Flyer - UC3M



Flyer - UC3M
Hotel Los Lanceros, El Escorial (Spain)
18-22 September 2011
Abstract deadline: 13th May 2011
About the Conference:
Modern Technology demands an updated boost from Science. Many of the commonly used hi-tech devices around us are
based on the scientific achievements of only one decade ago. On the current road to miniaturization, one of the primary aims
of Science and Technology is the capability to produce and characterize ordered patterns on surfaces at nanometric scales.
Thus, when lithographic and other top-down methods are reaching their limits to produce ordered structures in metals or
semiconductors, new tools need to be provided. At this point, bottom-up methods based on surface self-organization offer
promising alternative routes.
The main aim of the Workshop "Nanoscale Pattern Formation at Surfaces" is precisely to focus on novel production methods
and applications of self-organized nanopatterns at surfaces. The aim is to bring together researchers from different fields and
benefit from their areas of expertise and techniques.
This Workshop represents the follow-up of a series of previous meetings at: Bonnasola (Italy, 2000), Trofaiach (Austria,
2002), Bad-Honnef (Germany, 2005), Sestri-Levante (Italy, 2007) and Rathen (Germany, 2009).
Topics to be addressed include (but not limited to):
Surface nanopatterns by ion beam sputtering: experiment and modelling
Pattern formation during surface growth or photon irradiation
Surface patterns by assembling of molecular and biological entities
Surface nanostructuring with swift and highly charged ions
Modification of surface properties by pattern formation
Applications of surface nanopatterns
Invited Speakers:
D. Babonneau (University of Poitiers, France) • R.M. Bradley (Colorado State University, USA) • E. Chason (Brown
University, USA) • A. Hernández-Machado (Universidad de Barcelona, Spain) • K.J. Ludwig (Boston University,
USA) • C. Madi (Harvard University, USA) • T. Michely (University of Cologne, Germany) • F. Meseguer (ICMMCSIC, Spain) • R. Miranda (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain) • L. Pelaz (Universidad de Valladolid, Spain) •
J.J. Pérez-Camacho (INTEL, Ireland) • V.K. Smirnov (Wostec, Russia) • E. Søndergård (CNRS/Sant-Gobain, France)
• T. Som (Institute of Physics-Bhubaneswar, India) • M. Tanemura (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan).
Scientific Committee:
Corrado Boragno (University of Genova, Italy) • Rodolfo Cuerno (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain) •
Stefan Facsko (FZD-Rossendorf, Germany) • Raúl Gago (ICMM-CSIC, Spain) • Ramki Kalyanaraman (University of
Tennessee, USA) • Jae-Sung Kim (Sook-Myung Women's University, Korea) • Bene Poelsema (University of
Twente, The Netherlands) • Thomas Michely (University of Cologne, Germany) • Christian Teichert (University of
Leoben, Austria).
Local Organizers:
Mario Castro (Univ. Pontificia de Comillas, Madrid, Spain) Rodolfo Cuerno (Univ. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)
Raúl Gago (ICMM-CSIC, Spain) Javier Muñoz-García (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain) Paloma Tejedor
(ICMM-CSIC, Spain) Luis Vázquez (ICMM-CSIC, Spain)
For additional information visit or contact [email protected]

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