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RCC: Do you have a favorite quilt?
LM: My favorite piece of work is the Flying Eagle quilt. I was very lonesome one day and my husband
took me driving to help ease the hurt. As we approached the White River, I looked up into a tree and
there were eight eagles sitting there. Eight eagles…it was spectacular! I found comfort in this and
I designed this quilt to remind myself of that awesome day. I would like to be able to design more
elaborate quilts and to have the ability to see these projects out.
See Morrison's artistry online at www.redcloudschool.org/shop
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Sharing the stories of Red Cloud Indian School
At the beginning of each school year, every senior sits down with high school principal Robin Johnson to discuss
their plans for the coming year and beyond. Will they pursue college, perhaps the first in their family to do so?
Will they serve their community as a nurse or police officer? Maybe they feel called to stay close to home and
support their family while continuing their path of education. Whatever the goal, though, they make a plan.
When Christian McGhee ’08 created his plan, he knew he would be returning to the reservation and that Red
Cloud would be somewhere in that future. He just didn’t know it would be so soon.
With a college diploma in hand, the ink just barely dry, McGhee came back to the reservation this fall to
accept the position of athletic director and head boys’ basketball coach at Red Cloud High School. “I want to
continue a strong tradition of Red Cloud’s athletic program and also return to help the people and the school that
I graduated from.” Like many alumni who have returned to their alma mater to serve, he found it an opportunity
he couldn’t pass up.
As a four-year varsity basketball player, McGhee is no stranger to hard work on and off the court. He was a
standout student from his first days in kindergarten, on the honor roll every quarter since the fifth grade and was
awarded Academic All-State honors—along with numerous athletic awards—his senior year. And though the
youngest athletic director in the state, he feels his relative youth will likely play to his advantage. “I think I can
relate to our student-athletes a little bit better than someone older might be able to because I went to school here
and I know what is expected. I know what needs to happen on the court and in the classroom.”
McGhee isn’t the only young alumnus to join the ranks this fall. After securing her degree in sociology from
Creighton University in 2002, Nakina Mills ‘98 found herself looking for a job on the reservation immediately,
wanting to begin her career by helping in her home community. And over the years she’s had the opportunity to
do just that, leading to her current role as Director of Student Advancement and Alumni Support.
Having received the prestigious Spirit of Creighton award at graduation, Mills could have continued along any
number of paths to success. She first took a position in Pine Ridge as a caseworker with the Department of Social
Services, assessing child abuse and neglect referrals and providing services to children and families dealing with
challenges at home. Later, her focus became older youth in the foster care system and supporting their transition
to adulthood. It was in this work that she began to understand the role she could play in helping her community.
After ten years in the field, Mills says she has learned a great deal, not only in the arena of child welfare and
advocacy, but also about herself. And like McGhee, her sense of commitment was fostered from a young age.
“When I was growing up I was told that
education is the key to being able to give
back to the community…and that it’s one
step closer to success. I truly believe that.”
Mills went on. “The value of giving back to one’s community, which the Jesuits at Red Cloud taught, is another
important merit. This virtue is also a part of our Lakota faith. So these similarities helped in guiding me to where
I am today.” This value, Mills feels, must be passed along to her own children—four of whom currently attend
Red Cloud.
In her newest role, Mills will put to use skills developed over the last decade to support other young alumni in
traversing the college selection process and transition into universities, trade schools and military stations around
the country. In mentoring current students through their preparations and following them into their post-graduate studies, she is bridging a gap that exists for so many youth today. It is a role critical to helping our graduates
find their footing, and then following through with, their new endeavors
Over the last five years, Red Cloud has implemented the idea of "completing the circle". Starting in kindergarten and carrying through senior exams, Red Cloud provides students with the tools they need to achieve their
greatest potential—an educated mind, body and heart. And by surrounding students and graduates with the
close–knit support they received while at Red Cloud, Mills and McGhee join Principal Johnson and 175 more
dedicated individuals—on the ground each morning—encouraging their further education. This support is key
in fostering the perseverance needed to continue to build dreams for their futures on and off the reservation. It is
also what allows current students to understand that they, too, can achieve the same.
And McGhee and Mills are just the people to carry out this work. Indeed, this idea of completing the circle
resonates loudly with McGhee, as the Pine Ridge Reservation will always be home for him. He says that even if
he hadn’t gotten a job at Red Cloud, he would have sought work somewhere in the community. But Red Cloud
clearly holds a special place for him.
“I couldn’t say no—it was the opportunity of a lifetime.”
Read more online at www.redcloudschool.org/completingthecircle.
Hope. Alive.
100 Mission Drive, Pine Ridge, South Dakota 57770
Fall 2012
Volume 4, Issue 2
lily of the
On Sunday, October 21, 2012, the Red Cloud community celebrated, along with the worldwide Catholic Church,
the canonization of Kateri Tekakwitha, an Algonquin
and Mohawk woman who lived at the end of the 17th
century. Kateri is the first Native American to be officially
declared a Saint in the Catholic Church.
For Native American communities across the country,
it was particularly meaningful. Joyce Tibbitts, St. Agnes
Parish Coordinator, rejoiced in the announcement of the
canonization. “I believe that St. Kateri is a definite role
model for all young native women in many ways. Her
strength and persistence in teaching her own people in
the ways and life of Christ is an inspiration because this
reservation isn’t an easy place to live.” She went on to
express that St. Kateri, “inspires me to stand up for what
I believe in, pursue my life in the ways of Christ, and live
by the gospel.”
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha grew up in upstate New York.
She contracted small pox at the age of four; leaving her
scarred, visually impaired, and weak for the remainder
of her life. It also left her orphaned, as her mother, father,
and younger brother died during the epidemic. Carrying the stories and songs taught to her by her Catholic,
Algonquin mother, St. Kateri eventually met a Jesuit priest
and continued her journey of faith and baptism into the
Catholic Church. She became a woman of deep prayer
and generously devoted herself to caring for the elderly,
the sick, and children. Always challenged in her health,
St. Kateri died in 1680 at the young age of 24.
“Her life calls us all to a deeper spirituality and
generous service of our brothers and sisters,” said Fr.
Peter Klink, S.J., in concelebrating the day’s Mass with
Fr. George Winzenburg, S.J., Fr. Tom O’Neill, S.J. and
Native American Deacon Gerald Bush.
Six parish and four church communities from across
the reservation gathered at Holy Rosary Church on the
main campus of Red Cloud Indian School, to celebrate
the day in a Lakota-Catholic ceremony. The Lakota purifying rite, prayer song, and procession of representatives
from all Catholic Churches on the
reservation commenced the
historic Mass. In the
spirit of fellowship,
the celebration continued with a meal
at Sacred Heart
Church in
Pine Ridge.
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dear fr. george,
RCC: How has your approach to art have evolved over the years?
LM: When I first started making quilts, I conformed to the basic lone star design. Now I can get
really creative in the different shades of colors I put together, and the various patterns that my sisters
and I have designed over the years. Though I find it harder and harder to be able to sit still long
enough to get a quilt done in a timely manner. What used to take me hours to complete now takes
days. But I am truly blessed that I have my daughters to help - they also know how to make quilts! I
started selling my quilts and beadwork to The Heritage Center several years ago to make extra money.
Verification Code to help Red Cloud continue to educate
Please charge my:
I want to make my gift by credit card.
"Art has always been
a part of my life."
Red Cloud Country: When did you develop an interest in making art?
Elizabeth Morrison: Growing up here in the desolate beauty of our reservation, you can see the
beauty all around us. Usually our first experience with art is being wrapped in a baby star quilt at
birth. Then we receive such a quilt for each milestone throughout our lives; naming ceremonies,
graduations, weddings, births, deaths…they play such a huge role in our lives.
My mother, Jessie Bear Robe, taught me how to make star quilts. I made my first one thousands
of quilts ago. My inspiration comes from the different shades of colors available.
Name as it appears on the credit card
Elizabeth Morrison ‘82 is one of hundreds of
Lakota artists who utilize The Heritage Center’s
online store to sell their art and crafts. Red Cloud
Country sat down with Morrison to get a bit more
insight to the stories behind her work.
(cut here)
Enclosed please find my gift of $ SEW BEAUTIFUL
Start your Christmas shopping now! Renowned photojournalist Fr. Don Doll, S.J.
has captured the rich culture and heritage of the Lakota people in a beautiful 2013
calendar. Proceeds continue to keep the doors open and the lights on at Red Cloud.
Calendars are $15, plus shipping and handling.
Order online now at www.redcloudschool.org/shop.
World renowned 2013 Red Cloud calendars available
US Cabinet member on campus
In August, Red Cloud played host to US Cabinet
member Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health
and Human Services. The Secretary’s visit included
a tour of The Heritage Center, a forum with Red
Cloud High School students and a meeting with local tribal leadership held in the high school library.
The delegation visited Red Cloud to experience
the impact HHS’ Administration for Native Americans has had on the institution through a grant supporting the creation of our K-12 Lakota language
curriculum and a second grant supporting facilities
planning. This particular partnership will strengthen
accessibility to Native arts on the reservation
through the work of The Heritage Center.
Superheroes unite!
Former Red Cloud Volunteer Michael Mallon
returned to campus to lead “Superhero Week”.
Beau Big Crow ’21 (AKA Tornado Warrior),
Isabelle Garcia ’20 (AKA Friendly Snowflake) and
Angelina Garnier ’21 (AKA Angel Breath Warrior) were just three of the students who took part
in summer school, pursuing a week of secrets and
intrigue in their double lives as superheroes! Costume creation, a daily “call of confidence” and an
Adventure Day led to an evening of exciting and
character-building activities shared with parents.
We are pleased to report that our heroes lived up
to their names, conquering evil and spreading light
across the reservation!
National Geographic inspired
by Red Cloud students
Red Cloud High School was featured in the online edition of the August issue of National Geographic. After a grim 2010 New York Times online
story about the Pine Ridge reservation, Ann Grass’
high school English class decided to write letters
to photojournalist Aaron Huey, challenging him to
see a different side of the reservation. The result
was the largest spread the magazine has done in
its 124-year history, and a shout out to youth who
made their voices heard. See the online edition
and read the story of its creation at http://ngm.
Alumni fight fire
Church of the Resurrection of
Dubuque, Iowa
Diocese of Rapid City–Black
and Indian Missions
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Mary Pauly Lacy Foundation
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Mr. J. Charles Lloyd
Mr. & Mrs. John J. McLaughlin
John & Lisa Nicotra
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Wagner
Ms. Catherine M. Walsh
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Fr. James M. Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. James Wiensch
Mr. & Mrs. Donnell J. Wieseler
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wieseler
Mr. & Mrs. James H.
Circle of Younger Brothers and Younger Sisters
$1,000 to $4,999
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Acker
Ms. Barbara Agathos
Mr. Emmet J. Agoglia
All Seasons Tree Care
All Souls Roman Catholic
Church of Englewood,
Mr. Robert Allen
Ms. Sharon Davis
Ms. Helen R. Dawson
Dr. & Mrs. William J. deGroot
Ms. Anne C. Deaven
Ms. Jill Dee
Frank DeGuire and
Susan Riordan
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Hebron, Indiana
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Thiyóšpaye: [tee-YO-shpa-yay]
(n.) extended family
dear friends,
We have begun another exciting school year! It is always
good to have the students back on campus—they bring
such energy and laughter to our lives. Of course at the
start of every year we also begin to climb another mountain of annual finds to keep our programming strong
and our children stronger. And while there are days this
task seems daunting, I am reminded of the goal at the
top—and that you are climbing this mountain alongside
me—and I am, again, renewed. It is the same spirit of
service and generosity that is ingrained in our youth.
And also the same spirit I know resides in you.
The list of supporters on the following page is just a small representation of the thousands of you who
work tirelessly so that we can do the same each and every day. I am overwhelmed and I am humbled.
As you will see from the list, there are a number of ways you can give to Red Cloud, including becoming a member of our appropriately named Circle of Éunkignakpi through a will gift (Éunkignakpi means
“to lay down” or “set aside” in Lakota). If you are updating your will to include Red Cloud, here are two
examples of bequests in wills as well as sample language:
1. Outright gift of a sum of money: “I give to Red Cloud Indian School, Inc. the sum of $_________.”
2. Outright gift of a share of residuary estate: “I give, devise and bequeath to Red Cloud Indian School,
Inc. all (or a percentage) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate.”
Whether it is a specific sum or a percentage of the residual, all are a great help to us. Your legal advisor
may need some of the following information: Our legal name is Red Cloud Indian School, Inc. and our
address is 100 Mission Drive, Pine Ridge, South Dakota 57770-2100. Should it be needed, our Tax ID #
is 46-0275071. Red Cloud is a recognized tax-exempt non-profit, religious, educational institution.
I think often of the future and where you and I might be. And who will keep a look out for our little
ones—who will share their stories. We are certainly building leaders like those you’re reading about on the
surrounding pages. I am very aware of the support they will need in the future and I am thankful to those
who have committed themselves to be a part of that.
We regard our honor roll
of donors as our family, or
thiyóšpaye. In sharing your
prayers and recources we
know we have a support
system that extends far
beyond reservation land.
My most sincere blessings this season,
Fr. George Winzenburg, S.J., President
As a devastating fire rolled through the plains of Nebraska, South Dakota
and Wyoming this summer, several Red Cloud alumni joined a team of 650
firefighters to contain the blaze. Burning almost 90,000 acres, Red Cloud’s
campus was thankfully spared. We offer our greatest appreciation for those
who spent long hours to keep us safe and continue to work closely with
those who were not as fortunate.
> Historical insight from an 85 year old former
student, reflecting on changes since the 1930’s
> The National Museum of the American IndianSmithsonian Institute displays a piece from The
Heritage Center collection.
> Maka Akannajin Clifford ’05 talks about living in
Japan and graduate studies at Columbia University.
Watch ABC’s 20/20 special, read more stories
and download the high school newspaper online
at www.redcloudschool.org/news.
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The Margaret A. Cargill
Child Adult Nutrition Services
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Clark
Corporation for National
and Community Service–
Creighton University–Jesuit
Emilie Kolat Hesemeyer
Charitable Trust
The Grace J. Fippinger
HHS, Administration for
Native Americans
Holy Rosary Jesuit
Larson Family Foundation
Leveraging Investments in
Mr. John Linsenmeyer
Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Mattione
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Miller
The Ruth Danley and William
Enoch Moore Fund
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Nolan, Jr.
Sieben Foundation
South Dakota Department
of Education 21st Century
Community Learning
Centers Grant
The St. Francis Foundation
of Michigan
USDA, Rural Development
Wisconsin Province–Society
of Jesus
Circle of Fathers and
$25,000 to $49,000
Patricia E. Geraghty, MD
Mr. Robert K. Gerloff
Great Plains Education
Foundation, Inc.
The Grotto Foundation
Erica P. John Fund, Inc.
Just Manufacturing Company
Mr. James P. Kineen
The Deborah A. Macdonald
James P. and Genevieve M.
McLaughlin Family
Ms. Kathleen McMahon
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The John J. McDonnell
Margaret T. O'Brien
Sylvan & Ann Oestreicher
Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Donna O'Rourke
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Mr. & Mrs. Steve and
Lisa Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wilcox
Circle of Uncles and Aunts
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Rev. Daniel C. Bain
Mr. Ward Belknap
Bridgewater State University
Robert and Dolores Buril
Mrs. Helen Cahill
Circle of Older Brothers
and Older Sisters
$5,000 to $9,999
Ms. Nancy Abney
Arrupe House Jesuit
Mr. Earl L. Behrns
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
Parish of North Lake,
Mrs. Patricia Bopp
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Mitzi Currie
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School of Washington, D.C.
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Robin Gamble Grinnell
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Mr. George Hering
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hora
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Cliff C. Jones
Kris Kadela
Mr. John E. Keller
Ms. Judith A. Keyes
Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Labinski
Mr. Frank Liccardo
The Lutheran Community
Mr. William MacMillan, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Magner
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Marten
McCarthy Anderson, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Mich
Mrs. Carol A. Morris
Mr. Paul A. Naughton
Mr. Kevin Olwell
Ms. Lois J. O'Neill
Mr. Joe E. Ozura
Mrs. Mary Pauly Lacy
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Rauen, Jr.
Mrs. Joan Salada
Ms. Catherine Seick
Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Jeanne
Sidney E. Frank Foundation
Mr. Eugene F. Simon
Sioux Chief Manufacturing
Company, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C.
Snyder, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Nestor Sozanski
Ms. Carol Steen
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Trimble
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Varsel
Ms. Lori Vinyard
Ms. Vickie McAuley
Mr. Frank McAvoy
Mr. Larry E. McCaghy
Ms. Margaret McCarney
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. McCarthy
Mr. Thomas A. McCarthy
Mrs. Thomas J. McCarthy
Mr. Tim McCarthy
Ms. Helen McConnaughey
Mr. & Mrs. John McCormick
Ms. Lynn McCown
Dr. & Mrs. Mike McDermott
Mrs. Kathleen McElroy
Mr. Richard T. McFarland
Mrs. Sheila & Mr. Paul
Mr. Charles C. McGilvray
Mr. & Mrs. James McGinnis
Mr. John McGreevy
Mr. & Mrs. Robert McGuckin
Mr. John B. McHugh
Rev. Justin McIntyre
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony McKee
Mr. & Ms. William McLellan
Mr. John McMahon
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Meitl
Ms. Lucy J. Mercuri
Rev. Michael G. Mertens
Mr. Robert W. Metzler
Mr. Randy Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Meyn
Michael & Vincenza Vinciullo
Charitable Foundation Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Miller
Mr. Jim E. Miller
Mr. Paul E. Miller, Jr
Missionary Sisters of
Techny, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Molins
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Molnar, Jr.
Mr. Thomas A. Moon
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Moore
Moyer Family Charitable Lead
Unitrust, Mr. Daniel Moyer
Mrs. Katherine Muckle
Ms. Audrey Mueller
Mrs. Ruth Mulvaney
Ms. Adelaide C. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Murphy
Mr. William E. Murphy
Mr. John K. Nairn
Ms. Sylvia M. Nebrich
Mr. & Mrs. Cary Nelson
Mrs. Marilyn R. Nelson
Mr. Terry Neville
Ms. Pearl Nicholls
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur D. Nolan
The Northwest Area
Ms. Marie J. O'Brien
Mr. & Mrs. Robert O'Brien
Mr. John P. O'Connell
Mr. Roger L. Olofson
Dr. George Olson
Omaha Community
Mrs. Jan O'Malley
Mr. John O'Malley
Oregon Community
Foundation–Alfred J.
Huber Fund
Mrs. Ann Rittenhouse Page
Mr. Jean F. Paquelin
Mr. & Mrs. William
Ms. Michelle G. Parrish
Ms. Barbara Parsons
Mrs. Don Pautzke
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Penson
Ms. Marjorie Pesaresi
Mr. & Mrs. John Peters
Mr. Frank H. Peterson
Ms. Jean Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Phelan
Mr. & Mrs. Richard
Dr. Robin L. Pierucci
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony S. Politi
Mr. William Portier
Mrs. Constance A. Price
Mr. David D. Primmer
Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Pritsch
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Quinn
Mr. & Mrs. William Raimer
Rancho Santa Fe Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Randolph
Paul & Constance Ratelle
Ms. Marcia Reardon
Mr. William G. Reddan
Mr. Daniel Reen
Ms. Helen M. Reinsch
Mr. Joseph L. Remmes
Mrs. Arlene Renfrow
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick S.
Ms. Bernadine R. Rettger
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Retzner
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Ries
Mr. & Mrs. Roger D. Rife
Ms. Kay Riley
Mr. David Ritter
Mr. William G. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Robinson
Mr. Noah J. Rodeheffer
Mr. & Mrs. Don R. Rodel
Mr. Ernest Roide
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Roling
Sarah Rollins Charitable Trust
Ms. Mary A. Rosania
(detach here, moisten glue strip and seal)
Among the Lakota people, gratitude is one of the seven basic virtues. Another is generosity. Red Cloud is
humbly grateful for your generous prayers and gifts that provided:
Celebration of arts and culture. The Heritage Center
opened the 44th annual Red Cloud Indian Art Show
this summer and featured exceptional displays of cul–
ture and creativity. Your support enabled 81 Native
American artists from around the country to offer 178
pieces for sale. Wopila!
A healthy breakfast every school day. This year, Red
Cloud began to offer all 600 Lakota students a breakfast
to start their days full of energy and ready to engage
in the classroom. Imagine all the learning happening
because of you! Wopila!
Future graduates. Last year’s graduates are freshmen at
Duke, Stanford and everywhere in between. Your caring
helps ensure the doors to Red Cloud–and a brighter
future–stay open, leading today’s kindergarteners toward
becoming tomorrow’s college graduates. Wopila!
Talented teachers and aides. This year, 24 full-time volunteers have engaged in our spirit of service and joined
Red Cloud to ensure Lakota children gain stronger reading, writing and math skills. Your support provides food,
housing and small travel stipends for these volunteers
from across the country. Wopila!
(cut here)
Merry Christmas to the kids!
The thiyóšpaye is a central part of the Lakota culture, making Christmas a special time on the reservation. By this time this newsletter reaches
you, the holiday season will be in full swing! If you have a message of hope for our students, please share it by filling out this form and
mailing it in the self-addressed envelope attached to this newsletter.
Name Email _____________
You can also share your thoughts online at www.redcloudschool.org/myhope.
Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Rostan
Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Rotert
Mr. Ralph E. Roubal
Mrs. Loretta Rutherford
Mr. Michael J. Ryan
Ms. Betty D. Ryman
V. Adm. James A.
Sagerholm USN, Ret.
St. Joseph's Preparatory
School of Philadelphia,
Mr. Edward Schmerling
Mr. Delon P. Schmidt
Fr. Raymond Schmidt
School Sisters Of Notre Dame
of St. Louis
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Schott
Mr. Jim Schramm
Mr. William J. Schull
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Schulze
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Schwab
Ms. Lexie Schwabel
Mrs. Alberta C. Schwengber
Mr. & Mrs. John Seiber
Dr. & Mrs. George G.
Mrs. Patricia Shelland
Mr. John V. Shutze
Ms. Marian Siatczynski
Bob Sieling
Mr. & Mrs. Erik P. Simmons
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Simon
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Simon
Sisters of the Cross and
Passion of North Kingstown,
Rhode Island
Mr. Bennie L. Smith
Ms. Mabelle Jean Smith
Ms. Sara F. Smith &
Mr. Raul Diaz
Mr. Wesley Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Spencer
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Squarzini
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P.
St. Amand
St. Procopius Abbey
St. Rita's Catholic Church of
Holly, Michigan
St. Ursula Villa School,
Cincinnati, Ohio
Mr. Delnar Stangohr
Steffens Foundation
Mr. Leslie R. Stevens
Mr. Mark Stinski
Mr. Vernon J. Stoehr
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Suchy
Mrs. Alison Sulentic
Mr. Daniel Sullivan
Ms. Andrea E. Sununu
Ms. Deborah J. Sutley
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Tait
Mr. John F. Takeuchi
Ms. Elizabeth Teeson
Mrs. Ann Tennis
The McKenna Family
Mr. Harvey Thelen
Mr. Willie Thomas
Mr. Joseph P. Tierney
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tierney
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Timm
Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Tisdale
Mr. Matthew T. Tobin
Mr. & Mrs. James Tominaga
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Travis
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Treacy
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Trimble
Triskeles Foundation
Mr. Robert E. Truax
Mrs. Dorothy Truman
Ms. Carole Tucker
W.A. Tucker & M.R. Radford
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Turner
Mr. William B. Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Vandervest
Mr. Richard Vanni
Ms. Charlene Vargo
Mr. Allen G. Vegas
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Vetscher
Ms. Christina Vlot
Mr. & Mrs. William E.
Mr. Roy Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Wallman
Walsh Fund Trust
Dr. James C. Walsh
Mr. Robert T. Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Walters
Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Walton
Mrs. & Mr. Suzanne D.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Weber
Dr. Edna S. Webster
Mr. Charles Weilman
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Weisz
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Welshons
Ms. Lucille Werlinich
Mr. Eugene Werner
Sr. Mary Werner O.P.
Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Werst
Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Westrick
Mr. Leonard N. Weydert, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David White
Mr. Richard Wiederhold
Mr. Melvin T. Wilczynski
Mr. Hugh Wilde
Mr. Joseph H. Wilkens
Ms. Ann M. Williams
Mr. Carl B. Williams
Ms. Pat Williamson
Mr. & Mr. Eva Winslow
Ms. Doris A. Wintrode
Mrs. Susan M. Woestman
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory F. Wolf
Ms. Linda M. Woolman
Ms. Patricia F. Wright
Mr. Andrew Yin & Mrs. Elva
Mrs. Mary T. Zajac
Ms. Louise E. Zuefle
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C.
Zuercher, Jr.
Circle of Èunkignakapi
There are beloved friends who
have remembered Red Cloud in
their estate planning. Know that
all are remembered in our prayers.
Aileen Arthur
Lillian A. Brill
Isadore Brulez
Marion E. Crawford
Florence Curry
Sybilla Duncan
Robert L. Dwyer
Mary Jane Ewers
Margaret Foley
Walter T. Galligan
Francis G. Giegel
Margaret Ginestra
Maurine Hamilton
Estelle P. Hiller
Marjorie H. Hornung
Oscar Jungers
Margot Kessler
Henrietta A. Keveney
Dorothy Knopp
Hilda Lay
Fr. Wayne Marcotte
Helen A. Maynard
Virginia McGuire
Gerald E. Monroe, Jr.
Margaret Naso
Herbert W. Neil
Elizabeth L. Nelson
Alice Pickering
George Pohl
Jack Rapoport
Cornelia A. Roberts
Ray B. Schmidt
Benny L. Smith
Margaret J. Sofia
Genevieve Stojkov
Betty N. Supplee
Ralph Trifunov
Mary McSherry Ward
Marie Wilson
Matching Gifts
Abbott Fund
AETNA Foundation
AIG Matching Grants Program
American Home Products
American Honda Foundation
Amica Companies Foundation
Archer Daniels Midland
Bemis Company, Inc.
Black Hills Area Community
BNY Mellon
The Boeing Company
Bristol Myers Squibb
Cardinal Health Foundation
Chicago Tribune Foundation
Coca–Cola Company, Inc.
The Clorox Company
Eli Lilly & Company
Foundation, Inc.
ExxonMobil Foundation
FLW of PA, Inc.
GE Foundation
General Mills Foundation
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Global Impact
H.J. Heinz Company
IBM Corporation
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Intuit Foundation
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Macy’s Foundation
Midland National
Monsanto Fund
Pepsico Foundation
The Prudential Foundation
Raytheon Company
Rockwell Automation, Inc.
Rockwell Collins
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Simons Foundation
Teleflora & Roll Giving
United Way of Almance
United Way of Greater
United Way of the Wine
Verizon Foundation
Every effort has been made to
ensure accuracy. If your name
has been omitted, misspelled or
listed incorrectly, we apologize.
Please contact Red Cloud with
any questions or corrections at
Thank you for helping
to provide a quality
education for the boys
and girls at Red Cloud.
These circles were set
up to honor and, in a
small way, thank the
members of our Circle of
Family whose gifts were
received from July 1,
2011 to June 30, 2012.