Presentation Grupo Bahía ENG



Presentation Grupo Bahía ENG
Hugo Candelario
“In the heart of the Chonta palm
a harvest of marimbas.
The prodigy of music, the bay in your hands,
Hugo Candelario will make it the pampered palm
of the gods, it will be adored with devotion and
glee forever and ever”
Hernando Revelo Hurtado.
Hugo Candelario González Sevillano, director
of Grupo Bahia, was born in Guapi, a municipality of
Cauca state on the Colombian Pacific coast. In Guapi,
Hugo Candelario spent his childhood close to the river,
to the marimba players, to the musicians and to the
singers that passed through the town that made up the
famous curruleadas. He has dedicated his musical
career to the dissemination of Colombian Pacific music
throughout the world.
Hugo Candelario Gonzalez Sevillano´s work has
focused on researching, creating, producing, and
disseminating the original music of his country.
Hugo Candelario is also a composer, arranger,
saxophonist, marimba player, and musical director, who
studied at the Popular Culture Institute, the Antonio
María Valencia Conservatory and the Music School at
Valle University.
He has conducted research on the traditional folklore
of the Pacific region as well as other regions in
Colombia. These studies occupy his main interest and
have been at the center of his entire musical career.
Formats Grupo Bahía
Con el corazón...cerca de las raíces
Cantaré (2001
Grupo Bahía has distinguished itself by its conservation
of the roots, feelings, and spirituality of the music from
the Colombian Pacific coast, while at the same time
investigating, creating and disseminating this traditional
music in an urban setting.
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The Bahía Orchestra is distinguished for its innovative use of traditional Colombian instruments
alongside electro-acoustic instruments, which are used to play a repertory that encompasses both
traditional and modern music from the Pacific region of Colombia. The full Bahia orchestra creates a
unique atmosphere where joy, energy, heat, strength, and the strongest emotions of Afro-Colombian
and Afro-Latin music are communicated in every show. This format has 13 musicians on stage.
Pura Chonta Recargado
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The Bahia Ensemble aims to bring
these two musical universes together
so that they may be expressed through
folk music, principally through the folk
music of the Colombian Pacific coast,
and alongside jazz, Latin jazz, and
African-American musical traditions.
This format has 8 musicians on stage.
This musical format includes traditional instruments
including the chonta marimba, the bombo, the cununos
and the guasá alongside acoustic and electro-acoustic
instruments including piano, bass, drums, saxophone, and
trombone. The ensemble format allows for the meeting
and dialogue between two musical worlds: the first
world is full of jungle, spirituality, oral tradition, and
ancient and profound sounds that exist in order to
come to a trance state through “jondeo”: the playing
from the heart over and over again of tones and
rhythms that pray for and emanate liberty. The second
world is full of city, school, and academia; of harmonies,
melodies and a variety of sounds where aesthetics,
development and improvisation reign supreme.
Trio plus Voice
Pura Chonta (2005)
Mulataje (2010)
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The Grupo Bahia Trio with voice is a traditional marimba
format in reduced capacity that allows for improvisation
and experimentation. This format looks to explore all the
possibilities of timber, melody, and rhythm of the chonta
marimba, the bombo, the cununos, the guasá and, on
occasion, the soprano saxophone and the voice. With the
aim of retaining and emphasizing the traditional sound of
the music from the Pacific Coast and at the same time
exploring new possibilities with the marimba and
percussion instruments, this format is focused on
experimentation, but more than anything else it is focused
on showcasing the beautiful sounds of these instruments.
Since its beginning, Grupo Bahía has participated in important events on both a national and
international level; over the years Grupo Bahía has come to be considered one of the most
representative groups of Colombian music in the country. Grupo Bahía has been invited to the most
important conferences of Pacific folk music, has been part of cultural exchanges in different countries,
and has participated in many different festivals, master classes, academic projects, musical productions,
and ethnomusicological research.
International Events
La Habana. Cuba. Cultural Exchange at Escuela Nacional de Arte
E.N.A. 1993
England & Scotland. Concert Tour.1995
London. England Concert The Colors of Colombia with Totó la
Momposina. 1996
Lisboa. Portugal. EXPOLISBOA 98
Chicago. USA Folk&Roots Festival, Old Town School Of Folk Music.
Hannover. Germany. EXPOHANNOVER 2000
Luanda. Angola. Proyecto Odantalán. 2002
Granada. Spain. III Encuentro para la Promoción y Difusión del
Patrimonio Folclórico de los Países Andinos. 2002
Caracas. Venezuela. Encuentro Cultural Orishas. 2002
Chiapas. México. V Festival Internacional de Marimbistas-Tuxtla
Gutiérrez. 2005
Lyon & Paris. France. Musical exchange at National Superior
Conservatory of Music and Dance of France. 2005
Tokio, Japan. Colombia Independence Celebration.2008
Santiago de Chile. Chile. Feria del Libro de Chile.2008
Washington D.C. USA. Mes de afrocolombianidad. 2009
Salvador. Bahía. Brasil. II Encuentro Afrolatino. 2010
Roma. Italia. Festival de Música de Cámara de Roma. 2010
Valencia. España. Festival MUSIC, LOVE & ROOTS. 2010
Amsterdam. Netherlands. Oslo. Noruega y Lisboa. Portugal.
Celebración del Bicentenario de la Independencia de Colombia.
Berlín. germany Nairobi. Kenia. Conmemoración del 2011 como Año
Internacional de los Afrodescendientes. 2011
Isla Pedro González. Panamá. Taller didáctico. 2011
Brasilia. Brasil. Clausura del Año de la Afrodescendencia. 2011
Oranjestad. Aruba. 2012
Wroclaw. Poland 2013. Internationak Society for the Performing
Arts. 2013
Tuxtla Gutiérrez. Chiapas-México. Festival Internacional de
Marimbistas. 2013
Quito. Ecuador. Feria Internacional del Libro de Quito. 2013
Santo Domingo. República Dominicana. Music for Peace. 2013
Chile . Corporacin Cultural de Antofagasta. 2014
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Colombia Seduces You 2014
Washington DC USA- Colombia es Pacific 2014
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- Cultural Exchange , State University of Rio de
Janeiro 2014
Events in Colombia
Official launch of Grupo Bahía in Cali.1992
Sol Poniente Festival. Juanchaco. 1992
August. Currulao Festival. Buenaventura. 1992
December. 45th anniversary celebration of the I.P.C. -Popular Culture Institute (I.P.C.), Cali.1992
Festival of Orchestras. Feria de Cali: 2nd Place. Orquesta Revelación. Cali.1993
Educational Concerts in the Comfandis of Pereira, Manizales, Armenia, Tulúa and Cali. Colombia
Ist Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival: winners in the categories of Best Musical Group, Best Marimba Player, Best
Original Song. Cali, 1997
Group invited to the Manglares Concert offered by the Valle Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of Francisco
Zumaqué. Cali.
2nd Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival: winners of the categories of Best Free Group and Best Musical Arrangement.
Cali. 1998
Group invited to the inauguration of the 3rd Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival. Cali1999
Grupo Invited to the Symphonic Concert of Currulao Salsa, with the Valle Symphonic Orchestra, in the inauguration of the
4th Pacific Music Festival. Cali. 2000
Group invited to the closing ceremonies of the 5th Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival. 2001
5th Salsa in the Park Festival. Bogotá D.C 2002
Participation in the World Music and Dance Festival, Bogotá D.C. 2003
Carnivals in El Charco-Nariño.
Inauguration of the 8th Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival, Bogotá D.C.
Participation in the International Jazz Festival. Bogotá D.C.
Participation in the launch of Colectivo Colombia. Bogotá D. C.
Musical production: “Pura Chonta”, Bahía Trío declared Best Album of Colombian music in 2005 by Semana Magazine.
BarranquiJazz Festival, Teatro Amira de la Rosa. Barranquilla. 2006
Participation in the Hay Festival. Cartagena. 2007
Closing Ceremony Afrocolombian Week. La Media Torta Open Air Amphitheatre. Bogotá. 2007
Plazoleta CAM, Anniversary of the city of Cali. Bahía Trío with voice. 2007
1st Tamborimba Percussion Festival. Cali 2007
Los Cristales Open Air Amphitheatre. Inauguration of Ajazzgo Festival Cali 2007
Trip to the Amazons 2007
Ministry of Culture Roaming Through Colombia Project Antioquia 2007
Teatro Jorge Isaac, with Nanae Mimura, Japanese marimba player Cali 2008
President of Colombia, in the launch of the Chilean Book Festival. Bogota 2008
Santiago de Chile, in the Chilean Book Festival, Colombia as invited country. 2008
Participation in Ajazzgo 2008 with Habana Report.
Participation in the 12th Petronio Álvarez Festival.
Other events: Participation in the 14th Pacific Book Festival (Cali); Participation in the Medellín Festival of Flowers;
Participation in Art in the Street (Cali).
Bogotá. Special guest – Colombia in the Park Festival 2009.
Participation in the 13th Petronio Álvarez Festival. 2009
OHumpback Whale Festival, Juanchaco-Valle del Cauca 2009
Marimba Festival, Cali.2009
Recording with the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra 2009
4th International Music Festival, Cartagena. 2010
12th Ibero-American Theatre Festival in Bogota. 2010
14th Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival. Special guest. 2010
National Conference of Colombian Music Players, organized by the Yumbo Municipal Institute of Culture.Valle del
Cauca. Colombia. 2010
Pre-launch of the album “Mulataje”. Cali. 2010
Other events that year: Participation in Earth Hour.
Saint’s Day Festivals of Barbacoas (Nariño). Bahía Orchestra. 2011
Book Festival. Bogotá. Bahía Trío with voice. 2011
Launch Vol. II of Colombian National Radio. Bogotá. Bahía Trío with voice. 2011
1 Ibero-American Conference of Afro-descendent Cultures and Communities Cali. Bahía Ensemble. 2011
15th Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival, invited to the Gala Night. Cali. Bahía Folk Ensemble. 2011
Release of “Te vengo a cantar” official video. Colombia. Bahía Orquesta. 2011
“Mulataje” nominated to two categories at the 2011 Shock Music Awards: Best folk album and Boom of the year, New
Sounds from the Pacific.
September. The album “Mulataje” was included among the 10 albums of the year 2011 by Semana Magazine.
Participation in the Cali Exposhow. 2011
Participation of Grupo Bahía Orchestra in the inauguration of the TCBUEN pier in Buenaventura. 2011
May 22. 20th anniversary of Grupo Bahía. 2012
Popayán. Afro-Caucan Music. 2012
Celebration of 20 years of Grupo Bahía. 2012
Participation in the event “60 + for the planet”. 2012
Homage to the passing of the master Jairo Varela 2012
Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival, homage to Grupo Bahía for the group’s 20th anniversary. 2012
Ajazzgo Festival. 2012
Participation of Hugo C. González in the play “Dar a luz” with Nicolás Buenaventura and Marta Gómez,
Medellín, Bogotá, and Cali, 2012
“Dar a luz” in Bucaramanga. 2012
“Dar a luz” in Bogotá. 2012
Africa in Colombia Concert. Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santodomingo. Bogotá, Bahía Trío with voice. 2012
Cali Film Festival. 2012
Participation in the Marimba and Traditional Chants of the South-Colombian Pacific Conference Ayohí Sanquianga. 2012
Tumaco. 372nd Anniversary Celebration of Tumaco-Nariño. 2012
Participation in the event “Festival of Festivals”. Cali. 2012
Participation in the Centro Festival. Bogotá. 2013
Participation in the annual Saint’s Day fairs in El Charco-Nariño. 2013
Participation in the inauguration of the Cultural TechCenter “Somos Pacífico”. Cali. 2013
National Bank Concert Tour: Cartagena, Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Popayán, Buenaventura and Cali.
Participation in the 25th anniversary celebration of the regional TV station Telepacífico. Cali.
Participation in the 2nd AfroArt Cultural Festival.Villarica. Cauca.Cali. 2013
Participation in the VIII Summit Pacific Alliance Cartagena 2014
Scenic Arts Festival Cartagena 2014
Concerts with Bank of the Republic In Florencia (Caqueta,) Leticia (Amazonas,)Villavicencio (Meta) 2014
Concert Art & Culture fro Peace Bogotá 2014
Concert Ford Foundation at National Museum, Bogota 2014
Afro ArtsFestival , Billerica Cauca 2014
Concert Petronio in Palmira, 2014
Participation in Release Concert of Marta Gomez’s new album , Bogota & Cali , 2014
Live shows with our 3 different formats, where we combine sounds, rhythms
and genres authentic of the Colombian Pacific coast with modern genres and
sounds such as jazz and popular afro-latin music. Our 3 formats are Grupo
Bahía Trío + Voice(4 musicians on stage); Bahía Ensemble (8 musicians on stage);
Bahía Orchesta (13 musicians on stage).
Workshops with our traditional instruments: marimba de chonta, cununos,
bombos and guasás; here we explain the different rhythms and musical genres
that belong to the Colombian Pacific region.
* Teaching Concerts
* Conferences where we expose the results of our ethnomusicology investigation and
practices regarding the different ryhthms and traditional genres of the Colombian
Pacific, their development process, transformation and the different contexts that
surround them.
Official Website:
Facebook Fanpage:
Twitter: @bahiagrupo
Youtube Channel:
Hugo Candelario Gonzalez- Director
Jessica Bueno- Management
Address: Carrera 49B#11A-32
Mobile :+57 3154036133
Phone: +57 (2) 5537144
Skype : Grupo Bahia

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