Misioneros - Amor En Accion



Misioneros - Amor En Accion
Issue 1
Volume 1
March 2007
Jesucristo La Roca Firme
How Amor en Acción Changed My Life …
David Masters
Alicia M. Romero
Después de volver prematuramente de Venezuela,
luego de haberme entregado a JVI (Jesuit Volunteers
International), me sentía cien por ciento convencido
de que Dios todavía me llamaba a servirle como
misionero. Mientras yo estaba estancado en medio
del exilio de mi desilusión, Dios me envió Amor en
Acción para reanimar mi alma y llenarme de
esperanza. Yo estaba como los huesos secos de
Ezequiel 37 y Amor en Acción era como el aliento
de Dios que me revivió.
Amor en Acción brought
Dios me envió Amor en Acción
para reanimar mi alma y
llenarme de esperanza.
Amor en Acción me levantó y me hizo parar sobre
la roca firme de Yeshua el Cristo. Amor en Acción
integra parte de la iglesia viva que insiste en
extenderse más allá de las orillas y las fronteras
geográficas y políticas. Amor en Acción es una
comunidad de seguidores del Buen Pastor cuyos
oídos están sintonizados a la voz de Él en medio
de sociedades que muchas veces pretendan ahogar
esa voz divina con una cacofonía de egoísmo,
compadrismo, tribuísmo, y clasismo. Amor en Acción
es un puente de la solidaridad que busca la
hermandad universal más allá de lo conocido y lo
me to church. Amor en
Acción taught me church.
Amor en Acción helped
me to see things I
probably never could
have fathomed.
My first missionary
experience was all about
people, from different
walks of life,
intermingling, creating
church in the most
unexpected of places,
with the most
unexpected of faces. And
that’s where I met God.
I met people who were
rays of sunshine in dark
caves, joyful noises
amidst quiet graves.
Inspiration in the face of
despair, a sense of pride,
sacrifice, love, need,
strength, and dedication.
These were the things I
found in the people of
La Vega.
These are the things I
learned because of Amor
en Acción.
Alicia Romero enjoying a summer camp in the
Dominican Republic.
live the universality of our Catholic faith by participating and sharing in the lives of our brothers and sisters in developing countries
Yon vwayaj an Misyon
Deacon Jean Edoualdo Desmornes • Office of Social Advocacy • Archdiocese of Miami
Refleksyon sou ofri ak resevwa.
Nan mwa janvye 2007 la yon gwoup misyonè
ki te gen nan tèt li Amor en Accion te kite
Achidyosèz Miami pou rantre Haiti nan dyosèz
Port de Paix. Achidyosèz Miyami ak Dyosèz
Pòdepè jimle ansanm nan travay men nan men
pou akonpaye pèp Bondye a. Vwayaj sa a te
pwofitab anpil nan koze relasyon dyosèz yo
ak rankont pesonèl moun ak moun. Yo di Ayiti
se peyi ki pi pòv nan zòn Wès la tandiske
Etazini se peyi ki pi rich la. Vwayaj sa a te
pèmèt kèk jenn Meriken ki gen bonkè konprann
pèp Ayisyen yon fason pi pozitif pase fason
televizyon konn montre.
Deacon Jean Edoualdo Desmornes on
mission in Haiti.
Vwayaj sila a pèmèt nou konprann diferans ki
genyen ant moun ki ap ofri ak moun ki ap
resevwa. Moun ki ap ofri toujou kontan bay,
moun ki nan bezwen toujou kontan resevwa.
Anmentan an tou, nou ka di meyè fason moun
ofri moun se cheche mwayen pou ede moun
k a p resevwa a avanse dekwa moun sila a
kapab vin gen yon lavimiyò. Misyon sa a fè m
dekouvri ki kalite bon relasyon ki deja ekziste
ant gwoup Amor en Accion ki nan dyosez
Miami ak moun Port de Paix. Oganizasyon
misyonè sila a bay kè li pou ede moun ki nan
bezwen. Mwen te sezi tande kouman kèk jenn
moun nan Achidyosez la vle ofri tout yo menm
pou ede frè ak sè Ayisyen yo. Anpil moun
PòdePè vi n zanmi ak misyonè yo. Sa fè nou
sonje Bon Samariten an ki te desann bèl cheval
li pou l mete blese sa a asasen te piye kite atè.
Nou te rive konprann tou kouman moun ki ap
resevwa a konsidere ofrann lan. Moun ki
bezwen gen yon fason pou resevwa si l vle
devlope yon jou pou li pa tounen depandan
restavèk. Nan refleksyon pawas sila la a, yo
dekouvri kouman yo resevwa nan move
kondisyon. « Nou resevwa pou satisfè yon
bezwen men se pa pou vanse pi devan ...
Konsa nou ta renmen moun ki ap bannou yo
chita ak nou pou koute priorite nou olye pou
yo ofri nou sa yo wè ki nesesè pou nou » dapre
Wilson prezidan karitas Mawouj dyosèz Port
de Paix.
An nou reflechi nan moman karèm sa a pou
ofrann nou yo kapab rive ede frè ak sè nou
devlope. Menm si yo pa rive rich tankou nou
ya remesye Bondye ki enpire nou pou ede yo
rive viv yon lavi miyò. Lè sa a Bondye limenm
va resevwa ofrann nou yo tankou Jezi te di li
nan levanjil Matye Chapit 25 : «Byenfè nou te
ofri sila a yo ki pi piti a se mwen menm nou
te ofri li. ... vi n pran eritaj lavi Papa a ki pap
janm fini an».
Technical Mission to Port de Paix
Andrés Trujillo & Igor Reyes
Bishop Paulo, CRS & Amor en Acción
celebrate the new housing covenant.
On March 8th of this year, Amor
en Acción’s Team Haiti, comprising
Andrew Chiwara (civil engineer),
Igor Reyes (architect) and Adriano
Garcia (architect) as well as
collaborators Marta Carbonell and
Andres Trujillo (teacher), set off on
a highly technical mission trip which
included attention to our projects
in Port de Paix, Miami’s sister
diocese. This project consists of
housing that will serve 200 families
directly affected by Hurricane
Construction team & children of Paulin
review construction during site visit
Jeanne, a storm which in September
of 2004 killed more than 600 Haitians
in the regions of Gonaives, Port de
Paix, and Terre Neuve alone, and
leveled the homes of many others.
The first of these projects, the Village
of Saint Michael at Paulin, is currently
being designed by young Haitian
architect Yves-Rene Senates and is
being funded by (CRS) Catholic
Relief Services. We are proud to
announce that the first 10 houses
are currently nearing completion.
Workers pouring concrete columns for
the new houses at Village St. Michael.
Amor en Acción, along with Bishop
Paulo, CRS Global Solidarity
representative Farid Moïse, Father
Miguel Dolce, and architect YvesRene Seantes, signed a covenant to
establish the vision and procedures.
All three sites were visited by the
team. The architects and civil
engineers labored tirelessly to
coordinate the project’s structures
and infrastructure and created an
agreed upon master plan. Team
Haiti generated work schedules and
realistic projections of construction
costs and materials, as well as
delineating all the human factors
involved in the project, including
pastoral considerations. Let us all
pray and collaborate to make these
wonderful villages a reality and
embark on a better tomorrow for
our brothers and sisters in Haiti.
participate in the missionary activity of the Church as a living community that supports and fosters the growth of each member
Spiritual Direction from Our Pastors : Kote ou vle ale, se la ou-a rive
Reverend Steve Ohala
Our History
Taylor’s profound counsel was: “All of these motives,
however good, will fail you in times of tests, trials,
and possible death. There is but one motive that
will sustain you during trials, tests, and martyrdom,
namely, the love of Christ.”
That love is not only the way to God’s kingdom, it
is the way of God’s kingdom, which Christ himself
reveals. He is our way, our truth, and our life, as the
fullness of God’s love for us, not in an abstract or
merely sentimental way, but in action, at the service
of our brothers and sisters who are in greatest need
- the poorest of the poor. You have helped us to
see what Isaiah saw in his vision of God’s justice,
where people of different cultures, races, and
languages could unite in joyful worship of God and
mutual love for each other on God’s holy mountain;
and you have helped us to hear the transformative
word of Christ as Paul heard it. By your own confession,
faith, and witness these past thirty years, you have
helped us make Christ’s way of love in action our
own, because you have made it your own.
Reverend Steve Ohala crossing a river in Port
de Paix, Haiti
Kote ou vle ale, se la ou-a rive is one of my favorite
Haitian proverbs. Literally, it means: Where you
want to go is where you will arrive (Adonde quieres
ir es donde llegarás). You might think that the point
is obvious: we wanted to be here, and so here we
are, even from Michigan and Haiti. If we wanted to
be somewhere else, then we’d be there.
However, we miss the meaning of the proverb if we
think of it in geographical terms. It’s not really about
wanting to go to this place or that, but about the
direction or mission of one’s life as a whole, which
defines the kind of person one wishes to become.
In fact, I could see Jesus saying to his Father, “As
you sent me into the world, so I sent them into the
world,” then turning to his disciples and saying:
“Now, do you want to go where I am sending you?
Do you want to go to the least of my brothers and
sisters and share with them the good news of my
Father’s kingdom, to which all are invited? If you
are truly my disciples, then that is where you will
want to go, in order to arrive at the special place
I’ve prepared for you in that kingdom.” Kote ou vle
ale, se la ou-a rive.
In fact, the scenario of Christ turning from his prayer
to the Father and addressing his disciples is not
imaginary. I believe it happened to Alicia, Adriano,
and the founders of Amor en Acción over thirty
years ago. The Lord inquired of them, “Do you
want to go where I am sending you?” Their answer
was: “¡Claro que sí!” Years later, the Lord again
spoke to them, this time via Archbishop McCarthy,
saying: “So far so good. Now, I will send you to a
place you’ve never been, to a culture with which
you’re not familiar, and to work in a language you
don’t know. Do you still want to go?” Again they
rejoined, “¡Claro que sí!” Pè Bo must have wondered,
“Who are these crazy Cubans?” But he also must
have perceived how their “love in action” reveals to
us not only the way to God’s kingdom, but the way
of God’s kingdom. Por el camino de ‘amor en acción,’
kote ou vle ale, se la ou-a rive.
But if the kingdom of God is where we all want to
go (and I believe it is, whether we realize it or not),
the question is, How do we get there? Let me tell
you about James Hudson Taylor, the founder of the
China Inland Mission. When interviewing a group
of applicants to ascertain their motivation for service,
Taylor asked them why they aspired to be foreign
missionaries. “Because Christ has commanded us
to go into all the world and preach the gospel to
Reverend Ohala distributing communion to
every creature,” one said. Another replied,
“Because millions are perishing without Christ.”
the Haitian faithful.
Amor en Acción, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, is a missionary
community recognized as such by
the Archdiocese of Miami. The
community was founded as a result
of the individual missionary
experiences of two of its members,
Adriano Garcia and Alicia Marill.
In 1976, both participated in
separate Catholic missions in the
Dominican Republic. Upon their
return to Miami, both felt a special
call to dedicate their lives to lay
missionary work, serving the poor
in the Caribbean and Latin America.
Ms. Marill and Mr. Garcia founded
Amor en Acción (Love in Action)
on the principle that “faith without
works is dead” (James 2:14).
From the community’s earliest
stages, Amor en Acción’s members
dedicated themselves to promoting
the Catholic faith in the missionary
dimension of the Church. In 1978,
the late Archbishop Edward
McCarthy gave the missionary
group his blessings and
sponsorship, enthusiastically
supporting Amor en Acción’s vision
of living out the universality of the
Catholic Church.
Since its founding, Amor en Acción
has touched thousands of lives in
other countries and here at home.
Today, with the continued blessings
and guidance of Archbishop
John C. Favalora, we collaborate
as the missionary arm of the
Archdiocese of Miami in its Sister
Diocese of Port de Paix in Haiti,
and also work with the bishops
and pastoral agents in five areas
of the Dominican Republic. As we
work to meet the urgent needs of
the poor, the very people we serve
continue to evangelize us in Gospel
values. This is referred to as
“mission in reverse”. Thus, together,
we work toward building the
Kingdom of God.
p r o m o t e J e s u s C h r i s t Õ s m i s s i o n a ry c a l l i n g a n d t h e k e y r o l e e a c h o f u s p l a y s i n b u i l d i n g t h e K i n g d o m o f G o d
Amor en Acción Inducts Two New Board Members
Anna Figueroa, our new board
member, has been a member of
Amor en Acción since the age
of 16, when she was a student
at LaSalle High School. Anna
was a pioneer on the first ETC
formation team in the history of
la República Dominicana. Since
then, Anna has been a driving
force on numerous AeA projects
in la RD, including La Vega,
Cienfuegos, and Cutupú. Anna
has worked as a national sales
director for Spanish language
television broadcasting networks.
Anna has served as an
inspirational leader in AeA’s
fundraising efforts during the
last decade.
Anna Figueroa
Amor en Acción 30 year celebration
Becky Prieto on mission.
Becky Prieto, our new board member,
is a child psychologist and special
education teacher by trade and an Amor
en Acción missionary by divine vocation.
In addition to adeptly directing 5
consecutive summer mission trips to la
República Dominicana, Becky has
excelled as a fundraiser and chairperson
of our annual “Noche Caribeña” DinnerDance Extravaganza. Becky, who joined
Amor en Acción in 2001, is a proud
parishioner of Saint Brendan Parish.
República Dominicana : Proyecto Esperanza
Dr. Josefina Chirino
El Proyecto Esperanza es un sueño
que se va haciendo realidad,
aunque en condiciones muy
precarias y sin poder abarcar todas
las necesidades.
Surge el 18 de Diciembre de 1999,
con la visita a la familia Tiburcio,
en Barrio Blanco. Aquí vemos la
realidad de tantos niños sin escuela,
y junto con los miembros de la
Parroquia, empezamos a trabajar
en un censo, concientizando a las
personas. En septiembre del 2000
se pudo comenzar con las clases
en dos sectores: Villa Orilla y Barrio
En Villa Orilla se trabaja en el patio
de la casa de una señora, que con
sus hijos adolescentes y una vecina,
dan las clases a unos 150 niños.
En Barrio Blanco se comenzó en
la capilla, y después se pudo
comprar una pequeña y vieja casita.
Aquí tenemos a 170 niños de todas
las edades, y la mayoría sin declarar.
Durante estos cinco años de trabajo
se han podido declarar 202 niños
y 10 adultos. El trabajo ha sido
duro por la poca conciencia de los
padres, pero no ha sido en vano.
El sueño del Proyecto es poder
miles de niños que no tienen dónde
ir puedan tener un lugar de acogida,
se eduquen, salgan preparados para
la vida con una profesión, y sean
capaces de ayudar a su país a salir
de la miseria.
Miami, 21 de Noviembre de 2000
Queridos amigos y educadores:
Me es de sumo agrado comunicarles que
ayer, 20 de Noviembre, empezaron las
clases para los niños del Proyecto
Esperanza. Les contaré cómo fue todo.
El sábado pasado, día 18, ya se habían
citado algunas familias en el ayuntamiento
para comenzar el proceso de legalización
(actas de nacimiento) para aquellos que
ya tenían los papeles necesarios en orden.
Ayer fue la primera reunión con los niños
inscritos en el Proyecto, que fueron los
de “Barrio Blanco”. Les recuerdo que hay
cinco barrios donde se pretende llevar a
cabo el programa.
Me cuenta Sor Angelina que se
aparecieron más de 90 familias (algunas
con cinco niños) para que sus hijos
Para que este sueño se convierta
en realidad, necesitamos un área
de 50,000 M (cincuenta mil metros
cuadrados). Sabemos que el
proyecto es ambicioso, pero así
cubriríamos las necesidades de
cientos de niños que no pueden
tener una buena educación.
Contamos con la ayuda y oración
de todos.
A continuación una carta
redactando el primer día
de clases:
comenzaran el proceso de alfabetización.
Una niña en particular, de quince años,
quiso que la inscribieran a pesar de su
edad. Sor le aclaró que iba a estar en
clase con niños mucho más pequeños,
y la muchachita respondió que no le
importaba, que ella quería mucho
aprender a leer y escribir. Una mamá le
llevó su hijito, de unos ocho años,
sordomudo. Otro caso fueron dos
hermanitas que las echaron de la escuela
porque se portaban mal, pero dijeron
que lo que más ellas querían era aprender
a leer. Y así, Sor Angelina me contó tantas
historias que me partieron el corazón.
Pude palpar la desesperación de un
pueblo hambriento de lo que muchos
de los nuestros no saben apreciar.
Que Dios bendiga su interés y esfuerzo
por llevar adelante esta obra.
Image Courtesy of Elisa Guerra-González
collaborate in projects which respond to urgent or established, long-term needs
Sister School Focus
Michaela Ecker
Archbishop McCarthy High
School (AMHS) sponsors
Chamoise, our sister school in
Haiti through the Amor en
Acción Sister School program.
AMHS is responsible for paying
the teacher salaries of seven
teachers. Twice a year we have
an envelope collection. We give
all the students an envelope in
their theology classes and ask
them to return it with a
donation. The Amor en Acción
Mission Club also has bake and
beverage sales at least once per
quarter. This year we have
already exceeded our goal.
Sister school nutrition program.
The Mission Club just finished fashioning
posters of the Prayer of St. Francis in English,
French, and Creole to be taken to our sister
school by Fr. Chacha. Also, the Art Honor
Society made an altar cloth that will also be
given to Fr. Chacha to be taken to Chamoise.
From now on, Chamoise will have a little
something from us at AMHS and Fr. Chacha
has promised to bring back pictures.
Students from Archbishop McCarthy High School process
with their school’s banner.
Saginaw Corner
Amor en Acción : Helping our youth build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
Jennifer Watt- Saginaw, Michigan
However, that being said, I have learned
through experience that placing God first
is the only way to achieve a lasting peace
and joy in my life. Therefore, I feel as
missioners, it is our task to assist our young
people in building a relationship not only
with the members of our community at home
and in the Dominican Republic, but most
importantly with Jesus Christ.
Amor en Accion provides all of us with a
unique opportunity to forge a concrete
foundation of faith, community and mission,
opening our eyes to the injustices and
inequalities of a world we might otherwise
have never known. In addition, Amor en
Accion empowers our youth with a sense
of purpose and a realization that there is
something that each one of us can do. We
can make a difference and all we have to
do is answer God's call.
Combined missionary group from Saginaw, Michigan and Miami, Florida
Recently, during a visit with Bishop Robert
Carlson of the Diocese of Saginaw in
Michigan, I was struck by a comment that
he made regarding the youth of the Catholic
Church. He stated, that not only in our
church but also in other denominations, men
and women falling into the "twentysomething" age group were being lost to
their faith. The accuracy of this statement
brought to mind family members, friends
and acquaintances that through their actions
and stories shared have proved the
truthfulness of this sad fact, causing me to
wonder- what we, Amor en Accion, can do
a s s i s t
o u r
s i s t e r
to encourage our younger generations to
stay connected to their faith and keep our
members adjoined to our mission group?
As our lives become more demanding with
college, married life, families and professional
obligations, it is reasonable that we might
fall apathetic to the requirements of the
Catholic Church and the needs of our mission
group. After all, there are only so many
hours in a day and so many days in a week.
Our faith life often suffers as we push it to
the bottom of our schedules for more
immediate cares and concerns.
c o m m u n i t i e s
i n
Furthermore, Amor en Accion has helped
to deepen my personal relationship with
Jesus through our rich prayer life especially
while on mission as well as the exposure to
a people whose own faith transcends the
poverty that surrounds them.
Amor en Accion has blessed many lives over
the past 30 years and thankfully mine has
been one of them, strengthening the
connection between myself and the Church.
If this mission group can touch the hearts of
our youth, the way that it has touched mine,
I imagine that our "twenty-somethings" would
never be lost.
p r o m o t i n g
t h e
d i g n i t y
o f
l i f e
Recent Events : Celebrating 30 years
César J. Baldelomar, Florida Catholic Correspondent
Dominican Republic suffer from malnutrition,
one of Amor en Acción’s most important
projects there is the nutrition program. Through
the generous donations of people in Miami,
Amor en Acción has provided monthly food
supplies to more than 70 needy families and
300 students. Other projects in the Dominican
Republic involve education, animal husbandry,
small loans to support cottage businesses,
health care, emergency aid and evangelization.
Image Courtesy of Juan Rabionet
Founders and leaders of Amor en Acción prepare to cut the cake celebrating 30 years
of charitable service to the poor in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. From left are
Carlos Cueto, Alicia C. Marill, Josefina Chirino, Lourdes Rovira and Adriano García.
Amor en Acción celebrates 30 years
of helping the poorest of the poor
in Haiti and the Dominican Republic
Looking back on 30 years of helping the poorest
of the poor, Alicia Marill could only say, “We
have learned to trust God’s providence.”
Marill and fellow layman Adriano García cofounded Amor en Acción as their personal
response to the poverty they experienced on
mission trips to the Dominican Republic. Since
then, Amor en Acción has become the lay
missionary organization of the Archdiocese of
Miami. Its missionaries and supporters gathered
Feb. 3 at St. Mary Cathedral to mark the group’s
30th anniversary.
The trilingual Mass — English, Spanish and
Creole — was concelebrated by Archbishop
John Favalora, retired Miami Auxiliary Bishop
Agustín Román, and Bishop Pierre-Antoine
Paulo, coadjutor of the Diocese of Port-dePaix, Haiti, Miami’s sister diocese.
Also in attendance were students from Miami’s
Catholic schools whose contributions help
Amor en Acción carry out its missionary activities.
Fifteen Miami Catholic schools have established
mission clubs that work closely with Amor en
Acción to raise funds and collect supplies to
send to their sister schools in Port-de-Paix.
In the Dominican Republic, Amor en Acción
is active in the dioceses of La Vega, Cutupú,
Santiago, San Pedro de Macoris and Santo
Domingo. Since 75 percent of children in the
In 1980, Amor en Acción expanded its work
to Port-de-Paix, Miami’s sister diocese. It is
the poorest diocese in Haiti, with 34 priests
caring for 16 parishes and 400,000 people.
The people of Port-de-Paix are threatened not
just by the dry and deforested terrain, but also
by a lack of shelter, clothing, drinking water,
food, education, medical care and electricity.
More than 74 percent of the children in the
Port-de-Paix Diocese are severely malnourished
and many of them must resort to eating cakes
and cookies made from mud. Countless people
suffer from malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid fever,
cholera, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. Many families
live in makeshift homes that are easily destroyed
by a passing storm. Only 15 percent of the
children graduate from eighth grade. In response,
Amor en Acción has developed several longterm projects in the Port-de-Paix Diocese and
in Gros-Morne Parish in the Diocese of Gonaïves.
The sister school program benefits 30 schools,
85 teachers and 4,500 students in Port-de-Paix.
The steady flow of donations comes from
students in Catholic elementary and secondary
schools who raise funds to pay for teacher
salaries, food programs and school supplies.
Other Amor en Acción projects in Haiti include
reforestation, agriculture, nutrition, elderly care,
emergency aid, school construction, housing,
technical education, and evangelization.
A central component of Amor en Acción’s work
is the training of missionaries in preparation
for travel to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
Missionaries, many of them young adults,
undergo a five-month preparation period in
anticipation of the mission trip, which usually
lasts two to four weeks. Once missionaries
return home, they reflect on the trip’s spiritual
impact and how they can grow in solidarity
toward those they have encountered.
Mary, Wellspring of Peace ... Be our guide.
Mother of the Liberator ... Pray for us.
Model of strength ...
Model of gentleness ...
Model of trust ...
Model of courage ...
Model of patience ...
Mother of the homeless ...
Mother of the dying ...
Mother of the nonviolent ...
Mother of widowed mothers ...
Mother of unwed mothers ...
Model of risk ...
Model of openness ...
Model of perseverance ...
Mother of a political prisoner ...
Mother of the condemned ...
Mother of the executed criminal...
Image Courtesy of www.AgnusImages.com
s h a r e
w i t h
o t h e r s
t h e
m i s s i o n a r y
e x p e r i e n c e
o f
o u r
m e m b e r s
Calendar of Events
Friday, April 20, 2007
Community Meeting
Location: de la Maza Residence, 7:30 PM
Saturday, May 5, 2007
Retreat/Formation Day for Mission Prep Groups
Location & Time: TBA
June 23 - mid July (TBA)
Dominican Republic Summer Missions
Saturday, August 11, 2007
Community Gathering followed by Mass
Meeting/Misa/Mesa, in that order! Location: TBA
Saturday, September 29, 2007
Noche Caribeña
Annual Dinner-Dance Fundraiser & Extravaganza!
October 26-28, 2007
Missionary Conference - USCMA
Spirituality of Mission in the 21st Century
Location: Wyndham Garden Hotel - Austin, Texas
November 8-17, 2007
Haiti Mission Trip
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J.S. Paluch Company
Serving the Church since 1913
For More Information Please Call:
Cristy Guzman ~ 1-800-432-3240
4300 NW 124th Avenue ~ Coral Springs, FL 33065
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I have been working the J.S. Paluch
Company for 12 years. I’m very proud to
be part of this company which is dedicated
to serving the Catholic Church and
promoting vocations since 1913. J.S. Paluch
is a family owned company that is very
involved in the Catholic Church. We are
happy to be able to help Amor en Acción
and are proud supporters of ANSH and
other Catholic Hispanic organizations.
Cristy Guzman
Anna Figueroa
New Amor en
Acción Board
Pax Romana
Society President
at St. Thomas
Kathy Lynn
Amor en Acción
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Newsletter Kreyol
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Amor en Acción
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Reverend Steve
Vice Rector and
Dean at St.
Vincent de Paul
Deacon Jean
Office of Social
David Masters
Amor en Acción
Chief Newsletter
Graphic Designer,
Amor en Acción
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Amor En Acción
PO BOX 141523
Coral Gables, Fl 33114
We’re Counting on You
Anna Figueroa
Our time in mission binds us together in a most
sacred way... to each other and to those who touch
us so deeply on our trips. It is a bond that lives on
inside us for our whole lives as an unbreakable
connection through our Lord. We, more than anyone
else, have witnessed the importance and urgency of
the people and programs that Amor en Acción supports
and administers in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
Many of us can call some of the children who benefit
from these programs by name. It is in the name of
all of these children that we exhort our members,
old and young, new to Amor en Acción or founders,
to please commit to a small sum as a monthly donation.
I would like you to close your eyes and recall someone
you met during a mission who changed your life
profoundly. Realize that your small sacrifice will help
transform someone else’s life just as yours was
changed. Just $25.00 a month (or more) from every
member would make an enormous difference in our
ability to feed and to care for more children. For the
price of something as trivial as a trip to the movies,
we can all make a meaningful difference in the lives
of those to whom we owe so much.
We are a spiritual family. Let us revive a neglected
tradition within our missionary community. Let us
now own up to our responsibilities and commit to
doing our part each and every month.
Please do it now. Your sacrificial gift will save our
siblings’ lives and deliver hope to innumerable
members of our family.
Financial Contributions
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Mobile Phone:
I want to make a
monthly pledge of:
Other $_____
In addition to monetary contributions, businesses can donate construction
equipment, office or school supplies, medical supplies, or other donations.
Make check payable to Amor En Acción and mail to address below.
Credit Card donations can be made online by visiting:
Amor En Acción :: PO BOX 141523
Coral Gables, Fl 33114 phone :: 305.762.1226

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