May 10 2015 10 de mayo 2015 St. Mary`s Parish Happy Mother`s


May 10 2015 10 de mayo 2015 St. Mary`s Parish Happy Mother`s
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, moms to be, step moms, foster moms and
Grandmothers among us!
God bless!
Please welcome Father Ron Mrozinki to St. Mary’s this weekend.
This is Father Ron’s 6th visit to Albany. He is here to tell us about Cross
Catholic Outreach and how our parish has and can be part of the mission
of caring for Jesus in the least among us.
Cross Catholic Outreach delivers food, shelter and hope to the poorest of
the poor!
You can go online to visit their website at:
Please extend a warm St. Mary’s welcome to Fr. Ron.
Thank you!
May 10 2015
10 de mayo 2015
St. Mary’s Parish
I would like to start this week with lots of thankfulness. For two succeeding weekends, our youth
and children had their grace-filled celebrations! Thank you all for giving your time, talent and
treasure for the benefit of our youth and children’s growth in faith. You are many and you know
who you are.
You might have noticed, our sound system last weekend was not the best. However my thanks goes to
Hector Buenaventura for lending us his portable sound system. That spared me from celebrating the Masses
screaming on top of my voice. The portable sound system helped make the First Eucharist celebrations unmistakably beautiful and memorable.
The same thanks goes to Dan and Lisa Freeman and Randy Lloyd. Using their extra time (that seriously
means late night work hours), they and Hector figured out the defect of our sounds system. As of writing, I heard
that our sound system is back to its normal working mode.
Again, thanks to your generous giving of time, talent and treasure. God bless you a hundredfold!
This weekend is Mother’s Day. Salute to our loving and nurturing moms! These women are special. They
have a heart of gold for love and of diamond for struggles.
There was this cartoon that hits the nail on the head. A woman was seated in the office of her counselor.
The counselor told her: You spend 50 percent of your energy on your job, 50 percent on your husband and 50
percent on your children. I think I see your problem.
For your 150 percent dedication, allow us to thank you and salute you! We will be handing out flowers
this weekend to our moms. And thanking our moms can really be very memorable and at the same time helpful
because we bought these flowers to help a charity work.
Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and those who do the role of a mother!
This weekend is Fr. Ron’s mission appeal. He works with Cross International. Cross
International delivers food, shelter and hope to the poorest of the poor around the world.
Please help me welcome Fr. Ron and please help Cross International do its mission.
I thank you in advance for your generosity!
“Catholicism” Blitz continues!
The Catholicism dvd series by Fr. Robert Baron is the most watched Catholic documentary. Want to see what it’s all
about—you are welcome to come to any or all of these sessions!
All sessions are at 6:30 PM in the Maximillian Kolbe Room
May 11—Episode 3—That Than Which Nothing Greater Can be Thought: The Mystery of God
May 12—Episode 4— Our Tainted Nature’s Solitary Boast: Mary the Mother of God
May 13—Episode 5—The Indispensable Men: Peter, Paul and the Missionary Adventure
May 14—Episode 6—A Body Both Suffering and Glorious: The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church
May 18– Episode 7—Word Made Flesh, True Bread of Heaven: The Mystery of the Liturgy and the Eucharist
May 19– Episode 8—A Vast Company of Witnesses: The Communion of Saints
May 20– Episode 9—The Life of Love: Prayer and the Life of the Spirit
May 21—Episode 10—World Without End: The Last Things
There is no cost. You don’t need any supplies, though you may want to take notes. Mark your calendar today and
plan to join us for one or two or all ten!
Me gustaría empezar esta semana con mucha gratitud. Durante dos fines de semana pasadas,
nuestros jóvenes y niños tenían sus celebraciones llenas de gracia!
Gracias por dar su tiempo, talento y tesoro para el beneficio de nuestra juventud y el crecimiento de
los niños en la fe a todos. Tú eres muchos y sabes quién eres.
Usted habra notado,que el fin de semana pasado nuestro sistema de sonido no fue la mejor.
Sin embargo mi agradecimiento a Héctor Buenaventura por prestarnos su sistema de sonido portátil.
Eso me salvó de no usar mi voz tan alto en la celebración de las misas. El sistema de sonido portátil
ayudó a que las celebraciones de la Primera Comunión fuera hermosa y memorables.
El mismo agradecimiento a Dan y Lisa Freeman y Randy Lloyd. Por dar su extra tiempo (en
verdad trabajaron asta altas horas de la noche), ellos y Hector encontraron el defecto de nuestro sistema de sonidos. Y después que terminaron me avisaron, que nuestro sistema de sonido esta de nuevo
trabajo normal.
Una vez más, gracias a su generosa donación de tiempo, talento y tesoro. Que Dios los bendiga mucho!
Este fin de semana es el Día de las Madres. Saludad a nuestras amorosas y educadoras mamás! Estas mujeres son especiales. Tienen un corazón de oro de amor y de diamante para las luchas.
Había una historieta que da el en clavo. Una mujer estaba sentada en la oficina de su consejero. El consejero le dijo: Se pasa el 50 por ciento de su energía en su trabajo, el 50 por ciento en su
marido y el 50 por ciento en sus hijos.Y dijo Creo que veo el problema.
Por su 150 por ciento de dedicación, permítanos darle Muchas gracias y saludos a usted!
Estaremos repartiendo flores este fin de semana a nuestras mamás. Y agradecer a nuestras madres
que es realmente muy memorable y, al mismo tiempo útil, ya que compramos estas flores para ayudar
a una organización de caridad.
Feliz Día de las Madres a todas las mamás y los que hacen el papel de una mama!
Este fin de semana el Padre Ron de la apelación. Trabaja con la Cruz International. La Cruz International ofrece alimentos, refugio y esperanza a los más pobres de los pobres de todo el mundo.
Por favor, ayúdame con beneplácito al Padre Ron y ayuda por favor a la Cruz Internacional en su misión.
DE 8:00AM A 6:30PM
Para mas información
llamar al 541-619-1504
A La Gran Kermes
El Domingo de Julio 26
En el parque Timberlinn
La misa a las 12 pm
Silent Auction—Everyone’s invited
All proceeds go toward programs for children & youth programs in our parish
Saturday & Sunday, May 16 & 17 after all Masses.
Thanks for your amazing support!
Care for Creation: When mowing your lawn, don’t bag the
clippings but leave them lie. They will breakdown quickly and
return nutrients to your soil rather than shipping them to the
Do You Know Someone who wants to know more about the
Catholic Church? Do you know an adult who would like to be
baptized? Please invite them to come to Inquiry sessions.
They will be held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at
6:30 PM in Our Lady of Peace House. For more information
please call Kathy at 541-926-1449. Thank you
Offertory Update
Actual 05/03/15 …………….. $13,055
Building & Maintenance: $979
Raise the Roof: $177
Local Charities: $82
Family Crisis Fund: $50
St. Mary’s Education Fund: $380
Hispanic Mass: $1,420
Thank you for your support of St. Mary’s Parish through your
prayers, good wishes and gifts of time and money. If you
would like to use envelopes or EFT to make your donations,
please contact the parish office. Thanks!
This Weekend
Please welcome Father Ron Mrozinski of Cross Catholic Outreach who will celebrate and preach at all the Masses.
Prayer Corner 
Please keep all those who are ill or suffering in your prayers.
For those who are ill or homebound: Cliff, Gavin, Jennifer, Joshua, Fr. Pat, Wes, Sean Alpapara, Gretta Aker, Joanne Aldrich, Anita Anderson, Shirley Baley, Cecelia Bangelinan, Ed Bartram, Al & Karen Barrios, Tony Barbisan, Carl Beyer, Brianna Boyd,
Joshua Brown, Robert Brown, Alizabeth Buchert, Kim Buckner, Bob & Linda Burroughs, Polly Calligan, Florencia Carrasco , Mel Chaput, Mike Corrreia, Mark Dempsey, Bob Distifino, Jeannette Duncan, Paul Eldred, Steve Engberg, Florence Fitzgerald, Ashley Torgeson Fuller, Jack Gall, Morris Gerke, Kevin Greig, Magdalena Quitugua, Jesus Hagan, Joan’s son, Family of Tom Haller, Alice Hamilton,
Beth Harrington, Andrew Hasler, Bruce Heilman, Vonnie Heilman, Rose Hellman, Connie Hoffman, Tyler Hoflich, Hank and Betty
Horvath, Andrea Hughes, Regina Jones, Jayden Johnson, Viola Johnson, Jacob Kennedy, Terry Krom, Dale Lang, Marla Lawrence, William Lawrence, Randy Lloyd, Betty Martin, Yvonne and baby, Kathy Martin, Katerina Masvidal, Karen McCann, Marie McGough, JJ
Mendoza –Torres, Jeff Mullen, Neal and Normalyn, Pat Norby, Jack O’Brien, Lady Ortiz, Caleb Owen, Mary Paquin, Mike Peaslee,
Cheryl Perri, Kiki Predmore, Luisa Quitugua, Carol Rambousek, Judy Reyes, Nathdaniel Rodriguez, Tim Rothengass, Roger Ross,
Cathy Sargent, Tom Savage, Toni Steward, Dorona Sosa, Judy Stephen, Cliff Swanson, Judith Sullivan, Maureen Tobey, Anicia Tomokane ,Wendy Torgeson Sandy Truett, Zakery Williams, Betty Ward, Traci Warner, Steve Wichman , Bill White Jr. , Shaun and Travis
Wigle, Paul Williams, Katherine Wilson, Sharon Wise, a special intention.
We pray for peace throughout our entire world. We remember our family members and friends who are serving in the military:
Brian Aker, Mike Andre, Michael Coker, Andy Borst, Michael Dooley, Scott Doss, Kim Fox, Lynn Nelson-Gall, Thomas Hellman, Phillip
Pipinich Hernandez, Ryan Hulburt, Scott Krantz, Christopher Lambert, Gaige Lowden, Dan Lyon, Pedro Manibusan Jr, Ryan Mayton,
Kevin McNulty, Mark Moll, Cormac Mullins, Jamie Munchel , Aaron Nguyen, Nathan Nofziger, Annie O;Connell, Ryan Ostermann,
Mathew Paben, Brad Paben, Adam Paben, Michael Parker, Michael Pitzer, Alan Philips,, Brianna Ponder-Martinez Neil Reilly, David
Richardson, Anthony Rhoden, Andrew Rhoden, Jorge L. Martinez-Salinas, Karl Schmidt, Jesse Schnablegger, Nick Schoenmann Michael J Scott, Michael P. St. Romain, Jeff Stephen, Steve Ungvarsky, Matthew Vanella, Nicole Woody. If you would like to add the
name of someone who is serving in the military, please call the office.
For the repose of the souls of all the faithful departed:
Coming Soon!
May 16—17: I ♥ St. Mary’s Silent Auction—open before & after
each Mass. Everyone is invited to participate.
May 31—May Crowning following the 8:30 AM Mass
High School Grad Mass @ 11 AM
June 5—Ricky Manalo Concert
June 6—Ricky Manalo Workshop
541-928-2327 or the parish office.
Eucharistic Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
The Ascension of the Lord - May 14
"Ascending once again to the Inaccessible Light…You remain still in the 'Valley of Tears', hidden beneath the appearances of a white host". (St Therese) "When He ascended into
heaven the majestic flow of the Blood of Jesus did not cease on
this earth; it still flows in an ever-widening stream through untold
MARRIED COUPLES – Spring is in the air, new life is all
centuries of grace….in the Blessed Sacrament" (Pope Bl. John
around. Give your marriage the gift of new life by attending a
Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. Learn valuable
Please join us in the chapel for Eucharistic Adoration of the
“gardening tools” you need to help your marriage grow and blos- Blessed Sacrament this Friday following the 8:30 mass and gosom. For more information call 503-853-2758 or apply on-line
ing until 8:00 pm. Everyone is welcome. Spend as much or as
at .
little time as you can. Contact Jackie at 917-0458 or Theresa
Upcoming dates:
at 926-3114 or Caroline at 924-9952 evenings, or just stop
May 22-25 at Our Lady of Peace Retreat House in Beaverton,
by. Thank You for offering our Lord this special hour. Expect
God's blessing, and give Him thanks.
Prayer Shawl Ministry is blessed to have shared in the celebrations of our youth as they received Confirmation and First
Eucharist through the presentation of a pocket prayer shawl to
each candidate. Congratulations to all of you and we hold
you closely in our prayers. This month the Prayer Shawl Ministry will meet on consequently Mondays of May 11 and May 18 at
the normal scheduled times and place to avoid conflict with the
Memorial Day weekend. The next meeting for the Prayer Shawl
Ministry will be on Monday, May 11 at 9:00am - 11:00am in the
basement of the Lady of Guadalupe House. Meetings are open
to anyone interested in learning more about this ministry. If you
would like to learn more, please contact Carol Hawke at 541926-2106 or email [email protected]; Pat Jacobson -
Job Opening - Queen of Peace Parish in Salem, Oregon has
an opening for a full-time Director of Faith Formation for Adults,
Young Adults, and the RCIA process. A Masters in theological
discipline or pastoral ministry required.
Please visit our website for the complete job posting: or contact Fr. Tim Mockaitis, Pastor at 503364-7202, ext. 203 or <mailto:[email protected]>
Thanks for your help! Our collection for earthquake relief for
Nepal was $3564!. If you would still like to help you can bring
your donation to the office or put it in the collection, just label it
“Nepal”. Thanks!
Celebrating 130 Years of Catholic Faith, Family and Service
Mass Schedule and Intentions
May 9 - 15
5:00 PM ~ Memory of Vicente & Isabel Pange7:00 PM ~ For the People of St. Marry’s
8:30 AM ~ Memory of Pangelinan Brothers
11:00 AM ~ Memory of Ben Mumper
1:00 PM ~ Memory of Alphonso Camposagrado
8:30 AM ~ communion service
8:30 AM ~ communion service
5:30 PM ~ Memory of Mary Ward
8:30 AM ~ Memory of Maier Family
5:30 PM ~
8:30 AM ~ Memory of Frank Stepnoski
8:30 AM ~
May 16 - 17
5:00 PM ~ Memory of David White
7:00 PM ~ For the People of St. Mary’s
8:30 AM ~ Memory of Tom Moore
11:00 AM ~ Memory of Ben Mumper
1:00 PM ~
Mass Intentions
If you would like to have a Mass offered for a particular intention
or for someone who has died, please call the parish office. The
stipend for the Mass is $10. Our office staff will help you to find a
date and time for the Mass.
Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help—Patroness of our parish!
Saturday, June 27
5 PM—Outdoor Marian Procession from St. Mary’s to the Courthouse and back.
A bilingual Mass will follow the procession.
Following the Mass, the Filipino Community of St. Mary’s is planning a great dinner!
Mark your calendars now and help our parish celebrate 130 years of Catholic faith, family and service!
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us!
Part Two of our Auction continues
The weekend of May 16 & 17 after all the Masses.
It will be a silent auction with opportunities for all to bid.
We already have many wonderful items to auction off:
Gift cards
3 month family membership to the Y & joining fee
Child’s bike
Kayaking Lessons
Stay at Nye Beach
And much more!
Mark your calendars now!
Also we would be very happy to receive your donation to our
Silent Auction! Just bring it to the office or to church.
Our two day silent auction needs over 60 volunteers to help.
So far, 5 have signed up. Thanks to those five!
Yes, we do need your help! Please consider signing up.
Name: _________________________
Phone: _____________
Auction host or hostess
Be an “on the floor” person during the auction
___ Saturday May 16, 3:30– 5:00
___ Saturday May 16, 5:00– 7:00
___ Saturday May 16, 7– 9 PM (Spanish speaking please)
___ Sunday May 17, 8—10 AM
___ Sunday May 17, 10 AM—noon
___ Sunday May 17—noon—1 PM
___ Sunday May 17 1 PM—3 PM (Spanish speaking please)
Phone Call Help
____ Sunday, May 17 4—5 PM, call to let folks know they are the high bidder &
give instructions for pick up
Check out help
___ Sunday May 17, 3—5 PM
____ Sunday May 17 4—6 PM
___ Sunday May 17, 6—8 PM
___ Monday May 18, 6:30—7:30 PM
This Sunday, May 10th, 11:00 am
See you there!
Youth Volunteer Opportunities
Graduation Mass
and Reception
May 31st at 11:00 am
Gathering Space.
Calling all graduating seniors!
 Please join us for the Grad
Mass on Sunday, May 31st.
 Meet in the Gathering Space at 10:35 am so
you can all process in together.
 Wear your cap and gown!
 Please RSVP by Tues., May 19th. Contact
the Youth Ministry Office at 541-905-3491
or email [email protected]
 A special reception in your honor will
follow the Mass. Everyone is WELCOME!
Friday, June 5th Ricky Manalo Concert
Calling all Catholic Young Men, Ages 13-17!
Sat., May 16 & Sun., May 17th
Help with Silent Auction Concession
Stand following each of the weekend
Masses. Meet in the Gathering Space
15 minutes after Mass begins.
Saturday, May 30th
Decorate and set-up for the Grad
Reception. Meet at 10 am in the
Greet, help guests find seats & help with
the free will offering. Meet at 6 pm.
Please let us know you will help by contacting
Cherrie in the Youth Ministry Office. Thanks!
MS & HS School Youth Group
Sunday, May 17
YG begins at 6:32 pm
See you there!
All MS & HS Youth Welcome!
Archdiocese of Portland, June 22-25
Please join us for this fabulous summer camp to
learn more about the priesthood, to deepen your
faith, and to better discern God's will for your life
while experiencing faith, fellowship, prayer, sports,
hiking, inspiring talks, adoration, campfires and
fun! You won't want to miss it!
Registration information and permission forms
are available on the youth bulletin board.
Youth Group Happenings
For info on these or other
youth events, please contact:
Youth Ministry Office
Phone: 541-905-3491 or email
[email protected]
Quo Vadis Days 2015
Happy Mother’s Day!
(No youth group)
Into the Deep for HS Youth, 7:00-8:30 pm Enter on 9th Street.
Youth Volunteer Opportunity, Silent Auction Concession
Stand; meet in the GS 15 minutes after each Mass begins.
Middle School Youth Group, 6:32 pm. All MS youth welcome!
High School Youth Group, 6:32 pm. All HS youth welcome!
Youth Volunteer Opportunity, Decorate and set-up for Grad
Reception, 10:00-11:00 am in the Gathering Space
Graduation Mass and Reception, 11:00 am
St. Mary’s
Appreciates our
Bulletin advertisers!
Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Regent: Geri Martin,
1st Monday each month @ 7 PM
All lady parishioners welcome!
Find us on Facebook
St. Mary’s, Albany
St. Mary’s Auction
May 16 & 17
After all Masses!
Patty Mello
Independent Beauty
(541) 926-2631
Donate a Vehicle
Help a Neighbor
St. Vincent de Paul’s
Car Program
Free towing
St. Mary’s Celebrating
130 Years!
1885– 2015
Albany Helping Hands Thrift Store
705 First Ave E
Changing Lives
Open 10 AM— 6 PM
Monday– Saturday
Welcome to St. Mary’s Parish
May 10, 2015
Sixth Sunday of Easter
706 Ellsworth SW, Albany, OR 97321
Father Aniceto Guiriba, Administrator, ext 301
Pastoral Associate: Kathy Reilly ext 301
Music Director: Nancy Higgins, ext 304
Parish Office: Marty Kloeck and Teresa Middlemiss
Youth Coordinator: Cherrie Barnes ext 315
Business Office: Joni Siewell ext 305
Parish Office: 541-926-1449
Emergency Phone: 541-990-5552
Fax: 541-926-2191
Email: [email protected]
web site:
Weekend Mass Schedule: Saturday at 5 PM; Sunday at 8:30 & 11:00 AM
Reconciliation Saturday 3:30 PM—4:30 PM ; Tuesday & Wednesday 4:30—5:20 or by appointment
Mass in Spanish Saturday’s at 7 PM and Sunday’s at 1 PM
Office hours Tuesday- Friday ~ 9 to noon & 1 to 4
In Times of Need
PRAYER CHAIN: Fran Pace, [email protected]
PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY: if you would like a prayer shawl for someone who is ill or experiencing a loss, please Carol Hawke at
541-926-2106 or [email protected]
RETROUVAILLE / REDISCOVERY OF OREGON: for couples whose marriages are experiencing pain or communication breakdown.
1-800-470-2230 or
BEGINNING EXPERIENCE: weekly support meetings and weekend retreats to aid in healing and beginning again for the widowed,
divorced and separated or anyone experiencing the death or loss of a friend or relative. 503-393-2361.
Asistentes en el Pastoral del Ministerio Hispano
Marciano y Honorina Lopez 541- 619-1504
Los Sacramentos en español y las personas encargadas
son las siguientes:
Bautismo: Anselmo Nuñez 541 990 6544 Marcos y Aracelli Rodríguez 541-979-5140
Primera Comunión: Laura Rodríguez
Boda: Humberto y Susana Martínez 541-971-2698
Quinceañera: María Chavez
Confirmación: Marciano y Honorina López
Catecismo para Adulto: Sergio y Francisco Sábados de 5:00 pm
a 6:30PM
Representante del Consejo Pastoral: Lizeth Cervantes 541-9746096
Secretaria de la oficina: Teresa Middlemiss 541-926-1449
De Martes, a Viernes de 1:00pm a 4:00pm
Confesiones Aqui en la Parroquia:
Sábados : De 3:30pm a 4:30pm
Martes : De 4:30pm a 5 pm
Miércoles : De 4:30pm a 5:00pm
En la Iglesia Santa Maria en Corvallis los horarios de las confesiones en español son.
Sábados : de 3:00PM a 5:00PM
Domingo : de 12:30pm a
Miércoles: de 5:00PM a 6:00pm
Horario de las misas en español Sábado: 7:00pm Domingo
Aquí en nuestra parroquia tenemos grupos de oración y evangelización
Lunes grupo de oración en la capilla a las 7:00pm
Martes grupo San Juan Diego para hombres a las 7:00pm en
la casa Guadalupe
Miércoles grupo San Juan Diego para mujeres a las 7:00pm en
la casa Guadalupe
Viernes grupo Apóstoles de la palabra a las 7:00pm en la
casa Guadalupe

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