Fall - McKenney Hills - Carroll Knolls Civic Association


Fall - McKenney Hills - Carroll Knolls Civic Association
Volume 6, Issue 3
Fall 2013
National Night Out in MH-CK
Dozens of neighbors and families gathered just outside
McKenney Hills Park on Aug. 6 to take part in the
annual National Night Out. Residents made introductions along Kohler Court, enjoying popsicles and other
snacks while children decorated the road with massive
chalk murals. Young residents also blew bubbles, and
generally enjoyed playing in the unusually mild August
evening. Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett
also came by to deliver remarks along with County
Police Chief J. Thomas Manger and the State’s Attorney
for Montgomery County, John McCarthy. Later,
representatives of the county’s police department came
by in a full, lights-dazzling motorcade to speak to
neighbors and children about safety. The motorcycle
drew many young fans.
National Night Out began in 1984 as “America’s Night
Out Against Crime,” part of an effort to raise awareness
about crime prevention. Led by the nonprofit group, the
National Association of Town Watch, the event is held
the first Tuesday evening every August.
Special thanks to former CA presidents Dick Tingley and
Vincent Bradley for their organizing effort.
Kids’ Activities at National Night Out
Save the Date!
Most of the crime in the MH-CK area this year has
involved the theft of airbags, while there have been
fewer overall vehicle thefts, according to Montgomery
County Police Community Liaison Officer Joy Patil,
who spoke to residents at the May civic association
Block Party
Saturday, September 21, 2013, 2pm-6pm
Brunswick Ave. & Loma St.
Most of the airbag incidents involved Hondas, Toyotas
and Acuras, she said.
Halloween Parade & Party
Saturday, October 26, 2013, 3pm-5pm
McKenney Hills Park
Patil, whose assigned area includes the MH-CK
neighborhood, noted the overall reported incidents were
from January through May and that crime usually rises
in the summer. She also noted that there have been no
recent reported incidents in McKenney Hills Park.It is
imperative that residents report incidents to the county
police, Patil said. Not only does it help them track
potential trends, but it also helps them decide where
and when to assign more officers to an area. Residents
can call 911 for emergencies, and 301-279-8000 for
non-emergencies. They can also report certain minor
incidents online at http://www.mymcpnews.com/resources/how-to/file-a-report-online-2/.
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Inside This Issue...
President’s Corner, p. 2
Noticias de MH-CK en Español, p. 3
RainScapes Program, p. 5
President’s Corner
Treasurer’s Report
Last week, like many weeks, I saw on our community
Yahoo! group a number of occurrences of neighbors
helping neighbors: doctor suggestions, stroller borrowing, offers of unneeded but very usable items. This
makes me feel good about the community in which
we live. This kind of community spirit can help bring
about positive change in our society by the promotion of
cooperation and reusability. For those of you not on the
neighborhood Yahoo! group, you may become a part
of this great community resource by going to
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mckenneyhills/ and
clicking on Join This Group!
The air is getting cooler and the leaves are beginning to
change. Thanks to all those who came out to National
Night Out in August and those who have paid their
annual dues to make these events possible. We currently
have $2,597.35 in the bank to support this newsletter and
other activities in the neighborhood.
Speaking of cooperation and building a better world, I
was just at the Earth 2100 Conference which was centered on developing solutions for changes which would
put us on a path of economic, ecological and societal
sustainability. I think every community and every person
could be involved in this effort. If you have any suggestions for groups or activities we could start, or on things
that are happening now which could be expanded upon,
please contact [email protected] or me at [email protected].
You also can bring any ideas with you at our upcoming
events and meetings. Our neighborhood block party will
be coming up soon on Saturday, Sept. 21 at the entrance
to McKenney Hills Park at Brunswick Ave. and Loma
St., and our Halloween Parade will be Oct. 26. For meetings, check the mhckcivic.org website for information on
upcoming meetings which occur the fourth Tuesday of
the month. As usual, we need volunteers for these and
other events, as well as committees and officers for
2014. Volunteering is a great way to meet more of the
wonderful members of our community; please contact
me at [email protected] for more information or
to volunteer. Hope to see you around the neighborhood!
The association is run completely by volunteers. Your
neighbors write and distribute the newsletter, advocate
for you on topics such as getting trees in the right of
way and local parks. We hope these activities make our
neighborhood feel a little closer. You can help either by
volunteering your time (as much or as little as you like)
and paying your dues.
To begin or renew your membership that supports civic
association activities, please pay your $12 dues online at
http://www.mhckcivic.org/pay-yourdues.html. Checks
are also still accepted (made out to the McKenney HillsCarroll Knolls Civic Association) and may be sent to:
McKenney Hills-Carroll Knolls Civic Association
P.O. Box 393
Kensington, MD 20895
If you have any questions, or would like to check the
status of your membership, please email treasurer@
mhck-civic.org. ◊
Andrea Gehman
MH-CK Civic Association Treasurer
For more information, please email [email protected]
Mike Livermore
MH-CK Civic Association President
For more information or to contact Mike Livermore,
please email [email protected]
Subscribe for E-Delivery!
To receive e-delivery only, please send the
following information to
[email protected]:
Name | Address, with closest cross-street
E-mail address | Telephone number
Thank you for your support of the MH-CK
¡Bienvenido a Noticias de MH-CK en Español!
Nota del Editor
Si le gustaría contribuir con un corto artículo noticioso o su comentario sobre esta nueva sección, Noticias MH-CK
en Español, por favor contáctenos en [email protected].
Salida Nocturna Nacional en MH-CK
Docenas de vecinos y familiares se reunieron a las
afueras de McKenney Hills Park el 6 de agosto para
participar en la Salida Nocturna Nacional anual (annual National Night Out). Los residentes se introdujeron
unos a los otros a lo largo de Kohler Court, disfrutando
de paletas de hielo y otros aperitivos mientras que los
niños decoraron la calle con masivos murales de tiza.
Jóvenes residentes también soplaron burbujas y generalmente disfrutaron jugando en la in-usualmente fresca
noche de Agosto. Ike Leggett, el Ejecutivo del Condado
de Montgomery vino para compartir observaciones junto
con el Jefe de la Policía de Condado J.Thomas Manger y
el Fiscal del Condado de Montgomery, John McCarthy.
Más tarde, representantes del Departamento de policía
del Condado entraron en una caravana completa de vehículos con deslumbrantes luces a hablar con los vecinos
y niños sobre seguridad. La caravana atrajo a muchos
jóvenes seguidores.
Reporte del Tesorero
Gracias a todos aquellos que vinieron a Salida Nocturna
Nacional (National Night Out) en Agosto y a aquellos
que han pagado sus cuotas anuales para hacer posible
estos eventos. Actualmente contamos con $2.597,35
en el banco para apoyar este boletín de noticias y otras
actividades en el vecindario.
La asociación es dirigida completamente por voluntarios. Sus vecinos escriben y distribuyen el boletín,
abogan por usted sobre temas tales como obtener
árboles en los parques locales y derecho de paso. Esperamos que estas actividades que nuestro vecindario
sienta un poco más cerca. Usted puede ayudar, ya sea
por donar su tiempo (tanto o tan poco como te gusta) y
pagar sus deudas.
Para comenzar o renovar su membrecía que apoya las
actividades de la asociación cívica, por favor pague sus
cuotas de $12 al año en línea en http://www.mhckcivic.
org/pay-yourdues.html. Cheques también todavía se
aceptan (hechos a la Asociación Cívica McKenney
Hills-Carroll Knolls) y pueden ser enviados a:
La Salida Nocturna Nacional comenzó en 1984 como
“Salida Nocturnal en América Contra el Crimen” parte
de un esfuerzo para crear conciencia sobre la prevención
del crimen. Dirigido por la Asociación Nacional de Vigilancia del Pueblo (National Association of Town Watch)
el evento se celebra el primer martes cada mes de agosto.
McKenney Hills-Carroll Knolls Civic Association
P.O. Box 393
Kensington, MD 20895
La mayoría de la delincuencia en la zona de MH-CK este
año ha implicado el robo de bolsas de aire, mientras que
ha habido menos robos de vehículos, de acuerdo a Joy
Patil oficial de enlace de Montgomery County, quien habló a los residentes en la reunión de la asociación cívica
de mayo. La mayoría de los incidentes de bolsas de aire
involucrados fueron Hondas, Toyotas y Acuras, comentó
Si tiene alguna pregunta o quiere comprobar el estado
de su membrecía, por favor correo electrónico a [email protected].
Es imperativo que los residentes reporten todo incidente
a la policía del condado, dijo Patil. No sólo ayuda a
prevenir , y a decidir dónde y cuándo asignar más agentes a un área. Los residentes pueden llamar al 911 para
emergencias y 301-279-8000 para no sea de emergencia.
También pueden informar ciertos incidentes menores en
línea en http://www.mymcpnews.com/resources/how-to/
En cuanto a tráfico, Patil dijo que es ilegal parquear de
frente en el lado incorrecto de la calle o bloquear la acera
con un vehículo. Ambas infracciones conllevan una
multa de $60 y pueden ser reportadas a 301-279-8000.
Calendario de Actividades Asociación Cívica Otoño 2013
en pagina 7.
Join the 2014 CA Board!
National Night Out
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Nominations are now being accepted for 2014
President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer
for the MH-CK Civic Association (CA)! Serving
as a Board member is a great way to contribute to
your community and learn more about the neighborhood better as well. This is an important year
for new volunteers because three of the four current board members are ineligible to hold office in
2014. Elections will be held at the Jan. 28, 2014
CA meeting.
As for traffic, Patil said it is illegal to park facing the
wrong way on the side of the road or to block the sidewalk with a vehicle. Both infractions carry a $60 fine and
can be reported to 301-279-8000.
Here are some other tips from Patil:
• Always lock your car and do not leave GPS or other
devices in it.
• Use The Club or other similar locking devices.
• When solicitors come, ask to see their vendor licenses. Note that charities do not need such licenses.
• Do not ignore knocks on the door as it is one way
thieves test to see if someone is home. You don’t need
to open the door, but you can holler through it or open
it with a chain.
• When going on a trip, don’t stop your mail or newspapers; arrange for a trusted friend or neighbor to pick
them up from your house.
• Use timers for lights, radios and TVs for when you
are not home.
To nominate yourself or another MH-CK neighbor, please email [email protected]
with a brief description of the candidate and the
Board position desired. For more information
about Board duties and responsibilities, please
visit www.mhckcivic.org.
Now, an easier and faster way to
support the MH-CK community!
Pay your dues today using our new
PayPal payment system!
Go to
for more information or
to pay right now!
Listening to Officer Manger discuss safety
Presentation by Ike Leggett
Officers meeting our community members
RainScapes Program Offers
Rebates for Green Projects
At the April MH-CK Civic Association meeting, JL
Fisher, a landscape architect for the Montgomery County
RainScapes Program, spoke with the community about
this program than can “green” more than just the
neighborhood. The RainScapes program encourages
county residents to make improvements to their yards
by providing significant rebates (up to $2,500) for work
done by residents which promotes efficient use of water
and minimize runoff into our streams, rivers and
ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. Mr. Fisher explained
the various techniques which are eligible for the rebates,
such as rain gardens, conservation landscaping, rain
barrels, green roofs and dry wells. The community
members in attendance were very interested, asking so
many questions and discussions that the meeting
adjourned at 10 p.m. (the first time I’ve seen that happen
in a while).
Becker Day Care
The RainScapes Program is available to assist residents
in all aspects of the process, from choosing the
appropriate techniques for a particular situation, to
selecting a landscaping contractor and getting through
the application process. For more information, please
contact [email protected] or find
more details at http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/
We Keep the Fun in Learning
(301) 649-2911
10211 Duvawn Place Silver Spring, MD
[email protected]
Over 90% of our “graduates” have gone on to
Advanced Programs!
Mike Livermore
MH-CK Civic Association President
Paying dues allows you to become a member of the MH-CK Civic Association. All residents of the community
(both owners and renters) are eligible for membership.
These dues go towards fun, year-round neighborhood events and activities and the quarterly newsletter.
Membership dues are also payable through PayPal!
Visit www.mhckcivic.org/pay-your-dues.html for more details.
Thank you for your continued support!
Name: _____________________________________
Address: ____________________________________
Phone: _____________________________________
Check for e-delivery of newsletter.
I would like to volunteer!
Please detach this portion of the form and return it along with a check for $12.
Please make checks payable to McKenney Hills-Carroll Knolls Civic Association.
McKenney Hills-Carroll Knolls Civic Association
P.O. Box 393, Kensington, MD 20895
Youth Lead McKenney Hills
MCAD, Evans Pkwy. Park
Changes Underway
Summer is a time to relax and hang out with friends, but a
group of students decided to do something productive on
two Saturday mornings recently. Ari Rickman, a senior at
Albert Einstein High School and a regular at our
community clean ups, encouraged a group of friends to
work on a project to improve the environment. The other
leaders of this band of do-gooders are Nebiyat Tadesse,
Natenal Lema, and Zemichael Yamane, who also attend
Our neighborhood is about to get a little bit greener. In
September, the Montgomery County Parks
Department will demolish the building that once
housed the Maryland College of Art and Design
(MCAD) in order to make way for Carroll Knolls Local
Park. In its Land Acquisition Recommendation from
September 2012, the Parks Department envisioned
playground equipment, a youth-sized athletic field, and
wooded areas for this site. However, it will be years
before residents will see anything other than an open,
grassy field. Before the project may compete for funding under the Capital Improvement Program, a
preliminary design of the project, with community
input, must be completed through the facility planning
process. At this time, the facility planning process
for Carroll Knolls Local Park has yet to be scheduled.
Residents who would like to encourage Montgomery
Parks to schedule the facility planning for this park
should email the parks director, Mary Bradford, at
[email protected].
The group contacted the Weed Warriors, a volunteer
program coordinated by Montgomery Parks dedicated
to improving the health of park forests. They set up two
workdays to clear invasive plants from the woodland and
return native plants to the area after pulling. The native
plants are provided by the Native Plant Nursery at Pope
Farm, another Montgomery Parks program. Plants are
grown by volunteers for use on parkland.
For some of the participants, pizza and snacks provided
by Ari were an added incentive, as well as Student
Service Learning hours, but for many, it was purely a
gesture of good will towards the community. It’s
impressive to see teenagers out of bed so early and ready
to work hard; all together, they put in 81 hours of
volunteer service. Thanks Ari and friends for your
service. All of us, especially the native insects that will
visit the plants, will benefit.
Directly across Georgia Ave., renovation of the Evans
Pkwy. Neighborhood Park is well underway. Although
site clean-up took longer than expected, the
construction phase has begun. Work is expected to
continue through the winter with projected completion
in the late spring or early summer of 2014. The
renovated park has been selected as a pilot project for
the Sustainable Site Initiatives Program (SITES), which
focuses on sustainability principles for landscapes. In
this vein, the renovated park will feature a variety of
natural spaces, such as a tree grove and a butterfly
garden, with the restored channel of the Wheaton
Branch stream meandering through it all. The park
will also feature large, interactive stone reliefs of native
flora and fauna designed by a team of artists
commissioned by the Montgomery County Public Arts
Trust. Other features include new playground
equipment, a boardwalk, a gazebo, basketball courts
and tennis courts. ◊
Anyone interested in doing a similar cleanup and
planting can contact Rochelle Bartolomei at
[email protected]. ◊
Rochelle Bartolomei
MH-CK Parks and Plants Committee Volunteer
Michelle Grier
MH-CK Newsletter Contributor
Park Cleanup Volunteers
Fall 2013 CA Calendar of Events
Block Party, at Brunswick Ave. & Loma St.
Civic Association Meeting, Flora Singer ES
Civic Association Meeting, Flora Singer ES
Halloween Parade & Party, McKenney Hills Park
Winter Blues Festival,
Capital View/Homewood Rec. Center
Saturday, Sept. 21, 2-6 p.m.
Tuesday, Sept. 24, 8 p.m.
Tuesday, Oct. 22, 8 p.m.
Saturday, Oct. 26, 3-5 p.m.
Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014, 2:30-5:30 p.m.
Please check mhckcivic.org or the community Yahoo! group for more details.
Calendario de Actividades Asociación Cívica Otoño 2013
Fiesta en la Cuadra – en Brunswick Ave. & Loma St.
Reunión Asociación Cívica – Escuela Elemental Flora Singer
Reunión Asociación Cívica – Escuela Elemental Flora Singer
Parada y Fiesta Halloween - McKenney Hills Park
Festival Invernal de Blues - Centro Rec. Capital View/Homewood
Sábado, 21 de Sept., 2-6 p.m.
Martes, 24 de Sept., 8 p.m.
Martes, 22 de Oct., 8 p.m.
Sábado, 26 de Oct., 3-5 p.m.
Domingo, 26 de Ene., 2:30-5:30p p.m.
Por favor consulte mhckcivic.org o el community Yahoo! group para más detalles.
Michele Bruggeman
Licensed in Maryland and DC
Long & Foster
20 Chevy Chase Circle, NW | Washington, DC 20015
C: 202-427-3993 | O: 202-363-9700
[email protected]
Contribute to Your Community Today!
Contributing your time, skills, and energy can help make our neighborhood a vibrant and inviting place.
Please volunteer to help make this community even better!
Elections held every January fill the roles of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Interested community members are invited to shadow the current and upcoming 2013 officers as
understudies for future officer positions.Board committees also need fresh ideas from new contributors.
The programs that bring neighbors together need volunteers to organize them. Assisting with just one
event a year will help us continue our community traditions:
• Winter Blues Fest
• Community-Wide Yard Sale
• Spring / Fall Park Cleanup
• Block Parties
Ongoing programs to improve our community—from web/newsletter communications, to traffic
measures, to welcome signs—require just a couple of hours a month from volunteers. By contributing
a small amount of time, you can help make a big impact!
Email [email protected] or call 202-MHCK-1-CA.
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