9-11-16 - St. Patrick`s Catholic Church


9-11-16 - St. Patrick`s Catholic Church
This week at St. Patrick’s
St. Patrick’s Parish Ministries
Saturday, September 10th.
9:00 AM: Hope Shoenut
4:30 PM: Collective Mass Intentions
Tracy Johnston
Francisco Bouza
Paul Loachino
Robert Vert
Sunday, September 11th.
7:45 AM: Charles Schneider
8:45 AM: Pro populo
10:15 AM: For those who perished on 9/11 and
for World Peace
11:30 AM: Neil F. Sheridan
5:00 PM: Robert Melillo
Monday, September 12th.
9:00 AM: Joan & Cliff Fusco
Tuesday, September 13th.
9:00 AM: Katrina Longo Araujo
Wednesday, September 14th.
9:00 AM: Emmanuel Petrella
Thursday, September 15th.
9:00 AM: James McCabe
Friday, September 16th.
9:00 AM: Delia Romero
Saturday, September 17th.
9:00 AM: Jessica Gordon
4:30 PM: Collective Mass Intentions
Dorothy E. Merkel
John & Frances McGrady
Sunday, September 18th.
7:45 AM: Mary Ellen, Bernard P. &
Bernard D. Horan
8:45 AM: Pro populo
10:15 AM: Anthony Lucidi
11:30 AM: Frank A. D. Andrea, Jr.
5:00 PM: Andrew Weis
The Blessed Sacrament in the Notre Dame Chapel (Convent)
Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am to 9 pm, Thursday open
from 6:00 pm to Friday 1:00 am, and reopens Friday from
5:00 am to 12:00 pm (noon) then, from 9:00 pm Friday
through Saturday 2:00 pm. Closed Sunday.
Sacrament of Baptism
At 11:00 am on the 1st Saturday of the month.
Please call the Parish Office for more information.
Preparation classes: the last Saturday of each month.
Sacrament of Marriage
Engaged and planning your wedding? The process begins by
reviewing our Marriage Prep Checklist. This document is
available at the Parish Office, or at
www.saintpatrickparishglencove.org. The link is located
on the main page under "Announcements".
Sacrament of Penance
Saturday 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm (Church)
Monday to Wednesday immediately after the 9:00 am Mass
(Church). If possible, please inform the sacristan or priest
before Mass.
Parish Faith Formation
Provides excellent formation in the Catholic Faith for
children in non-Catholic private and public schools.
Grades 1-6 and Children’s Catechumenate on
Tuesday 4:15 - 5:30 pm
Grades 1-8 and Children’s Catechumenate on
Tuesday 7:00 - 8:15 pm
R.C.I.A on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-8:30 pm. We will
meet (mostly) at St. Rocco’s.
All Saints Regional Catholic School
Offers an excellent Catholic and academically rigorous
education. Nursery to Eighth Grade. For more information
please call the School Office (676-0762).
Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick
Please contact the Office to arrange a time. In emergency
please call the Parish Office/Emergency Line.
Apostolado Hispano
Celebramos la Eucaristía todos los Domingos a las 8:45 am,
el Sacramento del Bautismo se administra el 2do. y el 4to.
Domingo de cada mes. Se require previa charla de
preparación. Para más información, llamar al 759-6039.
Parish Social Ministry
The family
members who have
entered into
Eternal Life!
The 2017
Mass book is open
for Masses
The offering is
We care for our brothers and sisters through our Parish
Outreach and food pantry program. Open on Tuesdays from
10:00 am to 4:00 pm and Thursdays from 10:00 am to 1:00
pm. For further information please call 676-5586.
Parish Thrift Shop
Open on Monday, Thursday and the 1st Saturday of the
month from 9:00am - 2:00 pm. For more information call
We Pray for our Sick.....
The church unites in praying for those who are critically ill. Our prayers can be a very effective channel for the healing power of
Christ. Some people have a crisis or illness. Others are chronically ill. Both types of situations need the care and concern of the
entire Body of Christ.
At the request of concerned family members, names of the critically ill will be placed on our prayer list and will remain on the sick
list for four (4) weeks. After that time they will be removed from the list. If a member of the family or the sick person himself or
herself wishes to remain on the list, they have only to call or e-mail us and we will be happy to oblige.
Peggy Williams, Elizabeth Doxey, Abigail Sadowski, Michelina Gambale, Eileen Guadagni, Jacob Sagaser,
Samantha De Mato, Steve Valli, Gloria Cuellar, Katherine McCarthy, Peter Jablonski, Eileen Stapelton, Mike
Solomito, Michelle Butler, Allyn Adams, Jack Swenson, Kim Pomeroy, Fernando Ayo, Angela Bezella, Dorothy
Sagaser, Joseph Sagaser, Mary Tormey, Carter Suozzi, Raymond Dillon, Angela Grella, Elizabeth Comitino,
Mackenzie Borchers, baby Grace Skuches, Maryann Curley, Concetta Macedonio, Philipe Pretto, Louis Guadagni,
Alberta Sadowski, Mrs. Hazel Reukauf, John Devoti, Christine Williams, Thomas Wright, Salomon Huamaní,
Victor Tosner, Susan Robertson, Margaret Occhuito, Bobbie Brown, Frances Breen, Julianne Hennesy, Veronica
Munoz, Sal Comitino, Hogan Family, Marty (Chiefy) Martinez, Harry Stanley, Emily Bonilla, Donna Ryen, Reggie
Bock, Marcie Lynch, Leticia Gallardo, baby Mason Colon, William O’Leary Cave, II, Paul Mahoney, Sheila
Greene, and Cristina.
Reflection- We can hear God speaking to us today in the words of the father to his elder son:
“You are with me always, and everything I have is yours.” What is my response to such remarkable generosity? Do I give joyfully and generously as God gives to me?
General Intercession for Mass- That as Christian stewards in this Year of Mercy, we respond to our Baptismal call to reach out in forgiveness to our sisters and brothers, reflecting
God’s own mercy to each of us, we pray to the Lord.
Living Stewardship- We are grateful this week for all stewards in our parish who give not
because they possess a lot and can afford it, but rather a desire to share what they have with
August 28, 2016
Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Actual Budget*
Healthy Parish**
September 4, 2016
Actual Budget*
Healthy Parish**
* Actual Budget is based on historical collections only. It
reflects only the bare minimum the parish needs.
**Healthy Budget reflects what is really needed to run the
parish and prudently maintain the facilities.
Thank you for your continued generosity!
Second Collection
Next weekend there will be a second
collection for Music
Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Saturday & Sunday
Second Collection
This weekend there will be a second
collection for Catholic University
Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Weekly Readings
Monday:1 Cor. 11:17-26.33. / Ps 40(39):7-8a.8b-9.10.17. /
Lk 7:1-10.
Tuesday:1 Cor. 12:12-14.27-31a. / Ps 100(99): / Lk 7:11-17.
Numb. 21:4b-9. / Ps 78(77):1-2.34-35.36-37.38. /
Jn 3:13-17.
Thursday:Heb. 5:7-9. / Ps 31(30):2-3a.3bc-4.5-6.15-16.20. /
Jn 19:25-27.
Friday: 1 Cor. 15:12-20. / Ps 17(16):1.6-7.8b.15. / Lk 8:1-3.
Saturday:1 Cor. 15:35-37.42-49. / Ps 56(55):10.11-12.13-14. /
Lk 8:4-15.
Sunday: Amos 8:4-7. / Ps 113(112):1-2.4-6.7-8. / 1 Tim 2:1-8. /
Lk 16:1-13.
Pastor’s Letter
Dear Brothers and Sisters!
Happy New Year! While normally at this time of year, after a sunny season of my having fasted from (and
your having been spared) my usual footnote-encrusted, turgid musings, I would gladly give myself over to waxing
rhapsodic with orotund grandiloquence about the evanescence of summer and the mono no aware1 of putting away
one’s bright seersucker2 and gin-and-tonics3 for more somber hues and more brumal4 “adult beverages”5, or some such
frivolousness, but there’s just too much to talk about! I do, however, hope the summer was a pleasant and restful and re
-creative time for you all.
Should we not start, then, with the magnificent gift of the canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta (or Kolkata, which normally I’d like, but I’m going to stay with Calcutta for euphonious reasons)? What a blessing! And what a
joy it was to be able to celebrate her feast the day after her canonization! In general, I must admit, I find it slightly indecorous to have people – regardless of their obvious sanctity – canonized too precipitously after their death.6 & 7 But
in Mother Teresa’s case, I think the wait was too long!
What more powerful example can there be of the transforming power of Christ than what she did? Who was
better able to show the world its follies and its lying illusions than that simple, tiny smiling woman?
When a wealthy famous Hollywood type (and isn’t it interesting how people from every walk of life were captivated by Mother Teresa, even if in their private lives they could not have been farther away from her vision?) once
said to her, as she was washing the wounds of a leper “I wouldn’t do that for a million dollars!” she responded:
“Neither would I.”
1 もののあはれ – the Japanese term of great subtlety for the “pathos of things”, the powerful wistful sensitivity to the impermanence of life.
2 On the rare occasions that I exchange the habit for a clerical suit, the summery option of the blue (what else?)seersucker with
clerical vest get up amuses me, even if I am then frequently mistaken for an Anglican divine.
3 Or it is gins-and-tonic? This highly dubious position which Father Ambros defends staunchly A I could accept only if one used a
number of different gins in the same drink (blasphemous) or in the same service of drinks (then a fine distinction) but wouldn’t it
then be gins-and-tonics? Or does that imply a variety of tonics?
A You can ask him for his reasoning if you really want to know. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
4 I’m sorry, I know it’s pretentious but I “brumal” is a brilliant word, and there are so few synonyms for wintry. Hibernal makes
one think of our dear Hibernians (nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t advance the cause, so to speak) and hiemal is just plain
5 A phrase Fr Gabriel enjoys using to torment me. I despise the use of the word beverage as a stand in for drink. It offers no interesting shade of difference or subtlety as justification for its use and flaunts itself as a “better word” (for better people) when, in
fact, it is merely a term used to inflate the user. And don’t get me started on “drapes” (as a noun) or the baneful noun “slacks”!
What are your least favorite words? Should we have a contest?
6 And while I enthusiastically embrace the sainthood of Pope John Paul II (having had the privilege of meeting him makes it all
the more exciting) and in no way disavow the canonizations (which, after all, are infallible acts of the Magisterium) of other recent
popes, and waiting expectantly for the movement of the cause of canonization for Pius XII, I am not a fan of the speedy canonization of popes. The canonization of one’s immediate (or even recent) predecessor(s) has a vague whiff of the impropriety (even if a
doctrinal impossibility, it could well be imprudent) of the ancient Roman practice of the deification of one’s imperial predecessor.
Perhaps I read too much into it.
7 Although St Leopold, Founder of Klosterneuburg, was popularly declared a Saint immediately after his death in 1136, we had
to wait almost 350 years until his formal Canonization in 1485.
From Mother Teresa’s visit to the North American College, the Seminary I attended in Rome, I have two very powerful memories. The first is of her entrance into the Chapel, where we were all assembled, waiting for her. Now, for
reasons which are better left undiscussed here, the tabernacle in the Seminary was not in the center of the sanctuary
(needless to say, where it should be) nor even off to the side of the sanctuary, but rather half-way down the main aisle
and off to the left, well outside the body of the chapel. Incidentally, this unbefitting placement of the Blessed Sacrament caused most of the seminarians to sit only behind the mid-point of the chapel so that we did not have to sit with
the Lord behind our backs.
Anyway, in walks Mother Teresa, accompanied by the rector, through the door at the front of the chapel, near
the altar. Mother Teresa looks around the sanctuary, bewildered, and in a not-at-all-shy voice asks: “Where is Jesus?”
The rector, somewhat abashed, led her down the aisle to the tabernacle, where she knelt to greet the Lord. This little
vignette shows one of the great lessons we gain from her: always to look for Jesus first! Not only in badly-designed
church architecture (though there’s enough of that), but everywhere in life. Saint Teresa of Calcutta had the gift of
finding Jesus in everyone, most especially in those in whom His image seemed most hidden: in the small, the insignificant, the cast-off, the deformed, the sore-infested, the smelly poor, the human detritus of our brave new world.
This is her great lesson to us - that we can do the same.
As she walked to the tabernacle, she passed by the place where I was standing. And I had the compelling
“experience” (I would not quite say “vision”, but something quite profound and unbidden) of perceiving within this
extremely diminutive, bent-over woman a vast, almost limitless, space – not a void, but an opening, a ready-to-befilled quality. Through God’s grace and her constant willingness to keep nothing back from the Lord (how much do I
keep back?) she “expanded” the interior space of her life to make room for God’s greatness, which, of course, also
flowed out unendingly through her. How big, I ask myself, is the space I have made for God? The answer “being a
priest” or “giving my life to the Church” is the merest beginning of the great excavation which turns us into saints.
We could devote reams and reams of paper – and with great profit – to the deeds and the simple, powerful
(clever but never unkind) sayings of Mother Teresa. But for many reasons, we need to visit one:
“Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence
to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.”
All of our interest in social justice (and may it flourish) is absolutely useless and hypocritical if we do not
apply that justice to the most innocent, the most defenseless of all – the unborn. Concomitant to that, of course, is the
care of those women in difficult circumstances. This Mother Teresa and her sisters did and do with great devotion,
lest anyone say that Mother’s position was devoid of care for the woman who suffer enormously because of abortion.
Mother taught us that we can do what she did, see Christ in everyone. Let us ask for her intercession not only to do
so, but to believe that we can do so and, with God’s help, see Christ in everyone!
A few quick announcements:
We’re very happy to have Dom Wilhelm, the world’s only Icelandic canon, with us for a few weeks. He was
briefly here in the spring, but he’s doing a three-week practicum here before he returns to Rome to continue his studies. Please go up and talk to him! Not only is his English perfect, but he’s a really nice guy!
The Bible Study begins this Tuesday at 7:30 pm at St Rocco’s. Next week a full list of topics will be out, but
the first evening will be a talk by the above-mentioned Dom Wilhelm about the Church in Iceland and other fun Icelandic facts – for example, Icelanders usually don’t have last names! Do please come and join us!
In response to various requests, I will be starting a “Latin for Adults” class – fun and hopefully useful –
which will meet at 6:45 on Tuesday evenings at St Rocco’s (just before the Bible Study). This is a class for beginners
or those who wish to refresh their somewhat moribund Latin. Please join us!
Brewed Theology – our coffee and discussion group on theology and other interesting matters in our lives as
Catholics – will begin this Wednesday at 9:45 am in the Monsignor Healy Room. There’s always coffee, goodies, and
lively discussion. Again, please join us if you can.
God bless! Fr Daniel
Greetings! I trust you all are now comfortable ensconced back into your “normal” schedules after Labor
Day. While personally I mourn the official end of Gin & Tonic season (or summer as it is commonly
called), I do welcome the beginning of another school year, the order and routine to life that that schedule
brings, and of course the beginning of Manhattan season.
Speaking of seasonal things, we are now just a few weeks away from our Oktoberfest celebration on
October 1st, which occurs after the Saturday evening Mass. If you haven’t been in past years, please come!
It’s a great time, and it has been growing every year.
The highlight of the evening, aside from the expertly selected beer of course, is the drawing for the Super
Raffle, which is our prime fundraiser. Many of you have already purchased your tickets, and for this
I thank you. We have only raised about half of our target amount thus far (hence whimsical exclamation
point above). I know that many of you wait for the last stretch of September to purchase, so I’m not worrying (yet), but please consider purchasing your tickets after any Mass or via WeShare as soon as you can.
One point of clarification about the r affle. The initial letter to you about the r affle and the tickets
are correctly printed to indicate three guaranteed prizes ($10k, $3k, and $1k). Some posters were inadvertently printed out indicating three $1k prizes. The two additional 3rd prizes are conditional depending on
whether or not we make our goal of selling 550 or 570 tickets. If there was any confusion about this, I
hope it is now cleared up.
Thanks for your time and God Bless.
Fr Gabriel
The Religious Education
Programs of St. Patrick and
St. Rocco
Are in need of catechists, aides, hall
monitors and substitutes beginning this
fall. If you or someone you know would
like to volunteer one hour per week to
the children of our parishes, or for
further information please call.
671-7223 or 676-4691
Banns of Marriage-September, 2016
Third Time
Irving Rosario, Jr, Church of St. Benedict Joseph Labre,
Richmond Hill, NY
Ashley Durchhalter, St. Catherine of Sienna Church,
Franklin Square, NY
Daniel J. Bartilotti, St. John The Evangelist Church , Dunellen, NJ
Amanda Ann Caruso, St. Patrick Church, Glen Cove, NY
St. Patrick Church
Religious Education Registration
2016/17 for new students is OPEN!
Forms are available at the Parish
Office. Registrations received after
August 15th will incur a $15 late fee
child. All children from grades 1-8
should register.
For more information call
Help us help those in need by
joining the
Event details:
Saturday, September 24, 2016
(rain or shine)
Thank you and God Bless you!
Bethpage Community Park
1001 Stewart Avenue,
Bethpage, NY 11714
(Look for the Town of Oyster Bay Ice Skating Center)
Our Lady of Mt Carmel
Legion of Mary
9:00 Am Registration and Check –In
September 24, 2016 at 10:30 am
Event Fees:
There is no registration or parking fee for this event.
How to Register Online:
Visit www.fopwalk.org
St. Rocco’s Church
All are Welcome!
After you register, please RSVP to
[email protected]
Hospice of New York
Catholic High Schools Open Houses
Bereavement Support Groups
You are invited to explore the benefits of a
Catholic High School Education
Long Island
(Spouse & Partner Group)
Please feel free to visit our schools during the times and dates
listed below.
Thursdays from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. For more
information call 516-222-1211
September 2016
Saturday 17
Sunday 18
Sunday 25
The Bristal of East Meadow-40 Merrick Avenue,
East Meadow, NY 11554
11:00 am-1:30 pm Our Lady Of Mercy Academy
1:00 pm-3:30 pm
St. Dominic High School
12:00 pm-2:30 pm Holy Trinity Dioc. H.S.
LI Coalition for Life Presents:
19th Stand Up for Life
Sunday, October 2, 2016
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Nassau County Board of
Attention: Glen Cove Residents
(rain or shine)
St. Patrick's Parish Hall will no longer be
used as polling place. The next Primary
Election of September 13, 2016 will be
held at Margaret A. Connolly School,
located on 100 Ridge Drive, Glen
Cove, NY 11542.
At two locations:
Along Route 110 and Route 25
Huntington, LI
Sufl, East-LIE, Exit 70S, Cty. Rd. 111
Manorville, LI
Thanks for your cooperation!
All Welcome!
“ You Can’t Afford to Miss It ”
Is presented by the National Safety Council
Complete the Defensive Driving Class (DDC) and reduce your Insurance expense
for the next 3 YEARS !
Please reserve ____ seat(s) for the next DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE
Enclosed is my check for $ ____
COST: $45
Payable To: Martin Hirschfield
Location: St. Patrick’s-Glen Cove
Date(s): Saturday, September 24, 2016
Time: 8:30 am-3:00 pm
Your Name & Tel. No:
Driver Ed
PO Box 314, Dept. A
Lake Grove, NY 11755
For reg & info, call: 631 360-9720
* There will be booklets in Spanish / Habrán folletos en Español.
$25.00 Daily Prize Winners
August 28th-September 3rd
Maureen Madden
Karen Burns
Mary & Bob Whittaker
Gabrielle Addamo
Gloria Malloy
Stephen Kreyer
Sally Famiglietti
September 4th-September 10th
Danielle Gillis
Carolynn Boz
Brendan Rogers
Maryanne & Al Small
Meri & Scott Eaton
M. Rush
Maria Addamo
Congratulations to all the Winners!
Knights of Columbus
James Norton Council # 1828, Knights of
Columbus, will celebrate its 100th Anniversary
with a dinner dance which will be taking place on
Saturday, October 15, 2016. F or tickets and
additional information, please contact
Richard Alois at 516-676-6939
FAN Program
This program offers food to people older than 60
years. Held the second Tuesday of every month
from 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM in front of the
Parish Hall.
Except September 27, 2016
Immigration Services
September 12th & 26th
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm / John Paul II Room
Convent building.
We are in need of the following items:
Pasta sauce, soup,
canned fish or meat, cereal,
tuna, peanut butter, jelly, red
beans, tomato sauce, juice,
black beans, canned fruit,
canned vegetables, sardines,
pancake mix, syrup, parmalat
milk, rice and toiletries.
Please, bring your donations
to help our less fortunate
brothers & sisters.
Need a gentleman to
volunteer to pick up food from
Island Harvest at Eisenhower
Park at 8:30 am, 1 or 2
Tuesdays per month.
Please, call Parish Office at
Citizenship Classes
Held every Tuesday Beginning September 13th
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm / John Paul II
Convent building.
Al Anon
Is there a drinking problem in
your family? We can help!
There is a regularly scheduled
Al-Anon group that meets Monday at 12:30 pm
John Paul II Room / Convent building.
Thank you!
BUC Len Abbate, NMCB-21, USN
Capt. Philip Acquara, USAF
Capt. Anthony Angelone, USMC
SPC Corey A. Babb,USA
SPC Damian Babb, USA
Capt. Michael Bacotti, USA
PVT. Anna Backiel, USMC
SGT Russell Badolato, US Army
LTCOL Thomas Beirne, USAF
Capt. Daniel Bellissimo, USAF
Lt. Matthew Bitter USN SEAL
MAJ Adrian Bogart, US Army
Russ Bolan, USMC
PVT USMC Joel A. Bolivar
David S. Brown, Capt. USAF
Lt. Travis James Buffa, USN
Pvt. Luis J. Bustamante, USMC
SSGT John David Carbon, USA
SGT Wilber E. Carmona USMC
LT COL Allan Coville, US Army
LT. Thomas D. Croci, USN
CPL Matt Cryan, US Marines
MTCM William Davis, USN
SPC Ana Delvalle Delgado, USA
CAPT. Thomas F. Dono, USMC
1st. LT. Gregory G. Dono, USMC
HM2 Matthew J Drollinger, USN
Capt. Justin Dzakonski, USA
SGT Clifford Edwards II, USMC
CAPT Robert Elliott, US Army
LT Mark Engi, US Army
LCPL Luis Eriguchi, USMC
PVT Thomas D. Farina, USMC
PVT Jorge Farro, USMC
LT Nathaniel Fick, USMC
Paul Fischer, USMC
Lt. Christian R. Foschi, USN
SGT. Kevin Gleeson USAR
SGTMAJ Raymond Grant, USA
PFC Brandi Gray, US Army
CAPT. Dan Grazier, US MARINE
PFC Andrew B. Grazioso, USA
Lt. T.J. Gossweiler
Captain Evan Gotkin, USA
Major Jennifer Gotkin, USA MED
Sgt. J. Gotdiener, Israeli Defense
LTJG Giselle Hamlin, USN
Lt. Glenn M. Harvey USMC
S/ SGT. M. Hendrick, USA Eng.
HN Nicholas F. Hicks, US Navy
MAJ. Luke T. Holian, USMC
Capt. David Jacobs, Ranger US Army
AD3 Michael Johnston
PFC Justin (Kip) Kipling USMC
LT Cindy Keating, USN
CDR Thomas Kiss, USN
CAPT Christopher Klyne, USN
CH CAPT Fr. James Krische, USA
PFC Michael P. Lanciki, USA
Col Richard Looney US Army
Col Elizabeth Baker Looney USA
LT Dennis Mackin, US Army
Luc-Noel Mamodesen, USNG
CAPT G. M. Martinez, USMC
LTJG J. Miller Mathieson, USN
LTJG Sean Mathieson, USN
PFC Ian McClosky, USMC
LT Evan M. McCrann, USMC
LCPL Gary McKiever, U.S. Army
Capt. William J. Mennis , USA
Capt. Christina Merrick, USA
PFC Jonathan Perez, US MC
Carlos Millan, U.S. Army
UT-1 Stephen E. Moore, Seabees
CAPT Joseph F. Mondello, Jr.
SGT Thomas Morrow, US Army
Lt. Terence M. Nicholas USN
Robert O’Brien, US Army
Diana Susan Palomares, USMC
MAJ Brian Paolillo
LCPL John Patino, USMC
2nd. Lt. Brian Peguillan, US Army
HM2 Matthew D Perez, USN
LCPL Chris. Petersen, USMC
1st Lt. Jesse G. Prince
MAJ Douglas Prits, USAF
David Charles Ray, MP
CPL Brian Rexing, USMC
PVT Michael Rivera, USA AB
Sommer L. Roberson, USAF
LTJG Richie Schmaeling, USN
CPT Hagan C. Scotten, US Army
CPL Carlos Shimabukuro, USMC
PVT Jose Tasayco, USMC
Michael G. Traendly, USA RGR
CMDR R.J.Tumbarello, Pilot,
P.F.C. Steven Vasko, U.S. Army
CH MAJ Timothy Valentine
L/Cpl Keith Wagenhauser, 22nd
Marine Expeditionary Unit
HM Drew Whitting, USN
MAJ Kristopher Zeek
PVT Serge Zelenov, US Army
The Crew of the USS McCampbell
Crew USS San Francisco (SSN711)
Col. Brenton K. Fraser, US Army
Jacqueline Solomito, US Navy
Note: Please help us update our Military Prayer List by contacting the
Parish Office at 676-0276 or e-mail to: [email protected]
Queridos Feligreses,
Estamos a un mes para la Celebración de Oktoberfest y de la Super Rifa! De antemano agradecemos a quienes han
comprado y están por comprar sus boletos. Si ustedes leen los boletines habrán notado que las donaciones siempre
están bajo el presupuesto. Comprando la rifa ayudarán a incrementarlas, asímismo para el mantenimiento y reparaciones de nuestros edificios que son antiguos.
Si $100.00 es mucho dinero, pueden comprar el boleto entre varias personas. Cada Domingo después de la Misa,
los hermanos que estén interesados, encontrarán boletos en la parte de atrás del Parish Hall. También se venderán
boletos el mismo día 1 de Octubre, hasta antes de que el Padre Daniel empieze a sacar los boletos de la tómbola.
La Celebración de Oktoberfest empieza después de la Misa de las 4:30 pm.
Vengan a pasar un momento agradable y en Familia!
Gracias una vez más por apoyar en esta noble causa, que es recaudar fondos para nuestra Iglesia.
Dios los bendiga a todos,
~El Comité de la Super Rifa~
Éxodo 32:7-11, 13-14
El relato deja al descubierto dos
realidades: la fidelidad de Dios y
la versatilidad constante del pueblo. La firmeza de Dios en su
proyecto y la franca flaqueza y
debilidad del hombre. Estos dos elementos
van a conducir la historia de la salvación a lo
largo de los siglos. Y la historia humana de
los hombres de todos los tiempos.
1 Timoteo 1:12-17
El autor coloca la acción de gracias que solía
encabezar el asunto de las cartas cuando ya
ha comenzado a desarrollar el tema, con el
fin de dar más fuerza a sus instrucciones como pastor de la comunidad.
¿Cuáles son las intenciones al presentar esta especie de autorretrato del
antes blasfemo Pablo? Quizá darle
credibilidad a la carta, que posiblemente no sea del propio Pablo. el que Pablo se
llame a sí mismo arrogante suena más como
la palabra de un observador cercano. La
alabanza de la misericordia de Cristo es paulina, pero parece más una antología de dichos de Pablo que una carta de él mismo. La
doxología final mezcla elementos hebreos y
griegos: Rey de los tiempos, el único Dios,
inmortal e invisible. esto es una marca bastante característica del judaísmo helénico.
Lucas 15:1-32
Las dos parábolas anteriores a la del hijo
pródigo parecen ser muy reales en la cultura
palestina. Una oveja de cien podría ser considerada perdida por culpa del pastor y una
moneda de diez podría haber sido una parte
considerable de la dote de una mujer. Hasta
el último siglo, las mujeres nómadas eran
frecuentemente representadas con las monedas firmemente cosidas a su tocado de cabeza. La celebración del vecindario por la recuperación es también real. Lucas expande la
explicación de Mateo como imagen del gozo
del padre de que no se pierda nadie.
Como los israelitas en el desierto, como Saulo o como la oveja que deja a su
grupo para andar errante, nosotros a veces nos formamos nuestros propios
ídolos con los que sustituimos a quien de verdad nos quiere. Luego nos parece
incluso imposible, cuando queremos regresar, que se nos perdone. La fidelidad
sin condiciones y el perdón pueden parecer extraños e incluso extravagantes;
pero son parte de la naturaleza de Dios. Dios es amor.
Por: SS Francisco | Fuente: Catholic.net
Una definición completa y
clara nos la ha ofrecido
uno de los Padres de la
Iglesia, san Cirilo de Jerusalén, cuando afirma: La Iglesia sin duda es
llamada católica, es decir universal, por el
hecho de que es difundida por todos lados,
desde una parte hasta la otra de los confines
de la tierra; y porque universalmente y sin
deserción enseña todas las verdades que
deben llegar al conocimiento de los hombres,
ya sea sobre las cosas celestes, que de las
Signo evidente de la catolicidad de la Iglesia
es que habla todas las lenguas. Y esto no es
otra cosa que el efecto de Pentecostés: es el
Espíritu Santo, de hecho, que ha preparado a
los Apóstoles y toda la Iglesia para hacer
resonar a todos, hasta los confines de la tierra, la Buena Noticia de la salvación y del
amor de Dios. La Iglesia así ha nacido católica, "significa " desde los orígenes, y no puede
no ser católica, proyectada a la evangelización y al encuentro con todos.
Si la Iglesia ha nacido católica, quiere decir
que ha nacido "en salida", misionera. Si los
Apóstoles se hubieran quedado allí, en el
Cenáculo, sin salir a anunciar el Evangelio, la
Iglesia sería solamente la Iglesia de ese pueblo, de esa ciudad, de ese Cenáculo. Todos
han salido por el mundo, desde el momento
del nacimiento de la Iglesia, desde el momento que ha venido el Espíritu Santo. Y por eso
la Iglesia ha nacido en salida, es decir, misionera.
Es eso lo que expresamos calificándola de
apostólica. Porque el Apóstol es el que lleva
la Buena Noticia de la Resurrección de Jesús. Este término nos recuerda que la Iglesia
tiene su fundamento en los Apóstoles y en
continuidad con ellos. Son los Apóstoles que
han ido y han fundado nuevas Iglesias, han
hecho nuevos obispos y así en todo el mundo
en continuidad.
Hoy, todos nosotros estamos en continuidad
con ese grupo Apóstoles que ha recibido el
Espíritu Santo y luego han ido en salida a
predicar. La Iglesia es enviada a llevar a todos los hombres el anuncio del Evangelio,
acompañándolo con los signos de la ternura y
del poder de Dios. Y es el Espíritu quien nos
conduce al encuentro con los hermanos,
también hacia los más distantes en cualquier
sentido, para que puedan compartir con nosotros el amor, la paz, la alegría que el Señor
Resucitado nos ha dejado como regalo.
¿Qué implica, para nuestras comunidades y
para cada uno de nosotros, formar parte de
una Iglesia que es católica y apostólica?
1. En primer lugar, significa tener en el corazón la salvación de toda la humanidad, no
sentirse indiferentes o extraños frente a la
suerte de tantos de nuestros hermanos, sino
abiertos y solidarios hacia ellos.
2. Significa además tener el sentido de la
plenitud, de lo completo, de la armonía de la
vida cristiana, rechazando siempre las posiciones parciales, unilaterales, que nos cierran
en nosotros mismos.3. Formar parte de la
Iglesia apostólica quiere decir ser consciente
de que nuestra fe está anclada en el anuncio
y el testimonio de los mismos Apóstoles de
Jesús. Está anclada, es una larga cadena
que viene desde allí. Y por eso sentirse siempre enviado, mandado, en comunión con los
sucesores de los Apóstoles, para anunciar,
con el corazón lleno de alegría, a Cristo y su
amor a toda la humanidad.
Pidamos entonces al Señor renovar en
nosotros el don de su Espíritu, para que
toda comunidad cristiana y todo bautizado
sea expresión de la santa madre Iglesia
católica y apostólica.
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