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Come, Be My Disciples - St. Matthew Catholic Church
July 17th, 2016
Rev. Gilbert Exumé
Rev. Mr. Tim Kirksey
Rev. Mr. Larry Welsh
Rev. Mr. Dan Buckley
Parish Office Hours
Office Closed
Daily Mass Schedule
Monday: 12:00PM
Tuesday: 6:30PM
Communion Service
Wednesday: 7:00PM
Thursday: 9:00AM
Friday: 9:00AM
Weekend Mass Schedule
5:00PM Vigil
1:00PM (Spanish)
Wednesday: 6:00PM
Saturday: 4:00PM
or by appointment
In case of a sacramental emergency
or death, call 770-862-2007.
Luke 10:38-42
Be My Disciples
July 17th, 2016
Mass Intentions
Saturday, July 16th
5:00p.m.– George Dumas Pierre †
Sunday, July 17th
8:30a.m.– Arthur Calhoun †
10:30a.m.– People of St. Matthew
1:00p.m.– Ana Maria Tobon Monday, July 18th
12:00p.m.– Ernestina Almeida †
Tuesday, July 19th
6:30p.m.– Communion Service
Wednesday, July 20th
7:00p.m.– Jack Proctor †
Treasury Report
We plan financially to go on
vacation, we plan financially for the
education of our children, we make
financial plans for our retirement; do
we plan financially to support God’s
work in our parish community? In
gratitude for the gifts we receive
from God, 33% of our registered
families and those visiting made a
joyful return to the Lord to assist in
the support of God’s work in our
parish community. Let’s increase
this participation to 100%.
July Offertory Goal $41,000.00
07/03/16……………..$ 9,003.00
07/10/16……………..$ 6,952.00
Online Giving……….$ 2,505.00
Parish Information
New Members: We are
delighted to have you join our
parish family! Registration forms are available in
the narthex and in the parish office. They can
be mailed, turned into the parish office, or
dropped in the collection basket. Come by the
church office for a Welcome Packet.
Mass Intentions: Please stop by the parish
office to offer a Mass intention for a loved one.
Baptism: Family must be registered and
participate in the life of the Parish. For more
information on specific requirements, baptismal
preparation, class dates and available Baptism
dates, contact the parish office.
Matrimony: Arrangements must be made at
least six months prior to the wedding date.
Couples must schedule an appointment with the
parish priest to secure a date on the parish
calendar and begin preparation.
Thursday, July 21st
9:00a.m.– Clyde Brown †
Friday, July 22nd
9:00a.m.– Jack Proctor †
Offertory Total — $ 18,460.00
Includes Spanish Mass
Hospital/Homebound/Nursing Homes:
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
take communion to the homebound. Family
members should call the parish office to inform
Burn the Mortgage Fund Goal- us about those who are ill.
Deceased- † Healing- Special Intentions- SI
Birthday- 07/03/16.……………...$ 1,357.00
07/10/16………………$ 1,142.13
Online Giving………..$
July BTM Total — $ 3,119.13
Includes Spanish Mass
Altar Flower Donations: To honor or
memorialize a loved one with a gift of altar
flowers, call or stop by the parish office.
Arrangements are $75.
Bulletin and Pulpit
Announcements: Items to be published in the
bulletin or announced during Mass are due in
the parish office by 9:00AM on FRIDAY the
week before they are to be published.
Monday, July 18th
11:30a.m.– Rosary
Wednesday, July 20th
6:30p.m.– Rosary
Burn the Mortgage Debt
Thursday, July 21st
8:30a.m.– Rosary
$ 378,545.57
Friday, July 22nd
8:30a.m.– Rosary
Balance D ue
$ 1,949,619.94
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Parish News and Activities
Week at a Glance
Parish Activit Schedule
If you’ve been coming to Mass for a while, but are not
Catholic, we invite you to look deeper into the Catholic
faith. Come meet some faithful Catholics who love the Lord
and would consider it a privilege to get to know you. Our
parish will soon begin a set of sessions to share with others
the truths of the Catholic faith and the fellowship of our
church family. We invite you to learn what Catholics
believe in an open and welcoming environment. These
sessions also are opportunities for you to ask those
perplexing and difficult questions you may have about the
Sessions are always held on Tuesday at 7:00pm.
The first session is on Tuesday, August 30th in Hedges Hall
(kitchen area). Feel free to come any day.
Please give us a call if you have questions or would like
further information at 770-867-4876.
Tuesda Jul 19th
No Activities Scheduled
Jul 20th
5:00pm Youth Choir Rehearsal
6:00pm Teen Bible Study
Jul 21st
Ladies Card Party
Virtus Training
Knights of Columbus Social
6:00pm Women’s CRHP
7:00pm Grupo de Oracion
Jul 18th
5:30pm Coro de Grupo de Oracion
6:00pm Choir Practice
7:00pm Clases de Evangelizacion
Jul 22nd
Prayer Group
Escuela de San Andres
Cristo Rey-Mujeres
Jul 23rd
Escuela de San Andres
Cristo Rey-Hombres
Jul 24th
9:00am Life Teen Meeting
2:30pm Clases de Bautismo
6:00pm Men’s CRHP
Please patronize the advertisers on the back. They
make this bulletin possible at no cost to the parish!
July 17th, 2016
In Our Prayers...
Mindy Akil
Anita Armand
Emmanuel Assola
Matthew Bacchus & Family
Binna Balinski
Ray & Marie Bare
Robert Barker Jr.
Dillon Barrett
Ronald Bauer
Rita Baumgartner
Betty Bennett
Kelly Bowie
Chance Browning
Christy Bryant
Catherine Buckner & Family
Fran Bullard
Charles Byron
Leticia Cadena
Jack & Nancy Cannon
Jim Casey
Landen Christensen
Betty Cohron
Tom Conley
Bob Cornett
Juan and Olga Cruz
Doris Dick
Donald Evans
Mary Jane Farren
Connie Flaherty
Helen & David Gagnon
Ed Gerety
Dot Gerety
Andrew Grala
Kelly Green
Flora & Gordon Hafer
Heinz Hardt
Karal Ann Hart
Tanya Hoard
Brooks House
Catherine James
Annie Johnson
Maryann Jones
Shaun Kielty
John Kisters
Cindy Laird
Fran Laird
Miles Lanier
Terrence Long
Theresa Loye
Gloria Martinez
Therese Monga Mboyo
Alicia McCaled
Jack & Gerri McEntee
Connor McMahon
Sherri Nutter McMurray
Kyle Miller
Mariano Montemayor
Carl, Erick, and Kurt Muehlmann
Anna Murphy
James Murphy
Rolando Mustera
Linda Narey
Anne Needham
Carol Nutter
Debbie Oldiges
Nora Oliver
Carrie Durnell O’Neill
Russell Pellegrino
Elenaor Pellicci
Becky Peppers
Carl Pope
Marge Ronk
Charlie Powell
Hunter Puglise
Manuel Rodriguez
Brandi S. Rouse
Melissa Russell
Roman Salinas
Vilma Schroeder
Ray Sferra
Chris Shekey
Carolyn Shephard
Roger Shimmin
Eva L. Staunton
Kathy Stevens
Cynthia Sturchio
Denis & Karen Sullins
Rosario Talbo
Gerri Tate
Mona-Mae Uini
Kristie Upton
Allison Wages
Sharon Walter
Kelly Walters
Noah Watkins
Shaune Welsh
Andrea White
Patricia Laird Williams
Arlene Wilson
Barbara Wyrick
Michael Acevedo
Michael Bailey
Jordan Baker
Justin Baker
Kendall Burdette
Tyler Burdette
Kelly Carter
Brandon Cotter
Louis Dewitt
Jason Duffy
Dan Gagnon
Walter Garlinghouse
Sarah Hanson
Ian Harris
Anette Ilus
Travis Keever
Karl Knowlton
Colonel Jeff Kolb
Augie Marks
Thomas Martin
Fr. David McGuire
Matthew McGuire
Gary Miller Jr.
Kasey Mortillaro
Andy Morrison
Sam Morrison
Maria Patricia Nickerson
Andy Powell
Daniel Primm
Karina Ruiz
Justin Seeley
Michael Shekey
Ryan Shekey
Blaine Stewart
Bruce Tucker
Casey Warren
and all those listed in our prayer book of
Parish News and Activities
Religious education
parent meeting and
Mass on August 6th at
Archbishop Wilton B. Gregory would like
to honor couples married in 1966 and 1956
with an invitation to a Golden/ Diamond
Wedding Anniversary Mass on Saturday
October 1st, 2016 at 12:00 noon at St.
Brigid Catholic Church. A reception will
follow the Mass for the anniversary couples
and their families. Space is limited. Please
go to to
RSVP for this event and for additional
Mark your calendar, Friday, August 19th, at 6:30pm
in Hedges Hall for another thrilling KARAOKE
event hosted by St. Matthew Knights of Columbus.
Get a group together and get in on the action.
Families, singles, duets, groups, do your thing.
No talent required, just the willingness to get on
stage and sing along with your favorite singer’s
style of music. Professionals not solicited, only
You don't relish being in the spotlight? Join the excitement as a spectator
cheering for your favorite performer. We furnish the music but you are
welcomed to bring your own karaoke CDG music. Have a favorite
entertainer? Let us know in advance and we'll do our best to accommodate
A free event but donations willingly accepted for soft drinks, water,
popcorn and snacks. Hot dawgs and burgers $2.00 each. Proceeds benefit
Barrow County “Come Alive Ministries”
Come prepared for an exciting evening’s entertainment. More details to
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Catholic Teaching
Bible Quiz
16 Sunday in Ordinary Time
The Readings are: Genesis 18:1-10a - Colossian 1:24-28 - Luke 10:38-42
1. At the beginning of the first reading, it is said that the day was growing hot. Looking up, Abraham saw:
a. Two men and a woman.
b. Three men.
c. Two men.
d. Three people.
2. Abraham ran to the herd and picked out:
a. A tender,choice steer.
b. A one year lamb.
c. Two young goats.
d. A goat and a lamb.
3. One of the visitors said to Abraham: “. . . and Sarah will then have a son.”
a. I will surely return to you in nine months.
b. I will return to you when I can.
c. I will return to you when God wills it.
d. I will surely return to you about this time next year.
4. Saint Paul writes: And in my flesh . . .
a. I have a thorn.
b. I suffer endlessly for the sake of Christ Jesus.
c. I feel an affliction.
d. I am filling up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ.
5. Jesus entered a village:
a. Where two women named Mary and Martha welcomed him.
b. Where the sisters of Lazarus welcomed him.
c. Where a woman named Mary welcomed him.
d. Where a woman whose name was Martha welcomed him.
6. The Lord said to her in reply:
a. Mary, Mary, you are anxious.
b. Martha, Martha, you are anxious.
c. Daughters of Jerusalem, you are anxious.
d. Mary Magdalene, you are anxious.
1.b - 2.a - 3.d - 4.d - 5.d - 6.b
By: Leo Kouters
Décimo Sexto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
Noticias de Nuestra Parroquia
Tendremos una misa y
junta para todos los
padres e hijos
inscritos en clases de
educacion religiosa el
sabado 6 de agosto a
las 10:00am.
Marque su calendario para una
noche familiar de karaoke en San
Mateo, el 19 de Agosto empezando a
las 6:30pm en el salón social. No
habrá ningún costo. Los esperamos!
Día mundial contra la trata de personas (30 de julio)
Día designado por la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas en
diciembre de 2013. “Todos los países deben unirse para superar esta
amenaza transnacional mediante el apoyo y la protección de las víctimas,
y persiguiendo y procesando a los delincuentes. Hagamos el propósito de
actuar como uno en el nombre de la justicia y la dignidad para todos”.
Ban Ki-Moon, Secretario General de la ONU. Visita el sitio web de las
Hermanas Católicas de los Estados Unidos en contra del Tráfico Humano
Ofertorio Mes de julio
Solamente Misa de 1:00pm
07/03/16 ………….$ 1,287.00
07/10/16…………..$ 999.00
$ 2,286.00
Reducción Hipotecaria Mes de julio
Solamente Misa de 1:00pm
07/03/16………….$ 858.00
07/10/16………….$ 620.00
Estamos aceptando inscripciones
para adultos que no hayan
recibido el sacramento del
Bautismo, la Primera Comunión
o Confirmación.
$ 1,478.00
Flores para el Altar
Las flores pueden ser donadas en memoria o en
honor a un familiar, amigo (a). Su dedicación será
colocada en el boletín en la semana seleccionada.
La oficina mantiene el registro de cada fecha
disponible y de donde ordenar las flores.
El costo por un arreglo florar grande es de $75.00
dólares. Nos puede llamar a la oficina para más
Confesiones en español
son los sábados a las
4:00pm y se terminan a las
4:45pm y los miércoles a
las 6:00pm y se terminan a
las 6:45pm.
Julio 17, 2016
En Nuestras Oraciones
Recordemos en nuestras oraciones a los siguientes feligreses quienes están
hospitalizados, o sufriendo de cuerpo, mente, o espíritu:
4:00PM-4:45PM Sábado
6:00PM-6:45PM Miércoles
María Acosta
Rodolfo Arango
Martha Avilez
Liliana Brignioni
Carmen Loera Camacho
Zonny de la Paz
Gabino De Leon
Guadalupe Diaz
Evelyn Dunn
Saba Duque
Domin o, Julio 17, 2016
1:00PM Misa Ana Maria Tobon Descanse en Paz- † Salud-
Intencíon Especial- IE,
Cumpleaños- Sara Escobedo
Marcela Galván
Luis García
Teresita García
Tomas García
Maria Lidia Gutiérrez
Cristina E.Fernández
Dulce María
Cecilia Rodríguez
Jovanny O. Sánchez
Y todas las personas
apuntadas en nuestro libro
de intenciones.
Los Sacramentos
Re uisitos Para Casarse
Re uisitos Para Bautizar
Tiene que estar re istrado y ser miembro
activo de la parroquia
Presentar el certificado de nacimiento del
Los Padrinos deben ser Católicos
practicantes y estar casados por la Iglesia
(presentar acta de matrimonio)
Si los padrinos no son miembros de
nuestra iglesia tendrán que presentar una
carta de la iglesia a la que asisten
Los Padres deberán de asistir a las
clases de preparación pre-bautismal
Haga una cita previa con el sacerdote por lo menos
6 meses antes de fijar la fecha del matrimonio.
Se requieren los
siguientes documentos:
• Certificado de Bautismo con anotación
Licencia de Matrimonio, o si ha sido
casado por el civil, necesitamos el
Certificado de Matrimonio.
Hora de Reuniones
Grupo de MujeresViernes a las 7pm
Grupo de HombresSábado a las 7:30pm
Cristo Renueva Su
Proceso espiritual de renovación diseñada
para reunir miembros de nuestra parroquia a
Dalila González
Luis Miralrio
Vicente Soldevilla
Cristo Rey
Invita a las personas que han servido el retiro Mujeresde CRSP a reuniones de crecimiento
Viernes 7pm-9pm
HombresSábados 8pm-10pm
Guillermina Curiel
Humberto Salazar
Grupo de Oración
Ayudar a que la renovación carismática en el Jueves 7:00pm
Espíritu llegue a mas católicos hispanos
Francisco Avellaneda
Escuela de Evangelización
San Andrés
Formando nuevos evangelizadores para la Cada quince días de Isabel Ramirez
Nueva Evangelización del tercer milenio.
5:00pm a 7:30pm
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