July 24, 2016 - St. Vincent de Paul | Houston, TX


July 24, 2016 - St. Vincent de Paul | Houston, TX
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July 24, 2016, Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Rev. Msgr. William Young
Parochial Vicar
Rev. Phong Nguyen
Gus Camacho, Dan Pagnano
Business Administrator,
Meredith Wyzik, 713-663-3549
Director of Music,
Daryel Nance, 713-663-3539
Director of Liturgy,
Laura Rivera, 713-663-3528
Director of Faith Formation,
Nick LaRocca, 713-663-3565
Director of Communications,
Mary Gosline, 713-663-3546
Parish School, 713-666-2345
Fax 713-663-3562
Principal, Carolyn Sears
“Lord teach us to pray…” Luke 11:1-13
Weekdays: 6:45 AM and 12:10 PM
Saturday: 8:15 AM, Vigil Mass at 5:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM
Spanish Mass: Sunday, 3:00 PM
Life Teen Mass: Sunday, 5:00 PM
Young Adults Mass: Tuesday, 7:00 PM except No First Tuesday 7 PM Mass
EUCHARISTIC ADORATION in the Church Adoration Chapel, 24 hours, Monday, 7 AM through Saturday, 8 AM
CONFESSIONS: Tuesdays, 6-7 PM and Saturdays, 3:30-4:30 PM or call 713-667-9111 for an appointment
HEALING AND ANOINTING OF THE SICK second Wednesday of the month after 12:10 PM Mass
July 24, 2016, Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Letter From The Pastor
Dear Parishioners:
This week, July 24 – 30, we celebrate Natural Family Planning Week. Our Catholic
faith teaches us that the Death and Resurrection of Jesus the Christ transformed all of
creation. In part, the Paschal events returned you and me to the original unity and
freedom possessed by our first parents, Adam and Eve. This restoration and renewal is
not only our souls, but also our very bodies. Human sexuality is good, beautiful, fruitful,
divinely directed to unity and fruitfulness.
One of the problems with this teaching is that so many do not understand the truths that accompany the
teaching. So many people think the Church is more about the, “Do not do this or that!” rather than saying,
“Yes,” to everything. Well, that’s not really the case.
The Church does indeed say, “No,” sometimes. We MUST remember, however, that behind EVERY, “no,”
is a profound, “Yes!” The command, “Thou shalt not kill,” is written because every life is valuable and may not
be taken without a justifiable reason. Human life is made in the image and likeness of God and must be
respected. To affirm murder ultimately reduces a human life to another’s whim or permission.
When our Church teaches us about sexual morality she begins from the premise that …
we can deduce
that man became the image and likeness of God not only through his humanity, but also through the
communion of persons which man and woman form right from the beginning, … man becomes the image of
God not so much in the moment of solitude as in the moment of communion (St. John Paul II, TOB Nov.
14,1979). The coming together of husband and wife in the intimate sexual union of self-donation in a covenant
of free, faithful, fertile love is so beautiful and good that outside of that covenantal love is a sin.
Once we separate the unitive and procreative aspects of the marriage, we break the image of God in this
elementary expression of the union of persons reflecting the Holy Trinity in our midst. This is one of the
reasons we celebrate Natural Family Planning Week this week. NFP is a natural way of managing couples’
fertility that is 99.5% effective with perfect use and a typical use rate of 96.5% effective. That compares to
birth control pill rates of 99.5% with perfect use and 90-96% with typical use. Another blessing that comes
with Natural Family Planning is a more successful rate of achieving pregnancy for those couples who struggle
with infertility. Hilgers, M.D.; (The Naprotechnology Revolution p.12).
This is accomplished within a deeply respectful approach to human sexuality, marital dignity, knowledge of
the teaching of the Church and Scripture and the recognition that every human being is made in the image
and likeness of God from the moment of conception for all eternity. The divorce rate for couples using NFP is
about 4% to 6% while the national average is a bit above 40%. One of reasons behind this is that NFP
requires a shared vision and approach in the husband – wife relationship. It goes far beyond the sexual side of
the issues. NFP builds a greater understanding of another and requires a commonality of language and
Here at SVdP we require engaged couples to attend classes in this holy approach to fertility management
in their relationship. It builds trust levels by opening more doors of understanding and behaviors. The United
States Catholic Council of Bishops has much more complete details about Natural Family Planning at its web
site, http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/marriage-and-family/natural-family-planning/index.cfm. Check
out the latest research and information about NFP.
People my age may remember the promise of just how wonderful would be the rewards of contraception
for women, marriage, children. They still have not arrived. So much of what chemicals promised has
disappointed. NFP demonstrates that what is desired has been found and the blessings are many.
This week find out more about Natural Family Planning and how its blessings can be yours. God knew
exactly what he was doing when he designed this universe and those of us who live in it.
Pax et bonum,
Msgr. Bill
Mass Intentions for the Week
July 25 to July 31
Monday July 25, St. James, Apostle
6:45 AM - Frances Oberdorf †
12:10 PM - Sean, Kitty & Geo Moquin †,
Deceased Member of the Barrett Family †
Tuesday July 26
Sts. Joachim & Anne, Parents of the Blessed Virgin
6:45 AM - St. Jude League
12:10 PM - Canonization of Blessed Frederic Ozanam †,
Hilda Mata
7:00 PM - Jim Hughes †
Wednesday July 27, Weekday
6:45 AM - John Oberdorf, Sr. †
12:10 PM - John Fazzino †, The Demello Family
Loving Embrace
Infertility Support Group
Thursday July 28, Weekday
6:45 AM - Jack Stevens †, Can Huynh †
12:10 PM - Joyce Purfey †, Jim Hughes †
September 15, 2016, 7:30-9:00PM
St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church,
Msgr Jamail Family Center, Room 202
The meeting will feature Guest Speaker Brooke Jemelka,
MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Jemelka is one of
three practitioners with Caritas Women’s Care, part of
CHI St. Luke’s Medical Group Sugar land. Caritas is
dedicated to providing holistic, comprehensive, and restorative services for women from adolescence through
menopause. Honoring womanhood and the sanctity of
human life, Caritas Women’s Care offers on-site education about natural family planning and infertility in a loving, faith-based environment.
Contacts: Shannon Lassen, 832.978.6716 / [email protected] or Janel Greig, 713.586.9567 /
[email protected]
Friday July 29, St. Martha
6:45 AM - Frank L. Chesser †
12:10 PM - Richard Faust †, Luisa Mata
Saturday July 30, Weekday
8:15 AM - Ravi Gunaratne †, Matthew Bishop Gray †
5:00 PM - Tony & Mary Fazzino †
Sunday July 31,
7:00 AM - Doris Dyer †
9:00 AM - Susie Magdaleno †
11:00 AM - Parishioners
1:00 PM - Helen Nguyen
3:00 PM - Nicholas Veedell and Margarita Gardea
5:00 PM - Vincent & Caroline Caltagirone
Year of Mercy
Prayer Breakfast
St. Vincent de Paul’s Sister Parish, St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church invites all to their
Prayer Breakfast, Saturday,
August 6, 2016, 9am-12 noon,
donation $10, at the Deacon
Clarence Johnson Hall, 6220
LaSalette Dr., 77021. Theme:
Merciful Like the Father, Our Responsibilities in the context of Misericordiae Vultus in the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Speaker:
Rev. Faustinus Okeyikam, MSP, Pastor of St. Peter
the Apostle Church. Please RSVP to: Janell Nelson,
[email protected] or 281-467-4575 or Annette
Batiste [email protected] / 713-985-9841.
For more info: stpeterhouston.org/ or 713-747-7800.
Norma L. McLellan St. Anne's Society Book Club
Wed., August 10, 7pm, MJFC Room 208B.
We will discuss "A Town Like Alice" by Neville Shute.
Reserve your children's spot in the nursery 48 hrs in
advance when you RSVP at www.stannessociety.org
Stewardship Offering
July 17, 2016, Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
Other Charitable:
$ 880.00
Total Contributions:
First round baskets passed are for the Offertory and the second
rectangular baskets are for the Second Collection.
Elementary Faith Formation
The Lord’s Day Program is a faith formation program for
children 2 years old through 5 years old. You may choose
the 9:00 AM or the 11:00 AM class, and they meet in the
Primary School Building.
Life Teen – High School Youth Ministry
Sundays, 5pm - LIFETEEN Mass, join us! We sit together
front left in the Church.
SVdP Youth Ministry Meetings start Sunday, August 7th,
6:30-8pm, in the Family Center, upstairs, Youth Room.
All High School Students are welcome.
The CCE Program provides faith formation for children in
grades 1 through 8. We also have a class for children
with special needs. CCE meets 10:30AM - 12:00Noon in
the Primary, Intermediate and Middle School Buildings
and the Msgr. Jamail Family Center.
We will be going to the Lifeteen Inspiration Conference at
the Six Flags in San Antonio, TX, Saturday, August 6th! We
will spend the day riding roller coasters, making friends, and
spending time in worship growing closer to God and each
other. We will be leaving at 6:00 AM and returning at 1:00
AM the next day. The cost is $75 per person. See, email, or
call the youth minister Pat Gunning to sign up and with any
questions. [email protected] or 713-663-3524.
ready to start preparation for First Holy Communion, students must complete one full year of Catholic Education,
beginning no sooner than First Grade. This requirement
may be satisfied by attendance at CCE, Catholic School, or
Home School (provided the curriculum consists of daily
Catholic Education).
For more events and information see
August Calendar on page 8 of this Bulletin.
"The World Promises you comfort, but you were not
made for comfort. You were made for greatness"
- Pope Benedict XVI
over 7 years or older and needs to be baptized, we have
an RCIA program adapted for children. In addition to the
Sunday CCE classes from 10:30am to 12:00noon, we will
meet once a month on a Monday night from 5:30pm to
6:30pm. Please talk to Monica for more information about
St. Vincent de Paul Life Teen's Mission is to bring teens into
a relationship with Christ and his Church. We seek not
merely to educate about the faith but to create Missionary
Disciples for the Kingdom of God. Through our focus on
prayer, the Sacraments, and fellowship through relational
ministry, we seek to brings teens into the fullness of Christ
and to put them on the path to becoming the person that
Christ created them to be.
For further information please contact Monica Aquila at
713.663.3509 or [email protected]
Literacy Initiative for Today Program
You’re Invited to a Free
Cub Scout Summer Activity!
Volunteers are needed to teach English-As-A-SecondLanguage on Saturdays in a successful, ongoing program
offering low-cost classes for anyone in the Houston area.
The program, LIFT (Literacy Initiative for Today), was
created at the University of St. Thomas, where classes
will be held beginning in September and continuing for
10 weeks. No experience is required, but prospective
teachers should send a resume immediately to David
Godwin at [email protected] or call 713-301-7276.
Bring your family and learn about
scouting! Designed for boys entering
grades 1-5, Cub Scouts is an exciting
program that combines outdoor activities,
sports, academics and more while helping instill values such as honesty, good citizenship and respect.
Water Balloon Monsoon, Sunday, August 14, 2pm St.
Vincent de Paul Athletic Fields (date & location subject
to change) Always EPIC!! The Water Balloon Monsoon
is a Scout Favorite! Scouts are suggested to bring 50 or
more pre-filled water balloons. You can’t have too many.
Refrigerated balloons are chilling!!
Houston Aggie Catholics!
Please join us for an Aggie Catholic Maroon Mass to
welcome our new Aggie Catholic freshman, transfer students and their families and learn about all of the great
things happening at St. Mary’s! Saturday, July 30, Mass
at 5pm, at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, 1111 St.
Joseph Parkway, 77002. Light dinner and program will
follow at Cathedral Centre. RSVP to Beth Ogden 979846-5717 ext 110 or [email protected]
If you are thinking about joining us for this event, please
send us a note so we can have enough food and beverage
and keep you up to date on any changes.
For this, or any additional information, contact
Bill Macey at [email protected] or
Gene Silva at [email protected]
As members of St. Vincent de Paul's Young Adults
(SVDPYA), we strive to live out our Catholic faith in
both word and deed. We achieve this goal through our
service, spiritual formation, and social events in support
of one another, our community, and the Church as a
whole. Together, we take up the call of bringing Christ into the world!
SVDPYA is centered around a 6:30pm praise and worship, 7pm Mass, and dinner every Tuesday evening (except for
the 1st Tuesday of the month), along with an array of social and spiritual events. Come join us at one of our upcoming
events, or find our group on Facebook by searching "SVDPYA" or email [email protected] to get involved.
Adult Life Ministries
Bus Trip for August 10 The next senior bus trip will be
to the National Weather Service in Dickinson for a free
explanation of how the forecasters know when it will rain
or when a hurricane is developing and where it will hit.
Then we shall go on to San Leon to have lunch at the Top
Water Grill and tour the Railean Distillery. In the event
the weather center will not be able to take us because of a
dynamic weather condition, we shall go, instead, to the
Air Terminal Museum at Hobby Airport. Because a prepayment is not required, there will be no money needed to
sign up. For this reason you may sign up at the reception
desk in the main lobby of the MJFC. Boarding for this trip
will be at 8:30am.
Spiritual Direction For an appointment with a spiritual
director call: Sandy Marcello at 713-529-8162,
Eileen Meinert at 713-363-1961, or
Elaine Caldwell at 713-663-3564.
English Classes (ESL) English as a Second Language
meets at 9:30am in the Monsignor Jamail Family Center,
Room 202. You may register when you come to the class
for the first time.
Other Activities Continuing Through the Summer
Free and Open to Adults All are held in the MJFC
Centering Prayer: Tuesdays at 10:00 in 206.
Christian Meditation: Wednesdays at 7:00 pm in 206.
Share the Word Bible Study: Thursdays at 10:30 in 206.
Teresians: Mondays at 11:00 in 208B.
SVdP Book Club: Second Wednesdays at 10:30.
Opening Doors: Call 713-663-3564 for current schedule.
Cards (Canasta): Thursdays at 1:30 in 206.
Mah Jongg: Every Monday & Thursday at 12:30 in 206.
Mexican Train Dominoes: Thursdays at 1:00 in 206.
English Class (ESL): Tuesdays at 9:30 in 208A.
Italian I: Wednesdays at 10:00 in 202.
French I: Wednesdays at 9:30 in 208A.
Spanish I and II: Tuesdays at 1:00 in 208A.
Stitch ’n Time: Tuesdays at 12:30 in 208B.
Sugar Sticks: Wednesdays at 1:00 in AB.
Bridge: Tues.1:00, Wed.1;30, Fri. 1:30 in 206.
Tai Chi: Fridays at 5:00 pm in MJFC.
Bus Trips: As scheduled.
John XXIII Study Group Deciding to take off the remainder of July, this group will begin meeting again on
August 1. On that date they will continue the regular
schedule of meeting at 10am, Mondays, MJFC 208A.
Walk-ins are welcome, as topics frequently originate
within the group as they address them in light of church
doctrine found in the documents of Vatican II and other
papal publications. Current world problems and remarks
of church hierarchy provide ample topics for discussion.
Your Invitation to Volunteer in Adult Life Ministries
If you are interested in helping in any of these opportunities, please contact Elaine at [email protected]
 Teaching French I and another for French II
 Teaching Italian II (volunteer discerning at present)
 Teaching/coordinating a program in art and/or music
Wedding Anniversary Jubilee
Special bilingual (English/Spanish) annual masses celebrated by
His Eminence Daniel Cardinal DiNardo for couples residing in the
Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. The Archdiocese celebrates the powerful gift of
Marriage to those who are commemorating their 50th or 25th anniversary years of
married life in the 2016 calendar year; and recognize their wonderful commitment
to the importance and permanence of this sacred sacrament.
25th Silver Anniversary Sunday, Aug. 14, 3pm, Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, 1111 St. Joseph Parkway.
50th Golden Anniversary Sunday, Sept. 25, 3pm, Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, 1111 St. Joseph Parkway.
Whether or not a couple attends the ceremony, they are eligible to receive a special recognition.
Reserved seating will be limited.
For more information contact Regina Vasquez, with the Office of Family Life Ministry, 713-741-8720.
Register at www.familylifeministryhouston.org
MAY 11 - 22, 2017, $3590.00 PER PERSON FROM HOUSTON
(Includes round trip air fare from Houston, first class hotels,
double occupancy, two meals a day, full breakfast, and dinner, English
speaking tour guides, all entrance fees and sightseeing as per itinerary,
airport taxes and fuel surcharges. Tips to guides and drivers)
Tour Coordinator: Lucie Gardea, contact: 832-413-2746
UH Catholic Newman Center Retreat
2016 Archdiocesan Prayer
Breakfast July 28, 2016
“Calling Future Coogs! Whether you’re a
freshman or a transfer student, join us for
the Fresh Retreat at the UH Main
Campus, Catholic Newman Center,
4805 Calhoun Rd, 77004, on Saturday,
August 27, 10am-6pm. The day retreat
will be filled with games, food, dynamic talks and
personal stories of transitioning and staying close to the
Catholic Faith in College. Meet other freshmen and transfer students, gain insight from current Catholic Coogs,
and hang out with our Director Fr. John Paul Bolger, C.C.
and Campus Minister Mrs. Claire McMullin.
Please contact Claire at [email protected] or
check out www.facebook.com/CatholicCoogs/ find Fresh
in the events.
Speaker: Most Rev. Michael Sis
Bishop of San Angelo
Hilton Americas
1600 Lamar St.
Houston, 77010
7am check in,
Program begins
7:30am sharp
To purchase tickets go to www.archgh.org/prayerbreakfast
For more information, please contact the
Development Department at 713-652-4417
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Some “Enchanted” Summer Evenings
In today's Gospel, Jesus teaches us that
God is our “Father” and just as a parent’s
love for his children is unlimited, God’s
love and care for us is unlimited. This week,
as you give your gift to the Society of St. Vincent de
Paul, know that you are showing the poor and suffering
that God loves them and that He is indeed their “Father.”
In the month of June, through your gifts, the Society of
St. Vincent de Paul was able to assist 45 families and
single persons, including 65 children, providing
$13,440.84 in rent and lodging, $163.99 in utilities,
$134.80 for food, $52.20 for transportation, and $600 for
international twinning- support of a Society of St. Vincent de Paul conference in India. Thank You!
Requests for assistance continue to be very high and we
are grateful for the support of the parish and individual
donors. Donations made directly to the Society of St.
Vincent de Paul are appreciated. Call 713-664-5350 for
help, or if you are interested in membership in The Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Please use the organization
link in the Church website (http://svdp-houston.org/
society-of-st-vincent-de-paul) to access more information
on the Society. The St. Jude Chapel Poor Box proceeds
are used by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to benefit
those in need. Donations may be made at any time.
Come and spend eight summer evenings learning and
singing 2,000 years of faith in liturgical song of the
Mass and psalms. St. Basil’s School of Gregorian
Chant invites you to the 8th annual Summer Learning
Schola, at the Univ. of St. Thomas. Dates are W’s &
Th’s: Session I, Aug 3-4, 10-11: Session II, Aug. 1718, 24-25. Tuition is $195.00 for both sessions, or
$125.00 for session I or II. We will close singing and
praying all we learned at a special Mass.
Visit our website: www.chantschool.org/slsust. or call
Lowell Davis at 281-855-2358.
Save Lives —
Help Sort Medical Supplies
Help Medical Bridges fulfill its mission of closing the
Healthcare Gap worldwide. Sort and categorize donated
medical supplies that will be shipped to organizations in
desperate need in more than 85 developing countries
worldwide. To Volunteer contact Veronica Bucio, 713766-6554 or [email protected] or apply online
at www.medicalbridges.org.
The requirements to serve the Lord in this rewarding Ministry are
that you be at least 18 years of age or a senior in High School, be a
practicing Catholic, registered at St. Vincent de Paul, who has
received the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation,
and that your life is lived in conformity with the teachings of the
Catholic Church, including the teachings on Sacramental Marriage.
FROM 7:00 – 9:00 PM, IN THE CHURCH
For Information: Alan and Rina Vennix (713-660-8245)
Saints and Special Observances
Catholic Exchange Student from Spain or Germany
Volunteer host families (with or without children) as
well as single parents are needed to provide food, a
bed and a loving home for the coming 2016-17
school year, one or two semesters, starting in August. EMF students have medical insurance, spending money for their personal expenses and expect to
share their host family’s daily life including household responsibilities. They speak English, are wellscreened and eager to experience life in America.
Their stay here is sponsored and supervised by EMF
(Educational Merit Foundation), a non-profit, educational exchange program. For more information,
please call Marie-Claude Dijoud now at 1-800-4678363 or visit our web site at www.emfusa.org
Sunday: Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Monday: St. James
Tuesday: Ss. Joachim and Anne;
World Youth Day, Krakow, Poland
Friday: St. Martha
Saturday: St. Peter Chrysologus; Blessed Virgin Mary
Today’s Readings
First Reading — Abraham bargains with God to
spare the city (Genesis 18:20-32).
Psalm — Lord, on the day I called for help,
you answered me (Psalm 138).
Second Reading — Buried with Christ in baptism, we
were also raised with him; all our transgressions are forgiven (Colossians 2:12-14).
Gospel — Jesus speaks of God’s sure response to those
who pray (Luke 11:1-13).
St. Monica, whose feast we celebrate in August, is often
known as “the persistent mother.” She watched her oldest
son, Augustine, turn his back on his Christian faith.
Monica was exasperated. For years she gave up talking
directly to her son on the advice of a local bishop, who
told her that it was better to talk to God about Augustine
then to Augustine about God. The mother never gave up
praying for her son. Eventually Augustine gave up his
wild ways, was baptized, and later ordained and named
bishop of Hippo. St. Augustine went on to become one of
the Church’s greatest scholars. Today’s readings address
the importance of persistent prayer. Abraham, in spite of
trepidation that he is bothering the Lord, continues to ask
about the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah. Jesus, in Luke’s
Gospel, tells his disciples to “ask and you will receive;
seek and you will find; knock and the door will be
opened to you” (Luke 11:9). This is our charge: keep
praying. Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
The English translation of the Psalm Responses from Lectionary for Mass © 1969, 1981, 1997, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.
Readings For The Week
2 Cor 4:7-15; Ps 126:1bc-6; Mt 20:20-28
Jer 14:17-22; Ps 79:8, 9, 11, 13;
Mt 13:36-43
Wednesday: Jer 15:10, 16-21; Ps 59:2-4, 10-11, 17-18;
Mt 13:44-46
Thursday: Jer 18:1-6; Ps 146:1b-6ab; Mt 13:47-53
Jer 26:1-9; Ps 69:5, 8-10, 14; Jn 11:19-27
or Lk 10:38-42
Saturday: Jer 26:11-16, 24; Ps 69:15-16, 30-31, 33-34;
Mt 14:1-12
Eccl 1:2; 2:21-23; Ps 90:3-6, 12-14, 17;
Col 3:1-5, 9-11; Lk 12:13-21
SVdP Book Club
The SVdP Book Club will meet Wed.,
Aug. 10, in MJFC 206, 10:30am
—Noon. The August selection
is The Collaborator of Bethlehem by Matt Beynon Rees. Here's a
brief description about it: The murder of a leader of the
Palestinian Martyrs Brigade leads to the arrest of George
Saba, a Palestinian Christian accused of collaborating
with the Israelis. Omar Yussef, a modest history teacher
at a United Nations school in the West Bank, is impelled
to investigate the murder to exonerate his former pupil,
who he knows is innocent. As he struggles to save
George, Omar Yussef is drawn into a complex plot where
it is impossible to tell friend from enemy. Availability:
Houston Public Library has 9 copies with no holds; Harris County Public Library has 3 copies and no holds. It is
available from Better World Books for $3.48 and other
online and retail booksellers. Also available in various
electronic formats.
Contact Mary Ann Beachler at 713-665-0086 or
[email protected] for more information.
Sometimes when bishops are consecrated, they are not given the care of a diocese as an “ordinary.” A very old tradition, however, assures that they are invested with a “see,” a
link with a local church. Many hundreds of places around
the world were dioceses at one time, but are no longer. In
England, for example, some of the historic dioceses such as
London, Salisbury, and Manchester ceased to be Catholic at
the Reformation and their cathedrals passed to the Church
of England. The reestablishment of the Catholic Church in
the nineteenth century meant that new dioceses had to be
created, such as at Liverpool and Westminster. Similarly, in
Scandinavia the ancient Catholic dioceses vanished under
Lutheranism. In North Africa, tiny dioceses disappeared
under the sands or were swept away by Islam. In the United
States, some original dioceses never really developed as
population centers, such as the old dioceses of Bardstown,
Vincennes, Sault Ste. Marie, or Walla Walla. The tradition
of “titular sees” assures that the ancient churches are always
held in prayer, as the bishop celebrates Mass in its memory
a few times a year. —Rev. James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Next Coffee & Donuts in the Family Center
Parish Information
Following: 7, 9, 11a.m. & 3pm Masses
Sunday, August 7, 2016
Hosted by the Ushers
Sacrament of Baptism: Children, age 6 or younger requirements: parents registered parishioners, attended baptism class within 3 years and completed forms before baptism can be scheduled. For info and forms contact Paulette,
[email protected]/713-663-3515. If your child is
over 7 years old and not baptized, contact Monica Aquila,
713-663-3509 or [email protected].
Sacrament of Matrimony: Six to eight months are required
for marriage preparation. Please call the Parish Office, 713667-9111 for an appointment with the marriage coordinator.
Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick: Please call the
Parish Office as soon as you or someone in your family schedule surgery, hospitalization or suffer serious illness or injury.
Sunday Nursery Available
Children 1-24 Months. Let them play
while you pray during the 9am and 11am
Masses. Ground floor, Monsignor Jamail
Family Center. No Fees
Altar Servers: Contact Tom Green, [email protected]
Bulletin:. Deadline is 9am, Thur., 10 days before date of bulletin, holiday bulletins at least 1 week earlier. Email to [email protected], or drop off articles at the Parish Office.
Announcements before or after Mass will not be allowed unless submitted to the church office no later than Wednesday
before the weekend of the scheduled event for approval to
Laura Rivera, 713-663-3528 / [email protected].
Facilities Request: Request deadline: two weeks prior to event.
Contact Megan at [email protected] or 713-663-3561.
Can’t Get to Church? If you or someone you know would like to
receive Communion, but are home bound, or in a nursing or retirement residence and unable to get to Mass, call 713-667-9111.
Nursery: Ages birth to 2 years during Sunday 9:00 AM and
11:00 AM Masses at the Monsignor Jamail Family Center.
St. Jude League Enrollment Membership Cards are available
in the Church by the St. Jude Shrine.
Teen RCIA: Teens who desire to become Catholic and have
not been baptized or received the sacraments, call the Youth
Office, 713-663-3565.
CCSC is helping equip 6,500 students for the
academic year? WOW! HOW CAN I HELP?
1. Sponsor a student! CCSC’s greatest need for the
Back To School program is financial backing.
It costs only $45.00 to provide each child with a comprehensive packet of academic supplies and new clothing/
shoes in line with each campus’s uniform requirements.
Please consider giving or organizing a drive to fund this
much-needed service – at your place of business, worship,
recreation center or anywhere you have community relationships that care about children.
Donations of any amount can be contributed by:
Donate online! Our secure website is a convenient way to
give, and your gift can be designated to Back To School:
Donate by mail! Simply send a check (payable to CCSC
with “Back To School” in the note section) to CCSC,
P. O. Box 27924, Houston, Texas, 77227.
New Parishioners: To register, complete and return the
Parish Registration Form available at the Parish Office,
the Greeter’s Station in the Church Gathering Space or
online at http://www.svdp-houston.org/new-parishionerregistration-form
2. Volunteer! It takes 700 volunteers to make Back To
School a success! You can contribute your time and energy
to this worthy cause or help inspire others to volunteer.
LOCATION: Faith Lutheran Church, 4600 Bellaire
Blvd @ Ave. B (just inside Loop 610).
Sort & Set Up Saturday, July 30, 7:30am to 12:30pm,
Help prep and organize supplies!
Distribution (2 Day Option) Friday, Aug. 5 - 7:30am-1pm
Saturday, Aug. 6 - 7:30am-1pm, Help parents/students as
they pick up supplies and more!
Parking is limited on Distribution days! If possible,
please park across the street at Crosspoint Church (in
the back parking lot): 4601 Bellaire Blvd.
Thank you for your involvement and support!
Questions? Contact 713-961-3993 ext. 215
or [email protected]
Join Our Newly Organized Greeters
We are a group of parishioners committed to welcoming everyone into our Community United in
Faith. Individuals and entire families can join this
ministry. Go to: http://www.signupgenius.com/
go/60b0c45a8af2ba75-greeters. Choose a Mass
time that works for you and your family and sign up
for the Mass of your choice. We need YOU!! If you
have any questions, please call, Mary Gosline 713663-3546 or email [email protected].
The mission of Christian Community Service Center is to
serve the poor, hungry, disabled and otherwise needy while
respecting their religious, ethnic, or cultural differences
Decimoséptimo Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
24 de julio de 2016
En nuestra primera lectura de hoy, tomada del libro del Génesis, escuchamos una de las escenas de regateo
más largas de toda la Biblia, entre Dios y un ser humano. Fue esa clase de osadía –la de atreverse a regatear
con el Todopoderoso– lo que le ganó a Abraham la reputación de ser un hombre de una fidelidad sin miedo,
un hombre que cumplió fielmente su parte de la alianza y que, con fe y confianza ilimitadas, le exigió al
Señor que también cumpliera la suya. Se dan ejemplos en otras religiones de la antigüedad de seres mortales
que se atrevían a regatear con sus dioses. Pero el que un mero hombre se pusiera a rebajar poco a poco las
exigencias de su Dios y a frenar la mano airada del Señor por causa de unos pocos inocentes –eso era algo
nuevo e insólito. Con Abraham comenzó una
trayectoria que había de culminar en Cristo crucificado,
cuya fe en el poder de Dios (véase Colosenses 2:12) lo
llevaría a no pensar en cuántos inocentes habría o no
habría, sino a ofrecerse en sacrificio para que a todos
los culpables se les perdonaran sus crímenes y pudieran
entrar en la vida eterna.
Cuando Jesús enseñó a sus discípulos a rezar, les dio
una frase que nos debe asustar bastante: “Perdónanos
nuestros pecados, porque también nosotros perdonamos
a todo el que nos ofende” (Lucas 11:4). No es difícil
© J.S. Paluch
imaginar a Jesús mirando a su alrededor con una
mirada penetrante a cada uno de ellos mientras dice esas palabras, tal vez arqueando las cejas y recalcando la
frase “a todo el que nos ofende”. Esto es un trato escalofriante, pues estamos invitando a Dios (o tal vez
retándolo …) a que nos perdone de la misma manera y en el mismo grado que nosotros perdonamos a los
demás. Tal vez contamos conque el Señor cumplirá su parte del trato y nos perdonará, aun si nosotros no
cumplimos la parte nuestra. Parece, por lo tanto, que no creemos del todo que Dios puede reservarse el
derecho de aceptar nuestra invitación y dejarnos sufrir las consecuencias. Un buen barómetro para medir
nuestra sinceridad al hacer esta invitación a Dios, podría ser el ver si estas palabras producen escalofríos en
nosotros al pronunciarlas. ¿Podemos contar con que Dios siempre es misericordioso y perdona? ¡Sí!
¿Podemos asimismo contar conque Dios cumple todos sus tratos? Pues, ¡también, sí!
Lecturas de hoy: Génesis 18:20–32; Salmo 138:1–3, 6–8; Colosenses 2:12–14; Lucas 11:1–13
Copyright © 2006, World Library Publications. All rights reserved.
Peregrinación a Portugal, España, Francia e Italia
Fátima-Alba de Tormes-Salamanca-Zaragoza-Lourdes-Roma-Asís
Fechas: mayo 11-22, 2017 Costo: $3,590, partida de Houston.
(Incluye viaje de ida y vuelta desde Houston, hoteles de primera clase, en
habitación doble, dos comidas al día, desayuno y cena, guías de turismo,
todas las entradas y visitas turísticas de acuerdo al itinerario, impuestos de
aeropuerto, propinas para los guías y conductores.)
Coordinadora del tour: Lucie Gardea; Contacto: 832-413-2746
une al poder divino que rige el universo. Entre las culturas
andinas se encuentran mitos religiosos que muestran la
importancia de este enlazamiento. Según la mitología Inca
el universo esta compuesto por tres mundos: el cielo (Janan
pacha), la tierra (Cay pacha) y el bajo tierra (Ucu pacha).
Estos tres mundos están unidos por dos grandes serpientes,
Yacú-mama (ríos) y Sacha-mama (árboles), símbolos de la
fecundidad. Muchos piensan que los mitos son leyendas
cuya función es el entretenimiento. En realidad los mitos
no son fábulas, son historias que explican la verdad profunda del universo. Nos muestran como unirnos y enlazarnos
para vivir una vida fecunda. En esta época de
secularización, los cristianos no podemos olvidar ni la
religión ni la mitología si queremos dar fruto como Jesús
nos lo pide. —Fray Gilberto Cavazos-Glz, OFM, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Te gustaría ser parte del equipo del
próximo retiro de ACTS en español?
El retiro se llevará a cabo del 10 -13
de Noviembre. Las reuniones de
equipo comenzarán el Miércoles
10 de Agosto del presente año. El
único requisito es haber tenido la
oportunidad de asistir a un retiro de
ACTS. Anímate a ser parte de esta linda experiencia que te ayudará a crecer en Dios y a compartir
en comunidad con hermanas en Cristo. Para
cualquier información comunicarse con Clara
Blankenship 804-878-1479, Marta Irizarry 713-254
-5951 o Sabina Varela 713-501-6037.
Los bautismos en español Las pláticas de preparación
bautismal en español se ofrecen el primer sábado de cada
mes con la excepción de julio. Nos reunimos a las 9:00
a.m. en la biblioteca del Centro Parroquial (segundo piso).
Para más información, hablar con Lucie Gardea después
de la Misa de español los domingos o al correo [email protected]. Requisitos:
 La familia deber estar registrada en la parroquia.
 Ambos padres deben asistir las pláticas.
 Se requiere una copia de la partida oficial de nacimiento del niño.
 Se requiere una copia de un documento oficial de identificación
 Se requiere un/una padrino y/o madrina.
 Los padrinos deben ser católicos completamente iniciados en la Fe. Deben ser mayores de 18 años. Si son
casados, deben estar casados por la Iglesia. Los padrinos deben llevar una vida congruente con la Fe y la
misión que van a asumir.
 La cuota para las pláticas es $25 para las familias registradas en la parroquia. Si no son parroquianos, el costo
es $50. La cuota para personas tomando las clases como padrinos es $10.
Primera lectura — Por el bien de los diez no destruiré la
ciudad (Génesis 18:20-32).
Salmo — Te damos gracias de todo corazón
(Salmo 138 [137]).
Segunda lectura — Enterrados con Cristo en el bautismo, también fuimos resucitados con él, todas nuestras
transgresiones son perdonadas
(Colosenses 2:12-14).
Evangelio — Pidan y recibirán, el Padre da el Espíritu
Santo a los que se lo piden (Lucas 11:1-13).
Salmo responsorial: Leccionario II © 1976, Comisión Episcopal de Pastoral Litúrgica de la Conferencia
del Episcopado Mexicano. Usado con permiso. Todos los derechos reservados.
Lunes: 2 Cor 4:7-15; Sal 126 (125):1bc-6; Mt 20:20-28
Martes: Jer 14:17-22; Sal 79 (78):8, 9, 11, 13; Mt 13:36-43
Miércoles: Jer 15:10, 16-21; Sal 59 (58):2-4, 10-11, 17-18;
Mt 13:44-46
Jueves: Jer 18:1-6; Sal 146 (145):1b-6ab; Mt 13:47-53
Viernes: Jer 26:1-9; Sal 69 (68):5, 8-10, 14; Jn 11:19-27
o Lc 10:38-42
Sábado: Jer 26:11-16, 24; Sal 69 (68):15-16, 30-31,
33-34; Mt 14:1-12
Domingo: Eccl 1:2; 2:21-23; Sal 90 (89):3-6, 12-14, 17;
Col 3:1-5, 9-11; Lc 12:13-21
Jóvenes de Luz St. Vincent de Paul Somos un grupo de
jóvenes adultos interesados en profundizar en nuestra fe a
través de la formación espiritual, el servicio, y actividades
sociales que nos permitan crecer en comunidad buscando
imitar el ejemplo de Jesús y las virtudes de nuestra Madre
María. Como jóvenes adultos, nos esforzamos en ser luz
siendo testigos de nuestra fe y así dar a conocer el mensaje del Reino de Dios desde nuestra vida cotidiana. Nos
reunimos todos los jueves a las 7:00 PM en el segundo
piso del centro parroquial. Si desean agregarse a nuestra
lista de contactos para recibir información acerca de nuestros eventos, pueden enviarnos un correo a [email protected]. ¡Los esperamos!
Domingo: Decimoséptimo Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
Lunes: Santiago
Martes: San Joaquín y santa Ana; Jornada Mundial de la
Juventud, Cracovia, Polonia
Viernes: Santa Marta
Sábado: San Pedro Crisólogo; Santa María Virgen
TRADICIONES DE NUESTRA FE Por siglos, Latinoamérica ha desarrollado una larga tradición religiosa con
mitología espléndida. La palabra “religión” del verbo latín
religere significa “atar” o “enlazar”. Su función es unir
seres humanos, los unos con los otros, con lazos de caridad
y justicia. Una vez enlazados en comunidad, la religión los
Misa de sanación Se celebra una Misa de Sanación el
segundo miércoles de cada mes as las 12:10 p.m. Inmediatamente después de la Misa, se celebra el sacramento de
la Unción de los Enfermos. La próxima fecha de la celebración será el 10 de agosto 2016.
With Hearts and Voices
Songs and Prayers of a Faithful People
More than 80 traditional Catholic songs and prayers
familiar to our moms and dads.
Large print for older eyes.
Book ($3), Four-CD Music set ($49.95), Spoken Prayers CD ($17.00)
A Full
Service Salon
Ave Maria
Gregorian Chants
conducted by Lucien Deiss, CSSp
Available on CD ($17)
Men • Women • Children
Inside Original HAIRHUT
World Library Publications
the music and liturgy division of J.S. Paluch Co., Inc.
3907 N. Braeswood
Cell 832.651.3281
World Library Publications
the music and liturgy division of J.S. Paluch Co., Inc.
If You Live Alone You Need LIFEWatch!
24 Hour Protection at HOME and AWAY!
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NO Long Term Co
Journey For Home
Saint Margaret
Sunday Missal
by Deanna Light & Paul Tate
Spoken and musical reflections to accompany your
faith journey. Ideal for times of grief, struggle or
longing. CD with mini journal $14.95.
World Library Publications
An ideal companion
for personal prayer.
In Stock & Ready to Order Today.
the music and liturgy division of J.S. Paluch Co., Inc.
800-566-6150 • www.wlpmusic.com
He who has a thing to sell and
goes and whispers in a well, is
not so apt to get the dollars as
he who climbs a tree and hollers.
Please Cut Out This “Thank You Ad” and Present It
The Next Time You Patronize One of Our Advertisers
Thank you for advertising in our church bulletin.
I am patronizing your business because of it!
The Most Complete Online
National Directory
of Catholic Parishes
Assisted Living Communities
(713) 592-9200
2929 West Holcombe Blvd.
Houston, TX 77025
ALF Lic. 030197
The Community Built for Life
515135 St Vincent De Paul Church (C)
For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. 1-800-833-5941
to b
3804 Bissonnet
(713) 661-0091
Auto • Shower • Tub
Tabletops • Mirrors • Custom
4101 Greenbriar #315
SWORD plumbing
Commercial Repair
The store that has
“almost” everything
1822 Westheimer
2510 Tangley • • • • 526-9588
Mon.-Sat. 9am-6pm
Sunday 9am-5pm
Supporting the Works of Magnificat House
Serving the Homeless, Hungry, Mentally Ill
TMPL 8693
The Cleanest Techs in Town!
Plumbing & Home Services
713.224.drip (3747)
Plumbing • Heating • Air Conditioning • Appliance Repair
J. Peter Creasey
1410 Elgin @ LaBranch (Midtown)
Houston, TX 77004
WEEKDAYS 9 am — 3 pm; SATURDAYS 10 am — 2 pm
24/7 HELP
$19.95*/Mo. + 1 FREE MONTH
➢ No Long-Term Contracts
➢ Price Guarantee ➢ American Made
TOLL FREE: 1-877-801-8608
*First Three Months
Family Dentistry
Lora M. Mason, D.D.S., P.A.
6565 West Loop South, Ste. 795
Bellaire, Tx.
Parishioners Since 1963
Jane Seger
Owner/Administrator and St. Michael’s/St. Agnes alumnus
4635 Southwest Freeway • Suite 730
Houston, Texas 77027
O 713.621.4040
F 713.621.4064
Following Jesus Every Day:
Ninety days’ worth of Gospel verses and reflections including
a meditation, a prayer, a simple activity for the day and
a related verse from the Old Testament. Ideal for Lent
and Eastertime, or for any time of year!
We are licensed, bonded and insured
Brian or Sally, coordinators
CST 2117990-70
800-566-6150 • www.wlp.jspaluch.com/13182.htm
an Official Travel
Agency of Apostleship
of the Sea-USA
Superlative Service, Inc.
We Make It Rain, We Make It Drain
Landscape * Irrigation
Drainage * Design
4402 Windrift, Houston, TX 77066
Off. 281-537-5579 Cell 281-236-4656
LI #4566
Commercial Kitchen
Equipment & Supplies
“It’s Smart to Shop
at Café Mart!”
1629 W. 34th St.
Houston, TX 77018
Fax 713-688-8079
Toll 1-800-231-0782
Needs RN for OR, ER, PACU,
For Private Duty
Nurses for Hosp. & Home
Pre-Op, Med, Surg.
Call Joy Salazar, Parishioner
2421 W. Holcombe Blvd.
Houston, TX 77030
713-524-4422 www.alliedhealthnursing.com
515135 St Vincent De Paul Church (B)
For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. 1-800-833-5941
Michael Butera LCSW Class Tailors
& Mei, True Classic
JoAnn Butera LCSW Anne
Tailors • Alterations
Marriage, Family
1801 Lexington
2429-A University • 713-524-8819
Flexible Schedules, Competitive
Pay and Benefits Offered!
Parish Vocations Committee
Now Hiring Home Health
LVNs & RNs!
(713) 524-0142
You can help Catholic Charities!
Perot Plumbing
24//7 Emergency Service
MP # 17909
Call 866.915.GIVE (4483) 7 days a week.
We will tow your vehicle at no cost to you.
Get a tax deductible receipt and help us
alleviate poverty and strengthen families!
713.401.6000 mrhandyman.com
2504 Bissonnet
Highland Village
Air Conditioning & Heating
Call the company that service built!
Since 1970
Felipe Abrego (Parishioner)
[email protected]
Michael O’Neill McGrath, OSFS
Astro Plumbing & Tile
Full Residential Service
MPL #16312
Over 30 years
A colorful Catholic ABC book
for kids and families! Includes
a glossary of questions to help
adults pass on their Catholic faith.
007199 9 x 12 Hardcover
$16.99 each • Special Offer — 2 for $25.00!
Specialist in Esthetic, Implant and
Reconstructive Dentistry
Dental care for the cancer patient
4747 Bellaire Blvd., Ste 525 • 713-664-9900
Beef *Produce *Pork *Goat *Chicken *Bakery *Beer *Grocery *Seafood
9223 Stella Link • 713-660-9495 • Open 6am to 9pm
Board Certified Prosthodontist
Maxillofacial Prosthodontist
be in this
A to Z
En la compra de 2 tacos de desayuno llévese 1 “GRATIS”
In the purchase of 2 breakfast tacos, you get 1 more for FREE
Service and Repairs
Specializing in Auto Air Conditioning and Transmission Service
8001 Braesmain at 2600 S. Braeswood Blvd., Houston, TX 77025
(713) 667-1553 • ED MOUDRY, Owner
Commercial Real Estate Services
National Tenant Representation Specialists
Industrial | Retail | Office
Randal Moudry - President
SVdP Class of ‘86 (Parishioner)
(O) 832.378.8687 | (C) 713.296.9747
[email protected] | www.moudryrea.com
6565 W. Loop St.
Suite #130
713-666-7335 JASON LEVINE
Strength of Family
Since 1889
Visit EarthmanFunerals.com
To Receive A FREE
Planning Guide
515135 St Vincent De Paul Church (A)
“The Roofing Specialists”
Re-Roofs • Repairs
Insulated Windows
Hardi Siding • Gutters
Gus Campos, Parishioner
St. Ambrose
REALTOR Cell 713-294-7762
[email protected]
6333 Chimney Rock, Houston, TX 77081
23 Passenger Bus • Errand Service
Planned Activities • Doctor Appointments
For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. 1-800-833-5941

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