February 20-21, 2016 - Santa Barbara Symphony


February 20-21, 2016 - Santa Barbara Symphony
Santa Barbara Junior Orchestra
& Youth Symphony
Welcome to the Santa
Barbara Junior Orchestra!
Hello, Friends!
This year is off to an exciting start! The inclusion of woodwinds and brass
increases our numbers and the amount of sound produced by this ensemble. For our
first-timers, the experience of the first few rehearsals can be overwhelming, returning
students take it all in stride.
The reward for me is my observation of these students. I see the respect and
value they have for each other, their show of commitment to the music and the
rehearsals,and the determination in their eyes to meet their musical challenge.
Support of our musical community is strengthened by how they relate to each other.
These values are a strong reflection of who they are and who they represent:
you, the parents and guardians. With your continued support and guidance, they
become solid in who they are. Thank you for all of your support and trust as my
colleagues and I share with your children our love for what we do.
This is going to be a grand year!
Marisa McLeod
Conductor, Junior Orchestra
Bienvenido a la Santa
Barbara Orquesta Juvenil!
Hola amigos!
Este año ha empezado muy emocionante! La inclusión de instrumentos de
viento y metal aumenta nuestros números de participación y la cantidad de sonido
que este formación produce. Para nuestros nuevos estudiantes, la experiencia de los
primeros ensayos puede ser abrumadora. Para los estudiantes que regresan, lo
toman todo con calma.
El premio para mi es mi observación de estos estudiantes. Veo el respeto y el
valor que tienen el uno al otro. Su espectáculo de compromiso con la música y los
ensayos. La determinación en sus ojos para cumplir su reto musical. Por último,
nuestra comunidad musical se ve reforzada por la forma en que se relacionan y
sostienen mutuamente.
Estos valores son una fuerte reflexión de lo que son y que representan:
ustedes, los padres y tutores. Con su apoyo, se ponen fuerte. Gracias por todo su
apoyo y confiar en mis colegas y yo. Compartimos el amor por lo que hacemos con
sus hijos.
Esta va ser un gran año!
Marisa McLeod
Conductor, Junior Orquesta
About Marisa McLeod
Marisa McLeod, a native of
Newark, New Jersey, began her studies of
the violin at the age of 3. She received her
bachelor of music degree at Montclair
State University, and her master of music
degree from the University of Rochester’s
Eastman School of Music. She studied the
Suzuki method and received her Suzuki
certification from the Eastman School under Anastasia Jempelis. She has
continued her Suzuki studies with Cathryn Lee, Edmund Sprunger, Sherry
Cadow, Martha Shackford, and Mark Bjork.
She was a member of the Anderson String Quartet for 10 years.
She has studied the art of string quartet playing with the Cleveland
Quartet with Peter Salaff as her private teacher, Juilliard String Quartet,
American String Quartet, and Le Quatuor de Deux Monde, in
Fontaineblau, France. They were artists in residence and members of the
music faculty at California State University, Los Angeles. She has also
performed and recorded for such artists as Snoop Dog, Smokey
Robinson, En Vogue, Moesha, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, and
many others.
She presently performs with the California Philharmonic, Santa
Barbara Symphony, and various orchestras in Southern California. She has
taught strings for the Arts Council of Conejo Valley. She is presently a
Suzuki and strings instructor at the Viewpoint School in Calabasas and
adjunct professor at Westmont College. She also conducts the Junior
Symphony and Chamber Ensembles for the Santa Barbara Youth
Symphony. She also maintains private violin and viola studios in South
Pasadena, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, and Santa Barbara.
For Marisa, performance is sustenance. She relishes the
interdependence between art, the artist, and the audience. And as a
teacher and coach, she finds herself in the enviable position of being
able to pass on to others the how-to of creating this loving relationship.
Santa Barbara Junior Orchestra
Saturday, February 20, 2016 3:00pm
Goleta Valley Junior
Marisa McLeod, Conductor
Great Gate of Kiev
Sergei Prokofiev
Johann Sebastian Bach
II. Polonaise
III. Sarabande
IV. Minuet
V. Chorale
VI. Gavotte
VII. Bourree
VIII. March
Suite in C
Johann Sebastian Bach
Arr. H. Voxman
Audrey Brecher, Rebecca Lennon, Nicola Parker, flute, Anna Sung Park, oboe, Vincet Cappello,
Brett Cochran, Katya Gonzalez, Nikhil Gupta, Pratik Gupta, Lia Papador, clarinet
Amanda Lennon, bassoon
Allegro in C
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Arr. H. Voxman
Vincent Capello, Brett Cochran, Katya Gonzalez, Nikhil Gupta, Pratik Gupta, Lia Papador, clarinets
“Air” from Suite in D major
Johann Sebastian Bach
Arr. by Rodney Farra
Isabella Dodson, Kai Suzuki, Julia Etchart, Dana Gramkow, Moonman Whitehead* Clearwater
Whitehead*, cellos
Duets for two Violas
Elisabeth Fout and Fabian Clifford, violas
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Arr. by Joanne Martin
Kevin He, Lucy Golden, Katherine Casey, Sarah Henderson, Luca De Angelis,
Divya Pakalapati, Justin Souza, Jieun Moon,
Elijah Valerjev, Nancy Chen,* violins
Cello Squadron
Richard Meyer
When the Saints Go Marching In
Arr. by Mark O’Connor
Beauty and the Beast
Howard Ashman and Alan Mencken
Arr. by K. Mendenhall
Boogie Woogie
Mark O’Connor
Arr. by K. Mendenhall
Junior Orchestra
Hayden Avila
Francisco Baron
Sophia Blake
Katherine Casey
Berenice Chavez
Luca De Angelis
Lucy Golden
Mia Gomez
Angel Gonzalez
Kevin He
Sarah Henderson
Sarah Jang*
David Jeong
Jieun Moon
Emily Moroa
Ian Olitzky
Divya Pakalapati
David Rousso
Nancy Shen*
Jade Silva
Melissa Silva*
Steven Solano
Justin Souza
Shashank Thattai
Daniel Truong
Marissa Valdez
Elijah Valerjev
Viola Fabian Clifford
Elisabeth Fout
Steve Morales
Clearwater Whitehead*
Moonman Whitehead*
Korey Becker
Eddie Dodson
Ysabella Dodson
Julia Etchart
Dana Gramckow
Vinesh Manian
Melany Nuñez
Mariana Rodriguez
Ryan Souza
Kai Suzuki
Calla Tolkmitt
Adam Gilman*
Kaj Nielson
Audrey Brecher
Rebecca Lennon
Nicola Parker
Anna Sung Park
Vincent Cappello
Brett Cochran
Katya Gonzalez*
Nikhil Gupta
Pratik Gupta
Lia Papador
Octavio Gonzalez*
Amanda Lennon
Rowen Manriquez
Fionna Pennington
Jose Ruben Rodriguez
Walker Stafford
Katelyn Rode
Aiden Thomas
*Youth Symphony volunteer
Santa Barbara Junior Orchestra
The Santa Barbara Symphony
wishes to thank Seaside Gardens
for its continuing generous
support of our concert series and
education programs. Without
Seaside Gardens, much of our
work would not be possible.
From the Director of Education
and Community Engagement
Dear Symphony Friends,
The Santa Barbara Symphony Music Education
Center has seen incredible growth over the past
years. In the 2014-2015 season we were able to
reach 5,000 students, and this year we are
expecting nearly 5,300. To celebrate music
education, community, and friendship
throughout the year I would like to ask everyone
to join me in what will be some amazing
concerts, community collaborations, and end-ofyear celebrations.
While the growth of the Santa Barbara Symphony
Music Education Center is extremely exciting, we continue to need financial
support to meet the needs of all the students in our programs. Please review
some of our most pressing needs below and consider making a donation as
you watch the musical growth of these young community members.
For more information, please contact us at (805) 898-0107.
Dr. Amy Williams
Director of Education and Community Engagement
$250: purchases 1 violin
$500: buys materials for 150 String Workshop musicians
$1,000: printing of programs for the Youth Symphony and Junior Orchestra
$2,500: cost of music for the Youth Symphony and Junior Orchestra season
$5,000: coach for Junior Orchestra
$10,000: rental of Lobero Theatre for Youth Symphony concerts
$15,000: Junior Orchestra Music Director
$20,000: Youth Symphony Music Director
Nota del Director de Educación y
Participación de la Comunidad
Estimados amigos de la sinfónica,
Los programas de educación musical de la sinfónica de Santa Barbara han
visto mucho crecimiento por los años pasados. En el año 2014-2015,
alcanzamos 5,000 estudiantes y este ano estamos anticipando llegando a
5,300 estudiantes. Para celebrar la educación musical, la comunidad y
amistades de todo el ano, me gustaría pedir a todos que unan a mí en lo que
será una serie de conciertos, colaboraciones de la comunidad y fiestas de fin
del ano.
Mientras el crecimiento de los programas de música de la sinfónica es
emocionante, seguimos necesitando apoyo financiero para satisfacer las
necesidades de todos los estudiantes. Por favor revise algunas de nuestras
necesidades más importantes, y considera hacer una donación.
Para más información (805) 898-0107
Dr. Amy Williams
Director de Educación y Participación de la Comunidad
Financiar la necesidad
$250: costo de 1 violín
$500: se compra materiales para 150 músicos
$1,000: costo del impresión de libros del programa para la sinfónica juvenil y
junior Orquesta
$2,500 : costo de música para el año entero para la sinfónica juvenil y junior
$5,000 : entrenador para la orquesta juvenil
$10,000 : costo del alquiler del Teatro Lobero
$15,000 : costo de la Orquesta juvenil director musical
$20,000: sinfónica juvenil de director musical
Welcome to the Santa Barbara
Youth Symphony!
Welcome to our concert!
I’m constantly amazed by the accomplishments of the SBYS musicians. These
players come together in rehearsal, and in the course of about nine
rehearsals, produce the concert you’re hearing today. Most of them are
performing these pieces for the first time, and many of them are still in only
the first or second year of their orchestral experience. The art of reading
music on the page and turning it into a polished musical performance is
difficult, and admirable. The truth is that all musicians who read and perform
music, are doing so using a “second language.” We musicians must learn to
interpret the written language of music, while perfecting the techniques of
our instruments. I hope that the beautiful music performed today will satisfy
you. I’m sure that our musicians and their musical abilities will inspire you.
After today’s concert, the SBYS musicians will turn their attention to our final
concert on May 22. The 4pm concert at the Lobero Theatre will feature our
musicians playing a vast range of music. SBYS members Lorenz Chen and
Moonman Whitehead will be the featured soloists, and all of our fine
musicians will be featured. We will honor our seniors, many of whom have
played in the orchestra for three or more years.
Previous to that concert, on March 5 at 4pm, members of SBYS will join many
wonderful young musicians to present the Annual Community Concert.
Members of the Junior Orchestra, the Santa Barbara Symphony String
Workshop, iCAN, and musicians from many Santa Barbara schools will
perform in at the open space behind the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. The
Museum education staff will provide activities for the entire family. Each year
more than 200 musicians perform together in this concert, which is presented
with the goal of providing a unique performance opportunity for musicians
and audience members alike.
Thank you for sharing your day, and our music!
Andy Radford, Santa Barbara Youth Symphony Music Director
Bienvenidos a la Santa Bárbara
Sinfónica Juvenil!
Bienvenidos a nuestro concierto!
Estoy constantemente sorprendido por los logros de los músicos de SBYS.
Estos músicos vienen juntos en el curso de 9 ensayos, produciendo el
concierto de hoy. Muchos de ellos están tocando estas piezas de música por
primera vez y muchos de ellos todavía están en el primer o segundo año de
sus experiencias con la orquesta.
El arte de la lectura musical para convertirlo en una presentación musical es
difícil y admirable. La verdad es que todos los músicos que leen y tocan
música están usando una segunda lengua. Nosotros los músicos tenemos
que leer para interpretar la lengua escrita de la música, mientras
simultáneamente las técnicas se perfeccionan de nuestros instrumentos.
Espero que les guste la música hermosa de hoy. Estoy seguro de que
nuestros músicos y sus habilidades musicales le inspirara.
Después del concierto de hoy, los SBYS músicos darán su atención a nuestro
final concertó el 22 de Mayo. El concertó de las 4pm en Lobero Theatre
contara nuestros músicos tocando música. Miembros SBYS Lorenz Chen y
Moonman Whitehead seran los solistas principales, y todos nuestros músicos
esteran participando. Vamos a honorar a nuestros seniors, muchos de los
cuales han tocado en la orquesta por tres o más años.
El 5 de Marzo a las 4pm, miembros del SBYS se unirán a muchos maravillosos
músicos jóvenes para presentar el concertó anual de la comunidad.
Miembros de la orquesta juvenil, taller de instrumentos de cuerda, iCan, y
músicos de muchas escuelas de Santa Barbara, esteran participando en el
concierto en el espacio abierto atrás del Museo de Arte de Santa Barbara. El
personal de la educación del museo proporcionara actividades para la familia
entera. Cada año más de 200 músicos tocan juntos en este concierto
presentando con la meta de proveer una única ejecución y oportunidad para
los músicos y la audiencia.
Gracias por compartir su día, y nuestra música.
Andy Radford, Director Musical, Santa Bárbara Sinfónica Juvenil
About Andy Radford
Andy Radford is the Music Director of the
Santa Barbara Youth Symphony, a post
he has held since 2004. In his time with
SBYS, Radford has led the orchestra in
collaboration with the Santa Barbara
International Film Festival, the Santa
Barbara Museum of Natural History, and
in a recent documentary film segment
with pianist/composer Rachel Flowers.
During his tenure as Music Director,
Radford has been instrumental in
growing the annual Community Concert,
which brings young, local musicians to
perform side-by-side with SBYS.
Radford serves as the Principal
Bassoonist of both the Santa Barbara
Symphony and the California
Philharmonic. As a freelance bassoonist,
Radford has played with virtually every
o rc h e s t ra i n S o u t h e r n Ca l i f o r n i a ,
including the Los Angeles Philharmonic,
Pasadena Symphony, Los Angeles
Chamber Orchestra, Los Angeles Music
Center Opera, Santa Barbara Chamber
Orchestra, New West Symphony, Pacific
Symphony, American Ballet Theatre,
Joffrey Ballet, Dance Theatre of Harlem,
Ojai Music Festival, Opera Santa Barbara,
Festival Mozaic, and the Grammy
Orchestra. Radford has soloed with
orchestras in Germany and United State
and has performed as a soloist with the
Santa Barbara Symphony in 2004, 2005,
2009, and 2013.
Active in motion picture recording
studios since 1984, Radford has played
on over 300 film sound tracks. Notable
among them are Forrest Gump, Back to
the Future, Last of the Mohicans, Bad
Santa, The Incredibles, UP, Super 8, Star
Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Mission
Impossible 3 and 4, Inside Out, Jurassic
World, and Ratatouille.
Other notable appearances/
recordings have been at the Monterey
Jazz Festival, as a winner at the Coleman
Chamber Music Competition, and with
the Who, the Three Tenors, the Moody
Blues, Josh Groban, Michael Crawford,
Dixie Chicks, Neil Diamond, Brad
Mehldau, Joshua Redmond, and Three
Dog Night. Radford played in over 700
performances of the original Los Angeles
production of Phantom of the Opera and
has played in Broadway productions of
Carousel, Miss Saigon, Beauty and the
Beast, and La Bohème. Radford played
for two years in Germany as the Solo
Bassoonist of the Hofer Symfoniker, an
orchestra in Bavaria.
In 2001, along with his wife, Santa
Barbara Symphony violinist Amy Hagen,
Ra d f o rd f o u n d e d t h e O j a i Yo u t h
Symphony, where both serve as music
directors. Radford is the Intern
Coordinator for the Ojai Music Festival.
In this position, he finds talented, young
members of the music community, then
places and coordinates them in festival
internships. He is also the producer of
education events that take place during
the festival. Currently he is professor of
Bassoon at the University of California,
Santa Barbara, and at Westmont College.
Radford attended the California
Institute of the Arts; continuing his
musical education with performances at
the Music Academy of the West, the
Aspen and Spoleto music festivals, and
with the Los Angeles Philharmonic
Orchestral Training Program.
Eliana Van Renterghem
Eliana van Renterghem began her flute studies in 2009 with Andrea
DiMaggio and has been studying with her ever since. She has participated
in 5 masterclasses and several private lessons with the flute master Jill
Felber, professor at UCSB. She has been studying piano for 11 years
(2005-2010 Marilyn Clemens, 2010-present Neil DiMaggio) and this year will
be completing the Music Teachers Association of California’s Certificate of Merit music theory
exam and performance evaluation level 10 on piano. Also through MTAC Eliana has
participated in seasonal festivals and has been selected to perform in their showcase recitals
on both flute and piano. In 2015 she and her sister Elizabeth were featured in the “Music at
Trinity” concert series, performing a piano duet in the Showcase for Young Artists concert.
Eliana also participated in the Westmont Academy for Young Artists in the summer of 2015 on
both instruments and received a certificate for “outstanding achievement.” Eliana has been
awarded scholarships from the Santa Barbara Music Club for both flute and piano since 7th
grade and has been asked to perform in their winners showcase recitals since 2012. 2016 will
mark the third year that she has been invited to perform in the club’s concert series at the
Faulkner Gallery. Eliana has been a member of the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony since 9th
grade and was awarded the Music Directors Award in 2015. One of the highlights of the year
was being selected for the National Flute Association’s High School Flute Choir and performing
at their convention in Washington, D.C. She had the opportunity to hear and meet many
inspirational flutists - and get “selfies” with Sir James Galway. Eliana is a homeschooled senior
and anticipates pursuing degrees in music in the coming fall. She performs
on a Miyazawa flute.
Elizabeth Van Renterghem
Elizabeth van Renterghem, a homeschooled high school senior, began her flute studies in 2009
with Andrea DiMaggio. In 2011 she was accepted into the Extended Merit program of the
Music Academy of the West, where she performed in a flute, violin, and harp trio under the
direction of Marcia Dickstein for the school year. She has participated in 5 masterclasses and
taken lessons with Miyazawa Performing Artist, Jill Felber. Elizabeth has also been playing the
piano since 2005 and is currently studying with Neil DiMaggio. She will be completing the
Music Teachers Association of California Certificate of Merit music theory and performance
evaluation level 10 on piano this year. She has participated in the MTAC seasonal festivals on
both instruments and has been selected to perform in their showcase recitals. Since 2011
Elizabeth has been yearly awarded scholarships from the SB Music Club on both flute and
piano, and has been asked to perform in their winners showcases since 2012. 2016 will mark
the 3rd year that she has been invited to perform in their concert series at the Faulkner Gallery. Since 2012 Elizabeth has been a member of the SB Youth Symphony and was awarded its Music
Directors award in 2015. Also in 2015 she was featured in the “Music at Trinity” concert series
where she performed a piano duet with her sister Eliana. In the summer of 2015 she
participated in the Westmont Academy for Young Artists on both flute and piano, receiving a
“certificate of outstanding achievement.” In the summer of 2015 she won a position in the
National Flute Association’s High School Flute Choir and performed at the national Flute
Association’s convention in Washington, D.C. In her spare time Elizabeth likes writing, planning
world adventures with friends, and listening to the Beatles. She intends to be a music major at
college. She performs on a Miyazawa flute.
Santa Barbara Youth Symphony
Sunday, February 21, 2016
4:00 PM, Lobero Theatre
Andy Radford, Conductor
Eliana Van Renterghem, flute
Elizabeth Van Renterghem, flute
Procession of the Nobles
Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakoff
Concerto in d minor for Two Flutes and Orchestra
I. Allegro Maestoso
Franz Doppler
Eliana Van Renterghem, flute
Elizabeth Van Renterghem, flute
Symphony No. 5 in c minor
IV. Allegro
Ludwig van Beethoven
Suite No. 1
I. Overture
III. Adagietto
IV. Carillon
Suite No. 2
II. Intermezzo
III. Menuetto
IV. Farandole
Georges Bizet
Santa Barbara Youth Symphony
First Violin
Francis Pan*
Ryan Dalforno**
Holly Radford
Nicholas Katzer
Maya Reese
Daryanna Lancet
Avi Ghitterman
Francesca Kusserow
Nicole Konstantinovich
Gabi Limon
Second Violin
Leah Searl*
Elizabeth Klimov**
Zoe Ise
Melissa Silva
Sofia Malvinni
Anna Klimov
Emily Fisher
Hanwey Wong
Salvador Valencia
Dongwoo Moon
Octavio Gonzalez
Katya Gonzalez
Tiger Whitten
Jake Hammel
Nancy Shen
Sarah Jang
Viola Moon Man Whitehead*,
Oige Keane Chair
Isaac Kim**
Kenzie Togami
Clear Water Whitehead
Naomi Stoodley*
Lorenz Chen**
Jack Wang
Brianna Gilman Maria De Angelis
Alex Basescu
Brynkly Meyer
Roxy Jackson-Gain
Lily DiBartolomeo
Steven Cohen⁺
William Grace⁺
Leslie Schlussel⁺
Tave Grabenheinrich
Joshua Park
Sierra Thomas
Sid Trilokekar
Nathaniel MacArthur-
Julian Littlehale
Adam Gilman
Dylan Aguilera⁺
Max Fourmy
Marissa Condie
Juliet Ho
Ceci Polichetti
Ilana Shapiro
Eliana Van Renterghem
Elizabeth Van
Andrew Klimov
Cecilia Sanborn
Al Schmidt
Brandon Dutcher
Jacob Kim-Sherman
Nicholas Mata
Simon Parker
Tyler Ta
Matteo Vega
Abby Jackson-Gain
Zane Marquez
Enrique Guvara-Tahuite Andrew Manos+
Mattiehill Vogler⁺
*Principal Musician
**Assistant Principal
⁺Community Member
Santa Barbara Youth Symphony
Funding for the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony has
been provided by the Johnson Ohana Charitable
Foundation, founded by Jack and Kim Johnson to
support environmental, art, and music education now
and into the future.
The String Workshop program is funded in part by the
Organizational Development Grant Program using
funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in
partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts
Santa Barbara Symphony Music Education Center
Individual Donors
Sharon Allexsaht
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt R. Anker
Ila J. Bayer
Dr. Christy L. Beaudin
Peter and Linda Beuret
Jack and Marguerite Bianchi
Mrs. Stephen R. Boyle
Patricia Carver, Jack Dimock
The Estate of John W. Carson
Chen Family
Chris and David Chernof
Barbara A. Clark
Drs. Guy and Ramona Clark
Mr. Yale D. Coggan
Patricia Bivans Dixon
Gabriela Dodson
Edgar Doehler
James and Patricia Dow
John M. Dubois
Neil Elliot
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Evans, Jr.
Betty Filippin
Susan Freund
Ms. Betty Fussell
Ms. Deborah Branch Geremia
William and Janice Gilbert
Gordon and Doris Gilman
Joyce L. Ginsberg
Lucy Golden
Betsy H. Green
Ms. Lynne Halterlein
Fred and Barbara Harlow
Karin L. Nelson and Eugene
B. Hibbs, Jr.
Ann and Norman Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Johnston
Denis and Joann Keane
James and Diana Kennett
Sally Kinney
Mrs. Frances Kliza
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel LaPorte
Barbara Logen
Mrs. Virginia Mayer
Anne Akiko Meyers and
Jason S. Subotky
Yakko and Richard Meyers
George and Virginia Murray
Mrs. Suzi Ochi
Ms. Bobbie Offen
Edith and Ray Ogella
Mr. and Mrs. Stanton J. Peale
Samuel Pellicori
Justyn C. Person
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Piper, Jr.
Mrs. Heidi Poley and Mr.
Jason Poley
Richard Politchetti
Ms. Nancy Rakow
Mrs. Nancy Renshaw
Katherine Rindlaub
Shirley Ross
Mr. and Mrs. George Rusznak
Simon and Ruth Sayre
Sarah Shasberger
Haeuk C. and Young Ha So
Elizabeth Stewart
Raymond and Louise Stone
Marilynn L. Sullivan
Mark Trueblood
Ilona Varner
Robert and Lisa Watt
Cheryl Weakliem
Mr. and Mrs. William Wise
Mr. David M. Yager
Ms. Catherine Zusy for the
Zusy Family
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Zylstra
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Lobero Theatre Foundation
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Morgan Stanley
Northern Trust
Oige Keane Memorial
Performing Arts Scholarship
Pillsbury Music
Scholarship Fund of the
Santa Barbara Foundation
Samarkand Retirement
Samuel B. and Margaret
C. Mosher Foundation
Santa Barbara Bowl
Santa Ynez Band of Chumash
Seaside Gardens
Stefanie L. Lancaster
Charitable Foundation
Stone Family Foundation
Target Foundation
Towbes Fund for the
Performing Arts of the
Santa Barbara Foundation
Toyon Research Corporation
Union Bank
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
Grants Program
Walter J. and Holly O.
Thomson Foundation
Yardi Systems, Inc.
Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra Association
Board of Directors
2015-2016 Executive Committee
Arthur G. Swalley, President
David Chernof, M.D., Vice President
Brett C. Moore, Treasurer
Jon Greenleaf, Secretary
Stephen Erickson, Counsel
Nancy Golden, Development Chair
Stefan Riesenfeld*, Member-at-Large
Susan M. Spector, Member-at-Large
2015-2016 Board of Directors
Mikki Andina
Gayle Beebe, Ph.D.
Mashey Bernstein
Diane Calvert
Patricia Gregory
Christopher D. Harris
George Konstantinow, Ph.D.
Art Kvaas
Richard Meyers, Ph.D.
Peter Schlueer
Howard Simon
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Howard Jay Smith
Cynthia Stephens
Ex-Officio Directors
Nir Kabaretti, Music and Artistic Director
David Pratt, Executive Director
Honorary Board
Richard Aberle
James H. Franzen
Connie O’Shaughnessy Los
Terrie Mershon
Mrs. Raymond King Myerson
Leslie Ridley-Tree
Norman Sosner*
Marilynn L. Sullivan
Past Presidents Council
Helene Beaver
Evan Collins
Charles Greene, Ph.D.
Linda Hedgepeth
Gillian Launie
Paksy Plackis-Cheng, Immediate Past President
* Indicates Past Presidents Council
Symphony Personnel
David Pratt, Executive Director
Susan Anderson, General Manager
Pamela Perkins-Dwyer, Director of
Amy Williams, Director of Education &
Community Engagement
Stephanie Kao, Marketing Manager
Isabel Dickinson, Administration Coordinator
Rey Canseco, Development Assistant
Andrew Manos, Administrative Assistant
Gina Benesh, Grant Writer
DeeDee Nussmeier, Database Administrator
Youth Symphony Personnel
Youth Symphony
Andy Radford, Music Director
Andrew Manos, Orchestra Manager
Junior Orchestra
Marisa McLeod, Conductor
Marie Hebert, Teacher
Angela Miller, Teacher
Emily Rutherford, Teacher
Meredith Sedgwick, Teacher
String Workshop
Nancy Chase, Teacher
Marie Hebert, Teacher
Jake Pietroniro, Teacher
Jordan Warmath, Teacher
Karen Ye, Teacher
Private Lessons Program
Nancy Chase, Teacher
Barbara Coventry, Teacher
Larissa Fedoryka, Teacher
Susan Gentry, Teacher
Susannah Hoffman, Teacher
Katie Mendenhall, Teacher
Angela Miller, Teacher
Paul Mori, Teacher
Kristine Pacheco, Teacher
Laury Woods, Teacher
Offering generosity
is our tradition
It’s a Chumash tradition to reach out to our neighbors and care
for our community.
We call it ‘amuyich.
The Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians honors our ancestors
through ‘amuyich to make our community a better place to live.
Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians

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