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It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time to start planning for
the next school year! Over the next few weeks your student
will start the process of registering for next year’s classes. We
had a tremendously successful Freshman Fair on January 21st.
The PTSA orchestrated a fun and welcoming event for all incoming 9th graders – giving them the opportunity to look
around the building, meet some of the student leaders,
teachers, and administrators with whom they will be working
next year, and find out about some of the fantastic classes,
clubs, and activities they can look forward to as East High
When your child comes home with his or her registration
material, please take time to have a conversation about the
importance of choosing a schedule that will fit all the
requirements and expectations you both have for next year.
Look for a balance between required classes and electives,
challenging courses that will help her or him prepare for the
future, and classes that give your student an opportunity to
follow interests and passions.
Remember that East High offers more concurrent enrollment
classes than any other school in the district. This means that
your child has an opportunity to not only earn high school
credit towards graduation, he or she can be earning college
credit at the same time – with the bonus attraction of paying a
one-time fee ($40) that will cover all concurrent classes!
Additionally, we offer a wide variety of AP classes. Our goal
is to have every student who graduates from East High take at
least one AP class during their four years here. All the
research points to the fact that students who take an AP class
February 2014
are better prepared for their college experience than those who
One of the most exciting programs we offer at East is our
School District and the University of Utah Health Sciences
Center jointly sponsor the Health Professions Academy (HPA)
at East High. This academy is for students who are interested
in college preparatory courses with an emphasis on science
and health professions.
The purpose of the HPA is to provide a greater understanding
and appreciation of career development in the health sciences
through high school and university-based educational
experiences. A particular emphasis is placed on the
recruitment and retention of students from groups traditionally
underrepresented in the health sciences professions. Some of
the participating colleges and departments from the University
of Utah Health Sciences Center include the School of
Medicine; the Colleges of Nursing, Health and Pharmacy; the
Department of Human Genetics; and the Office of Ethnic and
Minority affairs.
Students entering 9th or 10th grade may apply to be members of
the HPA at East High. They have opportunities for:
• Hands-on “real-life” learning
• Working with real health care professionals
• Field trips to health science facilities
• Providing health-related service in the community
• Internships and shadowing opportunities
• University partnership experiences
Choosing classes for next year is a big deal! Take some time
and help your child choose relevant and enjoyable classes –
the future depends on it!
A new fines list has been posted at the school. Please have
your students check this list to see if they have any fees or
fines owing. You may check your student’s fines on the
following website (you will need your
student number to access this). Please be aware that more
fines may accrue before the end of the year. Seniors will not
be allowed to pick up their cap and gowns until all fees are
paid and all books, uniforms, etc. are returned. Seniors will not
be allowed to participate in graduation activities or
ceremonies unless all fees are taken care of; this means they
will not be allowed to walk on graduation day. Be sure all fees
and fines are cleared before yearbook day or students will not
be allowed to pick up their yearbooks. The treasurer does take
cash, check and credit card (Visa, Discover and MasterCard).
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Saturday School 8-10
Late Start
SCC 4:00pm
ACT Testing/Saturday School 8-10
Late Start Day
PTSA Meeting 9:00am
President’s Day - No school
MIDTERM/Grades Due
Saturday School 8-10am/Sweetheart’s Dance 811pm
Late Start Day
SBO Declarations Due
Cultural Week
Cultural Assembly
ACT Test Day
P/T Conference 2:45-4:[email protected]/5:45
7:[email protected]
No School
AVID at East High School is in its 8th year. The Class of
2014 is beginning to receive their college admittance letters.
Students are looking forward to attending the University of
Utah, Westminster College, BYU and Utah State. This is busy
scholarship season, and AVID seniors are working hard to
complete all of their applications for scholarships.
AVID/Clemente students, along with AVID 9th graders had
the opportunity to visit the Utah Museum of Fine Arts this
month. There, students were exposed to great art from around
the world. In addition, East AVID hosted Glendale Middle
School's AVID students for a day of collaboration in learning.
Together, over 75 students did activities to strengthen their
understanding of determination and critical thinking. Coming
up, will be a visit to Bryant Middle School, where students
will share their high school experiences.
AVID Juniors are busy strengthening their skills in ACT
testing. The ACT test is a college readiness assessment and
standardized test for high school achievement and college
admissions in the United States. Students must be able to meet
minimum standards for acceptance in to college. For more
information about AVID at East High, visit our website or email program coordinator, Cate
Praggastis at [email protected]
The next ACT exam will be held on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014.
On the day of the exam, bring your registration paper, picture
ID, pencils, and approved calculator. No cell phones or pagers
are allowed. See for more information.
Middle School Registration
The counselors will be going into the middle schools to
register the incoming 9th graders for the 2014-2015 school
year. The schedule is:
Monday, January 27 --- Clayton Middle School
Tuesday, January 28 --- Glendale Middle School
Wednesday, January 29 --- Clayton Middle School
Thursday, January 30 --- Glendale Middle School
Monday, February 3 --- Bryant Intermediate School
Tuesday, February 4 --- Hillside/Northwest Middle School
Wednesday, February 5 --- Bryant Intermediate School
Thursday, February 6 --- Hillside/Northwest Middle School
On the first visit, students will receive their registration card
and course catalog. On the second visit, students will input
their request into the computer.
East High Registration
East High Registration for the 2014-2015 school year will be
held during the weeks of Thursday, February 13, 2014 thru
Friday, February 21, 2014. Students will receive their
registration card and course catalog on February 13th &
February 14th: 9th graders in their Math class, 10th & 11th
graders will receive them in their Language Arts class. During
February 18th thru February 24th, students will input their class
requests into the computer through the same classes they
received their registration material. If you have any questions,
please contact the Counseling Center.
FAFSA stands for the Free Application for Federal Student
On February 27th, we will have a FAFSA Completion Night.
Parents and students are strongly encouraged to come to this
night. We will sit down at computers in the Library and
Computer Lab, and complete the FAFSA application together.
We will have several financial aid experts who will be there to
assist you with the application. All college-bound seniors and
their parents/guardians are welcome.
Key Terms:
• Grants: financial aid that doesn’t have to be repaid (unless,
for example, you withdraw from school and owe a refund)
• Work-Study: a work program through which you earn
money to help you pay for school
• Student Loan: borrowed money for college or career
school; you must repay your loans, with interest
• IRS Data Retrieval Tool: Using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool
can make completing the FAFSA easier and save you time
later in the financial aid process. The IRS Data Retrieval
Tool downloads your tax information into the FAFSA. You
can use the Tool when you initially complete the FAFSA or
later on to update your FAFSA.
• Starting in February, students and parents who have
already filed their 2013 federal tax returns will be able to
use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. To use the Tool, your
Federal Tax Returns must be electronically filed at least two
weeks (or 6-8 weeks earlier if filing by mail) before using
the IRS Data Retrieval Process.
• Priority Deadline: deadline by which a college/university
would like your FAFSA to be complete. FAFSA’s completed
after this deadline may not receive any aid as there is a
limited amount of money that any college/university can
grant students.
For the 2014-2015 school year you (the student) will need
financial information from 2013. You may need to refer to:
• Your Social Security Number. It is important that you enter
your Social Security Number correctly!
• Your driver's license (if any)
• Your 2013 W-2 forms and other records of money earned
• Your (and if married, your spouse's) 2013 Federal Income
Tax Return.
o IRS 1040, 1040A, 1040 EZ
o Foreign Tax Return, or
o Tax Return for Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the
U.S. Virgin Islands, the Marshall Islands, the Federal
States of Micronesia, or Palau
• Your Parents' 2013 Federal Income Tax Return (if you are a
dependent student)
• Your 2013 untaxed income records
• Your current bank statements
• Your current business and investment mortgage
information, business and farm records, stock, bond and
other investment records (if applicable)
• Your alien registration or permanent resident card (if you
are not a U.S. citizen)
Once you have gathered these materials, you may proceed to
the FAFSA website (
1. Go to
2. Click on “Pin site” at the top of the page
a. Click on “Apply Now” and apply for a pin
i. Your PIN serves as your electronic signature for the
FAFSA and provides access to your personal records
3. Go back to and click on “Start a New FAFSA”
4. Continue to follow the directions given
a. On the right side of the page there will be helpful hints and
directions on what to do for each section
For more information concerning eligibility, definitions, IRS
Date Retrieval Tool and other important financial aid
information, please visit
Please talk to your East High School Counselor or College
Access Advisor (Sydney Mitton) if you have any questions or
concerns regarding the FAFSA.
ACT Test – 11th grade
Juniors will go to the Field house (big gym) at 7:45am.
Since there is approximately 3 hours of test time – 11th grade
students will finish their test no later than 12:20 pm depending
on when the tests begin. There will be one lunch for all grades
beginning at 12:20pm and ending at 12:50pm. Buses will
leave East to return students home at 1:00pm.
Hill Air Force Base – 9th grade
These students and teachers will go to the Small Gym at
7:45am for instructions for the day. Buses will pick up
students and assigned teachers around 8:15am on 8th South.
Buses will drop students off at “Hill” at approximately 9:15am
and leave to return around 11:30 am. ROTC instructors Chris
Carlile and Greg Hilton have planned the activities. They will
have a lot of help supervising students with an administrator
and 20 or more teachers. Buses will return students to East at
12:20pm, in time for school lunch. Buses will leave on their
regular routes at 1:00pm.
Antelope Island – 10th & 12th grade
These students and teachers will go to the Auditorium at
7:45am for instructions for the day. Buses will pick up
students and assigned teachers around 8:15 am out on 900
South. These students will be going to Antelope Island. Two
areas of the “Island” have been identified to where half of the
students would go to one of the two sites and then switch.
Administrators and plenty of teachers will be there to
supervise. The buses will return to school at 12:20am in time
for school lunch and leave on their regular routes at 1:00pm.
The Health Professions Academy is in its 8th year and looking
forward to having its 5th graduating class in June of 2014. The
academy is a partnership between East High School the Salt
Lake City School District and the University of Utah.
Currently the enrollment of the HPA is over 100+ students,
that enrollment has grown and maintained over the past 7
In addition to the regular health science course curriculum,
students participate in numerous activities outside of the
classroom, where they interact with healthcare professionals in
instructional and clinical settings. Some of the highlights for
ninth and tenth grade students so far this year have been field
trips to the University Hospital Burn Unit, Neonatal Intensive
Care Unit, Air Med, and a presentation from the State Medical
Examiner. Eleventh grade students travel to the university
each class day during the fall semester. One of their favorite
activities was being allowed to participate in cadaver
dissections with university medical students. The senior year
students are all currently placed in medical internships during
1st or 2nd semesters. The HPA Steering Committee is pleased
to have Rachel Clothier- Health Science and Med Terms (9th),
Jim Dalton- Medical Anatomy (10th), Terese Cracroft- Adv.
Health Science I (11th), and DeEtte Barney- Medical
Internship Advisor (12th) as instructors in the HPA program.
The Health Professions Academy offers open enrollment by
application to any incoming 9th or 10th grade students residing
anywhere in the greater Salt Lake City area.
Any incoming 9th or 10th grade students that are interested in
applying for the program should contact the East High School
Career Center at (801) 584-2900. Health Professions Academy
applications are due in the East Career Center on or before
February 10, 2014.
Incoming freshman (9th) may also request an application from
the counselors during registration which starts the week of
January 27th and goes until February 6th.
Samantha Zuro
..................................................Yance Sun
Bibhash Neupane
Social Science…………………………………………….Spencer
Spencer Wilson
Computer Technology........…................Chien
Chien-Hsueh Huang
Skilled & Technical Sciences Ed……………….Chandler
Chandler Paulsen
Family and Consumer Sciences…..……………………
……………Shannon Le
World Languages...............…...........................
.............Delia Arellano
Business and Marketing...….............................
.............No Candidate
Speech/Theater arts/Forensics...........................
...............Kasia Eilers
Visual Arts................................................Courtney
Courtney Maxfield
Instrumental Music......................................Bonnie
Bonnie Bennett
Vocal Performance…………………………………Madelaine
Madelaine Lamah
Gabrielle Hicken
2013-2014 WINTER
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Preston Curtis, Andrew John Grant
Hannah Monson
Hayden Griffin, Chelsea Jones
Juniors interested in attending Girls/Boys State Leadership
Program in June, please stop by the Scholarship Office for
more information.
All students come to the Scholarship Office in the Guidance
Center to pick up a February scholarship newsletter for
updated scholarship information.
“Believe, Dream, Inspire”
Congratulations to the following winners in the 2013
2013-14 East
PTSA Reflections contest.
Visual Arts
Award of Excellence – Sung Yoon Han
Award of Merit – Emmiekate Leishman
Music Composition
Award of Excellence – Matt Orlandi
Award of Excellence – Na Lin Aung
These three Award of Excellence winners received a $20 cash
prize and the Award of Merit winner received a $15 cash prize
from the East High PTSA.
These students were chosen from East High to compete
against the other high school students
dents in the Salt Lake School
District. The Salt Lake School District Region Awards &
Gallery Stroll Night was held at Highland High on January 23,
2013 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
At the Salt Lake School District level, Matt Orlandi won first
place in Musicc Composition. He will compete at the state
level against other high school entries.
Good Luck Matt representing East High at the state PTA
Reflections Contest. And congratulations again to East High
Reflections participants!
Thursday January 30,, East High sponsored a magical evening
full of music.
We welcomed and honored former faculty from our
Performing Arts Department including Mrs. Anne Applegate
who conducted the Alumni Choir. Steve Meredith class of
1978, Mrs.
rs. Pat Davis Class of 1947, Ms. Charlotte Sheffield,
Class of 1954 were inducted into the East High Hall of Fame.
We are grateful for all the hard work and effort that went into
making this night a wonderful tribute to the Performing Arts
at East High, especially
pecially Mrs. Lynne Maxfield, Mr. George
Henry, Mr. Frank Langheinrich and Mr. Nelden Maxfield.
We are looking forward to our next event, The 100 Year
Gala, which will be Thursday evening, March 27. Reception
starting at 6:30; Dinner at 7:00.
The evening will include:
• The outstanding musical entertainment of Jenny
Oaks Baker,
• A retrospective of 100 years of East High,
• Presentation of honorary graduation diploma,
• Hall of Fame Inductions,
• First rate catered dinner,
• Special commemorative gift for all attendees.
The cost for each person is $100.00; tables can be reserved
for $1000.00.
Tickets for this special occasion are limited. Reservations can
be made beginning February 3rd, 2014 by contacting Malynda
Ivory 801 583 1661 ext. 2306.
This event is sponsored by the East High Alumni Association
* Much appreciation goes out to Stephanie Coltrin,
Lexie Dubell and Melissa Ford for their tireless work in
organizing and hosting a terrific Freshman Fair!
* It is the time of year to organize the PTA for next
year. It is very rewarding to be part of the PTA at East.
You could choose to be very involved or just help out
with a single activity. Please
ase contact Julie Black
[email protected] or
[email protected] for more information.
* Sale on 100 year anniversary t-shirts
in the bookstore during the month of
February. Unisex tshirts are $5 and
women's cut tshirts are $10.
$10 Please
check them out along
with the East Leopards
sweatshirts and tshirts, 100 year fleece
blankets, "E" stickers and more!
FEBRUARY 6, 7, 8, & 10 – 7:00 p.m.
Registration is now open for the Running of
the Leopards!
The 6th annual Running of the Leopards 5K has become
a great event for students, East High families and the
community. It has grown over the last 5 years into a
large event that attracts close to 1,000 entrants.
New this year….for those of you who want one of our
cool shirts, but don’t want to break a sweat. You can
purchase a race shirt. Just click the registration link on
our website and click on the “store” tab.
Sponsorship opportunities are available for your family
or business.
Maureen Rushing
[email protected]
We all know that East is a great school. But did you know that
there are about 40 students from Germany who applied to
come to East High in the fall for three weeks?!?
East High has organized and planned this short
short-term exchange
twice already and it's been a great success every time. More
and more students from Germany want to come to Utah to
participate in this exchange thanks to the wonderful host
families, the amazing students at East, as well as the very
supportive faculty and administration. Thank you to all of
Because of the growing number of applicants, we are hoping
to accept a bigger student group in the fall this year. We are
looking for 15-25 host families.
s. So, if you are interested and
able to host a student from Germany for three weeks in the
fall, please let either Frank Langheinrich or Ulrike Dannhauer
know. We as well as the students from Germany appreciate
your help.
We hope that we can count on your support in the years to
come. Thank you in advance!
2014- 2015
February 18 - Mandatory Tryout Meeting
@ East High School Library @ 3:30 pm
March 17 – 19 – Tryout Clinics
@East High Gymnasium 4:00–6:00pm
March 21 2014-2015
2015 Cheer Tryouts
@East High Gymnasium 3:00 pm
Signing up for an East High dance class is a
great way to have fun, meet new people,
press yourself, and learn to dance! We
offer beginning, intermediate, and
advanced dance. You will
not only learn Modern, Ballet, Jazz, and Hip
Hop, but you will learn the history behind
each style as well as how to create your own
You can also sign up for Social Dance, where
you will learn dances like the East Coast
Swing, Cha Cha, Tango, Waltz, and the
Foxtrot. Any dance class will count as a Fine
Arts, Elective, or P.E. credit.
If you have any questions, contact Tuesday
Siciliano at [email protected]
Any questions please contact Kim Caputo
1661 * 2309
Conditioning sessions have begun for the Boys Soccer team.
The sessions are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday right
after school. We meet in the Commons. Tryouts for the Boys
Soccer Team will begin Feb. 26th. Depending on weather
conditions, we will be inside or outside. Please listen for
announcements in school that week as to what time tryouts
will begin and where. Boys trying out will need to bring a
“Tryout Checklist”, the Form A medical form completely
filled out, and a copy of their report card or transcript. As a
reminder, 2nd term grades will determine academic eligibility
for the beginning of the season. We look forward to a
successful season.
The boys’ lacrosse team is gearing up for its run for the state
championship this year. They are coming in as one of the
Division Two teams to watch. They’ve been having a great
time with conditioning this winter, along with late night
practices in the Eccles Field house.
The team is led by a talented group of seniors, in particular
Mike “Dirt” Anderson. There are over 50 boys on the team
this year. Come see the guys play this. Go East Lax!
The East women’s team is also coming together this year.
Girls interested in playing can get information at
Our 2014 season has started please
join us on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at 4:30 to 6:00
pm, in the commons.
Bring your running shoes (and your friends). We are working
hard to get ready for our first game in March.
If you’re interested in playing rugby at EAST please come to
practice or check us out on or like us
on our Facebook page, East High Rugby Club.
For the boys that want to play Rugby the deadline for
Registration is February 15th that link is:
If you have any questions please contact Rob Kingsford
[email protected]
[email protected]
The Salt Lake City School District does not discriminate on the
basis of age, color, disability gender, gender identity, national
origin, pregnancy, race, religion, or sexual orientation in its
programs and activities, except where appropriate and allowed
by law.
The following person has been designated to handle inquiries
and complaints regarding prohibited discrimination, harassment
and retaliation:
Kathleen Christy, Assistant to the Superintendent, 440 East 100
South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111, 578-8251. You may also
contact the Office for Civil Rights, Denver, CO, (303)844-5695.
For any questions or input at East, please contact any of the
Principal: Paul Sagers [email protected]
SCC Chair: Melissa Ford [email protected]
PTSA co-Presidents: Diana Gessel and Julie Black
Los días de febrero la escuela empezará la tarde los
días 2, 10 y 24
la escuela comenzará a las 9:10 de la mañana.
La conferencia de padres y profesores será el 6 de
marzo de 2:45 a 4:45 de la tarde en la escuela de East
y de 5:45 a7:45 de la tarde en la escuela de Glendale
No habrá escuela el 7 de marzo
Es la hora de matricularse en la escuela de East
Cuesta de creer pero ya es hora de empezar a planear para el
próximo año escolar durante las próximas semanas su
estudiante empezará el proceso de matriculación de las clases
del próximo año. Nosotros tuvimos un éxito tremendo en la
feria de los nuevos estudiantes el 21 de enero el PTS porque
orquestró una bienvenida fantástica para los estudiantes de
noveno año dándoles la oportunidad de visitar nuestro edificio
y conocer algunos de nuestros estudiantes líderes profesores y
directores con los cuales ellos tendrán el placer de trabajar el
próximo año. También tuvieron la oportunidad de averiguar
sobre las fantásticas clases, club y actividades en las cuales
participar en los próximos años.
Cuando su hijo llegue a casa con su matriculación materiales
por favor tome tiempo para conversar sobre la importancia de
escoger un horario con todos los requerimientos y espectativas
que usted tiene para próximo año.
Busque el balance entre las clases que se requieren la
selectivas las dificultosas para que puedan ayudar a su hijo o
hija en un futuro. Las clases darán a su estudiante la
oportunidad para seguir con el interés y la pasión.
Recuerden que la escuela de East ofrece más cursos vàlidos
universitarios, esto significa que su estudiante tendrá la
oportunidad no sólo de ganar créditos para su graduación de
high school, pero también puede conseguir créditos
universitarios al mismo tiempo. Sin olvidar el gran beneficio
de pagar sólo una vez 40 $ que cubriría todas las clases
universitarias adicionalmente ofrecemos una gran variedad de
clases AP. Nuestra meta aquí en la escuela es de que cada
estudiante por lo menos tome una de las de la clases de AP
durante uno de los cuatro años estudiando aquí. Todas las
investigaciones apuntan al hecho de que estudiantes que
toman clases AP están mucho mejor preparados para la
universidad que aquellos quienes no las toman.
Uno de los programas con más éxito que ofrecemos en la
escuela es la Academia de las Profesiones de la Salud
profesional. El distrito escolar de Salt Lake City y la
Universidad de Utah, departamento de ciencias de la salud
están trabajando juntos con nuestra escuela.
El propósito de este departamento es el proveer una gran
comprensión y apreciación a la carrera derivada de las ciencias
de la salud a través de nuestra escuela y experiencias
universitarias educacionales. En la escuela de las ciencias de
la salud ustedes podrán encontrar varios departamentos como
el de genética, farmacia, enfermería y otros campos mas.
Los estudiantes que entren al noveno o 10º año tendrán la
oportunidad de trabajar con escenarios de la vida real trabajar
con profesionales de carreras de la salud y hacer viajes de
ciencias Y además de tener experiencias universitarias.
Escoger las clases para el próximo año es un trabajo muy
importante y usted debería ayudar a su hijo a escoger las
mejores clases y las más apropiadas porque su futuro depende
de esto.
Fechas importantes del mes de febrero
Primero de febrero sabado en la escuela de 8 a 10
3 de febrero
la escuela empieza tarde
3 de febrero
CC a las 4:00 de la tarde
8 de febrero
Examen de ACTE y sábado en la escuela de
8 a 10
11 de febrero
Reunión de PTAS a las 9:00 de la manana
10 de febrero
la escuela empieza tarde
11-25 de febrero
17 de febrero
Día del Presidente y No Hay Escuela
18 de febrero
Fecha límite para entregar las declaracines
de SBO del año 2014-15
21 de febrero
Se entregan las notas de la mitad de 3º
22 de febrero
Sabado en la escuela de 8 a 10 y el Baile de
enamorados de 8 a 11 de la noche
24 de febrero
Empieza tarde la escuela
25 de febrero
Fecha límite para entregar las declaracines
de SBO del año 2014-15
27 de febrero
24-28 de febrero Semana Cultural
28 de febrero
Asamblea Cultural
4 de marzo
Día para tomar el examen de ACT
6 de marzo
P/T Conferencia 2:45-4:[email protected]/5:457:[email protected]
7 de marzo
No Hay Escuela
Multas de la Escuela
Multas de la escuela padres una nueva lista de multas a sido
puesta en la escuela por favor haga que se estudiante mire está
lista para ver si tiene alguna multa o debe dinero usted
también puede mirar en la página web usted las va a necesitar
es el número de estudiantes de su hijo para tener acceso a las
Tengan cuenta quien más multas puede ser acumuladas de
aquí hasta final del año los estudiantes que voy a graduarse no
se les permitirá coger su toga para graduarse hasta que todas
las multas se hayan pagado y los libros estén devueltos. Esto
quiere decir que su estudiante de tener multas no se le
permitirá caminar a la anulación ese día. Asegúrense que todas
las multas fueron pagadas antes que el día que se entregue el
libro escolar ya que no se le permitirá tener el libro de no
haber pagado la oficina del tesorero acepta efectivo cheques y
tarjetas de crédito visa y MasterCard.
AVID lanzamiento via determinación individual
AVID está en su octavo ańo en East High School.
La clase del año 2014 están empezando a recibir las cartas de
admisión universitarias los estudiantes están contentos de
atender la universidad de Utah, Westminister college y BYU
junto con la Universidad Estatal de Utah. Ahora es la
temporada más ocupada para solicitar becas y nuestros
estudiantes están muy ocupados en ello.
AVID Juniors estan ocupados con sus examents de ACT. El
examen de ACT es un examen que mide lo listo que está uno a
la hora de ser admitido en la universidad y es un examen
estandarizado en todos los Estados Unidos. Los estudiantes
deben de reunir las condiciones minimas para ser aceptados en
la universidad. Para más información sobre AVID isita nuestra
página web o envía un correo
electrónico a la coordinadora Cate Praggastis a
[email protected]
Centro de Consejeros
El próximo examen de ACT tendrá lugar el sábado 8 de
febrero. El día del examen se deberá de traer lápices, una
calculadora aprobada y también el resguardo de inscripción
junto con una identificación. No deberás de traer aparatos
electrónicos como teléfonos móviles o de música.
Matriculación en la escuela de East
La matriculación de la escuela de East para el año escolar
2014-2015 será en las semanas del jueves 13 de febrero hasta
el viernes 21 de febrero. Los estudiantes recibieran su tarjeta
de matriculación y un catálogo con los cursos el 13 y el 14 de
febrero: los estudiantes de noveno año en su case de
matemáticas y los de 10º y onceavo año en su clase de inglés.
Durante el 18 de febrero hasta el 24 de febrero, entonces los
estudiantes escribirán sus clases en las computadoras. De tener
preguntas, contacta con el centro de consejeros.
FAFSA es una solicitud de ayuda y es una solicitud gratuita
El 27 de febrero tendremos la noche FAFSA para completar
las solicitudes. Los padres y estudiantes se les animan a venir
esta noche y habrá varios expertos financieros para ayudarles a
completar la solicitud en la clase de computadoras. Todos los
seniors con sus padres o tutores están invitados a venir
Este es el proceso a seguir:
Hacer los Impuestos del año 2013--- esperar dos semanas--empezar y terminar la solicitud FAFSA.
El rellenar la solicitud de FAFSA pude ser confuso y puede
haber muchas situaciones únicas o individuales. Para
ayudarles con estas dudas y ayudares con el proceso de
rellenar y enviar la solicitud a tiempo.
Es de suma importancia que traiga o que tenga correcto lo
• El número de seguro social
• La licencia de manejar
• Todo los records del dinero ganado y reportado al IRS
(2012 W-2)
• De estar casado el de la mujer o el marido
• Declaración de impuestos del extranjero (si tiene)
• Declaraciones de impuestos de los lugares: Puerto Rico,
Guam, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the
Marshall Islands, the Federal States of Micronesia, or
• De ser un estudiante independiente, la declaración de
impuestos de tus padres
• Cartilla del banco o documentos bancarios
• Carta del banco con lo que pago la hipoteca de la casa
• Su tarjeta verde de no ser ciudadano americano.
• 27 de enero a las 7 de la tarde en el laboratorio de
computadoras será una noche para completar y finalizar la
solicitud. Se les anima a que vengan esta noche, tanto a
los padres como a los hijos. Nos sentaremos delante de
una computadora en el salón de computadoras y les
ayudaremos a rellenarla. Traductores estarán disponibles
para ayudarles.
• Por favor hable con consejera Sydney Mitton si tienen
alguna pregunta; y visite la página web para
más información.
El 4 de marzo será el día del examen de ACT aquí en la escuela de East High
Los estudiantes de onceavo (11º) año tomarán el examen de ACT
Los juniors irán al gimnasio grande a las 7:45 de la mañana.
El examen durara más o menos 3 horas, los juniors terminaran el examen sobre las 12:20 dependiendo de cuando empezaron el
examen. Habrá un almuerzo de media hora para todos los estudiantes empezando a las 12:20 y terminando a las 12; 50. Los
autobuses saldrán de East para llevar a los estudiantes a casa a la 1:00 de la tarde
Los estudiantes de 9º año irán a la Base Aérea de Hill
Estos estudiantes y los profesores irán al gimnasio pequeño a las 7:45 para darles las instrucciones del día. Los autobuses recogerán
a los estudiantes sobre las 8L: 15 en la calle 8 Sur. Y los autobuses los dejarán en la base aérea de Hill aproximadamente a las 9:15
y los recogerán sobre las 11:30. Los autobuses devolverán a los estudiantes a la escuela de East a las 12:20 justo a tiempo para el
almuerzo y los autobuses saldrán para sus rutas a la 1:00
Los estudiantes de 10º y 12º año irán a la Isla del Antílope:
Estos estudiantes deberán de ir al auditorio a las 7:45 para las instrucciones del día. Los autobuses devolverán a los estudiantes a la
escuela de East a las 12:20 justo a tiempo para el almuerzo y los autobuses saldrán para sus rutas a la 1:00