WHERE biG ConstruCtion HAPPENS


WHERE biG ConstruCtion HAPPENS
4 - 7 May 2015
Qatar National Convention Centre
Doha - Qatar
The 12th International Construction Technology
& Building Materials Exhibition
28 April - 1 May, Doha Ex
Project Qatar
Take Part in Another Record-breaking
Edition of Success
As one of our loyal exhibitors, IFP Qatar Ltd.
(International Fairs & Promotions) would like to give
you the opportunity to reserve your space ahead of
competitors at next year’s edition of Project Qatar,
the 12th International Construction Technology and
Building Materials Exhibition, which will take place
from 4 to 7 May 2015.
Project Qatar 2015 will be taking place at the Qatar
National Convention Centre (QNCC). Exhibitors
will benefit from the presence of thousands of
professional visitors, industry buyers and decision
makers from around the world at the QNCC,
which will be offering participants an unparalleled
experience with better facilities and superior services.
Growing Throughout
the Years
2100 Exhibitors
47 Participating Countries
24 International pavilions
48,953 Professional visitors from 130 Countries
41,500 sqm of indoor and outdoor exhibition space
300 Accredited journalists from the 5 Continents
45 Different local and international media portals
8 Halls
3 Specialized conferences
2 Concurrent events
The Concurrent Events
Project Qatar 2015 will be running alongside two concurrent events:
Qatar StoneTech, the 4th International Stone and Stone Technology Show and
Heavy Max, the 12th International Exhibition for Heavy Machinery.
The stone
In light of Qatar’s hosting of the upcoming 2022
FIFA World Cup, the country has been witnessing
a construction boom including a large number of
hotels, state-of-the-art hospitals, museums, football
stadiums, shopping malls and much more. It is
estimated that Qatar will spend a staggering $200
billion in the next decade on infrastructure.
Consequently, the stone industry has been booming
in the country, with hundreds of projects requiring all
types of stones, from small house renovation projects,
to large luxurious hotels, stadiums, shopping malls
and more.
Qatar StoneTech 2015
Qatar StoneTech 2015, The 4th International Stone
and Stone Technology Show, held concurrently
with Project Qatar 2015, will bring together top
distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, agents and
engineers from all over the world. The event offers
several lucrative opportunities for businesses wanting
to grow their client base and provides a dynamic
environment for networking and sales.
The show covers the following technologies,
equipment and products:
Cutting, Polishing & Handling Equipment
Marble Finished Products
Natural Stones
Quarrying, Processing & Installation Equipment
Stone Blocks, Slabs & Finished Products
The heavy
machinery industry
Over the next 5 years, Qatar is expected to invest
around $140 billion in transport infrastructure
projects. Such projects require massive heavy
equipment and machinery, opening the market for
new suppliers and increasing business opportunities
for existing machinery companies as well.
According to a World Market Intelligence (WMI)
report, the consumption value of construction
vehicles is set to reach $37.9 million by 2015 in Qatar.
Heavy Max 2015
Heavy Max 2015 is the 12th international exhibition
for heavy machinery running concurrently with
Project Qatar 2015. The show attracts a massive
number of manufacturers and suppliers from the
world’s leading brands. Heavy Max showcases
the latest cutting-edge construction machinery,
equipment, systems and materials and is an ideal
platform to meet the demands of a billion-dollarvalue construction market.
The show covers the following technologies,
equipment and products:
• Heavy Machinery Technology & Equipment
• Cranes, Tower Cranes
• Tractors, Loaders, Skit Loaders
• Lifting Appliances & Conveyors
• Formwork & Scaffolding
• Construction Vehicles & Equipment
• Mining Machines
• Machines & Plants
Project Qatar Business
Intelligence Series
The business platform of choice for Qatar’s construction industry
IFP Qatar Ltd. and Advanced Conferences & Meetings (ACM)
are proud to announce the Project Qatar Business Intelligence
Series. Qatar is an economic powerhouse for the construction
industry in the GCC, with nearly $350 billion of projects
currently in the planning or construction phase.
A dynamic market needs a dynamic business platform and for
over a decade Project Qatar, as one of the Middle East's best
attended exhibitions, has contributed to the Qatari construction
sector's rapid development. In answer to the demand for
specialist, interactive insights in to the challenges and
opportunities facing companies within Project Qatar's product
and services profiles, IFP Qatar Ltd. has partnered with ACM
to create a series of unique B2B business conferences that
gives access to expert decision makers and thought leaders
alongside the means to network effectively amongst new
business prospects. Conferences in the series will run both
concurrently with the annual Project Qatar exhibitions in May
and also independently throughout the year.
These high-level events, based on extensive industry research,
guided and supplemented by key industry partners and
informed by local market expertise will serve to provide regular
business platforms, delivering further competitive advantage to
Project Qatar's clients.
Future Interiors Qatar
(8 – 9 September 2014)
Specialized conference, powered by Project Qatar, focusing on interior design, construction,
contracting and fit-outs
Future Landscape and Public Realm Qatar (27 – 28 October 2014)
Future Landscape
& Public Realm
Leading specialized landscape and outdoor design conference, powered by Project Qatar, addressing the latest
trends, key challenges, and upcoming opportunities in Qatar’s landscaping and public realm industry.
Future Drainage Networks Qatar
(3 - 4 December 2014)
Future Drainage Networks Qatar is a specialised conference designed to meet the requirements of designing,
constructing, refurbishing, operating and maintaining effective sewerage and drainage networks in Qatar.
AcousticsTech Qatar (10 – 11 DECEMber 2014)
Qatar’s leading conference designed to tackle the challenges of enhancing building acoustics and construction
noise control in Qatar’s rapidly expanding built environment.
(10 – 11 DECEMber 2014)
Qatar’s specialised conference for building insulation designed to explore advanced building and thermal insulation
materials, strategies and techniques to achieve optimum indoor environment quality.
LightingTech Qatar
(4 – 7 May 2015)
Balancing design, engineering, compliance and the incorporation of developing technologies to meet the
challenges and opportunities of Qatar's rapidly developing lighting industry
Powered by
Exhibits' Profiles
•• Adhesives & Sealants
•• Aggregate
•• Architectural Finishing Products
•• Building Materials
•• CNC Machinery
•• Construction Systems & Technology
•• Construction Tools (Air, Hand & Power)
•• Engineering & Design Sevices
•• Facades & Cladding
•• Gypsum Products
•• Interior Decorative Products
•• Kitchens
•• Landscaping & Garden
•• Locks & Handles
•• Nuts, Bolts, Screws & Hinges
•• Ornaments
•• Paints
•• Props & Beams
•• Protective Coating, Powder
•• Safety
•• Sanitary Fixtures & Appliances
•• Scaffolding, Formwork & Shuttering
•• Security & Safety Systems
•• Street Furniture - Signage & Signs
•• Structures
•• Swimming Pools & Accessories
•• Wall covering - Finshes External & Internal
•• Water & Heat Insulation
•• Biofuels
•• Cables & Wiring
•• Diagnostic Equipment
•• Distribution Networks
•• Electrical Engineering
•• Electrical Supplies
•• Energy
•• High Voltage Transmission
•• Monitoring Control
•• Onshore & Offshore Wind
•• Photovoltaic Solar Energy
•• Power Plant Equipment
•• Power Protection
•• Power Stations
•• Protable Generators
•• Renewable Energy
•• Solar Systems
•• Subsoil Heat Energy
•• Switches & Controls
•• Switchgear Products
•• Transformers
•• Antique Fittings
•• Chandeliers
•• Concealed Fittings
•• Display Lighting
•• Flood Lighting
•• Fluorescent Lighting
•• Garden Lighting
•• Large Area Lighting
•• Modern Fittings
•• Outdoor Lighting
•• Residential Lighting
•• Security Lighting
•• Street Lighting
•• Switches & Controls
•• Central Units
•• Components & Spare Parts
•• District Cooling Technology
•• Ducting Systems
•• Engineering Cooling
•• Industrial Fans
•• Instrumentation & Controls
•• Large Capacity Food Storage
•• Process Cooling Systems
•• Refrigeration and Cooling
•• Ventilation Systems
•• Vents & Grills
Waste Management &
•• Chemical Recycling
•• Enviroment Protection
•• Plastic Recycling
•• Storage, Collection, Transport, and Transfer
•• Waste Handling Systems
•• Waste Treatment
Industrial & Commercial
•• Confined Space Entry
•• Duct and Plant Air System Cleaning
•• Facility Decommissioning
•• Paint System Cleaning
•• Pit, Tank and Process Pipe Cleaning
•• Pollution Control
•• Sewer and Drain Cleaning
•• Vacuum Sweeping
•• Water Blasting
•• Wet and Dry Vacuuming
Metal Manufacturing &
Steel Fabrication
•• Copper Rolling, Drawing and Extruding
•• Iron and Steel Mills
•• Iron Foundries
•• Ironworks
•• Metal Fabrication
•• Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing
•• Steel Products
•• Steel Wire Drawing
Aluminum Manufacturing
& Processing
•• Alumina Refining
•• Aluminum Die-Casting Foundries
•• Aluminum Extruded Product Manufacturing
•• Aluminum Frames &
•• Aluminum Rolling and
•• Aluminum Sheet, Plate and
Foil Manufacturing
•• Primary Aluminum Production
•• Secondary Smelting and
Alloying of Aluminum
Glass & Glazing Products
and Technologies
•• Annealed Glass
•• Curtain Walls
•• Evacuated Glazing
•• Glass & Glazing
•• Glass Products
•• Insulated Glazing
•• Laminated Glass
•• Spraying & Glazing Machinery
•• Structural Glass
Facilities Management
•• Building Engineering Services
•• Maintenance, Testing and
•• Operational Facilities Services
•• Property Management
Concrete & Masonry
•• Admixtures
•• Cast Stone
•• Concrete Mixers
•• Concrete Production
•• Concrete Products & Precast
•• Concrete Pumps
•• Ecological Concrete,
Technology & Equipment of
•• Masonary Bricks, Block Work & Cement
•• Readymix
•• Specialist Cements
•• Stamped Concerte
•• Volumetric Mixers
Mechanical, Electrical &
•• Building Management
Systems and Home
•• Drainage Solutions
•• Electrical Engineering
•• Electrical Systems
•• Elevators & Escalators
•• Fire Fighting
•• Mep Solutions
•• Pipe Hangers
•• Piped Gas Systems
•• Pipes & Fittings
•• Plumbing Drainage Venting
•• Plumbing Systems
•• Process Piping
•• Pumps
•• Sewage Systems
•• Tanks
•• Vacuum Pumps & Systems
•• Valves
•• Water Heaters & Boilers
Wood Works
•• Abrasives
•• Finishing and Fittings
•• Plywood, Hardboard
Decorative and Composite
•• Raw Materials
•• Timber - Frames, Beams
•• Timber, Hardwood and
•• Timber-Based Technical
•• Wood Panels
•• Wood Products
•• Wooden Windows and Doors
•• Woodworking machinery
Heavy Machinery
•• Construction Vehicles &
•• Cranes / Tower Cranes
•• Formwork & Scaffolding
•• Heavy Machinery Technology
& Equipment
•• Lifting Appliances & Conveyors
•• Loaders / Skid Loaders
•• Machines & Plants
•• Mining Machines
•• Tractors
Stone Industry
•• Cermaic Tiles
•• Cleaning & Restoration
•• CNC Machinery for Marble,
•• Discs & Blades
•• Granite & Stone
•• Granite Blocks, Tiles & Slabs
•• Granite Bridge Saw
•• Grinding Machinery
•• Lead & Slate Roofing
•• Marble Blocks, Tiles & Slabs
•• Marble Finished Products
•• Mosaic
•• Multifunction Milling & Cutting
•• Natural Stone
•• Polishing & Protection
Products & Machinery
•• Quarrying, Processing &
Installation Equipment
•• Stone & Reconstituted Stone
•• Stone Blocks, Slabs & Finished
•• Stone Veneer
•• Tools for Cutting, Polishing &
•• Transport, Hoisting &
Packaging Materials
Qatar's Construction Market
Countless Opportunities over the
Next Two Decades
Through a number of programs, such as the Qatar
2022 FIFA World Cup and the Qatar National Vision
2030, Qatar is investing heavily into becoming a
commercial hub in the Middle East over the next
few years. There are numerous ongoing and future
projects to ensure that the country has the adequate
infrastructure and venues to accommodate the influx
of visitors, including housing, hotels, stadiums, a
new port, roads, a metro and rail system, malls and
numerous mixed developments.
Within the same vision, Qatar plans to invest over
$140 billion over the next five years in transport
infrastructure to transform the country, including
roads and a metro system.
With a focus on attracting more tourists and visitors,
the government's strategy over the last few years
has been to promote sustainable tourism. The Qatar
Tourism Authority plans to invest about $20 billion
on tourism infrastructure as the number of tourist
arrivals is set to reach 3.7 million by 2022, also
increasing the demand for hotel accommodation.
Plans involve improving transport infrastructure and
developing attractions.
Qatar’s Top 20 Projects (in value)
1- Lusail City
12- Ras Laffan Olefins Project
2- Qatar Integrated Rail Project
13- Msheireb
3- Hamad International Airport
14- Transmission Project
4- Local Roads and Drainage Scheme
15- World Cup stadiums
5- Barzan Gas Development
16- Inner Doha Re-sewerage
6- Barwa City Development
Implementation Strategy
7- Doha, Lusail and Dukhan Highways
17- Al-Waab City
8- Education City
18- Doha Festival City
9- Ras Laffan Complex
19- Al-Jawhara City
10- New Doha Port
20- Barwa al-Baraha
11- The Pearl
Approximately $168 billion, 87% of the remaining
work for the above projects, are to be awarded
over the next few years.
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