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20th Anniversary 1987-2007
Automundo Page 36
Deportes Page 29
VOL. 20 NO. 18
3 DE MAYO 2007 - 10 DE MAYO 2007
Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
Pages 11-27
Photo's by
Sand Creek Massacre Site, now National Historic Site
Southern Cheyenne, Northern Cheyenne, Arapaho and many
others came to this site last Saturday to remember their
ancestors. It was more than just fitting to have many dignitaries
present, as it has been 142 years since this incident occurred.
It was heart warming and also heart breaking to know and
see descendants of those massacred, were present.
speaks to
the Media
Hispania News
1st issue May 1987
City Manager retires from
Public Service
City Manager Lorne Kramer announced that he plans to retire
from the City after dedicating 44 years to public service. His
retirement date will be effective June 30, 2007. Kramer has been
the City Manager for the City of Colorado Springs since 2002
when City Council appointed him in January as Acting City
Manager and then requested he permanently assume the top
Express Jet begins to fly leadership role in March of 2002.
Colorado Springs Airport.
This flight was headed for
Sacramento, CA.
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3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Free English Classes
Military Spouse Appreciation Day
The Orientation Meeting will
be Sunday May 6, 2007 at 6:00
PM at the LDS Church, 13975
Highway 105, Monument, CO.
The orientation meeting will
provide detailed information
about the free English classes.
Classes being taught are
conversational English. No
written grammar will be
taught in the program. Classes
being offered will be given in
groups up to 10 people, 2 times
per week.
The program is provided in 4
modules, each module last for
12 week. All learning materials
To honor the sacrifices and
challenges military families
face as their loved ones serve
our country, the Southeast
Armed Services YMCA is
hosting Military Spouse
Tuesday, May 8th from 10am
are provided free of charge. A
certificate of completion is
provided at the end of each
All course instructors speak
Spanish. The 1st module,
(Beginner English 1) will begin
in mid May. An orientation
meeting must be attended
before being accepted into
Three classes will be offered
beginning in May, with more
to follow.
announcements and for more
information call 719-332-1219
to 2pm military spouses will
be treated to a special day of
pampering. Military spouses
attending will receive a variety
of fun and free “perks” to
make them feel special.
Local businesses have
donated their time and
2007 Kane Scholars
Danae Nafziger — County High
Francesca Stuart — South High
Amber Jones — Pueblo West
Azalia Sais — Central High
Maritza Espinoza — Dolores Huerta
The Hispanic Community’s Newspaper
Established Cinco de Mayo, 1987
Published weekly by
Con Fé Communications, Ltd.
ISSN -0895-7355
No part of Hispania News may be reprinted or reproduced
without the written consent from the Editor.
All rights reserved.
Robert L. Armendariz
Marketing Director
William Green
Advertising Consultant
Wilfredo Gutierrez
[email protected]
Daniel T. Chaparro
Composition, Design and Layout
Sami R. Armendariz
Hispania News
[email protected]
Toll Free • 866-723-2220
Located at 2527 Airport Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 15116, Colorado Springs, CO 80935-5116
(719) 540-0220 • (719) 540-0221
• Fax (719) 540-0599
resources to offer free haircuts
and styling, a fashion show,
lunch, massages, practical
crafts and much more. Limited
free childcare is available for
those who register early. To
register please contact the
Southeast YMCA at 622-9622.
“The Kane Foundation
initiated a similar program in
Colorado Springs last year and
was only too happy to extend
it to top students in Pueblo.
CSU-Pueblo representatives
were awed by the quality of
talent we encountered during
our interviews in Pueblo area
Royce Cappis — East High
Jaclyn Gazette —
Pueblo Technical Academy
Kristi Vigil — Centennial High
schools.” The following students
have been named Kane Scholars
for 2007: Students were
selected based on their high
school academic record, and
on recommendations from
each high school (Centennial,
Central, County, East, South,
Pueblo West, and the Dolores
Huerta Preparatory High
School, Rye and Pueblo Tech
Academy) as well as a written
essay and personal interview.
As Kane Scholars, students
will receive free tuition, books,
and mandatory course fees for
up to five years toward pursuit
of a bachelor’s degree
701 E. 4th Street. (Calle Cuardo este)
Para la mejor Carnicería de la Región le urgimos no olvide “Double J Meats” en el
701 de la Calle 4 al este de Pueblo. El dueño Joe Fox y su personal se esmeran en
brindarle el mejor servicio y las carnes más selectas a precios razonables todos los
Double J Meats, donde usted es el más importante de todos nuestros clientes.
Double J Meats, donde usted es el
más importante de todos nuestros clientes.
Carne • Huevos • Pollo • Comestibles
“Improving daily to proudly serve
the community
we are proud to be a part of”
(719) 542-2118
44 s
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Page 3
The Colorado Springs Black/Latino Coalition Against ICE in Springs
The Colorado Springs Black/
Latino Coalition strongly
opposes the creation of an
Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) office in
Colorado Springs. The issue of
illegal immigration will not be
solved by further repression
and harassment of workers
who are vital and essential to
our local economy. Colorado
Springs simply cannot get
along without these workers.
ICE offices in other
communities have not been
effective in reducing inmate
populations in local jails, nor
in preventing workers from
seeking work. That further
repression of workers will lead
to a “fix” of the immigration
problem is a fantasy that must
be abandoned by responsible
elected officials.
It is also not true that all
immigrants desire to remain in
the United States. Many come
only to work for a period of
time and wish to return home.
militarization of the southern
border is an incentive to keep
them here.
What we need is just, fair, and
comprehensive immigration
reform. The country needs a
well-managed guest-worker
program with a sound system
of worker identification and
fair taxation of the workers.
A guest-worker program is
absolutely essential to
eliminate their marginalized
status, which leads to
A well-managed guest worker
is feasible and can include
practical incentives for
workers to return to their
countries of origin.
We need the workers for the
benefit of our economy, but we
also need to revitalize the
economies of Latin countries
so that workers can work for a
living wage at home. This is the
only just and fair way to
approach the issue.
Democratic's dance though out the night at Banquet & Dance at the SilverWood Hotel, April 21, 2007.
It’s Time to Celebrate! Have a great Cinco De Mayo
After the historical election in 2006, and as we gear up for a promising election season in 2008,
the El Paso County Democratic Party is looking for more Hispanic community leaders and
candidates. Contact one of our organizations to find out how you can help.
The Democratic Latino Initiative 651-0445 - The Democratic Club 548-9114
The Democratic Women’s Club 473-3662 - El Paso County Democratic Party 473-8713
The Democratic Latino Initiative meets 2pm the fourth Saturday of the month at 25 N Iowa.
Look for us at the Memorial Park Fiesta Sun May 6th
Chief Manual Navarro
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3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
A letter to Del Editor
& Hispania News:
Más puede la pluma que la espada.
The pen is stronger than the sword.
Twenty years ago, a man had a vision to put this proverb
into practice. Robert “Bob” Armendariz saw a need in the
growing Hispanic community, a manner in which the
community would be given information with their needs
in mind. Hispania News was founded on Cinco de Mayo
1987, a day that stands for the unification of a community,
a quest for recognition and respect.
Through his editorials, Bob has shared with his readers
his thoughts both personal and professional, on issues
from current world events, accomplishments in the
Hispanic community, health, and family gains and losses.
He has demonstrated and utilized the power that words
have to inform and readers of the importance of education,
health care, and family.
Hispania News is published by Con Fe Communications,
Ltd. The Con Fe means “With faith”, which simply defines
the steps that Bob has taken in the past twenty years; steps
in faith that each day Hispania News will take to continue
to succeed in touching the Hispanic Community and
preparing the next generation for success.
The past twenty years have been successful and no doubt
have been survived by faith. I wish Hispania News
twenty more years and beyond. Thank you for being the
example of leadership in the Hispanic community,
demonstrating the power of the pen, and caring for the
future of the Hispanic community.
With love and much respect,
Your children and Grandchildren,
James, J. David, and Sean Armendariz
Albert and Roberta M. Madrid (Armendariz)
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Page 5
Page 6
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Identifican nuevos factores genéticos de riesgo para desarrollar
Diabetes 2
Diez variantes genéticas que
se asocian con la Diabetes del
tipo 2, una enfermedad que
afecta a más de 170 millones de
personas en el mundo, fueron
identificadas o confirmadas
por investigadores en EEUU y
Finlandia presididos por
científicos de la Escuela Salud
Pública de la Universidad de
Los descubrimientos podrían
conducir al desarrollo de
nuevos fármacos para la
eficazmente a terapias de
fármacos y conductuales y
ayudar a científicos y médicos
a predecir mejor quiénes son
los que desarrollarán diabetes,
aseguran Michael Boehnke,
profesor de bioestadística en la
Escuela de Salud Publica de la
U-M. Boehnke es el científico
que preside la investigación
sobre Genética en la Diabetes
Mellitus no dependiente de
Insulina (FUSION), en la que
colaboraron con otros dos
grupos científicos para
investigar los factores de riesgo
genéticos para la Diabetes del
tipo 2.
Otros investigadores del
equipo FUSION incluyen:
Francis Collins, en la
actualidad director del
Investigación del Genoma
Humano, Karen Mohlke en la
actualidad profesora en la
Carolina, en Chapel Hill,
Richard Bergman de la
Universidad de Southern
Tuomilehto del Instituto
Nacional de Salud en
Finlandia. Laura Scott,
investigadora ayudante de la
Escuela de Salud Pública de la
UM, es la primera autora de la
“Hasta hace poco tiempo
sabíamos muy poco sobre la
arquitectura genética de la
Diabetes tipo 2” dice Boehnke,
añadiendo que la diabetes es
llamada “la pesadilla del
numerosos factores, como los
ambientales, que son riesgos
para la enfermedad, además de
los factores genéticos. “Esta no
es la arquitectura genética
completa de la diabetes, pero
hemos andado un largo
camino para entender mejor la
base genética de esta
Los grupos científicos
identificaron a lo menos cuatro
factores genéticos asociados
con un mayor riesgo de
diabetes y confirmaron la
existencia de otros seis. Los
resultados de los tres grupos
simultáneamente en la revista
Science, aumenta a lo menos a
10 el número de genes
vinculados con una mayor
susceptibilidad a la Diabetes
del tipo 2.
“Uno de los aspectos más
positivos de este estudio es que
ha sido una colaboración de
tres grupos”, dice Scott. “La
mayoría de estas variantes
habría tomado largo tiempo en
ser identificada si cada grupo
habría actuado de manera
La Diabetes del tipo 2 se
caracteriza por niveles altos de
azúcar en la sangre causado
por la incapacidad del
organismo de utilizar insulina
para transportar el azúcar de
la sangre a las células para
producir energía. La Diabetes
del tipo 2 afecta a alrededor de
21 millones de personas en
EEUU y su generalización se
ha disparado en los últimos 30
años. La Diabetes es la causa
enfermedades cardiacas y
derrames cerebrales, como así
también la causa más común
de ceguera, fallas renales y
amputaciones en adultos
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Se Habla Español
“Al identificar estos genes,
localidades potenciales para
que actúen los fármacos y
podemos sugerir clases de
compuestos que pueden ser
útiles para desarrollar los
fármacos para tratar Diabetes”,
dice Boehnke.
En el estudio, los
investigadores utilizaron una
estrategia relativamente nueva
conocida como el Estudio del
Genoma por Asociación
Amplia, dice Boehnke. Los
investigadores escanearon los
genomas de 2,300 finlandeses
incluyendo más de 300,000
características de variación
Alrededor de la mitad de los
participantes tenía Diabetes
del Tipo 2 y la otra mitad tenía
niveles normales de glucosa.
Para confirmar sus
investigadores compararon los
resultados iniciales con
resultados de estudios amplios
finlandeses realizados por la
Iniciativa Genética de Diabetes
y de otros 5,000 participantes
británicos realizados por el
Wellcome Trust Case Control
Consortium y el Consorcio de
Felipe & Alfreda Ramirez
6870 Arctic Place, Colorado Springs 80911
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(719) 632-1971
Diabetes Tipo de 2 del Reino
Unido. Tras identificar pistas
prometedoras, los tres equipos
de investigadores repitieron
descubrimientos probando
parejas de marcadores
adicionales llegando a un total
de 22,000 personas en
Finlandia, Suecia, Polonia,
EEUU y el Reino Unido. En
todo el estudio más de 32,000
personas fueron evaluadas
haciendo de este estudio el más
grande de Genoma por
Asociación Amplia hasta la
“Estos logros representan un
gran hito en la batalla contra la
Diabetes. Va a acelerar los
esfuerzos para entender los
riesgos de los factores
genéticos de esta enfermedad,
ayudará a investigar la forma
en que estos factores genéticos
interactúan entre sí y con el
estilo de vida”, dice Elías A.
Zerhouni, Director de los
Institutos Nacionales de Salud.
“Este tipo de investigación
abre las puertas a la era de la
Nuestro enfoque actual
generalizado va a dar paso a
estrategias más individuales
basadas en la geografía
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Need to translate personal, legal, business,
academic, or any other document?
I can help!
Ask for Will (719) 271-7194
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3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Page 7
Fundación USHCC anuncia presidentes honorarios de
su 28va. Convención
Prominentes comerciantes de Puerto Rico se destacan en roles filantrópicos
La Fundación USHCC se
complace en anunciar que el Sr.
Alberto E. de la Cruz,
Presidente y Director Ejecutivo
de Coca-Cola Puerto Rico
Bottlers y Coca-Cola St.
Marteen, Trinidad y Tobago; y
la Sra. Kimberly Casiano,
Presidenta y Directora de
Operaciones de Casiano
Communications Inc., han sido
elegidos como Co-Presidentes
Honorarios de la Fundación
USHCC y sus actividades
correspondientes en la 28va.
Convención y Exposición
Comercial Anual Nacional de
la Cámara de Comercio
Hispana de los Estados Unidos
Convención y Exposición
Comercial Anual Nacional de
USHCC se llevará a cabo en
San Juan, Puerto Rico, del 19
al 22 de septiembre, 2007. La
selección de los Co-Presidentes
Honorarios por parte de la
Fundación USHCC se realiza,
como ocurre en este caso con
empresarios dinámicos y
extremadamente exitosos
como el Sr. de la Cruz y la Sra.
Casiano, para resaltar los
prominentes empresarios y
empresarias hispanas que
representan con mayor
filantrópica de la Fundación
USHCC. La designación de los
Co-Presidentes Honorarios
tiene también como objetivo
servir de mayor ilustración y
expresión del amplio interés y
participación de los aliados
corporativos y filantrópicos en
esta convención que se llevará
a cabo en Puerto Rico.
Alberto E. de la Cruz ha
desempeñado el cargo de
Presidente y Director Ejecutivo
de Coca-Cola Puerto Rico
Bottlers (CCPRB) y Coca-Cola
St. Marteen, Trinidad y Tobago
desde el año 1995. CCPRB es
la embotelladora de las marcas
Coca-Cola, y distribuidora de
Cervecería India, Anheuser
Busch, Cadbury Beverages,
Nestlé Waters of America,
Gallo Wines, y otras bebidas en
Puerto Rico. El Sr. de la Cruz
es miembro de la Organización
de Jóvenes Presidentes (Young
Presidents Organization,
Y.P.O.), miembro de la Junta
(Asociación de Mercadeo,
Industria y Distribución de
Alimentos), miembro de la
Junta Directiva y ex presidente
de la Sociedad de Educación y
Rehabilitación (SER), miembro
de la Junta Directiva de la
Escuela de Comercio de la
Universidad de Georgetown,
presidente de la junta directiva
del Comité de Finanzas de
Ronald McDonald’s House
Charities y ex presidente de
San Jorge Childrens Research
Kimberly Casiano es
Communications Inc., la
principal editorial de revistas
y periódicos para los hispanos
estadounidenses del país. El
portal de Internet de su
c o m p a ñ í a ,, es
uno de los mayores sitios Web
bilingües (español/inglés) de
los Estados Unidos, y su
división de mercadotecnia
directa y centro de contacto,
bilingües (español/inglés) a
enfocadas en los clientes de
Puerto Rico, el Caribe y el
mercado hispano de los
Estados Unidos. La Sra.
Casiano es miembro de la Junta
Directiva de Ford Motor
Company (NYSE: F). Además,
fue la primera hispana en
formar parte de una de las
cinco juntas directivas
corporativas principales de
Fortune 100.
“En representación de la
Junta Directiva de la
Fundación USHCC, quiero
agradecerles al Sr. de la Cruz y
a la Sra. Casiano que hayan
aceptado nuestra invitación a
la Co-Presidencia de Honor en
la Convención 2007”, aseguró
Massey Villarreal, Presidente
de la Junta Directiva de la
Fundación USHCC. “Nos
sentimos privilegiados de
contar con el apoyo pleno de
personalidades de su calibre y
éxito empresarial a la
Fundación USHCC. Su
respaldo garantizará que la
próxima Convención y
Exposición Comercial Anual
Nacional atraiga a Puerto Rico
participantes de todas las
Diabetes 2 Continua de página 6
genética única de cada persona”.
Las nuevas variaciones asociadas con Diabetes se encuentran
cerca o en: IGF2BP2. CDKAL1. CDKN2A y CDKN2B.
Cromosoma 11. Las variaciones genéticas asociadas con
Diabetes que fueron confirmadas en esta investigación son:
“La Convención USHCC 2007
proporciona un entorno
excelente de reunión para los
ejecutivos de negocios,
empresarios y para el sector
corporativo estadounidense, y
Puerto Rico es un sitio
fenomenal para llevar a cabo
internacional”, añadió Luis
Torres Llompart, Presidente de
la Junta Directiva de la
Convención. “Me honra
desempeñar el cargo de
Presidente de la Junta
Directiva de la Convención de
USHCC y la Fundación
USHCC en esta extraordinaria
reunión de negocios de la Red
Nacional e Internacional de
“Nos complace llevar a cabo
la convención de este año en la
isla de Puerto Rico, y nos honra
que el Sr. de la Cruz y la Sra.
Casiano desempeñen sus
respectivos roles filantrópicos
honorarios “, expresó Frank
López, Presidente y Director
Ejecutivo de la Fundación
USHCC. “Esta convención será
única por su ubicación, y con
ese carácter único, esperamos
ofrecer una variedad de
sesiones y talleres oportunos y
prácticos que beneficiarán a
empresarios de los Estados
Unidos, el Caribe y las
Durante la Convención, la
Fundación USHCC llevará a
cabo una serie de eventos como
el 7mo Clásico Anual de Golf,
una sesión plenaria enfocada
en la política de creación de
riqueza y adquisición; el
Capacitación de Liderazgo y
Excelencia de las Cámaras; el
Pabellón de Desarrollo de
Continua página 8
Page 8
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Estudio Sobre Pérdida de peso se enfoca en productos lácteos
Algunas personas de
California norteña que están a
dieta también están ayudando
a los investigadores de
nutrición del Servicio de
Investigación Agrícola (ARS) a
aprender más sobre el papel de
los alimentos lácteos ricos en
calcio y bajos en grasa en los
regímenes saludables de
perder peso.
Los voluntarios — hombres y
mujeres entre edades de 22 a
45 años que no fuman y que
tienen un sobrepeso de 45 a 100
libras — están completando un
período de 15 semanas en que
ellos comen varias cantidades
de alimentos lácteos como
parte de su alimentación diaria
y bocados.
Estudios anteriores,
realizados en otra parte,
sugieren que el calcio de los
alimentos lácteos de baja grasa
aumenta la pérdida de libras
no deseadas — y de grasa. El
estudio en California, dirigido
por la fisióloga del ARS Marta
D. Van Loan, se enfoca en la
cantidad de porciones de
alimentos lácteos consumidos
cada día.
Esta información podría
ayudar a entender los
hallazgos previos.
Por ejemplo, por tres semanas
del estudio, voluntarios
consumieron pocos alimentos
lácteos y bocados, como es
típico de sus dietas regulares,
comiendo sólo una porción de
alimentos lácteos cada día,
según Van Loan.
Durante las otras 12 semanas
del estudio, ellos consumieron
una dieta que incluye tres
porciones de alimentos lácteos
(leche, yogurt y queso) cada
día, o continuarán la dieta de
pocos alimentos lácteos con
sólo una porción cada día.
Una porción de alimento
lácteo es igual a una taza de
leche, dos onzas de queso o
una taza de yogurt, por
Van Loan trabaja en el Centro
Occidental de Investigación de
mantenido por ARS en Davis,
Ella está realizando el estudio
en colaboración con el fisiólogo
del ARS Sean H. Adams y la
química Nancy L. Keim, ambos
con el centro de nutrición, e
Universidad de CaliforniaDavis, el Centro Medico de la
universidad, y la Universidad
Estatal de Iowa en Ames.
Este estudio del ARS es
soportado en parte por el
Consejo Lechero Nacional en
Rosemont, Illinois, y el Consejo
Lechero de California en
Sacramento. Van Loan espera
tener resultados preliminares
temprano en 2008.
hallazgos podrán ayudar a
estadounidense de obesidad.
Un estimado de 97 millones de
adultos en EE.UU. tienen
sobrepeso u obesidad.
ARS es la agencia principal de
investigaciones científicas del
Departamento de Agricultura
de EE.UU.
Continua de página 7
Pequeños Negocios y Fuerza
Laboral, y el Festival Nacional
Bizfest de Espíritu Empresarial
Juvenil Hispano.
Además de los eventos
mencionados, la Fundación
USHCC ofrecerá becas a varios
ejecutivos de cámaras de la
nación, quienes no han podido
cubrir por su cuenta los costos
asociados a su participación en
la Convención (transporte,
alojamiento e inscripción).
Gracias a esas becas, los
ejecutivos de cámaras podrán
tener la oportunidad de
participar en la Convención y
herramientas y recursos
adquiridos que utilizarán para
sus gestiones en sus cámaras
respectivas y para el beneficio
de sus miembros.
El pasado 14 de marzo, 2007
a n u n c i ó
oficialmente que
el Sr. Luis Torres
como Presidente
Directiva de la Convención
2007; y que el Sr. Richard L.
Carrión, Presidente de la Junta
Directiva, Presidente y
Director Ejecutivo de Popular,
Inc., y el Sr. Luis Miranda,
Presidente de la Junta
Directiva y Director Ejecutivo
de Universal Insurance Group,
serán Presidentes Honorarios
de USHCC para la Convención
La 28va. Convención y
Exposición Comercial Anual
Nacional de la Cámara de
Comercio Hispana de los
Estados Unidos (USHCC) se
llevará a cabo en la ciudad de
San Juan, Puerto Rico, del 19
al 22 de septiembre, 2007.
3780 E. Boulder
Colorado Springs
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• Wait Staff
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Us Out
• NEW Diamond Bar Tables
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• NEW Chairs Ect..Ect...
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Distrito Escolar 11 Estudio de Configuración, Uso y Solicitud
de Admisión al Comite
El Plan del Distrito Escolar 11
(25 iniciativos) incluye
iniciativos que se denominan
“Reordenación de Niveles
Escolares” y “Estudio de
Limites Geográficos.”
Cuando se tomó la decisión
de cerrar temporalmente la
escuela media East Middle
School durante el año escolar
2007-08, el distrito se
comprometió conducir un
estudio de las opciones y de los
planes futuros para el uso de
En su reunión del 25 de abril
de 2007, el Directivo del
Distrito Educativo 11 aprobó
una carga al estudio de la
configuración y del uso de la
escuela, cuyo propósito es de
conducir un estudio de la
configuración y del uso de la
escuela para maximizar las
entregando el mejor programa
educacional posible dentro de
los límites de los activos y de
los recursos del distrito. El
estudio de configuración debe
satisfacer ambas iniciativas
principales antedichas en el
Plan del Distrito 11 y abarcar
el estudio futuro de East
Middle School y otros
puedan presentarse.
El producto del estudio servirá
para: realizar una serie de
revisiones y asesorías,
incluyendo el funcionamiento
configuración del programa y
los grados de las escuelas, y la
utilización de activos fijos y de
recursos resultar en un plan
maestro de configuración de
escuelas y planes asociados de
la puesta en práctica y de
recursos vigilar la puesta en
práctica de los cambios de
Como con el Estudio a Largo
Plazo del uso de las Escuelas
del distrito (LRSUS), la Fuerza
Especial de Westside, y el
Estudio de Mejorias en Hora
de Iniciar las Clases, el distrito
se prepone lograr este estudio
de configuración empleando a
un comité selecto de
ciudadanos y personal. Se
prevé que tal comité
comprenderá unos 20-30
miembros y funcionará por un
período de uno a tres años. Sin
embargo, la mayor parte del
trabajo probablemente ocurrirá
durante el resto de 2007,
mientras se está formulando el
plan básico. El resto del tiempo
probablemente se pasará en
supervisar los planes y la
ejecución de la puesta en
práctica en el sitio. La carga
para el estudio incluye más
detalles de las tareas, los hitos,
la composición del comité y las
expectativas (véase la carga
adjunta del Estudio de la
Configuración y Uso de la
El 25 de abril de 2007, la
Directiva de Educación aprobó
el cargo del Estudio de la
Configuración y Uso de las
Escuelas, y ordenó a la
administración proceder con la
formación del comité. Solicitud
para Ingreso al Comité para el
Estudio de la Configuración y
Uso de la Escuela.
Solicitudes para ingreso en
inglés y español están
disponibles para la selección
de los miembros ciudadanos
para el Comité para el Estudio
de la Configuración y Uso de
las Escuelas. La selección se
hará basándose en el mejor
convenio para las necesidades
del comité, incluyendo una
amplia representación de la
comunidad del Distrito 11. La
selección los miembros del
comité lo hará la Directiva de
Educación, y se debe terminar
a mediados de junio de 2007.
Las solicitudes de ingreso para
Estudio de la Configuración y Uso
de las Escuelas están disponibles:
— en el sitio Web del Distrito
11 en
— en la Oficina de
Comunicaciones del Distrito
11, 520-2005
— en la Oficina de
Comunicaciones del Distrito
11, 1115 N. El Paso, Colorado
Springs, CO 80903
— en las escuelas del Distrito
Solicitudes de ingreso
llenados se deben devolver a la
Comunicaciones del Distrito
11, 1115 N. El Paso, Colorado
Springs, CO 80903, al fax 5774546 o a [email protected] antes
del 18 de mayo de 2007.
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UCCS Selects Provost And Executive Vice Chancellor
For Academic Affairs
The dean of the College of
Liberal Arts at Marshall
University will become the
first provost of the University
of Colorado at Colorado
Christina Murphy, currently
dean of the College of Liberal
Arts, Marshall University,
Huntington, W. Va., was
selected following a national
search. Her appointment was
Chancellor Pam ShockleyZalabak pending formal
approval by the CU Board of
Regents at a June meeting.
“Dr. Murphy brings
considerable administrative
experience and deep roots in
the humanities to UCCS,”
Shockley-Zalabak said. “We
are pleased to have her join the
deeply committed faculty and
staff of this university in
building a unique student
learning environment.”
As provost and executive vice
chancellor for academic affairs,
Murphy will direct the
activities of the university’s six
colleges and further integrate
the university’s student
success division with academic
affairs. She will begin July 23
and will report to ShockleyZalabak. The position replaces
a vice chancellor for academic
affairs position previously held
by Rogers Redding. Since July
2006, Margaret “Peg” Bacon,
professor, Education, has
served as interim vice
chancellor for academic affairs.
“The opportunity to join
UCCS as provost and vice
chancellor is exciting indeed,
and I look forward to working
with the campus and the
community to continue to
advance the University in
achieving its goals,” Murphy
“I was impressed by UCCS
from the beginning for its
accomplishments and its
vision of the future, but most
especially by the quality of the
university’s faculty and staff.
It will be a pleasure to work
with such dedicated people
and to be a part of such a
Murphy was selected
following a national search
that drew more than 90
applicants. Four finalists were
selected for interviews. The
search committee was cochaired by Tom Christensen,
dean, Letters, Arts and
Sciences and Leslie Manning,
dean, Kraemer Family Library.
Since 2001, Murphy has
served as dean of liberal arts at
Marshall, a public university
with 14,000 students. The
College of Liberal Arts offers 50
areas of study and employs 135
full-time faculty.
Previously, she was associate
dean at William Paterson
University, Wayne, N.J., chair
of the English Department at
the University of Memphis,
director of the writing program
at Texas Christian University,
and director of humanities at
Mississippi Technical College.
She began her academic career
as an assistant professor of
English at the University of
Mississippi. She is the author
of eight books and has
published widely, primarily in
the areas of writing instruction,
assessment of instruction, and
academic leadership.
She earned a master’s and
Ph.D. in English from the
University of Connecticut and
a bachelor’s degree in English
from Temple University.
Daniels Fund Awards $798,000 To Advance
Innovative Education Programs At CU
The University of Colorado at
Colorado Springs will receive
$500,000 from the Denverbased Daniels Fund to support
the creation of a K-12 Science,
Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics Educational
Learning Lab.
The lab will be a cornerstone
of the K-12 STEM program and
a crucial component of
Located in the new science
and engineering building
currently under construction,
the lab will be state-of-the-art
multi-disciplinary teaching
and learning complex for
STEM disciplines that will
bring together educators from
pre-school through university
“We are extremely grateful for
the Daniels Fund’s support of
this crucial project. It allows us
to tackle head-on the issue of
students’ declining interest in
STEM-related fields at a time
when demand for scientists,
engineers and high technology
personnel is increasing
dramatically,” Chancellor Pam
Shockley-Zalabak said.
The Educational Learning
Laboratory will provide
dedicated teaching space with
the latest instructional
technology and hands-on
learning for applied STEM
It will be used for teacher
professional development
centered on teaching science
and math to students exciting
and engaging way. Relevant
curriculum will focus on
applied knowledge and realworld applications related to
society, health and the
environment to arouse
curiosity and engage students.
Several other programs on the
Denver and Health Sciences
and Boulder campuses also
received funding, bringing the
total grants awarded to CU by
the Daniels Fund to $798,000.
The Daniels Fund operates the
Daniels Fund Scholarship
Program and the Daniels Fund
Grants Program in Colorado,
New Mexico, Utah and
Wyoming. The Fund was
established in 1997 by Bill
Daniels, a pioneer in cable
television known for his
kindness and generosity to
people in need.
UCCS, located on Austin
Bluffs Parkway in northeast
Colorado Springs, is the fastest
Colorado and one of the fastest
growing universities in the
nation. The university offers 26
bachelor’s degrees, 17 master’s
and four doctoral degrees.
The campus enrolls about
7,600 students annually.
UCCS To Construct
New Athletic Facility
The University of Colorado at
Colorado Springs will replace
the smallest basketball venue
among NCAA Division II
schools with a 1,500 seat
athletic field house along
North Nevada Avenue,
according to plans unveiled
Thursday to members of the
CU Board of Regents.
The CU Regents, meeting on
the UCCS campus, were
briefed about the plans by
Brian Burnett, vice chancellor,
Administration and Finance.
Chancellor Pam ShockleyZalabak announced the
presentation to the regents.
Steve Kirkham, director,
Intercollegiate Athletics, and
several coaches attended the
meeting to show appreciation
to the regents and CU
President Hank Brown.
“We are grateful to President
Brown and the regents and
their decision to invest in our
growing success,” ShockleyZalabak said.
“This facility, while an
interim solution, moves the
university forward in its quest
to have a competitive
program as part of a vibrant
campus life.”
The UCCS Mountain Lions
field 12 men’s and women’s
sports and compete in NCAA
Division II and the Rocky
Mountain Athletic Conference.
basketball, as well as women’s
volleyball, use a campus
gymnasium that seats about
400, the smallest among
Division II schools, according
to Kirkham. This year, the
achieved its best record in
UCCS history (16-12) and the
women’s volleyball team
earned regional rankings.
Success on the court led to
overcrowding in the existing
field house and complaints
from students, fans, players
and referees.
UCCS invested $40,000 to
expand gymnasium seating
this year but overcrowding
remained an issue.
From Presidential Initiative
funds designated for athletics,
Brown will direct $2 million for
the construction of the field
“Intercollegiate athletics is an
important facet of student life
and the campus experience,
and we’re pleased to be able to
help with a desperately needed
new home for Mountain Lion
student-athletes,” said CU
President Hank Brown.
“This project, combined with
the significant enhancements
to academic buildings that are
planned or underway, will
continue to transform the
vibrant UCCS campus.”
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What do we celebrate on
Cinco de Mayo?
The Battle of Puebla
In the middle of the 19th century Spain , England and France, representatives
of the imperialism of that period could not let go of their political and
economic objectives in the countries of Latin America which had only recently
achieved their independence.
France was in period of colonial expansion and wished to protect the
imperialistic ambitions in the United States through diplomatic and armed
action, with its powerful army of the immortal Napoleonic troops. The French
had set their sights on Mexico, especially the peninsula of Baja California
and the state of Sonora.
In 1860 a period of unrest finished in Mexico, when the Conservative Party
was defeated in Calpulalpan by General Jesus González Ortega, leaving to
the country in total bankruptcy. The economy was destroyed and the country
torn apart by the civil war, there was hunger, demoralization and insecurity.
The Liberals, now in power, faced an economy destroyed by the civil war
and a serious national problem: “banditry” that was necessary to extirpate,
for which they needed to invest large sums of money.
On the other hand, the government had to demobilize a large number of
military troops. All this made the reconstruction of the national finances and
the postponement of the payment of the foreign debt imperative. With the
suspension of the payment of foreign debt, the dominant powers had the
pretext for their intervention in Mexico.
The 31st of October of 1861, the European powers met in London with the
intention of demanding of Mexican government the payment of the debt,
threatening armed intervention.
In 1862, at the beginning of May, the foreign invasion assaulted the Mexican
territory, but to the astonishment of the entire world, the 5th day of the same
month, General Ignacio Zaragoza sent a message to the Government of the
Republic from Puebla: “The weapons of the supreme government have been covered
with glory, the enemy was turned back three times and completely dispersed... “
General Ignacio Zaragoza, in charge of the armed forces of Mexico,
composed of 4,800 men, fortified itself in the city of Puebla to delay the
advance of the invading army French under command of General Lorencez
and composed of more than 6,000 soldiers, most of them part of the Foreign
The battle began with the French attack on the strongholds of Loreto and
Guadalupe. General Zaragoza’s troops heroically defended their positions
and turned back every one of the enemy groups who made their attack with
great determination.
Cont. on page 20
El Presidente Juárez le dio la orden al General Ignacio Zaragoza de detener el
avance de las fuerzas armadas francesas en los fuertes de Loreto y Guadalupe cerca
de la ciudad de Puebla. Zaragoza contaba con sólo (2,000) dos mil hombres.
¿Qué celebramos en el
Cinco de Mayo?
La batalla de Puebla
A mediados del siglo diecinueve, España, Inglaterra y Francia,
representantes del imperialismo de aquel período, no podían dejar ir sus
objetivos políticos y económicos en los países de América Latina, los cuales
habían alcanzado su independencia recientemente.
Francia estaba en un período de colonial expansión y deseaba proteger las
ambiciones imperialistas en los Estados Unidos por medios diplomáticos y
acción y armada, con su poderoso ejército de las tropas napoleónicas
inmortales. Los franceses había puesto su mirada en México, especialmente
en la península de Baja California y el Estado de Sonora.
En 1860, un período de inestabilidad terminado en México, cuando el
partido conservador fue derrotado en Calpulalpan por el general Jesús
González Ortega, dejó al país en bancarrota total. La economía fue destruida
y el país desgarrado en guerra civil, había hambre, desmoralización e
Los liberales, que estaban en poder, enfrentaron una
economía destruida por la guerra civil y un serio
problema nacional: el “bandolerismo” que era necesario
extirpar, y para lo cual ellos necesitaban invertir grandes
sumas de dinero.
Por otra parte, el gobierno debía desmovilizar un gran
número de tropas militares. Todo esto hizo imperativo
la reconstrucción de las finanzas nacionales y el
aplazamiento del pago de la deuda externa. Con la
suspensión del pago de la deuda externa, los poderes
dominantes tenían el pretexto para su intervención en
El 31 de octubre de 1861, los poderes europeos se
reunieron en Londres con la intención de demandar al
gobierno mexicano y amenazando con la intervención
armada. Continua página 20
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The Oppenheimer Report: Consider the Real Costs of
Immigration Crackdown
by Andres Oppenheimer — The Miami Herald
Okay, you anti-immigration
isolationist flag-wavers out
there, let’s assume for a minute
that we do things your way
and deny 12 million
undocumented workers a
reasonable path to U.S.
citizenship. Let me tell you
why that would not only be
unfair, but also would affect
your own interests.
First, forget the 1968 riots in
Los Angeles, or the 1980
violence in Miami’s Liberty
City. You would be creating an
underclass of alienated aliens
like the Muslim youths that
carried out the “French
Intifada” in the suburbs of
Paris in 2005 — only much
worse. You would have 12
million second-class citizens —
mostly Hispanics — who
mainstream society, but who
would be legally barred from
aspiring to join it. That would
be a recipe for frustration,
anger and rebellion.
Second, closing the doors to
citizenship — or demanding a
typical family of five to pay
more than $64,000 and wait 25
years before they could apply
for citizenship, as the Coalition
Immigration Reform estimates
would require under a recently
circulated White House
immigration proposal — may
discourage future would-be
immigrants from moving
North, but would not begin to
address the problem of those
already here. Few of them
would voluntarily return to
their native countries.
Third, massive deportations
of hard-working people would
questionable, but socially and
economically insane.
There are an estimated 3.1
million children born in the
United States whose parents
do not have legal immigration
papers, according to the Pew
Research Center. These
children are U.S. citizens. Their
parents — who came here in
hopes of a better future —
would not take them back to a
life of poverty in their home
countries. Are you proposing
orphanages? Massive and
expensive foster care?
And how would this country
pay for deporting the
undocumented? According to
the Center for American
Progress, deportation would
conservatively cost $206 billion
over the next five years. That’s
more than six times the $34.2
Homeland Security budget for
last year.
Fourth, undocumented
workers nowadays fill about
1.4 million jobs in the
construction industry, 1.2
million jobs in the leisure and
hospitality industries, and
hundreds of thousands of jobs
in the agriculture industry. If
they are deported, who will
take their place?
If there were enough U.S.
citizens willing to take up
those jobs for higher wages —
the favorite argument of
hyperventilating fearmongers
on cable television —
American consumers would
have to pay much more for
housing, eating out at a
restaurant, or buying food at a
Soon, U.S. agricultural firms
would move their farms to
Mexico and other countries.
The United States would not
only be dependent on foreign
oil, but increasingly dependent
on foreign food.
Fifth, deporting the
undocumented or putting
unrealistic hurdles in the path
to citizenship, as the White
House is considering, would
create political havoc in
Mexico, and worsen social
tensions throughout Latin
Deportees returning to their
home countries would
unemployment, and deprive
some of the region’s poorest
communities of the $60 billion
a year that Latin Americans
living in the United States send
home in family remittances
every year. In several
countries, that’s by far the
biggest source of foreign
An unstable Mexico would
not only hurt the U.S. economy,
but could make it much easier
for Islamic terrorists to use the
U.S. border as a springboard
for terrorist attacks on United
There are several other major
reasons for not closing the
doors to citizenship, which you
can find on my blog,
w w w. a n d re s o p p e n
My conclusion: Granted, we
need immigration reform. And
I have no problem with plans
to demand that immigrants be
required to pass a tougher
English language test, or be
asked to pay reasonable
penalties for having come here
without proper documents.
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Researchers At Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies
(AHAA) Conference Dispel Myth That U.S. Hispanics Are Not Online
Studies Indicate Latinos Are Adopting New Technology Faster Than Non-Hispanics
As brands compete for the
coveted Latino consumer in
the United States, some are just
beginning to explore the
emerging digital space as a
new medium to deliver their
But are U.S. Hispanics really
online? Researchers yesterday
at the Association of Hispanic
Advertising Agencies 22nd
confirmed that 13.9 million
Hispanic adults are indeed
online and of those 8.5 million
have broadband. But, even
important to marketers is how
Hispanics are interacting
online, the frequency and time
spent online, and the types of
activities Latinos are engaging
in while connected.
According to Forrester
Research, whose Tamara
Barber spoke at the event, the
use of social network sites such
as My Space among Latinos
increased by 200 percent from
2005 to 2006, and music and
video downloads are on the
rise as well. Activities with an
entertainment focus requiring
a broadband connection such
as streaming audio or video are
popular with Latinos. From
mobile phones and laptops, to
MP3 players and PDAs,
Hispanics are connecting and
being entertained just about
Technology And Marketing Phone
Survey, Q1 2007, and Forrester’s
Hispanic American Technology
Adoption Study Fall 2005 Phone
Survey, Forrester Research).
Data presented by Adriana
Waterston, vice president of
marketing and business
development for Horowitz
Associates, a market research
company, confirms that
Hispanics with broadband
access are indeed heavily
vested in broadband-enabled
information, communications
and entertainment activities.
“In our newest study,
“Making the Connection:
Lifestyles,” we interviewed
broadband users about their
broadband use and general
lifestyles and attitudes.
Formal segmentation revealed
six segments – Non-Tech
Utilitarians Web Moms, Sports
– Gotta Have It, The
Broadband Workforce, Mavens
and Mavericks, and Connected
Multiculturals,” Waterston
“When we ran the data
among only Hispanics, we
found that over 60% of
Hispanics fall in the three
heavy user groups: The
Broadband Workforce, Mavens
and Mavericks, and The
Connected Multiculturals.
Indeed, almost one third of
Hispanics fell into The
Connected Multiculturals, the
segment characterized by
highest overall usage of
broadband for most activities,
including for watching video
content online, and that have
the highest ownership of
portable devices. Moreover,
Latinos are more likely than
the average broadband user
when comparing usage such as
downloading a movie to their
Hispanic marketers
acknowledge they may have a
little catching up to do in
targeting this large and
growing segment of the
population online and AHAA
Chairman Carl Kravetz,
chairman/chief strategic
officer of cruz/kravetz:IDEAS
agrees. “Until now, we really
haven’t had the data to back up
the online Hispanic presence,”
Kravetz said. “But now
, with
research groups collecting data
consistently to gauge not only
how many Latinos are using
USHCC Foundation Announces
Honorary Convention Co-Chairs
Prominent Puerto Rico Business Figures Assume Philanthropic Roles
The USHCC Foundation is
pleased to announce that Mr.
Alberto E. de la Cruz,
President and CEO of CocaCola Puerto Rico Bottlers and
Coca-Cola St. Marteen,
Trinidad and Tobago and Ms.
Kimberly Casiano, President
and COO of Casiano
Communication have been
named Honorary Co-Chairs
for the USHCC Foundations
and its activities at the 2007
Annual Convention and
International Pavilion. The
Convention and International
Pavilion will take place
September 19-22, 2007 in San
Juan, Puerto Rico. The USHCC
Foundation selection of its
Convention Honorary CoChairs is done, as in this case
with dynamic and extremely
successful entrepreneurs such
as Mr. de la Cruz and Ms.
prominent Latino and Latina
entrepreneurs that best
represent the philanthropic
mission of the USHCC
Foundation. The designation
of Honorary Co-Chairs is also
intended to serve as further
illustration and expression of
the wide ranging interest and
involvement of corporate and
philanthropic partners for this
convention in Puerto Rico.
Alberto E. de la Cruz has been
the President and Chief
Executive Officer of Coca Cola
Puerto Rico Bottlers (CCPRB)
and Coca-Cola St. Marteen,
Trinidad and Tobago since
1995. CCPRB is the bottler for
the Coca-Cola brands and
distributor for Cervecería
India, Anheuser Busch,
Cadbury Beverages, Nestlé
Waters of America, Gallo
Wines, and other beverages in
Puerto Rico. Mr. de la Cruz is
a member of Y.P.O. (Young
Presidents Organization),
Board Member of MIDA
(Asociación de Mercadeo,
Industria y Distribución de
Alimentos), Board Member
and Past President of Sociedad
de Educación y Rehabilitación
(SER), Member of the Board for
Cont. on page 39
The Fortune Opportunity,
Is This Business for You?
What home today doesn’t have cell phones, internet, local
and long distance service, TV, or even nutritional products?
Imagine getting “paid” for the services you are already using.
that’s what Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is all about You will soon discover why
starting now is the best financial decision you will ever make.
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you need to call Roberto at 719-761-1064, or email:
[email protected] Se Habla Español
Paid Advertorial
the Internet but how they are
engaging with new media and
new devices, our Hispanic
agencies can begin to target
online consumers effectively.
The next step is to further
define the online Hispanic
demographics – age, language
preference, and acculturation –
as well as attitudes and
behaviors around language,
cultural relevance and the
Internet.” Statistics indicate
that the average age of
Hispanics online is 37 and that
they spend an average of 33.9
hours online each week. In
Waterston’s panel presentation
she explained that Horowitz
interviewed all types of
Hispanics but found that once
they were connected, or had
access, what they did online
was pretty similar despite
language preference or
acculturation. “Broadband is a
great equalizer in terms of the
Hispanic market,” Waterston
Immigration Cont. from page 12
But closing the door to
citizenship, or making it an
unrealistically expensive and
long process, would not only
hurt the U.S. economy but
would create the seeds of a
Hispanic intifada at home —
and chaos on our borders.
We should do exactly the
opposite: reward hardworking, tax-paying people
with a way to fulfill the
American dream, the way it
has always been.
Source: Copyright (c) 2007, The
Miami Herald. Distributed by
McClatchy-Tribune Business
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3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
New laws require passports for flying to nearby countries
Avoid the passport lines! C. Springs Briargate Post Office to offer special Passport Fair on Sat., May 5th
Need a passport? New
passport laws now require all
Americans, and foreign
nationals, to have passports
when traveling by air to or
from nearby countries like
Canada, Mexico, the Americas
and the Caribbean.
The laws are also expected to
change in 2008 to require
passports when traveling by
land and sea to these countries.
The Colorado Springs
Briargate Station Post Office at
8585 Criterion Drive, will offer
a special PASSPORT Fair for
area residents this Saturday,
May 5th, from 8:00 AM until
3:00 PM.
Due to the change in passport
laws and the huge demand, it
is now taking 10-12 weeks on
average for the U.S. Dept. of
State to process your passport
although this process can be
expedited to 5-6 weeks by
paying an extra fee to the State
“We encourage customers to
apply for their passport with
the post office as far in advance
as possible,” said Ron Perry,
Coordinator for the Colorado
Springs Post Office. “We also
invite Colorado Springs area
customers to attend our
passport fair at the Briargate
Station on Saturday when we
will have extra staff on hand to
process your application as
conveniently and quickly as
possible. We can even take
your passport photos if
needed. And we will be
offering mailing tips using”
The Post Office
recommends bringing the
following items, to help the
process go smoothly:
• Bring proper proof of
American citizenship. This
must be either: a certified birth
certificate issued by the city,
county or state; a previous U.S.
passport; a certificate of
citizenship; or a naturalization
certificate. (Note: a hospitalissued birth certificate alone is
not acceptable.)
• Bring proof of identity. This
must be either: a previous U.S.
passport; a naturalization
certificate; a certificate of
citizenship; or a current valid
driver’s license, government
ID or military photo ID.
• The passport application
requires two recent identical
photographs. If you don’t have
photos, photo services will be
available for $15 for each
application payable to the post
• To save time, you can
application at
passport and complete your
Passport applications must be
made in person and cannot be
made online.
Many larger post offices
regularly offer passport
application service. Call 1-800ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) or
go to to find a
passport post office near you
and service hours.
You can download the
application form and find out
passport costs.
Passport fees: it costs $97 total
for adults (16 years and older),
with separate payments of $30
to the U.S. Postal Service .
Exciting Choral Singing Opportunity
Singers, an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Sing with the Award-Winning Colorado
Springs Chorale this coming exciting season, which begins in September with a performance
of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and Brahms’ Schicksalslied with the Colorado Springs
Philharmonic Orchestra. December offers the Chorale’s award winning Christmas pops
concert, Deck the Hall; and Christmas Classics and Carols; once again as guests of the Colorado
Springs Philharmonic. April brings the 7th annual Great Works concert, featuring Walton’s
Belshazzar’s Feast. The season concludes in May with the always packed house appearance
with the Air Force Academy Band, the Colorado Springs
Chamber of Commerce salute to the military, Stars and Stripes,
Forever! All performances are in the acoustically wonderful
Pikes Peak Center.
Auditions for membership in the Chorale will be held Tuesday
evening, May 22 from 6:30 to 10:00 p.m., at First Christian Church,
16 E. Platte Ave. Auditions are by appointment only.
For further information, call Jackie at the Chorale Office, 6343737. Additional material is also available on the Chorale web
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Page 15
Colorado Springs Press Association Hosts 22 Journalists from
10 Countries as Part of International Visiters Program
“I enjoyed getting the chance to meet journalists from other countries because it showed me that although
the communities we report on may be separated by hundreds of thousands of miles of ocean and land, the
true tenets of Journalism remain the same.
Journalists from emerging countries and nations with cultures much different from ours still struggle to
hold government officials accountable and to exercise sound news judgment in an effort to report timely
news in an lively fashion – all while trying maintain growing readership and circulation numbers and
attract advertising dollars and avoid any perceived bias between business and editorial endeavors.
While the similarities were clear, some differences between American journalists and our foreign colleagues
did emerge.
Because many of the journalists who visited Colorado Springs are from countries where democratic
forms of government have only grown into their adolescent stages, they seem much more aware how
crucial a role journalism plays in a democratic society. Many of us have become soft, not realizing that
democracy and even freedom have their very foundations in rooted in the watchful eye of journalism and
a free press.
And, in a time of war and seemingly growing anti-American sentiment, it came as no surprise that some
of the foreign journalists were visiting from communities where America isn’t popular. One radio and
print reporter I ate lunch with was from Uganda. His first name was Jaime. I didn’t catch his last name.
Jaime explained to me that 60 percent of Uganda’s national budget is composed foreign aid – and most of
that from America. So, reporting anything critical of America and how government officials might be
misappropriating that money is more than just frowned upon. It could endanger one’s life
Jaime said he had adopted false pen names to report such stories, but gave that up when he learned that
someone was actively trying to figure out who he was.
At the end of lunch I walked away with a better appr
eciation of what our foreign colleagues do, what I
can appreciate about America and what I respect about my profession.”
Rob Larimer
Managing Editor
Colorado Springs Business Journal
“It was fascinating to be in a room
full of journalists who do the exact
same job as I do… but in 20
different countries.”
“We all share the same passion for
journalism, politics and world
views but it’s amazing to see how
different the broadcast news
functions on the other side of the
“I pride myself in being ‘in the
know’ on foreign politics and
political policies but I was floored
with the knowledge some of the
foreign journalists have on US
“I would love to put myself in
their shoes and travel across
the world to learn more about
the news culture and the way
government works across the
globe. The journalists I met
today are brave, fascinating
and extremely intelligent. In
the short time we spent
together, I learned so much.”
Nina Sparno, Anchor, KRDO TV
“It was a pleasure to meet and talk with this group and compare notes.
Their passion and love for their work
was refreshing and inspiring.”
Cindy Aubrey, News Director, KOAA TV
Page 16
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Decision to Reinstate Football,
Wrestling and Track at Colorado State
University – Pueblo Delayed
The Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System gave initial approval for
the concept to reinstate football, wrestling and women’s track and field at Colorado State
University – Pueblo, but delayed final approval for two to three weeks. The decision was
made during the Board of Governors meeting held today at the CSU-Pueblo campus.
The Board, which unanimously approved the idea of athletic program expansion at CSUPueblo, asked for more time to review the business plan and for CSU-Pueblo President Joe
Garcia to address board member concerns and questions.
Football and five other sports were eliminated from then University of Southern Colorado
in the spring of 1985 during a reorganization of the University. Men’s and women’s track
and field were cut in 1993, with wrestling disbanded in 2001.
May is Foster Care Appreciation Month
The El Paso County Board of
County Commissioners will
sign a resolution Thursday,
May 3rd, declaring May to be
Foster Care Appreciation
Month. On any given day
there are an average of 456
children living in foster care
and kinship care in El Paso
“Children deserve and
benefit greatly from enduring,
positive relationships with
caring adults, especially when
their own families are in crisis
and unable to provide for their
essential wellbeing,” noted
Commission Board Chairman,
Dennis Hisey who added,
“There is always a need for
foster families in El Paso
The Department of Human
Services works in partnership
with a local network of Child
Placement Agencies, extended
families, schools, faith based
and civic organizations to
positively affect and provide
for children living in foster
“It is important to keep
brothers and sisters together,
whenever possible,” stated
DHS Director, Barbara Drake,
“The goal is to safely reunite
children with their parents or
build other lifelong family
Don't forget
May 13th
is Mother's
Bring Mom in for Drink
and Food Specials
Every Thursday 6-9PM
Listos para servirle:
6385 N. Academy Blvd.
310 S. Academy Blvd.
Family Mexican Restaurants
Celebramos con nuestra comunidad esta Fiesta
tan importante
Rated best Mexican Dining as Experienced by many media outlets
Lunch, Dinner & Margarita Specials
All Day Long
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Page 17
Page 18
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Cinco de Mayo en Soda Springs Park de Manitou
La Estación de Radio “La
Gran D” 101.9 FM anuncia su
Celebración del Cinco de Mayo
la cual se llevará a cabo el
Sábado 5 de Mayo en el
Hermoso parque Soda Springs,
en 1016 Manitou Avenue (y
Rob Quinn, Vice Presidente y
Gerente General de Bustos
Media, dice “Este es el lugar
perfecto para celebrar con
amigos y familiares “La Batalla
de Pueblo,” aparte de disfrutar
magnifica música en vivo, y
una deliciosa selección de
comida, los residentes de
Manitou Springs y Colorado
oportunidad de saludar a
súper estrellas de todo el
tiempo! Esta es nuestra forma
de darles las Gracias a nuestros
radioescuchas por hacer La
Gran D la estación de radio
mas Grande en todo
Gerente de Operaciones y
locutor de la mañana Beto
Gaytan de“La Gran D 101.9,”
comenta “Esta es una gran
oportunidad de divertirte y de
celebrar nuestras raíces en un
lugar Grandioso como lo es el
Parque Soda Springs, este
evento tendrá gran interacción
con nuestros radio escuchas,
sus familias y sus estrellas. La
ciudad de Manitou Springs
disfrutara de los mejores
artistas locales, nacionales e
internacionales en el género
Regional Mexicano como lo
Agresivos de la Sierra,
Imágenes, Súper Suave,
Banda Universal y Enemigo
Musical, aparte usted podrá
disfrutar de riquísima comida
mexicana, latinoamericana,
juegos para los niños todo esto
en un evento familiar
amigable…y VIVA MEXICO
Recuerde, este evento tomara
lugar en las avenidas Manitou
y Park en el Parque Soda
Springs el Sábado 05 de Mayo
de 12 del medio día a 7 de la
tarde. Este evento es traído en
parte por: Miller Lite, My Phil
Ringling Brothers, Anderson
& Lopez, 1st Bank.
Bustos Media, LLC es una
empresa de radio de habla
hispana con 24 estaciones de
radio propias en mercados de
tamaño medio, pero con alto
crecimiento en Estados
Unidos. Bustos también
provee formatos en cadena
sindicalizados nacionalmente,
enfocándose en los hispanos
dentro de los Estados Unidos.
Las Cadenas aun cuentan con
docenas de afiliados en sus
diferentes formatos por todo el
Your Pueblo Connection
to Real Estate
Career Opportunity
Are You Tired of making $7.00/hr
Let me Show you how to make $70.00/hr
• Do you love jewelry?
Fifth Avenue Collection
• Do you want to pay off debts?
• Are you a young mother who would
At the Pueblo Mall
May 4-6th
like to stay home and raise your children?
10AM - Close
• Are you looking for a full or part time career?
I am interested in your answers and you!
I look forward to talking with you soon!
Call Elizabeth at 719-821-2130
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo Celebration
At Soda Springs Park, Manitou
Radio Station “La Gran D” 101.9 FM announces their Cinco de Mayo
Celebration to be held Saturday May 5th at Soda Springs Park at Manitou
Avenue and Park Avenue(1016 Manitou Ave) with an all-star line up.
Rob Quinn, Vice President and General Manager of Bustos Media, said
“this is a perfect place to celebrate both with friends and family “La Batalla
de Puebla,” in addition to great live music, and great food selection.
Manitou Springs Colorado Springs residents will be able to meet superstars
of all times!
This is our way of thanking our listeners for making “La Gran D” the
fastest growing radio station in Colorado.
“La Gran D” Operations Manager and morning drive talent Beto Gaytan,
comments “This is a Great opportunity to have fun and celebrate La Batalla
de Puebla at a great location such as Soda Springs Park, this event will
have great interaction with our listeners, their families and their stars.
Manitou and Colorado Springs will enjoy the best known local, national
and international bands in the Mexican Regional genre such as:
Agresivos de la Sierra, Imagenes, Super Suave, Banda Universal and
Enemigo Musical plus delicious Mexican and Latin American food, rides
for the kids and all this in a friendly grassroots event…………Viva Mexico
This event will take place at Soda Springs Park at Manitou Avenue and
Park Avenue on Saturday, May 5th, 2007 from 12:00 noon to 7:00 pm. This
event is brought to you by: Miller Lite, My Phil Long, Ringling Brothers,
Anderson & Lopez, 1st Bank.
Bustos Media, LLC is a Spanish-language radio company which owns and
operates 24 radio stations in the mid-size, but high growth markets throughout
the United States. Bustos also produces four nationally syndicated network
formats, targeting US Hispanics, which are now being carried by dozens of affiliated
radio operator across the nation.
Page 19
Page 20
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
What do we celebrate on Cinco de Mayo? Cont. from page 11
The battle was long and
intense on many fronts,
causing large losses in both
At 4 pm, the French officers
ordered the withdrawal of
troops, which was completed
at dusk of the same day.
But the victory was more
than a military triumph: it
was the symbol of national
unity, given that it was in
Puebla that for the first time
since the divisive civil wars
the Mexicans were united for
a common cause.
It was in also Puebla where
the nationalistic sentiment
emerged. Mexico existed for
the first time in the mind of
its citizens, not only as a land
but as a country.
There were two important
victories in the larger
historical meaning of the
Batalla of Puebla for Mexico.
On the whole, the battle
population, reinforced the
national identity and the
French invasion contributed
to the definition of some of
the basic principles of the
foreign policy of Mexico:
respect for sovereignty and
territorial integrity; nonaggression;
noninterference in internal
affairs of other states;
reconciliation of differences
through negotiation and not
through force, and peaceful
¿Qué celebramos
Continua de página 11
In 1862, al principio de mayo, la invasión extranjera asaltó el
territorio mexicano, pero para el asombro del mundo entero,
el quinto día del mismo mes, el General Ignacio Zaragoza,
desde Puebla, le envió un mensaje al gobierno
de la república: “Las armas del gobierno supremo
se han cubierto de gloria, el enemigo ha sido
retrocedido tres veces y dispersado completamente...”
El General Ignacio Zaragoza, en cargo de las
fuerzas armadas de México, compuesta por 4.800
hombres, se fortificó en la ciudad de Puebla para
retrasar el avance del ejército invasor francés, el
cual bajo el comando del General Lorencez
estaba compuesta de 6,000 soldados, la mayoría
de ellos eran parte de la legión extranjera.
La batalla comenzó con el ataque francés contra
las plazas fuertes de Loreto y de Guadalupe.
Las tropas del general Zaragoza heróicamente
defendieron sus posiciones e hicieron retroceder
a cada uno de los
grupos enemigos
a t a c a d o
La batalla fue
larga e intensa en
muchos frentes,
causando grandes
pérdidas en ambos
lados. A las 4:00 PM, los oficiales franceses
ordenaron el retiro de sus tropas, la cual fue
completada al anochecer del mismo día. Pero la
victoria fue más que un triunfo militar: fue un
símbolo de unidad nacional puesto que fue en
Puebla donde por primera vez, desde las guerras
civiles divisorias, los mexicanos se unieron en
una causa común.
Fue también en Puebla donde el sentimiento
nacionalista emergió. Mexico llegó a existir por
primera vez en la mente de sus ciudadanos, no
sólamente como una tierra sino como un país.
Hubieron dos importantes victorias en el
significado histórico más grande de la Batalla de
Puebla por México.
En general, la batalla unió a la población
mexicana, reforzó la identidad nacional, y la
invasión francesa contribuyó a la definición de
algunos de los principios básicos de la política
exterior de México:
El respecto por la soberanía y la integridad
territorial; la no-agresión; la no interferencia en
los asuntos internos de otros Estados; la
reconciliación de diferencias por medio de
negociación y no fuerza; y la coexistencia
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Page 21
Cinco de Mayo
Sunday, May 6th at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs
Entertainment at the Showmobile
at the Pa Sertich Ice Rink
9:30-10:30 Mariachi Mass-a local priest (not sure at this point) at the showmobile by the Ice
10:30-11:30 Mariachi America de Jesus Diaz-Mariachi group from Denver who bill themselves
as “la musica mas bonita del mundo” Jesus Diaz is the head of the 8-10 piece group
11:30-12:00 Bailamos con Fuegos-dance group from Palmer High School under the direction of
Danny Torrez
12:00-1:30 Impacto Musical-a local band from Colorado Springs specializing in music from
Mexico and including durnguense and sierrena musica
1:30-2:00 Ballet Folklorico de la Raza-Local dance group under the direction of Connie
Benavidez and familia
2:00-4:00 Mariachi San Luis-Group from the San Luis area with Frank Vigil as the director
4:00-4:30 Irving Latino Club from Irving Middle School. They are under the direction of Susan
In the Car Show Area
Car show registration
Deejay by Marty Rubio
Mariachi America de Jesus Diaz
Local Talent
Hip-Hop and RAP Artist
Trophy Presentation
For registration information call
Gaspar Martinez 338-3398
Page 22
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
DM Translation and
Interpreting Services
Spanish > English, English > Spanish
DM Traducción y los servicios de
Español > Inglés, Inglés > Español
Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey®
Premieres The Excitement And Fun Of
Bellobrationsm At The Promenade Shops
At Briargate
Free circus-themed activities for kids on Saturday, May 5, from noon – 2 p.m.
Tickets to the Ringling Bros. World Arena on June 13-17,
and Barnum & Bailey® 2007, go on sale beginning
Bellobrationsm, coming to the Friday, May 4, 2007.
Bellobration is the party event
of the year, featuring Ringling
Bros. own daredevil clown
Bello Nock. To help prepare the
Colorado Springs community
for this grand celebration,
Ringling Bros. is hosting a
series of Bellobrations in the
greater Colorado Springs
community leading up to the
ultimate Bellobration. The
events will bring the magic and
excitement of the circus to local
On Saturday, May 5, 2007,
from 12:00-2:00 p.m., children
ages 12 and under are invited
to experience the colors, the
music and the fun of the circus
at The Promenade Shops at
Briargate in the first of these
This event is free to the
public, and for every child age
12 and under that attends,
Ringling Bros. will donate a
ticket to the ultimate
Bellobration for a child
affiliated with The Community
Children will be able to try
their hand at plate twirling,
take part in relay races through
a circus-themed obstacle
course and in a dress-like-a-
clown race, and take part in
other circus-themed games.
Bellobration is a modern
celebration of circus tradition
so spectacular and innovative
that it could only have been
imagined by The Greatest Show
On Earth®. Bellobration
features the mischievous, yet
endearing, comic daredevil
Bello, whose iconic tall orange
hair, over-sized tuxedo and
daredevilry have prompted his
meteoric rise in popularity
with audiences across the
nation. Bello performs
alongside majestic and agile
Asian elephants, Royal Bengal
and exotic white tigers, and
gravity-defying acrobats, all in
an electrifying story line
guaranteed to captivate
Children Of All Ages.
Bellobration is a celebration so
full of hair-raising surprises it
is certain to bring Bellorific
smiles to families across
And everyone is invited to join
the Bellobration at the World
Arena on June 13-17, 2007 as
Ringling Bros. takes audiences
on what is sure to be a fastpaced circus adventure!
Circus-goers will witness jawdropping stunts, high wire
high jinx, adrenaline-pounding
trapeze and the amazing
animals in a performance
packed full of the latest in 21st
Century technology. One step
into the arena and audiences
transported into a magical
world of lights, colors and
contemporary music.
Ticket holders can visit the
Animal Open HouseSM 90
minutes prior to the show and
discover the efforts that
Ringling Bros. makes to save
the endangered Asian elephant
at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum
& Bailey Center for Elephant
Then, one hour before show
time, ticket holders are invited
onto the arena floor for the
interactive All Access Preshow to learn circus skills,
become CircusFit®, meet
Ringling Bros. performers and
get an up-close look at the
animal stars of The Greatest
Show On Earth. It’s FREE to all
ticket holders!
Bellobration uns
June 13-17,
2007 at the World Arena.
A select number of Circus
guarantee a one-of-a-kind
Ringling Bros. experience, are
Cont. on page 23
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Page 23
Cool Jazz, Hot Night: live jazz, elegant setting & superb food
& drink
It’s the perfect party…jazz,
history, architecture, food and
drink will coalesce to create an
Saturday, May 5 at Cool Jazz,
Hot Night, a benefit for the
historic Trianon at The
Colorado Springs School.
Nationally-renowned and
Springs-based jazz pianist
Steve Draper will be joined by
a few of his esteemed friends
to produce a delightful musical
experience; Cravings Catering
is laying out a luxurious
culinary spread ; and the
atmosphere as its grand rooms
are transformed into a midcentury jazz nightclub. Feast
on an elegant hors d’oeuvres
Performance Schedule
Show Times: Wednesday, June
13, at 7:30 p.m.;
Thursday, June 14, at 7:30 p.m.;
Friday, June 15, at 7:30 p.m.;
Saturday, June 16, at 11:30 a.m.,
3:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.; and
Sunday, June 17, at 3:30 p.m.
Tickets are priced at $13 and
$20, with limited numbers of
VIP ($30.00), Front Row
($50.00) and Circus Celebrity
($65.00) seats available. All
seats are reserved and tickets
are available beginning Friday,
May 4, by phone at (866)
464.2626, or online at or at For group
sales, call Kimberly Barberi at
(719) 477.2116.
buffet and open bar while you
swing, dance and sway to the
music and mingle with the
guests just as if you would
have done at the Trianon
during its second owner ’s
heyday nearly 60 years ago. As
it was at that time, the Trianon
is again the place to see and
be seen.
This event is part of the
Celebration to commemorate
the 100th birthday of the
historic building. Tickets to
the event are $75, a portion of
which will be designated for
the Trianon’s restoration fund.
Seating is limited.
At 100 years old, the building
is in need of repairs to its
stately doors and windows.
The historic Trianon is listed on
the National Register of
Historic Places. The Trianon
Centenary sponsors are The
Gazette, Cravings Catering,
PILLAR, and Pianos New and
This year’s activities.,June 2223: The Colorado Springs
School Family Polo Classic,
July 15: Concert on the Quad,
Orchestra with Ken Miller
August 4 & 5: Southern
Colorado Antique Automobile
Showcase, October: Mystery
Dinners, December: Holiday
Tea with the Baldwins
The Colorado Springs School
is a Preschool through 12th
Grade day school that
combines a rigorous college
preparatory curriculum with
experience-based teaching to
create a passion for learning in
students. Small classes and
excellent teachers create
learning opportunities that
engage, challenge, and excite
Page 24
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Nuevo Informe De NCLR Insta Invertir Mas En La Educación Temprana
Para Que Mas Niños Latinos Estén Listos Para La Escuela Primaria
Un nuevo informe del
Consejo Nacional de La Raza
(NCLR, por sus siglas en
inglés)- la organización
nacional más grande de apoyo
y defensa de derechos civiles
dehispanos en Estados
Unidos- concluye que invertir
en programas de educación
temprana que sean integrales
y de alta calidad podría ayudar
a niños latinos estar al mismo
nivel que sus semejantes en
cuanto a la preparación para
comenzar la escuela primaria.
El informe, Buenos principios:
niños latinos en sus primeros años
de vida (en inglés, Buenos
Principios: Latino Children in the
Earliest Years of Life, fue
presentado hoy en un evento
en el Capitol Hill en un evento
para celebrar el Día de los
Niños junto a niños latinos de
la comunidad. Dicho informe
presenta un perfil demográfico
de bebés y niños pequeños
latinos. También estudia las
causas principales de la falta de
preparación de estos niños a la
hora de comenzar la escuela
“Las investigaciones
demuestran que los programas
de educación temprana infantil
(ECE, por sus siglas en inglés)
es la mejor inversión que
podemos hacer para preparar
a un niño para la escuela
primaria. Sin embargo,
muchos niños latinos no
participan en los programas
clave de ECE. Estos programas
han demostrado ser efectivos
a pesar de no recibir suficientes
fondos para existir. Debemos
comenzar a invertir en el
futuro de nuestros niños desde
que nazcan”, recalcó Janet
Murguía, presidenta de NCLR.
Entre los hallazgos principales
• Niños latinos menores de
tres años representan uno de
cada cinco (21.8%) bebés y
niños pequeños en Estados
Unidos. Además, se anticipa
que el número de niños latinos
menores de dos años crezca de
más de 2.2. millones en el 2000
a más de 5.1 millones en el
• La gran mayoría (97%) de
los niños latinos menores de
dos años son ciudadanos
estadounidenses y el 64% de
los niños hispanos menores
de dos años son miembros de
familias inmigrantes.
• La mayoría de los bebés y
niños pequeños hispanos
aprenden el inglés como
primer idioma en sus hogares,
pero más de un cuarto de esta
cifra (27.9%) viven en hogares
en que solo se habla español.
• Dos-tercios (67%) de las
familias de niños hispanos
menores de tres años tienen
ingresos que están por debajo
del nivel de pobreza en un
200%. Esto es un comparación
de un 39% de familias blancas
con bebés y niños pequeños.
Las dificultades económicas
pueden tener efectos adversos
sobre el desarrollo de un niño.
• Niños latinos menores de
tres años son más probables
de no tener seguro médico
que sus semejantes de otros
grupos raciales y étnicos.
Asimismo el 63% de niños
pequeños latinos no tienen un
médico de cuidado básico, lo
cual es importante para que
tengan un desarrollo sano y
para que estén preparados
para la escuela primaria.
• Es menos probable que se
le lea diariamente a un niño
pequeño latino (29%) que su
semejante blanco (60%). Un
promedio de 83 libros son
leídos en hogares de familias
blancas con niños pequeños en
comparación con 33 en hogares
hispanos. El periodo de tiempo
desde el nacimiento hasta la
edad de tres años es crítico
para capacitar a niños con las
destrezas que les ayudará más
adelante con la lectura.
El informe también hace una serie
de recomendaciones para
formuladotes de políticas para
mejorar la calidad de vida y la
preparación para la escuela
primaria de niños latinos en
Estados Unidos:
• El Congreso debe invertir en
programas que conduzcan al
éxito en las escuelas y en las
vidas de niños latinos.
• El Congreso debe restaurar
los fondos recortados a
programas de alfabetismo para
niños pequeños (en inglés,
early literacy) y de desarrollo
infantil tales como Even Start y
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Joint Statement From The Alliance For Excellent Education, The Center
For American Progress, Jobs For The Future And The National Council Of
La Raza (NCLR) On The Introduction Of The Graduation Promise Act
Today, four national
organizations committed to
outcomes for America’s high
school students applaud the
introduction of the Graduation
Promise Act (GPA).
The GPA is designed to
improve high schools and
reduce dropout rates, and was
introduced today by U.S.
Senators Jeff Bingaman, DNM, Richard Burr, R-NC, and
Health, Education, Pensions
Chairman Edward Kennedy,
The GPA is enthusiastically
supported by the Alliance for
Excellent Education, the
Center for American Progress,
Jobs for the Future, and the
National Council of La Raza.
“America is facing a dropout
crisis,” said John Podesta,
President and CEO of the
Center for American Progress.
“This crisis was the impetus
behind our report, Addressing
America’s Dropout Challenge, coauthored with Jobs for the
Future, and is the big flashing
sign saying ‘Act Now’ that
Congress should heed.”
In America today, two in
three students leave high
school unprepared for college
or the modern workplace. The
U.S. Department of Labor
projects that almost 90 percent
of the fastest growing U.S. jobs
require at least some
postsecondary education. The
nation’s fifteen-year-olds,
when measured against their
industrialized nations, rank
fifteenth in reading, twentythird in math, and thirtieth in
problem-solving skills.
“We know what can and
should be done to end the
dropout crisis in this country,”
said Gov. Bob Wise, President
of the Alliance for Excellent
governor of West Virginia.
“By targeting resources to
solutions proven to work, the
GPA turns knowledge into
action. These Senators have
shown the will; their
legislation shows the way.
Congress should pass the GPA
to help make ‘every child a
graduate’ a reality.”
For minority and low-income
students, the situation is
especially dire. High school
students living in low-income
families drop out of school at
six times the rate of their peers
from high-income families,
and only about 55 percent of
Black students and 52 percent
of Hispanic students graduate
on time from high school with
a regular diploma, compared
to 78 percent of White
“Forty years ago, the United
States led the world in high
school graduation rates; it now
ranks seventeenth,” said
Marlene B. Seltzer, President
and CEO of Jobs for the Future.
“We are moving in the wrong
direction. The GPA answers
the need to move forward and
ensure that all students stay in
school and graduate ready for
college and work.”
“It’s unacceptable that slightly
more than half of Latino and
African American students
graduate from high school,”
said Janet Murguía, President
and CEO of the National
Council of La Raza, the largest
national Hispanic civil rights
and advocacy organization in
the U.S. “The Graduation
Promise Act will help reverse
these trends by focusing
attention and resources on this
critical issue.”
The GPA authorizes $2.5 billion
in new funding to:
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Early Head Start. También debe
eliminar las barreras para que
el Programa de Seguro Médico
Estatal para Niños (SCHIP, por
sus siglas en inglés) pueda
permitir que más niños crezcan
sanos. Finalmente, debe
fortalecer el acceso y el
acercamiento a la comunidad
por parte del Child Care and
Development Block Grant, el
programa de subvenciones
para el cuidado de niños más
grande del país, al igual que
hacerlos responsables por su
“Este informe provee los datos
que los formuladores de
políticas necesitan para decidir
que es lo mejor para nuestros
niños, quienes formarán la
fuerza laboral de este país en
el futuro”, concluyó Murguía.
Este informe puede ser
descargado de la página web
— Create a federal-state-local
secondary school reform
partnership focused on
transforming the nation’s
lowest performing high
— Build capacity for high
school improvement and
provide resources to ensure
high school educators and
students facing the highest
challenges receive the support
they need to succeed;
— Strengthen state systems to
identify, differentiate among,
and target the level of reform
and resources necessary to
improve low performing high
accountability for that process;
— Advance the research and
development needed to ensure
a robust supply of highly
effective secondary school
models for those most at risk
of being left behind and
identify the most effective
— Support states to align their
policies and systems to meet
the goal of college and careerready graduation for all
The GPA will be highlighted
during a hearing of the Senate
Health, Education, Labor and
Pensions Committee on high
school reform, to be held on
Tuesday, April 24, at 10 a.m.
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3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
La Academia 4th Generation Star Cynthia Rodriguez
will perform Live in Denver
Azteca America Colorado,
Television sponsor of the 20th
annual Cinco de Mayo
Celebrate Culture Festival,
performances by network
singing sensation, “Cynthia”
at this popular community
Cynthia Rodriquez gained
fame, popularity and fans
with her weekly televised
performances on Azteca
America’s flagship talent
show, La Academia.
The reality program has
launched the careers of many
talented performers from
across Mexico and the U.S.
Cynthia was among the top
performers in the popular
show, and has continued to
impress fans with her
international appearances
and recording career.
Cynthia’s local performances
will take place at the largest
Cinco de Mayo celebration in
the United States, located in
the heart of Denver at Civic
Center Park.
The two day event will offer
free family entertainment,
authentic Mexican food, and
Azteca America Colorado
broadcasts Spanish-language
programming to cities along
Our Partners Are The Biggest Names In Travel
Go to for all your travel needs
Find us at, find Travel click Complete Travel Network
Colorado’s Front Range, and
can be seen in Denver on
Comcast channel 15, Direct
TV and Dish Network on
channel 27, and over the air
on channel 27.
Azteca America Colorado is
owned and operated by
McGraw-Hill Broadcasting
and is the sister station to
KMGH Denver’s 7.
Azteca America Colorado
broadcasts from KMGH
studios at 123 Speer
Boulevard in Denver.
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Faces, plus Memories at Sand Creek Historic Site
Llame a Los Profesionales
BUS. LINE 719-547-0411
PUEBLO 719-547-2109
[email protected]
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
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New Female Indycar Driver Milka Duno Finishes Well In
Debut Race
CITGO Racing’s Milka Duno,
who just passed her official
“Rookie Test” for the 2007
IndyCar Series just this past
Thursday, started her debut
race at the back of the pack and
advanced seven positions
through the field to finish 14th
in today’s Kansas Lottery Indy
300 at Kansas Speedway.
In her first race of her ten-race
rookie season and in only her
fourth day behind the wheel of
her #23 CITGO Racing Dallara
Honda, Duno worked through
some serious understeer at the
start of the 200-lap race to
ultimately lap the circuit at
speeds in the 213mph range
and achieve average lap times
as high as 209mph.
During the first caution of the
five-caution race, the crew
added some front wing which
helped correct the understeer
- but not totally. During the
second caution they added
some more.
By the third caution - and
with a final adjustment to the
wing - the team had the
problem completely corrected
and Duno was then able to
power forward much more
”The car was handling crazy
with so much understeer right
from the very start of the race,
said Duno. “It was very hard
to drive and I just wanted to
stay safe and be able to get the
car to the pits for the first
caution. The crew went right to
work and added some front
wing and it helped a little - but
we still needed more. More
was added on the second
yellow flag pit stop and it
improved again and with one
last adjustment on our third
stop it finally felt really good.
My lap times really improved
from that moment forward and
I felt then that I had a pretty
good car. The charts will show
just how dramatic a change it
made and my lap speeds and
average laps speeds were
really getting better and better
- and not too far off the mark
from the top contenders.”
”For a new team and a new
driver I think this shows that
our communication is really
good and I was able to relay
how the car was behaving and
the team was able to translate
that to into a solution that
worked,” added Duno.
“This is very important and a
very good sign for us. We’re
working very well together as
a team and I’m sure it will only
get better from here on.
Today’s race has shown us that
we have an ability to quickly
identify a problem,
create a solution and then fix it. We’ve
now got our first
race behind us with
a respectful finish so
alot of that “first
race” pressure has
been reduced.
The team has
worked very, very
hard during a very
concentrated period
of time with a lot of
scrutiny - and as a result we
have passed our rookie test,
first set of practices, first
qualifying and first race.
Thanks to the entire team for
an outstanding job well done and for making our “firsts”
successful for CITGO Racing.”
“Milka did a really good job.
We gave her a car that had a
considerable amount of
understeer and she did a great
job of just getting the car to the
first pit stop safely, said team
owner Peter Baron.
“We made a little over a
degree of wing change which
helped her a little bit and
brought up her speed a little bit
and then on the next pit stop
we added another degree and
a half of front wing to increase
the front downforce.
After that the car started
working well and her
confidence in the car came in
and the car started working
well in traffic. Going into the
race was really the first time we
had the car in any real amount
of traffic. Group practice
sessions have additional cars in
them - but still fall short of
actual race traffic conditions.
You can be around and get
around some cars - but a whole
group of cars in the heat we
had today - it was our very first
opportunity to do that. The
heat and the air from a group
of cars really affects the
downforce pressure on the car
and took a lot of our front grip
Milka did a great job of
quickly identifying and
relaying the problem and the
crew did a good job correcting
it. Once the problem was
solved Milka really got into it
and turned some great laps for
the rest of the race.”
By the team’s next race at
Indy, the #23 CITGO Racing
Dallara Honda will receive
some aerodynamic updates
that had not arrived in time for
the Kansas race. These updates
will reduce drag - which
should serve to increase the
car’s top speed and average
lap times.
For additional information on
visit For
more information on the
IndyCar Series please log on to
Wines from Down Under,
live music: Brad Eastin
Thursday, June 7, 2007
1st Thursday Wine Tastings
Summertime Wines
live music: Bob Alexander
The ultimate destination for friends to meet and mingle
Looking for a relaxed and interesting way to meet friends and mingle with new people? Thursday, July 5, 2007
You’ll fit right in at 1st Thursday Tastings. Each month, experts from Coaltrain Wine and The Italian Connection
Spirits select four wines representing their opinion of the best valued wines of that genre. live music: Double Down
While tasting the wines, enjoy light hors d’oeuvres and live music.
Thursday, May 3, 2007
FAC Members $10,
5-8 p.m. at the Fine Arts Center Main, 30 West Dale Street
Non-members $14
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3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
OJC to host Region IX
Softball Tournament
May 4 and May 5 at Tippy Martinez field in La Junta
Otero Junior College will host
the Region IX Softball
Tournament at Tippy Martinez
Field in La Junta on May 4 and
May 5. This is the eighth
consecutive year that the Lady
Rattlers have won the regular
season and earned the
privilege of hosting the Region
IX Tournament. Play will begin
on Friday, May 4 at 8:00a.m.,
with OJC playing their first
game at 4:00 p.m. on Friday.
(See attached tournament
bracket for a complete
This year Region IX has seven
teams competing in the
tournament which include: 1st
year Dawson Community
Community College (16-8),
McCook Community College
Community College (10-14),
Otero Junior College (23-1),
Trinidad State Junior College
(6-18), and Western Nebraska
Community College (18-6).
The Lady Rattlers have an
overall record of 44-6 and are
23-1 in Region IX play. In order
to reach the NJCAA National
Tournament, the Rattlers must
Tournament. The Rattlers, who
have won seven Region IX
championships in the last
seven years, have a group of
sophomores who have
compiled a record of 96-16 (5110 in 2006). Head Coach
Melissa Perea believes the
Rattlers have a strong shot at
gaining the title again this year.
“Our region is very deep this
year,” commented Perea, who
is finishing her first year at the
helm of the Lady Rattler
softball. “We respect each of
the teams in our region, but we
know that if we are playing our
best ball we will be very tough
to beat on our home field.”
Currently the Rattlers are
combining solid pitching with
a strong offense. Freshman
pitcher Jessie Lessard is ranked
nationally with a 1.32 ERA and
is ranked 21st in the nation in
strike outs with 133 in 122
innings pitched. The Rattlers
are 7th in the nation in team
batting average at .373 and
OJC sophomores who will be hosting their second Region IX Softball Tournament and the team’s
eighth consecutive tournament on May 4 and 5 include: (Front Row L-R) Amber Higby, Pueblo;
Carlye Elstun, Colorado Springs; Stephanie Quintana, Denver; Kim Garcia, Pueblo; and Jessica
Hernandez, Denver. (Back Row L-R) Brilynn Fields, Aurora; Jeana Hancock, Pueblo; Megan
Richardson, Fort Lupton; Ashlee Utecht, Westminster; and Ashley Johnson, Fort Collins.
have the 7th best record in the
nation at 44-6. The Rattlers
have hit 100 home runs as a
team and three athletes are
among the top 20 nationally in
home runs. First baseman
Megan Richardson leads the
team and the nation with 22
home runs; left-fielder Cari
Thompson is 8th with 16; 3rd
Baseman Jeana Hancock is
14th with 14 home runs.
Lady Rattler Softball has had
two sophomores sign National
Letters of Intent to continue
playing softball at universities
as well as two players who
Richardson (1st Baseman, Fort
Lupton) recently signed with
Metro State College and Jeana
Northwestern Oklahoma State
University (3rd Baseman,
Pueblo); Stephanie Quintana
(Catcher, Denver) and Ashley
Johnson (Pitcher/OF, Fort
Collins) have both committed
to Metro State College. Coach
Perea stated “I am very proud
of these young ladies and their
decisions to continue to pursue
a degree and compete in
collegiate athletics. They have
done an exceptional job both in
classroom and on the playing
field. They have worked
extremely hard and are very
well deserving of their
opportunity to continue their
academic and athletic careers
at the next level,” said Perea.
Admission charges:
1 Day Adult Pass (Good for all
games in one day): $6.00
1 Day Student Pass (good for
all games in one day): $4.00 w/
ID (age 7-18)
1 Day Children’s Pass (for
children under six): $2.00
Anthony Gonzalez - Seleccionado
Por Los Colts
Los Colts han tenido mucho
éxito en sus días de selección
con el draft de la conferencia
Big 10 el sábado por la tarde,
volvieron a tenerlo.
Los Colts, seleccionados
como campeones de Super
Bowl por primera ocasión en
36 años, utilizaron la selección
general número 32 en el Draft
de la NFL 2007 para obtener a
Anthony Gonzalez, un
receptor abierto de la Ohio
State University.
Gonzalez, quien declaró su
eligibilidad después de su
temporada junior, se convirtió
en el cuarto Big 10
seleccionado en la primera
elección de los Colts en los
últimos cinco drafts.
Los Colts seleccionaron al
profundo Dallas Clark de Iowa
en 2003, el safety Bob Sanders
(segunda ronda) de Iowa en
2004 y al esquinero Marlin
Jackson de Michigan en 2004.
La primera selección de los
Colts en la última temporada
fue el running back Joseph
Addai de Louisiana State
Gonzalez (6 pies y 193 libras),
nativo de Cleveland, Ohio, es
un All-American Académico
que logró 87 recepciones para
1,286 yardas y 13 touchdowns
para los Buckeyes.
Gonzalez is el hijo de un
inmigrante cubano.
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
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U-M-led study identifies new genetic risk factors for
type 2 diabetes
A new study shows that
aspirin therapy for coronary
artery disease is four times
more likely to be ineffective in
women compared to men with
the same medical history.
Historically, studies have
shown that aspirin therapy is
less effective in women than in
men, but it has remained
unclear how much less
effective and whether this
affects patient outcomes, said
Michael Dorsch, clinical
pharmacist and adjunct clinical
instructor at the University of
Michigan College of Pharmacy.
Dorsch is the lead author of
the paper, “Aspirin Resistance
in Patients with Stable
Coronary Artery Disease,”
which appears online today in
Originally, Dorsch and his
team set out to determine if
patients with a history of heart
attacks were more apt to be
aspirin resistant than those
with coronary artery disease
but no history of heart attack.
They found that gender and
not medical history was a
predictor for aspirin resistance,
Dorsch said. The results
surprised him.
“I was surprised by how big
of a difference it was for
females,” said Dorsch, who has
appointments at the U-M
Health System and the U-M
College of Pharmacy, and
started the study as a resident
at the University of North
Carolina. “This is another piece
of information that affirms we
need more studies in women.”
Aspirin therapy is a
cornerstone in managing heart
disease because it inhibits
blood clotting. Aspirin therapy
can reduce the risk of a
nonfatal heart attack or stroke
by about 23 percent, and an
estimated 20 million men and
women take a low dose of
aspirin (81-325 mg daily) to
control heart disease. But
despite its effectiveness, there
is evidence that aspirin is less
effective in some patients, and
researchers don’t really know
why. This can be frightening
because most doctors do not
check for aspirin resistance
before prescribing aspirin
therapy and therefore presume
it’s working in the patient
when it may not be, he said.
There isn’t enough evidence
to show if people who are
aspirin resistant can simply
take larger doses, but Dorsch
warns that people taking
aspirin on the advice of a
doctor shouldn’t stop therapy
on account of these results.
Not only did the study
quantify how much more
effective aspirin therapy is for
men than for women, it is also
the first study that Dorsch
knows of to measure aspirin
resistance in men and women
with stable coronary artery
disease. Previous studies have
looked at the impact of aspirin
therapy on people who have
had a heart attack.
For the study, researchers
randomly selected 100 patients
who were visiting their
cardiologist for a regularly
scheduled appointment. All
had coronary artery disease
but only half had a history of
heart attack. Researchers used
a device called VerifyNow
Aspirin Assay to test the
reactivity after blood samples
were exposed to a chemical
that causes clotting.
Aspirin works by causing
platelet inhibition in the blood,
which means that platelets
cannot stick together and this
slows the formation of blood
clots that cause a heart attack
or stroke.
“This does happen in women,
but it doesn’t happen in as
many women and it’s not as
effective,” Dorsch said. The
testing device uses an optical
sensor to “see” what
percentage of the platelets in
the blood sample clump
together. Anything less than 40
percent platelet inhibition is
considered aspirin resistant.
“We really don’t know the
mechanism,” Dorsch said. “It
could be that women have a
more active platelet system in
the body so it’s less likely that
platelet action would be
In the future, researchers
hope to look at aspirin therapy
outcomes in women only and
see if those outcomes can be
changed. The majority of
testing for aspirin therapy has
been on men, so not much is
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3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Memorial Hospital North Opens
h i s p a n i a n e w s . c o m Jase Kylea Krantz Born! Big sister,
Boe, a hero!
General Dentistry
Complete Set of
Dentures $800
Both Upper & Lower
Immediate Dentures
Extra Charge for X-rays
and Extractions
Family Dentistry
Leo Rodriguez, D.D.S.
Se Habla Español
1304 N. Academy Blvd., Suite 104
By Chelley Gardner-Smith
Snow and icy winds did not
dampen the spirits of the
administrators and staff as
they opened their beautiful
new hospital in northern
Colorado Springs y.
Originally planned to have
opening ceremonies outside,
Sharon Miracle and Rita Burns
quickly made adjustments to
move the program inside, and
no one was disappointed. Yes,
we all know the outside of the
hospital is beautiful, but it is
also gorgeous on the inside. It
actually feels like an upper-end
hotel, but with a homey feel.
Warm colors, and intimate
conversation groupings make
for a- well- hospitableatmosphere!
Light streams in from the
windows, and of course the
front-range, with Pikes Peak
centered, is in plain view as
soon as you walk in.
Dick Eitel, CEO, Memorial
Hospital was proud to address
the crowd. “This is the first
hospital to be built in Colorado
Springs after 30 years. We’ve
had our first baby born here
today, and already performed
our first surgery. Today we will
plant a time capsule by a
Colorado Blue Spruce, which
represents strength, longevity,
and perseverance.”
Jan Wieland, chair, Board of
Trustees, smiling joyfully,
announced, “Today, a dream
has become a reality.” She
introduced Juan Garcia who
first introduced the need for a
hospital on the north end of
“I moved my family here in
1981. At that time we lived
close to Flintridge and Vickers.
That was the north end of
town. Three times I went to the
board with the idea to begin
building in northern Colorado
Springs. I gathered peers to
help me, two of them, Lionel
Rivera, (now our mayor) &
Fred Crowley (professor at
UCCS).” He thanked his wife
Sally for the years of support
as he was going about town
trying to make things happen.
Senior Vice President and
administrator to Memorial
North, Joy Powell, thanked all
the people who made this day
possible, from the staff, to the
contractors, and even the 10
who spent the night because
they didn’t want to miss
anything. “This is a humbling
and life memorial event. It is
opportunities I’ve ever had.
Thank-you all, so very much.”
Then outside and into the icy
wind- all the spectators and
staff went to begin shoveling
dirt into the hole that held the
time capsule, that will be
opened in 100 years. Assisting
the press and other guests were
Justin Furnish, Falcon High
School senior, and Monica
LaValle, UCCS junior, both of
who have interests in public
relations, and are currently
Valentine. Each escorted,
informed and made guests feel
at home.
After that the press was
excited to get up to the second
floor to see the baby girl who
was born only 27 minutes
before the ceremony. Jon and
Laura Krantz, and 3-year-old
daughter, Boe, welcomed their
new baby girl, Jase Kylea into
the world at 9:33 am. Jase
weighed in at 7 pounds and 7
ounces. Family members,
including Mimi Sandy, were
thrilled to have the press join
in their joy, as was the nursing
staff, whose ratio to the baby
was 4 to 1.
Some thoughtful inclusions
were made at Memorial
Hospital North. Gardens, a
chapel, fireplaces, and family
kitchens are kind additions for
families whose loved ones are
being cared for. Another clever
addition is the fact that the
nurses’ station is central to all
patients. No one is left at the
end of the hall. There is no end
of the hall, thanks to the
circular design.
The amenities are too
numerous to list here.
for features, services, and
project facts.
type 2 diabetes Cont. from page 31
known about how women
“Heart disease is the number
one killer of women in the
United States. Future research
should be aimed at finding out
the cause of this increase in
Dr. James T. Heiberger Medicina General
Le atendemos en Español
Una familia sana, es una familia feliz...
Lunes a Jueves 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Haga su cita con “Norma Rodríguez”. Le ofrecemos cita para el mismo día y emergencias
Permita que el Dr. Heiberger le atienda y le explique sobre cualquier
problema de salud que usted tenga en Español
Aceptamos la mayoría de los Seguros Médicos, tamibién Medicare, Medicaid, etc.
• Práctica Familiar
• Chequeos y cuidados médicos para su Bebé
• Emergencias Menores
• Inmunización para Niños (Vacunas)
• Chequeos médicos para la salud de la mujer
(Papanicolao, Etc.)
• Exámenes Físicos Anuales
• Exámenes Fisicos para Escuelas y Deportes
• Exámenes Físicos para Trabajo
• Alta Presion
• Pruebas para la Diabetes
• Exámenes Físicos para Transportes (D.O.T.)
Llame a nuestra operadora y haga una cita
Le aseguramos que le atenderemos lo más pronto posible.
Es una promesa del Dr. Heiberger, que se preocupa por usted.
Si usted tiene o no seguro...Le ayudamos,
Descuentos para pacientes sin Seguro Médico que paguen el mismo
aspirin resistance and the effect
on outcomes in women with
heart disease.” Dorsch said.
The study was funded by the
National Institutes of Health.
For more on the College of
Pharmacy, visit: http://
w w w. u m i c h . e d u /
For more on the U-M Health
Tahitian Noni International launched HIRO™
HIRO™a new line of healthy beverages that combine the power
of noni fruit with other health-promoting supplements. HIRO™,
the first ready-to-drink noni based beverage, features three distinct
brands: Energy, Mobility and Vitality. Each drink from the HIRO™
line offers a variety of benefits including energy, joint support and
immune support. HIRO™, named after a Tahitian legend, builds
on the known benefits of the noni fruit. The beverage line focuses
on combining noni with healthy ingredients that are widely
accepted by the health food industry.
HIRO™ products can be purchased as single cans or 24 pack
increments. Tahitian Noni® products may be ordered from Ruth
Smith, Tahitian Noni Independent Product Consultant (598-2682),
by catalog, by visiting, or by calling 1-8774ShopTN id#1328097.
Paid Advertorial
Fax: 638.4571
1304 N. Academy Blvd.
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Page 33
Juan G. García’s letter for the time capsule in Memorial Hospital North
April 11, 2007
Dear Future Colorado Springs Leaders:
I am hopeful that you are reading this letter on the 100th Anniversary of Memorial Hospital North’s opening. This is a momentous occasion. In opening this
time capsule, you are not only reaching back to touch the past of your city, but you bring the past up to the present. I share with you that those who planned this
capsule and placed items in it, did so out of reverence for life and for the quality health care of the citizens of Colorado Springs.
Allow me to introduce myself. I am Juan G. Garcia. As a volunteer member of the hospital’s Board of Trustees for the past ten years I have served as Vice Chair,
Secretary, and Chair of the Finance, Budget and Human Resources Committees. I’ve also had the pleasure of serving our community in different capacities for
at least the past twenty years including being a volunteer interpreter for the Colorado Springs Police Department, member of the Development Committee for
the Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and member of the Citizen’s Committee for Public Health
for the El Paso County Department of Public Health and Environment. It was my idea to build the new hospital to meet the needs of our fast growing city, so
I have been given the honor of penning this letter to be included in the time capsule buried on opening day.
Memorial Hospital North was built by the Memorial Health System to serve the growing population of Colorado Springs. The original 80-bed facility opened
its doors to the public on April 25, 2007 at 4050 Briargate Parkway. Memorial Health System was a city-owned, non-profit organization that was completely selfsufficient, receiving no taxpayer support while providing millions of dollars each year in charitable care to our indigent population. The health system’s main
campus, Memorial Hospital Central, has been located at 1400 E. Boulder, in the (then) middle of Colorado Springs since 1904. It had grown from an 8-bed facility
to a 477-bed full-service hospital during its first century of existence. Additional capacity for a large hospital expansion was limited while demand for services
was growing. However, at the same time we are opening Memorial Hospital North, we are adding new services to the main campus location. These include
completing a new seven-story, 380,000 square foot tower to house the only designated children’s hospital in Southern Colorado, a birth center, a women’s
services center, a new Emergency Department and physician office space.
At the time of this writing, Colorado Springs’ growth had been increasing dramatically for several years. The United States Census Bureau estimated that in
2005 the population of the City of Colorado Springs was 389,815 (the second most populous city in the State of Colorado and 49th most populous city in the U.S.)
and the population of the Colorado Springs Metropolitan Statistical Area was 587,500 (84th most populous MSA). When my family and I moved to a new area
at the north edge of town at the corner of Flintridge and Vickers in 1981, our home was one of the
few in the area.
Over the next 15 years the area grew so quickly that it was apparent to me that we needed health
care services in the northern reaches of Colorado Springs.
I submitted my original proposal to the MHS Board of Trustees on or about May 1999. With the
Neck Pain
assistance of economist Fred Crowley, who provided statistical forecast demographics to support
my suggestion for a new northern hospital, my proposal was approved upon the third submittal
Back Pain
to the Board (around mid-2000) and we began seriously planning the development of Memorial
Pinched Nerves
Hospital North. Memorial Hospital North was designed and constructed in line with our longterm plan to expand it to its capacity of 500 beds and to create a complete health-related retail
complex to meet the needs of our patients, physicians and staff. The first related building is a
medical office building, which is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2007.
Auto Injuries
As we bury this capsule and open this new facility we are celebratory and grateful for our
community’s support and prosperity. We thank you for being there to help celebrate and honor
your past and to affirm our shared commitment to the future of our great City.
On behalf of the Memorial Health System Board of Trustees and the entire health system, I
We also offer nutritional counseling
express hopefulness that this letter finds you and our community in good health. It was our
desire and plan to leave our organization in a strong position to continue as a quality health care
provider for our community. We hope that you are reading this letter in 2107 with interest and
pride as Memorial Health System marks more than 200 years of serving the residents of southern
I Have Moved
Dr. Leroy White
Best Wishes,
Juan G. Garcia, Member,
Memorial Health System Board of Trustees
824 E. Fillmore St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Trust us with.............
Your Child's Eyes
Vision Center For Children
2857 E. Fountain Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Eye Exams and Glasses for ages up to 21 years
Accepting Medicaid, Colorado Access,
CHP+ and most other Insurances
Welcoming All New Patients
Large selection of frames
Does your child have trouble with any of the following:
• Learning to read? •Headaches?
• Homework?
•Constant squinting?
If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above questions,
please call us today to schedule an appointment!
FACT: 80% of all learning is visual
Staff and Dignitaries place a capsule at the entrance to Memorial Hospital North,
to be opened in 100 years.
Your child’s eyes ........Are important to us
Page 34
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Call Now ! Or Fax In
FAX: 719.540.0599
Toll Free • 866-723-2220
Monday – Friday 8 – 5. NO NIGHTS, NO WEEKENDS .
Paid weekly, $275.00 - $325.00 Work in teams of two,
no car needed.
Drivers license preferred.
MOLLY MAID 719-638-7055
Lehman & Academy area 6055 Lehman Dr. #106
De Lunes a Viernes 8:00am – 5:00pm. NI DE NOCHE NI FINES DE
SEMANA . Pago semanal, $275.00 - $325.00 por hora. Trabajo en
equipos de dos. No necesita tener vehículo.
Preferimos que tenga licencia de Conducir
MOLLY MAID 719-638-7055
Lehman & Academy area. 6055 Lehman Dr. #106
Dreampower Animal
Rescue Foundation
Pueblo Community College
Testing Coordinator
Full-time position
responsible for coordination of a
assessment program.
vacancy announcement and application
may be accessed at
aboutus/employment. Submit PCC
application, resume, unofficial
transcripts, and letter expressing interest
and addressing listed qualifications to:
Human Resources Office, Pueblo
Community College, 900 W. Orman
Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81004 by May 11,
2007. Telephone (719)549-3220; FAX
(719)549-3127. An EEO/AA Employer.
Personal Injury Attorney
Seeks paralegal with spanish
communication skills, legal
knowledge and experience. Strong ties
to spanish community a major plus.
Please fax your
resume to 719-444-8423.
Run Western
U.S. Transport Now Hiring:
Experienced Diesel Mechanics.
Competitive Pay! Paid
Vacations/Holidays, Health,
Dental, Vision, 401k!
Mike: 800-777-9273. email:
[email protected]
A Steady lifestyleTop Miles, Top Pay &
Weekly Home-Time! Also
seeking Inexp’d drivers.
Werner Enterprises:
800-346-2818, x142
Taylor Farms
Now hiring. Must have proper
documentation. Starting at $6.85/hr.
Apply in person:
890 N. Newport Road, Colo. Spgs.
Ask for Reu.
Company Avg .47cpm! Great
Owner Op Package! Class A
CDL + 1yr OTR.
Call Today! 800-835-9471
Spanish HIRO wanted
Las 24 Horas
De Lunes a Viernes
Responsable Manejo
International Company
$4 Billon sales in 10 Years
Brand New Healthy Beverages
Energy, Mobility, Vitality
Catch the 2nd Wave
Ruth 598-2682
Precios Razonables
Llamar a Roberto:
(719) 271-5502
UP TO $200,000+ / YEAR
Office Cleaning Business!
We’re looking for honest, dependable people who desire the pride,
independence, and great income that business ownership offers.
• Guaranteed Customers
• Expert Hands on Training
• Guaranteed Cash Flow
• On-Going Personal Support
• Financing to get you started
• Flexible Hours
• A Willingness to learn
• Excellent Customer Service
• A Desire to Succeed
• Hard work
• A Financial Investment
• $1,000 down gets you started
Start out part-time or full-time!
Unlimited Income Potential!
Spanish Interpreters available to explain the opportunity.
Join a National Leader!
Admissions Representative Needed for Exciting
New Hispanic Program
Immediate Colorado Springs opening for adynamicand
experienced bilingual (Spanish/English) Admissions
Representative for an exciting new Hispanic training program of a
nationally known technical school. Great lead flow, supportive
staff, and established reputation contribute to an outstanding sales
and work environment.
Competitive salary,
5 day work week and great benefits round out this attractive
position. Please email resumes to: [email protected]
Over 20 Years Experience • Professional Reliable Service
Vacation Care:
Weekly Mowing and Trimming
Free Estimates
Under New Management
Omaha Oriental
6453 Omaha Blvd. C/S
in Colorado Spring
Call 719-599-8790
• Relaxation
• Stress Reduction
• Table Shower
• Choice of Young Lady
10% Off With This Add
(719) 572-6906
826 S. Tejon St.
Colorado Springs
(Park on Tejon or Fountain)
Saturday May 5th
Cinco de Mayo
(9am to 5pm)
Sunday May 6th
(10am to 5pm)
All expenses covered plus
tax free stipend. Call Maple Star
Pueblo Community College
Counselor for Wellness
Position is responsible for
developing and providing direct
counseling services including crisis
intervention and brief counseling
services on an as needed basis and
will also provide advising and career
services for students. Complete
vacancy announcement and PCC
application can be accessed at
employment/. Submit PCC
application, resume, cover letter and
unofficial transcripts to: Pueblo
Community College, Human
Resources Office, 900 W. Orman
Ave., Pueblo, CO 81004, telephone
719-549-3220, FAX 719-549-3127 by
May 11, 2007. EEO/AA Employer.
Pueblo Community College
Grant Manager/Writer
Full-time position
responsible for identifying and securing
grants and assisting faculty in preparing
announcement and PCC application can
be accessed at
aboutus/employment. Submit PCC
application, resume, unofficial
transcripts, and letter expressing interest
and addressing listed qualifications to:
Human Resources, Pueblo Community
College, 900 W. Orman Ave., Pueblo,
CO 81004 by May 11, 2007. Telephone
(719)549-3220, FAX (719) 549-3127.
Taylor Farms
Estamos contratando
trabajadores .
Debe tener documentación apropiada.
$6.85 por hora para comenzar.
Aplicar en persona en:
890 N. Newport Road, Colo. Spgs.
Pregunte por Reu
Posición de tiempo completo.
Debe tener licencia válida de conducir
y transporte. Alguna experiencia
y un poco de inglés sería útil.
Cercado de límites.
Tel: 719-650-9594; 719-640-2198
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
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CD'S & Cassettes
Doreen Martinez’ Award winning
Christian Jesus Praises Music with her new CD
with very beautiful music "Dame Fe"
Just awesome. $10.00
Postage paid also available in cassette & CD’s
is Mueveme, Con Fe y Amor. "Santo Es El Señor"
only available in CD.
Cassettes $8 CD’s $10.00
Call Joseph 719-448-0805
SEMA Construction, Inc. is requesting sub bids and material
quotes from all UDBE/DBE subcontractors and suppliers to
meet the 7% UDBE goal for CDOT Project BR 0711-014,
C14277. Project consists of bridge replacements on SH 71
at Middle and S. Rush Creek in Lincoln County, CO.
Project bids May 17, 2007 at 10:00 AM (MT).
SEMA Construction, Inc. 7353 S. Eagle St., Centennial, CO 80112 (303) 6272600; (303) 627-2626 fax. All UDBE/DBE firms are encouraged to participate.
Bonding, lines of credit, and special insurance limits may be required; please
contact SEMA for assistance. EOE.
SEMA Construction, Inc. is requesting sub bids and material
quotes from all UDBE/DBE subcontractors and suppliers to
meet the 13.0% UDBE goal for CDOT Project BR 0581-006,
C14959-ALT. Project consists of bridge construction on SH
58 over 44th Avenue in Jefferson County, CO.
Project bids May 24, 2007 at 10:00 AM (MT).
SEMA Construction, Inc. 7353 S. Eagle St., Centennial, CO 80112 (303) 6272600; (303) 627-2626 fax. All UDBE/DBE firms are encouraged to
participate. Bonding, lines of credit, and special insurance limits may be
required; please contact SEMA for assistance. EOE.
S/E 2BR, 1BA, F/P, Range,
Ref, D/W.
No alquiles mas y
compra su casa hoy!
$500/mo + Elec & Gas
Call 271-6621
*100% financiación
*95-5% financiación del propietario
*Costos de cierres pagados
Sandra Hernández (719) 229-8735
$10,000 Casas En Bancarota
Desede $10,000!
1-3 Recamaras Disponibles Hoy!
Para Listas Llame
800-650-7680 x 8444
Apartment for rent.
3 bedroom + 1 bath.
Utilities included (no electric) $625 a
month. 1 bedroom+1bath.
All utilities included.$395 a
month.Southwest Colorado Springs.
Quiet 7 plex.
Call now (719) 213-8700
Ofrecemos una gran variedad de
prestamos Para comprar, refinanciar o
consolidar deudas 0% de enganche,
100% financiamiento No importa la
condicion de su credito
Llame hoy mismo, le ayudare con
mucho gusto!
Maria Earnest
Coordinadora de Prestamos
Cell (719) 314-9076
Office (719) 597-4600
[email protected]
1 Bedroom upstairs
apartment with loft
for Rent
on West side.
Utilities included
$625 per month.
Call 635-7143
*Call for details!
1 & 3 bedroom apts.
Dishwasher, ceiling fans,
large windows, walk-in closets,
playground, heated pool, small pets
ok, $99 deposit. Se Habla Espanol.
El Dorado Apts. 596-3373
For Sale or Rent to own
2 Bedroom Mobile Homes
Starting at $500 month
and up
including Space.
Just a Few Homes Left
Call 719-544-8044
Perform receptionist, administrative, &
clerical duties to support the agency.
Must be Spanish & English speaking,
well organized, and detail oriented.
Must have excellent multi-tasking,
phone, computer, written, &
interpersonal skills. PT(24 hrs/week)/
Send resumes to T·E·S·S·A,
P.O. Box 2662, C/S, CO 80901
or fax 632-2342 Attn: Lisa T.
Public Invited
23 Police Departments
Work from home
Take a single test that places
you in an applicant pool for
prospective hiring with 23
police departments. The
jurisdictions participating in the
COPS Program span a large area
of approximately 22,000 square
miles that includes most of the
Front Range, from Windsor in
the north to Fountain in the
south. This large coverage area
also stretches outside the Front
Range, east to Fort Morgan and
west to Eagle. Visit (training and
testing) or
call 303 480-6714.
and earn over $600.00
weekly. Applicants must be
over 18 yrs.
Please call Mrs. Sabel:
(859) 963-2464 or email
your full name, sex and age
to: [email protected]
Tools, Appliances,
Electronics, Furniture,
Miscellaneous, Antiques &
Preview every Friday 8-5
Comfort Suites & Sleep Inn
Need Housekeeping help
1055/1075 Kelly Johnson Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Ph: (719) 536-0152
Se Habla Español
7-10K Per Transaction Investing in
Real Estate Call Now! 949-322-1437
109 S. Sierra Madre
Colorado Springs Police Dept. Vehicle
Impound Auction.
Every 3rd Saturday of the month
2725 E Las Vegas CSC
Next Auction Sat. May 19th
Gates open and registration begins at
7:00 AM.
Sale starts and registration ends at
9:00 AM.
Auctioneer will sell vehicles in
English and Spanish.
For vehicle listing take the link from
my webpage
$500! Carros desde $500
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confiscados por la politicia!
Se Vende Hondas Chvys Y
Mas! Para listas llame hoy al
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¡Flujo de efectivo garantizado!
¿Le gustaría poseer su propio
negocio de limpieza de oficina?
Work from home
and earn over $600.00 weekly.
Applicants must be over 18 yrs.
Please call Mrs. Sabel:
(859) 963-2464 or email
your full name, sex and age
to: [email protected]
Garden Apartments
offer one and two bedroom
apartments, and three and four
bedroom townhouses. We also
offer units for persons with
handicaps and disabilities. All
utilities are included. All units are
subsidized through
the Section 8 program.
Call Darlene at (719) 574-3874
for information.
Carpenters Needed
100% Financing - No Money Down
No Closing Cost - $300.00 Gift Card
Call TODAY to start owning a home
Sandra Hernandez 229-8735
Empire Staple Co, Colorado’s
leading fastener supplier is
seeking a full time Driver/repair
tech. Will train. Must have good
driving record and a positive
attitude! Bi-lingual a plus. Apply
at 1425 Valley St, fax resume to
719-260 1137 or email resume to
[email protected]
Fantastic Homeownership
Experienced Truss Builders Preferred!
$8 to $8.50/hr
Valid ID Required
Apply Today!
4805 N. 30th St., Ste 103
Call for directions
Estamos buscando gente honesta y confiable que desee el orgullo, la
independencia, y el buen ingreso que la propiedad de un negocio le ofrece.
Clientes garantizados,
Manos expertas en el entrenamiento,
Flujo de efectivo garantizado,
Apoyo personal en el proceso,
Financiamiento para ponerse en marcha,
Horas flexibles.
Una buena voluntad de aprender,
Excelente servicio al cliente,
Un deseo de triunfar,
Trabajo duro,
Una inversión financiera de $1,000 para ponerse en marcha.
¡Comience tiempo parcial o tiempo completo!
¡Potencial de ingreso ilimitado!
Intérpretes de español disponibles para explicar la
oportunidad del negocio.
Júntese a un líder nacional!
in Colorado Springs
Llame a 719-599-8790
Page 36
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
2007 Suzuki SX4 Delivers Functionality, Bold Attitude, Performance
America’s most affordable standard all-wheel-drive vehicle, Suzuki’s compact sport X-over features excellent utility in a stylish package
Designed for those who live
an adventurous life consistent
with Suzuki’s “Way of Life”
brand philosophy, the 2007
Suzuki SX4 compact sport Xover (crossover) is sure to be a
year-round standout in any
driving condition.
The all-new SX4 (the name
stands for (S)port (X)-over for
(4) seasons of weather) features
sophisticated standard allwheel-drive system, excellent
stability and crisp handling
characteristics. The eyecatching vehicle combines
numerous amenities with
capable handling and a long
list of safety features to offer an
functionality at an affordable
price. The SX4 is the most
affordable all-wheel-drive
vehicle in the United States.
As with all 2007 Suzuki
automobiles, the SX4 is backed
by America’s #1 Warranty:
fully transferable, zerodeductible powertrain limited
Built in Japan, the SX4
features a sophisticated 2.0liter, four-cylinder, 16-valve
DOHC engine matched to a
transmission or an available
specially tuned four-speed
automatic transmission. The
2.0-liter engine delivers 143
horsepower and 136 lb.-ft. of
torque and an estimated EPA
fuel economy rating of 24
mpg/city and 30 mpg/
highway with automatic
Dynamic Handling
The body and chassis of the
SX4 evolved from the awardwinning Suzuki Swift design
that helped Suzuki earn
numerous industry awards
worldwide, including many
“Car of the Year” awards in
Europe and Asia. The SX4
features a rigid steel unibody
and well-managed chassis that
American Engine Installations
Auto Engine Specialists
General Repair
Se habla español
(719) 391-0444
1504 S. Corona
Colorado Springs
4401 Mark Dabling Blvd
Colo. Springs, CO
Vehicle Repair and
Cut out this Ad and receive 15%
off any service performed
Se Habla Español
was fine-tuned in Europe to
provide good stability on the
highway along with crisp and
responsive handling and
braking and minimal body roll.
High body rigidity along with
reinforced suspension mounts
allow the front MacPherson
struts and rear torsion beam
suspension to work to their full
potential. The combination of
wide track and a large 16-inch
wheel and tire package help
make the ride even more
comfortable. The SX4 also
features large four-wheel disc
brakes as standard equipment.
Standard All-Wheel Drive
The well-equipped SX4 is
configured as a five-door
compact hatchback fitted with
intelligent all-wheel drive (iAWD) as standard equipment.
The i-AWD system operates in
three modes via a consolemounted switch – 2WD mode
for maximum fuel economy on
dry pavement; AWD Auto
mode, which controls the drive
power distribution ratio to the
rear wheels from 0-50 percent,
depending on available
traction; and AWD Lock mode
designed to facilitate traction
in case of snow or mud. When
in Lock mode, power is
distributed to the rear wheels
in the range of 30-50 percent.
When the vehicle reaches 36
mph in AWD Lock mode, the
system automatically switches
to AWD Auto mode.
Safety Features
The SX4 offers customers an
extensive array of standard
safety features. Active safety
features include daytime
running lights, four-wheel disc
brakes with ABS with
distribution (EBD) and a tire
pressure monitoring system
(TPMS). In addition, an
Electronic Stability Program
(ESP)1 (including traction
control), standard on the
XSport trim, generates a
Cont. on page 37
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Page 37
The body features a low,
rising waistline and large,
triangular-shaped windows
forward of the front doors,
giving the SX4 a sporty wedge
shape indicative of its
The front and rear silver
Suzuki SX4
Delivers Cont...
compensating yaw moment in
the event of rear-wheel or
front-wheel slip to help the
driver return the car to its
intended path of travel. The
traction control system (TCS)
uses the brakes and engine
torque reduction to enhance
traction during launch and
acceleration and to help
maintain control on slippery
surfaces or during emergency
Passive safety equipment
includes a safety-reinforced
body with front and rear
crumple zones designed to
help absorb impact energy.
The unibody design directs
much of the impact energy
away from the reinforced cabin
Six airbags are standard on the
driver and front
passenger advanced airbags
and side-impact airbags; and
side curtain airbags designed
protection for outboard frontand rear-seat passengers. In
addition, the SX4 is fitted with
front three-point seatbelts with
pretensioners and force
emergency locking retractor
rear seat belts, ISO FIXcompliant child seat anchors
and a high-mounted stop
Bold Styling
In concert with Italian
designers, and to fuse the
vitality of sport utility vehicles
with the elegance of passenger
cars, Suzuki created a
handsome, versatile car that
delivers a poise and presence
far beyond the SX4’s compact
size. Using a simple, elegant
and flowing form that sits atop
a purposeful, dynamic and
structure, the SX4 looks as if it
is moving even when standing
bumper cover plates, the roof
rails, the wide track and strong
fender design also add to the
appearance of traction and
dynamic performance.
The design is pure Suzuki in
form – exciting, multidimensional and playful.
Page 38
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Page 39
USHCC Foundation Cont. from page 13
the Business School in
Chairman of the Finance
McDonald’s House Charities
and past President of the San
Jorge Childrens Research
Kimberly Casiano is
Communications Inc., the
largest U.S. Hispanic publisher
of magazines and periodicals
in the country. Her company’s
Internet portal, http://, is
one of the largest bilingual
(Spanish/English) portals in
the U.S. and its direct
marketing and contact center
division, Direct ResponSource,
provides bilingual (EnglishSpanish) services to major
companies targeting customers
in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean,
and the U.S. Hispanic Market.
Ms. Casiano is a member of
the Board of Directors of Ford
Motor Company (NYSE: F)
and Mutual of America.
She was the first Hispanic
woman to serve on any of the
top five Fortune 100 corporate
“On behalf of the USHCC
Foundation Board of Directors,
I would like to thank Mr. de la
Cruz and Ms. Casiano for their
acceptance of our invitation to
serve as USHCC Foundation
Honorary Co-Chairs for the
2007 convention,” said USHCC
Foundation Chair Massey
Villarreal. “We are privileged
to have individuals of their
caliber and entrepreneurial
success agreeing to lend their
full support to the USHCC
Foundation, support that will
ensure that this upcoming
Annual Convention and
International Pavilion will
draw participants to Puerto
Rico from throughout the
“The 2007 USHCC
Convention provides an
excellent environment for
entrepreneurs and corporate
America to come together and
Puerto Rico is a phenomenal
venue for an international
convention,” said Luis Torres
Llompart Convention Chair. “I
am honored to serve as
USHCC Foundation and
USHCC Convention Chair for
this extraordinary business
gathering of the USHCC
National and International
“We are pleased to bring this
year’s convention to the island
of Puerto Rico and honored to
have Mr. de la Cruz and Ms.
Casiano serve in their
philanthropic roles,” said
Foundation President and
CEO. “This convention will be
unique and with this
uniqueness we look to offer a
variety of timely and practical
sessions and workshops that
will benefit entrepreneurs from
Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and
throughout the Americas.”
The 28th National
Convention and International
Pavilion will take place in San
Juan, Puerto Rico, September
19-22, 2007.
Page 40
3 de mayo - 10 de mayo 2007
Forever Stamp on Sale Today to Ready Customers for May
14 Price Change
If it could ring, it would
independence from using one
or two-cent stamps to mail
letters when stamp prices
change in the future. The U.S.
Postal Service (USPS) today
introduced its latest consumer
innovation by dedicating the
Forever Stamp next to the
patriotic icon it depicts.
Featuring the Liberty Bell
image and the word “forever,”
the Forever Stamp — available
nationwide today — is good for
mailing one-ounce First-Class
Mail letters anytime in the
future — regardless of price
“We are making history this
morning,” said USPS Board of
Governors Vice Chairman Alan
C. Kessler. “And what better
place to make history than
right here in Philadelphia —
the ‘Cradle of Liberty,’ —
alongside the Liberty Bell.”
The Forever Stamp will
always be available at the price
of a First-Class Mail stamp in
effect at the time of purchase.
To introduce the stamp to the
public, the Postal Service is
offering the stamp today at 41
cents. Customers may use the
stamp as soon as they wish, but
stamp prices will not change
until May 14. When prices
change in the future, the
Forever Stamp will sell at the
new one-ounce, single-piece
First-Class Mail price.
“The first U.S. postage stamps
appeared in 1847,” Kessler
added, referring to the five-cent
Benjamin Franklin stamp that
was good for mailing letters up
to 300 miles, and the 10-cent
George Washington stamp for
delivery beyond that. “Let
history now record that the first
Forever Stamp was dedicated
on April 12, 2007, in the
birthplace of American
democracy and bearing the
eternal symbol of American
There are no limits on
customer purchases. Beginning
today, April 12, the Forever
Stamp will be available in
booklets of 20 through http://, by calling 1800-STAMP-24 and at Post
nationwide. Customers may
also purchase the stamps from
selected Post Office vending
machines. Starting May 14,
Automated Teller Machines
(ATMs) and Automated Postal
Centers will begin offering the
Forever Stamp in sheets of 18.
Also, many participating
convenience stores, grocery
stores, drug stores and other
retailers will also begin selling
Forever Stamp booklets of 20.
An independent federal
agency, the U.S. Postal Service
is the only delivery service that
visits 146 million homes and
businesses, six days a week. It
has 37,000 retail locations and
relies on the sale of postage,
products, and services to cover
its operating expenses. The
Postal Service has annual
revenues of $73 billion and
delivers nearly half the world’s

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