Treo 270 Datasheet


Treo 270 Datasheet
The Handspring Treo 270 color communicator does it all.
Now you can have your phone, Palm OS® organizer, email,
SMS text messaging, and wireless Web in one amazingly
compact and indispensable device—in full-color.
full-color screen
Browsing the Web, viewing photos and playing games just got a
lot more fun…and more colorful. With the Treo’s vivid color screen,
text and graphics are more readable.
mobile phone
This dual-band world phone* comes with all the features you expect in
a mobile phone like speed dial, three-way calling and call history. Plus,
it has extra features like a personal speakerphone, full integration with
Treo 270 has a built-in, backlit
keyboard, making one-handed
access to key functions easy
and thumb typing fast—even in
the dark.
the built-in PhoneBook for dialing direct from your contact list, and
Instant Lookup to quickly search for contacts by name or initials.
Palm OS organizer
With 16MB of memory, the rechargeable Treo 270 has everything
you need to organize your life. It includes Date Book Plus, PhoneBook
(an improved Address Book), To Do List and Memo Pad. And, you can
run thousands of Palm OS applications and use HotSync® to backup,
update, and transfer data between Treo and your desktop.
wireless messaging device
Send and receive business or personal email from virtually anywhere
with optional Treo MailTM service**. Or, if your message is short, send an
instant SMS text message to other mobile phone users in your network
or to an email address.
access to the web
Access virtually any Web site from just about anywhere with your
Treo 270 and Blazer®—the award-winning wireless Web browser.
Get directions, confirm your flight, check the weather and see it all
on the large, bright and colorful screen.
built-in, backlit keyboard
Finding contacts, dialing the phone, and entering data is fast and easy
with the built-in QWERTY keyboard. And, since it’s backlit, you can do it
all—even in the dark.
*Applies only to 900/1900 MHz phone. Certain models will not be available in all regions.
**Visit for more information on optional Treo Mail service.
Ringer Switch
IR Port
Treo 270 features
full-featured mobile phone
what’s included
• Call management features include large
number dial pad, speed dial, three-way calling,
call history, direct dial from your PhoneBook,
caller ID and call waiting.
Rocker Switch
• Instant Lookup allows you to quickly find
anyone in your PhoneBook. Just type the first
initial and the first few letters of the last name. Protective
Flip Lid
• Personal speakerphone allows you to talk
and listen hands-free.
Headset Jack
(GPRS Upgradeable)
powerful Palm OS® organizer
• Includes all the classic applications—Date
Book Plus, To Do List, Memo Pad, Advanced
Calculator and CityTime world clock—plus a
few new ones, like Instant Lookup and an
improved PhoneBook.
• Comes with a USB HotSync® cable so you
can instantly backup, update and exchange
information between your Treo communicator
and desktop computer.
PhoneBook, Date Book Plus, SMS, Blazer®
Web browser, To Do List, Memo Pad, Advanced
Calculator, CityTime world clock, Expense2
• Connect to the Internet with the built-in
Web browser called Blazer®, wireless data
services and an ISP account.
wireless messaging
• See Web pages load an average of four
times faster with Blazer. You can even create
bookmarks and cache pages for easy access.
• Send SMS (Short Message Service) text
messages (up to 160 characters in length)
to other SMS-enabled phones or any
email address.
• Access virtually any Web site—not just those
optimized for mobile devices. Blazer supports
multiple Web and wireless standards: HTML,
WML, HDML, cHTML (i-mode) and xHTML.
• Create SMS messages in an instant with
shortcuts like saved recipient lists, boilerplate
text and signature preferences.
• Surf safely. Blazer incorporates 128-bit SSL
encryption technology to ensure that visiting
any site on your Treo is as secure as browsing
from your desktop.
• Read, delete and manage your business or
personal email with optional Treo MailTM service.
Send and receive email as though you were
at your desk.
GSM 900/1900 MHz
North America world phone1
GSM 900/1800 MHz
Europe and Asia
4.2 in x 2.8 in x .82 in
(10.8 cm x 7.1 cm x 2.1 cm)
5.4 oz (153 g)
Rechargeable lithium ion
Up to 3 hours talk time
Up to 150 hours standby time
Over 4,000 colors (12-bit), backlit
Processor: 33 MHz
Steel Gray
Features: Backlit keyboard
Protective flip lid
Rocker switch
Ringer switch
Vibrate mode
Palm OS® compatible
Infrared (IR) communication
GPRS upgradeable upon availability
communicator software
Web Browser
wireless web browsing
• Features a rechargeable battery, 16MB of
memory and a fast Palm OS processor.
product information
GSM Radio
• Dual-band phone comes in two versions:
900/1800 MHz (Europe and Asia Pacific)
and 900/1900 MHz (North America).
The 900/1900 MHz world phone can
be used in Europe and Asia on GSM 900
networks and in North America on GSM
1900 networks.
• Runs the popular Palm OS—and thousands
of PalmTM applications. Beam information
between other Palm-Powered devices and
transfer data from your current Palm OS
device to your new Treo communicator
with ease.
Treo 270 color communicator
Metal stylus
USB HotSync® cable
Travel charger (100-240V)
Windows + Macintosh CD-ROM
Hands-free headset
Windows + Macintosh software
Palm™ Desktop, HotSync® Manager, link
to Microsoft Outlook3 (Windows only)
system requirements
Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP with USB port
(USB cable included)
Windows 95 and NT 4.0 with serial port
(serial cable sold separately)
CD-ROM drive
Mac OS 8.5-9.x with USB port
(USB cable included)
Mac OS 7.5.3 or later with serial port
(serial cable sold separately)
CD-ROM drive
Handspring, Inc
travel charger kit
car lighter adapter
stylus 3-pack
USB HotSync cable
action pack case
belt clip case
USB charging cradle
Visit to view the full line of Treo accessories.
Separate GSM service plan(s) required for wireless phone and data services.
Expense for Macintosh only available through third-party solutions sold separately.
189 Bernardo Avenue
Mountain View, CA USA
Tel 1.650.230.5000
Fax 1.650.230.2100
Links to other PIM software sold separately.
Screen images are simulated. Not all applications pictured on the Treo launcher screen are included with the product and may not be available for purchase.
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