A century with Plastics - tecnologiafuentenueva


A century with Plastics - tecnologiafuentenueva
A century with Plastics
Worksheet for Students: ¡Look for the plastic!
Point 1: As team, think about objects that you can find in your home or classroom or
play zone. Can you identify objects that are not plastics?
Classroom Objects
Sports Equipment
1. Is it difficult? Are there many objects that don´t have plastics?
2. The objects without plastics that you find, what they have in common?
4. If you have to design one object that you found, do you change some of their
components without plastics? Why? Why not?
3. Do you believe that we can make Compact Disc without plastics?
5. Why is recycling important?
A Century of Plastics
Worksheet for the student: You are the engineer
Point 1: Working in a team, you have to list 4 machines or object that don´t exist
without plastics. For each answer, response the following questions:
What % of the
object is
Why this object is impossible without
How this machine or object affects to
world´s industries?
Point 2: You have to work in teams as engineers. You have to use other materials to replace plastics in
the 4 machines or objects that you find. How this replace can affects your machines or their working?
Then, you have to present your conclusions to the partners in classroom, telling:
How can affects the performance, price or statics?
Talk about your machine, how it works and what percent of the machine is plastic.
Talk about their new weight, and design, or if we can recycle it now.
Talk about how can the machines affects the environment with non-plastic components. Is it
better than before?