Third Sunday of Advent - Old Mission Santa Inés


Third Sunday of Advent - Old Mission Santa Inés
Old Mission Santa Inés
Founded 1804
Capuchin Franciscan
1760 Mission Drive, P.O. Box 408
Solvang, CA 93464
Phone: (805) 688-4815
Fax: (805)686-4468
email: [email protected]
Capuchin Franciscan Friars:
Fr. Matthew Elshoff, OFM Cap. (ext. 223)
Associate Pastor
Fr. James Johnson, OFM Cap. (ext. 224)
Senior Priest
Fr. Gerald Barron, OFM Cap.
Capuchin Vocation Office: (ext. 227)
Fr. Peter Banks, OFM Cap., Director
(686-4127 direct line)
RCIA & Adult Sacramental Preparation/
Sacramentos para adultos:
Sr. Lucia Tu, SDSH (ext. 228)
Religious Education/Catecismo: 688-4138
Sr. Carmen Acosta, SDSH, Director
Parish Offices/Oficina parroquial:
Open Monday through Friday,
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Silvia Ramos, Parish Secretary (ext. 222)
Paula Engel, Bookkeeper (ext. 230)
Mission Gift Shop/La Tienda de la Misión:
Open Daily, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (ext. 231)
Sonia DeLuna, Manager
Masses in English
Saturday 5:00 PM; Sunday 8:00, 9:30,
11:00 AM & 5:00 PM (Youth Mass)
Daily Mass:
Monday thru Saturday 8:00 AM
Misas en español
Sabado 7:00 PM; Domingo 12:30 PM
Fiestas de Obligación 7:00 PM
Holy Days 8:00 AM, 12 noon
Vigil of Holy Days 7:00 PM
Adoration Chapel:
Monday thru Friday, 6:00 AM-Midnight;
Wednesday opens at 5:00 AM;
24-hour Adoration:
1st & 3rd Friday/Saturday of each month.
Adoración del Santísimo:
L-V 6:00-Media Noche; Miércoles 5:00 AM
24-horas de Adoración:
primer y tercer viernes/sábado cada mes.
Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confesión:
Saturday 4:00-4:45 PM
Sábado 6:15-6:45 PM
(Directory continues on back)
Sacred Heart Sisters
December 12 & 13, 2015
Third Sunday of Advent
(Zephaniah 3:14-18a; Philippians 4:4-7; Luke 3:10-18)
Mission Statement
We the people of Old Mission Santa Inés, following the path
of Jesus Christ, are making His vision a reality through
love, unity, justice, joy and hope.
Nosotros el pueblo de la Misión Santa Inés, siguiendo el camino de
Jesucristo, estamos realizando su vision por media del amor, la unidad, la justicia, la alegra y la esperanza.
Jubilee Year of Mercy
"alvation is offered to eveS
ry human, to every people,
without exception, to each
of us,"Pope Francis said
during the ceremony.
None of us can say, 'I am
holy, I am perfect, I am
already saved."
Pope Francis opened the
Holy Doors of St. Peter's
Basilica on December 8th,
performing a ritual that has been
part of the Catholic Church since
the 1500s. Holy Doors are only
opened during a special year designated by a pope called a Jubilee
Year. This iteration will be a Jubilee of Mercy. The last Jubilee Year
was in 2000.
Traditionally, there are holy doors
only in the four basilicas of Rome:
St. Peter's, St. John Lateran, St.
Mary Major and St. Paul Outside
the Walls. But Pope Francis has rewritten the rules
and said that every Catholic cathedral in the world
may designate a holy door
to be opened for a year, so
that even those who can't
come to Rome can participate in the church's Jubilee
Year of Mercy by walking
through the doors.
Walking through the Holy Doors
means that you receive a plenary
indulgence, which is a lessening of
the consequences attached to sin.
To receive it you must: 1. Walk
through the Holy Doors. 2. Go to
confession.3. Receive communion.4. Pray for the intentions of the
pope. For more information: http://
Today, the second collection is for the
Retirement Fund for Religious. Please give
generously to those who have donated so much of
their time and talents to us for so many years.
Third Sunday of Advent
December 12 & 13, 2015
Christmas Parade
It was a great celebration! Thank you to Sr. Carmen
and the School of Religion for all their work in creating the birth of the Baby Jesus. There was over 70
children participating in the parade. We also thank
Nancy Rizzo and all her helpers for hosting the picnic
for Jesus birthday party, Greg Gorman provided the
Christmas music, Steve and Joy Sawin, for the use of
the truck and trailer, and finally, Wayne Natale, driver of the truck and trailer. Especially, we thank the
Capuchin-Franciscans for their walk with us during
this holy celebration. Happy Birthday to the Greatest Man that ever lived.
Ministry of Hospitality and Caring
Protecting God’s Children
We have an immediate need for a
VIRTUS® facilitator for our parish.
A professional two-day training session is required for all qualified candidates. This training will be held on
January 14 and 15, at the Cathedral
of Our Lady of Los Angeles, Los
Angeles. Please contact the Parish
Office for further information.
Old Mission Santa Ines, Religious
Education classes with the outstanding help of numerous volunteers,
presented a lovely nativity display
for the Solvang Christmas Parade on
December 5. Thank you Jesus!
Christmas break will begin December 15. Classes will resume on January 5.
The Hearing Loop
A date has not been set for the installation due to the Christmas holiday.
As soon as a date opens you will be
A Message From Our Pastor
Thank you to all who participated in my installation Mass, especially, the Bilingual Choir. It was a wonderfully prayerful and
memorable experience. Special thanks those who hosted the
reception: The Bilingual Choir, Grupo de Parejas, St. Vincent de
Paul, Ministry of Hospitality and Caring and the Men’s Club. I
am very grateful.
Fr. Matt
Christmas 2015 / Navidad 2015
Masses / Misas
Christmas Eve / Noche Buena
Thursday, Dec. 24/Jueves, 24 de Dic.
4:00 PM Children’s Mass (English)
6:00 PM Mass (English)
8:00 PM Misa (Español)
11:30 PM Christmas Carols
12:00 – Midnight Mass (English)
Christmas Day / Navidad
Friday, Dec. 25 / Viernes, 25 de Dic.
9:00, 11:00 AM (English)
12:30 PM (Español)
New Year’s Eve / Visp. Del Año
Thurs, Dec. 31 / Jueves, 31 de Dic.
8:00 AM Mass (English)
11:00 PM Misa (Español)
New Year’s Day / Año Nuevo*
Friday, Jan. 1 / Viernes, 1 de Enero
9:00 AM Mass (English)
11:00 AM Misa (Español)
*This is not a Holy Day of Obligation
*No es Día Santo de Obligación
Advent and Christmas Bilingual
Reconciliation Service, Thursday
December 17, at 7:00 PM, in the
church. Please come and join us as
we prepare ourselves to celebrate the
birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Chapel to Church Half Marathon
When: Saturday, January 30, 2016
From: San Ramon Chapel
To: St. Louis de Montfort Church
For more information please see the
flyer at the back credenza of the
Last Year
Religious Education
Thank you for your continued generosity!
Did you know? Safety is key even when visiting Santa Clause. Visiting Santa
Claus can be a grand and positive childhood experience. However, some people
who seek to bring Santa to life in a child’s world are not deserving of our trust.
Make sure your child knows that there are special rules for Santa and that parents or guardians must always be with the child when he or she visits Santa.
One rule to consider is encouraging your child to stand next to Santa or sit on
the floor between his feet rather than sitting on his lap.
Parish Calendar
Friday, 12/18
7:45 AM
8:30 AM
1:00 PM
9:30 AM
10:00 AM
6:00 AM
Divine Mercy Chaplet
Rosary for Life, after 8:00 AM Mass
Rosary for Vocations
Divine Mercy Cenacle
Amigos de Los Capuchinos Prayer Hour
24-hour Adoration (until 8:00 AM, Saturday, 12/19)
Madonna Chapel
Blessed Sacrament Chapel
Classroom B
Blessed Sacrament Chapel
Blessed Sacrament Chapel
Tercer Domingo de Adviento
12 y 13 de diciembre de 2015
Sofonías 3:14-18a
Filipenses 4:4-7
Lucas 3:10-18
La segunda colecta de este fin de
semana es para el Fondo de Retiro
de los Religiosos. Por favor sean
generosos para ayudar a todas
aquellas personas que entregaron su
vida al servicio del Señor.
Gracias a todos los que participaron
en la Misa de mi instalación, especialmente al Coro Bilingüe. Fue una
experiencia de oración maravillosa y
memorable. Un agradecimiento especial a los de la recepción: El Coro
Bilingüe, Grupo de Parejas, San Vicente
de Hostelería y Cuidado y el Club de
Hombres. Estoy muy agradecido.
Padre Mateo
Educación Religiosa
Las clases de Educación Religiosa
de Misión Santa Inés, con la ayuda
excepcional de numerosos volun
tarios, presentó una exhibición de la
natividad preciosa para el Desfile de
Navidad de Solvang el 5 de
diciembre. ¡Gracias Jesús!
Durante la Natividad: clases no
estarán en sesión a partir 15 de
desembre y reanudará 5 de enero.
Angel Rafael
Orellana Alvarenga
Año Jubilar de la Misericordia
ofrece a todos los
seres humanos, a
todos los pueblos, sin
excepción, a cada uno
de nosotros", dijo el
durante la ceremonia.
"Ninguno de nosotros
puede decir:" Yo soy santo, yo soy
perfecto, yo me eh salvado. "
El Papa Francisco abrió las Puertas
Santas de la Basílica de San Pedro el
Martes, 8 de Diciembre, realización
un ritual que ha sido parte de la
Iglesia Católica desde el año 1500.
Puertas Santas solamente se abren
durante un año especial designado
por un papa llamado Año Jubilar.
Esta iteración será un Jubileo de la
Misericordia. El último Año Jubilar
fue en el 2000.
Tradicionalmente, hay Puertas Santas
sólo en las cuatro basílicas de Roma:
San Pedro, San Juan de Letrán, Santa
María la Mayor y San Pablo
El Aro de Audición
La fecha no se ha establecido para la instalación debido a las
vacaciones de Navidad. Tan pronto como
una fecha se abra se le
Anuncios para el boletín: Anuncios para el
boletín se deben enviar
a la oficina los martes
antes de las 12 de mediodía.
Seguridad y Bienestar de Nuestros Niños
en la Misión Santa Inés
Por favor asegúrese de que los niños estén siempre bajo la supervisión de un adulto, no un adolescente o menor de edad. Los
niños deben de ir siempre acompañados por un adulto al baño
durante Misa o en cualquier otra reunión.
Extramuros. El Papa
Francisco ha reescrito
las reglas y dijo que
cada catedral Católica
en el mundo podrá
designar una Puerta
Santa para ser abierta
por un año, por los que
no pueden venir a
Roma puedan participar en la iglesia
durante el Año Jubilar de la
Misericordia caminando a través de
las puertas.
Caminando por las Puertas Santas
significa que usted recibe una
indulgencia plenaria, lo cual es una
disminución de las consecuencias
atadas al pecado. Para recibir la
indulgencia plenaria, debe: 1.
Caminar a través de las Puertas
Santas. 2. Ir a confession.3. Recibir
intenciones del Papa. Para más
Calendario de las Posadas/ Posadas Calendar
Posadas Comienzan a las 7pm/ Posadas start at 7pm
Sábado 8pm/ Saturday 8pm
Martes, 15 de Dic. / Tuesday, Dec.15
Seminario San Lorenzo/ San Lorenzo Seminary
1820 Sky Drive, Santa Ynez
Miércoles, 16 de Dic. / Wednesday, Dec. 16
Armada Blanca
711 Jonata Road, Buellton
Jueves, 17 de Dic. / Thursday, Dec. 17
Joanne & Harold Tegge
1469 Kronborg Drive, Solvang
Viernes, 18 de Dic. / Friday, Dec. 18
Familia Hernández
2951 Stadium Road, Solvang
Sábado, 19 de Dic. / Saturday, Dec. 19 @ 8pm
Vecinos de la Maple/ Maple Neighbors
1677 Maple Avenue, Solvang
Domingo, 20 de Dic. / Sunday, Dec. 19
Nini Lemus
711 Jonata Road, Buellton
December 12 & 13, 2015
Third Sunday of Advent
Directory (con’t)
Saturday, December 12
Bartoška Family, RIP
Gabrielle & little Remi, SI
5:00 PM Walter Britton, RIP
Thomas Larrigan, RIP
Sunday, December 13
8:00 AM
Romero Family, SI
Lupita Ramos, SI, birthday
11:00 AM Bill Warwick, RIP
Walter Britton, RIP
Monday, December 14
9:30 AM
8:00 AM
Kent Taylor, RIP
Noel Barron, RIP
Tuesday, December 15
8:00 AM
Gregorio Tongol, RIP
Bobbie & Greg McGee, SI
Wednesday, December 16
8:00 AM
Joyce G. Lettau, RIP
Eladio Tongol, RIP
Thursday, December 17
Deceased members of the
O’Hara Family
Denise Gauld, SI
Friday, December 18
8:00 AM
8:00 AM
classes in English: Sr. Lucia Tu,
SDSH (ext.228) Second Monday:
Please call the parish office for an
Pláticas pre-bautismales en español:
Entrevistas: Segundo y cuarto martes
de cada mes. Favor de comunicarse
con los Señores Rubeñ y Dalila Santos at tel. 686-4813. Pláticas: Primeros y Terceros martes de cada mes.
Favor de comunicarse con los Señores Ramoñ y Carmen Garciá al tel.
693-8936. Las entrevistas y pláticas
se ofrecen en el salon B a las 7:00PM
Confirmation Program: 688-4815
Kim Baggao (ext. 226)
Deacon: 688-4815
Diácono Ancelmo Aguirre (ext. 225)
Hospitality & Caring
Joanne Tegge, 350-0206
Victor Bermúdez, Director (ext. 229)
Humberto Figueroa
No flash photography is permitted within the church. There is
no food allowed in the museum, church, or interior garden area.
Also, all children MUST be supervised by their parents at all times.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Deadline for all news and information for the bulletin is due
in the office by 12 noon on Tuesdays for the upcoming Sunday.
Christine L. Kuzma
Celia & Ken Edge, RIP
Walter Britton, RIP
W elco me i n J e s us ’ N a m e!
¡B ie n ve n id o e n el No mb r e d e J e s u s !
If you a re n ot regi st ered, p leas e fi ll out
thi s form and p la c e in th e c ollec ti on or
m ai l t o th e pa ri sh offi c e. Si no se
r egi st rado en la paorqu ia, favo r de
ll enar e sta for ma y pon erla en la co lecta
o manda rla por co rr eo a la of ic ina
Open 7-10 Mon.-Sat.; 7-9 Sun.
Custom-Fit Doors & Screens
“We screen at your place”
Greg & Dodie Gorman 686-4121
C IT Y & Z IP :
( ) Send me weekly envelopes. Favor de
mandarme sobres.
( ) Put me on the mailing list. Quiero recibir la
correspondencia del parroquial.
( ) Moving, remove from mailing list. Estoy
cambiando sitio fuera de la parroquial, quiteme
de la lista.
( ) Change of Address/Phone Number/E-mail
Marriage/Matrimonios: Inquire at
Parish Office at least 6 months in advance. Hable con el padre por lo
menos con 6 meses de anticipación.
Parish Men’s Service Club:
Bob Leite, 688-8331
Pro-Life/Care Net Pregnancy Support Center
Lompoc Care Net 735-2353
Life Network 967-9096
Sacred Heart Convent: 688-6158
Sacramental Records/Registros
Sacramentales/Archives (Tuesdays)
Sheila Benedict (ext. 235)
Safeguard the Children Committee:
Susan Gionfriddo, Chairperson
San Lorenzo Seminary: 688-5630
St. Vincent de Paul Society:
Venturing: 688-4815 (Ext. 226)
Youth Group – The Vines:
688-4815 (Ext. 226)
Safeguard the Children
For particular help, you may
call Assistance Ministry at
(213) 637-7650
Mary Beth Kerr
Home visits, overnights,
exercise, etc.
Cell phone - (805) 245-5620
Society of
St. Vincent de Paul
Montecito · Santa Barbara
Santa Ynez Valley
Broker Associate
Broker Associate
Researchers and manufacturers
of family coats of arms
Donna Wheatley, owner
473 Atterdag  Solvang
Old Mission Santa Inés
“Help us Help Others”
Conference - 686-9933
Life Issues
Are you suffering after
an abortion?
Alternatives to abortion
Old Mission
Gift Shop
Great selection of Gift Items
Religious Articles • Jewelry
Bibles & Books
Seraphic Mass Cards
Daily 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Present this ad for a
10% discount

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