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the Glenbrook Globe…
The Glenbrook Times
Tuesday – December 17, 2013
Volume 2, Issue 2
Articles include:
Celebrating our Multi-Cultural Diversity : )
I’m from Saitama, Japan!
By Momo Nobuta – 6 Grader
• Students sharing their
“Around the Globe”
Cuisines - p.2
Hi! My name is
Momo Nobuta. I’m from
Saitama, Japan. I’m 11 years
old. I’m in 6 grade. I came
to Longmeadow because my
dad works for Tsubaki. I like
Glenbrook Middle School
because it is fun and people
are Continued on page 3 nice. Japanese school is
different because recess
• Student Council Update
- p. 4
• Builders Club Update –
p. 4
• The Fuss on the Bus –
p. 4
Technology Helps with my
Islam Faith
• Nelson Mandela Tribute
– p.4
• Glenbrook Days? – p.5
• Taco Tue w/Side of
Fire?! – p.5
• HO, HO, HO – p.6
By Anushay Atif – 7th grader
Since the 3rd grade I have been voice
Skyping with a man I call “Kari Saab”, which
is a respected name for a religion teacher in
Islam faith. My Kari Saab and I use a
website called
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• Our School Turkey –p.6
A Hindu “Festival of Lights”
By Anahita Nimbalkar– 8th Grader
• Book Reviews–p.7
• The Yearbook Cover
Contest - p. 7
• Music Notes– p.8
• 411 on Mr. Albert-p.8
A Hindu festival known as Diwali is also
known as “the festival of lights.” It is
celebrated in autumn every year, for a period
of five days. Diwali symbolizes the victory of
• Around Globe Word
Search Puzzle – p. 9
• Glenbrook Current
News – p.8
• Around Globe Word
Search – p.9
Glenbrook News – p.10
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Yiddish Interview
By Sadie Kaim – 6th grader
In order to learn about Yiddish, I interviewed
my grandfather, Larry. Unfortunately, Yiddish is
not spoken as often as it used to be. My
grandfather is the only person that I know who
understands the language. I have asked him to
Continued on page 3 Yearbook
Holidays the Indian Way
Cover Contest
By Cicily Paadam – 7th grader
Results on pg. 7! My family is from a state in India called
Kerala. Kerala's culture is a very big part of
We’re are on the how we live so naturally we celebrate their
Web with Videos & biggest harvest festival: Onam. Onam is
Podcasts too!
celebrated in the Malayali month of
Bookmark us at:
Chingam, which is August to September in
http://theglenbrooktimes. our calendar. Onam is all based on a
The Chinese New Year
Continued on page 2
By Joey Li – 6th Grader
Chinese New Year is
an important tradition
to the Chinese people.
Chinese New Year
starts on the new
moon and ends 15
days later on a full
Continued on page 3
Korean Thanksgiving
By Eugena Choi – 6 grader
Every year, on August 15th in the Lunar year, usually
in the middle of September, the people of Korea
celebrate Chu-Suk which is also known as Korean
Thanksgiving, or the Harvest Moon Festival.
Families hurry to their cars, buses, trains and all
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Pakistani Prayers
By Zara Farooqui – 7th grader
In my Pakistani culture many people are Muslim. We
are required to pray 5 times a day. When we pray we
have to face the Ka’bah, which is a special sacred
place in Saudi Arabia.
The direction changed
depending on the
direction to Saudi Arabia
is from your house. The
five times we pray occur
Continued on page 3
These are people Ka’bah
in Saudi Arabia praying
Happy Birthday Jesus : ) by Mrs. Salvon
I’m first generation Irish and enjoy many traditions
from my Irish heritage. One tradition that’s been
passed on through the generations is singing “Happy
Birthday” to Jesus on Christmas. Con’t on Page 3
My Australian Family History
By: Catherine Corrigan - 6th grader
G’day Mate! This is my Australian Family History.
My grandmother was born and raised in Perth,
Australia. She stayed there until she was 12 years
old. When she was 12, her family packed up and
moved to America. On the way over, they sailed on a
cargo ship. Midway through the journey, my
grandmother got sick and they were forced to stop
and live 2 months in Egypt. Her stepfather was from
America and was a foreign service officer who was
raised in Connecticut. When they got to America
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Around the Globe
The Glenbrook Times
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Celebrating Hanukkah –
by Mara Chasen
Many different families celebrate
Hanukkah in many different ways. My
family buys lots of colorful candles, but
we have the same 5 menorahs every year. Every night
we sing the blessings and light the candles. On the first
and last day of Hanukkah, we sing lots of upbeat
Hanukkah songs. On the first Friday of Hanukkah, we go
to temple. We sing, and pray. Every family brings a
menorah, and the look beautiful all lit up together. We
also have 2 parties, one for friends, and one for family.
Hanukkah is one of my favorite holidays because it
celebrates both the big miracle that happened long ago,
and the small ones that happen in our everyday lives.
Russian Recipes
By Yefim Barashkin – 6th grader
My family is from Kazakhstan we have lived in America for
6 years. We have a lot of family in Kazakhstan and some
day we will visit them. I’d like to share these recipes that my
mom got from her parents. My mom makes these, and they
are my favorites.
Ingredients: Meat Broth,
Potato, Beets, Onion, Salt,
Pepper, Garlic.
When ready put in spoon of
Sour Cream or Mayo
+Polish Pierogies
by Lyssa Tyler – 6th grader
Pierogies are a national dish of
Poland. You can fill them with
potato, cheese, spinach, and even
sauerkraut. The basic steps to make this dish is first
rolling out fresh dough then adding the filling next fold it
over and pinch the edges together to make ridges. I will
be making these this weekend with my family and family
friends. I love pierogies and I think you would too!
Dough: Flour, Eggs, Yeast,
Salt, Sugar, and Water.
Different Fillings: 1) Potato
and Onion, 2) Jelly 3)
Onion, Eggs, and Mayo.
Filipino Foods
by Logan Pohl - 6th grader
Filipinos are an ethnic group
native to the islands of the
Philippines. Some of the main foods
that Filipinos can’t live without are
Adobo, Lechon, and Sisig. Adobo is the name of a popular dish
and cooking process in Philippine cuisine, and is a classic, yet
its origin is from Mexico (The Filipinos made it special). Lechon is
mostly a party food. It is a pig roasted over a hot bed of coal to get
the crispy brown skin to perfection. If that isn’t enough then add the
liver sauce, which is the best part.
Italian -Pasta Time! -By: Iris Gallo – 6th grader
As a child, my father ate pasta every Sunday night, for dinner. All
of his cousins, aunts, and uncles would come to my grandmother’s
house and they would enjoy pasta. Now, my dad sometimes makes
pasta, which we enjoy. My family and I all talk with each other,
share news or something funny. I remember once, we all went to
the beach with my cousins, and for dinner we had pasta. And guess
what? It was a Sunday night! I love spending time with all of my
family, eating pasta with them is even better! My dad is carrying
out his childhood traditions with us, which I think is pretty
Picture Source:
Guatemalan Tamales
Isabella Walker – 6th grader
Hot tamales are a national dish of Guatemala. My grandmother is in
the process of making them. Tonight we will all gather at her house to
finish them. This is the recipe how to make the tamales! Ingredients
for stock:
-1 whole chicken (skinned, well rinsed/washed; rub with lime;salt and rinse
several times--1/2 onion whole, peeled
-2 cloves garlic
-2 teaspoons chicken bouillon powder
-1-2 teaspoons salt (to
-water (enough to completely submerge chicken
Visit these sites for the rest of the recipe : )
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Holidays the Indian Way -By Cicily Paadam
popular legend, the homecoming of the mythical king Mahabali.
The story goes that there was king in Kerala, named Mahabali,
who was well liked by his people. The Devas (gods) saw
Mahabali as a threat as he was growing more and more powerful.
The Devas petitioned to supreme god Vishnu about the threat that
Mahabali posed so Vishnu came as his avatar named Vamana, a
dwarf brahmin. Vamana pretended to be a poor person and came
to Mahabali and begged for three steps of land- as measured by
Vamana's foot. Mahabali was a great king and with a great king
comes a great ego so he gave things to people just because he
could and he wanted others to know that. So, Mahabali told
Vamana to take three feet of any of Mahabali's land. At this time
Vamana started growing and his feet became very big. With two
feet he covered all of the land that Mahabali owned, but there was
no land for Vamana’s third foot. So Mahabali asked Vamana to
put his third foot on Mahabali's head because he could not
dishonor his promise. So Vamana pushed Mahabali into the
Netherworlds with his foot. Mahabali asked Vamana to show his
true identity and Vishnu appeared. Vishnu granted Mahabali one
boon or wish and Mahabali wished to visit Kerala each year
during Chingam. Every year during Chingam people celebrate
Mahabali's sacrifice and his coming back to Earth. People
celebrate Onam by making Pookalam or exquisite flower
arrangements on the ground and having spectacular feasts. Even
though my family is not Hindu, this is a time of celebration for all
of the people of Kerala and is one of the most elaborate
celebrations in Kerala.
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Around the Globe
Continued from Page 1 The Glenbrook Times
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I’m from Saitama, Japan!
By Momo Nobuta – 6th Grader
time is very long and we wear uniforms. We also go to
school at 7:30 AM and go home at 4:00 PM.
Thank you Glenbrook for making me happy!
ありがとう! Arrigato! Thank You!
Continued from Page 1 Technology Helps with my
Islam Faith- By Anushay Atif
where he is the host and invites me so that I can see his
computer screen on mine. He teaches me how to read
and understand the Quaran, which is an Islamic sacred
book that is written in Arabic. The Quaran is to Muslims
as the Bible is to Christians because it has value to the
people of these faiths. For Muslims, you have to finish
reading the Quran before you get married. My Kari Saab
lives in Islamabad, Pakistan. In the 5th grade I went to
Pakistan and met my Kari Saab; it was so much fun!
Technology has helped me and a lot of other Islam
families in America know how to read Arabic and this can
help Muslim families learn.
Continued from Page 1 Chinese New Year–by Joey Li moon. The fifteenth day of the
new year is called the Lantern
Festival. During the Lantern
festival at night lanterns are
hanged all over the streets and
children carry lanterns through
the parade. Chinese new year
The animal for the Chinese New Year
is probably the time when
2014 is the horse.
Chinese people eat the most
food. Some dishes that Chinese people eat during the new
year is Ginkgo nut that represents silver ingots, spring rolls
that look like bars of gold, and long noodles which represents
long life. Chinese families decorate their living room with pretty
blossoms, platters of oranges and tangerines and a candy tray with
eight different varieties of dried sweet fruit. The candy tray
arranged is either in a circle or octagon is called “The tray of
togetherness” and has candy which each represents a meaning.
Some of the candies and their meanings are the candied melon that
represents is growth and good health, red melon seed which are
dyed red to symbolize joy, happiness truth and sincerity, coconut represents togetherness, peanuts -long life, and lotus seed - many
children. On walls and doors are drawings of poetic couplets and
happy wishes written on red paper. Every traditional Chinese
household should have live blooming plant to symbolize rebirth and
new growth. Flowers are symbolic to wealth and high position in
someone life career. Chinese New Year in 2014 is on January 31.
Sources: ;
Continued from Page 1 Pakistani Prayers By Zara Farooqui
Continued from Page 1 A Hindu “Festival of Lights”
By Anahita Nimbalkar– 8th Grader
over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over
ignorance, and hope over despair. In preparation of
Diwali, houses are often cleaned, renovated, or
decorated. Lamps and candles are used to brighten
up the house. On the start of this festival, the family
participates in prayers, and fireworks later on.
Between close friends and family, gifts are often
exchanged. The making and consumption of sweets
is very common around this time. Diwali is a time of
good fortunes and a fresh start for many people.
Continued from Page 1 Yiddish Interview – by Sadie Kaim
teach us all some Yiddish. First, hame (hay-m) means
home. The word school is translated to chader (k-hayder). Next, I will teach you boy and then girl, Boy
means boychik (boy-ch-ik). Now, for girl, Madel (maydal).Finally, dog means hunt (hu-n-t). My grandfather’s
parents are from Ukaine, Russia where they spoke
Yiddish then they eventually taught my grandfather in
America. Yiddish is a German dialect meaning it is
mostly German with other languages mixed in. There is
a Yiddish book center in Amherst, MA. This would be a
wonderful place to learn more Yiddish if you wanted to.
at dawn, at noon, in the afternoon, at sunset, and lastly at
night. There are specific timings, but they can change
according to the duration of hours with sunlight where you
live. Some people go to the Mosque, the holy place, to pray
but others just pray at home. However there are Friday
prayers, which is the prayer at noon on Friday where it is
mandatory for all men to go to the the Mosque. When I go to
Pakistan to visit they have a call for prayer for each prayer
everyday. It comes from the Mosque and is very loud and
spreads across the town because the Mosques aren’t too far
away from each other, plus there are many of them. Praying
is an important part of my culture.
Happy Birthday Jesus! By Mrs. Salvon
Back in Ireland, when my mom was growing up, she
and her 6 siblings would place the baby Jesus figurine in the
Nativity manger on Christmas morning while singing “Happy
Birthday” to Jesus with a cake and candles. My 5 siblings and I
did the same thing growing up. And now, my family and I sing
“Happy Birthday” while we place our Jesus figurine in the
manger’s crib on Christmas morning : )
My Australian Family History – Con’t from pg. 1
By: Catherine Corrigan - 6th grader
they decided to settle in a small town called Norfolk. That is
where she still lives today! One tradition she still follows is
having tea with cookies every afternoon. She even still
speaks with a slight Australian accent. I have never been to
Australia, but I would love to go when I’m older so I can see
where she grew up!
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anonymously exchange gifts among
The Glenbrook Times peers. All you have to do to participate
Student Council Update
tter Title
~ by Anahita Nimbalkar – 8 Grader
The holiday season is coming, and
what better way is there to get in the festive
mood other than exchanging gifts! Yes, gifts.
The Secret Snowman is coming up,
organized by the Student Council. We have
decided to not include the Holiday Dance in the other enjoyable
events that are yet to come. The Secret Snowman is fun way to
Festival Of Trees
by Tom Rosemond - 7th Grader
This year the Glenbrook Middle School Builders Club put up a tree
at the festival of Trees in Downtown Springfield. The theme of the
Tree was super heros. The Builders Club did comical super heroes
such as Batman or Superman, but also they did everyday heros such
as Firefighters and Police Officers. The tree end up look absolutely
fantastic. There was lights and easy to make homemade
decorations. Putting up a tree at the festival has been a Builders
Club tradition for a while now and we all hope this tradition will
continue. You can go to the library every Wednesday and
participate in many other fun activities that Builders Club is
involved in.
is purchase a small gift for $5, or $10
maximum. Then give it to your
homeroom teacher by Wednesday, December 18 .
Lastly, just collect your gift, given to by an
anonymous student, at lunchtime on Friday,
December 20. Also, don’t forget to dress up in
festive apparel on Friday! What better way to start
your vacation?!
The Fuss on the Bus
by Rosa Parks Admirers
There has been an extra
passenger on the Glenbrook
Middle School bus lately "Bad Attitude"! Some students tried sitting in the
back of the bus but they were literally kicked out of
their seats. The “"Bad Attitude” yelled and yelled, but
the students wouldn't give up their seats. These
students thought they could sit anywhere they
wanted to on the bus. "Bad Attitude" did many things
to these students. The "Bad Attitude" even
threatened to hurt them if they didn't move. Some
"Bad Attitudes" said that those seats were theirs,
however the students replied, “We were never told of
this rule”. This is just like history repeating
itself. Rosa Parks stood up for what she thought was
right. These students are very brave to stand up to
those "Bad Attitudes" that tried to kick them out of
their seats. Rosa Parks knew she had a right to sit in
any seat she wanted, the students on the bus know
the same thing. All seats are created equal, just like
the passengers on the bus. No one is better than the
other and no one has the right to claim a seat on the
bus as theirs. The students believe that "Bad
Attitude" doesn't need to be a passenger on our
school bus.
A Tribute to Nelson Mandela
By Aleza Falk – 6th grader
Nelson Mandela was an amazing Civil Rights leader in South
Africa. He was born on July 18, 1918 in Mvezo, South Africa.
He fought against a system where non-white citizens were
segregated from whites and did not have equal rights. Mandela
went to school, then college at the College of Fort Hare and the
University of Witwatersrand. At Witwatersrand, Nelson
received his law degree. Nelson became a leader in the African
National Congress. He tried hard for non-violent approaches,
but he began to doubt that they would succeed. In 1961, Nelson
helped to organize the bombing of empty government offices.
He wanted to make definite that only the building were
bombed, not the people. He was determined a terrorist. Nelson
was sentenced to prison for 27 years. Mandela’s sentence
brought international visibility to the movement, and he was
finally released through
All races were allowed to
vote in the upcoming
Nelson’s effort. He won
the election and became
the president of South
Africa. Mandela served
his country for 67 years.
He also won the Nobel
Peace Prize in 1993. Nelson Mandela died Thursday, he was
95. He is a wonderful symbol for his people.
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Glenbrook Days?
By Joely Frankel – 8
The Glenbrook Times
tter Title
Have you ever wondered who comes up with
Glenbrook days? Well, now you can! I have come up
with a few questions and interviewed our principal, Mr.
Sullivan, and now you can get the 411. My first
question was, “What are Glenbrook days?”. He
answered by saying that Glenbrook Days are series of
events that bring students together to celebrate
comrade and school spirit. There may be fundraisers or
specific activities that occur with each day. Another
question was, “Who comes up with the ideas for
Glenbrook day?”. Student Council, school
teachers, and administration brainstorm to come
up with ideas.
One of the more popular questions was, “Who
chooses the charities we donate to and why
those charities in particular?”. Mr. Sullivan said
that teachers and Student Council choose what
charities we donate to, and are chosen
depending on if we’re already working on a
project at the time or if a national disaster
happens, etc.. From our last Glenbrook Day, we
raised close to $200! This money was split and
donated to the Water for Waslala project and
the Pajama Drive.
Some new activities that are going to take place
on upcoming Glenbrook Days are movie day,
clubs activities, indoor volleyball, ultimate
frisbee, soccer games, and even kickball! They
might even consider having the Variety Show be
a part of a Glenbrook day. The Glenbrook days
team is very open to ideas so if you have any
you should ask a classmate that participates in
student council to inquire about your idea.
Taco Tuesday ... with a Side of Fire?
Anahita Nimbalkar & Taylor Ditmar - 8th graders
Tuesday, November 5th started out as a normal day, with
the tempting smell of tacos lingering just outside the
cafeteria. However, that particular lunch at Glenbrook
Middle School was far from normal. Why? The reason was
the fire.
It started out small, but eventually grew into frightening
flames. The moment the fire was spotted by students
nearest to the kitchen, it was immediately reported to our
principal, Mr. Sullivan, who did not fail to take immediate
action to ensure our safety. As the adults rushed to the
kitchen, to smother and extinguish the fire, it grew larger
and more uncontrollable. At that point, turning off the
burner could not tame it. The teachers and adults,
assiduously working on trying to put the fire out, knew that
the priority was to get all students to safety. The process of
guiding kids outside safely was executed very effectively
and in a civilized manner. As soon as the fire was dealt
with, the next priority was to determine the cause, which
was oil and garlic being boiled. Although the unexpected
accident was dealt with very cautiously, it could have been
prevented. Communication among the staff was definitely a
factor in this accident.
Every accident is an opportunity to
learn more or learn about how to
prevent it. That is exactly what
Glenbrook Middle School and the
Town of Longmeadow planned to
do. This incident did not go
unnoticed. Precautions are being
taken to avoid something like this
from happening again. For
example, we now have lids for pots in our kitchen, to not
only keep all students safe everyday but also our
hardworking lunch ladies. Also, two new fire extinguishers
have been added to the kitchen for possible future fires. But
this is not all. Our town is also looking into spending
$10,000 on our school to add a fire suppression unit.
Lastly, this article was not only to inform students and
adults of the fire, but also to let them know that their
responsibility shown during this incident is greatly
appreciated. Accidents are inevitable, but what really
matters is what you can learn from them.
*Thank you to Mr. Sullivan for taking the time out for an
interview and providing information for this article to help
inform others.*
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By Juiana Gandelli – 6th
The Glenbrook Times
tter Title
There is some Santas delivering
presents in Glenbrook! The sixth
grade teachers Mrs. Brown and
Mrs.Ranahan are the people who
run and started the Secret
Santa. The Secret Santa process
is that the chief elves, AKA Mrs.
Brown and Mrs.Ranahan, send out a notice about what they
are doing. When the teachers get the notice they can choose
to sign up. If they sign up the Chief Elves go with a bucket
with all the names and have the people pick their person.
When they pick they also get to pick out some candy from the
candy basket. You’ve probably already seen the Chief Elves
Our School Turkey : )
by Emma Karamian - 6th
I interviewed Mrs. Henke, our school secretary,
about the turkey she made for Thanksgiving. I
asked her if she read any of the feathers, and
did she enjoy them. Mrs. Henke answered,
“Yes, I read them all” (over 107 feathers) and
“Yes, I enjoy them all”. I also asked her if she
had any particular favorites, and she answered,
“Yes, I have favorites, and most of those were
about family, friends, and food, or as I like to
call it the 3F’s. Some of my favorites were ‘I’m
thankful for a wonderful life’ and ‘I’m thankful
for clean water to drink’.”
Here are few of the other questions I asked:
Q:Did you have any help with the turkey?
A: Yes, Mrs. Fois cut the feathers.
Q:How long did it take to make?
A: Last year it took about 3 hours. Two hours to
make the turkey and 1 hour to make the feathers,
but this year it took 1 hour to make because we kept
the turkey from last year and just removed (the now
7th graders) feathers and put on the new 6th
graders feathers.
Q: What are you thankful
A: I’m thankful for 4 things,
faith, family, friends, and
the children that I serve. I
have served kids
everywhere, before coming
to Glenbrook I served for
the kids at Bright Side.
Q: Do you do this every
A: I used to do this at Bright
Side and its my 2nd year
doing this at Glenbrook.
running around during
your classes’ wearing
their Santa or reindeer
hats singing songs and
skipping down the
hallways. After that the
people will give the
gift, but not always just
up front. They might
give hints on who gave the gift. Sometimes the Secret
Santa’s never tell their person that they gave them the
gift. This long going tradition of Glenbrook is passed on
every year so remember to keep an eye out for the
Chief Elves and the Secret Santas delivering their
Continued from pg. 1
Korean Thanksgiving
because the Harvest Moon
Festival has come to an end and
everyone who visited prepares to
come home, but not without
heavy bags of food to take home
from grandma!
Especially for my family, we
celebrate Chu-Suk here. The day
before Chu-Suk, my mom
prepares food for the rite and my
sisters and I help her to make
Song-Pyun which is rice cake for
Chu-Suk. On Chu-Suk, we dress
up with Korean traditional clothes
and set the table for the rite.
After the rite, we all have a very
special dinner with the food that
we made. While we are eating,
everyone has a very thankful
feeling deep inside about
everything that we have and are
able to own.
By Eugena Choi – 6 grader
kinds of other vehicles so they can stay
at their grandparents houses (on their
dad’s side usually). The highways are
very crowded and full of traffic as
people hurry to get to their family.
Sometimes, the trip takes almost all
Many relatives also come to and the air
is full of tempting smells and happy
greetings as people reunite with each
other. When nightfall arrives, you can
see the moon as it shines. The Harvest
Moon Festival is always on a full moon.
Everyone makes sure that they give
lots of thanks to all of the good fortune
that they received that year such as
good health, a plentiful amount of
crops, fresh produce, etc.
The next day is Chu-Suk, Harvest
Moon Day, so everyone wakes up
early for Cha-Rye, the rite to remember
family ancestors. The dishes are made
with newly-harvested rice, fruits, and
vegetables. Afterwards, everyone will
pay a visit to the graves of their
ancestors to say hello and goodbye.
But there are also many fun things
about the Harvest Moon Festival such
as Pung-Mul. It is the Folk Festival
which is very exciting and fun Korean
traditional band parade. You can do a
dance called Kang-Kang-Sul-Lae
where all of the children of the village
dance round and round holding hands
and making a big circle.
But the fun is over the next day
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A Book Review by Eric
tter Title
Miller – 8 Grader
Hazel is haunted by her past, which was
ruined by her mother, possessed by Gaea, the
evil mother of giants and the wicked “Mother
Earth.” The only reason she is alive, because
she was shown the way out of Asphodel in the
Underworld by her half-brother Nico di
Angelo. She is the daughter of Pluto, the King
of the Underworld, who granted her mother
one wish, that ended up being a curse…and
that wish almost caused the world to end
during World War II.
Frank has lost his mother in Afghanistan. He
had to leave his home in Vancouver, Canada.
And worst of all, his life depends on a piece of
firewood half-gone. Frank is clumsy and is
unpopular due to family history. He excels
only at archery and has a secret crush on
embarrassing in front of her. He hopes
Apollo, the archery god, will claim Frank as
his son, because archery is the only weapon he
can use. But one night, after a victory at the
war games, Frank is claimed by a god who
“The Son of Neptune” by Rick
Have you ever lost you memory
and appeared in a strange
place, taught to fight by wolves
and constantly chased by
gorgons? Have you ever almost
caused the end of the world
and returned to life and
escaped death almost seventy years later? Have you
lost everything and discovered that your life
depended on a piece of wood? Well, if you have not,
then you may find the story of Percy Jackson, Hazel
Levesque, and Frank Zhang very interesting.
Percy, only remembering the name of his girlfriend
Annabeth, is determined to save this mysterious
camp for demigods—Camp Jupiter. The strange
thing is, though, in some places, Percy remembers
something for a split second then it’s gone. He also
is like an outcast at camp, because he is a son of a
god considered unlucky to Romans—Neptune…. But
why does Percy acknowledge the gods with their
And the YearkBook Cover Contest Winners are… th
Front Cover: Rose Bannon - 8 grader
Back Cover or Inside Page: Ashley Geier
& Anahita Nimbalkar – 8th graders
The following Yearbook Cover Contest
Committee of Judges had their work cut out
for them: Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Deal, Ms. Dugre,
Mrs. Houle, Mrs. Casey, and Mrs. Salvon,
because all of the artwork
submitted was great. Don’t be
surprised when you see pictures
from it throughout our yearbook : )
By Rose
By Ashley
gives him a spear he can only use
three times. And his father sends
him on a quest with Hazel and Frank
to free Thanatos, the death god,
from his chains in Alaska, where he
is guarded by the giant Alcyoneus.
Meanwhile, an army of monsters
marches to Camp Jupiter, and if the
Roman camp is destroyed, the legacy
of Ancient Rome shall be destroyed
and forgotten. Not only that, but this
one quest seals the fate of the world.
Will Percy regain his memory? Will
Hazel reach the end of this quest,
and even if they free Thanatos, will
the death god banish her back to
Asphodel? Will Frank’s torch burn
and cost him his life?
In this modern myth, meet New
Rome, the Amazons, monsters,
giants, gods, and mythological heroes
and villains. This book will keep you
at the edge of your seat.
Read if you dare…
Picture of the book cover found at
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's
By: Olivia Dignazio – 6th Grader
You know the saying “don’t judge a book by
its cover”? Well that’s exactly what I did
when I first heard of Harry Potter.
I used to think it was just another random
book people liked…. nothing special.
I was like “Harry Potter is stupid.” or “why
does everyone like it so much?” or even “The
print is so tiny! How can you people READ
this???” that is… until I read it myself.
In the first book, “Harry Potter and the
Sorcerer’s Stone” (or Philosopher's Stone in
England), a young boy named Harry gets the
surprise of his life on his eleventh birthday!
He learns he is a wizard and gets sent to a
mysterious school… HOGWARTS! But he
soon learns that the most evil wizard ever is
looking to kill him, so he sets out on a quest
into the heart of Hogwarts with his new
friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.
They soon find out, though, that their
expedition may cost them their lives!!
Now, before I give too much away, I’m
just going to say that this is by far the best
series I’ve ever read, and that you shouldn’t
any book,
Band Day
2013 ever!!
will be held
Next time I will write about “Harry Potter
and the Chamber of Secrets,” so please keep
Olivia’s Rating:
5 Smiles
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Music Notes
The Glenbrook Times
tter Title
The“411”on Mr. Albert
Greetings from East Lansing, Michigan, home of
Michigan State University! Being here at MSU for
doctoral studies has been quite an adventure.
Doctoral work is not easy, and it shouldn’t be! It’s
a lot of reading, writing, and discussion. I have
to say, though, that I have learned so much about
teaching and learning music during my short
amount of time here.
One of the most important things when choosing a
graduate education program is considering who
your professors are going to be. They will be your
mentors – the people that will guide and work with
you through the program, help you get a college
teaching job when you’re close to being done, and
be your teachers for many years afterwards. My
professors are amazing! They are very smart and
are wonderful people. They have let me teach
some undergraduate classes, which I really enjoy
doing. Of course, it’s not as fun as teaching band
at Glenbrook!
My graduate cohort, the group of students working
on their master’s and doctoral degrees with me, is
awesome. They are all super friendly and we get
along really well with each other. We hang out with
each other and help each other out with our
assignments. Of course, one has to do some fun
things while being a college student. My doctoral
student friends and I paid for MSU football season
tickets. The games are incredible! The University
of Michigan vs. MSU game was particularly
Glenbrook’s A Cappellas
The A Cappellas have been working on "Royal"
by Lorde and will be heard soon at an intercom
or school assembly near you : )
memorable. There is nothing like having 75,000
people in one place having a good time, cheering
on your favorite team, and, of course, listening to
the Spartan Marching Band! Now I’m
dying to check out some MSU basketball games!
I also, from time to time, get some ice cream from
the MSU Dairy Store, which some say is the best
ice cream of the Big Ten schools (some people
also say Penn State has the best ice cream in the
Big Ten). MSU started as an agricultural school
in the 1800s and has among the best programs
in the nation for agriculture. The ice cream is
made on campus using milk from the campus
cows. In fact, some ice cream flavors are named
after the Big Ten schools. I can assure you that
all of them are delicious!
I miss all of you and hope that you are having a
terrific school year. All of you
gave me an incredible education in how to be a
better teacher, and I’m now passing that
knowledge along to students here at MSU. So, all
of you are helping future music teachers learn
how to teach. How cool is that?!
Please keep in touch! It would be great to hear
from you! Have a wonderful holiday season with
family and friends!
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New members are always welcome!
Meetings are Thursdays, 3:00-4:15, in Room 14,
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