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406 S. Huntington Avenue • Boston, MA. 02130 • Tel. 617
Issue No. 2
Volume III
August 2007
on Member Focus
Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce
406 S. Huntington Avenue • Boston, MA. 02130 • Tel. 617 261 4222 • Fax 617 522 0038 • www.hacc.com
Boston Private Bank & Trust Company hosts
“Business Morning”
By Boston Private Bank & Trust Company
Boston Private Bank & Trust Company hosted the Hispanic-American Chamber of
Commerce for a “Business Morning” breakfast on June 19th, with over seventy
members and friends of the Chamber in attendance.
The featured speaker was Richard Glovsky, a Partner at Prince, Lobel, Glovsky
and Tye, specializing in employment law. His presentation focused on two timely
issues related to human resources: first, the risks to businesses associated with
blogging and instant messaging by employees, and second, the risks associated
with language, often included in company handbooks and polices, that has been
interpreted by courts as creating a contractual obligation with employees, effectively
limiting a company’s ability to terminate an employee. Mr. Glovsky presented strategies to mitigate these risks with appropriate company policies. Pilar Pueyo, SVP and
Richard D. Glosky, Partner at Prince Lobel,
Glovsky & Tye.
Director of Human Resources for Boston Private Bank, commented “It is important that
business owners and managers be aware of these risks and craft polices to protect their businesses in the long run.
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“Business After Hours” at Fisher College
Dr. Charles C. Perkins, President of Fisher College
introduces the Keynote Speaker Jarrett T. Barrios,
President of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of
Massachusetts Foundation.
Former State Senator Jarrett T. Barrios discussed
various immigration issues affecting ou state and
the small Hispanic businesses in Massachusetts.
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August 2007
Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce
Visión Vol. III No. 2 page 1
September 2007 is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), an industry-wide campaign to educate the public
about the importance of life insurance. The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) is sponsoring the campaign with millions of dollars in advertising and public relation support. New York Life is proud once
again to take part in this important
initiative. Last year's LIAM was the
first of its kind and was an unequivocal success, as it contributed to it
being one of the best September's in
our company's history. We hope to
have this year surpass this precedent, benefiting the public, the
Company, and our General Offices
and agents nationwide.
Your Local Team of
New York Life
Daniel St. Jean
Duke Martin
Madeline Nazario
Rafael Ramirez
Patricia Sanchez-Reyes
Dani Silberman
James Suavita
print life
the way you see it.
978.368.1262 57 Plain Street Clinton, MA 01510
Agosto 2007
Boston General Office
800 South St., Suite 600, Waltham, MA
Cámara de Comercío Hispano-Americana
Visión Vol. III No. 2 página 2
Member Focus
By Ana Portillo
Ana Portillo is a long-time contributor and activist within the Greater Boston Hispanic
community, and has participated in previous Chamber work. She has recently been
invited to participate actively in the HACC.
Two years ago we reawakened the tremendous potential that exists in the Hispanic
American Chamber of Commerce (HACC) idea. At that time, we focused on getting
activities and events going. We did not invest much energy on the VISION of what
we eventually will become. Now it is time to do that! During the coming months we
want to work with all of you who care about our community to articulate what the
HACC should become in order to create maximum value for its members.
What should be the HACC’s role in the Greater Boston community?
Our ambition is to create – together – a framework that will guide the Hispanic business community to grow in size and prominence, to forge strong links within our
community, and at the same time to work effectively with the Boston community at
large. As we see it now, the HACC can become the key to develop, expand and
enrich the Hispanic business community.
What are some of the important investments we should make as we
create our framework and design instruments for growth? As we have worked
on this, we came up with what we consider to be the three pillars “P’s” of HACC
organization-building: Presence, Partnerships and Possibilities.
- We should invest energy to strengthen our PRESENCE in the
Hispanic community and the greater Boston business community
People should know what the HACC is and why it is important. We will establish
presence through publicity, by creating materials such as new brochures and the
already existent Vision Newsletter, and by sponsoring activities and events that
attract attention and recruit new people. At a deeper level, our presence will grow
as we bring new members into our community and strengthen relationships with
existing members. As our presence grows, our capacity to be a strategic player in
the larger business community will also grow – and that, in turn, will attract more
members and resources.
- We should invest energy to create more and better PARTNERSHIPS
with other organizations
We want to work in partnership both with those already involved in the Hispanic community and with others that share our business and cultural priorities. In the past,
we have jointly hosted events with the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. We
can do that again. Many business, professional and cultural associations want to
learn about and build bridges to the Hispanic community. The HACC can help them
do that while gaining reciprocal benefits for our members and our community.
- We should invest energy to generate new POSSIBILITIES for meeting the needs and wants of our members
We have a variety of members now and we will be actively recruiting a variety of
types of members in the future. These include individual and organizational members, Hispanic owned and general businesses, small or one-person professional
Visión Newsletter
Visión is a quarterly bilingual
newsletter of the HispanicAmerican Chamber of Commerce
of Greater Boston, a non-profit
organization serving the community of New England
Ariel Schmidt
Andres Lopez
Vicki Lopez
Vice Chairwoman
Raymond Santos
Vice Chairman
Alba Alvarez
Board Member- Event Planner
Patrick Jacinto Carrera
Board Member
Maria E. Delgado
Board Member
Juana Horton
Board Member
Nader Acevedo
Executive Director
Ana Portillo
Director of Membership Development
and Services
Ferdinand Alvaro, Jr.
Legal Advisor
Chamber of Commerce
of Greater Boston
406 S. Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02130
Telephone (617) 261-4222
Fax (617) 522-2693
[email protected]
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August 2007
Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce
Visión Vol. III No. 2 page 3
Member Focus
Continued from page 3
organizations and large multinational corporations, and so on.
Because our members see “Hispanic business” from a variety
of places and perspectives, it is vital to explore carefully and
imaginatively what our members can gain from the HACC.
What are the possibilities to provide value to our members? Some possibilities will flow from the emerging framework; for example, creating more HACC partnership relationships will offer members, in turn, the ability to extend their own
business networks. We intend to establish community relationships as an effective tool for members to become an active
part of the Greater Boston business community. As we
increase our presence in the larger community, more people
and organizations will read our literature and attend our
events. This, in turn, will provide new opportunities to place
members’ business information or advertisements before the
public. Other kinds of possibilities are abundant, when we
consider the HACC’s potential for gathering and providing
information, designing and facilitating workshops of various
types, influencing public policy decisions that impact Hispanic
businesses, etc.
* * * *
Where can the HACC get the direction, energy and
support for these new initiatives? First, we are providing
organizational focus by making this a priority of the Chairman
and by establishing my volunteer role as Director of
Membership Development and Services. Ariel Schmidt and
I will work closely with Executive Director Nader Acevedo to
create programs and plans that fit the interests and needs of
our members.
Second, we are mobilizing our membership to join us
in this effort. You, our members, will determine our ultimate
success by the energy and support you provide to our planning
and development work. You can provide that energy and support in several ways.
You can help us learn what we should be doing – which possibilities for member service should receive our highest
priority? I – and others - will be calling you to learn about your
needs and about how you perceive the HACC’s future. Why
did you become a member of the HACC? If you are not
now a member, what can induce you to become one? We
will convene focus groups to explore specific areas and ideas.
At some point, we will create and send out a membership survey. Your thoughtful responses to all these inquiries will be critically important to our success.
You can join us as we work on this important task of HACC
institution-building. Volunteer to work on information gathering,
recruitment and other projects. As you know, we are a non
Agosto 2007
profit organization and our way to generate funds is through
membership fees, contributions and donations. Right now we
have just one full time paid staff member. Your volunteer work
is an important supporting resource – and it can pay back in
contacts, networking and the satisfaction of teamwork as well!
Finally, sign up for and participate in HACC events, and use
the services that will be offered to members. For instance,
these ideas have been circulating among board members, volunteers and staff who have been thinking about the HACC’s
evolving framework of services:
1. Networking meetings
2. Feature workshops; for example, a Negotiation
Workshop offered by professionals from Harvard
3. Directory of Hispanic businesses and specialized
4. List of Job Postings
5. Professional development – making the HACC an
instrument of your growth and development through
a variety of workshops or online training
6. Supporting services to members; e.g., website construction, internet services, etc.
When significant possibilities for member services emerge, we
intend to create a brochure that explains who we are and how
we can help your business. Look for it! In other words,
besides joining the process, watch for the fruits of this whole
effort and become part of our success!
Alba Alvarez — Events Planner
KeySpan “Business after hours”
Wednesday, September 19, 2007
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
at Jordans’s Deck, Fenway Park
Blue Cross Blue Shield of
4thJumpstart Your Business:
Friday, October 19, 2007
at the Landmark Center
Cámara de Comercío Hispano-Americana
Visión Vol. III No. 2 página 4
Member Focus
Based on the current demographic
shifts, ARGUS principals anticipate that
“multicultural” will eventually be the
“mainstream” and a new dynamic general market will emerge.
“Multicultural marketing is not a trend, it’s
our nature.”
ARGUS, a two-time Emmy award-winning agency, was founded on three core
values: create work that matters; do so in
an environment that earns client trust
and respect; and never, ever, compromise integrity and quality. Since 1997,
ARGUS has delivered on this promise
while making its mark as the only Latinoowned full-service multicultural marketing and advertising agency in Boston Ronald Abregu is President and Broker
serving local, regional, and national of Abregu Realty, a full service realty
company licensed in Massachusetts and
Rhode Island with properties across the
The agency currently manages clients Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is
across a diverse portfolio of categories, a member of the National Association of
including corporate services, healthcare, Realtors.
Mr. Abregu hails from
state/city government, and mission- Huancayo, Peru where he was born and
based, including: Comcast, KeySpan, raised. He attended the Universidad Inca
TD Banknorth, Sodexho North America, Garcilazo de la Vega and worked as a
Neighborhood Health Plan, Executive systems analyst for Banco Industrial de
Office of Public Safety and Security, and Peru. In 1986 he came to Boston where
Greenway he studied marketing, sales, and real
estate brokerage. He started working in
real estate in 2000 and obtained his
Almost ten years ago, ARGUS princi- license as a broker in 2004, after which
pals, Lucas Guerra and Zamawa Arenas he founded Abregu Realty. In just three
recognized that the country’s reality was short years, he has led this successful
changing and that the so-called general realty company to specialize in the sale
market would eventually dissolve. They and purchase of commercial and resibelieved that a new, multi-cultural, multi- dential properties. Abregu Realty has
ethnic, and multi-lingual general market expanded to three locations and ninewould emerge fast and strong. Inspired teen agents in Somerville, Chelsea, and
by this vision, Lucas and Zamawa built Everett, and, though successful, continARGUS with the goal of making multicul- ues to emphasize the importance of the
tural outreach a natural part of the over- community. Mr. Abregu strongly believes
all approach in any organization’s mar- in community involvement, education
keting and communications strategy.
and empowerment to reach the
American Dream of homeownership,
As the country’s population diversifies, which he has woven into the very fabric
business success increasingly lies in the of Abregu Realty since its inception.
capacity for organizations to attract and This emphasis on community is a traderetain diverse customers, associates, mark of Abregu Realty and has steered
employees, and vendors. Businesses who the company into the community service
actively monitor multicultural patterns and arena by educating the Spanish speakcomprehend cultural sensitivities will stay ing community in areas related to home
ahead in their markets. ARGUS is well ownership through its sponsorship of the
equipped to help clients respond to the following three Spanish language radio
question of how to conceive and develop programs: Tuesdays from 4:30pm –
marketing strategies that are in tune with 5:00pm on 1600 AM entitled Su Casa
today’s social contexts.
with Sovereign Bank; on Wednesdays
from 11:30 am – 12:00pm on 1330 AM
entitled Compre su Casa con Ronald
with First Horizon Bank; and a program
on Thursdays from 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm
on 1600AM entitled Mundo Financiero
with Eastern Bank. The topics covered
range from information for first time
homebuyers (including on-air dialogues
with banks, exposing predatory lending
practices, and educating potential buyers about soft second loans) to topics of
interest for current homeowners (including short sales, avoiding foreclosures,
and city renovation programs). By directing these radio series over the past five
years, Abregu Realty has become a pioneer among real estate companies in the
provision of community education to the
Hispanic community. Abregu Realty’s
community involvement does not end
with the radio series. In addition, Abregu
Realty continues its involvement in community fairs and festivals as well as in its
provision of educational home ownership
seminars with local community organizations, contractors, and city inspectors.
All of these community programs,
whether it be via radio, local fairs or seminars, or individual meetings with an
Abregu Realty agent, serve the same
ultimate goal – to assist the community in
realizing the American Dream of homeownership. Mr. Abregu has six wonderful
children, the oldest of which is attending
Boston University.
138 Ferry Street
Everett, MA 02149
Phone (617) 387-8989
Fax (617) 387-8889
[email protected]
Dr. Deborah Wayne
Dr. Deborah Wayne is an Optometrist
with offices in Chelsea and Malden
Massachusetts. Dr. Wayne received her
undergraduate degree from Boston
University in 1979 and her Doctor of
Optometry degree from the New
England College of Optometry in 1983.
She was inducted into the International
Gold Key Honor Society for her outstanding scholastic performance and
her contributions to the institution and
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August 2007
Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce
Visión Vol. III No. 2 page 5
Member Focus
El Mundo Newspaper Celebrates
35 Years with Anniversary Bash
at Fenway Park!
On Sunday, July 8th, in celebration of the 35 years it has been
servicing the community, El Mundo Newspaper, the largest
and oldest Latino publication in New England, hosted a birthday party with 6,000 of its closest friends at “America’s Most
Beloved Ballpark” – Fenway Park.
Promoted as a first ever – the event also included a full Latino
Family Festival which featured a musical concert with 4 international Latino recording artists performing on a special stage
constructed on top of the Boston Red Sox dugout.
“This was an amazing event that exceeded our expectations,”
said Alberto Vasallo, Jr., publisher and owner of El Mundo. Same Time Next Year: Mayor of Boston Thomas M. Menino congratulates
“We had something for everyone and it was especially pleasEl Mundo Newspaper and invites everyone to next year's celebration.
ing to see the Mayor of Boston (Thomas M. Menino), the Red Luis Tiant (who was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award),
Sox organization and our corporate partners so happy with the Wally the Green Monster, and the Puerto Rican Festival
Queens from past and present (spanning 40 years of culture
Mayor Menino seemed so satisfied with the family event that and tradition) made appearances during the family activities
he encouraged those in attendance to “come back next year which included a health and fitness pavilion, face painting,
because something like this needs to happen annually. I thank interactive games and cultural exhibits.
El Mundo Newspaper and the Vasallo family for bringing this During the full-day event, there was also a special tribute to
to Boston”, added Menino.
acknowledge the Roberto Clemente Legacy as well as video
greetings from present Latino Red Sox stars.
Special performances by international artists Tito Rojas,
Monchy and Alexandra, Toby Love and Xtreme kept the crowd For more information about El Mundo visit the official website
entertained as other special guests such as Red Sox Legend at www.elmundoboston.com.
Dr. Deborah Wayne continued from page 5
Optometry profession. While establishing her optometry practice. Dr. Wayne became fluent in spanish in order to provide
optimum vision care for her patients. Her community and civic
involvement include, the Latin American Cultural Association
where she serves as a trustee. Membership in
the Hispanic American Chamber of
Commerce, the Malden Lions Club where she
provides free eye exams on the Lions
Eyemobile, and also served two terms as “King
Lion”. Dr. Wayne is a board member of the
Malden YWCA and a recipient of the Woman
of the Year award. In addition, she writes a
weekly column for a Malden newspaper, and is
consistently voted best eye care provider in its
annual poll. She is Board President of the
North Suffolk Mental Health Association, and
serves as treasurer for Roca, an organization
which mentors disenfranchised and disengaged young people. Dr. Wayne also works
with the Diabetes Association offering free screenings.
She can be contacted at:
— 380 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150 (617) 884-1222
— 702 Salem St., Malden, MA 02148 (781) 321-3222
west real estate
Agosto 2007
Cámara de Comercío Hispano-Americana
Alba Alvarez
957 Watertown Street
West Newton, MA 02465
T 617 416 6206
Visión Vol. III No. 2 página 6
Cámbiate a la
cuenta de cheques
con recompensas.
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August 2007
Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce
Visión Vol. III No. 2 page 7
Peruvian American National Roundtable (PANR)
— Press Release —
In The White House, a Delegation
of Peruvian-Americans Requested
a Speedy Process of Negotiations
and The Signing of The U.S.-Peru
Trade Promotion Agreement
PANR Urges The United States
Congress To Begin Congressional
Action To Ratify PTPA
Washington D.C. July 24, 2007. In an
unprecedented ceremonial celebration at
the White House on the occasion of the
186th Anniversary of the Independence
of Peru, the delegation of PeruvianAmericans who attended asked the
administration to speed up to process of
ratifying the U.S.-Peru PTPA.
Daniel H. Jara, President of the Peruvian
American National Roundtable (PANR),
an organization that supported this
unprecedented event, affirmed that the
ratification of PTPA by Congress is a
major concern of Peruvian Americans
residing in the United States.
The Peruvian American delegation that
visited Washington consisted of 100
most selected professionals and entrepreneurs from various parts of the United
States. The delegation was welcomed to
the White House by Ambassador Susan
C. Schwab, USTR; Jose Cardenas,
Director of Andean Affairs of the National
Security Council and other high-ranking
officials of the Bush Administration.
Minister Manuel Talavera, Deputy Chief
of Mission of the Embassy of Peru, represented the Ambassador of Peru to the
United States in Washington, Felipe
Ortiz de Zevallos.
Ambassador Susan C. Schwab, USTR, greets Daniel H. Jara, President of the
Peruvian American National Roundtable (PANR)
"We are very pleased with this first historic celebration at the White House on
Independence Day as well as the attention to our request to accelerate negotiations for the U.S.-Peru PTPA", stated
Jara. " We belong to a business sector of
Peruvian-Americans in the United States
and we fully support the efforts by the
Peruvian government for a better commercial interchange that will be a result
of the U.S.-Peru PTPA and will level the
playing field of commerce for both countries.
members of Congress who attended and
others that were personally visited by
members of the delegation. "We have
drafted and delivered a letter to the
Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the
United States House of Representatives;
Senator Harry Reid, Majority Leader of
the United States Senate; Honorable
John Boehner, Minority Leader of the
United States House of Representatives;
Senator Mich McConnell, Minority
Leader of the United States Senate; and
all members of the House and Senate",
said Jara.
In the morning, a breakfast was hosted
by PANR on the grounds of the Capitol,
which was attended by several members
of Congress including Congressman
Albio Sires of New Jersey and
Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart of
Florida, the Peruvian American delegation once again expressed their desire
for a prompt ratification the PTPA to the
"As we approach the celebration of the
day of Independence of Peru, we come
to you with the urgent request that congressional actions be taken towards the
ratification of PTPA this month", says
one paragraph of the letter sent to the
leaders of Congress that was undersigned by the Peruvian-American group
that met in Washington D.C.
Continued on page 13
Agosto 2007
Cámara de Comercío Hispano-Americana
Visión Vol. III No. 2 página 8
¡Pa’que te escapes!
¡Ahora que tus hijos volvieron a la escuela, disfruta de tus novelas
sin interrupciones! Con el Paquete Triple de Comcast mira la tele,
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Paquete Triple de Comcast
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a 768 Kbps DSL y 56 Kbps dial-up. Varios factores afectan la velocidad. Las velocidades pueden variar y no están garantizadas. No todos los programas, incluyendo McAfee, son compatibles con sistemas Macintosh. Con el termino
del Internet de Alta Velocidad Comcast (Comcast High-Speed Internet), subscripcion a McAfee automáticamente se termina. Digital Voice de Comcast: El precio del paquete ilimitado aplica a todas las llamadas marcadas directamente
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August 2007
Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce
Visión Vol. III No. 2 page 9
From left to right Esther Schlorholtz, Senior Vice President
Boston Private Bank, Rick Quiroga, Executive Director, Casa Esperanza
and Mark D. Thompson, CEO Boston Private Bank.
Continued from page 1
We are grateful to Mr. Glovsky for sharing his expertise, and
are glad to help make this information available to the
Chamber and its membership.”
Boston Private Bank has developed close partnerships to
support small businesses and promote community development and attributes its achievements in community reinvestment to these partnerships. “We are proud of our partnership
with the Hispanic Chamber, and are pleased to support their
efforts to promote the success of the Hispanic business community in Greater Boston” said Mark Thompson, CEO of
Boston Private Bank, who was also in attendance.
Agosto 2007
For us, diversity is a continuing celebration
of our customers, our associates,
and the communities we serve.
We believe in providing individuals from all backgrounds
a challenging work environment where talent is recognized
and rewarded. Stop & Shop Supermarket Company is an
equal opportunity employer.
Cámara de Comercío Hispano-Americana
Visión Vol. III No. 2 página 10
August 2007
Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce
Visión Vol. III No. 2 page 11
We believe decisions about your local business should be made locally. That’s what we do.
And we have all the services to support your success.
Agosto 2007
Cámara de Comercío Hispano-Americana
Visión Vol. III No. 2 página 12
Continued from page 8
generosity of Costamar Travel and Lan
Airlines in sponsoring PANR.
Jara explained that (PANR) is a private,
non-partisan, non-profit corporation
seeking to bring together the different
voices of all people of Peruvian origin in
the United States. PANR is a national
forum for analysis, planning, and action
to advance the economic, educational,
legal, social, cultural, and political interests of Peruvian Americans.
Peruvian Independence at White House Host Committee members left Gabriel
Egusquiza (Texas); Olga Enciso-Smith (California); Victor Aranda (Illinois); Ariel
E. Schmidt (Massachusetts); Dr. Dino Flores M.D. Treasurer PANR
(Washington D.C.); Daniel H. Jara, President PANR (New Jersey) seated.
"We believe that Hispanic-Americans,
especially Hispanic-American entrepreneurs, will have an advantage when
seeking commercial opportunities in this
hemisphere. This landmark agreement is
critical to the development of a mature
partnership with this important South
American country", mentioned the letter
sent by PANR and co-signed by many
that attended the gathering in
Washington D.C.
During the course of the celebration in
the Capitol, Dr. Elmer Huerta M.D., who
is a native Peruvian as well as the
President of the American Cancer
Society, and Peruvian American businessman Gerardo Concas, President
and CEO of the Costamar Group were
recognized for their contributions to
Jara also emphasized the first actions of
PANR in order to approach the White
House. "The reception of the Peruvian
Delegation in the White House and
Capitol, marks an unprecedented and
August 2007
historic moment for the
community in the
United States; which
is estimated to be Host Committee Member, Ariel Schmidt, Daniel H. Jara, President PANR,
and Guest Ronald Abregu from Boston, MA
more than one million.
are known for their work ethic, their pro- PANR aims to ensure for U.S. Peruvians
fessionalism, their faith, their civic pride, the full exercise of the rights freedoms
and their academic contributions", and opportunities guaranteed in the
Constitution of the United States of
affirmed the President of PANR.
America. With those objectives in mind,
PANR is committed to enriching the qualThe Board of Directors of PANR, which is ity of life of Peruvian Americans in the
headed by Jara, who is also the United States by highlighting their contriPresident and CEO of the Statewide butions as they integrate to the larger
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New American society.
Jersey; and Dr. Dino Flores M.D.
(Washington D.C.), Treasurer. The Host For more information, call (201) 487Committee is composed of: Victor 4477
Aranda (Illinois), Gabriel Egusquiza [email protected]
(Texas), Olga Enciso-Smith (California),
Ivan F. Garcia-Hidalgo (Florida),
Jose F. Giraldo (Connecticut), Ruben A.
Romero (Southern California), and
Peruvian American National Roundtable (PANR)
Ariel E. Schmidt (Massachusetts). Jara 3050 K Street N.W. * Suite 101
expressed his appreciation for the Washington, D.C. 20007
Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce
Visión Vol. III No. 2 page 13
A Planet worth 5 times as much!
e Ed. 30
ell E
d. 9
Worcester Ed.
It has it all!
65,000 copies per week
Greater Boston Ed. 154
5 editions
Greater Boston
Western Massachusetts
Regional Content
Tailored to each city
Hispanic News Press - 1318 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446 - 1.877.237.5263
Agosto 2007
Cámara de Comercío Hispano-Americana
Visión Vol. III No. 2 página 14
“Business After Hours” at Fisher College
Continued from page 1
Mr. Jay Gonzalez, Assistant Secretary of Finance &
Intergovernmental Affairs from Governor Deval
Patick’s Office of Finance discussed topics of interest to the Hispanic community.
Perteneces a nuestro equipo.
Eres el mejor en lo que haces, y eso es algo que puede entender Verizon Wireless. En Verizon Wireless, la confiabilidad de
nuestra red es el resultado directo de la fiabilidad y desempeño de nuestro equipo talentoso. Estamos comprometidos a
desarrollar una fuerza laboral tan diversa como nuestra base de clientes y apoyamos la ambición, las metas y el empeño de
nuestros empleados con diversos programas y recompensas. Después de todo, nuestros empleados son nuestra
mayor inversión… y nuestro mayor capital.
Ahora mismo, existen oportunidades de carrera dinámicas para:
Representantes de Venta Minorista
Representantes de Asistencia al Cliente Minorista
cobertura médica/dental/de la visión desde el primer día
plan 401(k) y reparto de beneficios
asistencia para educación
beneficios de atención familiar
descuentos de telefonía para empleados
oportunidades internas de progreso
Por favor presenta
tu CV en línea en:
capacitación galardonada
¡y mucho más!
Aduéñate de tu carrera.
Somos un empleador de igualdad de oportunidad, m/f/d/r.
August 2007
Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce
Visión Vol. III No. 2 page 15
Chamber of Commerce
406 S. Huntington Avenue •
Boston, Massachusetts 02130
Agosto 2007
Cámara de Comercío Hispano-Americana
Visión Vol. III No. 2 página 16

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