rv 21: 9-14; Jn 1: 45-51
6:30 am
+ Souls in Purgatory
8:30 am
Nicola Roxby - Happy Birthday
Saturday/sábado St. Louis, King of France; St Joseph Calasanz
Aug. 25th Ez 43: 1-7; Mt 23: 1-12
8:30 am
+ Souls in Purgatory
5:30 pm
+ Eleanore Gerhart/Chris & Dathy Sailsbury
Maggie Gedon - In Thanksgiving
Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time
Aug. 26th Jos 24: 1-2, 15-18; Eph 5: 21-32’ Jn 6: 60-69
7:00 am
+ Recently Deceased/Bereavment Min.
8:15 am
+ Elsa Bericochea/Rebeca Collada
+ Antonio Araujo/Roberto Arango & Family
9:30 am
+ Pablo (Bebo) Ramos/St. Louis Office Staff
St. Louis Parish Family/Parish Priests
Wednesday/miércoles Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary
+ Sr. Kay Blank/Come Follow Me Com.
Aug. 22nd Ez 34: 1-11; Mt 20: 1-16
Vorce Family/Baylis Family
6:30 am
+ Mary Navarro/Jorge Ravé
Geane Antoine - In Thanksgiving
8:30 am
+ James & Celeste MacIvor/Sharon MacIvor
+ Joseph Freire/Loving Daughter
Aurora Rodriguez - Special Intention
+ Antonio Araujo/Roberto Arango & Family
7:00 pm
+ Michel Bibe Madge/Carlos & Eni Heighes
St. Pius X, pope
Aug. 21st Ez 28: 1-10; Mt 19: 23-30
6:30 am
+ Souls in Purgatory
8:30 am
+ Jorge & Lila Martinez/Loving Family
+ Gerald & Adeline Dauphin/Maggie Gedeon
Midnight Musings
Pensamientos de Media Noche
I miss you this weekend.
People say it is so nice that I greet people before
Mass and wish them well after Mass. I do it because I want
to; I am a “parish priest.” People, faces, stories, children,
greetings, handshakes, hugs, all expressing faith, hope, and
love– that’s parish. I’ll be apart from that family parish this
weekend, because I also belong to another family, my blood
On August 18, our family celebrates the marriage
of my nephew, John Paul, to his wonderful bride, Kristi.
I received permission to celebrate the wedding in Kristi’s
home parish. I cannot tell you how special it is to celebrate
these sacraments with my family. I baptized John Paul,
I gave him his First Communion, I am celebrating his
wedding. Faith and family go together. My two brothers
and I know that our parents gave us more than life; they
shared with us faith in God and Christ. And that faith has
made all the difference in our lives; it was a foundation
for us, as we moved to different vocations, whether in
priesthood or marriage. Family and faith mean everything.
Yet family and faith mean everything beyond just
blood relationships. When Jesus was told that his blood
family wanted to see him, he explained that his real family
was based in more than blood: “For whoever does the will of
my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother”
(Matthew 12:50). (He certainly did not mean to put down
his own mother Mary; she did the will of the Father more
than anyone else!) He spoke of you and me. He said God
was our Father; he said that we were brothers and sisters for
each other.
We have experienced that so often in our parish.
People really embrace each other as brothers and sisters.
These are not just words in the bible, but experiences in the
lives of our people. They really are family for each other.
And when they live that family life, Jesus becomes more
believable. When we parishioners love each other, we will
draw others to Christ.
We need the Church family Church to support our
nuclear families. When all works well, we support each other.
But when the nuclear family has problems, all the more we
need our parish family for support and encouragement. That
Church family gives us strength when we face our biggest
problems. The blood family may struggle; thank God we
have each other in the Church family. When all goes well in
our nuclear families, the Church family, fellowship, love and
support, constantly renew our lives.
Yours in Christ,
Les hecharé en falta este fin de semana.
La gente dice que es muy agradable cuando recibo a las personas
antes de la Misa y cuando les deseo lo mejor al salir de Misa. Lo
hago porque quiero: yo soy un sacerdote parroquial. La personas,
sus historias, los niños, los saludos, los abrazos, todas las expreciones de fe, esperanza y amor - eso es la parroquia. Estaré apartado de la familia parroquial éste fin de semana, porque yo también
pertenezco a otra familia, la familia de sangre.
El 18 de agosto, nuestra familia celebra el matrimonio de mi
sobrino, John Paul, con su maravillosa novia, Kristi. Recibí permiso
para oficiar el matrimonio en la parroquia de Kristi. No tengo palabras para expresarles cuán especial es celebrar éste sacramento
con mi familia. Yo bauticé a John Paul, le dí su Primera Comunión,
y ahora celebro su matrimonio. La fe y la familia van juntas. Mis
dos hermanos y yo sabemos que nuestros padres nos dieron algo
más que la vida; ellos compartieron con nosotros la fe en Dios y
en Cristo. Y esa fe ha sido la gran diferencia en nuestras vidas; ha
sido la base para nosotros, al tiempo que caminamos a diferentes
vocaciones, sea en sacerdocio o en matrimonio. La familia y la fe
lo significan todo.
Aún así la familia y la fe significan todo más allá de la relación
de sangre. Cuando Jesús dijo que su familia de sangre quería verlo,
él explicó que su verdadera familia estaba basada en algo más que
la sangre: “Cualquiera que haga la voluntad de mi Padre del cielo,
ése es mi hermano, mi hermana y mi madre” (Mateo 12:50). (Positivamente él no quiso insinuar ningun menosprecio hacia su propia
madre María; ella acató la voluntad del Padre más que nadie.) El
hablaba de ustedes y de mi. El dijo que Dios era nuestro Padre;
el dijo que nosotros eramos hermanos y hermanas, los unos a los
Hemos experimentado esto tantas veces en nuestra parroquia.
Las personas realmente se abrazan unos a otros como hermanos y
hermanas. Estas no son sólo palabras de la Bíblia, sino experiencias en la vida de las personas. Realmente son familia los unos a
los otros. Y cuando ellos viven esa vida familiar, Jesús se hace más
creible. Cuando nosotros los feligreses nos amamos los unos a los
otros, atraemos a los demás hacia Cristo.
Necesitamos que la familia eclesiástica apoye los núcleos familiares. Cuando todo funciona bien, nos apoyamos los unos a los
otros. Pero cuando el núcleo familiar tiene problemas, es cuando
más necesitamos el apoyo y el estímulo de la familia parroquial. Es
la familia parroquial quien nos da la fuerza cuando afrontamos problemas graves. La familia de sangre puede luchar; gracias a Dios que
nos tenemos los unos a los otros en la familia de la Iglesia. Cuando
todo va bien en el núcleo familiar, la familia de la Iglesia, la hermandad, el amor y el apoyo, constantemente renuevan nuestras vidas.
Suyos en Cristo,

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