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Neighborhood Watch - Berwyn North School District 98
Neighborhood Watch
Chief of Police James Ritz
Dear Resident,
We’re all familiar with the theme in movies and television where parents all
over the country release a collective sigh of relief when their children go back
to school every autumn, as if all of their worries disappear when the first leaves
begin to fall. Of course, we know that in actuality, the start of the school year can
sometimes be even more stressful. We worry about our children getting to school
safely and on time, that their homework is done, that they make it to their extracurricular activities, that they’re associating with the right friends, that they’re
making the right choices and that dinner is on the table for them every evening.
Sign-Up to Receive
Emergency Updates from the
City of Berwyn
Do Not Rake Leaves
into the Street!
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Police Volunteers Honored
for Service
Volunteers Staff
Information Desk
Special Thanks
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Be the Change You Want to
See in Berwyn
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The one thing many of us find difficult to talk about, let alone think about, is the
idea that our children might experiment with illegal drugs. Are they empowered
enough to resist peer pressure? Do they know the dangers and effects of addiction? Did you know that
many addictions begin with children taking their parents’ legally prescribed medication? Do you as a parent know the responsible ways of monitoring and talking with your children about drugs?
These and many more are the questions we hope to answer at a city-wide event on Wednesday, October
28th, 2015 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the Morton West Auditorium (2400 S. Home Av). This event continues the Berwyn Police Department’s “Prevention through Education” series of community meetings. Drug
use and abuse not only negatively shapes the lives of Berwyn’s youth and their parents, but the community
at large can also be affected by these issues as many thefts from vehicles and properties can be attributed
to the offender’s need for money to support a drug habit. Prevention is better than a cure, but for the families in attendance whose lives are currently affected by drug use or abuse, there will be helpful resources
to help in the fight against addiction.
I hope to see you at this informative event, and wish you and your family a safe and happy autumn.
Prevent Catalytic
Converter Theft
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Halloween Safety
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Estimado Residente,
Junior Police Cadet Program
Starts its Second Year
Berwyn Police Explorers
Attend State Conference
Red Ribbon Week
October 23-31
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Is My Child Being Bullied
or Being a Bully?
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Protect your children . . . and
their futures!
dangers of “sexting”
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Upcoming Events
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Prevention Through Education
Community Wide Event
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Mayor Robert J. Lovero
Todos estamos familiarizados con el tema en el cine y la televisión, donde los padres de todo el país
lanzan un suspiro de alivio cuando sus hijos regresan a la escuela cada otoño, como si todas sus preocupaciones desaparecieran cuando las hojas de los arboles comiencen a caer. Por supuesto, sabemos que
en realidad, el comienzo del año escolar a veces puede ser aún más estresante. Nos preocupamos que
nuestros hijos lleguen a la escuela con seguridad y a tiempo, que hagan sus tareas, que lleguen a sus actividades extracurriculares, que se asocien con los amigos adecuados, que estén tomando las decisiones
correctas y que la cena esté preparada en casa para ellos cada noche.
Una cosa de que muchos de nosotros encontramos difícil hablar, y mucho menos pensar, es la idea de
que nuestros hijos podrían experimentar con drogas ilegales. ¿Están empoderados suficientemente para
resistir la presión de grupo? ¿Saben los peligros y los efectos de la adicción? ¿Sabías que muchas adicciones empiezan con los niños tomando la medicación legalmente prescrita de sus padres? ¿Usted como
padre, conoce las formas responsables de la vigilancia y de hablar con sus hijos sobre las drogas?
Estas y muchas más son las preguntas que esperamos responder en un evento comunitario el Miércoles,
28 de octubre 2015 de 7:00pm a 9:00pm en el Auditorio de Morton West (2400 S. Home Ave). Este
evento continúa la serie del Departamento de Policía de Berwyn de reuniones en la comunidad titulada
“Prevención a través de la Educación”. El consumo de drogas y el abuso no sólo afecta de forma negativa
a la vida de los jóvenes de Berwyn y sus padres, pero la comunidad en general también pueden verse
afectadas por estos problemas ya que muchos robos de vehículos y propiedades pueden ser atribuidos
a la necesidad de dinero para mantener un hábito de drogas. Prevenir es mejor que curar, pero para las
familias que asistirán cuyas vidas están actualmente afectadas por el consumo de drogas o abuso, habrá
recursos útiles para ayudar en la lucha contra la adicción.
Espero verlos en este evento informativo, a usted y su familia y les deseo un otoño seguro y feliz.
Mayor Robert J. Lovero
Berwyn - Neighborhood Watch Newsletter
Sign-Up to Receive Emergency Updates from the City of Berwyn
The City of Berwyn’s new Emergency Notification System allows us to provide you with vital information in the event of an
emergency. You are able to register up to five locations that are important to you within the City of Berwyn (home, work,
children’s school, etc) and can choose to receive alerts via your cell phone, home phone, e-mail or text message. You can
also choose to receive non-emergency alerts as well, including messages from the Fire Department, Neighborhood Watch
updates, city event reminders and meeting notices.
Registering online is easy! Just visit our websites:
and click on the “City of Berwyn – Citizen Alerts” banner to get started.
Do Not Rake Leaves into the Street!
It is against City Ordinance to rake leaves into the streets. By
doing so, you not only clog the gutters and drains but also the
large amount of leaves can damage the street sweeper. Please
put the leaves in a yard waste container or biodegradable bag
for proper disposal. If you are caught raking leaves into the
street, you will be issued a citation and assessed a fine of a
minimum of $50.00.
(A) No person shall cast, throw, drop, place, sweep, sift
or deposit in any manner whatsoever, in or upon any street,
sidewalk, alley, park or public place in the city, any garbage,
trash, refuse, debris, rubbish, grass clippings or other lawn or
garden waste, newspaper, magazine, glass, metal, plastic or
paper container or other packaging material, abandoned motor vehicle, motor vehicle part, furniture, oil, carcass of a dead
animal, nauseous or offensive matter of any kind, object likely to injure a person or create a hazard or anything else of an
unsightly or unsanitary nature.
FALL 2015
Seven members of the Berwyn Police Department’s Volunteers in Police Service Program were honored with the
President’s Volunteer Service Award for their dedication to community service in the year 2014. Medals were given
for three tiers of service: Bronze – 100 to 249 hours, Silver – 250 to 499 hours and Gold – 500 or more hours. The
honorees were as follows:
Carol Russell (Gold)
Sandra Michelin (Silver)
Linda Schmidthuber (Silver)
Barbara Davidson (Bronze)
Daniel Kaminski (Bronze)
Joseph Festa (Bronze)
Kathleen Borucki-Mastej (Bronze)
Three Berwyn Police Department employees (Officer Juan Macias, Crime Analyst Wayne Sedore and Detective Carmelita
Terry) were also honored with bronze medals for their volunteer service with the department’s Police Explorer Program.
Volunteers Staff Information Desk
If you’ve visited the Berwyn Police Department in the last few months, you may have noticed a new desk in the front
lobby. This is our new Information Desk, which is staffed entirely by Berwyn Volunteers in Police Service. Staffers of the
Information Desk serve by directing visitors to the proper window (Desk Officer, Records Division or Parking Division) for
assistance, distributing Neighborhood Watch Newsletters and crime prevention information, and giving coloring books and
crayons to visiting youth.
In the coming weeks and months, desk volunteers will be assisting Berwyn residents with registering for the City of Berwyn’s
Emergency Notification System as well as registering residents’ bicycles.
Membership in the Volunteers in Police Service is currently limited to graduates of the Berwyn Police Department’s Citizen
Police Academy (new
in 2016) or Police Explorer Program. Please contact Unit Commander Frank Cimaglia for more
or [email protected]
The City of Berwyn would like to thank Anastacio Montez de Oca, a community relations specialist from Harmony Health Plan who is on the Latino Advisory
Board for Brookfield Zoo. Anastacio has collaborated with the City of Berwyn on
numerous occasions, and generously donated thousands of tickets to Brookfield
Zoo, enabling Berwyn residents the opportunity to visit one of our area’s treasures.
Thank you.
Berwyn Police Department Tip-A-Cop at BIG HURT BREWHOUSE
On October 11, 2015 the Berwyn Police Department will be trading in their badges for aprons to help raise money for Special
Olympics Illinois. From 11:00 am until 10:00 pm, Big Hurt BrewHouse in Berwyn (6801 W. Cermak Rd) will donate 10% of total
sales between food and beverage back to Special Olympics Illinois. Patrons will enjoy football, live music, raffles, and food and
drinks served to you by the Berwyn Police Department.
The Bears games starts at 12:00 p.m. and Rendition Band starts at 3:00 p.m.
If you are interested in learning more about Special Olympics Illinois, volunteering or providing financial support to help make
Special Olympics programs possible, contact your local Special Olympics agency, call 800-394-0562 or visit our website at
Berwyn - Neighborhood Watch Newsletter
Be the Change You Want to See in Berwyn
Police departments across the nation are having difficulty connecting with the residents of the cities they serve. Between
low attendance at city-wide meetings, lack of participation in community programs and the busy lives of residents, many
departments are left scratching their heads as to how they can reach the public with helpful information and occasionally
with emergency alerts.
Berwyn is no exception to the rule. Between long work hours, family commitments and other responsibilities, we’ve lost
over two-thirds of our active Block Captains over the past five years. These reasons are perfectly understandable, and it
means that we at the police department need to try new things to promote active communication between the Berwyn
Police Department and Berwyn residents.
The first of these is to remind you that any assistance you can provide to us is greatly appreciated. You don’t need to be a
Block Captain to be an active and influential part of your community. It all comes down to being well informed and helping
when you can.
Here are some suggestions of ways that you can be involved:
• SignupforemergencynotificationsfromtheBerwynPoliceandFireDepartments.
In the year since the City of Berwyn transitioned to its new Emergency Notification System, less than 500 residents
have opted in to receive alerts. This is less than 1% of Berwyn’s population! Berwyn’s Emergency Notification System
is the best way to stay advised about significant events in the city such as snow removal, hydrant flushing, meeting announcements and can be used during emergency situations for disaster notifications and recovery efforts.
• CheckCrimeReports.comtolookatpoliceincidentsthatarereportedinyourarea,andsignupforalerts.
Do you sometimes see a Berwyn Police vehicle stopped on your block and wonder what was happening? CrimeReports has the answer! Twice a day, information is updated to CrimeReports from our records system to let you know
when crime happens in your area. By registering on the CrimeReports site, you have the ability to sign up for alerts.
• LikeusonFacebookand/orfollowusonTwitter.
What better way to stay informed about your city than to follow us on the apps that you use every day? 2016 is going
to be a big year for our social networking outlets with more updates, photos and videos to keep you in the loop.
• DistributetheNeighborhoodWatchNewsletteronyourblock.
This newsletter is published quarterly and is available for pickup at the police department, city hall and the library.
Next time you stop by these locations, make sure to pick up some extra copies to share with your block.
• Takeregularwalks.
This is your block, make it fun! Take a friend for a walk around the block a few times every week to make sure that
everything is safe and secure. Bring a notepad to write down the times that you were out and keep track of any big
changes in your area. MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you notice anything suspicious, return home or to a safe area and call
it in to the police department as soon as you are safe to do so. REMEMBER: Neighborhood Watch is not an armed patrol, a vigilante group or a law enforcement entity – DO NOT TAKE ANY PERSONAL RISK TO PREVENT A CRIME OR
EXECUTE AN ARREST! You should maintain your personal safety and concentrate on providing a detailed description
of the offenders and vehicles involved to the Berwyn Police Department.
• Checkyouralleyforgraffitiorsuspiciouspersonseverydaywhenyouleavefromorreturntoyourgarage.
One of the challenges in analyzing reports of graffiti is not having an accurate time of occurrence. Depending on the
type of offender, graffiti can occur in the early morning or after-school hours when teenagers are walking to and from
school, or during the overnight hours when residents are sleeping. By checking your alley regularly, you can help the
police narrow down the timeframe of when these offenses are occurring to help prevent future incidents.
• Talktoyourneighbors
Being a good neighbor is more than just saying “hello.” Whether it’s offering to watch your neighbor’s house while
they’re on vacation, helping the elderly residents on your block by shoveling snow in the winter and checking on them
during times of extreme heat, or even organizing a block party or barbeque with your neighbors, every gesture of kindness and goodwill helps to make your community a better place.
The safety of a neighborhood is directly affected by how involved its members are. Berwyn is a strong community, and we
urge you to keep it that way by helping however you can.
FALL 2015
The nation is continuing to experience a long-term crime trend
that involves the theft of catalytic converters from vehicles. The
catalytic converter is part of your vehicle’s exhaust system that reduces toxic pollutants. The reasons that these items are valuable
to thieves are because they contain precious metals like platinum
and palladium, and they are incredibly easy to steal. Within two
minutes of finding a target, criminals are able to remove the catalytic converter from the vehicle using a cordless reciprocating
Is my vehicle a potential target?
In theory, any vehicle that was manufactured after 1974 can be a
target, but over the past few months in our area we have seen the
offenders show a preference for vehicles manufactured between
1995 and 2008. Chevrolet Cavaliers and Malibus are the most
sought-after vehicles to target, followed by Pontiacs (Grand Ams
and Montanas) and Honda Odysseys.
Tips on how to help prevent your catalytic converter from getting stolen:
The #1 way to protect your vehicle’s catalytic converter is to park inside a garage or in a secure side yard. Offenders in our
area typically strike in the early morning hours between 4:00 and 6:00 AM.
If you must park your vehicle in the driveway, motion detector lights or continuous lights illuminating your driveway may
be a deterrent. Also, getting a vehicle motion detector alarm might help.
Look for suspicious people and vehicles in your neighborhood. If you see a suspicious person under a vehicle, chances are
they are attempting to steal the catalytic converter. Get the suspect(s) and/or suspect vehicle descriptions if possible. Write
down the license plate of a suspicious vehicle if you can safely. If the crime is in progress, call 911. If the crime is not in
progress, call our non-emergency number 708-795-5600 with the information.
Educate your friends and neighbors about catalytic converter theft so they can be a look-out too.
If you have a vehicle with an accessible and highly desirable catalytic converter a thief would want to steal, we suggest the
Get your catalytic converter etched with your vehicle license plate number.
Many muffler shops offer a service in which they will etch your license plate and/or vehicle identification number on the
catalytic converter. In the event that a stolen catalytic converter is recovered, ones that are etched are much easier to identify and greatly assist our investigative efforts.
Have extra metal welded to your exhaust system.
Muffler shops are also offering creative ways to protect your catalytic converter. They weld on metal to make it difficult for
the catalytic converter to be removed. The cost is often less than your insurance deductable and definitely less than the full
replacement cost (if you don’t have comprehensive insurance).
Install a Catalytic Converter Protection Device.
There are devices on the market that will clamp/go around your catalytic converter. Devices are often more expensive than
welding extra metal, but for some car owners this is a preferred option.
What if your catalytic converter is stolen?
If your catalytic converter is stolen, you will know right away when you start your vehicle. It will sound like you don’t have a
muffler at all (like loud motorcycle mufflers). It is ok to drive your vehicle directly to a muffler/dealer shop to get the catalytic
converter replaced. You do not need your vehicle towed to the shop.
Berwyn - Neighborhood Watch Newsletter
With Halloween just around the corner, I would like to remind parents of tips to make trick–or–treating a safe and fun event
for the whole family. The official trick-or-treating hours within the City of Berwyn are from 4 to 6:30 pm. If you run into
any suspicious activity on Halloween, please contact the police department at 708-795-5600 or 9-1-1 for an emergency.
• Young children should always go out trick-or-treating accompanied by a responsible adult.
• Never let children trick-or-treat alone. If older children go without an adult, make sure that they have at least two friends
with them.
• Plan a safe route for your children so you know where your children will be at all times. Set a time for their return home.
Make sure that they are old enough and responsible enough to go out by themselves. Make sure that they have a cell
• Visit only houses in your immediate area, especially the homes that you know.
• Make sure and obey the curfew times and go to areas with a lot of homes so your kids can get in as much trick-or-treating
as possible in a few hours time.
• Warn your child that for no reason should they enter a stranger’s car.
• Accept treats in the doorway of homes. Never go inside a home.
• Always be polite, and show respect and consideration for others and their property.
• Walk on the sidewalk and cross at crosswalks.
• Instruct your children not to eat any treats until they bring them home to be examined by you. This way you can check
for any problem candy and get the pick of the best stuff!
• Make sure your children carry a flashlight, glow stick or have reflective tape on their costume to make them more visible
to cars.
Con la venida de Halloween, quiero recordar a los padres de puntas para hacer trick-or-treating un evento seguro y divertido para la familia entera. Las horas de trick-or-treating dentro de la Ciudad de Berwyn son de 4 a 6:30 de la tarde. Si se
encuentra con actividad sospechosa el día de Halloween, por favor llama a la policía al 708-795-5600 o 9-1-1 para una
• Niños mas joven siempre deben salir trick-or-treating acompañado de un adulto responsable.
• Nunca permite que niños salgan trick-or-treating solos. Si niños mayores van sin un adulto, asegúrense de que tienen por
lo menos dos amigos con ellos.
• Para saber donde sus niños estarán siempre, planea una ruta segura. Ponga un tiempo para su regreso en casa. Asegúrese
de que son suficiente mayores y suficiente responsables para salir solo. Asegúrese de que tienen un teléfono celular.
• Visita sólo casas en su área inmediata, especialmente las casas que usted conoce.
• Por favor obedece los tiempos de queda y visite áreas con muchas casas tan sus niños pueden entrar tanto trick-ortreating como posible en unas cuantas horas.
• Advierte a su niño que para ninguna razón debe entrar el coche de un extranjero.
• Acepte dulces en la puerta de casas. Nunca entre a una casa.
• Siempre sea cortés, y tenga respeto y consideración para otros y para su propiedad.
• Camina en la banqueta y cruza en pasos de peatones.
• Instruye a sus niños para no comer ningún dulce hasta que los traigan para ser examinados en casa por un adulto. Es una
manera que usted puede verificar para cualquier dulce de problema y conseguir el escogimiento del mejor material.
• Se Asegura de que sus niños llevan una lámpara de pila, el palo de resplandor o cinta reflectora en su disfraz para hacerlos más visible a coches.
FALL 2015
After a successful first year, the Berwyn Police Department is continuing its after school program for middle school students
that focuses on crime prevention and introduces young people to the value of serving their community.
Every Wednesday, members of the Junior Cadet Program meet at the Berwyn Recreation Department. When they arrive,
they are given time to work on homework or other quiet activities. The group then has a class about the different roles and
responsibilities of police work, or about safe and healthy ways of reacting to issues that affect today’s youth, such as bullying, saying no to drugs and conflict resolution
The program is open to all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students of Berwyn schools. Upon the student’s graduation from eighth
grade, they will also graduate from the program and be eligible to join the Berwyn Police Explorers (more information below).
For more information about the program, please contact School Resource Officer Brian Cantwell at 708-795-2151 or
[email protected]
Berwyn Police Explorers
Attend State Conference
From July 2nd to the 7th, eight members of Berwyn’s
Law Enforcement Explorer Post had the honor of attending the biennial Illinois State Explorer Conference at the
Lewis University campus in Romeoville. The week-long
conference included individual and team competitions,
seminars, demonstrations, exhibits and fun activities.
The Berwyn Post is open to young adults between the
ages of 14 and 21 that are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. For more information, please
contact Detective Carmelita Terry at 708-795-2155 or
[email protected]
Red Ribbon Week October 23-31
The Red Ribbon Campaign was started when drug traffickers
in Mexico City murdered DEA agent Kiki Camarena in 1985.
This began the continuing tradition of displaying Red Ribbons
as a symbol of intolerance towards the use of drugs. The mis
mission of the Red Ribbon Campaign® is to present a unified and
visible commitment towards the creation of a DRUG - FREE
AMERICA. This year’s theme is: Love Yourself. Be Drug Free.
At school, students will engage in activities that promote a
drug free and healthy lifestyle.
Take the following pledge to set guidelines that will help children grow up safe,
healthy and drug-free!
1. As parents and citizens, we will talk to our children and the children in our lives
about the dangers of drug abuse.
2. We will set clear rules for our children about not using drugs.
3. We will set a good example for our children by not using illegal drugs or medicine without a prescription.
4. We will monitor our children’s behavior and enforce appropriate consequences, so that our rules are respected.
5. We will encourage family and friends to follow the same guidelines to keep children safe from substance abuse.
Berwyn - Neighborhood Watch Newsletter
Is My Child Being Bullied or Being a Bully?
October is National Bullying Prevention Month and the Berwyn Police Department is committed to informing the
community about the dangers of bullying. Please take a few moments to learn some of the many warning signs that
may indicate that someone is affected by bullying—either being bullied or bullying others. Recognizing the warning
signs is an important first step in taking action against bullying. Not all children who are bullied or are bullying others
ask for help.
It is important to talk with children who show signs of being bullied or bullying others. These warning signs can also
point to other issues or problems, such as depression or substance abuse. Talking to the child can help identify the
root of the problem.
Signs That a Child is Being Bullied
Look for changes in the child. However, be aware that not all children who are bullied exhibit warning signs. Some
signs that may point to a bullying problem are:
• Unexplainableinjuries
• Lostordestroyedclothing,books,electronics,orjewelry
• Frequentheadachesorstomachaches,feelingsickorfakingillness
• Changesineatinghabits,likesuddenlyskippingmealsorbingeeating.Kidsmaycomehomefromschoolhungry
because they did not eat lunch.
• Difficultysleepingorfrequentnightmares
• Declininggrades,lossofinterestinschoolwork,ornotwantingtogotoschool
• Suddenlossoffriendsoravoidanceofsocialsituations
• Feelingsofhelplessnessordecreasedselfesteem
• Self-destructivebehaviorssuchasrunningawayfromhome,harmingthemselves,ortalkingaboutsuicide
Signs That a Child is Bullying Others
Kids may be bullying others if they:
• Getintophysicalorverbalfights
• Havefriendswhobullyothers
• Areincreasinglyaggressive
• Getsenttotheprincipal’sofficeortodetentionfrequently
• Haveunexplainedextramoneyornewbelongings
• Blameothersfortheirproblems
• Don’tacceptresponsibilityfortheiractions
• Arecompetitiveandworryabouttheirreputationorpopularity
Download the App
Parents and caregivers who spend at least 15 minutes a day talking with their child can build the foundation for a
strong relationship, and help prevent bullying. A new mobile app called KnowBullying encourages dialogue between
you and your children and helps you start a conversation.
KnowBullying by SAMHSA includes:
• ConversationStarters:Startameaningfuldiscussionwithyourchild.
• Tips:Learnwaystopreventbullying.
• WarningSigns:Knowifyourchildisaffectedbybullying.
• Reminders:Findtherighttimetoconnectwithyourchild.
• SocialMedia:Sharetacticsandusefuladvice.
• SectionforEducators:Preventbullyingintheclassroom.
The KnowBullying app is available for Android™ and iPhone®. It is a free resource for mobile devices that was developed in conjunction with the Federal partnership.
FALL 2015
Protect your children . . . and their futures!
A PARENT’S GUIDE to the dangers of “sexting”
Your teens may be experts at racking up cell phone bills. But can using their cell phones ruin their
reputations – and get them charged with a crime?
A new phenomenon among teen-agers is “sexting.” One in five teens has admitted to taking
nude, partially nude or suggestive photographs of them-selves and sending those photographs via their cell phones to other people.
You may think your child would never do something like this. But can you remember
what it was like to be a teen-ager in love? Many exciting changes occur during these formative years, and many times teen-agers act without thinking about the consequences.
“Sexting” usually occurs in boyfriend/girlfriend situations. Some kids “sext” simply because they are bored or goofing off. But once a picture is sent, it can’t be taken back.
And if that picture is posted on the Internet, anyone in the world – including adult
sexual predators – can see it and pass it along.
It can get even worse. In addition to damaging your child’s reputation, he or she can be
charged with a crime. Any photograph of a child in a nude or provocative pose is technically considered child pornography – even if the child took it. And if your teen-ager
sends that photograph to someone else, he or she is disseminating child pornography.
Teens in some states have been charged with felony crimes! If your child is found guilty, the felony record could follow him or her for life. In addition, he or she will have to register as a sex offender. Don’t
let this registration requirement follow your child to college and to future places of employment.
Talk with your children about the dangers of “sexting.”
Don’t let them jeopardize their reputations and their futures.
¡Proteja a sus hijos… y su futuro!
Guía para padres sobre el peligro de “sextiando”
Los adolescentes pueden ser expertos en acumular cuentas de teléfono celular. Pero, ¿puede el uso de sus teléfonos celulares arruinar su reputación - y acusarlos de un delito?
Un nuevo fenómeno entre los adolescentes es “sextiando.” Uno de cada cinco adolescentes ha admitido tomar fotografías
desnudas, semidesnudas o sugestivas de ellos mismos y el envío de las fotografías a través de sus teléfonos celulares a otras
Usted puede pensar que su hijo nunca haría algo así. Pero, ¿te acuerdas de lo que era ser un adolescente enamorado?
Muchos cambios interesantes se producen durante estos años de formación, y muchas veces los adolescentes actúan sin
pensar en las consecuencias. “ Sextiando “ por lo general se produce en situaciones de novio / novia. Algunos hacen esto
simplemente porque están aburridos o pasando el tiempo. Pero una vez que una imagen se envía, no puede ser devolvida.
Y si esa foto se publica en el Internet, cualquier persona en el mundo-incluyendo los predadores sexuales -pueden verlo y
Puede ser aún peor. Además de dañar la reputación de su hijo, él o ella puede ser acusado de un delito. Cualquier fotografía
de un niño desnudo o en actitud provocativa se considera técnicamente pornografía infantil, incluso si el niño mismo se la
tomó. Y si su adolescente envía esa fotografía a otra persona, él o ella será acusado de difundir pornografía infantil. ¡Los
adolescentes en algunos estados han sido acusados de estos delitos graves! Si su niño es encontrado culpable, el expediente
del crimen podría seguirlo por el resto de su vida. Además, él o ella tendrá que registrarse como un delincuente sexual. No
deje que este requisito de registro siga su hijo a la universidad y a los lugares de empleo en el futuro.
Hable con sus hijos sobre los peligros del “sextiando “.
No dejes que su niño ponga en peligro su reputación y su futuro.
Berwyn - Neighborhood Watch Newsletter
Upcoming Events
2nd Annual Berwyn Brew Fest
This distinctive gathering will feature 40 unique beers from craft
breweries around the country as well as live music and nosh from
Berwyn’s best restaurants. Expand your palate while getting back
to nature in Berwyn’s Proksa Park, situated just blocks from the
Depot District.
Day: Saturday October 10, 2015
Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Proksa Park
Costume contest, bounce house, games, balloon artist and pony
rides! Popcorn and lemonade will be served. Children receive a
Age: Berwyn children 12 & under
Date: Saturday, October 24th
Time: 1:00-3:00pm – Costume contest begins promptly at 1:00
Fee: $1.00 per person donation at the door
Location: Recreation Department, 6501 31st Street
Come Dressed for Fun! Remember to wear
your Halloween Costume!
This Family event will capture the essence of
the season! We will have a Halloween costume
Parade, children’s activities, a spooky storyteller
by the bonfire, hayrack rides, a pumpkin patch,
and more. Pumpkins are $1 a piece!
Date: Saturday, October 24th
Time: 3:30-7:30pm
Fee: Free
Location: Costume Parade starts at the Rec, 6403 31st Street and
ends at Proksa Park for Halloween activities
Lunch, Fred the Vampire Show, guess how many candy corn,
costume contest
Age: Adults 55 & over
Date: Friday, October 30th
Time: 11:30am-2:00pm
Fee: Free for Berwyn residents, $6.00 for non-residents
Location: Recreation Department, 6501 31st Street
It’s that time of year again: Shadows grow long,
winds turn chilly, and we’re closer and closer to
All Hallows Eve, and that means it’s time for scary
stories! Join us...if you dare.
Age: All Ages
Date: Friday, October 30
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Location: Berwyn Gardens, 22nd & Home
Fee: Free
Lunch, Turkey Raffle, pie baking contest, trivia
Age: Adults 55 & over
Date: Wednesday, November 18th
Time: 11:30am-2:00pm
Fee: Free for Berwyn residents, $6.00 for nonresidents
Location: Recreation Department, 6501 31st Street
El Depa
Departamento de Policía de Berwyn
y la Ciudad de Berwyn
Con la asistencia de
J. Sterling Morton West High School
Presenta un Evento Comunitario de Mayor Robert J. Lovero
Prevención por la Educación
hijo está usando drogas?”
TEMA: “¿Cómo saber si mi h
Chief James Ritz
En esta junta gratuita para la comunidad, los
padres aprenderán a utilizar herramientas para
Oradores invitados:
Tim Ryan
Un hombre en La Fundación de
aprender cómo empoderar a sí mismos y resistir
la presión de grupo.
Creemos que es mejor prevenir que curar, pero
para aquellos cuyas familias ya están afectadas
por el consumo de drogas o el abuso, también
habrá recursos informativos y útiles para ayudar
en la lucha contra la adicción.
Los primeros trescientos invitados recibirán una
bolsa de regalo GRATIS, que contiene un kit de
prueba de drogas de Medtox Corporación para
detectar en cinco minutos si existen siete tipos
diferentes de drogas en la privacidad de su propio
Auriculares de traducción estarán disponibles,
cortesía del Distrito Escolar # 98.
Miércoles, 28 de octubre 2015
7:00 PM a 9:00 PM
Auditorio Principal de la Secundaria
J. Sterling Morton West High School
2400 S. Home Avenue
Entrada: Gratuita
Detective Rich Wistocki
Experto de Seguridad Cibernética
Sean Ferguson
Experto de Reconocimiento de
Un adolescente en Recuperación
The Berwyn Police Department
and the City of Berwyn
With the assistance of
J. Sterling Morton West High School
Present a Community-Wide Event Mayor Robert J. Lovero
Prevention Through Education
TOPIC: “How do I know if my child is using drugs?”
Chief James Ritz
At this free community meeting, parents will
learn to use cutting-edge tools to monitor and
check on their children to ensure that they are
learning how to empower themselves and resist
peer pressure.
We believe that prevention is better than a cure,
but for those whose families are already
informative and helpful resources to help in the
Guest Speakers:
Tim Ryan
A Man in Recovery Foundation
Detective Rich Wistocki
Cyber Safety Expert
Sean Ferguson
Drug Recognition Expert
GIFT BAG, which contains a drug test kit from
privacy of your own home.
Wednesday, October 28th, 2015
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
J. Sterling Morton West High School
Main Auditorium
2400 S. Home Avenue
Admission: Free
A Teen Recovering

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