De Gruyter Overview


De Gruyter Overview
De Gruyter Overview
43nd General Assembly of BETH
Anne O‘Riordan
6-10th September Wroclaw
De Gruyter
De Gruyter – The Basics
Academic publishing house, founded in 1749 - Family-owned company
Advisory board of five distinguished independent advisors
German HQ in Berlin, US HQ in Boston – Bejing China
Well-known imprints: Birkhäuser (architecture & art) De Gruyter Mouton
(linguistics), De Gruyter Saur (library and information science), De), De Gruyter
Oldenbourg (history),
Recognized as an interdisciplinary academic publishing house (Humanities, Social
Sciences + STM) – significant output in Theology, Religion and Jewish studies
Extensive back catalogue
60,000 Books (Print and E)
1800 new book titles in 2014 (600 in English)
300 Paid + 330 OA journals and yearbooks
Overall around 80% English language journals/ 60% books
Encyclopedia of the Bible and it‘s Reception DB
First comprehensive reference work on biblical
Covers Hebrew, OT, NT and Contextual history
Price (prepaid) online version EUR 13,390 (one off
payment up front to cover all 30 volumes)
EBR is a research tool for scholars in biblical studies
and related fields but also useful to readers
generally interested in the Bible. It is edited by a
team of international scholars, all experts in their
fields. EBR is published in English (Currently this
online edition contains the first nine volumes.)
10% discount for BETH Members
Images of the Biblical World – Database
Professor Benedikt Schwank OSB, Beuron. Professor for New Testament and Biblical
Archaeology at the Munich School of Philosophy,
Contains 24,000 images, from the early 1950’s to the modern day.
Documents the evolution of bible related buildings and sites in the Mediterranean world,
including Turkey, Italy, Egypt, Syria, The Holy Land and many others
Many photographs capture historical settings which no longer exist today. Therefore, this
collection of pictures provides a unique and valuable glimpse on the biblical world.
Images will be indexed by description, place, date of photography, geographical index
Online Version (Purchase Option)
€ 2990.00
USER INTERFACE German, English
March 2014
DeGruyter eBooks - Overview
Options – Fair and Transparent purchase models
Pick & Choose.
Subject packages
Single titles on
All our eBooks available on most aggreator platforms
Print price is the same as the eBook price – no mark-up - one off payment for perpetual unlimited
access for the cost of a single print copy
Each new title is published simultaneously in print and as an eBook or eBookPLUS.
All eBooks are full-text searchable, indexed, and provided with DOIs and MARC records.
Very liberal DRM – unlimited access for all users
New for 2014 – ePub format
Fixed packages = Save 20% on the list price when purchasing the complete package or 15% on a
subject package
De Gruyter Book Series in Theology, Religion and Jewish Studies
New Series - Studies of the Bible and Its Reception (SBR)
Studies of the Bible and Its Reception (SBR) publishes monographs and collected
volumes which explore the reception history of the Bible in a wide variety of academic
and cultural contexts.
Closely linked to the multi-volume project Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception
(EBR), this book series is a publication platform for works which cover the broad field of
reception history of the Bible in various religious traditions, historical periods, and cultural
De Gruyter Book Series- Official IFLA Publisher
IFLA publisher since 1990 - 171 volumes published
The IFLA Religious Libraries in Dialogue Special Interest Group is dedicated to
libraries serving as places of dialogue between cultures through a better knowledge of
Libraries Serving Dialogue is based on experiences of libraries serving interreligious
It presents themes like
Library tools
Serving dialogue between cultures,
Collections dialoguing,
Children and young adults dialoguing beyond borders,
Story telling as dialog,
Librarians serving interreligious dialogue.
Libraries Serving Dialogue
Ed. by Dupont, Odile
De Gruyter Book Series
Commentaries on Early Jewish Literature
. by Stuckenbruck, Loren T. / Horst, Pieter W. / Lichtenberger, Hermann / Mendels,
Doron / Mueller, James R.
The series Commentaries on Early Jewish Literature is devoted to the study of
Jewish documents and traditions that can be dated or traced back to the Hellenistic
and Roman periods (ca. 300 BCE–150 CE).
The literature covered by the series represents a rich diversity of literary forms and
religious perspectives
9 titles to date – all English language
De Gruyter Book Series
New Approaches to the Study of Religion
. Ed. by Antes, Peter / Geertz, Armin W. / Warne, Randi R.
Internationally recognized scholars provide a critical survey of recent developments and
achievements in the global field of religious studies.
The work follows in the footsteps of two former publications:
Classical Approaches to the Study of Religion, edited by Jacques Waardenburg (1973),
Contemporary Approaches to the Study of Religion, edited by Frank Whaling (1984/85).
New Approaches to the Study of Religion completes the survey of the comparative study of
religion in the twentieth century by focusing on the past two decades.
Volume 1
Regional, Critical, and Historical Approaches
Volume 2
Textual, Comparative, Sociological, and Cognitive Approach
De Gruyter Book Series in Theology, Religion and Jewish Studies
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – Tension, Transmission,Transformation
Ed. by Brodeur, Patrice / Fraenkel, Carlos / Kattan, Assaad Elias / Tamer, Georges
This series brings together innovative volumes exploring the reception and mediation of
ideas and practices in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, from antiquity to the twentyfirst century.
Topics include:*Political models & Patterns of social order
*Spiritual symbols and images
*Covers Greek, Hebrew, Latin and Ottoman
cultural spheres
De Gruyter Book Series in Theology, Religion and Jewish Studies
Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft
The companion book series to Journal for Old Testament Studies covers all areas of
research into the Old Testament, focusing on the Hebrew Bible.
13 new titles in 400 volumes in print – both English and German
The oldest and most highly regarded book series covering the Old Testament –
De Gruyter Book Series
Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft
Ed.. by Dunn, James D. G. / Holladay, Carl / Lichtenberger, Hermann / Schröter, Jens /
Sterling, Gregory
Companion book series for our Journal of New Testament Studies The series Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft (BZNW) is
one of the oldest and most highly regarded international scholarly book series in the
field of New Testament studies. Since 1923 it has been a forum for seminal works
focusing on Early Christianity and related fields. The series is grounded in a historicalcritical approach and also explores new methodological approaches that advance our
understanding of the New Testament and its world. 200 volumes published since
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eBook Packages Package 2014
eBook Package 2014 Theology, Judaism, Religion - 103 titles
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eBook Packages Package 2014
Harvard University Press eBook Archive: Religion eBook Package - 81 titles
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De Gruyter Journals
•  343 paid + 320 OA Journals (BE Press, Oldenbourg, ONTOS)
•  English Language 213 Paid and 319 OA – 80% English.
•  Electronic archive back to 1826
•  Flexible Subscription options
•  A wide variety of content covering humanities, medicine, the sciences, law,
social sciences and economics
•  Long term archiving via Portico
Open Access Journals at De Gruyter
•  Perichoresis - The Theological Journal of Emanuel University – journal
published in conjunction with the Ethics & Society Research centre part of Emanuel
•  e-Theologos - The Journal of University of Presov, (Greek Catholic
Theological Faculty) – original peer review articles covering theology, philosophy,
Religion Studies and Religion Teaching.
•  Cultural Diversity in China – published in co-operation with Max Planck Institute for
the Study of Religion and Ethnic Diversity in Gottingen.
De Gruyter Journals
Journal of Transcultural Medieval Studies
Tischler, Matthias M.
The new Journal of Transcultural Medieval Studies will provide a forum for scholarship of premodern times.
It will publish comparative studies, which reflect the entanglement and the interconnection of
European, African, Asian and American cultures.
The Journal will pursue an interdisciplinary approach
Each issue of the Journal of Transcultural Medieval Studies will comprise three sections:
1)  Articles, either miscellaneous or in thematic panels,
2)  Reviews of recent publications in the field, committed to detailed and constructive criticism,
3)  News, offering an up-to-date forum for the most recent activities in transcultural research
(institutions, projects, networks, conferences, workshops).
New Journals at De Gruyter
• . Journal of Early Modern Christianity – incorporates topics
concerning the relationship between Christianity and other religions. The
relationship between Christianity and other religions in the early modern period
is a key focus of the journal.
•  Journal of the Bible and its Reception – peer review articles on
methodology and content of bible reception. Topics ranging from culture and the
arts to politics and social issues. .
•  Both new in 2014
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