The Calvary Family of Faith
Knowing Christ and
Making Christ Known
Is Committed to
The Great Commandments (Matthew 22:37-39)
and The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20)
Volume 53, No. 5
February 5, 2011
Church Office - 792-5159
ROC - 836-2949
Weekday Ministry - 793-9898
Website - www.calvarydothan.com
It’s Not Too Late to Register for DiscipleNow!
All Members
Friday, February 3-Sunday, February 5
Speaker: Keith Chancey
Worship Leader: Flying Backwards
Cost: $85.00
To register, call the Church Office, 792-5159.
Interim Pastor
Jerry Grandstaff
Ed Wright
Associate Senior Pastor
Brad Bradford
Associate Pastor/Music and Worship
Gary Cornelius
Associate Pastor/Adults and Outreach
Charles Uptain
Executive Pastor/
Children and Administration
Ron Bruce
Associate Pastor/Recreation
Nate Brady
Associate Pastor/Students
Joyce Alexander
Director of Preschool Ministries
Patty Farrington
Director of Senior Adults/Singles
Dixson Klinger
Hispanic Pastor
Music Assistant
Brooke Davis
Nolan Dykes
Ministry Assistants
Caren Coleson, Pastoral Ministries
Carol Morris, Executive Assistant
Heather Perkins, Adults/Outraech
Anne Register, Recreation
Emily Shiver, Senior Adults
Angie Tice, Music
Amanda Arney, Preschool/Students
Mark Shiver
Facilities Manager
Leslie Payne
Childcare Coordinator
Christi Peterson
Kitchen Coordinator
Jana Fryer
Weekday Ministry Assistant
LeeAnn Yarbrough
Weekday Receptionist
How can the entire church be involved?
Through Worship – Join the students in the Fellowship Center for their worship services the
weekend of DNow: Friday at 7:30 p.m., Saturday at 11:00 a.m. and 7:15 p.m. and Sunday at
10:45 a.m.
Through Prayer – Sign up for a prayer time during DNow weekend and pick up a bracelet
with a student’s name on it and commit to pray for them. Prayer time signup and bracelets are
available in the Church Office.
DiscipleNow Celebration Sunday
Sunday, February 5
9:30 a.m. Life Connection Group
10:45 a.m. Worship Celebration, Fellowship Center
Worship Leaders: Flying Backwards
Message by Nate Brady
No 8:15 Worship Celebration and No Evening Worship
Tables of Love
Sponsored by the Women Connecting with Women Ministry
Monday, February 6
6:00 p.m.
Doors open at 5:30 p.m. to preview the tables.
Fellowship Center
Guest Speaker: Heather Messick, inspirational speaker and vocalist for Integrity Music
Cost: $10.00
Tickets are available in the Church Office and in the Worship Center Foyer on Sundays.
Tables of Love is a Women’s Ministry event where hostesses decorate their tables centered
around a Bible verse. You will come see the pretty tables, enjoy a delicious meal and listen to an
inspirational speaker.
Information for Last Week
January 23-29, 2012
LCG, January 29
On Campus..................................930
Mission Churches........................150
Westside Terrace............................58
Outreach Bible Study.....................20
General Fund
Given January 29.............$42,446.90
Given Year-to-Date........$212,197.01
Partners In Ministry
Given Year-to-Date...............$255.00
Alyssa Deneve
Sermon Schedule
February 5, 2012
10:45 a.m.
Message by Nate Brady
Fellowship Center
No Evening Worship
Staff On Call Schedule
Saturday, February 4
Joyce Alexander, 798-4791
Sunday, February 5
Patty Farrington, 618-5845
Page 2
From the Interim Pastor
I rejoice with you over Sunday’s exciting
experience with Brother Paul! No doubt, your
greatest days are ahead! Your acceptance
of Paul and his family, and of course his
ministry, will prove to be only the starting
points of what God desires to accomplish. As
I have stated many times, be patient, positive
and prayerful. A fresh start! A new day!
This coming weekend should prove to be a
great time for Calvary’s youth! Your church
tomorrow is our youth today. Continue to love
and support them. Nate is doing a good job
and has nothing but the best in his heart for
Calvary’s youth. What happens this weekend
will touch your home, various schools and
certainly Calvary. Join Nate in making this
life-changing investment! He values your
I will return on January 12. I am praying
that the last three Sundays of February will
be most productive as we close out my time
with you. I am searching the heart of God
concerning the messages. Although I have
been busy teaching the January Bible Study
(this week I am at Rehobeth), I have missed
being at Calvary.
See you on February 12!
Bro. Jerry
Ministry News
C.O.M.E. - Calvary On Mission Everyday
I believe that our church has been blessed by bringing Paul Thompson to us as our next
pastor. It was definitely clear that his heart burns for the proclamation of the gospel. We have
a new challenge before us. Let’s unite and show Dothan the light that only God can give.
Wouldn’t it be great if everyone reported for duty? Will you give that some thought? How
can I serve our church? Ask God for His will for your life.
Transition time is tough. Please pray with even more diligence for Bro. Paul and his family.
Are you allowing God to transform you?
Praise Report!
I just want to share with you about one of our missions, Southern Community Fellowship.
This mission is located right across the Florida state line between Cottondale and Campbelton.
In the month of January they added 18 new members, of those are five on profession of their
faith in Christ! Eighteen in one month for a mission that averages about 75 in worship is
tremendous. Please continue to pray for Gary and his staff as they continue to reach out! Isn’t
it wonderful to see God at work!
Adults/Outreach Ministry
Evangelism is Not an Option
Sunday was an exciting day for all of us and a strong reminder of what must come first for
us individually and as a church…EVANGELISM! I love the quote that Paul shared at the end
“Let’s make Dothan a hard place for people to go to hell” and we have the framework already
in place to make this happen! We cannot wait for someone else to do this. It is the “Great
Commission” and it applies to all of us!
Here is what we ALREADY have in place:
• Every LCG has an assigned Sunday to go out and visit new people and those who have not
been in a while. Make sure you are a part of it.
• Taking Faith to the Home - This meets every Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m. in G311. We
make the in-home visits to prospects and we always need more people. Come join us!
Let’s be faithful in what we ALL have been called to do!
Recreation Ministry
Camp ROCK Mentors Needed
A mentor for one girl is needed for Tuesdays and three mentors for boys are needed on
Thursdays, 3:00-5:00 p.m. If you would like to volunteer, call the ROC, 836-2949.
Page 3
Music/Worship Ministry
Ministry News
God is at work and praise Him, we are a part of what He is doing. We do welcome our new
Pastor and his family to this family of faith. Paul, Cecilia, Daniel, Alex, Mark and Sarah will
be used by the Lord God to make a huge impact as we work and minister together. I am very
excited to be able to work together to see a fresh vision for what our Lord wants to do in and
through us. Thank you family of faith for how you have opened your hearts to the Thompsons
as God is calling them here. There is no doubt that there are great days ahead and we can all
rise and say…
Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!
Preschool Ministry
VIPs for Sunday, February 5
10:45: Rick and Rhoda Weber, Lee and Robin Braswell
Thank You to Our Preschool Workers
An extra special thank you to all of our preschool workers who served this past Sunday,
January 29, during the 10:45 Worship Celebration: Daniela Amaya, Patsy Andrews, Becky
Collins, Zabdy Jones, Megan Knight, Iris Lainez, FaBreka Morris, Brunie Petit, Matilda
Salazar, and Bailyn Stewart.
Children’s Ministry
No G-Force or DiscipleLand
Children, 4-year-olds through Grade 6, will join their parents for worship again this
Sunday morning, February 5. Parents, please pick up your preschoolers from their classrooms
after LCG. Our teachers will escort the first and second graders to meet their parents in the
Fellowship Center Foyer, and Grades 3-6 will be dismissed to the Fellowship Center.
Summer is right around the corner, and it is time to sign
up for our summer camps. We will be going back to CentriKid
with both our weekend camp for third and forth graders and
our week long camp for fifth and sixth graders. You can sign
up by bringing a $50 deposit to the church office before Sunday, February 12. Remember that
getting a friend to go with you to camp makes it twice as fun!
Senior Adult Ministry
• Tables of Love / Monday, February 6 / 6:00 p.m. / We will be decorating tables again based
on a Bible verse. Ladies, we have six tables to decorate. Please let me or Emily know if your
LCG class will be decorating a table for this event.
• Senior Adult Valentine Movie Night / Friday, February 10 / 5:00 p.m. / Fellowship Center
/ Please bring either a side dish or salad.
• Mission Projects for Senior Adults
January – Bring canned foods for the Columbia Baptist Ministry Center.
February – DNow, prayer partners, sponsorship for students and baked goods for host
Opportunities for the Week
9:30 a Life Connection Groups
10:45 a Worship Celebration, FC
10:45 a Iglesia Bautista El Calvario,
9:00 a Senior Adult Exercise, AR
10:15 a Senior Adult Ladies Bible Study,
5:30 p Tables of Love, FC
5:30 p Zumba Class, AR
9:00 a Blood Pressure Check
9:00 a Women’s Bible Study, R304
3:00 p Camp ROCK Mentoring
4:00 p Calvary Ringers, G318
5:30 p Adorned Girl’s Small Groups,
6:30 p Iglesia Prayer Service
9:00 a Community Bible Study, Chapel
9:00 a Senior Adult Exercise, AR
10:00 a Sonshine Choir, Choir Room
5:00 p Family Night Supper, FC
5:30 p Wigglefest, Gym
5:45 p M&M’s
6:00 p STOMP, Grades 1-6
6:00 p Student Worship, TZ
6:00 p Camp ROC Parents’ Bible Study,
Craft Room
6:00 p DivorceCare, R308
6:00 p DivorceCare for Kids, R306
6:00 p GriefShare, R301
6:00 p Single and Parenting, R304
6:00 p English as a Second Language,
6:00 p Prayer and Praise, Chapel
6:00 p Giving Grace Away, G319
6:00 p Home Made Marriage, G316
6:00 p “Raising Boys and Girls,” G317
6:00 p “Plugged in Parenting,” R303
6:00 p “Amazing Collection,” G318
6:00 p Men of Faith, G312
6:00 p Praying for the Home, G310
6:00 p Taking Faith to the Home, G311
6:30 p Celebration Wind Ensemble, WC
7:30 p Celebration Choir, Choir Room
3:00 p Camp ROCK Mentoring
9:00 a Senior Adult Exercise, AR
5:00 p Senior Adult Valentine Movie
Night, FC
6:00 p Iglesia Music Rehearsal, Chapel
6:00 a Prison Ministry Visit
6:30 p Iglesia Music Lessons, Chapel
Happy Birthday
February 5 Bernice Beavers,
Tommy Brooks, Ed Cheshire, Cameron
Good, Sydney Johnson, Nancy Knight;
February 6 Eddie Brrentine, Lawrence
Caroll, Harrison Wade Collins, Addison
Evans, Josue Jasso, Kathy Lazenby,
Nicholas McCallister, Brian Mills, Julie
Ann Rikard; February 7 Caitlin Mullis,
Laurin Sanders; February 8 Elly Hope
Castle, Don Cook; February 9 Colton
Carpenter, Madaline Futch, Amaryliz
Hernandez, Joyce McCord, Cash
Mullins, Megan Phillips; February
10 Julia Harrison, Seth Hubbard, Mary
Huff, Chris Kirkland, Rulene Manuel,
Elizabeth Poulnot, Ashley Smith, W.
Kevin Smith, Tracy Sullivan, Alejandro
Villatoro; February 11 Ashley Bonner,
Shenese Hall, Sheila Helms, Gayle
Marshall, D. D. McBride, Madelin
Plagenhoef, Michael Ragan, Taylor
Shelley, Dylan Smith, Jackie Starling
10:45 Sunday Morning
Worship Celebration
Broadcast on Radio
WIZB FM 94.3
Page 4
Beth Davis and family
February 5 Charlie Brannen, Joe Copeland, Luke Deanhardt, Mike Downs
February 12 Frank Culbreth, John Downs, Steve Good, Bill Hawkins
8:15: Donald Bass, Michael Byrd, Jackie Starling, Keith and Marsha Stowers
10:45: Steve Brackin, Bill Cheshire, Bob Wiley
Serving February 5, 9:30 a.m.
ROC – MG2 (Suddarth)
Worship Center – MA3 (Varnum)
Preschool – MC1 (Harrison)
Wednesday, February 8, 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Corndog Dinner
Preschoolers 3 years old and under - free
Children 4-10 years old - $4.00
Senior Adults - $4.00
Individuals 11 years old and up - $5.00
For reservations or cancellations, call 792-5159 by Monday, 4:30 p.m.
Return Service Requested
901 Montezuma Avenue
Dothan, AL 36303
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 215
Dothan, AL