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3900 Meadow Drive, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 Parish House: 847-394-8100 Fax: 847-394-8102
Website: stcolette.org Email: [email protected]
Rev. Peter Galek
Mr. John Connor (retired)
Mr. Eddie Ortiz
Mr. Antero Santos
Psejobsz!U jnf!
Office Hours
Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Sat. 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Sunday - Closed
St. Colette School
3900 Pheasant Drive
(847) 392-4098
Mrs. Valerie Zemko ext. 125
If you are interested in becoming a parishioner
please contact the Parish House at 847-394-8100
ext. 102.
Weekend Liturgy
Saturday: 8:30am and 5:00pm
7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am & 12 Noon Espanol
Weekday Liturgy
Monday - Friday 6:30am Liturgy of the Word
8:00am Mass
Saturday: 9:00am
English - The first and third Sunday of the Month at
Spanish - The second, fourth and fifth Sunday of the
Month at 1:30pm
For registration and more information contact the Parish
Contact the Parish House at least 6 months before the
wedding date or call the Parish House at 847-394-8100
for more information.
Page Two
Each Mass is offered for all the faithful, living and dead. The
following specifically remembered this week
-------------Nuestras Misas son ofrecidas por todos los fieles, vivos y difuntos. En esta semana recordamos a las siguiente personas
SUNDAY September 19
7:30a Sr. JoAnn Brdecka OSF
Joseph J. Brdecka
Ed Armstrong
Bob Duffey
SUNDAY September 26
7:30a Sr. JoAnn Brdecka OSF
Joseph J. Brdecka
Ed Armstrong
Jerome Loesch
Joseph Paweleck Sr.
9:00a Frank Gillihet
Joseph C. Jay
Thomas McKevett
Michael O’Malley
Mary O’Reilly
Diane Arscott (successful surgery)
10:30a Carolyn Groell
Anthony Friedhof
Peyton Lawnicki
12noon The People of St. Colette
9:00a Tom Reading
Joseph C. Jay
Thomas McKevett
Michael O.Malley
10:30a Catherine Sureck
William Sureck
Peyton Lawnicki
Antonio Constantino
12noon The People of St. Colette
MONDAY September 20
Florence Bittolo
TUESDAY September 21
Jesus Arroyo
WEDNESDAY September 22
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Hobin
Tom Carlson
THURSDAY September 23
All Souls Intentions
FRIDAY September 24
Mary Agnes O’Reilly
SATURDAY September 25
5:00p Harold Hill
Henry Geisen
Emanuel Rossillo
Monday September 20
7:30pm Finance Council /PHCR
Tuesday September 21
7pm A&E setup/CH
7pm St. Colette School Parent Orientation/PC
7:30pm Lectors/CH
Wednesday September 22
5pm Share Faith/SCHL
5:30pm Hisp. Music Min./CH
Thursday September 23
Kids Clothing Sale/PC
2:45pm Children/Choristers/CH/HH
6pm Share Faith/SCHL
7:30pm Adult Choir/CH
Friday September 24
7p Wedding Reh. Rodriguez/Isabel
Saturday September 25
Tamale Prep and Sale
10p Rel. Ed. Span./SCHL
Sunday September 26
Tamale Sale
6pm 7th Grade Retreat/HH
6p Share Faith/SCHL
Page Three
Today's gospel reminds me of a story that a
priest had written to his parishioners. It is about
an enterprising soldier.
“A young man joined the Israeli army and
after his training was assigned to a tank division
near the Israeli-Syrian border. He had only been working for
one week when he went to his commanding officer and asked
for a leave. The commanding officer started laughing and then
said to him, "You want a leave? You just got here. OK, I'll
give you a leave, but on one condition, you have to capture a
Syrian tank." "No problem," said the young man. Later on that
afternoon, a Syrian tank waiving a white flag pulled into the
Israeli camp. The young Israeli soldier got out. The commanding soldier said, "The leave is yours. But how did you get this
tank?" "Simple," said the soldier, "I drove to the DMZ in one of
our tanks and saw a Syrian soldier on one of his tanks. I asked
him if he wanted a weekend pass. He said, ‘Sure’ so we
s w i t c h e d
t a n k s . "
The old comedian Danny Thomas used to tell a story about
two salesmen, Harry and Al. Harry saw Al walking down the
street and said to him, "Al, I have a great deal for you. A real
bargain! An elephant; a whole elephant is yours for only
$500." Al said, "Are you crazy? What am I going to do with an
elephant?" "Al," said Harry, "This is a magnificent beast. All
grey. Complete with a working trunk." Then Harry said, "But I
have no place to keep an elephant. I live in a small three room
apartment." "Al," said Harry, "Did I tell you about the
tusks? Two three foot long tusks. This is a beautiful animal. They don't make them like this anymore." At this Al went
wild and started screaming, "Look I live on the third floor, I
couldn't feed the elephant.
I don't even want an elephant." "You're a hard man, Al" says Harry, "OK, I will throw
in a second whole elephant for only a hundred bucks extra."
And then Al said, "Harry, now you're talking."
It is amazing how astute we can be when making business
deals. Whether it's buying a used car or selling a house, all of
us learn how to get the most for our money. This is not something new. It's part of human nature to get the best deal possible. Jesus was aware of this. The parable he told about the
steward who had to think quick to get himself out of a financial
The Lord's point is that we often demonstrate our intelligence, but we don't apply this intelligence to the one thing that
really matter: our eternal salvation. Consider the number of
times we've sat down and worked out how we can use our talents to be better Christians. Consider the number of times
we've thought out how we can put ourselves in situations which
would avoid moral problems we've had in the past. Consider
the number of times we've plotted out how we can implant the
practice of our faith in our families. If we were to add up the
minutes spent a month doing this and compare them to the minutes a month spent working out our financial deals, would there
b e
a n y
c o m p a r i s o n
a t
a l l ?
Christ tells us: You have the intelligence, use it. Use it to
fulfill the mission you assumed when I called you to be my
disciples. We must be as resourceful and dedicated in the ways
of God as we are in the ways of commerce and politics. Jesus'
parable challenges us to be eager and ingenious for the sake of
Some people, like those in the first reading from the prophet
Amos have perfected how they can out-smart others. They
cheat with their scales. They inflate money. That is not why
God gave us intelligence. He gave us intelligence to make His
presence real in the world. The cleverness, skill and plain nerve
that the manager used to save his skin, and that the soldier used
to secure a weekend pass, and that Al used to get a good deal
from Harry, we must use to make God's ways real in our
world. Today we ask the Lord to help us use our ingenuity to
promote His Kingdom.
As many of you have noticed, the asphalt is almost completed
and will serve us for the next few, hopefully many years. The
only place left to finish will be the ground surrounding the garbage but that will be done at another time.
The next project we will undertake in our church will be the
installment of new kneelers because our current ones are quite
old and worn out; it is time for a change. More information will
be found in next week’s bulletin. I am hopeful that these
changes will be to everyone liking.
As you know, last Tuesday, September 14, there was a PPC
meeting. After the meeting, the members and I went to the
church to identify what else we could do to make our church
look more modern. One of the decisions made was that the tabernacle will be moved from the Chapel to the front of the
church near the Baptismal font. Before we do this, we must find
a good place for the holy oils.
Also, in the future, we are planning to work on modernizing the
altar. We will keep you updated about our plans.
To everyone who will be trying the pierogis today after
all Masses, Buone Appetit!
Fr. Peter
We are grateful to all who give regularly of
their treasure, time and talent. May God
Bless you!
Collection for the Weekend of Sept. 12, 2010
Year-to-Date July 1, 2009 - Sept. 12, 2010
Collection: $125,487.
Short of Goal:
Page Four
Our ministry would be honored to
accept pyx and Pastoral Care of the Sick
prayer books from those "retired" ministers who would like to donate them back
to the ministry. Please place them in an
envelope and write Ministry of Care on
it. They may be dropped off at the parish
house or put in the collection basket. We
accept your generosity with a heartfelt
thank you.
Welcome to the visitor within our
doors...St. Colette Church welcomes you
and yours into our parish fellowship today.
We sincerely hope you have felt at home
and among friends. If you are a visitor just
for today, we bid you Godspeed on your
journey. If you are seeking a church home, we will welcome
you into our parish family.
You may have come as a stranger to us, yet you are known
to our Lord Jesus Christ. In His name we pray you will
find here peace, inspiration and friendship.
St. Colette has a program
called Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) for
adults who wish to become
Catholic or complete their
sacraments. The program is
for adults who:
•Have never been baptized
•Were baptized in another faith
•Were baptized Catholic but never received
the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation.
Sessions will begin in early September.
Please contact Diane Ryzner 847-925-0619
or by email at [email protected]
Thank you to all of you who signed-up to become Eucharistic Ministers! For those still
thinking, please sign-up anyway and we will answer any lingering questions you may have.
Jesus Christ invites us to the ministry, as long as we believe in God, follows
Christ, and trusts in the Holy Spirit. We should not fear because when we trust in God, confidence will be instilled in us. We should remember that as long as we perform this role focused on serving God in reverence, anxiety will disappear. Being an Extraordinary Minister
of Holy Communion is a way of offering back to God all the wonderful blessings He has
given us.
If you are interested, please complete the form below to join us in the Formation Day
on October 16, 2010 (Saturday) at St. Colette Church from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Name: _______________________________ Tel No.:__________ Email: ________________
Please return by Sept. 26, 2010 - drop in the Eucharistic Ministry box at the vestibule or call
Lourdes Lota-Eucharistic Ministry Coordinator at 847-651-8516. Thank you.
Page Five
In support of the pro-life movement, our
church will be participating in The Baby Bottle
Project benefiting The Women’s Centers of
Greater Chicagoland. This non-profit organization directly assists mothers and families experiencing crisis pregnancies by offering emotional, financial, material, and spiritual support
through counseling, clothing & monetary provisions, prayer, and other aid. By God’s Grace, The
Women’s Centers have saved over 34,000 babies from
abortion since opening in 1984.
Please take a Baby Bottle home with you the weekend of
Oct. 3rd and fill it with your spare change over the next
three weeks, and return it the weekend of October 24.
This is a simple, but crucial fundraising effort for The
Women’s Centers. Thank you for helping defend life, and
remember to keep all pro-life undertakings in your
prayers, especially during this Respect Life Month.
The Annual K of C Tootsie Roll Drive to
help support those with Mental Health issues
is September 17th, 18th and 19th. You will
find volunteers at local businesses, street corners and here at St. Colette at all of the
Masses. Please be generous with your donations and your St. Colette SPRED group and
your Church will directly benefit from your efforts and kindness.
What does it mean to be a Knight of Columbus? Are you
interested in helping others in a fraternal way with a Catholic
foundation? If you are over the age of 18, consider joining the
Knights of Columbus. Your opportunity is Thursday, October
7th at the Holy Rosary Hall. Located at 15 N. Hickory, the ceremony begins at 7:30 PM. Please contact Mark Stastny, Past
Grand Knight for any questions or concerns with the ID Drive
or on becoming a member of the Knights. Thank you and God
Bless us all. Mark Stastny
Sunday, September 19, 2010
Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
First Reading:Amos 8:4-7
Psalm:Psalm 113:1-2, 4-8
Second Reading:1 Timothy 2:1-8
Gospel:Luke 16:1-13
Page Six
Pierogies are semi-circular dumplings of unleavened dough stuffed with various ingredients.
These pierogies are homemade from
Alexandra Food Co. in Chicago.
They come frozen and they can be boiled or fried
before serving.
We are hoping to bring different kinds of pierogi
in the future.
Not only could you enjoy these delicious pierogies
but the proceeds
will help towards the parish’s deficit.
You will also be able to purchase Pierogies at the
Parish House during business hours—9am to 4pm
Page Seven
St. Colette
Bulletin Deadline
All articles must be dropped off at the Parish House
or emailed to Darlene Bulak at
[email protected]
by Noon on Mondays to appear in next Sunday’s
Held in Halpin Hall
Doors open at 5:00 PM
BINGO begins at 7:00 PM
Snacks & Refreshments Available
Pull Tabs too!
Non-Smoking Facility
Open to the Public
Must be 18 yrs of age or older to play
Don’t forget your boxed and canned good items:
2 items equals a $1 off card pack
4 items equals a $2 off card pack
Our parish TREE OF LIFE, dedicated to Sr. JoAnn
Brdecka OSF, provides our parishioners with a means to remember significant persons and events in their lives. Whether
it be a deceased loved one, an anniversary, children, or other
special happenings, the TREE OF LIFE stands as a perpetual
The gift of $1,000 dedicates a leaf: a gift of $5,000
dedicates a stone. All gifts made in connection with the TREE
OF LIFE are 100% tax deductible.
We invite you to consider our TREE OF LIFE as a
special “Remembrance gift” to your parish and your family.
For more information, please call Darlene at the Parish House,
Thank you for your support!
NEW Parishioners
To register at St. Colette Parish please complete the information below and drop it into the collection basket, mail it or stop by the Parish House. A registration form will be sent to you.
Zip Code__________
Page Eight
Ministerio Hispano
De Sta. Colette
Coordinadora de Liturgia
Jacqueline Moyeno 847-372-9488
Francisco Ramos 847-754-1477
José Oscuna: 847-776-0443
Coordinador de Música
Nicolás Guadarrama: 847-707-1392
Ministerio de la Eucaristía
Servidores del Altar
Diacono Eddie Ortiz
847-394-8100 o [email protected]
Sacramentos y Bendiciones
Para los siguiente Sacramentos : Presentaciones,
Bautismos, Quinceañeras, Catecismo, Bodas, o el
programa del Rito de Inciación Cristiana (RICA) por favor de
comunicarse con el Diacono Eddie 1847-394-8100 o 847-331-1579;
correo electrónico [email protected]
Tercer Domingo de todo los meses: NO HAY
Presentaciones en Adviento o Cuaresma Por favor de comunicarse con el Dc. Eddie Ortiz
Segundo y Cuarto Domingo del Mes: NO HAY
Celebraciones de Bautismos los Sábados: Preparación PreBautismal: Padres y Padrinos el Segundo Sábado del Mes
6:00p.m.: Por favor NO Traer Niños
Comunicarse con el Dc. Eddie Ortiz
Toda pareja que desea asesorarse para el matrimonio por favor
de comunicarse con el Dc. Eddie; los arreglos matrimoniales deben de hacerse con seis meses de anticipación.
Entrevista inicial: Quinceañera y sus Padres;30 horas servicio en
la Iglesia y la Comunidad : Necesita tener lo siguiente Bautismo,
Comunión Confirmación: Celebraciones el Primer Sábado del
Mes o el segundo Domingo del mes dentro de la celebración dominical
Intenciones para la Misa Dominical
Reserve con una semana previa favor de comunicarse
con la Jackie Moyeno 847-372-9488: Intenciones son
para los
siguientes: Enfermos, Recién Fallecidos o celebración
de Aniversario de Difunto: Excepciones Aniversario
Jubilar de Bodas
Vigésimo quinto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
19 de septiembre de 2010
Dios . . . él quiere que todos los hombres se salven
y todos lleguen al conocimiento de la verdad.
— 1 Timoteo 2:4
Primera lectura — El Señor nunca se olvida del pecado
de los que hacen trampa a los pobres y abusan de ellos
(Amós 8:4-7).
Salmo — Que alaben al Señor todos sus siervos
(Salmo 113 [112]).
Segunda lectura — Reza al Señor, que quiere que todos
se salven (1 Timoteo 2:1-8).
Evangelio — Sé responsable en todo. Sirve a Dios, el
único Señor, no a mamón (Lucas 16:1-13).
Cuando leo un texto de los evangelios
me pregunto cómo me hace sentir y
por qué. Al leer el evangelio de hoy
(Lc 16, 1-13) me siento incómodo y
confundido. ¿Por qué será? Creo que
en parte porque no es un mensaje sino
tres. Primero una parábola acerca de la
necesidad de ser ingenioso y creativo
en usar los bienes de Dios. A este mensaje Lucas añade otros dos mensajes
relacionados con el dinero. También
me siento incómodo porque el fondo cultural es uno de amos y
sirvientes o esclavos y cómo deben portarse. Como cristianos
modernos el concepto de la servidumbre y la esclavitud nos chocan. Al leer el evangelio es importante tener en cuenta la cultura
del mundo en que Jesús vivió. Otra pregunta que me hago cuando leo el evangelio es, “¿Qué es lo que más me llamó la atención?”. Y hoy respondo que la última frase, “En resumen, no
pueden Uds. servir a Dios y al dinero.” El escritor inglés C.S.
Lewis habla de su conversión al cristianismo y recuerda que como joven buscaba algo que le llenara, que le diera una felicidad
duradera. Por un tiempo fue la música, pero no duró y lo dejó
vacío y desilusionado. Después encontró felicidad en el estudio o
el éxito o el poder. Pero uno por uno lo traicionaron y lo dejaron
sintiéndose solo. Por fin decidió abandonar la búsqueda por la
felicidad y volvió a vivir simplemente. Como tenía un carácter
generoso encontró que al vivir sencillamente y compartiendo con
los demás, un buen día cayó en la cuenta que Dios le había llenado el alma de una felicidad que no se acaba. O sea, viviendo
como Dios manda y sin identificando la felicidad con algo o
alguien alcanzó una paz duradera. Los primeros capítulos del
libro de Génesis no narran que todo lo que Dios creó es bueno
pero, como S. Ignacio de Loyola observó siglos después, todo lo
que hay en este mundo fue creado para ayudarnos a amar a Dios
y al prójimo. Todo depende de si usamos lo creado para el bien o
si nos dejamos dominar por él. Hay tantas cosas que nos pueden
desviar y distraernos del fin para que Dios nos creó. Hoy S. Lucas menciona una: el dinero. Pero uno puede dejarse esclavizarse
por muchas cosas: la familia (y su extensión la bandera; no olviden: el patriotismo no es una virtud cristiana), las drogas adictivas, el trabajo, la tele, la computadora, la pornografía.
Page Nine
Nos encontramos rodeados de cosas malas y - más común y tal
vez más peligroso - cosas buenas que, divorciadas del fin para
el que Dios nos creó - nos distraen y nos separan del Reino de
Dios. El desafío consiste en usar las cosas buenas del mundo
que Dios creó, comenzando con el dinero, sin que nos dominen. Recuerdo del caso de una joven que hace unos 25 años era
estudiante en la Universidad de St. Louis. Me impresionó por
su espíritu cristiano y la invité a hablar con mis estudiantes del
grado 12 en un colegio católico donde yo enseñaba. Les habló
de cómo pasaba sus vacaciones viajando a Tijuana para enseñar
a los analfabetos a leer y escribir y trabajar con ellos en construir y pintar sus casas nuevas. En eso uno de los estudiantes le
preguntó si era hija de una pareja muy conocida y bastante adinerada de esa ciudad. Contestó que sí , Dios la había hecho
nacer en un ambiente rico para que así en sus días de descanso
de sus estudios pudiera emplear el dinero para mejor servir a
los necesitados. Con la ayuda de Dios había aprendido a usar
los bienes de la tierra de una manera constructiva y no destructiva.
El ministerio del P. Richard Vogt, S. J., es con la comunidad hispanoparlante de la parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe en St. Louis, Mo.
Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos RICA
El programa "Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos"- RICA, es el proceso
por el cual los adultos son recibidos
dentro de la Iglesia Católica. RICA, es
una "Jornada de Fe" y un proceso de
conversión para adultos bautizados en
otras religiones Cristianas y aquellos que no están bautizados y
desean hacerse Católicos o aprender más acerca de la Fe Católica. Son presentados a las enseñanzas de la Iglesia, vida, liturgia y trabajo Apostólico. Es un trabajo de comunidad en el cual
nosotros y otros miembros de la Iglesia, reflexionamos sobre
nuestra relación con Dios. RICA consiste en Ritos sucesivos
que culminan con la Vigilia Pascual, donde los adultos que han
decidido hacerse Católicos, o desean completar sus Sacramentos de Iniciación, son recibidos en la Iglesia por los Sacramentos del Bautismo, Confirmación y La Santa Eucaristía. Comenzaremos el 24 de Septiembre a las 7:00p.m. Invitamos a
todo/a persona que no tenga los Sacramentos de Bautismo,
Confirmación o la Comunión que se inscriban conmigo Dc.
Eddie 847-331-1579 o 847-394-8100 ext. 45
El Programa FOCUS Para Jóvenes de
la High School
Tendrá venta para una cena de pescado
por $20.00 todas las veces que guste repetir el platillo. Se llevara a cabo el día 2 de
Octubre. Pueden comunicarse con la Sra.
Lori Brandt para mas
Información 847-392-4098 Ext. 121
Anuncios Semanales Ministerio Hispano
Sta. Colette
Están buscando el Sacramento Matrimonial? Conviven y están
buscando como arreglar sus vidas personales y las de sus familias? Están dispuestos en asistir a unas platicas para construir su
Iglesia domestica? Quieren ser un ejemplo modelador para sus
familias y para la comunidad? Comuníquense con El Dc. Eddie
Ortiz o con la Sra. Jackie Moyeno para poder obtener mas información 847 331-1579 0 847 394 8100 ext. 45
Hoy es Domingo de la Catequesis
Con esta celebración, que llamamos del «Envío del Catequista»,
queremos dar comienzo al curso catequético 2010-2011. Sin los
catequistas no habría catequesis. Por ello, vamos a celebrar
comunitariamente la grandeza y la belleza de la vocación del
catequista. La Iglesia tiene una tarea muy importante de engendrar y de iniciar hijos en la fe, y para realizar esta misión cuenta
con la ayuda del catequista. Estos son hombre, mujeres y jóvenes elegidos de entre los miembros de nuestra comunidad parroquial, y en nombre del Obispo de la
Arquidiócesis son enviados para anunciar con valentía e ilusión
la Buena Nueva del Evangelio. Hoy celebramos esta Eucaristía
agradeciendo a Dios el don de nuestros catequistas parroquiales.
Oremos por nuestros Catequistas y por la vocación a la educación religiosa para los niños/as .
El Sábado 25 de Septiembre
Elaboración del Ministro de
Vamos a tener la elaboración de nuestros deliciosos tamales el
Sábado 25 de
Septiembre a las 8:00a.m. Esperamos la
cooperación y la ayuda de toda aquella
persona que pueda venir y asistir un rato
de su tiempo. Para poder salir con las
ventas nosotros
necesitamos de toda la ayuda posible.
Pueden hablar con el Sr. José Oscuna 847776-0443
Nuestro presupuesto de la Parroquia esta en
necesidad de la ayuda de todos. ¡Que podemos
contribuir! ¡Como lo podemos hacer! Porque
necesita dinero nuestra parroquia. Las respuestas son las siguientes. Pedimos ayuda sea para
los ministerios, o para cualquier evento y solamente se aparece las mismas personas que ya
están sobre giradas. Podemos ingresar en colaborar en los ministerios como también pensando
si Dios esta en nuestro presupuesto o si Dios es lo ultimo que
tenemos como prioridad. Tenemos que comenzar en abrir nuestro corazón y nuestro bolsillo. Pensemos lo bien. Es Dios lo
ultimo en nuestro pensamiento? Demos con gratitud y
orgullo para que entre todos hagamos la diferencia.
 Food Pantry - Alsip, Marilee ……………………………………………………………………………..847-394-8100
 FOCUS - Brandt, Lori …………………………………………………………………………………………847-392-4098 ext. 121
 Admin. Asst - Bulak, Darlene…..email: [email protected]………..847-394-8100 ext. 103
Sacramental Records/Receptionist - Michelle Adamowski…………………………..847-394-8100 ext. 102
 Music Min. - Dosogne, Pierre……..email: [email protected]…….847-394-8100 ext. 107
Religious Ed - Fischer, Howard …….email: [email protected]………..847-392-4098 ext. 122
 Sacristan - Foropoulos, Esther …………………………………………………………………………847-394-8100 ext. 113
 Altar Servers - Galek, Fr. Peter …………[email protected]….………………847-394-8100 ext. 105
 Children’s Liturgy - Goritz, June ………………………………………………………………………847-870-7560
 Co-usher - Herzeg, Jeanine…[email protected]…............................312-406-7105
 Wedding Coordinator - Hoyos, Kathy…[email protected]……,……….847-322-7123
 Eucharistic Min .- Lota, Lourdes…………………………………………………………………………847-651-8516
 Min. of Care - Meyer, Bonnie………………………………………………………………………………847-259-8496
 Spred - Mulé, Maureen………………………………………………………………………………………….847-364-6789
 Parish Council - Chair - Neumayer, Judy…………………………………………………………..847-397-8247
 Funeral Luncheon - O’Connor, Nicolette ..………………………………………………………...847-381-1217
 Bereavement - Rosauer, Peg ..……………………………………………………………………………..847-397-1489
 RCIA - Ryzner, Diane, Lay Minister ..……email [email protected]...…………..847-925-0619
 Baptism Prep & Wedding Reh. - Santos, Antero………………………………………………847-394-8100 ext.142
 Lectors - Shirmer, Donnie…………………………………………………………………………………….847-259-3410
 Art & Environment - Vinezeano, Julie…………………………………………………………………847-253-4382
 Ushers - Vinyard, Len…………………………………………………………………………………………….847-394-8100
Page Twelve
Welcome through the
Waters of Baptism
The following children were baptized through
water and the Holy Spirit into our Community of
 Jessica Gutierrez
 Nery Martinez
 Alexandra Martinez Peña
 Jesus Ruben Hernandez Carrillo
 Jassmin Hernandez Carrillo
 Genesis Briana Salgado
II Joan Simeon & Anthony Dulski
II & III Steven Gagliano & Lisa Perry
I Adela Reyes Maltos & Erick Valdes
Pray for...
Please remember the sick in our parish and keep them in your
Vinny Sabella
Emma St. Onge
Allen Hollatz
Werner Kronau
Tom Joyce
Rosemary Bielarz
Robert McCormack
James Stastny
Delphine Kronau
Ana L. Rodriguez
Matt Horbath
Paul Fackler
James Kincl
Judith Moody
Helen Marino
Constance Sandine Davis
James Kuhn
Zamayah Ortiz
Lizdania Ortiz
Bertil Aviles
Aida Patino
Steve Miller
Kristi Miller
Virginia Zawacki
Mary Balmes
Pat Ulincy
Barbara Simek
Raymond May
Judy Flickinger
Bob Bugiel
To appear on our Prayers For the Sick list, please notify the
Parish House at (847) 394-8100. We try to revise our list the
every two weeks.
Liturgical Roles
September 25 and 26
5:00pm Fr. Peter
7:30am Fr. Peter
9:00am Fr. Peter
10:30am Fr. Bob
12Espan Fr. Carlos
5:00pm Foropoulos & Bennett
7:30am Shirmer & Sanoica
9:00am Brandt & Lukawski
10:30am Thomas & Healy
Eucharistic Ministers
5:00pm J. Monahan, R. Anesi, P. Rosauer, R.
Pelc, M.Lund, K. Dederich & K. Hoyas
7:30am J. Simeon, M. & T. Loesch, I. Vardon, J.
Healy & C. Switchenberg
9:00am S. Kirmse, L. Schoenfeld, E. Chauvin,
C. Gibson, J. Leschman, A. DelGiudice & L.
10:30am J. Schutz, L. Kuivinen, S. Kuivinen,
J. Velasquez, J. Velasquez, M. Reza & A. Reza
Altar Servers
5:00pm M. Koehler, D. Scharlau, J. Shirmer, A. Burgos
& M. Garcia
7:30am A. Schurke, M. Lombardo, E. Hilgert
9:00am C. Koch, C. Stastny, V. Dickerson, A. Fiscu
10:30am B. Watson, S. Feikes, E. Schindler, S. Watson, N. Thomas
Mary Agnes O’Reilly was called home to heaven.
Please remember her in your prayers.
If you are ill, recovering from an
operation, or homebound, the St. Colette
Ministry of Care to the Sick and Homebound
would like to bring you communion. Please
call the Rectory to set up an appointment.

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