March/April 2015 - South River High School



March/April 2015 - South River High School
River High
William Myers, Principal
George Beaumont, Asst. Principal
Pamela Andrews, Asst. Principal
Fran Magiera, Asst. Principal
Edith Picken, Asst. Principal
Sean White, Asst. Principal
Volume XXIX No. 4
March/April, 2015
Dear Parents:
It may seem a bit early to think about the end of our school year, but believe me, it’s not too
early. We are finalizing students’ course selections for next year and planning our master schedule.
Creating a master schedule, which is balanced and offers the most opportunities for students, is always a high priority. Assuring you have heard discussions about Common Core and P.A.R.C.C., let
me assure you we have planned a testing schedule which is least disruptive to our instruction programs. To their credit, our students and staff have taken the adjustments in stride and have done a fantastic job. If you have a senior, now is the time to finalize plans for prom, graduation and college applications. Make sure your senior has checked the obligation list, marked the calendar for senior class
meeting and continue to work hard in all of their classes.
Congratulations to our two finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Awards Program: Cassandra Boyle and Caterina Wu
Also, congratulations are in order for twelve commended National Merit Scholarship students:
Victoria Bartlett, Peyton Brooks, Nathaniel CVhester, Clare Foley, Matthew Gallatin, Cynthia
LaBarge, Nicholas Miller, Charles Place, Anna Sappington, Marina Sullivan, and Olivia Wates.
In addition, congratulations are due to our Carsons Scholar Lindsay Brooks and our Prudential
President’s Award Winner for Community Service: Natalia Gorski.
Finally, I want to recognize those special students who were selected as our March
Students of the Month.
Kishan Patel—Business Department
Amanda Brownlee—Math Department
Joseph Natolii—Physical Education Department
Michelle Kreiner—Family and Consumer Science Department
Elizabeth Frenaye—Global Communications and Public Affairs Department
Jessica Turner—Foreign Language Department
Virginia Laviino—AVID Departament
Sarah Mulvaney—Science Department
Joy Hoover—Social Studies Department
Maria Deney-Hawkins—STEM Department
Cole Burrows—English Department
William T. Myers
March 18
Engineering Expo
March 19-20
Improv, 7:00 pm, Auditorium
March 21
Saturday School, 8:00-10:00 am
March 26
AACC Application Day, 8:00
March 31-April 6
Spring Break, All Schools/Central Office Closed
March 27
April 9—May 12
Culturalpaluzo, Auditorium
I Drive Smart, Tu/Thur, 3:15-6:30
April 10
Accuplacer Testing, 12:10
April 10
Spring Show, 7:00 pm, Auditorium
April 11
Spring Show, 7:00 pm, Auditorium
April 13-May 6
April 13-April 24
I Drive Smart, M, W, F, 3:15-6:30
I Drive Smart, Mo, Thurs, Fri, 3:15-6:30
April 17
Spring Show , 7:00 pm, Auditorium
April 18
Saturday School, 8:00-10:00 am
April 18
Mulch Sale, 8:00 am
April 18
Spring Show, 7:00 pm, Auditorium
April 21
Report Card Distribution
April 21
PTSO Meeting, 6:30 pm
Report Card and Interim Distribution Dates
……………..Report Cards Sent Home…………..April 21, 2015
…………………...Interims Sent Home………….May 8, 2015
April 22
April 25
Spring Fling Dance, 7:00 pm, Cafeteria
April 25
SAT Prep Class, 9:00-5:30
April 27—May 8
April 29
May 4-15
May 8
Prom Tickets on Sale During NEST
2-hour early dismissal
Easy Method Driving School
Interims sent Home
May 16
Senior Prom, M&T Bank Stadium
May 16
SAT Prep Class, 9:00-5:30
May 20
Senior Awards Ceremony, 8:00-10:00
May 25
Memorial Day, All Schools/Offices Closed
May 27
Mandatory Graduation Practice, 11:30-1:30
May 28
Last Day for Graduating Seniors
For Graduating Seniors and
Juniors Entering ECAP/JumpStart
Admissions Counselors from Anne Arundel Community College are coming to
South River High School to assist students with all phases of the admissions process.
Pre-registration is Required for All Sessions
Sign Up online with Naviance/FamilyConnection
Thursday, March 26 - Application Help
Fill out the AACC application for enrollment with the help of Admissions Counselors
(Social Security Number and Years of Maryland Residency Required)
Friday, April 10 - Accuplacer Testing
Placement Testing for English & Math
This is an early dismissal day for students - test takers will need transportation home
Thursday, April 30 - Personal Registration Day
Appointments begin at 8am
Admissions Counselors will be helping students Select and Register for Courses
Students Must Have an Appointment Pass
Parents are Welcome to Attend
Sign up in person in the Counseling Office
For more information on any of the Anne Arundel Community College programs,
requirements, and course offerings, please contact Ms Diane Bennett, AACC Liaison,
at [email protected] or drop by her office in the SRHS Media Center.
Simone Evans, Carly Genovere, Brandon Lunsford, Hannah McGlynn, Kenton Mudd, Hannah Neff,
Samuel Raymond, Thomas Seltzer, Katherine Sullivan
Alexa Anderson, Aileen Augustine, Brooke Baker, Sara Baldwin, Jacquelyn Beck, Kyle Berkowitz, Neeraj
Bhide, Caden Brian, Cole Burrows, Emily Chick, Colleen Conard, Katrina Corkadel, Jillian Creswell, Sarah
Croteau, Dylan Cyphers, Elizabeth Dodson, Jacob Dolinger, Taylor Dove, Helen Dover, Alexander Dulla,
Katherine Giaimo, Hannah Goldstein, Erin Grigsby, Alexander Hoover, Mikaela Hurst, Elijah Jensen,
Andrew Kelly, Xander Kelmer, Craig Koziolek, Katelyn Kunert, Bailee Lambert, Andrew Loomis, Kayla
Lowe, Faith Madeoy Gault, Riley Martin, Delaney May, Claire McElhenny, Audrey McGlynn, Caraline
Miller, Jenna Mondoro, Sarah Mulvaney, Jacqueline Natoli, Amanda Oyler, Hannah Piersol, Paris
Plummer, Cally Quick, Cassidy Rice, Max Rudow, Kimberly Seif, Kenna Valentine, Lauren Zinkl
Megan Adair, Jessica Adams, Adeoluwa Adelekan, Kaitlyn Akers, Adam Allen, Carynn Anderson, Jazmine
Anthony, Phillip Archuleta, Kaytlyn Arshadi, Gabrielle Atkinson, Lauren Bailey, Joshua Baker, Nicole
Balderson, Abigail Ball, Jennifer Barrett, Patrick Beach, Jonas Beardmore, Robert Bedingfield, Courtney
Belcher, Zain Bhatti, Sofia Biondi, James Blakeney, Peyton Blevins, Matthew Bolander, Robert Boliek,
Sara Bollinger, Megan Boock, Leandre Boucher, Nathaniel Boudreau, Rachael Bounds, Lorraine Bowes,
Erin Bowling, Allison Bowman, Caroline Boyd, Scott Braatz, Garrett Callahan, Alexander Calogero,
Pamela Campbell, Tavin Carew, Isabella Carstensen, Benjamin Casey, Cullen Cave-Hawkins, Richard
Chaney, Fatima Chaudhry, Samuel Cheyne, Jose Cisneros-Calderon, Eric Cissel, Kyle Clays, Liam Cleary,
Madeline Cloyd, Caleb Cobb, Gavin Conrad, Kathryn Conroy, Yakelin Contreras, Hannah Corbus, Regina
Cowan, Lauren Cox, Mackenzie Cramer, Mihai Cristescu, Michael Currey, James Curtner, Burnadette
Dalton-Gray, Erin Daniel, Hannah Dean, Justin Densberger, Alayna Dietz, Brock, DiMauro, Carolyn Disque,
Aleksander Doney, Joseph Dooley, Ryan Dozier, Braidan Duffy, Andrew Duswalt, Hailee Edmundson,
Caleb Edney, Sean Edwards, Nathan Ellis, Tristan Eusantos, Samuel Evans, Andrew Falsone, Cheyenne
Ferguson, Jack Fitzgerald, Michael Flanagan, Thomas Flor, Spencer Fluharty, Taylor Folland, Nicholas
France, Jennifer Gallegos, Maxwell Garufi, Leah Garvett, Sarah Gerkin, Daniel Gilbert, Grayson Gilbert,
Jeremy Gillespie, Andrea Giovi, Lily Goldstein, Cameron Gore, Ryan Gray, Gabriella Grigsby, Jessica
Grusholt, Evelin Guzman, Rebecca Gygax, Dylan Hawkins, Victoria Haxton, Brett Healy, Sarah Healy, Sean
Hirsch, David Hislop, Audrey Holzrichter, Michael Horan, Joseph Howard, Madison Hyland, Sara Hyman,
Eva Ish, Nakhel Ishtiaq, Megan Jackson, Alec Jacobsen, Savannah Jacobson, Isaiah Jensen, Patrick
Johnson, Hyrum Jonas, Arthur Jones, Christopher Keegan, Lucy Keegan, Jodi Kircher, Easton Knopf, Sarah
Kreiner, Collin Kubista, Erin Lane, Sabrina LoGiudice, Darius Lukas, Maredith Lusby, Nicolas Manfredi,
Carly Mansur, Dylan Markovic, Jennifer Martel, Devin McClure, Francis McGrew-Wood, Christopher
Mohler, Reilly Moloney, Natalie Moning, Lisseth Monterroza Rodriguez, Joseph Mooney, Emily Moore,
Samantha Moreland, Sean Morrissey, Caroline Moss, Jared Mundie, Logan Myers, Sydney Newman,
Evan Nickels, Zachary Noren, Sophia Novo-Gradac, Emily O’Neill, Karrington O’Rourke, Kennady
O’Rourke, Maria Ojeda-Lopez, Rohan Parikh, Elliot Parlett, Charles Passero, Jacob Patrick, Danny Paucar,
Portia Peacock, Coby Pellegrino, Abigail Perkins, Lila Perry, Isabelle Pessagno, Daniel Peterson, David
Peterson, Grace Pickens, Taylor Quarto, Katherine Quill, Gabrielle Rapine, Roberto Recinos-Escobar,
Mary-Marguerite Reese, Margareta Reinhart, Joseph Ricci, Holden Robertson, Ashley Ross, Benjamin
Rostock, Emma Ruberg, Ryan Sahwell, Nicholas Salamy, Gerson Salazar-Ortiz, Cherise Salisbury, Nicolas
Sandvik, Mackenzie Sanner, Mary Scamurra, Emily Schad, Kyla Schwartz, Madison Scott, Kyle Serio,
William Shea, Jason Shoap, Robert Smith, Zachery Smith, Madisyn Smyth, Matthew Snyder, Katie
Spielman, Devin Stacey, Patrick Stafford, Maya Staples, Viviane Steiner, Megan Stukus, Alden Sullivan,
Jeffrey Sykes, Claudia Talbott, Princess Talbott, Hayley Taylor, Gabrielle Tjarks, James Travis, Madeleine
Travis, Kayla Vaillancourt, Mateo Valverde, Alejandro Venable-Croft, Colin Vieson, Brian Villalta, Emily
Villalta, Taylor Voelkel, Colleen Wagner, Mary Walker, Alec Warble, Jordan Weinstein-Long, Dalton
White, Gavin White, Brianna Whittaker, Bailey Wilder, Samuel Wills, Joshua Wishnow, Kathryn Wolfe,
Elizabeth Woodruff, Anthony Woods, Dylan Woodward, Jessie Wynne, Brett Yancey, Cristina Young,
Braden Zacker, Gwendolyn Zeckowski
Grace Biddle, Miranda Forbes, Wesley Hair, Brandon King, Christopher Loveridge, Patgrick Rardon,
Madison Redman, Sydney Short, Katelyn Sims, Tatiana Wu
Thomas Anderson, Elizabeth Bauckman, Caitlyn Beall, Maegan Berger, Carnell Bolden, Juliana Boyle,
Lyndsay Brooks, Stephen Byers, Jane Clark, Haleigh Coar, Christopher Cooley, Allison Criswell, Marlena
Drumm, Emily Eylon, Abigail Farmer, William Fisher, Marshall Flieger, Hannah Foley, Molly Folks, Paige
Ford, Ethan Frantz, Jake Genovere, Jordan Groseclose, Ava Grounds, Anna Hildebrand, Christopher
Hoffmann, Matthew Hunt, Jordan Kahler, Caroline Kerr, Madison King, Sarah King, Julian Kushto, Kelsie
McGlynn, Max Meinhold, Mackenzie Miller, Michael Miller, Cory Mohler, Michael Moore, Quinn Morris,
Catherine Nester, Jodee Niemann, Megan Phibbons, Peyton Plummer, Daquan Proctor, Joshua Ramskill,
Mason Reinhart, Megan Rutkai, Alexa Schoeneborn, Savannah Siegrist, Emily Sorrells, Wen Jie Zhou
Alexis Adams, Shelby Akers, Zachary Alexander, Sofie Alexandrides, Nicole Alford, Rodney James Amor,
Nathan Anthony, Christopher Arnold, Madelyn Arnold, Allison Arslanian, Cole Atchison, Helen Au,
Samuel Bachhuber, Aaliyah Beam, Jesse Beck, Samuel Berkheimer, Faith Berned, Christopher Bevard,
Hamza Bhatti, Emily Billings, Brooke Blevins, Taylor Boardley, Madison Brimigion, Nicholas Broda, Justin
Burcham, Nathan Byington, James Byrd, Mackenzie Call, Thomas Calmon, Katherine Canter, Andrew
Capstack, Emily Carella, Justin Carpenter, Kayla Carson, Karinna Cave-Hawkins, Ryan Chan, Jade Chaney,
Thomas Chapman, Harley Charest, Maia Cheeks, Nicholas Christie, Samhita Chundury, Katherine Clark,
William Cleary, Alec Cole, Casey Collins, Bryan Conroy, Katelyn Cook, Utaw Cook, Kyle Corder, Ian Corey,
Sarah Cottrill, Erin Cox, Marisa D’Imperio, Franklin Daily, Hunter Davis, Meghan Dean, Jordan DeLong,
Joshua Dempsey, Dejae Dickson, Tyler Domanski, Camaren Downs, Lindsey Drabick, Nikolaos Driscoll,
Kelly DuBois, Austin Dulla, Jonna Dwyer, Kate Edwards, Haleigh Feldhausen, Ian Ferris, Jack Fiechtner,
Alyssa Folio, Alyssa Foust, Destin Frantz, Victoria Fuhrmann, Kevin Galvin, Katerine Garbarczyk, Jack
Gillogly, Brian Gleeson, Jack Graziano, Sean Gribble, Aidan Griffin, Jodi-Ann Griffin, Nikolaj Griisser, Kevin
Gu, Riley Hajkowski, Shelby Haley, Rebecca Harmon, Ricardo Hawkins, Margaret Hayes, Carli Hill, Erica
Hill, Dilan Holland, Jessica Hosmer, Courtney Howard, Julia Howlin, Chelsea Hudson, Jake Hughes, Grace
Iannicelli, Jasmine Jameson, Madison Jamison, Ariel Johnson, Myranda Johnson, Asher Jones, Madisyn
Jones, Megan Jones, Nicholas Kandra, Christopher Kayser, Tyler Kelly, Camerin King, Madisyn King,
Marissa King, Liana Kinner, Jacob Kirby, Alexa Kleintank, Courtney Klute, Jacob Kramer, Mark Kruszon,
Jennifer Labs, Keirstin Lare, Cassandra Latorre, Zachary Lauer, Joshua Lee, Kendall Leonard, Grace Kicsko,
Kyle Lippincott, Bailey Lusby, Haden Mackowiak, Carson Mahoney, Raegan Mahoney, Hailey Maranto,
Gianna Marcellino, Evan Markley, Olivia Martin, Ryan Matheu, Jara Matlick, Mariangela Maugeri, Ian
McGee, Mark McGraw, Aynsley Melancon, Scott Mikutsky, Thomas Minick, Grace Molloy, Nicholas
Moskios, Maya Najjar, Michelle Natoli, Julia Nelson, Logan Nelson, Uyen Nguyen, Jacqueline Nowell,
Skylar Nuthall, Zachary Osborne, Rebecca Palandati, Nina Palko-DiStefano, Karina Palumbo, Alexandra
Park, Colin Parlett, Nathan Perren, Ana Peruza, Diana Peterson, Garrett Phillips, Kaleigh Pikulsky, Robert
Plews, Madelyn Poknis, Bryan Ponce-Cisneros, Sean Poole, Kevin Pounds, Carly Prevo, Chrysta Prevo,
Devin Price, Meghan Pugh, Holly Purvis, Ana Maria Quijada-Perez, Mihailo Rancic, John Richards, Robert
Rider, John Ringer, Nicole Ritchie, John Riva, Gianna Robey, Zinnia Romero-Perdomo, Cameron
Rovendro, Morgan Sapper, Angela Sarrach, Dylan Schick, Lauren Schlegel, Justin Schulte, Catherine Scott,
Ann Seaberg, Liam Sebreny, Sloan Selleh, Glenn Seward, Shivansh Sharma, Katherine Sheridan, Kathryn
Shoap, Kyle Shoemaker, Katherine Shores, Mufaro Shumba, Kyra Sigler, Hallie Simpson, Brayden
Singleton, Ian Smith, Nicholas Smith, Jessica Sola, Andrew Sovinski, Megan Spears, Nicole Steele,
Thomas Steinholz, Jessica Stempowski, Kerry Stringer, Megan Tang, Jenna Troyer, Madison Tuck,
Hannah Turner, Cosette Turvold, Sean Twomey, Caroline Tyrrell, Jillian Ulery, Sydney Usher, Christopher
Verrier, Hana Vicente, Dylan Wallingsford, Ryan Walters, Mohammad Ward, Joshua Waring, Sophia
Washington, Zachary Wasileski, Sydney Watson, Emily Weinstein, Michael Weller, Cole Whiting, Joseph
Wiggins, Luke Wildermuth, George Wilkinson, Deja Williams, Hailee Williams, Abigail Wilson, Cierra
Wilson, Matthew Wilson, Leah Wood, Nicholas Wood, Brendan Woody, Abigail Youmans, Moises Zabala,
Samuel Zavala, Benjamin Znaniec
Nicholas Lambden, Marie Lyons
Riyadh Ali, Eva Baker, Caitlin Blanche, Audrey Blumenfeld, Amanda Brownlee, Emma Gregory, Tyger
Hanback, Andrew Harvan, Eric Janowitz, Grayson Kelmer, Nicholas Koziolek, John Krolak, Julia LeDane,
Victoria Marinzel, Hugh McMullen, Clay Newman, Nicholas Perkins, Vanessa Pessoa, Sydni Posada,
Allison Raines, Jonghyun Roh, Joseph Rostock, Olivia Sadka, Drake Stockett, Loren Suite, Madeline Szanyi,
John Taylor, Thomas Trunnell, Kathryn Wellington, Eleanor Wood, Vincent Zanolli
Kevin Adair, Adetomiwa Adelekan, Sally Albright, Alexander Bach, Mason Baird, Drew Barrett, Madeline
Battista, Luke Bausum, Margarette Bechtold, Blake Bender, Jason Berger, Cullen Bilger, Kirby Bilyeu,
Gavin Blair, Julia Blandford, Robert Blandford, Jackson Blue, Lauren Bounds, Randall Bowers, Richard
Boyer, Ashlee Brennan, Joseph Brocato, Jonathan Brodt, Jordan Brooks, Alexis Brownlee, Travis Bucknall,
Olivia Bunting, Dwayne Burton, Sarah Butters, Madison Callahan, Boomer Callaway, Gabriel Campbell,
Braydan Carew, Dominic Cass, Kristen Castle, Hans Cave-Hawkins, Katherine Chapman, Margaret Chen,
Samuel Clemens, Morgan Clementson, Katherine Collins, Erica Cook, Taylor Cooper, Chloe Courtade,
Courtney Cox, Kayla Creek, Shantia Creek, Steven Creek, Alexander Creswell, Gwenyth Crew, Hannah
Cromwell, Digno Cruz-Palma, Breia Cummings, Hannah Cunningham, Spencer Curtin, Gregory D’Onofrio,
Julia Daniel, Aidan Davis, Caroline Davis, Nicholas Davis, Andr’ea DeLeonibus, Erica DeVito, Sarah DeVol,
Karynne Doherty, Mikaela Dooley, Ryan Dorsey, Kelly Dougherty, Kristina Edwards, Sarah Erteschik,
Alyssa Espeut, Andrea Esquetini, Kelsey Eure, Ethan Falsone, Danielle Fazenbaker, Matthew Fenton, Kali
Ferguson, Molly Finnan, Jae Fish, Jake Flaherty, Gabriella Flores, Elizabeth Foster, Trenton Foster, Kelly
Furstenberg, Bret Garey, Kaylee Garner, Abigail Geiman, Patty Gibboney, Joseph Gibbs, Juan Giorgi,
Gideon Gish, Raymond Godfrey, Nathaniel Good, Zoe Grabenstetter, Natalia Grajewski, Marti Green,
Cheyanne Groves, Hannah Hall, Douglas Hatch, Ripleigh Hatfield, Maria-Deney Hawkins, Megan Hayden,
Kaleb Hayward, Kyle Heffner, Abigail Heller, Justin Henderson, Adrian Henry, Savana Herndon, Jacob
Hirschmann, Eric Hoffmann, Rebecca Hollamon, Hannah Holzrichter, Jesseca Hoover, Henry Hutcheson,
Casey Jackson, Nicholas Johnson, Amanda Jones, Sarah Jones, Amber Jordan, Dylan Jordan, Kevin
Keegan, Megan Keller, Kaitlyn Kelly, Danicka Kelsey, Valerie Kilchenstein, Dylan King, Noah Kline, Ryan
Kopin, Aleksandra Kos, Kyle Krampf, Nikita Kulick, Benjamin Lammers, Jessica Langweil, Rhea Lawhorn,
Camille Lee, Kathryn LeGrand, Kemma Lehner, Kristy Lindblom, Nikaya Lloyd, Kelly Longo, Hannah Rose
Lunsford, Kerry Lynch, Brendan Marr, Ashley Mattero, William Mayhew, James McCaffrey, Ryan
McCaffrey, Connor McDermott, Jesse McElree, Morgan McKean, Madison McQueeney, Nicole McVay,
Nicholas McWhorter, Christine Miles, Christopher Miller, Jacob Mondoro, Connor Monroe, Bradley
Moore, Raelyn Moreland, Marissa Morris, Garrett Mossburg, Ashley Muller, Hannah Mulvaney, Taylor
Mungin, Teresa Natoli, Miahnna Nguyen, Riley Nickels, Christopher Nolker, Maria Osborn, Lauren Page,
Abigail Parks, Ainsley Parramore, Jainy Patel, Kishan Patel, Ryan Peacock, Madeleine Pedersen, Rachael
Pendleton, Juventina Perez-Arellano, Zachary Peterson, Linzi Phillips, Karissa Pierce, Madeline Piper,
Kelly Pitts Kennedy, Steven Pollock, Brooke Porter, Linnette Prewett, Emily Proctor, Conner Prout, Alyssa
Quinn, Julianna Raimondo, Jacob Rebstock, Conor Reinold, Kristen Reynolds, Daniel Ricci, Julian Richards,
Quinn Riddle, Lindsay Riley, Cameron Ripple, George Roberts, Joseph Robinson, Darnell Royle, Jacquelyn
Rudisill, Holly Sampson, Isabella Schenk, Natalie Schroeder, Jessica Schuhardt, Emma Schwartz, Liam
Scott, Gianna Segnatelli, Philip Seidel, Ayesha Shafquat, Katherine Sherbert, Patrick Shields, Eric Sieber,
Skylar Simmers, Brianna Simmons, Brittany Simmons, Kai Smith, Nicholas Smith, Alicia Sondberg, John
Sood, Nicholas Spagnuolo, Jason Spalding, Mitchell Spalding, Grant Spencer, Christina St. Jean,
Samantha Stafford, Eric Stevens, Megan Stevens, Rudolph Stewart, Drake Stockett, Loren Suite, Kelsie
Sutherland, Daniel Sutton, Christopher Svitak, Katarina Tarabella, John Taylor, Lillian Taylor, Matthew
Taylor-Vogel, Morgan Teletchea, Emily Thomas, Kayla Thomas, Emma Tison, Casey Troxler, Alexandra
Turano, Emily Turner, David Valle, Francesca Vertucci, Mason Voelbel, Paris Walker, Samantha Warren,
Alexandra Webber, Eric Weigt, Celia Whisman, Tatum Whitcher, Karley White, Jonathan Williams, Hanna
Wood, Anna Woytko
Cassandra Boyle, Lea Carter, Shelby Cousin, Karim Dilday, Jasmine Fuhrmann, Thomas Gough, Amber
Hayden, Joy Hoover, Joelle Huber, Angelica Joya, Cynthia LaBarge, Kady Palmer, Kailen Richmond,
Gabrielle Sutphin, Emily Szachnowiz, Caterina Wu
Sarah Alley, Matthew Anderson, Eric Andrade, Katherine Bauckman, Ryan Bergamini, Emma Berger,
Katherine Berkowitz, Kathryn Biddle, Catherine Brady, Sienna Brandhorst, Virginia Branham, Robin
Bridgman, Kobe Chaney, Nathaniel Chester, Alexandra Conway, Lauren Daly, Anna Deans, Rebecca Dom,
Sydney Ead, Logan Fraser, Allison Fun, Alexandra Gilbert, Madison Gore, Hailey Hardesty, Lindsay
Hopkins, Hunter Koester, Stephan Kulick, Valerie Leonberger, MeganLynch, Grace MacMillan, Madison
McCrackin, Samantha McGraw, Nicholas Miller, Serena Mohammed, Ly Nguyen, Caitlin Pierson, Sandhya
Piratla, Kailen Richmond, Emily Saari, Rachel Sanford, Anna Sappington, Frank Schenk, John Schimoler,
Kaitlyn Seif, Moses Smiroldo, Marina Sullivan, Brooke Szachnowicz, Katrina Vaitkus, Matthew Wallace,
Morgan Wolf, Madeline Zinkl
Phillip Acton, Katherine Adair, Douglas Ahearn, Lindsey Airth, Samuel Anawalt, Alex Andrade, Aaron
Anthony, Maria Arellano, Alexander Arita, Albert Artemov, Sahar Asi, Shannon Au, Heather Augustine,
Thomas Bach, Chase Bailey, Jason Baker, Zaryn Baroudi, Victoria Bartlett, David Beans, Nathan Beans,
Timothy Beck, Brooke Bell, Andre Benso, Taylor Betances, Jakob Bevard, Jenna Blevins, Veronica Bobbin,
Gabrielle Bobel, Mackenzie Bodman, Richard Boliek, Monica Bowen, Brett Bowman, Savannah Boyd,
Noah Braman, Amanda Brandao, Sienna Brandhorst, Robin Bridgman, Ethan Brown, Kaitlyn Budney,
Nicole Cantrell, Jordan Carter, Madison Carter, Juan Cesar Garnica, Craig Chick, Nicole Clark, Bret Click,
Clayton Cobb, Christina Coder, Devin Comba, Devin Conroy, Ryleigh Cox, Jack Crino, Stephanie Cupp,
Brian Daly, Danielle Davis, Kali Dawson, Arbon Demaku, Jessica DeMino, Christina DePietro, Caroline
Dering, Julia Diamond, Zachary Dickson, Christopher Diener, Grant Drohat, Daniel DuBeau, Sebastian
Dunn, Alexander DuRain, Deanna Dustin, Kelsey Duswalt, Kaylin Edwards, Bethany Eisenstein, Taylar
Elliott, Sarah Engel, David Escalera, Molly Fait, Michael Fohs, Clare Foley, Cian Foran, Patrick Forbus,
Alice Ford, Riley Ford, Allexandrea France, Elizabeth Frenaye, Savannah Gaines, Matthew Gallatin,
Abigail Garland, Carlie Garofolo, Matthew Garufi, Tyler Garvett, Sean Gavin, Caroline Gibson, Jalen
Gillespie, Morgan Gingerich, Kayla Givens, Isabelle Gobert, Nicole Gonzalez, Natalia Gorski, Kellie Gough,
Yessica Granados Reyes, Joseph Graziano, David Gygax, Felicia Hallworth, Jacob Hampshire, David Hare,
Brandon Harris, Connor Haxton, Caitlyn Hayden, Andrew Hearn, Montana Herndon, Steven Herrera,
Alyssa Hill, Courtney Hincks, Jeffrey Hirata, William Huggins, Alexandra Hunt, John Hunt, Samantha Hunt,
Miles Hunter, Samuel Hyman, Grace Inman, Rocco Jack, Emily Jacobsen, Ancy Joy, Alanna Joyce,
Cheyenne Joyner, Margaret Kay, Kyla Kellogg, Carley Kelly, Liam Kelly, Cameron King, Jarred Kiing,
Chandler Kirk, Alexis Kolb, Karen Kramer, Brian Kraus, Michelle Kreiner, Haley Kuffler, Rebecca Langham,
Snayder Lara Jimenez, Kyle Lasher, Olivia Laurenzano, Virginia Lavino, Alyssa Lawson, Robin Lazio,
Valerie Leonberger, Daniel Leyendecker, Anna Lilly, Sean Lobo, Kyle LoGiudice, Briana Lowe, Tara
Mahoney, Grant Maloof, Tyler Mancini, Rebekah Mande, Madeline Marcellino, Madison Margas, Mariah
Markland, Kyle Markovic, Benjamin McClanahan, Colin McGee, Samantha McGraw, Shawn McGraw,
Clare McGuire, Samantha McIntire, Garrett McLendon, Noah Metzdorf, Caitlin Mierzeski, Sophia Miller,
Lyndsey Moffatt, Benjamin Mollohan, John Murray, Christopher Mylod, Kristian Nelson, Vinh Nguyen,
Sophie Nolan, Meredith Obear, Joshua Olshaw, David Ossman, Paul Packett, Michael Paddy, Charles
Palandati, Rachael Palandati, Daniel Palumbo, Erica Partner, Parth Patel, John Patterson, Christiana
Pavlick, Kaitlyn Peacock, Kasey Pearson, Britney Pieraldi, Kirk Pierce, Charles Place, Alyssa Pleffner,
Alexandra Poe, Giavanni Powell, Jack Purcell, Victor Quintanilla, Thusyaanthi Ramakrishnan, Raven
Ranzo, Raquel Reyes, Isabella Riva, Shambrae’ Robb, Kathryn Robbins, Amanda Rocker, Abigail Rose,
Cameron Ross, Zachary Rowe, Alyssa Ruleman, Vanessa Santos, Paul Scamurra, Lacey Schenck, Sarah
Kathryn Seaberg, Kaitlyn Sears, Abbie Seborg, Cole Sharpe, Payton Shoemaker, Ropafadzo Shumba,
Samantha Sims, Jabari Smith, Keeley Smith, Lea Smith, Nathaniel Smith, Zoe Smith, Miranda Snyder,
Alyssa Solimena, Michayla Sommer, Andrew Sorrells, Amanda Speciale, Sierra Spies, Kenidy Springer,
Justin Stacey, Jessica Streeks, SeDona Sweeny, Meghan Taschenberger, Sara Tavakoli, Alexis Taylor,
Vangjel Thomaj, Caroline Thompson, Andrew Tickel, Alyssa Turner, Duncan Turner, Stephanie Turner,
Gabrielle Ulery, Victor Vanous, Griffin Vermillion, Martin Vermillion, Reilly Wagner, Matthew Wallace,
Nella Wallis, Daphne Warner, Olivia Wates, Andrew Weakley, Abigail Were, Michelle West, Lionel
Whitcombe, Kayla White, Celine Wiggs, Amelia Williams, Samie Williams, Elizabeth Wink, Anna Wolfe,
Dylan Wood, Nicholas Woodall, Niya Young, Claire Zellin, Noah Zingler
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es enseñarles a sus hijos a amar los retos, ser intrigado por errores, disfrutar
de esfuerzo y seguir aprendiendo. - Carol Dweck -
Abril 2015
Para Salud y Bienestar de su Familia
Watch for further information.
a todos #___
Voluntarios de AACPS
durante este
Reconocimiento de Voluntarios del mes
de Abril y todo el año!!
Más de 30 Enlaces de Recursos en Línea
Vayas a la nueva
Parent Wellness Resources (Recursos de
Bienestar para los Padres)
Una Muestra Saludable de lo que Pueden Encontrar:
Mente Sana y Cuerpo Sano: Aprender acerca de las vacunas,
la importancia del sueño y enlaces a servicios y agencias del
Condado de Anne Arundel.
Recetas y Consejos para Comer Saludable: Explorar los
temas de las Comidas en un Presupuesto, Meriendas
Saludables y Empaquen Almuerzos Saludables.
¡Manténganse Activo y Moviendose! Enlaces para los estilos
de vida activos en el Condado de Anne Arundel como ligas
deportivas y lugares en la comunidad y programas para
estirarse y jugar.
Involucrarse en su Comunidad: Encuentren más actividades a
través de enlaces para Parques y Recreación, jardinería en la
comunidad, canotaje y voluntariado.
Visite AACPS Health & Wellness (Salud y Bienestar de
AACPS) para más información y recursos.
Salud y Bienestar
En cuanto más
más sabemos.
Dr. Seuss
Voluntario del Mes
Marzo 2015
Lee Derrick
Escuela Secundaria Southern
…por inspirar a los socios locales a desarrollar un
programa dinámico de recursos de carrera y
Para nominar voluntarios excepcionales al Premio Voluntario
de Mes de AACPS escriba a [email protected]
Oficina de Relaciones
entre la Escuela y la
Programas en AACPS TV:
Comcast y Broadstripe Canal 96, y Verizon Canal 36
Parent Connection, Parents’ Corner, World View
Nuestra Comunidad (Our Community), and
¡Charlemos Juntos! (Let’s Chat)
Publicado por:
La Oficina de Relaciones entre la escuela y la Familia
410-222-5414; [email protected]
Parent Link
Connecting You and Your Child to Information on Our Journey to Greatness
If parents want to give their children a gift, the best thing they can do is to teach their
children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning .
- Carol Dweck -
Family Involvement
Tuesday, March24, 2015
Abundant Life Church, 7305 E. Furnace Branch Rd, Glen Burnie
March 2015
The information.
Four Rivers
Watch for further
Heritage Area
Invites All Families
Saturday, March 21, 10:00 AM
Susan Campbell Park, Annapolis
Flag-Raising Ceremony
- featuring -
Keynote Speaker: Frank Kros, President of The Upside Down
Organization, Change Your Language, Change Their Lives
The Annapolis Drum and Bugle Corps &
The Navy League Cadets (students aged 10-14)
Followed by: Breakout Discussion Groups - an opportunity for
parents & community members to ask questions and share ideas.
Over 30 Maryland Day Events
Annapolis & Southern Anne Arundel County
March 21 – 22
Conference is free!
Spanish interpreters provided; for other languages, call 410-222-5417.
Childcare will not be available for this conference.
For more information: 410-222-5414 or 410-222-5417
A STEM Event for
Middle& High School
Parenting for Achievement in School & Life
MINDSET for Growth
Sunday, March 8, 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
FREE & NO Reservations Needed
How can you best support your children to develop a mindset that will
help them develop resiliency, perseverance, and a belief in their ability
to meet any challenge?
 Praise hard work more than grades or accomplishments.
 Make it clear that being intellectually curious is cool.
 Praise when they think for themselves, work well in teams,
Explore Science, Technology, Engineering &
Math Careers with engaging activities &
workshops for students & parents.
and change their minds after thinking something through.
The Johns Hopkins University Applied
Physics Laboratory, 11100 Johns Hopkins Rd,
Laurel, MD 20723. For an event flyer & info:
[email protected] or 443-778-7836
 Accept that failure is a really important part of learning.
Volunteer of the Month
Want to learn more? Explore Mindset:
Donald Patterson
The more we read, the
more we know.
Dr. Seuss
Research Point: By age 3, children of affluent families hear 30 million more
words than children living in poverty. (Hart and Risley, 1995)
Tips for Parents: Enjoy learning with your child by reading information
books (nonfiction) aloud together. Use the glossary, index, and table of
contents to locate information, grow vocabulary, and satisfy curiosity.
February 2015
Annapolis Middle School
… for inspiring science students and teachers to
pursue life-long learning.
To nominate outstanding volunteers for the AACPS
Volunteer of the Month Award, email [email protected]
The Office of School & Family Partnerships
AACPS TV Programs:
Comcast and Broadstripe Channel 96, & Verizon Channel 36
Parent Connection, Parents’ Corner, World View
Nuestra Comunidad (Our Community), and
¡Charlemos Juntos! (Let’s Chat)
Published by: The Office of School & Family Partnerships
410-222-5414; [email protected]
Parent Link
Conectándolo a Ud. y a su Hijo a la Información en Nuestro Camino a la Grandeza
Si los padres quieren darles un regalo a sus hijos, lo mejor que pueden hacer es
enseñarles a sus hijos a amar los retos, ser intrigado por errores, disfrutar de esfuerzo
y seguir aprendiendo. - Carol Dweck -
Conferencia de
Participación de Padres
Martes 24 de marzo de 2015
Iglesia Abundant Life, 7305 E. Furnace Branch Rd, Glen Burnie
Primer Orador: Frank Kros, Presidente de la Organizacion The
Upside Down, Cambiar su Vocabulario, Cambia sus Vidas
Seguido por: Grupos de Discusión -una oportunidad para que los
padres y miembros de la comunidad hagan preguntas y compartan
¡La conferencia es gratis! Inscripcion:
Interpretes en español estarán presentes; para otros idiomas llamen
al 410-222-5417.
No Habrá cuidado de niños para esta conferencia.
Para más información: 410-222-5414 o 410-222-5417
La Crianza de los hijos por sus Logros en la Escuela y
MENTALIDAD para el Crecimiento
¿Cómo puede usted mejor apoyar a sus hijos a desarrollar una
mentalidad que les ayudará a desarrollar resiliencia, perseverancia y
una creencia en su capacidad para afrontar cualquier desafío?
 Alabando el trabajo duro más que calificaciones o logros.
 Déjenle saber que ser intelectualmente curioso es genial.
 Elogie cuando piensan por sí mismos, trabajan bien en equipos y
cambian sus mentes después pensando en algo a través de.
 Aceptar que el fracaso es una parte muy importante del
más? Explore
la Mentalidad:
más sabemos. Dr. Seuss
Alabanza trabajo duro más de calificaciones o logros.
Punto de investigación: Para los 3 años, hijos de familias acomodadas
escuchan 30 millones
que los niños
que viven
en la pobreza.
Claro que
es genial.
(Hart y Risley, 1995)
pensar por
sí mismos,
los Padres:
su equipos
hijo leyendo
sus mentes
algoela glosario,
través de.
libros cambiar
de información
(no ficción)
en voz alta.
índice y
tabla de contenido para localizar información, aumente el vocabulario y
que el fracaso es una parte muy importante del
la curiosidad.
Marzo 2015
El Áreainformation.
de Tour Rivers
Watch for further
Heritage Invita A
Todas las Familias
Sábado 21 de marzo a las 10:00 AM
Susan Campbell Park, Annapolis
Ceremonia de Subir la Bandera
- presentando -
El Annapolis Drum y Bugle Corps y
los Navy League Cadets (estudiantes edades 10-14)
Más de 30 Eventos
en el Día de Maryland, Annapolis y
la parte del Sur del Condado de Anne Arundel
Marzo 21 – 22
Un Evento de STEM para
Las Estudiantes de
Secundaria e Intermedia
Domingo 8 de marzo de 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
GRATIS y NO Necesitan una Reservación
Exploren las Carreras en Ciencia, Tecnología,
Ingeniería y Matemáticas con actividades de
participación y talleres para los estudiantes y padres.
El Laboratorio de Física Aplicada de la
Universidad de Johns Hopkins
1100 Johns Hopkins Rd,
Laurel, MD 20723. Para información y un volante:
[email protected] o 443-778-7836
Voluntario del Mes
Febrero 2015
Donald Patterson
Escuela Intermedia Annapolis
…por continuando a inspirar a los maestros y
estudiantes de Ciencias al aprendizaje de por vida
Para nominar voluntarios excepcionales al Premio Voluntario
de Mes de AACPS escriba a [email protected]
Programas en AACPS TV de la Oficina de Relaciones entre la
Escuela y la Familia por Comcast y Broadstripe Canal 96 &
Verizon Canal 36:
Parent Connection, Parents’ Corner, World View, Nuestra
Comunidad y ¡Charlemos Juntos!
Publicado por: La Oficina de Relaciones entre la Escuela y la Familia
410-222-5414; [email protected]
¿Quieres saber más? Explore la mentalidad:

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