SCE-CEC Summer 2012 Class Schedule flyer R 5-14-12


SCE-CEC Summer 2012 Class Schedule flyer R 5-14-12
• Adult Basic Education
• Adult High School
Diploma Program
• Citizenship
• Community Learning
• Computer Applications
• Computer Basics
• English as a Second Language (ESL)
• ESL/ Family Literacy
• General Education
Development Test
• Spanish Literacy
• Vocational/ Business
* For program details,
please visit our website:
Registration for noncredit courses for adults is ongoing throughout the semester.
Students are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Offsite registration may be done in person at
most site locations throughout the semester or visit us at CEC.
Las inscripciones para los cursos para adultos es permanente a lo largo del semestre.
Los estudiantes se van inscribiendo como van llegando. Las inscripciones en la mayoria de los planteles
se puede hacer en persona durante todo el semestre. Para más información visítenos en la escuela
Centennial Education Center (CEC).
Registration starts June 25, 2012!
2900 W. Edinger, Santa Ana, CA 92704
(June 25th—June 29th)
(July 2nd—July 27th)
Registration Office hours:
Monday–Thursday 8:00am–7:45pm
Friday 8:00am--12:15pm
Registration Office hours:
Monday–Thursday 8:00am–8:45pm
Friday 8:00am--12:15pm
ESL Placement tests for new students are given at:
• Centennial Education Center…….Monday through Friday (various times)
• El Sol Academy …………………..Mondays at 6:30pm
• Santa Ana College………………...Fridays at 9am
SUMMER—2012 5/14/12 js-hk
English as a Second Language Program (ESL)
The English as a Second (ESL) program helps non-English or limited-English speaking adults survive in an
English-speaking community at over 20 community sites. This program provides instruction on how to
get and keep a job, how to get medical help, and how to understand basic government rules, in 7 levels:
Literacy, Beginning 1, 2, and 3, Intermediate 1, 2, and 3. The ESL Program also prepares students with
skills for higher education; ESL Family Literacy classes are offered throughout the community.
Centennial Education Center ● ● 714-241-5700
2012 ( July 2nd — July 27th )
Phone Listing:
Adult High School Diploma Program...714-241-5720
Child Development Center…….…….714-241-5739
Computer Classes…………………... 714-241-5736
We offer a variety of FREE classes for adults in the city of
Santa Ana. Please check for a site near you and simply
register directly at that site during class hours.
Ofrecemos una variedad de cursos para adultos totalmente
GRATIS en la ciudad de Santa Ana. Si encuentra una localidad
cerca de usted, simplemente inscríbase ahí durante el horario
de clase.
Important Dates:
Summer Classes begin………………………....July 2nd
4th of July (Holiday)……………………………July 4th
Classes end…………………………………...July 27th
Fall Classes begin…………………………August 27th
* No Saturday classes are offered during the summer
session. Saturday classes will start again September 1st.
Corbin Center—(CORB, 4)
2215 West McFadden (McFadden & Center)
Intro to Computers
Monday—Thursday 6pm-9pm
Delhi Community Center—(DELH, 5)
505 East Central Avenue (Central & Halladay)
Intro to Computers
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9am-12pm
Intro to Computers...…….Monday-Wednesday 6:00pm-9:00pm,
El Salvador Community Center —(ESC, 6)
Cambodian Family—(CAMB, 1)
1825 W. Civic Center (Civic Center & Raitt)
ESL Family Literacy Beginning 1 / 2
Monday—Friday 8:30am-11:30am
1626 East Fourth St.
VESL: English for Work 1 and 2
Monday—Thursday 8:30am–12:30pm
Room 122
El Sol Academy—(ESOL, 7)
Centennial Education Center—(CEC, 2)
2900 W. Edinger (Fairview & Edinger )
1010 N. Broadway St. (10th & Broadway)
Please register in ROOM 22 after 6:15pm M-Th
CEC is the main administrative site for all Santa Ana
College School of Continuing Education classes.
Register in the main office (A-101), 714-241-5700.
Monday – Thursday (Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Classes),
Friday (8am-12pm)
Adult Basic Education / Adult High School Diploma
Beginning ESL 1, 2, 3 / Intermediate ESL 1, 2, 3 / ESL
Writing Class / Pronunciation, Conversation /
Computer Basics / Community Learning Center /
Citizenship / Vocational Business Skills / GED Test
Preparation / Learning Skills Lab/ Writing Classes
Community Alternative
& Living Initiative—(CALI, 3)
204 E. 4th St. Ste H (Fourth and Broadway)
GED Test Preparation (* Instruccion bilingüe)
Monday—Friday 6:00pm–9:00pm / Saturday-Sunday 8am-2pm
* Beginning ESL 1, 2, 3 / Intermediate 1, 2
Monday-Thursday 6:15pm-9:15pm
* ESL Literacy
Monday & Tuesday 6:15pm-9:15pm
* Spanish Literacy
Wednesday & Thursday 6:15pm-9:15pm
First United Methodist Church—(FUMC, 8)
609 N. Spurgeon St. (Spurgeon & Santa Ana Blvd)
Beginning ESL 1 / 2
Monday—Thursday 8am-11:00am
Room 24
Godinez Fundamental High School-(GOFS, 9)
3002 Centennial Rd. (inside Centennial Park)
Please register directly at (CEC, A-101) Centennial
Ed. Center, 2900 W. Edinger
Beginning ESL 1, 2, 3 / Intermediate 1, 2, 3
Monday—Thursday 6pm-9pm
Mission Statement
The Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education is a responsive community leader dedicated to adult student success through innovative educational programs and services.
The School of Continuing Education prepares students to transition to college, improve language and workforce skills, increase civic involvement, and promote lifelong learning.
Declaración de la misión
La escuela de Educación Básica Para Adultos de Santa Ana College es un líder sensible en la comunidad dedicada al éxito de los estudiantes adultos a través de innovadores programas y servicios educativos. La Escuela de Educación Básica Para Adultos prepara a los estudiantes para la transición a la universidad, mejorar las habilidades lingüísticas y de la fuerza
laboral, aumentar la participación cívica y promover el aprendizaje permanente.
SUMMER—2012 5/14/12 js-hk
Centennial Education Center ● ● 714-241-5700
Summer 2012 ( July 2nd — July 27th )
Kennedy Elementary School—(KES, 10)
Santa Ana Senior Center—(SASC, 17)
1300 E. McFadden Ave. (McFadden & Hathaway)
ESL Family Literacy Beginning 1 / 2
Monday—Thursday 6pm-9pm
424 W. 3rd St. (Ross & 3rd St.)
Beginning ESL 1………………Monday —Thursday 8am–11am
Beginning ESL 1 / 2…………Monday —Thursday 1pm–3:30pm
Intro to Computers (Windows) Monday—Thursday 9am-12pm
Intro to Desktop Publishing…………………Friday 9am-1pm
Room 29
Kidworks—(KWS, 11)
1902 W. Chestnut Ave. (Chestnut & Daisy)
Intro to Computers
Tuesday & Thursday 8:00am–12:00pm
Lab 2
902 S. Broadway (Broadway & Cubbon)
ESL Family Literacy Beginning 1
Monday—Thursday 9:30am-12:30pm
Lincoln Elementary School—(LES, 12)
425 S. Sullivan (Willits & Sullivan)
Spanish Literacy
Thursday—Friday 8am-2pm
Trinity Cristo Rey Lutheran—(TLUC, 20)
Room 72
United Service Workers West—(SEIU, 21)
Martinez—(MBS, 13)
1200 N. Main Street, Suite 900 (Main & 12th St.)
Keyboarding & Windows
Monday 10am-1pm
216 N. Broadway
Beginning ESL 1 / 2…….Monday & Wednesday 5:30pm-8:30pm
Vietnamese Community Center-(VTCM, 22)
OC Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center-(OCCT, 14)
2215 N. Broadway (Buffalo & Broadway)
Intro to Databases/ Desktop Publishing/ Powerpoint
Monday—Thursday 4:30pm-8:30pm
Employability Skills - Friday 4:00pm-8:00 pm
1618 W. First St. (First & Forest Ave.)
Beginning ESL 2 / 3……............Monday—Thursday 10:30am-1pm
Computer Software Apps…........Monday—Friday 8am-10:30am
Santa Ana College—(SAC, 15)
1530 W. 17th St. (Bristol & 17th)
Please register in Room 33 for High School and
Academic Noncredit ESL program.
Adult High School Diploma Program
Room B33
Monday-Thursday 8am-12pm, 5pm-9pm
Academic ESL Beginning 3 & Intermediate 1
Room B30
Academic ESL Intermediate 2
Room B31
Academic ESL Intermediate 3
Room B29
All ESL classes are Monday—Thursday 8am-11am & 6pm-9pm
Santa Ana High School—(SAHS, 16)
520 W. Walnut (Walnut & Ross)
* No classes for the summer session but will begin again in
the fall, Monday, August 27th.
Rancho Santiago Community College District Board of
Trustees: Brian E. Conley, M.A., Phillip E. Yarbrough, Mark McLoughlin,
Arianna P. Barrios, R. David Chapel, Ed.D., John R. Hanna, Lawrence R.
“Larry” Labrado, J.D., Andrew Hanson (Student Trustee)
* Class schedule is subject to change.
For more information about dates,
times, locations or for classes at other
Santa Ana area sites not listed above,
please give us a call at 714-241-5700 or
visit us at our CEC admissions office
(A-101) at 2900 W. Edinger in Centennial
Revised 5/14/12 js / hk
Chancellor: Raul Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Santa Ana College President: Erlinda Martinez
School of Continuing Education Administration:
James Kennedy, Interim Vice President / Dr. Sergio Sotelo, Dean /
Nilo Lipiz, Dean / Chris Kosko, Associate Dean.
The Rancho Santiago Community College District complies with all Federal and state rules and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin,
gender or disability. This holds true for all students who are interested in participating in educational programs and/or extracurricular school activities. Harassment of any employee/
student with regard to race, color, national origin, gender or disability is strictly prohibited. Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to District’s
Title IX Officer and/or Section 504/ADA Coordinator.RSCCD Title IX Officer and Section 504/ADA Coordinator: John Didion, 2323 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92706, 714‑480‑7489.
SUMMER—2012 5/14/12 js-hk
Centennial Education Center ● ● 714-241-5700
SUMMER—2012 5/14/12 js-hk
Centennial Education Center ● ● 714-241-5700
Come in to CEC to find out how you can obtain a
computer certificate, earn an Adult High School
Diploma and take courses to help prepare you for
your transfer to Santa Ana College.

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