After all, it is abroad


After all, it is abroad
Rosario, Argentina: Culture, History,
Overview of the program
Academics and credit
Program fee and finances
Application deadline
Minimum # of students
Rosario, Argentina
Global Seminar Highlights
• 6 créditos
• conferencistas invitados
•5 semanas
•Alojamiento con una familia
•Excursiones por la ciudad y las
islas, clases de tango, visitas de
museos, partidos de fútbol, y más
•Créditos cuentan para Spanish
majors/minors, International Affairs
Area Concentrations y Engineering
Director Bio and Introduction
Dr. Susan Hallstead
• Especialista en literatura y cultura argentinas
• 15 años de experiencia viajando por Argentina y América
• Contactos
Global Seminar Location
Rosario, Pvia. Santa Fe, Argentina
Rosario (1.3 millones)
Paisaje (islas, río)
Geografía (google earth)
Global Seminar Academics
• 3 credits, SPAN 3260 Late 19th and 20th Century Argentine
•3 credits SPAN 3220 (or related field) Argentine Culture in a
Latin American Context
•Clases lunes, martes y miércoles, excursiones los jueves
•Susana Rosano, PhD y la Fundación Gran Rosario
Global Seminar Educational Excursions
• clases de tango,
•museos, guías de arquitectura,
•Relación entre los cursos y las
Global Seminar Housing
• Alojamiento con una
familia rosarina
• Cerca a la Fundación
• Todo incluído
• Cuestarionarios
• Familias conocidas
Global Seminar Costs
Program Fee
$approx. 4500-4800
6 credits
All excursions and
transportation to and
from excursions
3 daily meals
Use of library,
internet, etc. at
Reading packets
Additional Costs
Vietnam. Photo by CIEE
Manuel Tienda
Reciprocity Tax
Spending money
Financial Aid and Scholarships
• If you have residual financial aid from the
academic year, you may apply it to your summer
study abroad program.
• CU-Boulder study abroad scholarship: This
scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic
excellence and financial need. Apply through the
CU Study Abroad Website.
Global Seminar Eligibility
GPA requirement
Class-standing requirement
Language requirement
Other content-based prerequisites
How firm/flexible these requirements are
[refer to the online brochure for these]
Global Seminar Application Deadlines
Rolling Admission: Apply early!
• For summer Global Seminars:
February 1 (or when the program is full)
• For winter Global Seminar:
October 1 (or when the program is full)
The minimum number of students for this program is 10.
Global Seminar Application Process
Sign on today’s sign-up sheet;
Attend Study Abroad 101: First Step if
you have not done so yet.
Log on to:
using your CU Identity Key and password
and complete the online advising form
Speak with a study
abroad advisor and/or
with the program
director at any point in
the process!
Come to the Study Abroad Office to
open your application
1-2 professor or T.A. recommendations,
personal statement, forms, application fee
Work on your online application from home
Get or renew
your passport now
When your application is complete
Application Review & Interview
Due within one week of acceptance: participant contract &
non refundable deposit
March/April: post acceptance paperwork, pre departure meetings,
readings & preparation
Photo: Mt. Aspiring , New
Zealand by James Margolis
Questions after today?
Visit the Study Abroad Programs office:
Contact the program director:
Center for Community
Susan Hallstead
[email protected]
Walk-in advising hours:
9-5 Mon-Fri
No appointment necessary
Contact the program manager:
Steve Rose
[email protected]