December 6, 2015 - St. Joseph Parish



December 6, 2015 - St. Joseph Parish
oseph Parish
Mission Church of St. Vincent de Paul
9961 Elk Grove Florin Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624 ● (916) 685-3681 ● FAX (916) 685-7254
Mission Church: 14673 Cantova Way, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683 ● (916) 354-2403 ● FAX (916)354-2404
We, the parish community of Saint Joseph Catholic Church (Elk Grove) and Mission Church of Saint Vincent de Paul
(Rancho Murieta), enriched by many traditions and cultures, come together to worship God in Sacrament, liturgy, and prayer.
We are committed to acting as One Body in Christ, and to living our One Faith with the help of the Holy Spirit. We
continually seek to reach out in loving service to others, both within our parish as well as in the greater community, in order to
spread the Good News of our faith.” (Parish Mission Statement)
Schedule of Services
Office Hours
Saint Joseph Parish
Saint Joseph Parish
Weekend Masses
4:30 PM
7:30 9:00 11:00 AM
& 1:00 PM (Español),
& 5:00 PM (Filipino Mass Every First Sunday,
English Mass - All Other Sundays)
Weekday Schedules (Monday to Friday)
Liturgy of the Hours
7:30 AM
Daily Mass
8:00 AM
8:30 AM
First Friday Mass
7:00 PM
Eucharistic Adoration
8:30 - 10:00 AM
Every First Friday
7:30 - 10:00 PM
Sacrament of Reconciliation
2:30 - 3:30 PM
Or By appointment
Mission Church of Saint Vincent de Paul
Weekend Masses
Weekday schedules
Daily Mass (Wednesday)
Service of the Word
Eucharistic Adoration
Every First Friday
Sacrament of Reconciliation
9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Tuesday to Friday
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Visit us on our website:
See us on Facebook: St. Joseph Catholic Church (Elk Grove, CA)
Mission Church of Saint Vincent de Paul
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Parish Staff
Fr. Brian Atienza (Pastor), ext. 122
e-mail: [email protected]
Fr. Carlo Tejano (Parochial Vicar), ext. 125
e-mail: [email protected]
Deacon Larry Hiner, 916-685-3681
e-mail: [email protected]
Deacon Ned Quigley
e-mail: [email protected]
Aurora Fragozo-Aguirre (Parish Administrator), ext. 120
5:00 PM
9:00 AM
8:30 AM
8:30 AM
e-mail: [email protected]
Sr. Ma. Imelda Grace Dañas, RVM (DRE of Faith Formation),ext. 124
e-mail: [email protected]
Jerome Baybayan (Youth Ministry Coordinator), ext. 123
e-mail: jbaybayan
Veronica Padilla Perez (Administrative Assistant), ext. 127
8:30 AM
4:00 - 4:30 PM
Or By appointment
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School
Trina Koontz (Principal) (916) 684-7903, ext. 12
e-mail: [email protected]
Tammy Babich (Preschool/EDP Director) (916) 691-4825
e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected]
Bill DuVal (SVdP -Administrative Assistant), (916) 354-2403 ext. 129
e-mail: [email protected]
Amy Roberts (Liturgical Music Coordinator)
e-mail: [email protected]
Paul Seishas (Marriage/Family/Therapist) (916) 616-1800
e-mail: [email protected]
Saint Joseph Parish
Cross Catholic Outreach
: 12/07 08:00am - All the Souls in Purgatory
Mariana Pereira †
: 12/08 08:00am - Tony Rivas †
07:00pm Missa Pro Populo †
: 12/09 08:00am - Grant Boardman †
Roberto Ares (SI)
RM 08:30am - For the Parishioners of SVdP
Thu: 12/10 08:00am - Amie Cabassey Banya †
Sr. Ma. Erlinda Macatol, RVM. †
Fri: 12/11 08:00am - All the Souls in Purgatory
Mariamma Chacko †
Sat: 12/12 06:00am 04:30pm - Harvey Clark †
Rita Martinez †
RM 05:00pm – For the Parishioners of SVdP
12/13 07:30am – Franklin Souza †
09:00am - All the Souls in Purgatory
Mariana Pereira †
RM 09:00am - For the Parishioners of SVdP
11:00am - Esteban & Andrica Villarimo †
Jesse Infante †
01:00pm - Arminda & Joao Castro †
Eduardo Oliva (SI)
05:00pm - Missa Pro Populo
Is an official Catholic ministry founded to help
the poor throughout the world. We serve these
struggling families by providing food, medicines and
other life-saving resources through a network of
Catholic partners already in place overseas. Run by
priest, nuns and Catholic lay leaders, these feeding
centers, orphanages, schools, clinics, job-training
centers and home-building programs can literally do
a world of good—if you will lend your support
December 5 and 6, 2015
Cross Catholic Outreach
5 y 6 de diciembre 2015
Cross Catholic Outreach
December 12 and 13, 2015
Retirement Fund For Religious
12 y 13 de diciembre 2015
Fondo de Retiro para los Religiosos
Parish Weekly Collection
Weekly Goal:
St. Joseph
$ 11,200.00
$ 2,600.00
Offertory this Week:
St. Joseph
$ 11,436.00
FOR EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)
If you wish to contribute via EFT (electronic fund transfer)
please visit our parish website for more information.
“Thank you for your generosity and may God continue to bless
you with His providence.”
First Reading
Today’s Readings
— Stand on the heights, Jerusalem; see
your children rejoicing that they are remembered by God.
A merciful and just God leads Israel in joy
(Baruch 5:1-9).
Psalm — The Lord has done great things for us; we are
filled with joy (Psalm 126)
Second Reading — May your love increase in
knowledge to discern what is valuable that you may be
blameless for the day of Christ (Philippians 1:4-6, 8-11).
Gospel — John proclaims a baptism of repentance for the
forgiveness of sins. All flesh shall see the salvation of
God (Luke 3:1-6).
Facility Request
If you are interested in using the parish
facilities, please visit the office and fill out a
facility scheduling request form or you may
also contact Aurora Fragozo-Aguirre at
[email protected] .
Readings For The Week
Mon: Is 35:1-10; Ps 85:9-14; Lk 5:17-26
Tues: Gn 3:9-15, 20; Ps 98:1-4; Eph 1:3-6, 11-12;
Lk 1:26-38
Is 40:25-31; Ps 103:1-4, 8, 10; Mt 11:28-30
Is 41:13-20; Ps 145:1, 9-13ab; Mt 11:11-15
Is 48:17-19; Ps 1:1-4, 6; Mt 11:16-19
Zec 2:14-17 or Rv 11:19a; 12:1-6a, 10ab;
Jdt 13:18bcde, 19; Lk 1:26-38 or Lk 1:39-47, or any
readings from the Common of the Blessed Virgin
Mary, nos. 707-712
Zep 3:14-18a; Is 12:2-3, 4, 5-6;Phil 4:4-7; Lk 3:10-18
Saint Joseph Parish
Glory to God in the Highest
Christmas 2015
“In the tender compassion of our God the dawn from on high shall break upon us, to shine on those
who dwell in darkness and shadow of death, and guide our feet in the way of peace!” (Luke 1:78-19)
These words of Zachariah illustrates for us what came to be with the birth of Jesus. Jesus, the Word of
God made flesh and born of the Virgin, brought great light to the world and dispelled the darkness to fulfill
His promise.
Christmas celebrates, in the midst of whatever dark night we are experiencing, the light of Christ that
breaks through as with the coming of the dawn. There is renewed hope with the coming of the light. There is
great joy in the experience of God’s mercy and love.
Christmas is a season that seems to reach everyone around. Christmas celebrates what God, in His
immense generosity and love, is willing to give as gift to complete the work of salvation. When we express
this love and mercy through our generosity to one another — beyond the material gifts we give — expressing
affirmations, showing gratitude, letting go of hurts or transgressions, seeking forgiveness, giving pardon, and
showing love — Christmas finds the meaning it is meant to have.
On behalf of Father Carlo, Sister Grace, Deacon Larry, Deacon Ned, and the Parish Staff, I wish you and
your family all the best this Christmas and New Year. May it dispel all darkness and shine the light of God’s
love. I thank you for your continuous and generous contributions to our parish
Gloria a Dios en las Alturas
2015 Navidad
“Por la entrañable Misericordia de nuestra Dios, que harán que nos visite una luz desde lo alto, a fin de
iluminar a los que habitan entinieblas y en sombras de muerte guiar nuestros pasos por el camino de la
paz.” (Lucas 1:78-19)
Estas palabras de Zacarías ilustran para nosotros lo que vino a ser con el nacimiento de Jesús. Jesús, el
verbo hecho carne y nacido de la Virgen, trajo luz al mundo y disipo las tinieblas para cumplir Su promesa.
La Navidad celebra, aun en medio de la noche más oscura que estemos viviendo, la luz de Cristo que
rompe toda tiniebla y nos regala otro amanecer. Con la llegada de la luz hay para nosotros una esperanza
renovada. Hay gran alegría cuando experimentamos el amor y misericordia de Dios. Navidad es una
temporada que parece llegar a todos los rincones del mundo. La Navidad celebra lo que Dios, en Su inmensa
generosidad y amor, nos regala para completar su gran obra de salvación. Cuando, mucho más allá de los
regalos materiales que recibimos, somos capaces de expresar este amor y misericordia por medio de nuestra
generosidad hacia los demás expresando afirmaciones, mostrando gratitud, dejando las heridas y
transgresiones a un lado, al pedir y dar el perdón —Precisamente entonces encontramos el verdadero
significado de la Navidad.
A nombre del P. Carlo, Sr. Grace, los Diáconos Larry y Ned, y el Personal de la Parroquia, les deseo a
ustedes y a su familia todo lo mejor en esta Navidad y Año Nuevo. Que estos días dispersen las tinieblas y
permitan que la luz del amor de Dios brille en ustedes. Les agradezco sus continuas y generosas
contribuciones a nuestra parroquia.
Feliz Navidad! Maligayang Pasko! Merry Christmas!
Father Brian, Pastor
Saint Joseph Parish
Mañanitas a la Virgen
5:30 AM
Solemne Celebración de la Santa Misa (Mass)
Este año nuestra celebración
será por la mañana ya que la
Misa del sábado por la tarde
es la Misa de vigilia del
domingo. Esperamos nos
acompañen con amor y
alegría para celebrar a
nuestra Madre. Convivencia
y Representación de las
Inmediatamente después de
la Misa en el Salón Social.
This year our celebration
will be in the morning since the Saturday evening
Mass is our Sunday Vigil Mass. We hope everyone
can join us with love and joy to celebrate our Lady
of Guadalupe.
Fellowship and OLG Play immediately after the
Schedule of Masses
Liturgia de Reconciliación
St. Joseph Monday, December 14 7:00PM
12/15/2015—12/23/2015 6:00 PM
12/15/15—12/23/15 7:00 PM
Misa Vigilia de Natividad
Thursday, December 24
St. Joseph 3:30 PM, 5:30 PM and 12:00 Midnight
St. Vincent de Paul 5:30 PM
Misa de Natividad
Friday, December 25
St. Joseph 8:00 AM & 10:00 AM
St. Joseph (Español) 12 del Medio Dia
St. Vincent de Paul
10:00 AM
Schedule of Masses
Monday, December 7th—St. Vincent de Paul
Vigil Mass at 7:00pm
Tuesday, December 8th—Holy Day of Obligation
The Feast of The Immaculate Conception of The
Blessed Virgin Mary at 8:00am and
7:00pm Bilingual mass
4th Annual Simbang Gabi
We are starting our 9
days of Simbang Gabi
Novena Mass. This is a
traditional Filipino Mass
Celebration, in preparation
of the coming of the birth
of our Lord Jesus Christ.
On December 15 through
December 23, 2015 our
Novena mass will be 7:00pm with exception of
December 20th at 5:00pm. There will be a Rosary at
6:30pm befor e ever y mass. Please br ing food to
share on our Fellowship potluck after mass.
Day 1, December 15th
Macaroni/Chicken Soup and Bread
Day 2, December 16th
Arroz Caldo
Day 3, December 17th
Sotanghon and Bread
Day 4, December 18th
Meat Dish with Rice (example, dinuguan, menudo,
Day 5, December 19th
Dessert night with/Hot Chocolate and Tea
Day 6, December 20th
Champorado/Chocolate Rice
Day 7, December 21st
Adobo and Rice
Day 8, December 22nd
Palabok Pancit
Day 9, December 23rd
If your last name begins with:
A-E Meat Dish
F-M Vegetable Dish
N-T Seafood Dish
U-Z Desser t Dish
Saint Joseph Parish/Saint Vincent de Paul
St. Joseph Parish in Elk Grove has an immediate
full time opening for an Administrative Assistant II
for Data Entry and Website services. This position’s
primary responsibility is to provide the pastor and
parish administration with prompt and accurate
parishioner information using the Parish SOFT (a
Microsoft Access-Based Program), Family Directory
and Religious Education databases. Via and Google Apps, he or she will also
be responsible for maintaining and updating our
website and calendars. Records Management
responsibilities include maintenance/development of
our current records management system to adequate
Skills: Three years computer experience in:
database, website and records keeping maintenance.
Knowledgeable in data base entry with Microsoft
Office: Word, Excel, Access and Publisher. Familiar
with Mail Merge and Sort functions. Proficiency in
Spanish is a big plus. Full understanding of Google
Apps and Google sites is a desired advantage.
Experience in basic computer networking is also a
plus. Typing speed at 45 words a minute, 10-key
adding machine operation.
Interested applicants submit a cover letter and
their resume to Aurora
[email protected]
Early Bulletin Article
Due to the up coming holidays, please email all
requests for articles to be in the bulletin by the
following dates:
Wednesday Dec.
9th - for the Dec.
20th bulletin
Friday Dec.11 - for the Dec. 27 bulletin
Wednesday Dec.17th - for the Jan. 3rd bulletin
If you have any questions please contact Veronica
by email at [email protected]
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and
support it is greatly appreciated.
Fr. Tom’s Bible Class
Fr. Tom’s class will be Friday December 11th. The
topic is “Scripture, Faith, Grace, The Theology of
Martin Luther”. Class will be in the St. Anthony’s
Room star ting at 10:30am - 12:30pm. This is the
last class of this series. For more information, please
call Pat, at 686-5977. Hope you can make these
wonderfully classes he offers.
St. Vincent de Paul Society News
“They will know we are Christians
by our love…” Thanks to your generous
response to the Giving Tree and AdoptA-Family, many children will feel our
love. Please be sure the gifts are
returned by December 13th so we can
deliver them by Christmas.
We invite you to join us in serving lunch at
Loaves and Fishes on Friday, December 18th. We
meet in the church parking lot at 9:15am, and then
carpool to Loaves and Fishes. If you would like to
volunteer, please contact Donald at 916-541-9284 or
e-mail: [email protected]
If you know a family that needs the makings of a
Christmas dinner, please direct them to the Elk Grove
Food Bank. They must register during the first two
weeks of December.
If you or someone you know needs help with
food, clothing, utilities, or anything else, please call
our confidential hot line at 916-667-2779. One of our
volunteers will return your call to schedule a home
visit to discuss your needs. May God bless you.
Noticias de la Sociedad de S.V. de Paúl
"Sabrán que somos Cristianos por el amor que demostramos..." Gracias a su generosa respuesta de los
programas del Árbol Navideño y Adopte-UnaFamilia, muchos niños sentirán nuestro amor. Por
favor coloque los regalos bajo el árbol, no más tarde
del 13 de diciembre, para repartirlos en Navidad.
Estaremos sirviendo almuerzo a los pobres en
Loaves and Fishes, el viernes, 18 de diciembre. Nos
reunimos en el estacionamiento de la Iglesia a las
9:15am y nos vamos juntos. Si necesita más infor mación, por favor llame a Gloria, al 916-682-8599.
Si necesita comida para su Cena Navideña, por
favor vaya al Banco de Comida de Elk Grove y
regístrese, las 2 primeras semanas de diciembre.
Si usted o alguien que usted conoce necesita ayuda
de comida, ropa, muebles o renta, por favor llame a
nuestra línea confidencial, al 916-667-2779 y deje
mensaje. Cuando le regresemos su llamada, platicaremos sus necesidades en su casa. Que Dios los
The Challenge Girls are starting the Advent season
with their next apostolic project to serve the poor. We
would like to invite you to be part of it! Help us by
donating hotdogs and sausages, the girls will be
collecting them after masses on December 6th in the
church vestibule. Then join us early morning on
December 12th to bring these prepared hotdogs to the
homeless on 16th and B Street. For more information,
please call Amelina at 916-346-0280.
Saint Joseph Parish
Youth Ministry News
¡Noticias Del Ministerio
EDGE at St. Joseph’s and Mission Church of
SVdP will meet again on Wednesday December 9th
El programa de EDGE se reunirá con los padres
for a Parent Cateche cal Night from 6:30-8pm in
the Church at St. Joseph’s Children do not need to
a end. Mee ng is only for parents.
High School Youth Ministry will meet on
Sunday December 13th for our Christmas Party!
Please bring a wrapped gi ($10 minimum) for
White Elephant.
1:8 Program Confirma on Dates
el 9 de diciembre en la Iglesia de 6:30pm-8pm. Esta
noche será una noche Catequé ca para los Padres
de familia o sus Tutores, sus hijos no enen que
asis r. Les pedimos sean puntuales.
Confirmación Año 1 se reunirá el domingo 6 de
diciembre de 2:30-4pm en el Salon Social. El tema
del dia sera Dios con Nosotros: Cristo Encarnado
Year 1 Confirma on will meet on Sunday December
6th from 2:30-4pm in the Social Hall. We will be
discussing God With Us: Centrality of Christ,
Incarna on
Confirmación Año 2 se reunirá el domingo 13 de
diciembre de 2:30 a las 4pm en el Salón Social. El
tema será Tes monio Valiente: Fortaleza, Piedad,
Temor del Señor y los Santos”
YR 2 Confirma on will meet on Sunday December
13th from 2:30-4pm in the Social Hall. We will be
discussing Courageous Witness: For tude, Piety,
Fear of the Lord, and the Saints.
For our 2nd Annual Christmas Around
the World! We’ll begin with the
Christmas Tree Ligh ng and the
blessing of the Christmas Tree, a er
which we will con nue with all of our
Christmas fes vi es in the Social Hall!
Please come and join us and enjoy pictures with
Santa at the North Pole, yummy baked goods at
Mrs. Claus’ bake shop, yummy food at the Kris
Kringle Kafe, and lots of other wonderful things
happening this year at Christmas Around our World!
Frozen Pie Sale
The Knights of Columbus, Council 7274 will
having a Frozen Pie Sale for December (13-14 and 1920) after ALL masses on the church patio and in the
Renwald Room (yes, two locations). The November
sales benefit the St. Joseph Youth Group World Youth
Day Pilgrimage 2016 and the December sales benefit
Knight of Columbus Charities. Come purchase your
holiday pies and support these parish activities. Contact
Jackson Campbell thr ough the par ish office if you
have any questions.
Para el evento anual de “Navidad
Alrededor del Mundo”! Empezaremos
con la bendición de nuestro arbolito
de Navidad. Enseguida, darán
principio nuestras fes vidades en el
salón social. Santa Claus estara presente para
tomarse fotos con los niños, tendremos sopitas
calen tas y otros antojitos. El taller de la Sra. Claus
estara vendiendo rica reposteria y el Almacen de
Santa estara disponible para hacer sus compras
navideñas. Todo esto y más para dar la bienvenida a
la Navidad con alegría y canto!
The Knights of Columbus Squires Circle 3143 will
be having a membership drive and bake sale
Sunday, December 6, 2015 in the chur ch patio (if
good weather) or indoors in the Msgr. Renwald if there
is rain. The Squires will also be selling home baked
goodies with coffee. The membership drive table will
be present after the 7:30, 9:00, and 11:00am masses.
For more information or if there are any questions,
please contact Albert Villalpando at 916-212-8727 or
Jorge Rodriquez at 916-208-0692.
Pray For Our Military Families
Christmas Giving Tree Project
The Christmas “Giving Tree” is now up in our
vestibule. Again this year our gifts will go to the
children of the Moral Values Program in Sacramento.
Please take a tag or two and you can be assured that
you will be making Christmas brighter for a less
fortunate child. Please tape the tag to your wrapped
gift and return it to the church vestibule by
December 20th. If you have any questions please
contact Lana Mason at 354-3855.
Holy Day of Obliga on
The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the
Virgin Mary will be celebrated with a Vigil Mass at
St. Vincent de Paul on Monday December 7th at
7:00pm. Our r egular Rosar y will be at 6:00pm.
Voca ons Cross
Thank you to Fran Mendenhall for taking the
Vocation Cross in November, and prayers for Ceres
Holsapple for December. Thank you! There is a
2015 sign-up sheet in Anderson Hall - please sign up
to take the cross into your home for one month. Call
Bob or Margie Coffman 354-1744 with questions.
The Incarna on of Our Lord
As we experience this period of expectant
waiting – this Advent time - what better way to
engage in the season than to go more deeply into an
understanding of the Incarnation.
In a one hour DVD presentation, well known
spiritual writer and presenter, Fr. Ron Rolheiser
brings the incarnation into focus and brings clarity to
its meaning for us, especially as a faith community.
Come join us immediately following Mass on
Sunday, December 6th in the church to enjoy his
engaging presentation.
The Kiwanis Club of Rancho Murieta is again
partnering with the Knights of Columbus and
St. Vincent de Paul Church to host our second annual
Crab Feed in the SVDP Social Hall on
February 6, 2016. Tickets will go on sale befor e
mass on December 12 & 13, 2015. Anyone interested
in sponsorship opportunities (and the benefits it
entails), or donating raffle/auction items should
contact Joe Mazzoni, Sr. at 354-0197. This
partnership benefits the youth of the community of
Rancho Murieta and Special Olympics.
Bulle n Deadline No ce
For the Month of December, articles for the bulletin
must be submitted to Bill for 12/27 on 12/8 and 1/3
by 12/11. Don’t forget to checkout the rest of
the bulletin!
Steven Alsop
Josh Alonzo
Don R. Baker II
Robert Bohon
Solomon Bolt
Carl Ian Bravo
Jaclyn Buno
Mark Dollar
Benjamin Erwin
Matthew Farrell
Joey Feathers
Roman Fernandez
Gabriel Franzoia
Serena Grandov
Graham Hebert
Valery Keaveny Jr.
Joseph King
Freddie Koeller
Glenn Lewis
Kyle Linebaugh
James Lovello
Amber McGovern
Russell Miller
Midori Mekata
Mike Montini
Jared Ortner
Sean Passmore
Cherry Pangilinan
Diosdado Pangilinan
Dominic Peterson
Ian Rubstello
Michael Riehl
Jousha Shaffer
Zachary Schiele
Jason Stiles
Shawn Tostado
Jason Lee Tudor
Brien Warfield
Jaime Wong-Lopez
Jordan Wood
Jason Woodford
Shai-Lin Ynacay
Military Prayer List Additions
To add new names of active military to our
military list, please send an e-mail to
[email protected] or call Pat at 916-686-5977.
The 12th annual San Francisco Walk for Life is
on Saturday January 23rd 2016. A bus will be
provided leaving St. Joseph. Cost for adult $25 and
children under 16 $15. Scholarship will be
available. Also shirts will be available for $10.
Registration forms ARE AVAILABLE IN THE
questions, please contact Dee and Joe Madruga for
685-5679 and SVdP Church contacts are Karen
Mauro at 608-1647 or Lynn King at 687-6442.
Elk Grove Winter Sanctuary
St. Joseph's will again participate in the Elk
Grove Winter Sanctuary Program, commonly called
EG WINS, again this year. We will be hosting
homeless people from Sunday, December 27, 2015
through the morning of Sunday, January 10, 2016.
Once again we will need night monitors and
families/organizations to prepare evening, and
possibly some morning, meals, please see Sharon
Van Horn and her fantastic cr ew after each mass,
the weekend of November 28-29 to sign up.
If you are interested in being a Night Monitor
please call Ed Sanchez, Night Monitor Coordinator
at 916-690-2531. If you are interested in preparing a
meal please call Mary Ohnemus, Meal Coordinator
at 916-686-4828. For general information regarding
this event call Sharon Van Horn, 916-753-4201. We
are grateful for your help, support and prayers. God
Bless you.

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