Faith, Love, Community, Service


Faith, Love, Community, Service
Faith, Love, Community, Service
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 31, 2016
Monsignor John Talesfore, Pastor
One Notre Dame Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94402
(650) 344-7622 Phone
(650) 344-4830 Fax
Daily Masses/Misas Diarias:
6:30am (except Saturday), 12:05pm
5:00pm, 7:00pm (Español)
8:45am (Español), 10:45am, 12:30pm,
3:00pm (Chinese in the small Chapel),
5:30pm (Español)
Lunes a Viernes
5:00pm-5:30pm in the Chapel
11:30am-12:00noon &
My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
As Lent approaches, we all begin to
reflect on what we can do to better
serve God in our lives and what
changes we might make. Jesus
gave us the way, when he said,
“You shall love the Lord, your God,
with all your heart, with all your soul,
and with all your mind. This is the
greatest and the first
commandment. The second is like
it: You shall love your neighbor as
yourself.” Mt. – 22: 37-39
This year, we have a great
opportunity for our Lenten renewal to
combine Jesus’ words with those of the
Holy Father. Pope Francis has declared December 8, 2015 to
November 20, 2016 The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy and
encourages us this year to learn how to love in a more merciful
and forgiving way.
To help us with that at St. Matthew’s, small faith sharing groups
will be forming to meet using the booklet “The Holy Year of Mercy
– A Faith Sharing Guide” written by Pope Francis.
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St. Matthew Catholic Church
January 31, 2016
Catholic Schools Week, Jan. 31st- Feb 5th 2016
Dear St Matthew parishioners, families, alumni and friends,
The gift of Catholic education is being celebrated across the nation
this week during the annual Catholic Schools Week.
The theme for the National Catholic Schools Week 2016 is
“Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and
Service.” The annual observance starts today, Sunday January 31st
and runs all week, until February 6th. St. Matthew Catholic School
typically celebrates Catholic Schools Week with Masses, Open
House and other activities for students, families, parishioners, and
the community at large. We invite everyone to visit our Open
House on Sunday, January 31st, immediately following the
10:45am mass.
The 2016 theme was developed two years ago in response to member requests for a theme and
logo that would last more than a year, the new theme will be used for at least three years. This
will provide opportunities for schools to brand the week and their ongoing marketing activities
with repeated mentions and use of a consistent logo.
The theme encompasses several concepts that are at the heart of a Catholic education. First,
schools are communities—small families in their own right, but also members of the larger
community of home, church, city and nation. Faith, knowledge and service are three measures by
which any Catholic school can and should be judged.
The new logo features a swirl of colors interacting around a cross, which is at the center of all
Catholic education. The vibrancy of the colors and the movement and shadows in the logo portray
the inner-connectivity and community life that are present in our Catholic schools.
As we embark on this week of celebration we will acknowledge and appreciate our wonderful
faculty, staff, students, parents and clergy. A special mention to our 8th grade students who, in
the next few months, are reaching the conclusion of their academic lives at St. Matthew School.
Over the past nine years I have been witness to these students displaying their strengths and
abilities in many different venues, I have been thoroughly impressed. They are a remarkable
class. May God bless them in their last Catholic Schools Week at St Matthew’s and in their future
Ann Connelly
Admissions Director
St Matthew Catholic School
St. Matthew Catholic Church
January 31, 2016
Pastoral Staff & Parish Contacts
Monsignor John Talesfore,
650-344-7622 ext.102
[email protected]
Rev. Dominic S. Lee,
Parochial Vicar
650-344-7622 ext. 119
[email protected]
Rev. Tony Vallecillo,
Parochial Vicar
650-344-7622 ext. 162
[email protected]
In Residence
Property Manager
Mr. James Walsh
650-344-7622 ext. 105
[email protected]
Reyna Fernandez
650-344-7622 ext. 113
[email protected]
Chris Valencia-Rivers
650-344-7622 ext. 107
[email protected]
Music Director
Jim Dahlstrom
Most Rev. William Justice,
Auxiliary Bishop of San Francisco 650-344-7622 ext. 111
[email protected]
Religious Education Director
Teresita Contreras
650-344-7622 ext. 101
[email protected]
Chinese Adult Faith Formation
Rev. Dominic S. Lee (Chinese)
650-344-7622 ext. 119
d[email protected]
Stewardship Development
Kathryn Cross
650-344-7622 ext. 104
[email protected]
Bulletin Editor
Rosalinda Ceja
650-344-7622 ext. 103
[email protected]
Rev. Thomas Parenti
St. Matthew Catholic School Contacts
910 S. El Camino Real,
San Mateo, CA 94402
FAX#: (650) 343-2046
Admissions Director
Nancy Arnett
650-343-1373 ext. 126
[email protected]
Mary Boland
650-343-1373 ext. 127
[email protected]
Ann Connelly
650-343-1373 ext. 139
[email protected]
St. Matthew Catholic Church
January 31, 2016
Chinese Community Chapel Masses
Thank you for your generosity in the Collection
Cantonese: 2nd, 4th, 5th Sunday @ 3:00pm.
Mandarin: 1st and 3rd Sunday @ 3:00pm.
Gracias por su generosidad en la Colecta
Sunday Collection
Electronic Collection
St. Patrick’s Seminary
Mass Intentions
EWTN and EWTN ESPANOL's diverse programs include Daily
Mass, devotionals, global Catholic
news, teaching series , live call-intalk shows, young adult and children's programming and major
Papal events.
EWTN can be viewed locally
on: Comcast 229, ATT 562, Astound
80, San Bruno Cable 143, DISH Satellite 261 and Direct TV 370.
Schedules can be found in the vestibules or you can go on line to
Pray For The Departed
Marilyn Devlin
Mass Intentions
January 30– February 6
Saturday 30, 5:00
Sunday 31, 7:00
Monday 1, 6:30
Tuesday 2, 12:05
Wednesday 3, 6:30
Thursday 4, 6:30
Friday 5,
Saturday 6, 12:05
Ray Colombo †
Fr. Armando Gutierrez
Milton Bazzel †
Jose Carlos Rodriguez Vazquez †
Community / Pueblo
Alasagas Family †
Arthur &Bernice Miner †
Enrique Ernesto Heredia †
Margarita Romero †
Julie Allen
Maria Rheaume
Gary & Marie Schmitt
Florence Galli †
Paul, Ida & Valerie Kristensen †
Dyanne Fprifty †
John Zirelli †
Ash Wednesday
Wednesday, February 10th is
Ash Wednesday. Ashes will be distributed
at the Masses
6:30am., 12:05pm. In English
5:30pm. and 7:30pm. In Spanish
Everyone fourteen years of age and older is bound to
abstain from meat on
Everyone eighteen years of age and older but under
the age of sixty is also bound to fast on
On these two days, the law of fast allows only one
full meal a day, but does not prohibit taking some
food during the day, so long as this does not
constitute another full meal.
Drinking liquids during the day is permitted.
When health or ability to work would be seriously
affected, the law does not oblige.
In doubt concerning fast or abstinence, a priest
assigned to pastoral ministry or confessor should be
In the spirit of penance, the faithful should not lightly
excuse themselves from this obligation.
Please silence your cell phone before
entering our church.
Thank you!
Por favor apague su teléfono celular
antes de entrar a la Iglesia.
St. Matthew Catholic Church
January 31, 2016
My Dear Brothers and Sisters in
Christ, (cont’d from page 1)
This will be a wonderful opportunity for us to
combine our Lenten commitments with the Holy
Year of Mercy. Beginning the week of 2/15,
small groups will meet once a week for 8
weeks. Through prayer, scripture, reflection and
discussion all will have an opportunity to deepen
their spirituality by becoming more merciful and
forgiving in our daily lives.
Please plan to join in with these groups this Lent!
To sign up, please call Dennis Connors @
650-576-1033 or contact the parish office.
Msgr. John Talesfore
Jubilee Year of Mercy
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Rave reviews greeted Jesus’ first hometown homily
proclaiming a year of God’s mercy, but the mood
turned violent when he went on to declare that God’s
mercy embraces outsiders; it rejects distinctions between citizen and foreigner, acceptable and unworthy, even sinner and saint. Far from being anyone’s
personal possession, God’s kingdom is open to everyone, God’s love unconditional, God’s mercy
boundless. By this Jubilee Year of Mercy, Pope Francis repeats Jesus’ challenge in today’s Gospel to
broaden our horizons until our vision matches Jesus’
vision of every sinner as a potential saint, and each
suffering stranger as our neighbor. Jesus, says Pope
Francis, continually went beyond the law, keeping
company with public sinners and even sharing meals
with them to demonstrate that God’s mercy is “the
beating heart of the Gospel” (Misericordiae Vultus,
12). To be truly Jesus’ disciples, such unconditional
love and boundless mercy must also be at the center
of all we say and do.
—Peter Scagnelli, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co., Inc.
Papal quotes Copyright © 2015, Libreria Editrice Vaticana. Used with permission.
El Miércoles 10 de febrero es
Miércoles de Ceniza.
Las cenizas se distribuirán durante las Misas.
Misas en Español a las 5:30pm. y 7:30pm
Disciplinas de Cuaresma
La siguiente información podría ayudarle a prepararse
para la Cuaresma.
Mayores de catorce años de edad se obliga a abstenerse
de comer carne el MIÉRCOLES DE CENIZA,
Mayores de dieciocho años de edad, pero menores de sesenta están obligados a ayunar el Miércoles de Ceniza y
el Viernes Santo. En estos dos días, la ley del ayuno permite sólo una comida completa al día, pero no prohíbe
tomar un poco de alimento durante el día, siempre y cuando esto no constituya una comida completa. El consumo
de líquidos durante el día está permitido. Si la salud o la
capacidad de trabajo se vieran gravemente afectadas, la
ley no obliga. Si se tiene duda acerca de la abstinencia o
el ayuno, un sacerdote asignado al ministerio pastoral o
confesor debe ser consultado. En el espíritu de penitencia,
los fieles no deberán excusarse de esta obligación.
Año Jubilar de la Misericordia
Cuarto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
Aunque con criticas muy favorables recibidas en la primera predicación de Jesús en su pueblo proclamando un Año de la Misericordia de
Dios, pero el estado de animo se puso violento cuando Jesús habló
de la misericordia de Dios que incluye a los forasteros y rechaza las
distinciones entre ciudadano y extranjero, dignos e indignos, incluso
pecador y santo. Muy lejos de ser la posesión personal de alguien, el
Reino de Dios está abierto a todos, el amor es incondicional, la misericordia de Dios no tiene fronteras. Para este Año Jubilar de la Misericordia el Papa Francisco repite el desafío de Jesús en el Evangelio
de hoy para mirar más allá de nuestros horizontes hasta que veamos lo mismo que Jesús ve de cada pecador, Jesús ve un santo en
potencia, y un prójimo en cada forastero sufriente. El Papa Francisco
dice que Jesús constantemente fue más allá de la Ley, al estar continuamente acompañado con pecadores e incluso comer junto con ellos
para demostrar que la misericordia de Dios es el “corazón palpitante
del Evangelio” (Misericodiae Vultus, 12). Para ser verdaderamente
discípulos de Jesús, ese amor incondicional y misericordia sin límites
debe estar en el centro de todo lo que decimos y hacemos.
—Peter Scagnelli, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co., Inc.
Citas del Papa Copyright © 2015, Libreria Editrice Vaticana. Usadas con permiso.
St. Matthew Catholic Church
January 31, 2016
►Miércoles 10 de Febrero:
Miércoles de Ceniza, día de ayuno y
abstinencia. Habrá Misas en Español a las
5:30pm., y 7:00pm.
►Viernes 12 de Febrero: primer Viernes de
Le invitamos a vivir la experiencia del Fin de Semana del
Encuentro Matrimonial los días 15, 16 & 17 de Abril.
Para más información llama al: (650) 592-9719
►Ministerio para llevar la Comunión
a los Enfermos
Cuaresma. Misa a las 7:00pm., e inmediatamente
después se hará el Viacrucis en Español.
Si Usted esta enfermo y no puede asistir a Misa
y le gustaría recibir la Santa Comunión llame a
Alejandra Ambriz al telefono 650-627-9251
►Jueves 18 de Febrero: Taller con la Hna.
►Si usted o alguien de su familia tiene un
Graciela sobre el Año Jubilar de la Misericordia a
las 7:00pm. en la Iglesia.
problema con alcohol o drogas, favor de
llamar al 650-823-4468
►Jueves 3 de Marzo: Se presentará la pelícu-
► El grupo de la Legión de María se reune todos
la de la vida de Monseñor Romero a las 7:00pm.
en el auditorio
los Miércoles de 7:00pm a 9:00pm en el Crying
Room de la Iglesia.
Todos son bienvenidos.
St. Matthew Catholic Church
January 31, 2016
*Parish and Community*
Catholic Schools Week, Jan. 31st – Feb. 6th, 2016
Sunday, January 31st
10:45am Family Mass
12:00 (approx.) Open House
All our families, alumni, parishioners and prospective families
are invited to stop by the school after mass, so that we can show
you all the exciting things that are going on at St Matthew
School today. We’d love to see you there!
The Archdiocese of San Francisco
Office of Chinese Ministry
Cordially invites you to the Chinese New Year
Eucharistic Celebration & Ceremonial Tribute
to Ancestors on
Saturday, February 20,2016, at 2:30pm
The Most Reverend Salvatore J. Cordileone,
Archbishop of San Francisco,
will be the Principal Celebrant
Follow the Chinese New Year Mass, please join
us to celebrate the Chinese New Year Dinner at
The Cathedral, Patrons Hall (Lower Level) at
Individual Donation: $50.00
For more information contact:
Fr. Dominic Lee at: 650-344-7622 ext.119
Proceeds from the dinner will be used for
coordinating Chinese Ministry.
Admission to St Matthew
Catholic School
The application deadline for the 2016-2017
school year is Thursday, Feb. 4th, 2016.
Please visit the school website for more information or call
Ann Connelly (650) 343 1373 x 139.
Friendship Club of St. Matthew Church
Trip to the Cache Creek Casino
Date: Saturday, February 6, 2016
Departure Time: EXACTLY 7:10am
Pick-Up Location: St. Matthew Church
Cost per person: $28 (payable to St. Matthew,
not refundable.) Including simple breakfast.
This is a same day turn-around trip and will return to San Mateo, approximately by 5:00pm. For reservations, please contact
Fr. Dominic Lee at
(650)344-7622 Ext.119
Join us for lots of fun and good times!!!

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