2013 Advanced Placement® (AP) catalog



2013 Advanced Placement® (AP) catalog
Titles f ro m
th e Kn o pf Do ubl e d a y
P ubli shi n g G ro up
Knopf Doubleday publishes a broad
English Literature
selection of books appropriate for High
English Language
School Advanced Placement courses.
Literature in Spanish
These titles have been carefully selected
Chinese Literature and Culture
Japanese Literature and Culture
Art History
U.S. History
European History
not only to adhere to College Board
standards but to stimulate analytic
thinking and encourage a broad-based
understanding of each subject.
World History
U.S. Government and Politics
Comparative Government
Human Geography
Environmental Science
Calculus and Mathematics
Computer Science
Psychology and Neuroscience
E n g l i s h : c o m p o s i t i o n
T a b l e
o f
C o n t e n t s
English: Composition 1
English: American Literature / Classics
English: American Literature / Contemporary
English: British Literature 8
English: British and Commonwealth Literature
English: Comparative Literature12
English: Narrative Nonfiction 14
English: Memoirs15
English: Drama and Poetry 16
Literature in Spanish 17
Japanese Literature and Culture18
Chinese Literature and Culture19
U.S. History 20
European History 22
World History 24
Art History25
U.S. Government and Politics 26
Comparative Government 28
Human Geography30
Anne Lamott
Bird by Bird
Steven Frank
The Pen Commandments
Jack Hart
A Writer’s Coach
The first anthology to celebrate this lively,
fertile genre, featuring selections from every
part of the globe, chronologically arranged
from ancient Rome to the present.
“Steven Frank is the English teacher you
wish you’d had in high school. That’s
because he knows that education and
humor make terrific team teachers.”
—Richard Lederer, author of
The Write Way
“Wise, practical and smart, A Writer’s
Coach is an exceptional book, offering
advice with good humor and great
insight.” —Susan Orlean, author of
The Orchid Thief
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-42339-7
832 pages | $21.00 | Exam Price $10.50
Anchor | Paper | 978-1-4000-3229-7
336 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-1-4000-7869-1
304 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Margaret Atwood
Negotiating with the Dead
Karen Elizabeth Gordon
The Deluxe Transitive
Verlyn Klinkenborg
Several Short Sentences
About Writing
Bill Bryson
Bryson’s Dictionary for
Writers and Editors
“No other book is as filled with as much
grounded, practical advice for putting
words to the paper or electronic page or
gives better, more helpful exercises. . . .
[The] best book on writing. Ever.”
—New York Journal of Books
An essential guide to the wonderfully disordered thing that is the English language. As
Bill Bryson notes, it will provide you with
“the answers to all those points of written
usage that you kind of know or ought to
know but can’t quite remember.”
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27941-5
224 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-7679-2270-8
416 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
The Art of the Personal Essay
An Anthology from the
Classical Era to the Present
Selected and with an Introduction
by Phillip Lopate
A Guide for the Beginning Writer
The Complete Guide to Writing
Strategies That Work
Some Instructions on Writing and Life
“A warm, generous and hilarious guide
through the writer’s world and its
treacherous swamps.”
—Los Angeles Times
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-48001-7
272 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Environmental Science 31
Calculus and Mathematics36
Computer Science 37
Psychology and Neuroscience38
Titles marked with CCSS in this catalog have been specifically suggested by the Common Core State
Standards (Appendix B) as texts that exemplify the complexity, quality and range of reading that the
Standards require high school students to engage with. For more information about Common Core State
Standards go to www.corestandards.org.
E x a m i n a t i o n C o p y P o l i c y
Examination copies are available to instructors seeking titles to review for adoption consideration.
Examination Copy fees
• Paperbacks (under $20.00) are $3.00 each
• Paperbacks ($20.00 or more) are 50% off
• All hardcovers are 50% off the retail price
p l e a s e s e e b a c k o r d e r f o r m f o r d e t a i l s
A Writer on Writing
“Smart, deeply humane, courageous. . . .
I have never come across a single book
that more elegantly goes to the heart of
the craft and its demands. . . . Hooray
for Atwood!”
—Michael Pakenham, The Baltimore Sun
Anchor | Paper | 978-1-4000-3260-0
256 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
A Handbook of Grammar for the
Innocent, the Eager, and the Doomed
This grammar handbook includes such illustrated characters as the Debutante, famous
courtesan, wolf, bat, vampire, and many
more vivid figures that help entertain the
reader, while explaining every grammatical rule with clarity and precision.
Pantheon | Cloth | 978-0-679-41860-3
192 pages | $24.95 | Exam Price $12.50
Edgar Allan Poe
Great Tales and Poems
A compact selection of Poe’s eleven greatest stories and eight poems, chosen by the
National Endowment for the Arts for their Big
Read program.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47477-3
256 pages | $12.00 | Exam Price $3.00
common core Exemplar
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Hawthorne’s Short Stories
Edited and with an Introduction by
Newton Arvin
Twenty-four of the best short stories by one
of the early masters of the form, in the
definitive collection edited by acclaimed
scholar Newton Arvin.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-74121-9
448 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Sojourner Truth
Narrative of Sojourner Truth
Edited, Annotated, and with an
Introduction by Margaret Washington
Sarah Orne Jewett
The Country of the Pointed Firs
And Other Stories
With a Preface by Willa Cather
This narrative—a partial autobiography of
the woman who became a pioneer in the
struggles for racial and sexual equality—
is one of the most important documents of
slavery ever written.
A writer comes one summer to Dunnet
Landing, a Maine seacoast town, where
she follows the lonely inhabitants of onceprosperous coastal towns. Includes the
story “White Heron.”
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-74035-3
176 pages | $9.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-09214-2
320 pages | $12.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Edith Wharton
Ethan Frome
Edith Wharton
The Age of Innocence
William Faulkner
The Sound and the Fury
William Faulkner
As I Lay Dying
Edith Wharton’s most widely read work is a
brilliantly wrought, tragic novella exploring
the repressed emotions and destructive passions of working-class people, far removed
from the elevated social milieu usually inhabited by Wharton’s characters.
The Age of Innocence is an incisive look at
the ways desire and emotion must negotiate
the complex rules of society in Gilded Age
New York. Edith Wharton exquisitely
details a tragic struggle between love
and responsibility.
The tragedy of the Compson family features
some of the most memorable characters
in literature. Their lives, fragmented and
harrowed by history and legacy, mesh to
create what is arguably one of the greatest
novels of the twentieth century.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-94953-0
112 pages | $7.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-94951-6
320 pages | $9.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-73224-2
368 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Faulkner’s harrowing account of the
Bundren family’s odyssey across the
Mississippi countryside to bury Addie, their
wife and mother. Told in multiple first person narratives, the novel is considered one
of the most influential texts in American
fiction in structure, style, and drama.
common core Exemplar
common core Exemplar
Willa Cather
O Pioneers!
Willa Cather
My Ántonia
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
At once a sophisticated pastoral and a prototype for later feminist novels, O Pioneers!
faithfully conveys both the sharp physical
realities and the mythic sweep of the transformation of the American frontier—and of
the people who settled it.
In its magnificent tableaux of human beings caught in the toils of an abundant and
overpowering natural world, and in the
quiet, understated sympathy it displays for
life of every sort, My Ántonia effortlessly
encompasses history and wilderness.
On the eve of World War I, three American
male explorers stumble onto an all-female
society. So begins this sparkling Utopian
novel, a study of gender as on target as
when it was written almost a century ago.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-74362-0
176 pages | $9.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-74187-9
288 pages | $10.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Teacher’s Guide Available
Pantheon | Paper | 978-0-394-73665-5
176 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-73225-9
288 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
The Vintage Book of
American Women Writers
Raymond Chandler
The Big Sleep
John Hersey
A Bell for Adano
Ralph Ellison
Invisible Man
Ernest J. Gaines
A Lesson Before Dying
Raymond Chandler’s first novel introduces
Philip Marlowe, a P.I. moving through the
seamy side of 1930s Los Angeles. This
classic case includes a paralyzed California
millionaire, his two psychotic daughters, plus
blackmail, murder, corrupt wealth, secret
vices, and family scandal.
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize
Winner of the National Book Award
This monumental anthology allows us to
see our famous and familiar women writers in their full historical and literary context. An important corrective to the literary
canon and a showcase of great poetry and
fiction in one provocative volume.
An Italian-American major in World War II
wins the love and admiration of the local
townspeople when he searches for a replacement for the 700-year-old town bell
that had been melted down for bullets by
the fascists.
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-3445-1
848 pages | $18.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-394-75828-2
240 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-394-75695-0
288 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Ralph Ellison’s masterpiece is a journey
across the racial divide, telling unparalleled
truths about the nature of bigotry and its
effects on the minds of both victims and
perpetrators. One of the most audacious
and dazzling novels of the twentieth
Winner of the National Book Critics
Circle Award
Edited by Elaine Showalter
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-73276-1
608 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
“This majestic, moving novel is an
instant classic, a book that will be read,
discussed and taught beyond the rest of
our lives.” —Chicago Tribune
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70270-9
272 pages | $13.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Teacher’s Guide Available
Teacher’s Guide Available
C o n t e m p o r a r y
Langston Hughes
The Ways of White Folks
Langston Hughes’s stories are messages
from that “other” America, sharply etched
vignettes of its daily life, cruelly accurate
portrayals of black people colliding with
whites. Filled with mordant wit, The Ways
of White Folks is unmistakably the work of
a shrewd and compelling storyteller.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72817-7
272 pages | $13.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Raymond Carver
Short Cuts
Selected Stories
With an Introduction by Robert Altman
These classic stories form an indelible
portrait of American innocence and loss.
With deadpan humor and enormous tenderness, Short Cuts is recognized as the
work of “one of the true contemporary
masters” (The New York Review of Books)
of American fiction.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-74864-9
160 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Tobias Wolff
Old School
John Gardner
Finalist PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction
For over a thousand years Beowulf’s
monster was revealed only through the
adjectives of his enemies. With Grendel
John Gardner takes the details of the
original, turns the tables, and give us the
monster in his own words.
Booklist Editor’s Choice for
Young Adults
“ Old School . . . exposes the kind of
class-based phoniness that Holden
Caulfield so famously detested. . . .
Wolff again proves himself a writer of
the highest order.”
—Carmela Ciuraru, Los Angeles Times
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72311-0
192 pages | $12.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Art Spiegelman
Maus I
Art Spiegelman
Maus II
Kent Haruf
Sandra Cisneros
Woman Hollering Creek
“The most affecting and successful narrative ever done about the Holocaust.”
—The Wall Street Journal
Tragic and comic by turns, Maus attains
a complexity of theme and a precision of
thought new to the graphic novel and rare
in any medium.
Pantheon | Paper | 978-0-394-74723-1
160 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Pantheon | Paper | 978-0-679-72977-8
144 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
“Resonant and meaningful. . . . A song of
praise in honor of the lives it chronicles
[and] a story about people’s ability to
adapt and redeem themselves, to heal
the wounds of isolation by moving,
gropingly and imperfectly, toward
—The Washington Post Book World
From the acclaimed author of The House
on Mango Street comes a story collection
of breathtaking range and authority,
whose characters give voice to the vibrant
and varied life on both sides of the Mexican border. Includes the story “Eleven.”
A Survivor’s Tale:
My Father Bleeds History
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize
A Survivor’s Tale:
And Here My Troubles Began
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70585-4
320 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Teacher’s Guide Available
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70149-8
208 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
And Other Stories
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-73856-5
192 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
common CORE
Teacher’s Guide Available
James Baldwin
The Fire Next Time
Chaim Potok
My Name Is Asher Lev
Ray Bradbury
Vintage Bradbury
Eudora Welty
The Optimist’s Daughter
Jane Smiley
A Thousand Acres
Toni Morrison
Toni Morrison
The Bluest Eye
Cormac McCarthy
The Road
Upon its publication in 1963, The Fire
Next Time galvanized the nation and gave
passionate voice to the emerging civil
rights movement. In an intensely personal
and provocative document, James Baldwin
examines the consequences of racial
This stirring and visionary novel traces the
passage of Asher Lev, a teenager living in a
Hasidic community in postwar Brooklyn, as
he struggles between two identities—one
consecrated to God, the other subject only
to the imagination.
This collection by visionary author Ray
Bradbury contains such classic stories as
“The Illustrated Man,” “Dandelion Wine,”
“The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit,” “The
Veldt,” and “The Foghorn.”
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize
After the death of her father, Laurel
McKelva Han returns with her young
stepmother to the small Mississippi town
where she grew up. Alone in the old house,
Laurel comes to an understanding of the
past and herself.
“Haunting. . . . [Morrison] maps the dayto-day lives of her characters with lyrical
precision. . . . Home encapsulates all the
themes that have fueled her fiction, from
the early novels Sula and The Bluest
Eye, through her dazzling masterwork,
Beloved.” —The New York Times
“So precise, so faithful to speech and so
charged with pain and wonder that the
novel becomes poetry.”
—The New York Times
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize
Winner of the National Book Critics
Circle Award
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-74472-6
128 pages | $13.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Teacher’s Guide Available
Anchor | Paper | 978-1-4000-3104-7
384 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72946-4
352 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72883-2
192 pages | $13.95 | Exam Price $3.00
“A family portrait that is also a near-epic
investigation into the broad landscape, the
thousand dark acres of the human heart.
. . . The book has all the stark brutality of
a Shakespearean tragedy.”
—The Washington Post Book World
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-74091-5
160 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27844-9
224 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
common CORE
“Vivid, eloquent. . . . The Road is the
most readable of [McCarthy’s] works,
and consistently brilliant in its imagining
of the posthumous condition of nature
and civilization.”
—The New York Times Book Review
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-38789-9
304 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-1-4000-3383-6
384 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Abraham Verghese
Cutting for Stone
“[A] gripping family saga that brings midcentury Ethiopia to vivid life. The practice
of medicine is like a spiritual calling in this
book, and the unforgettable people at its
center bring passion and nobility . . .
to the ancient art.” —Ann Packer
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-71436-8
688 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
The Vintage Book of
Contemporary American
Short Stories
Stephen L. Carter
The Impeachment of
Abraham Lincoln
The thirty-three stories in this volume
contain a heightened world of power
and moral importance. As a cumulative
collection, they stand as a beacon of the
American short story, in its varied forms
over the past three decades.
“With an encyclopedic command of
period detail . . . Carter has created an
entertaining story rooted in the legal,
political and racial conflicts of 19thcentury America. . . . His creation of
Washington City in 1867, [is] alive
with sounds and smells.”
—The Washington Post
Edited by Tobias Wolff
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-74513-6
576 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Carrie Brown
The Rope Walk
New York Public Library Book
for the Teen Age
“Beautifully written. . . . Captures the
dignity and grace of a young woman
coming into knowledge of herself and
the world.” —Chicago Tribune
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-27809-8
336 pages | $13.95 | Exam Price $3.00
A Novel in Letters
“A curiously compelling . . . satire of human
foibles, and a light-stepping commentary
on censorship and totalitarianism.”
—The Philadelphia Inquirer
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-72243-8
224 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
teacher’s guide AVAILABLe
Karen Russell
A. M. Homes
Pulitzer Prize Finalist
Winner of the Alex Award
Winner of the Alex Award
“In a smart, funny and endlessly imaginative debut, the voluminously talented
DC Pierson shows keen insight into the
rocky emotional terrain of adolescence.
. . . Pierson has a sharp eye for the way
teenagers think, talk and behave.”
—The A.V. Club, The Onion
Booklist Editor’s Choice for Young
Winner of the New York Public Library
Young Lions Award
“The engaging, doggedly funny [Jack] is
likable from the first paragraph, a good
kid caught in circumstances too much for
him. . . . Homes handles the big subjects
subtly, deftly and with an appealing lack
of melodrama.”
—The New York Times Book Review
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47461-2
240 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-72181-3
160 pages | $12.95 | Exam Price $3.00
“A rich and humid world of spirits
and dreams, buzzing mosquitoes and
prehistoric reptiles. . . . With Ava,
[Russell] has created a goofy and
self-conscious girl who is young enough
to hope that all darkness has an
answering lightness.” —The Economist
Dave Eggers
A Hologram for the King
Ayana Mathis
The Twelve Tribes of Hattie
Jonathan Odell
The Healing
National Book Award Finalist
“In the long family arc that Mathis
describes, the painful life of one remarkably resilient woman is placed against
the hopes and struggles of millions of
African Americans who held this nation
to its promise.” —The Washington Post
“A terrific novel that will take its place in
the distinguished pantheon of Southern
fiction. . . . Polly Shine is a character for
the ages.” —Pat Conroy, author of
The Prince of Tides
“[This] sad-funny-dreamlike story unfolds
to become an allegory about the
frustrations of middle-class America. . . .
A comic but deeply affecting tale about
one man’s travails that also provides a
bright, digital snapshot of our times.”
—The New York Times
Knopf | Cloth | 978-0-385-35028-0
256 pages | $24.95 | Exam Price $12.50
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-74456-2
352 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-94751-2
352 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Julie Otsuka
When the Emperor
Was Divine
“Exceptional. . . . Otsuka skillfully
dramatizes a world suddenly foreign. . . .
[Her] incantatory, unsentimental prose is
the book’s greatest strength.”
—The New Yorker
Mark Dunn
Ella Minnow Pea
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47448-3
688 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
DC Pierson
The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep
and Never Had To
Teacher’s Guide Available
C o n t e m p o r a r y
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-73221-1
240 pages | $13.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Alan Lightman
Mr g
A Novel About the Creation
“A beautiful and philosophical fable that
weaves the laws of quantum physics into
a modern Genesis myth that will stick with
a reader long after the book is put away.”
—The New York Journal of Books
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-74485-2
224 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Peter Heller
The Dog Stars
Colson Whitehead
Zone One
“[A] ravishing doomsday novel. . . .
There are moments of unexpected happiness, of real human interaction, infused
with love and hope, like the twinkling of
a star we might wish upon, which makes
this end-of-the-world novel more like a
rapturous beginning.”
—San Francisco Chronicle
“Whitehead writes with economy, texture
and punch. . . . [ Zone One] is a cool,
thoughtful and, for all its ludicrous
violence, strangely tender novel, a celebration of modernity and a preemptive
wake for its demise.”
—The New York Times Book Review
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-95047-5
336 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-45517-8
336 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Aimee Bender
The Particular Sadness of
Lemon Cake
Winner of the Alex Award
“The fairy-tale elements in her writing,
far from seeming outlandish, highlight
the everyday nature of her characters’
flaws and struggles. . . . Relationships
and mundane activities take on mythic
qualities.” —The Wall Street Journal
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-72096-0
304 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27668-1
416 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
ENGLISH : Br i t i s h L i t e r a tur e
Mary Shelley (with Percy Shelley)
The Original Frankenstein
Edited by Charles E. Robinson
Working from the earliest surviving draft of Frankenstein, Charles E. Robinson presents
two versions of the classic novel—as Mary Shelley originally wrote it and a subsequent
version clearly indicating Percy Shelley’s amendments and contributions.
“Thanks to the dogged textual work of Charles E. Robinson . . . readers will now be
able to see for themselves what Mary wrote before she turned it over to Percy’s
editorial ministrations. . . . [This] version of the novel . . . probably comes as close
as it’s possible to get to the draft that Mary first handed Percy to read.”
—The Chronicle of Higher Education
Jane Austen
The Annotated Pride and Prejudice
A Revised and Expanded Edition
Annotated and Edited by David M. Shapard
Here is the complete text of Pride and Prejudice with more than 2,300 annotations on
facing pages, including explanations of historical context, citations from Austen’s life and
letters, definitions and clarifications, literary comments and analyses, maps and illustrations, and a detailed chronology of events that add immeasurably to understanding and
enjoying the intricate psychological interplay of Austen’s immortal characters.
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-95090-1 | 816 pages | $17.95 | Exam Price $3.00
common CORE
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47442-1 | 464 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Charles Dickens
Great Expectations
Simon Callow
Charles Dickens and the Great Theatre of the World
The most popular writer of the Victorian era and a perennial inspiration for writers ever
since, Charles Dickens is one of literature’s most iconic and enduring masters. To celebrate
the bicentennial of Dickens’s birth, Vintage Classics has released handsome, wittilydesigned editions of seven of his beloved novels, detailed with French flaps, rough front
pages, and charming cover illustrations by Peter de Sève.
While best known for his novels, Charles Dickens was also a dazzling mimic and storyteller, and he wrote, stage-managed, and acted in plays for the public. In this colorful
biography, Simon Callow reveals Dickens’s genius on and off the page and offers a
compelling insight into a life that was driven as much by performance and showmanship
as by literature.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-94716-1 | 464 pages | $7.00 | Exam Price $3.00
“This is the book we have long been waiting for and only Simon Callow could have
written it. . . . A marvelous book that deepens and enriches our understanding and
enjoyment of Dickens.”
—Michael Slater, author of Charles Dickens: A Life Defined by Writing
Jane Austen
The Annotated Emma
Annotated and Edited by
David M. Shapard
Filled with details about everything from the
social status of spinsters and the shopping
habits of fashionable ladies to English attitudes toward gypsies, David M. Shapard’s
Annotated Emma brings Austen’s world into
richer focus with more than 2,200 annotations on facing pages.
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-39077-6
928 pages | $17.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Robert Louis Stevenson
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
With an Introduction by Joyce Carol Oates
An exploration of the curious turnings of
human character through the strange case
of Dr. Jekyll, a kindly scientist who by night
takes on his stunted evil self, Mr. Hyde.
Anticipating modern psychology, Jekyll and
Hyde are a brilliantly original study of man’s
dual nature.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-73476-5
112 pages | $7.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Jane Austen
The Annotated Sense
and Sensibility
Annotated and Edited by
David M. Shapard
With more than 2,000 annotations, filled
with information about everything from
the rules of inheritance to the fashionable
cult of sensibility that Austen so brilliantly
satirizes, David M. Shapard’s Annotated
Sense and Sensibility is an entertaining
and edifying delight.
Emily Brontë
Wuthering Heights
Charlotte Brontë
Jane Eyre
“It is as if Emily Brontë could tear up all
that we know human beings by, and fill
these unrecognizable transparencies with
such a gust of life that they transcend
reality.” —Virginia Woolf
Charlotte Brontë’s most beloved novel
describes the passionate love between
the courageous orphan Jane Eyre and the
brilliant, brooding, and domineering Rochester. It lives as one of the great triumphs
of storytelling and as a moving and unforgettable portrayal of a woman’s quest for
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-45518-5
400 pages | $7.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-45519-2
624 pages | $7.95 | Exam Price $3.00
common CORE
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-39076-9
784 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Bram Stoker
W. Somerset Maugham
The Razor’s Edge
Nancy Mitford
The Pursuit of Love
Dracula has enthralled generations of readers with the alluring malevolence of its undead Count, the most famous vampire in
literature. A classic of Gothic horror, Bram
Stoker’s masterpiece remains an irresistible entertainment of undying appeal.
“Maugham remains the consummate
craftsman. . . . [His writing is] so
compact, so economical, so closely
motivated, so skillfully written, that it
rivets attention from the first page
to last.”
—Saturday Review of Literature
“Mitford, describing in a tart and easy
fashion the diverting activities of a
titled English family, is mocking, goodtempered, and very funny.”
—The New Yorker
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-74330-5
400 pages | $11.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-74081-6
240 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-3420-8
320 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-345-80323-8 | 384 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
ENGLISH : Br i t i s h
a n d
C o m m o n w e a l t h L i t e r a tur e
Nevil Shute
On the Beach
Margaret Atwood
The Handmaid’s Tale
Margaret Atwood
The Year of the Flood
Kazuo Ishiguro
Never Let Me Go
Both terrifying and intensely moving, On
the Beach is a remarkably convincing portrait of how ordinary people might face a
world poisoned by radiation after a global
nuclear war.
“Just as the world of Orwell’s 1984
gripped our imaginations, so will the
world of Atwood’s handmaid!”
—The Washington Post Book World
“Leave it to Atwood to find humor in a
postapocalyptic world as she covertly,
and brilliantly, addresses questions of
how we need to live on an imperiled
planet.” —The Kansas City Star
Winner of the Alex Award
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47399-8
320 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-49081-8
320 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-45547-5
448 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
“A Gothic tour de force. . . . What
Mr. Ishiguro has done so artfully in these
pages is not only assemble a chilling
jigsaw puzzle, but also create a distinct
fictional world.”
—The New York Times Book Review
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-7877-6
304 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Richard Adams
Tales from Watership Down
Ian McEwan
Roald Dahl
Tales of the Unexpected
“An exercise in enchantment. . . . Adams
is a master of characterization and description. . . . Tales From Watership Down is
the sort of work that can transport the
reader to a parallel existence.”
—The Baltimore Sun
Winner of the National Book Critics
Circle Award
This collection of stories showcases Roald
Dahl’s vivid imagination as he introduces
readers to a new sense of what lurks
beneath the ordinary.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-95019-2
288 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
“In the seriousness of its intentions and
the dazzle of its language, Atonement
made me starry-eyed all over again
on behalf of literature’s humanizing
—Daphne Merkin, Los Angeles Times
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72989-1
480 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-72179-0
368 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Mark Haddon
The Curious Incident of the
Dog in the Night-Time
Winner of the Alex Award
Whitbread Book of the Year
Booklist Editor’s Choice for
Young Adults
“Moving. . . . Think of The Sound and
the Fury crossed with The Catcher in
the Rye and one of Oliver Sacks’s reallife stories.” —The New York Times
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-3271-6
240 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Mary Renault
The King Must Die
Robert Graves
I, Claudius
David Malouf
P. D. James
Death Comes to Pemberley
Zadie Smith
White Teeth
Pat Barker
Toby’s Room
Michael Ondaatje
The Cat’s Table
Julian Barnes
The Sense of an Ending
The story of the mythical hero Theseus,
slayer of monsters, abductor of princesses,
and king of Athens. He emerges from these
pages as a clearly defined personality:
brave, aggressive, and quick. The core of
the story is Theseus’s Cretan adventure.
I, Claudius, the first part of Graves’s twopart account of the life of Tiberius Claudius,
is written in the form of Claudius’s
autobiography and stands as a modern
classic of historical fiction.
“Thrillingly profound. . . . Malouf’s prose
feels timeless—lyric and direct in ways
that recall [Homer’s Iliad] yet seem
wholly contemporary.”
—San Francisco Chronicle
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47524-4
240 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
“Smith is a master at detail . . . a postmodern Charles Dickens. . . . [Smith’s]
rich storytelling and wicked wit are suited
to the sights and smells of the world that
England has inherited.”
—The Washington Post
“Pat Barker’s Toby’s Room is the most
emotionally powerful and aesthetically
daring of her searing novels about the
First World War and British culture.”
—Elaine Showalter, Times Literary
“Lithe and quietly profound: a tale about
the magic of adolescence and the
passing strangers who help tip us into
adulthood in ways we don’t become
aware of until much later.”
—The Washington Post
Winner of the Man Booker Prize
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72477-3
480 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
A rare meeting of literary genius: P. D.
James, long among the most admired
mystery writers of our time, draws the
characters of Jane Austen’s beloved novel
Pride and Prejudice into a tale of murder
and emotional mayhem.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-95065-9
304 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70386-7
464 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Doubleday | Cloth | 978-0-385-52436-0
320 pages | $25.95 | Exam Price $13.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-74441-8
288 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-394-75104-7
352 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
“A brilliant, understated examination
of memory and how it works, how it
compartmentalizes and fixes impressions
to tidily store away. . . . Barnes reminds
his readers how fragile is the tissue of
impressions we conveniently rely upon
as bedrock.”
—Minneapolis Star Tribune
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-94772-7
176 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
C o m p a r a t i v e L i t e r a tur e
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Crime and Punishment
Translated by Richard Pevear and
Larissa Volokhonsky
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-73450-5
592 pages | $17.95 | Exam Price $3.00
André Brink
South African novelist André Brink gives us his most powerful work yet: the truly unforgettable
story—based on individuals connected to the author’s family—of a female slave, and her
fierce determination to survive and to be free. The novel is set in South Africa in 1832, the year
before slavery was abolished.
Franz Kafka
The Metamorphosis
common core Exemplar
And Other Stories
Translated by Willa and Edwin Muir
“[ Philida] combines an unflinching examination of the cruelties inflicted on the African
people by their Afrikaner masters with an attempt to give voice to the tradition that
sustained them. . . . [A] rich and complex novel.” —The Times (London)
This collection brings together the stories that Kafka allowed to be published during his lifetime.
Included here are: “Meditation,” “The Judgment,” “The Metamorphosis,” “A Country Doctor,”
“In the Penal Colony,” “A Hunger Artist,” and an appendix which includes “First Long Train
Journey” by Max Brod and Kafka, “The Aeroplanes at Brescia,” “Three Critical Pieces,” and an
epilogue by Max Brod.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-345-80503-4 | 320 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Schocken | Paper | 978-0-8052-1057-6 | 320 pages | $13.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Nikolai Gogol
The Collected Tales of
Nikolai Gogol
Translated and Annotated by Richard
Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70615-8
464 pages | $17.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Leo Tolstoy
Hadji Murat
Thomas Mann
Death in Venice
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-95134-2
144 pages | $9.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Winner of the Nobel Prize
Translated by Richard Pevear and
Larissa Volokhonsky
common CORE
common CORE
Translated by C. K. Scott Moncrieff
and Terence Kilmartin
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72009-6
496 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Albert Camus
The Stranger
Albert Camus
The Plague
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72020-1
144 pages | $12.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Winner of the Nobel Prize
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72021-8
320 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Schocken | Paper | 978-0-8052-1020-0
256 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Translated by Matthew Ward
Translated by Stuart Gilbert
Translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky
Leo Tolstoy’s most famous novella is an intense and moving examination of death and the
possibilities of redemption, here in a powerful translation by the award-winning Richard Pevear
and Larissa Volokhonsky.
“Excellent. . . . [Pevear and Volokhonsky have] managed to convey the rather simple
elegance of Tolstoy’s prose.” —The New Criterion
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-95133-5 | 64 pages | $8.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Elie Wiesel
From the Kingdom
of Memory
common CORE
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
From the award-winning author of Half of a Yellow Sun comes a powerful story of love and race
centered around a young man and woman from Nigeria who face difficult choices and challenges
in the countries they come to call home.
“This is not just a story that unfolds across three different continents; it is also a keenly
observed examination of race, identity and belonging in the global landscapes of Africans
and Americans. . . . Adichie is brave enough to allow the story to unfold with a distinct
straightforward simplicity that never loses its edgy intellect.”
—Colum McCann, author of Let the Great World Spin
Knopf | Cloth | 978-0-307-27108-2 | 496 pages | $26.95 | Exam Price $13.50
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72206-9
416 pages | $12.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Marcel Proust
Swann’s Way
Leo Tolstoy
The Death of Ivan Ilyich
And Seven Other Stories
Translated by H. T. Lowe-Porter
Gabriel García Márquez
Love in the Time of Cholera
Translated by Edith Grossman
Winner of the Nobel Prize
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-38973-2
368 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Naguib Mahfouz
The Thief and the Dogs
Translated by Trevor Le Gassick and
M. M. Badawi
Winner of the Nobel Prize
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-26462-4
160 Pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Chinua Achebe
Things Fall Apart
Orhan Pamuk
The White Castle
Winner of the Man Booker
International Prize
Translated by Victoria Holbrook
Winner of the Nobel Prize
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-47454-2
224 pages | $11.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70161-0
176 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Teacher’s Guide Available
common CORE
ENGLISH : M e m o i r s
ENGLISH : N a rr a t i v e N o n f i ct i o n
Andrea Wulf
Chasing Venus
The Race to Measure the Heavens
A History of Life and Death
“[Wulf’s] feeling for personality and her
attention to both the scientific records and
to the astronomers’ journals brings their
exploits to life. . . . Chasing Venus effectively dramatizes an important moment
in the history of science.”
—The Washington Times
“[Lepore] manages to spin a larger narrative that both fascinates and informs,
showing that our taken-for-granted ideas
about every stage of life are culturally
specific, very much a product of our
times.” —Rachel Newcomb,
The Washington Post
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-74460-9
336 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47645-6
320 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Fabio Geda
In the Sea There Are
Based on the True Story of
Enaiatollah Akbari
Translated by Howard Curtis
“Reading of Akbari’s efforts to find a better
life—alone and at an age when children
in our country can’t even drive yet—will
leave you shaken, but his resilient joy
leavens the story.”
—The Washington Post
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-74382-4
224 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Jill Lepore
The Mansion of Happiness
Cynthia Ozick
Quarrel & Quandary
Winner of the national book critics
circle award
“I urge all lovers of American prose to read it.
. . . Ozick is . . . the most accomplished and
graceful literary stylist of our time. . . . Great
essays.”—John Sutherland,
The New York Times Book Review
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-72445-9
272 pages | $13.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Lucas Mann
Class A
Lawrence Weschler
Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of
Oliver Sacks
Uncle Tungsten
“This is a hard-hitting examination of
minor league baseball and some of
the major issues of life in small-town
America. . . . Mann seeks to humanize
not only the players but also the fans
who comprise the family of this smalltown field of dreams.”
—Library Journal
Pulitzer Prize Finalist
“Oliver Sacks weaves together the
wonders of chemistry and his boyhood
experiences with grace, ease, and just the
right comedic touch. The result is a rich,
unique, and compelling glimpse into the
development of an enormously fertile and
creative mind.” —Brian Greene,
author of The Hidden Reality
Baseball in the Middle of Everywhere
As Lawrence Weschler guides students
through sixteenth-century “wonder cabinets” that were the first museums, he
compels us to examine the imaginative
origins of both art and science.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-76489-2
192 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Pantheon | Cloth | 978-0-307-90754-7
336 pages | $26.95 | Exam Price $13.50
Dave Eggers
“Great narrative nonfiction. . . . Fifty years
from now, when people want to know what
happened to this once-great city during
a shameful episode of our history, they
will still be talking about a family named
Zeitoun.” —Timothy Egan,
The New York Times Book Review
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-38794-3
368 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Memories of a Chemical Boyhood
Sonia Sotomayor
My Beloved World
“An eloquent and affecting testament
to the triumph of brains and hard work
over circumstance, of a childhood dream
realized through extraordinary will and
dedication.” —The New York Times
Knopf | Cloth | 978-0-307-59488-4
336 pages | $27.95 | Exam Price $14.00
Cheryl Strayed
From Lost to Found on the
Pacific Crest Trail
“The clarity of Ms. Strayed’s prose, and
thus of her person, makes her story, in
its quiet way . . . as riveting an adventure narrative as Jon Krakauer’s Into
the Wild.” —The New York Times
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47607-4
336 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70404-8
352 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Jon Krakauer
Into Thin Air
A Personal Account of the
Mt. Everest Disaster
“This is a great book, among the best
ever on mountaineering. Gracefully and
efficiently written, carefully researched,
and actually lived by its narrator, it
shares a similar theme with another
sort of book, a novel called The Great
Gatsby.” —The Washington Post
Rick Bragg
All Over but the Shoutin’
“A record of a life that has been harrowing,
cruel and yet triumphant, written so
beautifully he makes the book a marvel.”
—Los Angeles Times
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-77402-0
352 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Peggielene Bartels and
Eleanor Herman
King Peggy
An American Secretary, Her Royal
Destiny, and the Inspiring Story of
How She Changed an African Village
“Candid and humble. . . . A captivating
glimpse into the mental and spiritual
transformation of a middle-aged African
American woman as she steps into her
royal destiny as an African king.”
—The Baltimore Times
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-74281-0
368 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
NgUgIĩ wa Thiong’o
Dreams in a Time of War
Lijia Zhang
“Socialism Is Great!”
“Vividly evokes the colonial era as experienced
by Africans. . . . Ngug ’s greatest literary
achievement in this book is to re-create,
with almost uncanny success, how the world
looked through mid-century African eyes.”
—The Boston Globe
“A beautiful memoir. . . . [A] true tale of
aspiration: a young woman coming of age in
a nation desperately trying to do the same.”
—Peter Hessler, author of River Town
A Childhood Memoir
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-47621-0
272 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
A Worker’s Memoir of the New China
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-47219-9
384 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Marjane Satrapi
The Complete Persepolis
“You’ve never seen anything like
Persepolis—the intimacy of a memoir,
the irresistibility of a comic book, and
the political depth of the conflict between fundamentalism and democracy.
Marjane Satrapi may have given us a
new genre.” —Gloria Steinem
Pantheon | Paper | 978-0-375-71483-2
352 pages | $24.95 | Exam Price $12.50
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-49478-6
368 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
ENGLISH : Dr a m a
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-75533-3
160 pages | $7.50 | Exam Price $3.00
Teacher’s Guide Available
common CORE
L i t e r a tur e
Athol Fugard
“Master Harold” . . .
and the boys
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47520-6
64 pages | $12.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Robert Bolt
A Man for All Seasons
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72822-1
192 pages | $10.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Jean-Paul Sartre
No Exit and Three Other Plays
Translated by Stuart Gilbert and Lionel Abel
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72516-9
288 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
common CORE
Jorge Luis Borges
El Aleph
Martín Solares
Los minutos negros
Javier Marías
Corazón tan blanco
“Uno de los artistas contemporáneos más
memorable. . . . La deuda que tenemos
contraída con él quienes escribimos en
español es enorme”.
—Mario Vargas Llosa
Para resolver el asesinato de un periodista,
un policía investiga un crimen que ocurrió
veinte años antes. Pero a medida que se
sumerge en los bajos fondos, empieza
a dudar de la identidad del asesino que
Winner of the impac dublin award
Traducido por Alan West
Impresionante y conmovedora, Corazón
tan blanco sutilmente desarrolla una fascinante doble acción: la del pasado misterioso y amenazante, y la del presente
inestable y amenazado.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47536-7
464 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-95138-0
320 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Las hermanas Agüero cuenta la historia
de dos hermanas cubanas que se reúnen
en Miami tras 30 años de separación—
dos mujeres cuyas vidas encarnan el
romanticismo y el pragmatismo de la
diáspora cubana.
Junot DÍaz
La breve y maravillosa vida
de Óscar Wao
Isabel Allende
El cuaderno de Maya
Gabriel García Márquez
Cien años de soledad
Junot DÍaz
“ Óscar Wao de Junot Díaz, es una
maravillosa y no tan breve opera prima
tan desbordante de originalidad que sólo
se puede comparar a un híbrido entre
Mario Vargas Llosa, Kanye West, David
Foster Wallace y Star Trek”.
—The New York Times
“Una moderna y innovadora novela de
iniciación, a caballo entre el lacónico
lenguaje de un relato policíaco y la lírica
belleza de uno de redención”.
—El Nuevo Herald
Una de las novelas más fascinantes del
siglo XX, Cien años de soledad cuenta la
fascinante historia de la familia BuendíaIguarán, cuya aventura representa al mismo tiempo el mito y la historia, la tragedia
y el amor, del mundo entero.
La obra triunfal que marcó el arranque
literario de Junot Díaz puede ahora
disfrutarse en una edición en español que
conserva en su integridad la fuerza desabrida y la delicadeza del texto original.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-94795-6
448 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47472-8
496 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-95094-9
224 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
A Dual-Language Edition
Translated and with an Introduction and
Commentary by Howell D. Chickering, Jr.
Anchor | Paper | 978-1-4000-9622-0
464 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Geoffrey Chaucer
The Canterbury Tales
Dante Aligheri
The Inferno
Living with Shakespeare
A Prose Version in Modern English
by David Wright
Translated by Robert Hollander and
Jean Hollander
Essays by Writers, Actors, and Directors
Edited by Susannah Carson
Foreword by Harold Bloom
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-74353-4
352 pages | $10.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-49698-8
736 pages | $17.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-74291-9
528 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
common CORE
Poetry in Person
Twenty-five Years of Conversation
with America’s Poets
Edited by Alexander Neubauer
Knopf | Paper | 978-0-375-71175-6
368 pages | $18.00 | Exam Price $3.00
i n S p a n i s h
Lorraine Hansberry
A Raisin in the Sun
a n d P o e tr y
W. H. Auden
Selected Poems
Edited by J. D. McClatchy
Selected and Edited by
Edward Mendelson
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-3093-4
656 pages | $18.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27808-1
384 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Teacher’s Guide Available
common CORE
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-78145-5
320 pages | $13.95 | Exam Price $3.00
The Vintage Book
of Contemporary
American Poetry
Cristina García
Las hermanas Agüero
Langston Hughes
Selected Poems of
Langston Hughes
Una novella
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-77657-4
192 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-77669-7
368 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72818-4
320 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
common CORE
J a p a n e s e L i t e r a tur e
Gretel Ehrlich
Facing the Wave
A Journey in the Wake of the Tsunami
In an eloquent narrative that blends strong
reportage, poetic observation, and deeply
felt reflection, writer Gretel Ehrlich takes us
into the upside-down world of northeastern
Japan, where nothing is certain and where
the boundaries between living and dying
have been erased by water.
a n d
C u l tur e
Robert Whiting
You Gotta Have Wa
John Hersey
“The definitive book on Japanese baseball
and one of the best-written sports books
ever.” —San Francisco Chronicle
“Nothing can be said about this book that
can equal what the book has to say.
It speaks for itself, and in an unforgettable way, for humanity.”
—The New York Times
“A wonderfully entertaining look at
baseball and wa.” —Time
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-45597-0
416 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72103-1
160 pages | $7.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Pantheon | Cloth | 978-0-307-90731-8
240 pages | $25.00 | Exam Price $12.50
Yasutaka Tsutsui
Translated by Andrew Driver
This surreal, mind-bending narrative details
the theft from the Institute for Psychiatric
Research of a dream-invading device, which
is being used by the perpetrator to drive people insane. Brilliant psychotherapist Atsuko
Chiba must journey into the world of dreams
to fight her mysterious opponents.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-38918-3
352 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Ivan Morris
The World of the Shining
Court Life in Ancient Japan
Ivan Morris’s widely acclaimed portrait
of the world of ancient Japan, has been
a standard in cultural studies for nearly
forty years. Focusing on the world of the
emperor’s court he describes the politics,
society, religious life, and superstitions of
the times.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-345-80390-0
368 pages | $18.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Haruki Murakami
The Elephant Vanishes
Translated by Alfred Birnbaum and Jay Rubin
“These stories show us Japan as it’s experienced from the inside. . . . [They] take place
in parallel worlds not so much remote from
ordinary life as hidden within its surfaces.”
—The New York Times Book Review
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-75053-6
336 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Junichiro Tanizaki
Translated by Anthony H. Chambers
A literary masterpiece that helped to establish
Junichiro Tanizaki as Japan’s greatest novelist,
Naomi is both a hilarious story of one man’s
obsession and torment, and a brilliant evocation of a nation’s cultural confusion.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-72474-9
256 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Murasaki Shikibu
The Tale of Genji
Abridged and Translated by
Edward G. Seidensticker
A lively and astonishingly nuanced portrait of a refined society where every dalliance is an act of political consequence.
Vintage’s abridged edition is recognized
as the finest English version of what is
thought to be the world’s first novel.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72953-2
384 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
C h i n e s e L i t e r a tur e
Jim Yardley
Brave Dragons
A Chinese Basketball Team, an American
Coach, and Two Cultures Clashing
“Remarkable. . . . Brave Dragons is about
much more than basketball. It is about
more than Weiss’s adventures. It is a
serious look at the deep divisions between
American and Chinese cultures.”
—The Seattle Times
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47336-3
336 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
C u l tur e
James Fallows
China Airborne
Maxine Hong Kingston
The Woman Warrior
Koonchung Chan
The Fat Years
“The story so brilliantly told in China
Airborne, a metaphor for the much
bigger story of China’s rise, suggests
that no one should take its future as a
superpower for granted.”
—San Francisco Chronicle
Winner of the National Book Critics
Circle Award
Banned in China, The Fat Years tells the
story of the search for an entire month
erased from Chinese history. A kind of
Brave New World reflecting the China
of our times, this is a complex novel of
The Test of China’s Future
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-3127-6
288 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts
Winner of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award
“A book of fierce clarity and originality”
(Newsweek), Maxine Hong Kingston’s
autobiography tells of her early life in
California and the cultural confusion she
experienced as the daughter of Chinese
Translated by David Tse
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-74282-7
336 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72188-8
224 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Tsao Hsueh-Chin
Dream of the Red Chamber
Translated and Adapted from the Chinese
by Chi-Chen Wang
Preface by Mark Van Doren
Recognized by sophisticated readers in
China as the greatest of the country’s novels, Dream of the Red Chamber centers on a
boy’s forbidden romance with his cousin, a
story woven between the complex life of the
two great palaces and of the capital itself.
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-09379-8
352 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
a n d
Dai Sijie
Balzac and the Little Chinese
Ha Jin
Yu Hua
China in Ten Words
Winner of the National Book Award
Translated by Allan H. Barr
Translated by Ina Rilke
Pulitzer Prize Finalist
“Poetic and affecting. . . . The descriptions of life in this strangest of times and
places are so riveting that the reader
longs for more.”
—The New York Times Book Review
“Compassionate, earthy, robust, and
wise, Waiting blends provocative
allegory with all-too-human comedy. The
result touches and reveals, bringing to
life a singular world in its spectacular
—Gish Jen, author of Who’s Irish?
“Captures the heart of the Chinese. . . .
If you think you know China, you will be
challenged to think again. If you don’t
know China, you will be introduced to a
country that is unlike anything you have
heard from travelers.”
—The Wall Street Journal
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-72220-9
192 pages | $13.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70641-7
320 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-73979-7
240 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
U . S . H i s t o r y
Joseph J. Ellis
Founding Brothers
The Revolutionary Generation
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize
I Wish I’d Been There
Twenty Historians Bring to Life the Dramatic Events That Changed America
Edited by Byron Hollinshead
Brings together twenty of our most distinguished historians’ responses to the question
“What scene or incident in American history would you most liked to have witnessed—and
why?” The answers illuminate crucial moments in our past and give students a front-row
seat to some of American history’s most dramatic events.
“Fun. . . . Poses new and intriguing questions. . . . The essays are crammed with knowledge and are as thought-provoking as they are entertaining.” —The Buffalo News
Anchor | Paper | 978-1-4000-9654-1 | 352 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
David Nasaw
Children of the City
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70524-3
304 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Revolutionary Founders
Rebels, Radicals, and Reformers in the
Making of the Nation
Edited by Alfred F. Young, Gary B. Nash
and Ray Raphael
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-45599-4
464 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Gerald J. Prokopowicz
Did Lincoln Own Slaves?
And Other Frequently Asked Questions
About Abraham Lincoln
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27929-3
352 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
James M. McPherson
What They Fought For,
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-47634-8
112 pages | $13.95 | Exam Price $3.00
common CORE
At Work and at Play
This classic title, the inspiration for the movie Newsies, paints a surprising and indelible portrait of the bitter hardships, amazing resourcefulness, and unadulterated joys
experienced by immigrant children in American metropolises at the turn of the century.
“The excellent photographs in the book compliment its greatest strengths—the
description of the street traders, including the newsies, and the author’s intelligent
stress on the way in which children learn to carve out their turf for work and play.”
—Minneapolis Star Tribune
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-345-80297-2 | 288 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Bruce Catton
This Hallowed Ground
A History of the Civil War
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-94708-6
464 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Candice Millard
Destiny of the Republic
Jefferson Morley
Snow-Storm in August
Just four months after James Garfield’s inauguration, an attempt on his life made the president an object of a bitter, behind-the-scenes struggle for power—over his administration,
over the nation’s future, and, hauntingly, over his disastrously mishandled medical care.
This textured and absorbing account of how the nineteenth-century struggle over slavery
first violently erupted in Washington, D.C. details the bloody race riots that thrust the
ambitious District Attorney Francis Scott Key into a uniquely American battle for justice.
“A spirited tale that intertwines murder, politics and medical mystery. . . . Candice
Millard leaves us feeling that Garfield’s assassination deprived the nation not only of a
remarkably humble and intellectually gifted man but one who perhaps bore the seeds of
greatness.” —The Wall Street Journal
“[Morley’s] plunge beneath the surface of history exposes realities more true to daily
experience than executive proclamations or speeches in Congress. . . . Snow-Storm in
August deepens our appreciation of how slavery made a mockery of the founding and
made the Civil War as close to inevitable as any event in our history.”
—The Washington Post
A Tale of Madness, Medicine, and the Murder of a President
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-7679-2971-4 | 432 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
The Story of Emancipation
and Reconstruction
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70274-7
304 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
H. W. Brands
American Colossus
The Triumph of Capitalism, 1865–1900
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-38677-9
704 pages | $17.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Erik Larson
The Devil in the White City
Murder, Magic, and Madness
at the Fair That Changed America
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-72560-9
464 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
The Struggle for American Freedom and Washington’s Race Riot of 1835
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-47748-4 | 352 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Isabel Wilkerson
The Warmth of Other Suns
The Epic Story of America’s Great
Winner of the National Book Critics Circle
Award for Nonfiction
Winner of the Mark Lynton History Prize
Eric Foner
Forever Free
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-76388-8
640 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Great Issues in American
History, Vol. I
From Settlement to Revolution,
Edited by Richard Hofstadter and
Clarence L. Ver Steeg
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-394-70540-8
512 pages | $18.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Great Issues in American
History, Vol. II
From the Revolution to the Civil War,
Edited by Richard Hofstadter
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-394-70541-5
448 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Great Issues in American
History, Vol. III
From Reconstruction to the Present Day,
Edited by Richard Hofstadter and
Beatrice K. Hofstadter
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-394-70842-3
624 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Eur o p e a n H i s t o r y
Bettany Hughes
The Hemlock Cup
Socrates, Athens and the Search for the Good Life
Celebrated historian Bettany Hughes combines historical inquiry and storytelling élan
to paint an unprecedentedly vivid portrait of Socrates and the Golden Age of classical
Athens. Hughes recreates the Athenian streets where Socrates walked to illuminate for
students the world as he experienced it.
“Fascinating. . . . What Bettany Hughes provides is something vital: a life and times of
Socrates that is so richly textured, flavorful and atmospheric that it makes human this
most enigmatic of all philosophers. By the end of her book, we can almost see and
smell the man, with all of his quirks and foibles and questioning brilliance.”
—Walter Isaacson, The New York Times Book Review
I Wish I’d Been There
Book Two: European History
Twenty Historians Bring to Life Dramatic Events in the History of Europe
Edited by Byron Hollinshead and Theodore K. Rabb
In this companion to I Wish I’d Been There, some of our finest historical writers now turn
their attention to Europe, with lively and detailed accounts of some of the most dramatic
events in history. Guided by peerless scholars such as Paul Kennedy, John Keegan, Ross
King, Freeman Dyson, and Katherine Duncan-Jones, students will be transported to the
signing of the Magna Carta, the Versailles Conference, the German surrender in WWII on
Luneburg Heath, and other key turning points in European history. The result is an historical pageant of characters and episodes that will attract and delight all students of history.
Thomas Cahill
Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea
Why the Greeks Matter
“The best introduction to classical Greek
culture yet written. . . . Learned, stylish
and inspiring. . . . Well-informed, insightful
and on the whole written in a sparkling
style.” —Los Angeles Times
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-49554-7
352 pages | $17.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Tom Holland
The Forge of Christendom
Russell Shorto
Descartes’ Bones
The End of Days and the
Epic Rise of the West
A Skeletal History of the Conflict
Between Faith and Reason
“Prodigious. . . . A marvelous, enthralling read, [it] gives a lively sense of
these turbulent centuries that were
so crucial in the making of Western
civilization. . . . Narrative history in
the grand manner.”
—Daily Telegraph (London)
“A fascinating, colorful, and very readable
account of early modern ideas and
personalities. Shorto has a gift for
storytelling. He brings the seventeenth
century to life while doing justice to the
—Professor Steven Nadler, author of
Rembrandt’s Jews and Spinoza: A Life
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-27870-8
512 pages | $19.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-27764-0 | 336 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
David Fromkin
Europe’s Last Summer
Who Started the Great War in 1914?
“No one has deconstructed the war quite
the way Fromkin has. . . . Through it
all are the telling details of diplomatic
and military life that make the period so
utterly tragic.” —The Boston Globe
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-72575-3
384 pages | $17.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27566-0
336 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-7601-7 | 528 pages | $17.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Richard Holmes
The Age of Wonder
The Romantic Generation and the Discovery of the Beauty and Terror of Science
Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award
Winner of the Royal Society Prize for Science Books
A riveting history of the men and women whose discoveries and inventions at the end of the
eighteenth century gave birth to the Romantic Age of Science.
“Amazingly ambitious, buoyant new fusion of history, art, science, philosophy and
biography. . . . Mr. Holmes’s excitement at fusing long-familiar events and personages
into something startlingly new is not unlike the exuberance of the age that animates his
groundbreaking book.” —The New York Times
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-3187-0 | 576 pages | $17.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Peter Englund
The Beauty and the Sorrow
An Intimate History of the First World War
Translated by Peter Graves
An intimate and revelatory narrative history of World War I told through the stories of
twenty men and women from around the globe—a powerful picture of what the war
was really like.
“History in the raw, an unconventional look at the war that did so much to shape
the last century. . . . Englund has uncovered the stories of a myriad of fascinating
characters.” —The Boston Globe
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-73928-5 | 592 pages | $17.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Max Hastings
Anne Applebaum
“The best one-volume history of the war yet
written. . . . A relatively brief review can
only begin to indicate the depth, breadth,
complexity and pervasive humanity of this
extraordinary book. . . . [A] monumental
achievement.” —The Washington Post
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize
The World at War, 1939–1945
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47553-4
800 pages | $17.95 | Exam Price $3.00
A History
“Combining meticulous research with
myriad accounts of survivors, Gulag
illuminates a shadowed world in which
millions perished under unspeakable
conditions. Any who question why
we fought the Cold War will find an
answer.” —Henry A. Kissinger
Anchor | Paper | 978-1-4000-3409-3
736 pages | $18.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Mirjam Pressler
Anne Frank’s Family
William I. Hitchcock
The Struggle for Europe
After Helene Elias, Anne Frank’s aunt, died
in Germany, a vast collection of photos,
letters, drawings, poems, and postcards
preserved throughout decades were discovered in her attic. These findings weave an
indelible, engaging portrait of the family
that shaped Anne Frank.
“ The Struggle for Europe is not only
shrewd and comprehensive, but written
with a wit and vigour that makes it a
real joy to read. It deserves to be the
standard work on the subject for many
years to come.”
—Sir Michael Howard, former Robert
A. Lovett Professor of Military History,
Yale University
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-73941-4
432 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-49799-2
560 pages | $18.00 | Exam Price $3.00
The Extraordinary Story of Where She
Came From, Based on More Than
6,000 Newly Discovered Letters,
Documents, and Photos
The Turbulent History of a Divided
Continent, 1945–Present
Art H i s t o r y
World History
Camille Paglia
Glittering Images
A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars
Written especially with high school students in mind, here is an enthralling journey through Western art’s
defining moments, from the ancient Egyptian tomb of Queen Nefertari to George Lucas’s volcano planet
duel in Revenge of the Sith.
Glittering Images takes students on a tour through more than two dozen seminal images—paintings,
sculptures, architectural styles, performance pieces, and digital art that have defined and transformed our
visual world. Paglia combines close analysis with background information that situates each artist and
image within its historical context. Written with energy, erudition, and wit, Glittering Images is destined
to change the way we think about our high-tech visual environment.
David Fromkin
The Way of the World
Karen Armstrong
Holy War
Thomas Cahill
The Gifts of the Jews
Karen Armstrong
The Great Transformation
“Mr. Fromkin recounts ‘the greatest story
ever told’ exceedingly well, aided by a
deep knowledge and an elegant prose
—Andrew Stark, The Wall Street Journal
“A tour de force. . . . Any reader will
come away from this book with a better
frame of reference for assessing today’s
headlines.” —The Kansas City Star
A concise and highly readable treatise
on the enormous impact of the Jews on
history and civilization. Thomas Cahill explains the historical importance of key biblical figures, and he shows how their ideas
continue to drive our civilization today.
Karen Armstrong traces the rise and development of Confucianism and Daoism
in China; Hinduism and Buddhism in India; monotheism in Israel; philosophical
rationalism in Greece, and examines their
continued relevance to our own time.
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-48249-3
304 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-72124-0
592 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Charles C. Mann
New Revelations of the Americas Before
Uncovering the New World
Columbus Created
William H. McNeill
Plagues and Peoples
“This is a volume of unparalleled historical
and hemispheric sweep. Through a lively and
comprehensive review, Mann brings together
the most recent research from many fields to
truly show us the New World in 1491.”
—Susanna Hecht, author of
The Fate of the Forest
“Exemplary in its union of meaningful fact
with good storytelling, 1493 ranges across
continents and centuries to explain how the
world we inhabit came to be.”
—The Washington Post
Interprets world history as seen through
the extraordinary impact of disease on
cultures. With the identification of AIDS
in the 1980s, a new chapter has been
added to this chronicle of events, which
William McNeill explores in his new preface to this updated edition.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27824-1
720 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-12122-4
368 pages | $17.00 | Exam Price $3.00
From the Dawn of Civilizations to the
Eve of the Twenty-first Century
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-76669-8
272 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
The Crusades and Their
Impact on Today’s World
How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed
the Way Everyone Thinks and Feels
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-72140-0
672 pages | $18.00 | Exam Price $3.00
“The book’s subtitle—‘A Journey Through Art From Egypt to Star Wars’—highlights Ms. Paglia’s impressive range and famously eclectic tastes. . . . Ms. Paglia chooses well, from works both celebrated
and obscure. She is especially good at the difficult trick of providing context for the newcomer to art
history without being tedious for a more experienced reader. She is no dreary docent. . . . She is also
adept at helping readers to see the radical original impulse in now familiar art forms.”
—The Wall Street Journal
The Beginning of Our Religious
“A magisterial, poetically composed, and masterly study of twenty-nine great works of Western art. . . .
[Paglia is] one of the most erudite public intellectuals in America.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer
Pantheon | Cloth | 978-0-375-42460-1 | 224 pages | $30.00 | Exam Price $15.00
Tom Holland
In the Shadow of the Sword
The Birth of Islam and the Rise of the
Global Arab Empire
A thrillingly panoramic account of the rise
of Islam, a story rich in drama, character,
and achievement. With profound bearing on
the most consequential events of our time,
Tom Holland ties the exciting story of Islam’s
ascent to the crises and controversies of the
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-47365-3
560 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Charles C. Mann
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-3205-1
576 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Alain de Botton
The Architecture of Happiness
John Berger
About Looking
“With originality, verve, and wit, de Botton
explains how we find reflections of our
own values in the edifices we make. . . .
Altogether satisfying.”
—San Francisco Chronicle
John Berger explores our role as observers
to reveal new layers of meaning in what
we see. By asking probing questions about
our relationship to the art we view, Berger
alters the vision of anyone who reads his
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27724-4
288 pages | $18.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-73655-4
224 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Gregory Curtis
The Cave Painters
Peter Steinhart
The Undressed Art
“A fascinating survey of the rival theories.
. . . [Readers will be] swept up in the
beauty of the cave paintings and the
persuasive pull of his prose.”
—Richmond Times-Dispatch
“Richly enjoyable. . . . Lucidly written,
delightfully illustrated. Steinhart considers the phenomenon of drawing from
practically every conceivable angle
and the result is as stimulating as it is
enlightening.” —Los Angeles Times
Anchor | Paper | 978-1-4000-7887-5
288 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-7605-5
272 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Probing the Mysteries of the World’s
First Artists
Why We Draw
common CORE
U . S . G o v e r n m e n t a n d
p o l i t i c s
Ray Raphael
Mr. President
How and Why the Founders Created a Chief Executive
The story of the dramatic political maneuverings and personalities behind the creation of
the office of the president. Charting the evolution of the presidency, Ray Raphael reveals
how politics and personalities cobbled together a lasting, but flawed, executive office, with
ramifications that continue to this day.
“This is a fascinating and fresh narrative that takes the reader from the fierce debates
establishing the federal executive at the Constitutional Convention through Thomas
Jefferson’s election which tested the framers’ handiwork. It makes you wonder why it’s
never been told before.”
—Joyce Appleby, author of The Relentless Revolution: A History of Capitalism
Eli Saslow
Ten Letters
The Stories Americans Tell Their President
In this powerful look at the issues facing Americans today, reporter Eli Saslow creates
vivid portraits of the lives of ten citizens who corresponded with President Obama. Their
letters, and the president’s responses, tell of the personal struggles behind everything
from healthcare to immigration to war. These letters reveal an inside look at what
influences U.S. policy and shows a relationship between a president and the people he
governs that is deeply affecting.
“Eli Saslow . . . show[s] the profound real-life connections between the White House
and the people.” —David Maraniss, author of Barack Obama: The Story
Pauline Maier
American Scripture
Making the Declaration of
Richard Hofstadter
The American Political
Robert Kagan
The World America Made
David K. Shipler
The Rights of the People
“If you ever wondered how the erosion
of constitutional liberties affects ordinary
people, this is the book to read. Shipler
shows us . . . the true cost of sacrificing
liberty for security.”
—David Cole, author of No Equal Justice
How Our Search for Safety
Invades Our Liberties
“Quite simply the fairest, fullest, and
finest account ever written of how
the Declaration of Independence
—Joseph J. Ellis, author of
Founding Brothers
This revised edition of Richard Hofstadter’s
classic study of American politics from the
founding fathers to FDR changed the way
in which the relationship between power
and ideas in the national experience is
“[Kagan] seems to care less about partisanship than about ideas, particularly his
advocacy for a powerful American role
in the world. . . . The virtue of Kagan’s
book is that his ideas and logic are so
clearly laid out that readers can see
where they agree or disagree.”
—The Washington Post
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-77908-7
336 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72315-8
560 pages | $17.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-345-80271-2
160 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-7928-5
496 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Stephen Breyer
Making Our
Democracy Work
Sister Helen Prejean
Dead Man Walking
And the Men Who Made it
common CORE
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-74255-1 | 304 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-74238-4 | 336 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Jack N. Rakove
Original Meanings
Robert G. Kaiser
Act of Congress
How America’s Essential Institution Works, and How It Doesn’t
Washington Post reporter Robert G. Kaiser illuminates the workings of Congress in all of its
complexity and presents a clearer picture than any we have had of how Congress works
best—or sometimes doesn’t work at all.
“If you want to know how Washington really works, read this book. It’s the ultimate
inside story of a major piece of legislation that will affect the way the country does
business for decades to come. Robert G. Kaiser, who knows the terrain like few others,
was given unique access to the key players as they pasted this complicated package
together.” —Cokie Roberts, NPR and ABC News
Knopf | Cloth | 978-0-307-70016-2 | 448 pages | $27.95 | Exam Price $14.00
Raymond Bonner
Anatomy of Injustice
A Murder Case Gone Wrong
Pulitzer Prize winner Raymond Bonner tells the gripping story of a grievously mishandled
murder case that put a twenty-three-year-old semiliterate, mentally retarded black man
on death row. Moving, enraging, suspenseful, and enlightening, Anatomy of Injustice is
a vital contribution to our nation’s ongoing, increasingly important debate about inequality and the death penalty.
“Accomplished and meticulously researched. . . . Convincing. . . . As a piece of reporting, the book is masterful. Bonner builds the story, and his argument, carefully, rarely
editorializing, mixing in a précis of capital punishment in the United States.”
—The Boston Globe
Politics and Ideas in the Making of the
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize
Jeffrey Toobin
The Oath
The Obama White House and The
Supreme Court
A Judge’s View
“A deeply satisfying account of the political
world from which the United States
Constitution issued. . . . It demonstrates
convincingly that the world of our Founding Fathers is not ours.”
—The New York Times Book Review
“Not until scholars a generation hence
gain access to the justices’ papers are
we likely to have a more useful, or
more readable, picture of this oddly
assorted group of judges at this moment
in history.”
—The New York Times Book Review
“A calm, reasoned book about how the
Supreme Court should do its work and
how, in history, it has sometimes failed
the challenge. . . . A remarkable contribution to educating the public about our
constitutional system.”
—The New York Review of Books
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-78121-9
464 pages | $17.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Doubleday | Cloth | 978-0-385-52720-0
352 pages | $28.95 | Exam Price $14.50
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-39083-7
288 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
“An intimate meditation on crime and
punishment, life and death, justice and
mercy. . . . Prejean’s argument against the
death penalty draws its fire from her own
fervent belief in social justice.”
—Los Angeles Times
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-75131-1
288 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-94854-0 | 336 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
C o m p a r a t i v e G o v e r n m e n t
Hooman Majd
The Ayatollah Begs to Differ
The Paradox of Modern Iran
Provides an intimate look at a paradoxical country that is both deeply religious and
highly cosmopolitan, authoritarian yet informed by a history of democratic and reformist
traditions. Hooman Majd, grandson of an eminent ayatollah and the son of an Iranian
diplomat, offers an insightful tour of Iranian culture, introducing fascinating characters
from all walks of life, including zealous government officials, tough female cab drivers,
and open-minded, reformist ayatollahs.
“Perhaps the best book yet written on the contradictions of contemporary Iran. . . .
It captures like no book in recent memory the ethos of the country, in elegant and
precise prose.” —Los Angeles Times
Alaa Al Aswany
On the State of Egypt
What Made the Revolution Inevitable
Translated by Jonathan Wright
A vivid chronicle of Egyptian society, with penetrating analysis of all the most urgent
issues—economic stagnation, police brutality, poverty, the harassment of women and
of the Christian minority, to name a few—that led to the stunning overthrow of the
Mubarak government. In a candid and controversial assessment of both the potential
and limitations that will determine his country’s future, Al Aswany reveals why the revolt
that surprised the world was destined to happen.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-94698-0 | 208 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Ec o n o m i c s
Randy Charles Epping
A Beginner’s Guide to
the World Economy
Eighty-one Basic Economic Concepts That
Will Change the Way You See the World
Randy Charles Epping
The 21st Century Economy
A Beginner’s Guide
What is the new economy? What is globalization? These and many other pertinent
issues are concisely addressed in this highly
readable and accessible primer.
Randy Charles Epping uses compelling narratives and insightful analogies to clearly and
concisely explain the rapidly changing way
business is done in the twenty-first century. A
comprehensive guide to understanding today’s
global economy.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-72579-1
256 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-38790-5
336 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-7679-2801-4 | 320 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Wangari Maathai
The Challenge for Africa
Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and founder of the Green Belt Movement,
offers a refreshingly unique perspective on the severe and wide-ranging challenges facing
Africa, even as she calls for a moral revolution among Africans themselves. Illuminating
the complex and dynamic nature of the continent, Maathai offers “hardheaded hope” and
“realistic options” for change and improvement.
“Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement demonstrate the intimate connection
between sustainable management of Africa’s rich natural resources, democracy, good
governance and peace. Such are the solutions that will bring new light to Africa.”
—Nelson Mandela
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-39028-8 | 336 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Howard W. French
A Continent for the Taking
The Tragedy and Hope of Africa
Howard W. French, a veteran correspondent for The New York Times, gives a compelling firsthand account of some of Africa’s most devastating recent history—from
the fall of Mobutu Sese Seko, to Charles Taylor’s arrival in Monrovia, to the genocide
in Rwanda and the Congo. Blending eyewitness reportage with rich historical insight,
French searches deeply into the causes of these events, illuminating the debilitating
legacy of colonization and the abiding hypocrisy and inhumanity of both Western and
African political leaders.
“A brilliant and nuanced meditation on the complexities of contemporary Africa. . . .
Howard French’s voice is both fresh and enlightening.”
—Henry Louis Gates, Jr., author of Colored People
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-3027-9 | 320 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Thomas Byrne Edsall
The Age of Austerity
Louis Hyman
One of our most prescient political observers provides a sobering account of how
pitched battles over scarce resources will
increasingly define American politics in the
coming years—and how we might avoid,
or at least mitigate, the damage from these
ideological and economic battles.
“The story of how Americans learned to
love debt—and became dangerously
addicted to it. Anyone who has ever
wondered how we got into the mess
we are now in must read this powerful
—Lizabeth Cohen, author of
A Consumers’ Republic
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-94645-4
272 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-74168-4
304 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
How Scarcity Will Remake
American Politics
The American Way of Debt
Barbara Garson
Down the Up Escalator
Robert B. Reich
Beyond Outrage
“[Barbara Garson explains] how and why
we got into the economic mess we are
in—and what it really means in the
everyday life of real people . . . and
makes it readable and human to boot.”
—Gar Alperovitz, author of
America Beyond Capitalism
Robert Reich shows us why the increasing share of income and wealth going to
the top has hobbled jobs and growth for
the 99 percent. He proposes a blueprint
for action to get the United States back
on track.
Doubleday | Cloth | 978-0-385-53274-7
288 pages | $26.95 | Exam Price $13.50
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-345-80437-2
176 pages | $9.99 | Exam Price $3.00
Simon Johnson and
James Kwak
White House Burning
David K. Shipler
The Working Poor
How the 99 Percent Live
in the Great Recession
Our National Debt and Why It
Matters to You
“A thorough, scholarly account of how the
country got into this predicament and
how it can dig its way out. . . . [Johnson
and Kwak] point out the absurdities of
a budget debate dominated by partisan
exaggerations and warnings of pending
doom.” —San Francisco Chronicle
What Has Gone Wrong With Our
Economy and Our Democracy, and
How To Fix It
Invisible in America
A searing, intimate portrait of working
American families struggling against
insurmountable odds to escape poverty.
This impassioned book not only dissects
the problems, but makes pointed, informed recommendations for change.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70821-3
352 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-94764-2
384 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
h u m a n
Nicholas D. Kristof and
Sheryl WuDunn
Half the Sky
Turning Oppression into Opportunity for
Women Worldwide
“[A] brilliant call to arms. . . . [Kristof and
WuDunn] take you to many countries, introduce you to extraordinary women, and
tell you their moving tales. Throughout,
the tone is practical not preachy.”
—Fareed Zakaria
Jack Turner
Ted Conover
The Routes of Man
A brilliant, original history of the spice trade—
and the appetites that fueled it.
“Ted Conover’s exploration of six far-flung
‘roads’. . . [serves] to remind that in
many places of the world the act of
getting around is an art marked by pride,
lust, corruption, and bloodshed.”
—Erik Larson, author of
The Devil in the White City
The History of a Temptation
“[A]n erudite and engaging account of how
foodstuffs can change the flow of history.”
—The New York Times Book Review
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70705-6
384 pages | $17.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-38709-7
320 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Jane Jacobs
The Death and Life of
Great American Cities
“This is one of the most remarkable books
ever written about the city. . . . It is an
antithesis we very much need, for the
elements Jacob perceives are precisely the
elements we seem bent on eliminating in
conventional redevelopment.”
—William H. Whyte
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-74195-4
480 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Doug Saunders
Arrival City
How the Largest Migration in
History Is Reshaping Our World
“A brisk world tour of enormous urbanfringe neighborhoods populated by
people who have left the countryside.”
—New Yorker
“Mightily researched, lofty and humane,
Arrival City is packed with salient detail
and could hardly be more timely.”
—The New York Times
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-38856-8
384 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
E n v i r o n m e n t a l Sc i e n c e
g e o g r a p h y
Travels in the Paved World
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-7702-1
352 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
William Julius Wilson and
Richard P. Taub
There Goes the
Racial, Ethnic, and Class Tensions
in Four Chicago Neighborhoods
and Their Meaning for America
“[Wilson and Taub] show how ethnic and
racial change is not an inevitable linear
process. . . . Absorbing and thoughtprovoking.”
—Ira Katznelson, Ruggles Professor of
Political Science, Columbia University
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-72418-6
240 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Christopher McDougall
Born to Run
A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes,
and the Greatest Race the World
Has Never Seen
“[McDougall’s] extended portrait of one
of the world’s least known cultures, the
Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s Copper
Canyons, puts modern American running
under an exacting magnifying glass.”
—San Francisco Chronicle
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27918-7
304 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Craig Childs
Apocalyptic Planet
Field Guide to the Everending Earth
“In chapters packed with vivid descriptions
and lyrical language, Childs tells tales not
merely of droughts and ice ages, but of
globe-swallowing deserts and planetfreezing cold spells. . . . A fascinating
travelog of an excitable, seething and
perilous planet.” —Science News
Pantheon | Cloth | 978-0-307-37909-2
368 pages | $27.95 | Exam Price $14.00
Climate Central
Global Weirdness
Severe Storms, Deadly Heat Waves,
Relentless Drought, Rising Seas and the
Weather of the Future
“Slim and elegant. . . . Written in the kind
of plain English of which Strunk and White
would approve, that lays out what we know
about climate change while hewing to the
facts and taking great care to avoid bias and
hysteria.” —The New York Times
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-74336-7
224 Pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Alan Ehrenhalt
The Great Inversion and the
Future of the American City
Wangari Maathai
John Vaillant
The Tiger
“Ehrenhalt shows us how a desire for
urbanism is bringing people back
to America’s downtowns, and what
suburbs and communities of all sorts
must do to thrive in the future. . . .
[A] must read.”
—Richard Florida, author of
Who’s Your City?
When Maathai founded the Green Belt
Movement, she began a vital environmental
organization that soon spread across Africa.
Persevering through run-ins with the Kenyan
government, she fought tirelessly to save
Kenya’s forests and to restore democracy to
her beloved country.
“[Brings] vividly to life this rare and
terrifying creature and the men who are
setting their lives at stake every day in a
barely civilized part of the world. This is
a real-life adventure story that is rarely
encountered.” —The Washington Times
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47437-7
288 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
A Memoir
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-27520-2
368 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
A True Story of Vengeance and Survival
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-38904-6
352 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Robert Peter Gale, M.D. and
Eric Lax
What It Is, What You Need to Know
An essential guide to radiation—the good,
the bad, and the utterly fascinating—
explained with unprecedented clarity
by the doctor to whom governments
turned in the wake of the Chernobyl and
Fukushima disasters.
Edward O. Wilson
The Future of Life
“A no-nonsense appraisal of the problem
of species extinctions and a pragmatic
road map for renewal. . . . The Future
of Life takes the reader on a fascinating and ultimately hopeful journey.”
—San Jose Mercury News
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-76811-1
256 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Knopf | Cloth | 978-0-307-95969-0
288 pages | $26.95 | Exam Price $13.50
Lee Sandlin
Storm Kings
The Untold History of America’s First
Tornado Chasers
“If the vast majority of climate scientists
are right, the weather is going to
become an increasingly important, and
threatening, feature of our daily lives.
Lee Sandlin’s new book is a riveting history of our relationship with the funnel
clouds of the Midwest.”
—Joseph J. Ellis, author of
Founding Brothers
Richard Ellis
On Thin Ice
The Changing World of the Polar Bear
“Ellis is [the polar bear’s] ideal
champion. . . . By presenting the
bears’ plight in such convincing terms,
Ellis shows unequivocally that the fate
of these magnificent creatures is in our
hands.” —The Providence Journal
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-45464-5
416 pages | $18.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Pantheon | Cloth | 978-0-307-37852-1
304 pages | $26.95 | Exam Price $13.50
B i o l o g y
Neil Shubin
The Universe Within
Discovering the Common History of Rocks, Planets, and People
With his trademark clarity and exuberance, Neil Shubin seeks the answer to a scientific
mystery as big as the world itself: How are the events that formed our solar system billions of years ago embedded inside each of us?
“What is special about the book is its sweep, its scope, its panorama—how physics,
biology, geology, chemistry and seemingly every other science are brought to bear on
the most intricate details of human life. . . . Shubin’s ability to do all this comes from
long experience . . . and this makes science seem a very uplifting enterprise indeed.”
—The Wall Street Journal
Adrian Bejan and J. Peder Zane
Design in Nature
How the Constructal Law Governs Evolution in Biology,
Physics, Technology, and Social Organization
This groundbreaking book takes the recurring patterns in nature—trees, tributaries, air passages, neural networks, and lightning bolts—and reveals how a single principle of physics, the
Constructal Law, accounts for the evolution of these and all other designs in our world. Written in
an easy style that achieves clarity without sacrificing complexity, Design in Nature is a paradigmshifting book that will fundamentally transform our understanding of the world around us.
Pantheon | Cloth | 978-0-307-37843-9 | 240 pages | $25.95 | Exam Price $13.00
“This extraordinary book proposes a law of nature whose power is matched only by its simplicity. Everything you lay your eyes on will blow your mind with fresh interpretation.”
—David Eagleman, author of Incognito
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-74434-0 | 304 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Carl Zimmer
Arno Karlen
Biography of a Germ
“A powerful account of the dynamic,
complicated and social world we share
with this ordinary yet remarkable bug.”
—New Scientist
Arno Karlen examines a single bacterium—
Borrelia burgdorferi, the germ that causes
Lyme disease—to give us an intimate view of
the life and world of this recently prominent
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27686-5
256 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-72066-3
192 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
E. coli and the New Science of Life
Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, M.d. and Kathryn Bowers
Adrian Raine, a leading criminologist who specializes in the neuroscience behind criminal
behavior, introduces a wide range of new scientific research into the origins and nature of
violence and criminal behavior. Provocative and timely, the book contains an eight-page
full-color insert, and black-and-white illustrations throughout.
Inspired by an eye-opening consultation at the Los Angeles Zoo, which revealed that a monkey
experienced the same symptoms of heart failure as her human patients, cardiologist Barbara
Natterson-Horowitz embarked upon a project that would reshape how she practiced medicine.
She began researching every affliction that she encountered in humans to learn whether it happened with animals, too. And usually, it did. Zoobiquity presents a revelatory understanding of
what animals can teach us about the human body and mind.
The Biological Roots of Crime
“An exhaustive, unvarnished survey of what is known about the neurobiological correlates
of physical violence. It is deeply informative and it makes for disquieting reading.
It wisely refrains from claiming a single cause for the problem or advocating a single
solution. It is an indispensable reference.”
—Antonio Damasio, author of Self Comes to Mind
Pantheon | Cloth | 978-0-307-37884-2 | 496 pages | $35.00 | Exam Price $17.50
The Astonishing Connection Between Human and Animal Health
“[ Zoobiquity] will change medicine more than any new machine or drug.”
—Randolph Nesse, M.D., Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan and author of
Why We Get Sick
A Story of Evolution in Our Time
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize
The Beak of the Finch is a dramatic story
of groundbreaking scientific research showing that natural selection is neither rare nor
slow: it is taking place in real time, and we
can watch.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-73337-9
352 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
The New Science of Darwinian Medicine
“By bringing the evolutionary vision systematically into one of the last unconquered
provinces, Nesse and Williams have devised not only means for the improvement
of medicine but fundamental new insights
into the human condition.”
—Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-74674-4
304 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Richard Preston
The Hot Zone
Sherwin B. Nuland
How We Die
The Hot Zone tells the dramatic story of
a highly infectious, deadly virus from the
central African rain forest that suddenly appears in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.
A hair-raising account of rare and lethal
viruses and their “crashes” into the human
New Edition
A Terrifying True Story
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-49522-6
352 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
common CORE
Jonathan Weiner
Time, Love, Memory
A Great Biologist and His Quest
for the Origins of Behavior
Winner of the National Book Critics
Circle Award
“Stellar. . . . Weiner’s compelling
portrait tells how [Seymour Benzer]
and his fruit flies bestow on the most
scientifically significant legacies of the
century.” —Science News
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-76390-1
320 pages | $17.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Randolph M. Nesse, m.D. and
George C. Williams, Ph.D.
Why We Get Sick
Adrian Raine
Anatomy of Violence
Jonathan Weiner
The Beak of the Finch
Reflections of Life’s Final Chapter
Winner of the National Book Award
Attempting to demythologize the process
of dying, Sherwin Nuland explores how
each of us shall die uniquely. He examines
seven common roads to death: old age,
cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, accidents, heart
disease, and strokes, revealing the facets
of death’s multiplicity.
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-74244-9
320 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Dick Teresi
The Undead
Organ Harvesting, the Ice-Water
Test, Beating-Heart Cadavers—How
Medicine Is Blurring the Line Between
Life and Death
“The simple question Teresi asks is:
‘When exactly is a person dead?’
Prepare to have your assumptions
—The Globe and Mail (Canada)
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-9611-4
368 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47743-9 | 416 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
P h y s i c s
Steve Jones
The Language of Genes
Solving the Mysteries of Our
Genetic Past, Present, and Future
“This is one of the most insightful books
on genetics to date and certainly the most
entertaining.” —The Wall Street Journal
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-47428-3
272 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Ann Gibbons
The First Human
The Race to Discover Our
Earliest Ancestors
Science writer Anne Gibbons follows four
intensely competitive international teams of
scientists to Africa in a heated race to find
the “missing link”—the fossil of the earliest human ancestor.
Anchor | Paper | 978-1-4000-7696-3
336 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Richard Fortey
Horseshoe Crabs and
Velvet Worms
The Story of the Animals and Plants
That Time Has Left Behind
A Natural History of the First Four
Billion Years of Life on Earth
“Fortey . . . takes us through aeons, to
look at creatures that haven’t changed
much for hundreds of millions and in
some cases billions of years. . . . It’s
a great story, and no one is better
equipped to tell it than Fortey.”
—The Guardian (London)
“No one can finish Life without having
accrued considerable knowledge of
evolutionary history and a sense of
excitement of discovery that can
be conveyed only by a professional
scientist chipping away at the rock face
of his discipline.”
—The New York Times Book Review
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27553-0
384 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70261-7
400 pages | $17.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Neil Shubin
Your Inner Fish
Richard Leakey and
Roger Lewin
The Sixth Extinction
A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year
History of the Human Body
Winner of the National Academy of
Sciences Book Award
“ Your Inner Fish combines Shubin’s and
others’ discoveries to present a twentyfirst-century anatomy lesson. The simple,
passionate writing may turn more than
a few high-school students into aspiring
biologists.” —Nature
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27745-9
256 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Richard Fortey
Patterns of Life and the
Future of Humankind
Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin examine
the five mass extinctions that have taken
place in history, drawing parallels between
these evolutionary crises and mankind’s
destruction of 30,000 species per year in
the present.
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-46809-1
288 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Hugh Raffles
Leonard Mlodinow
Feynman’s Rainbow
Winner of the Orion Book Award
A Search for Beauty in Physics and in Life
A stunningly original exploration of the
ties that bind us to the beautiful, ancient, astoundingly accomplished, largely
unknown, and unfathomably different
species with whom we share the world.
“This is a sweetly entertaining book about
the weird, but engaging, world of physics.
. . . Young scientists will find solace and
perhaps inspiration here.”
—American Scientist
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-9696-1
480 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-94649-2
192 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Brian Greene
The Hidden Reality
John D. Barrow
The Constants of Nature
“The multiverse is an idea whose time
has come. . . . The book serves well as
an introduction . . . and will open up
many people’s eyes.”
—The Wall Street Journal
“Barrow’s familiarity with the material allows him to glide from Pascal
to Pasadena in smooth, informative
—The Economist
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27812-8
464 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-3225-9
368 pages | $17.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws
of the Cosmos
The Numbers That Encode the
Deepest Secrets of the Universe
Michio Kaku
Physics of the Impossible
A Scientific Exploration into the World
of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation,
and Time Travel
“Kaku’s latest book aims to explain
exactly why some visions of the future
may eventually be realized while
others are likely to remain beyond the
bounds of possibility.”
—The Economist
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-27882-1
352 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Edward O. Wilson
The Unity of Knowledge
“Wilson gives us his informed, sensitive,
and flat-out brilliantly balanced reflections
on the prospects for human inquiry.
. . . [Shines] a bright light on a darkened
path.” —Loyal D. Rue, author of
By the Grace of Guile
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-76867-8
384 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Michio Kaku
Physics of the Future
How Science Will Shape Human Destiny
and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100
“Mind-bending. . . . Fascinating. . . . Kaku
has a gift for explaining incredibly complex
concepts, on subjects as far-ranging as
nanotechnology and space travel, in
language the lay reader can grasp.”
—San Francisco Chronicle
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47333-2
480 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Future Science
Essays from the Cutting Edge
Edited by Max Brockman
Editor Max Brockman introduces the work
of some of today’s brightest and most
innovative young scientists in this fascinating and exciting collection of writings
that describe the very boundaries of our
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-74191-2
272 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Joseph Schwartz and
Michael McGuinness
Einstein for Beginners
James Gleick
Isaac Newton
Amusing, sophisticated and highly accessible, Einstein for Beginners takes us
through the revolutions in electrical communications and technology that made
the theory of relativity possible. A comprehensive introduction to Einstein’s life and
“After reading Jim Gleick’s beautifully
written and intimate portrait of Newton,
I felt as if I’d spent an evening by the fire
with that complex and troubled genius.”
—Alan Lightman, author of
Einstein’s Dreams
Pantheon | Paper | 978-0-375-71459-7
176 pages | $12.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Pulitzer Prize Finalist
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-3295-2
288 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
C a l cu l u s
David Berlinski
A Tour of the Calculus
“[Explains] the concepts from a modern
viewpoint. The work should be especially
useful for providing perspective to college
and advanced high school students currently learning calculus.”
—Library Journal
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-74788-8
352 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
a n d M a t h e m a t i c s
David Berlinski
One, Two, Three
Absolutely Elementary Mathematics
Filled with illuminating historical anecdotes
and asides on some of the most fascinating mathematicians through the ages,
One, Two, Three is a captivating exploration of the foundation of mathematics:
how it originated, who thought of it, and
why it matters.
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-7910-0
224 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Simon Singh
Fermat’s Enigma
The Epic Quest to Solve the World’s
Greatest Mathematical Problem
With a Foreword by John Lynch
C o m p ut e r Sc i e n c e
Robert Osserman
Poetry of the Universe
A Mathematical Exploration
of the Cosmos
Simon Singh tells the compelling story of
the pursuit to solve Fermat’s Last Theorem,
and the lives that were devoted to, sacrificed for, and saved by it. A mesmerizing
tale of heartbreak and triumph that will
entirely change your feelings about math.
“Thoroughly delightful. It shows how
mathematics and our understanding
of the universe evolve together. Osserman’s lucid explanations and passion
make this book daring in scope.”
—George F. Smoot, astrophysicist,
University of California at Berkeley
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-49362-8
336 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-47429-0
224 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen
The New Digital Age
Brian Christian
The Most Human Human
Two leading global thinkers in technology and foreign affairs give us a forward-thinking
account of where our world is headed.
Each year, the AI community convenes to administer the famous (and famously controversial)
Turing test, pitting sophisticated software programs against humans to determine if a computer
can “think.” The machine that most often fools the judges wins the Most Human Computer
Award. But there is also a prize, strange and intriguing, for the “Most Human Human,” and Brian
Christian is determined to win.
Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business
“This is the most important—and fascinating—book yet written about how the digital
age will affect our world. With vivid examples and brilliant analysis, it shows how
the internet and other communications technologies will empower individuals and
transform the way nations and businesses operate. How will different societies make
tradeoffs involving privacy, freedom, control, security, and the relationship between
the physical and virtual worlds? This realistic but deeply optimistic book provides the
guideposts.” —Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs
What Artificial Intelligence Teaches Us About Being Alive
“Machines are getting so smart that it forces us to take a completely fresh look at what smart
is, and at what human is. Brian Christian takes on this very weighty task, and somehow
makes it fun.” —David Shenk, author of The Genius in All of Us
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-47670-8 | 320 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Knopf | Cloth | 978-0-307-95713-9 | 336 pages | $26.95 | Exam Price $13.50
Benoit Mandelbrot
The Fractalist
Memoir of a Scientific Maverick
A fascinating memoir from the man who revitalized visual geometry, and whose ideas
about fractals have changed how we look
at both the natural world and the financial
Pantheon | Cloth | 978-0-307-37735-7
352 pages | $30.00 | Exam Price $15.00
Gregory Chaitin
Proving Darwin
Making Biology Mathematical
Fascinating and thought-provoking, mathematician Gregory Chaitin gives us the first
book to posit that we can prove how Darwin’s theory of evolution works on a mathematical level. Proving Darwin makes clear
how biology may have found its greatest
ally in mathematics.
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-7798-4
144 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Leonard Mlodinow
The Drunkard’s Walk
How Randomness Rules Our Lives
“A wonderfully readable guide to how the
mathematical laws of randomness affect
our lives.”
—Stephen Hawking, author of
A Brief History of Time
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27517-2
272 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
William Poundstone
Prisoner’s Dilemma
“Both a fascinating biography of von
Neumann, the Hungarian exile whose
mathematical theories were building
blocks for the A-bomb and the digital
computer, and a brilliant social history
of game theory and its role in the Cold
War and nuclear arms race.”
—San Francisco Chronicle
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-385-41580-4
320 pages | $17.00 | Exam Price $3.00
James Gleick
The Information
George Dyson
Turing’s Cathedral
James Gleick tells the story of information technologies that changed the very nature of
human consciousness, providing portraits of the key figures who contributed to the development of our modern understanding of information.
George Dyson’s revealing account of how the digital universe exploded in the aftermath of World
War II, illuminating the nature of digital computers, the lives of those who brought them into
existence, and how code took over the world.
“Gleick is one of the great science writers of our age. . . . The Information is an entertaining and instructive romp through the history of information technologies. . . . [F]or
anyone interested in learning more about the important and ever-more-prominent role
that information plays in our society, the book is not only a pleasure to read, it is well
worth reading.” —American Scientist
“It is a joy to read George Dyson’s revelation of the very human story of the invention of the
electronic computer. . . . Read Turing’s Cathedral as both the origin story of our digital
universe and as a perceptive glimpse into its future.”
—W. Daniel Hillis, author of The Pattern on the Stone
A History, a Theory, a Flood
The Origins of the Digital Universe
VINTAGE | PAPER | 978-1-4000-7599-7 | 464 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-9623-7 | 544 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
P s y c h o l o g y
a n d
n e ur o s c i e n c e
David Eagleman
Leonard Mlodinow
In this provocative book, renowned neuroscientist David Eagleman navigates the depths
of the subconscious brain to illuminate surprising mysteries: Why can your foot move
halfway to the brake pedal before you become consciously aware of danger ahead?
Why do you hear your name being mentioned in a conversation that you didn’t think
you were listening to? Incognito is a thrilling subsurface exploration of the mind and all
its contradictions.
A startling and eye-opening examination of how the unconscious mind shapes our experience of the world. Leonard Mlodinow explores the complexities of the subliminal
self, increasing our understanding of how the human mind works and how we interact
with friends, strangers, spouses, and coworkers. In the process he changes our view of
ourselves and the world around us.
The Secret Lives of the Brain
“[A] journey to the heart of neurological darkness. . . . Incognito proposes a grand new
account of the relationship between consciousness and the brain. It is full of dazzling
ideas, as it is chockablock with facts and instances.” —The New York Observer
How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior
“With the same deft touch he showed in The Drunkard’s Walk, Mlodinow probes the
subtle, automatic, and often unnoticed influences on our behavior.”
—Daniel J. Simons, professor of psychology, University of Illinois
Susanna Kaysen
Girl, Interrupted
Winner of the YALSA Best Books
for Young Adults
Temple Grandin
Thinking in Pictures
My Life with Autism
Daniel Gilbert
Stumbling on Happiness
Morton Hunt
The Story of Psychology
Winner of the Royal Society Prize
for Science Books
Fully revised, and incorporating the dramatic developments of the last fifteen
years, The Story of Psychology is a graceful and absorbing chronicle of one of the
great human inquiries—the search for
the true causes of our behavior.
“[A]n account of a disturbed girl’s unwilling
passage into womanhood. . . . [A]nd
here is the girl, looking into our faces with
urgent eyes.”
—Diane Middlebrook,
The Washington Post Book World
“Temple Grandin’s window onto the subjective experience of autism is of value
to all of us who hope to gain a deeper
understanding of the human mind by
exploring the ways in which it responds
to the world’s challenges.”
—The Washington Times
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-679-74604-1
192 pages | $14.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-27565-3
304 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Oliver Sacks
Richard Wiseman
59 Seconds
Richard Appignanesi and
Oscar Zarate
Freud for Beginners
“Imagine taking thousands of papers from
the vast world of psychology and distilling them down to the most important,
unexpected, salient and straightforward
lessons for how to live our lives. That’s
Wiseman’s book.”
—David Eagleman, author of Sum
A perfect introduction to the life and
thought of the man whose discovery of
psychoanalysis revolutionized psychology.
This documentary cartoon does an extraordinary job of simplifying Freud without
trivializing him.
“Gilbert’s elbow-in-the-ribs social-science
humor is actually funny. . . . [But]
underneath the goofball brilliance,
Gilbert has a serious argument to make
about why human beings are forever
wrongly predicting what will make them
happy.” —The New York Times
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-27807-4
896 pages | $23.00 | Exam Price $11.50
Vintage | Paper | 978-1-4000-7742-7
336 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-47225-0 | 272 pages | $15.00 | Exam Price $3.00
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-38992-3 | 304 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Jonathan Haidt
The Righteous Mind
Carlin Flora
Drawing on his twenty-five years of groundbreaking research on moral psychology, Jonathan
Haidt challenges conventional thinking about morality, politics, and religion to show how
moral judgments are born and why liberals, conservatives, and libertarians have such different intuitions about right and wrong.
Drawing from the latest scientific research and clinical psychology, Carlin Flora uses everrelatable anecdotes to explain the unexpected ways friends influence our personalities,
choices, emotions, and even physical health.
Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion
“This elegantly written book has far-reaching implications for anyone interested in politics,
religion, or the many controversies that divide modern societies. If you want to know
why you hold your moral beliefs, and why many people disagree with you, read this
book.” —Simon Baron-Cohen, Cambridge University, author of The Science of Evil
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-307-45577-2 | 528 pages | $16.00 | Exam Price $3.00
The Surprising Ways Friends Make Us Who We Are
“Combining the latest research with engaging stories, Friendfluence shines with
authenticity and is a must-read for anyone who wants to know more about our
ancient human desire to connect.” —James H. Fowler, co-author of Connected
“Fascinating. . . . Dr. Sacks’s compassion
for his patients and philosophical outlook
transform what might have been clinical
case studies into humanely written short
stories that illuminate the complexities of
the human brain and the mysteries of the
human mind.” —The New York Times
Knopf | Cloth | 978-0-307-95724-5
352 pages | $26.95 | Exam Price $13.50
Change Your Life in Under a Minute
Anchor | Paper | 978-0-307-47486-5
336 pages | $15.95 | Exam Price $3.00
John J. Ratey, M.D.
A User’s Guide to the Brain
Perception, Attention, and the Four
Theaters of the Brain
“[A]n introduction to neuroscience
which sticks to a man-on-the-street
vocabulary.” —The New Yorker
Vintage | Paper | 978-0-375-70107-8
416 pages | $16.95 | Exam Price $3.00
Pantheon | Paper | 978-0-375-71460-3
176 pages | $14.00 | Exam Price $3.00
“A fascinating and thought-provoking examination of the new science that explores
this crucial element of our lives.” —Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project
Doubleday | Cloth | 978-0-385-53543-4 | 288 pages | $25.95 | Exam Price $13.00
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